It is a sad fact of life that it is often in the establishment interest to disguise the facts about a whole range of issues. There is a well known saying “Knowledge is Power” and it is true. If you want to leave people powerless then denying them knowledge is a very good place to start.

Unfortunately it is often all too easy to achieve. Life can be complicated, life can be busy it is surely unrealistic for an ordinary person to achieve all the information they need to make informed choices. For society to defend their best interests it is necessary for a collective effort. For a wide cross section to take an interest in events, to reject apathy and to be capable of asking the effective questions than can shine light on the manipulators and stop them in their tracks.

What recourse does society have to rely on? In a democracy you should be able to rely on your elected representatives and Government. You should be able to rely on the law and court system. 

What happens then when these organisations, far from being a bulwark to defend against the manipulation, are being used as tools to create that manipulation, to enforce the manipulation? To intimidate opposition from dissenters. To use financial intimidation and manipulated false accusation as a tactic to eliminate any opposition to their plans.

I think we live in very dangerous times. I see clear evidence of political manipulation of the court system, to identify political opponents, to organise false or flimsy allegations against those opponents, confronting them with the need to engage costly legal representation to defend their interests, while those making the allegations are free to do so at no cost to themselves. I can think of three or four recent cases where the complainants involve the same grouping of people all intent in supporting introducing two highly controversial pieces of legislation, GRA and the Hate Crime Bill, which unfortunately will open the door to the use of these tactics on a much wider scale. Widespread accusations which can be made free of charge relying on state prosecution to take it to court while the unfortunate “accused” is immediately in a financial hole where big legal sums and severe damage to reputation are involved even if he or she is found. entirely innocent of any charge..it takes a pretty low and corrupt group of people to operate such a dishonest and vindictive strategy but there is now considerable evidence they exist.

Bloggers of course are very likely to be the targets of such people. I attended a online meeting with a lot of bloggers last week and there was a widespread belief that the recent bust up between Rev Stu of Wings over Scotland and the Wee Ginger Dug was caused by attempts by “unknown third parties” to rig up some harassment allegations to throw at him as he was the leading opponent to this same policy agenda. Fortunately it came to naught and I am willing to accept that Wee Ginger Dug was an innocent Party with his explanation that he was just fed inaccurate information. No doubt by those wishing to get publicity for their plot through a rival blog. It’s a pretty despicable world we live in is it not? Almost as bad as leaking a charge sheet to the Daily Record?

It would perhaps help if he was prepared to name the person or persons who fed him the false allegations. The public need to be advised about those who are prepared to do this type of thing.

A word of caution to those folk, look around you at the rest of your team, can you trust them all? Can you be sure they will always be close friends? What happens if one of them becomes disillusioned or overcome with guilt and decides to blow your game? People like me, would happily offer a financial reward for such information and proof which I would share with their “victims” and then help finance a crowdfunding appeal for them to seek as extensive financial damages as the law would permit. Sleep on that tonight. I don’t like sleekit bullies and neither do the people of Scotland. Now if they were involved in politics then it would most certainly be the end of any career in that direction, with the potential adverse impact on all their known associates and close circle. Tis a very dangerous game that is being played.

What has happened to Scotland? Our freedoms are under attack, we see political intimidation becoming a regular event, a disrespect of the jury system, plans to eliminate jury trials, the jailing of a journalist for blatantly political reasons. I have always had a healthy lack of faith in the UK Justice System but until now I felt safer in Scotland,. What has happened in Scotland where I can no longer feel that way?

Ordinary people must become much more vigilant, they must demand answers and challenge moves to remove ordinary jurors from our court system. They are the bulwark, the safety valve, that makes it enormously difficult for the .establishment to misuse their power and intimidate and jail their political opposition. There are plenty of countries who have faced and lost that battle and their peoples suffered from it for decades, some still do.

We must never allow Scotland to join that list. Free Craig Murray NOW!

