What follows is a message sent by Kieran Reape who is the SNP staff employee who made allegations against two SNP POLITICIANS. Earlier today he sent this message to all the other SNP employees working at Westminster highlighting that the assurances issued by Ian BLACKFORD in March were not being honoured. The second letter is the letter issued to staff after the allegations were made. I have removed the direct dial phone numbers from the people named in the letter. The BLACKFORD email contained the issue until after the election. Maybe now somebody might investigate. Nicola of course was busy smearing someone else who was found innocent rather than addressing these incidents. Strange priorities is it not?

I am, as always

Yours for Scotland.

From: REAPE, Kieran 
Sent: 12 May 2021 08:56
To: BLACKFORD, Ian ; OSWALD, Kirsten 
Cc: ARMSHAW, Emma ; REID, Callum ; PURDIE, Emilie-Louise ; OSWALD, Kirsten ; ASIF, Ahmed ; BRADLEY, Eoin ; CARRE, Zoe ; FRENCH, Tom ; HAMILL, Matthew ; HARVEY, Anne ; KIEHLMANN, Jonathan A ; LUCK, Maria-Clorinda ; LUKAS, Aaron ; MACDONALD, Fraser ; MARWICK, Lynsey Anne ; MATHESON, Catriona A ; MCCREAR, Stacey ; MULLINS-SILVERSTEIN, Christopher M ; NAGY, Linda ; REAPE, Kieran ; ROBERTSON, Angus ; SAADE, Salma ; SIMMONDS-UPTON, Josh ; TAYLOR, Scott B ; Tom French ; WARD, Andrew ; SNP Members’ Staff ; SNP Group 
Subject: RE: Staff update
Importance: High


It’s been over two months since we received this email from our Leader, Ian Blackford and over three months since the complaints were known. Since then the two MPs have been named in the press as Patrick Grady and Patricia Gibson and since then, Patrick Grady was speaking yesterday in the Queen’s Speech and Patricia Gibson continuing to serve on the frontbench while publicly defaming the victim saying the complaints are “unfounded” and “malicious”, despite HQ being provided with texts that show the allegations are not “unfounded”.

These concerns were raised with HQ, who have yet to approach any witnesses or even do anything other than get a statement over 2 months ago.

Two MPs witnessed the harassment by Patricia but she is still serving and neither witness has been approached. Why?

Ian Blackford knows about the Patrick Grady harassment, he’s still an SNP MP speaking on the SNP benches. Why?

I’m writing to staff to let you know that you are not safe working for the SNP Westminster Group, as someone who worked in the Whips Office for over 5 years, I’ve seen how the Party deals with discipline, you will not be protected if the harassment comes from an MP. We are seeing this happen right now.

If you are unhappy with how this has been handled, make sure you let your employer and union know, because with the culture in Westminster, you may be next to receive sexual harassment when you are expected to work on the Parliamentary Estate.

We as staff should not have to put up with this. We all know that if these incidents happened staff, they would have been dealt with by now, but because of the power and position of an MP, it is being ignored by the SNP.

I wish you all the best in the future, as it is clear my future has been put to a halt by the SNP by protecting its Members of Parliament instead of its staff.

Kind regards,

Kieran Reape

Sent: 11 March 2021 12:56
Subject: Staff update

Dear colleagues, 

Following the news of allegations of sexual harassment, I wanted to write and offer reassurance that the SNP Westminster Group has a zero-tolerance approach to inappropriate behaviour.  

I appreciate seeing such news reports can be upsetting, and I wanted to remind staff of the resources available to you should you have any concerns. 

Here at Westminster, the Group Executive put in place a Valuing Others Statement, which is available via your individual Breathe HR portal under ‘company documents’. This statement provides links to the most up to date resources and guidance for staff on the issue. This includes Parliament’s Independent Complaints and Grievance Schemewhere you can find guidance on the support and advisory services available to you if you feel you have experienced bullying, harassment or sexual misconduct, as well as details of how you can report inappropriate behaviour and what you can expect to happen throughout the process. The ICGS can be contacted at 0808 168 9281 / support@icgshelpline.org.uk

In addition, the House of Commons Employee Assistance Programme is a confidential support service for employees. The 24-hour helpline is 0800 030 5182.

