For Immediate Release – Tuesday 11th May, 2021 – 10am, Edinburgh. 
Attn: News Desks, international


Professor Noam Chomsky and award-winning journalist and documentary filmmaker John Pilger have spoken out (Tuesday) against a prison sentence imposed on the human rights activist and former UK diplomat Craig Murray. 

Mr Murray was sentenced to eight months imprisonment at the High Court in Edinburgh (Scotland) today after being convicted of Contempt of Court over his reporting of the previous trial of the former First Minister of Scotland, Alex Salmond, in 2020. 

The High Court ruled that Mr Murray’s coverage of the Salmond trial led to so-called “jigsaw identification” of complainers who made allegations against the former First Minister. A jury acquitted Mr Salmond on all charges on 23rd March 2020. 

It is believed to be the first instance in Scottish legal history where “jigsaw identification” has led to an individual being imprisoned. 

Writer, journalist and documentary filmmaker John Pilger said, “In these dark times, Craig Murray’s truth-telling is a beacon. He is owed our debt of gratitude, not the travesty of a prison sentence which, like the prosecution of Julian Assange, is a universal warning.”

Professor Noam Chomsky added, “Craig Murray has compiled a remarkable record of courage and integrity in exposing crimes of state and working to bring them to an end.  He fully merits our deep respect and support for his achievements.”

Respected British journalist and author Yvonne Ridley said that Mr Murray was ultimately paying the price of holding truth to power. 

“I first became aware of Craig Murray in his role as Britain’s ambassador in Uzbekistan when he heroically exposed human rights atrocities meted out to dissidents,” Ridley said. 

“As a result of his intervention the world learned how the regime tortured and boiled alive some of its political prisoners. Instead of being praised he was subjected by the Foreign Office to a humiliating disciplinary investigation, had his personal life publicly shredded and suffered a string of health problems,” said Ridley.  

“That is the price he paid for holding truth to power back in 2002 and the fact he is still shining a light on injustices two decades later is to his credit,” Ridley added. 

“Now it appears he has fallen foul of contempt laws through claims of jigsaw identification. Sending him to prison because he has upset the Establishment – yet again – proves nothing more than the law is an ass,” Ridley said. 

Scotland’s former Justice Secretary, Kenny MacAskill MP, who is himself a lawyer added, “This is a sad day for Scottish Justice. The idea that all problems emanate from Westminster is absurd. There are deep rooted structures and historic inequalities that scar Scotland. They require changed and that cannot await independence, especially when those legal structures are already devolved.”

Solicitor Advocate, Gordon Dangerfield (who does not represent Mr Murray) said, “The way in which Craig Murray has been singled out by the prosecuting authorities in this case is a national scandal which should concern anyone who cares about the rule of law in Scotland. The whole concept of ‘jigsaw identification’ also needs to be rethought and I fully support Craig’s appeal.”

Mr Murray’s legal team now plan to launch an appeal against his conviction and sentencing.

Note for Editors: 
Craig Murray is an author, broadcaster, and human rights activist. He was British Ambassador to Uzbekistan from August 2002 to October 2004 and Rector of the University of Dundee from 2007 to 2010.

Craig Murray joined the Foreign and Commonwealth Office in 1984. As a member of the Diplomatic Service his responsibilities included the following:

1986-9 Second Secretary, Commercial, British High Commission, Lagos.
Responsible for promoting British exports to, and business interests in, Nigeria.

1989-92 Head of Maritime Section, FCO, London.
Responsible for negotiation of the UK and Dependent Territory continental shelf and fisheries boundaries, for implementation of the Channel Tunnel treaty and for negotiations on the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea. From August 1990 to August 1991 he was also head of the FCO Section of the Embargo Surveillance Centre, responsible for intelligence analysis on Iraqi attempts at evading sanctions, particularly in the field of weapons procurement, and with providing information to UK military forces and to other governments to effect physical enforcement of the embargo.