I am, as always

Yours for Scotland


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  1. I would just love it if someone within the cabal would have an attack of conscience or greed and start blowing that whistle. I’ve read WGD from the start, supported him, even invited him to a branch meeting. One of my main reasons for enjoying his blog was his acerbic wit which seemed to diminish as he became less partisan. I no longer read or follow his blog or his Twitter posts. Perhaps if he had a change of heart about naming his ‘source’, it would go a long way towards restoring former readers faith in his opinions. Thanks as always to you Iain. You cut right to the heart of the problems assailing Scotland and her democracy. Are there any plans for a Free Craig Murray demo outside the court. I would be proud to attend if there were.

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  2. Disappointed in Wee Ginger Dug, even accepting his explanation. He should have checked his information before rushing to print. As you say Iain, he should expose these individuals because they are trying to sow dissent within the YES movement. It has moved from ‘dirty’ politics to our movement. They have become emboldened and believe they are ‘protected’.
    The YES movement has to be vigilant and united. Divide and Conquer is a potent weapon!

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    1. I think we should show understanding to WGD, Though I have not read the piece attacking Rev Stuart, I have seen his account, but I do not know the full story.
      However WGD fairly recently suffered a very severe stroke and, while now recovering, it is difficult to appreciate the devstaing effects of such a medical emergency which affect one not just physically bit mentally and emotionally too. These take longer to heal than th original physical damage.
      This is bound to affects judgement as is probable in this case, and none of us, I supect, can claim always to have made the right call. WGD may even have been targetted as the instrument of the attack because of this vulnerability/

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      1. arayner1936 – sorry but he sold out to the National and Sturgeon before his stroke. So that is not an excuse. He is not the nice guy he makes out to be. He knows fine well what Sturgeon and her gang were doing but chose to accept it.

        On the question of him “investigating Campbell” – what business has he got doing that. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was one of the alphabet women who gave him the “tip”. Nasty people the lot of them and WGD has chosen his friends. In addition the people who post btl are pretty nasty as well.

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      2. Sorry arayner1936, there is no excuse what he did.

        Stuart Campbell’s friend had to be hospitalised because of Kavanagh, that shows the kind of person he is.

        He is not worth it.

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  3. I have always had a healthy lack of faith in the UK Justice System but until now I felt safer in Scotland,

    What has the Scottish justice system ever done for us Scots. Like all the other Scottish institutions at the time of 1707 they sold the the Scottish people down the swanny They kept their independence for their own selfish ends and caste the people to the dogs.

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  4. I always believed that we needed ALL bloggers for Indy to keep on keeping on for the various different factions – for the noisy sweary ones to the quiet introverted ones – persuading a variety of folk on to the YES wagon.

    I still believe that and when I need to find the truth I look to the bloggers and never the media.

    I was deeply disappointed that WGD and James Kelly took it upon themselves to undermine Wings – I believe Stu is now looking forward to finding out what young Mr Kelly KNOWS to be Stu’s masterplan.

    We do live in frighteningly devious times and it seems that we are all under threat from the law – except those ,of course , who are out ‘enjoying’ themselves assaulting others and trashing the city.

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  5. This is an excellent article. it really is. It encapsulates exactly what I fear is happening and puts it in a way I would couldn’t do. I would add to it that the court system at the top level, the judiciary, is not representative of the ordinary people, which makes it all the more important that we have a jury. It might be our only protection. It should not be but on occasion it might be.

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  6. If the jury system is done away for certain accusations of a certain nature with then this would be a disaster for democracy. Acquittal outcomes could easily turn into guilty decision given the political pressure that may have been brought to bear on the judiciary. Persons, found innocent by a sampled cross-section of society may easily sent down based on the flimsiest of evidence.

    “I accuse, ergot, you are guilty” is what happens when the balance provided by of a representative jury of peers for arbitrating on justice is dispensed with.