Even though you may not have worked directly at SNP Headquarters, party procedures, through the Code of Conduct for Members, are aimed at ensuring anyone can raise concerns directly and in confidence, including the option of choosing to do so to someone completely outside the immediate Party structure. The external route is Lesley Johnston, a solicitor with Kennedys Scotland. Her contact details are: lesley.johnston@kennedyslaw.com and direct dial 

Alternatively, individuals can report any matter on a confidential basis, either formally or informally, using the internal route. The point of contact at SNP Headquarters is Ian McCann, who may be contacted at ian.mccann@snp.org and direct dial 

Party colleagues at HQ can also provide advice, counselling and, if needed, access to mental health support services. If you wish to talk to someone in HQ about any of these matters, please contact Susan Ruddick .The wellbeing service Sue manages is confidential and independent of any official reporting mechanisms.

I am clear that the welfare of our staff is paramount. Any concerns raised will be taken seriously, dealt with confidentially, and if it is your wish, independently investigated. Of course, if you believe that you may have been the victim of a crime, you should not hesitate to go to the police.

I look forward to seeing you at tomorrow’s staff meeting where I would be happy to discuss any of these resources further, or you may speak to me individually if you prefer.

Best wishes,


Ian Blackford
MP for Ross, Skye and Lochaber
SNP Westminster Group Leader

London address: Constituency address: Constituency address:
House of Commons  29 High Street Mamore House, The Parade
London Dingwall Fort William
SW1A 0AA IV15 9RU PH33

Twitter @IanblackfordMP
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/IanBlackford.SNP
Website ianblackfordmp.scot


  1. Hi Iain

    What can I say ? Not unexpected., I would say that the alleged victim needs to go to the Police straight away. We all know what internal discipline is like in the SNP and the only way it will be dealt with is directly to the Police. Keep up the good fight. Cheers Malcolm

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    1. Classic shoot the messenger. Instead of being angry at someone providing the information. Get angry at snp that the informations there to put out. But no, that involves common sense and not shooting the monkey without digesting the message at least. No wonder we arent independent yet.

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    2. So you would be quite happy your son or daughter was put in a position where they felt threatened or under pressure to accept the advances of pervy men or women , you would be happy that their employer was ignoring or not acting on your son or daughters accusations but carrying on regardless, I think that says more about you and your morality than it does about Iain’s post

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    3. gordibhoy

      Another three wise SNP monkey who hears nothing, sees nothing, and speaks nothing wrong on the SNP.

      Well done Iain for posting this story.

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  2. Obviously in the clique or they would have had the whip removed like Neal Harvey or been ejected from the Party like Grouse Beater.

    Hypocrisy writ large.

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  3. Delay is the most invidious form of denial and Blackford is delaying his response. Now is not the time??

    Craig Murray Lady Dorrian Questioned the Crown’s Motives

    Craig Murray, faced a contempt of court hearing after posting information on his blog in advance of Mr Salmond’s trial. The contempt proceedings at the High Court, Edinburgh, before Lord Justice Clerk, Lady Dorrian, heard Alex Prentice QC, for the Crown argue that information Craig posted on his blog in January 2020 could lead to jigsaw identification of the women involved, breaching a contempt of court order, creating a substantial risk of prejudicing the trial.

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    1. I think Craig is attempting to challenge the whole conviction, in hindsight he like Assange wasn’t allowed to produce vital information for his defence. I hope if challenged the conviction is found unsafe. apparently the courts won’t even allow Craig Murray to carry out community service, Craig is very willing to do so, but the courts claim his ill health prevents this. I’m sure sedentary post could be found in the community for Craig, but there’s no will from the courts to do so.

      I think Craig’s reporting on the Alex Salmond fit up, and his close ties with Julian Assange, are some of the main reasons why the courts and who’s behind the decision want Murray banged up.

      Might I add we the true seekers of Scottish independence have suffered a triple whammy of late, Alba won no seats, Wings Over Scotland is powering down (hopefully only on a temporary basis), and, Craig Murray looks like he’s going to prison.

      On the upside I saw on Twitter that Iain had the all clear on a health condition, so its not all bad.

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  4. Will it be that the alleged offenders will be permitted the luxury of at least a years salary with all the associated perks before any investigation comes to a conclusion similar to the Derek Mackay situation where Deek was absented from HR due to allegations of sending multiple tweets or texts to a young boy , it was only when the young boys mother approached the MSM that action was taken, allegedly Deek was paid his substantial salary for a year before being allowed to leave or resign

    Does the S in SNP stand for SEX it used to be the tories who were infamous for sexual proclivities

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    1. Aye, it was the Tories that were famous for that. Mellor, Parkinson, Clarke and that’s just those I can remember after a sixteen hour day . The difference, sadly, is that with the Tories, it was consensual. By definition, harassment is not.

      The Tories with higher morals than the SNP – what has happened to a party that was inclusive, welcoming and truly representative of Scotland?