1992-4 Head of Cyprus Section, FCO London.
Responsible for UN negotiations on the Cyprus dispute, relations with the government of Cyprus and for the mandate and requirements of the British contingent of the UN force in Cyprus,

1994-7 First Secretary (Political and Economic), British Embassy, Warsaw.
Head of the Political and Economic sections of our Embassy in Poland. Responsible for relations with Poland and assisting Poland’s post-communist transition process with reference to preparation for EU membership.

1997-8 Deputy Head, Africa Department (Equatorial), Foreign and Commonwealth Office.
Responsible for British political and commercial relationships with West Africa, including development issues.

1998-2002 Deputy High Commissioner, British High Commission, West Africa Branch.
Responsible for British economic, political, commercial and aid relationships with Ghana and Togo. In Autumn 1998 Craig Murray was the UK Representative at the Sierra Leone Peace talks held in Togo, Liberia and Sierra Leone, including direct negotiation with the RUF terrorist leadership.

2002-2004 British Ambassador, Uzbekistan
Responsible for our relationship with Uzbekistan. He found Western support for the dictatorial Karimov regime unconscionable, as detailed in the rest of his website (www.craigmurray.org.uk
At the 2005 UK General Election, Craig Murray takes on Foreign Secretary Jack Straw in Blackburn as an Independent candidate, winning 2,082 votes


This disgraceful prosecution brings disgrace and shame on Scotland and highlights the abuses of freedom of speech that are now becoming all too obvious in our country. Scots must not be tolerant of this, our freedoms are under attack and we cannot afford to be apathetic about this. We have a corrupt Government and a deeply flawed Justice System. There are painful days ahead I fear and great conflict but democracy demands fair Government and Justice, currently Scotland has neither. We are increasingly a police state.




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  1. So, to quote another commentator,Scotland is being shown to the world for the” Deep-Fried Banana Fritter State” that it has become. Utter shame on the SNP and their captured judiciary. What a relief that Alex had a jury trial whit a jury that could see through the corruption of the state.
    Anyone who still believes the SNP are on the side of right and justice (or far that matter will deliver independence) is either gullible, ignorant, or of equally corrupt mind.
    I wonder how many will be jailed for stating their belief in biology – I fear for my fellow Alba supporters – we are about to be told to “shut up or be locked up”.

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  2. This is appalling, and my heart goes out to Craig.
    Assuming Covid restrictions are lifted by the time of the appeal, I think we should all be outside the court making our feelings clear.
    I’m appalled by the way this Scottish Government has undermined, not only democracy within its own party, but also now what little democracy we enjoyed as “British subjects” within Scotland.
    This rotten week just gets worse.

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  3. I am horrified at this decision and my heart goes out to Craig. I no longer recognise my government and no longer feel safe in MY Scotland. I believe we are now in a kind of HELL.

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  4. Wee Cild states:What a relief that Alex had a jury trial whit a jury that could see through the corruption of the state.
    Aye, but they are going to fix that. Ms Dorian has already made a recommdation to her wee pal Nicola that jury trials should be abolished in cases like Alex Salmond’s.
    The problem with juries, yo see, as that ordinary folks that can actually assess for themselves the worth and veracity of evidence, are just an awful nuisance if the state wants to jail someone for political reasons in a show trial.
    Therefore, they will just have to be abolished.

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  5. Are we now in the position that anyone who makes an unfriendly comment about the fragrant St Nicola or anyone who makes a comment she chooses to disagree with is in danger of prosecution and imprisonment. Truth or scientific fact no longer seem to be a defence.

    How long before the crime of irritating Nicola is entered into Scots Law, with life imprisonment as the maximum penalty. Or is it already here?

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    1. “How long before the crime of irritating Nicola is entered into Scots Law, with life imprisonment as the maximum penalty.”

      I wish I could disregard this as mere hyperbole but I’m past being shocked at how bad things are…

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  6. Dreadful news both for Craig Murray and for Scotland.
    We are living in a corrupt state where the rule of law is compromised and will get worse after the impending actions of the Holyrood Parliament which will include curtailing the right to jury trials.
    I hope Alex Salmond’s legal action against Lesley Evans will happen soon as we need to know the truth about why he ws hounded and prosecuted. He is still being smeared for things he was not guilty of while Craig is imprisoned for repeating the evidence of his defence witnesses.
    We are indeed in a dark place and being manipulated by sinister forces.

