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  1. Hi Iain/Denise, great pod/video/cast.

    I think that we are entering the phase that Ireland did before 1916, when Parnell’s party was seen to be not capable of delivering home rule (as it was then) and the IRA/Sinn Fein arose. Wouldn’t want an uprising like that, but I suspect the the GRA reform/Hate Crime combination will tear the SNP asunder – and not before time, really. The party needs to be demolished and a new independence party and movement arise from the ashes. Like the Irish situation, I really don’t think there is any way back now for the SNP – unless a coup is launched from within, which is not impossible, but unlikely right now. Anyone who might be in a position to do so needs time to manoeuvre. It’s not immediately discernible that there is someone who would replace Nicola Sturgeon, but, then, I don’t suppose that Alec Salmond saw how Nicola Sturgeon would turn out. We can but hope. Meantime, ALBA will continue to grow.

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    1. A Tad depressing but hope springs eternal. Keep it going guys. We’re all in the same place. Enjoyed the chat. Hopefully SNP newbies will get on to this and become enlightened.

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  2. Great chat, and thanks for doing this – I really like the new spate of Scottish Prism video interviews and this is a good addition.

    If it’s to be a regular show – which would be good – maybe more opinion and commentary on the actual blogs – who is saying what, and in what context – rather than looking at the general political landscape? That might be,,, dangerous territory of course, and could be viewed as criticism on some points if, say, comparisons of opinions were made (and we know how sensitive some can be…) , so I suppose it would depend on how brave or careful you wanted to be! I like analysis and opinions, but it might not be that popular with everyone.

    Also, I’ve started to use this site


    To keep an eye on various Indy blogs, it’s useful for those occasional bloggers and to see various headlines for the day for blogs you might not normally visit (I think of it like a magazine’s contents page) – obviously the blog links published are biased to the site owner’s taste but he takes suggestions for any missed out.

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