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      1. Hello, Skip_NC

        Will good folk like you [and me?] now put Iain’s blog as the number one site to visit since WOS is [temporarily?] out of action?

        Sorry for the back-handed compliment, Iain.

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  5. Pity he (IB) never had that approach where Joanna was concerned.
    Maybe Joan was out his remit but issues like this, should concern everyone, not a few.

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  6. The lumps under the carpet are growing into hills. I was going to suggest that Ian Blackford show some leadership and deal with this problem but I imagine he is waiting for his orders from HR. These will never arrive, as we have seen previously. The investigative skills of the police are now required.

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  7. Blackford is doing the job he was chosen to do. Sturgeon, having spent her time manipulating all to her advantage, has killed the SNP. Despicable.

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  8. My forecast? Nothing will happen until the police are involved and the MSM informed of the situation by a family member.
    It does not suit the Blessed One that any stain should appear on her raiment nor will her congregation of true believers accept that any action be allowed to reflect poorly upon the Leader of the cult of personality.
    Not until there is a palace revolution in the organisation of the SNP will anything change and while grace and favour continue nothing will change.
    The rot is from the head down.

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    1. There’s nothing blessed about her. Read peter cherbi.wordpress or Sheriff Olga Pasportnikof (who unfortunately has a poor memory when she has little choice) and find that our so-called “LEADER” had to quickly remove herself from her chosen profession and enter politics at high speed where she was able to silence any potential truth-tellers.
      Not a nice story.

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      1. The Cherbi report about why Sturgeon left the legal profession after a law society investigation into her conduct and malpractice is a petting unpleasant one. And it is a story that has thus far been well hidden.

        But leopards do not change their spots. Complaints about malpractice and behaviour unbecoming of a solicitor could equally apply to Sturgeon as politician.

        And there are most certainly strong rumours about her behaviours.

        Lying to parliament, or not intentionally lying to parliament, as it was ultimately put, seems more of the same – and quite frankly the whole Alex Salmond affair stank. No one can ho edtly believe that Sturgeon had no part, no knowledge of the thing.

        But what of her other behaviours. We hear rumours of the Balmoral incident but no detail. What is this about.

        And there are other rumours too. And of legal gagging orders.

        Maybe details will in the near future emerge and the populace will find out more about Mrs Murrell and her husband.

        Her exit from the legal profession may be but am early indicator of Sturgeon.

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  9. Just read why Sturgeon left her initial profession. I find her despicable. She has no right to be in Holyrood let alone pretend to be FIRST Minister. Prison. Nothing less.

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    1. GOD you are slow 😦

      BUT what about the SUPER INJUNCTION!!! What is that she/he/her is hiding for us wee people that she/he/her does not want us to know about.

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  10. O/T.

    I noticed today that some unionist radio stations took great delight in broadcasting Nicola Sturgeon oath to the Queen, heirs and successors. Also the votes still to take place, probably next week, on whether or not Sturgeon will be elected back as the head of the SNP, and I suppose by default head of the Scottish government .Radio news also indicating that the Greens might try and obtain the Presiding officers position.

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  11. Re my above comment the Greens Allison Johnstone, is the only person running for the Presiding officers job and come 5pm today, it looks like we’ll have a Greens Presiding officer at Holyrood.

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    1. Is it an established convention that the presiding officer role swaps between unionist and independence parties each parliament? The vote for the presiding officer is a secret ballot. 28 votes against including a spoiled ballot and an abstention. Sounds like someone else was forced out of the running.

      Anyway, that’s one Green down as the presiding officer gives up party affiliation for the term. All for impartiality and inclusivity she says. Anyone opposing self id can expect exclusion from debates no doubt.

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  12. What will NS do if Johnson offers her some sort of home rule max instead of independence? I think she’d like to stay in power in a non-independent Scotland for decades to come.

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  13. Yes! She made allegations against AS to the police which were disputed by Anne Harvey who was present at the time (canvassing in Glenrothes) and the case was dropped.
    If I were in a position to need help over harassment by a colleague in Westminster, she would not be my first choice to go to.

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  14. Scotland was brutally reminded of its colonial status in 1737 and a similar response might be exacted again following today’s events in Glasgow

    Edinburgh citizens were angry at the actions of the government and questioned the legality of the English moves against the city. The question most raised was, “what right had been bestowed on Westminster that gave it the authority to punish Edinburgh for a crime involving Scottish citizens, that had taken place on Scottish soil?

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  15. So Blackford’s fat, lazy and unprincipled. Who’d a thunk it?
    (Damn; I forgot ‘smug’, too.)


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