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  7. Reblogged this on Angry Weegie and commented:
    Are we now in the position that any independence supporter is now fair game for politically motivated prosecution. Do we now depend on people from other parts of the world to highlight the disgusting state of justice in Scotland.

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    1. I too have considered emigration, but why should we have to lease our country? However, if you consider other countries it’s sad to say that many are having the same problems we are.

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  8. It’s horrendous, a politically motivated prosecution. There are msm journalists that could have been charged with the same and weren’t but they only reported the prosecution case, not the defence. A chilling day. It is interesting to note that Craig’s QC was Roddy Dunlop, Dean of the Faculty of Advocates. Roddy and his junior QC were the two who acted for the Scottish Government for the Judicial Review for the Alex Salmond civil case. It was them who told the government that if they did not concede, they would cease to represent them as the case was unstateable.

    Several suggested if Alex Salmond (given his age and health) was found guilty he might have died in prison, given Craig’s age and health if he goes to jail I hope that is not his fate.

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  9. The brazen facets of STURGEON and the corrupt judicial system in which she colludes are there for all to see.

    What have the Scottish populace sleepwalked into? It can be no small surprise that this verdict was not delivered in the period prior to the Holyrood Elections. More sinister is the manner in which the media colluded in the process of vilification in their inimitable depiction of hypocrisy.

    Evil has been ushered into the body politic of Scotland sponsored by the narcissistic spectre of Sturgeon and her acolytes. Craig Murray is not the first victim nor for that matter will he be the last while vindictiveness on the part of the present First Minister of Scotland is permitted to prevail on her whim.

    Sturgeon represents a threat to Scotland that cannot be lightly dismissed and we ignore that at our peril!

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  10. And what’s more shocking is the fact that we know this will ignored by the British media in Scotland, the corrupt Scottish government and more shockingly apathetic Scot’s.
    What have we become?

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  11. “Lady Dorrian says she is willing to put off the sentence for three weeks to allow the appeal to be lodged.

    Defence say Mr Murray is due to give evidence in a Spanish Court on May 20 on a Julian Assange related case.
    Lady Dorrian says in that case they could begin the prison sentence on the 19th.”

    So the sentence will commence the day before Craig Murray is due to help Assange out.

    I’m left speechless this is just atrocious I think Sturgeon appointed Lady Dorrian into the bargain. Here it looks like a clear cut case of Sturgeon doing Johnsons bidding, they must have plenty on Sturgeon that’s for sure.

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    1. That is highly suspicious. Given the the MSM had published the details of the jigsaw women before Craig Murray wrote on the case, it should be null and void. Craig Murray is the only voice of reason and this sentence if not revoked will mean he will not be able to stand for any MP or MSP in Scotland. The SNP cabal fear his honestly. The fact he can not give support to Julian Assange is doubly appalling. Dirty dealings behind this,

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      1. Maybe we need to protest the Lord advocates office for a few months. The entire time of Craig’s internment perhaps. Placards stating corrupt justice system led by a corrupt lord advocate. Scots are good at moaning, but we never do anything about it. Good little sheep we are. And while we remain good little sheep we won’t get where we need to be. That’s back in control of the snp. Over last 7 years of her tenure we are becoming more and more like England. Whats she up to ffs. Starting to get like game of thrones, nicola obviously thinks she is cersi or something

        Liked by 2 people

    2. Now you know the real reason he has been locked up. Fk all to do with salmond. Nicola and the tories have done some kind of deal obviously

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  12. I am deeply ashamed that Scots have voted for the charlatan Sturgeon to carry on with her destruction of democracy , this woman has done more to damage and corrupt our country and institutions than any other individual , she has held us in contempt and hijacked our desire for independence using our desperation against us

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  13. I’ve just emailed my MP, Chris Stephens and MSP, Humza Yousaf, telling them exactly what I think of the persecution of Craig Murray. I am beyond angry.