    If I was Paul Kavanagh/WGD I would not have even got involved in that matter? What he acted on according to his own blog was a 3rd party’s input. That’s hearsay and, really, as a grown-up I would have kept out of it unless perhaps contacted directly by the person who was allegedly aggrieved. (In the event we know now that the information imparted was false). The 3rd party involved looks like an agent provocateur stirring up trouble or at least someone who looks like they have with a personal axe to grind regarding Stuart Campbell.

    Dangerous times indeed.

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    1. Duncanio – as WGD was clearly given malicious information designed to cause him and Campbell trouble you have to ask why he is not saying who, when, how this person contacted him. Smacks of an alphabet women and WGD is protecting her. WGD seems to have caused great distress/harm to someone by blundering in but he protects his source. Not the actions of a decent person. Remarkable how his btl posters easily accept his actions and turn a blind eye to the actions of Sturgeon and her gang.

      We all know the type of regimes that like to do away with juries and use the justice system to imprison political opponents.

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  7. Great article Ian. & I agree with every sentiment of it EXCEPT for accepting Paul Kavanagh‘s word on the outrageous attack where he did the SNPs & MSMs dirty work for them in finally getting rid of WINGS. I refuse to ever refer to him as the WGD, as it was that DUG that brought people to his blog, it was the dug that also bought him a house, Without the DUG Mr P Kavanagh has been found out.

    I believe he knew exactly what he was doing..

    And if it was one of the alphabetty’s that roped him in surely that should have opened his eyes to just what they did to stitch up Salmond & prove how corrupt the SNP party is.

    And IF he was a true Independentista, he would be naming & shaming the source, knowing how Corrupt they are within that party now.

    But he is a STURGEONISTA through & through, with his donations coming mostly from SNP supporters. He will not rock the boat nor bite the hand that buys him houses.

    But the tide will turn & it will be HE who is cast aside when they are done with him.. As that is one game the SNP play very well, they get rid of you don’t play ball their way..And NO I will have NO sympathy for him at all..

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    1. Kurikat – as I said above – Mr Kavanagh does not need his eyes opened about the stitching up of Salmond. He has known for some time. His choice to stay quiet.

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    2. You may be interested that I have reposted this article with a withdrawal of my acceptance of the WGD explanation in light of new information gathered today from another source that unfortunately wishes to remain anonymous which I must respect. The information however is compelling.

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      1. Sorry, my Bad, both in spelling your name and my comment
        Hi Iain, great article, BUT the retraction of support of the WGD hasn’t shown on the new article, the replacement one shows exactly the same text 😦

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  8. I agree with Kurikat. I was very happy to read WGD’s work during 2014 when he gained massive support through sympathy for his dying partner. Also, there didn’t appear to be many Pro Yes sites around at the time. However I was not impressed when, later on, I met him at a meeting. The dog was great. He sat beside me during the whole performance……because I had dog treats in my pocket!

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  9. WGD has been changing slowly since the demise of his beloved canine companion. His stroke and the need to move house have added to the stress. And then he had to deal with abuse from morons as well as finding himself pulled into a fracas with WoS. He has become now another of the voices of the Scottish establishment and I suspect he wants to position himself as the respectable face of blogging. Good luck to him. But I stopped enjoying his writing some time ago and have disagreed with him more and more. I think his time is now in the past. Perhaps the same could be said of WoS. I agree that we must now be very careful. These are difficult times.


    1. “They are liars. And they know that they are liars. And they know that we know that they are liars. Even so, they keep lying, and very loudly so.” (Naguib Mahfouz).

      Stuart Campbell called them out on the lies. His analysis was detailed, direct, forensic and backed up by evidence. Given the tsunami of lies engulfing the country, I can understand his fatigue. I hope that he returns to writing after a rest. “I think his time is now in the past”. No way, we need honest journalists like him more than ever.

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  10. Duncan, If Kavanagh is so tired and exhsusted all the time as he claims why on earth is he expending energy investigating malicious claims about Campbell.

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  11. Can you imagine what kind of human being allows themselves to be coerced into lying in court in order to jail an innocent man with the guarantee of anonymity even if you commit perjury? What a country under the SNP leadership we have become!

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