    I will do what I can to support Craig Murray against this monstrous injustice.

    As I said earlier, I don’t know how Nicola Sturgeon sleeps at night, and that goes for the rest of her clique running the SNP.

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  14. Iain, I am a subscriber to Craig Murray’s blog and a donor to his legal fees. I’m appalled by the politically motivated persecution of Craig. Is there any way that your blog can make an appeal to the public to donate to his legal fund, to finance an appeal process?
    Regards, Bob

    Sent from my iPhone

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  15. This travesty of justice is a sign of things to come under Sturgeon the Betrayers rule. Along with the Lord Advocate and his COPFS and Police Scotland, the dawn of new more authoritarian Scotland is taking shape.

    Craig Murray’s fit up and coming prison sentence is just the beginning, Mr Murray is unfortunately a very public casualty of what will become of you in Scotland if you dare pursue or try to reveal any truth that might compromise the Scottish government or individuals with in it especially Sturgeon the betrayers closest confidantes.

    This is by no means the end of the persecutions, Alba and Salmond blog supporters are probably on their radar as well, political prisoners in Scotland may well become common place under Sturgeon the Betrayers reign

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  16. I’m heart-sick at the state of our country. Frightening that Sturgeon & co have managed to destroy our democracy in only a few years. We must work hard to let Scotland know the truth about these corrupt politicians. They have to go.

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  17. Keep the pressure on Sturgeon and the SNP to deliver indyref2 and independence. They mustn’t be allowed to get away with what they’ve done to Craig Murray and Alex Salmond; and they sure as hell mustn’t be allowed to destroy Scotland’s future.

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  18. The Salmond affair and its aftermath are going to tear Scotland apart. Mr Salmond was found not guilty and acquitted. That should have been the end of it. Instead, there has been no acceptance and reconciliation, but bitter gloating and accusations. Of course women alleging sexual assault need to feel assured that their names will not be bandied about by detractors, but ‘jigsaw identification’ is such a nebulous tool that it must be nigh on impossible to prove. I would bet that very few people outside the establishment bubble know who all of the women are. If the vast majority of people in the country haven’t a clue, and, furthermore, do not have a great personal interest in knowing, how on earth can the public interest come into it, especially when those in the know, the establishment in Scotland (politicians, hangers-on, newspapers and other media sources, etc. – the cognoscenti) would be well aware of the names with or without any kind of identification? Very worrying. Gutted for Mr Murray.

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  19. Shocked and embarrassed, affronted of our Scottish government and the people within who are, by doing nothing, aiding and abetting. An investigation is long overdue and the ‘ weeds’ need to be rooted out.

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  20. Part of it is a continuation of trying to make the complainers allegations look authentic.

    Prepare now for headlines and opening press statements against Alba/Alex – along the lines of, … underwent a criminal trial which although AS was found not proven, went on to result in the jailing of his friend and associate – CM for Contempt of Court for Jigsaw Identification of the ‘victims’. Anything to keep producing smoke.

    Lady Dorrian – shame.

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  21. Let’s make one thing clear the independence of the Scottish legal system and judiciary is one of the reasons why we can sit here and fight for the reemergence of Scotland as an independent state. The other aspects of our civil society that preserved our practical independence from England- Education and religion to a certain extent, have long been undermined by the British state.

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    1. Perhaps another way of looking at this may be that Scotland’s legal establishment (and church) ensured the protection of their own status and privileges in the Treaty through which Scotland’s aristos and landed gentry sold the sovereignty of the mass of the people. Whether this same legal establishment would ever “fight for the reemergence of Scotland as an independent state” remains highly doubtful, especially given recent events. We should also remember that Scotland has the highest prison population per head in western Europe, which suggests that Scots are either the baddest people in Europe or are subject to the most oppressive justice system. I know which explanation I find to be more accurate, as reflecting a colonial reality, and which is the ultimate motivation for independence and national liberation of any oppressed people. An oppressive ‘justice’ system has arguably haud-doun Scots fowk for centuries and it is only now some are beginning to notice this as the colonial grip tightens.

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  22. Lady Dorian already knew the identify of the betties and as such is not able to judge the matter of jigsaw identification. Disgusted shocked and appalled at Sturgeon’s Scotland. We have to fight this. Just about to donate to Craigs appeal fund.

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      1. Aye Alf, apparent bias appears to be a prerequisite to gaining employment within the State apparatus now presiding.

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  23. I have read quite a few comments on this and another site about the Craig Murray sentence. I agree, of course that it is disgraceful and disproportionate considering the other sentence of the man in Fife of 6 months. More importantly, my recollection of the philosophy of the Legal System here in Scotland is not only that Justice must be done, by Jutice must be seen to be done, and it cannot possibly the case that this has occurred here as there are numerous mainstream media journalists who have either named a complainer or enabled jigsaw identifiation with complete impunity (immunity??). Justice has therefore not been served.

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    1. Postcolonial literature is informative:

      “..the history of Western Civilization helps us locate the origins of fascism within colonialism itself” (RDG Kelley)

      ” .. no one colonizes innocently… a nation which justifies colonization – and therefore force – is already a sick civilization, a civilization that is morally diseased..” (Aime Cesaire)

      Lest we forget what independence is:

      Self-determination independence is decolonization, according to the ‘The Special Committee on the Situation with regard to the implementation of the Declaration on the Granting of Independence of Colonial Countries and Peoples, also known as the Special Committee on Decolonization, or C-24’.

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  24. Contrived prosecution and jailing of political opponents is now part and parcel of the operation of the Scottish State.

    The gloves are well and truly off. There can be no acceptance of state violence against political opponents and unless resisted this is only going to get worse.

    A politically malign Police Scotland, Crown Office and Judiciary dispensing South African apartheid repression must be resisted. None of us can afford to live under the corruption of state that now exposes itself, and one has to ask – who next?

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  25. Yes… This treatment of Craig Murray diminishes all of us, and particularly diminishes the COPFS and Scottish Judiciary.

    That the Scottish Civil Servant whose boss is the first minister could conduct an unlawful investigation from within the Scottish Government, and present findings that were tainted with bias directly to the COPFS and kick start an investigation of our former FM by bi-passing the wishes of the complainants and the lawful police investigation processes… That is almost suffocating in the amount of breath it takes.

    To punish the only person who reported the strength of the defence in the eventual trial for speaking the truth to the world about what was presented to the jury…

    And the equivocal role of the Scottish Cabinet Minister/Lord Advocate in the affair… And those who have gotten off Scot-free for misleading the Scottish Parliament…

    We are all diminished. And another good man needs help. I hope we can help you, Craig.


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    1. “The rule of law? I look around and wherever there are colonizers and colonized face to face, I see force, brutality, cruelty, sadism, conflict, and, in a parody of education, the hasty manufacture of a few thousand subordinate functionaries, “boys”, artisans, office clerks, and interpreters necessary for the smooth operation of business. Between colonizer and colonized there is room only for forced labor, intimidation, pressure, the police, taxation, theft, rape, compulsory crops, contempt, mistrust, arrogance, self-complacency, swinishness, brainless elites, degraded masses.”

      (Aime Cesaire – ‘Discourse on Colonialism’)

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  26. The people the SNP put up to represent them on the TV are so useless. When the Britnats say there was no SNP majority they could easily counter that by saying Labour/Tories/Lib Dem 57 seats and SNP 64 seats – 64 is more than 57. But the combined brains of the SNP are unable to figure that one out! Along with both votes SNP giving the British parties lots of seats you would almost think the SNP didn’t want independence.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Perhaps they don’t want to point that out, Cubby, as they have refused to point out so many anomalies and wrong information in the past.



    Damn right they do. Especially when those who went so far as to name the alphabet women have never even been charged. Scottish justice is rightly a laughing-stock at present. And likely to remain so while the current shower cling onto power.

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