Dear Iain would you be prepared to give me a little space for the attached.   In the light of  Doug’s action I think that apart from my personal position it has some wider relevance.

I understand my name was included on the “List of 38”  names named and shamed  by the NEC as being unfit for re-admission into the Party.    I have no way of knowing, the proceedings having been conducted with the transparency normal to this body, whether this information is correct.   It seems probable given the hostility with which my belief that, except in special and indicated circumstances, it should stand by its actions or lack of them and have no problem with their being made public and there is no reason to believe that my source was lying.

I can see no reason for my name being placed on such a list.   I resigned for perfectly valid reasons connected  with the actions of the Committee and explained my reasons solely to the only people to whom I recognised a duty – the Constituencies of the North East region whom I represented.   That of course was before “the List”.     Faced with the implication of some sort of unspecified but disgraceful and unpardonable behaviour I have no option to publish my letter of resignation to redress the balance.    I can add only that my husband and I are pensioners whose sole and joint capital asset is our house.

From: Dorothy Jessiman
Sent: 28 March 2021 09:50
To: Stewart Stevenson
Subject: NEC

Dear Stewart,

Thank you for your answer which confirms the reports I had received that, faced with a situation in which three distinguished and experienced people in the field of finance felt unable to continue offering their free services to the Party without comprising their professional integrity, the Committee chose not to rectify the underlying situation and instruct the Chief Executive to make all required information  available without delay.   I have no expertise in financial matters but understand the information required could in no way be regarded as outwith what was required to enable the Finance and Audit Committee to fulfil their role of advising the Treasurer.   Since I understand  the Leader of the Party was  present and took part in the discussion I can only assume  that the implicit endorsement of the omission goes right to the top.   

I further understand that the Party has, as I feared, received letters expressing an intention to mount a legal challenge to the equalities mechanism the Committee decided in the face of legal advice, to employ in relation the lists at a meeting where compliance with our Constitution was questionable.    As you informed us at the time, a successful challenge could face the Party with substantial costs  which the Party does not appear to me to have the resources to meet.

These latest developments come as the last straw in a situation where I remain unhappy about  the presentation of the ring  fenced funds in the accounts.   I can no longer convince myself that my continuance as a member of the Committee will enable me either to uphold the interests of my members or to accept the risk of finding myself and my husband held personally liable for such a reckless attitude to proper governance.   Please accept my resignation.

Dot Jessiman

My Comment.

Anyone who knows Dot understands her commitment to Independence. They also recognise that she is highly responsible and does nothing like this without a lot of thought and examination. Others have now made similar decisions, not least the National Treasurer himself Douglas Chapman.

Party loyalists may want to seek some answers to why all these auditors and others who have shown over several decades their commitment to the Independence cause now find it so difficult to co exist with the current SNP PRACTICE OF FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT.

A Party that holds power has responsibilities, it should not behave recklessly and endanger and make vulnerable others within their organisation. Not everyone earns money for their politics. Often the opposite is true. They make up the huge bulk of any Party. Those in power would do well to remember that.

The current SNP NEC are failing in their responsibilities. It is very serious.

I am, as always

Yours for Scotland.


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37 thoughts on “ONE OF THE 38 SPEAKS OUT.

  1. My reasons for joining the SNP after 2014 was my belief in them as an honest party intent on indepdence , open and honest in their dealings. I left the party earlier this year as I found it to have changed to something totally unpalatable to me and a party who left independence to the whim of Westminster and not to the desires of the people of Scotland.
    Right now it is behaving like a bunch of spiteful, juvenile bullies, absolutely shocking.
    SNP , the adults are leaving the room in droves and you are going to need a longer list.

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    1. Your adjective ‘juvenile’ is especially apt for the woke element within the NEC. Most of them come from privileged backgrounds and have probably never had the words, “no, you can’t,” said to them in their little lives. The are a bunch of entitled little brats who have torn the SNP apart with encouragement of course from their leader, the Nicborg.

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    2. Yes, but is what we see here, which is no less despicable, also not rather predictable?

      For example: “We have seen that inside the (dominant) national parties the will to break colonialism is linked with another quite different will: that of coming to a friendly agreement with it” (Frantz Faon).

      Whilst the behaviour of the dominant national party elite represents a serious undermining of the independence cause, postcolonial literature predicts it, as it does also the rise of new national parties which are more focused on the real objective.

      Fanon further confirms that: “when a (national) party has imposed itself on the occupying power as the sole spokesman of the nation, the colonial power starts complicated manoeuvrings and delays the opening of (independence) negotiations as much as ever it can. Such a delay will be used to fritter away the demands of this party or get its leaders to put certain ‘extremist’ elements (e.g. indy bloggers) into the background.”

      The dominant national elite, still largely “advised by the colonialists”, has been playing a well trod yet dangerous colonial game with the Scottish people in its “attempts to dislocate or create diversions around the upward thrust of nationalism” and thus delaying and possibly preventing independence.

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      1. Alf, that is extraordinary. Can you let me know when Faon wrote this please, and where I can find the source?
        Best wishes.

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  2. How much longer can the NewSNP continue to lie, cheat, smear and condemn those who tell the truth? Sturgeon has reached the point where nothing she utters is worthy of consideration by any who seriously desire an independent Scottish nation.. In fact, I and many others fear that the Sturgeon/Murrell rot must be scoured out BEFORE we can recreate an honest Scotland. Sad but horribly true.

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  3. Well done Dot, you spoke the truth which I know from my personal experience was very difficult to do. We need other decent people in the NEC to speak out now. There may have been some reluctance before the election. I know I would have worried that it might push back the possibility of independence but now, we have five years for Alba to mature a little and become part of the political system in Scotland. Five years when the mess that Sturgeon has presided over to be cleared up. It’s time to get started.

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    1. I don’t think we have 5 years. If we don’t act soon, Westminster will make it impossible for us to achieve independence. Alba must field candidates for the next Westminster Election, then immediately after the opening of Parliament withdraw and form the Parliament of Scotland.

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  4. I joined the SNP gosh 40 or 50 years ago because I wanted an independent Scotland

    Latterly as a Senior Project Manager in the IT world with my skill set being dragging back from the brink totally out of control projects and doing that with great success, so much so that I was constantly headhunted….a process that turns me off big time. Working for most of the big UK and multinational companies on contract and as a consultant….I was horrified at the workings of these major organisations and the nepotism and personal selection process that was more concerned with your school tie or the colour of your skin than your skills and expertise.

    Amazingly and repeatedly once I had got things back inline and on course for success I would have a meeting with the Project Sponsor, they were outsourcing the IT to a major consulting firm now. Without naming names their reputation was so bad they changed their name both starting with an “A”. So quickly I would be having a meeting with ‘the new’ IT people. Normally I was on a 9 or 18 month contact but with only a four-week notice period by either party. At this meeting I would be told how pleased they were with my skills and performance and they would like to offer me a permanent position NOT as head of IT mind you. That is when I said I am out of here in three weeks because last week when I was told ‘you lot’ were taking over well I don’t work with people like you, so welcome, hello and goodbye.

    Yes well, these people only ‘were successful’ all wearing the same school tie of course BUT when things went pear shaped, as they normally did quite quickly when they were in control it was ‘always’ someone else to blame.

    Sorry for that long-winded intro…………..but is seems that the SNP are in exactly the same situation, they have morphed into some corporate body with over paid top people surrounded by yes men and girls with no abilities or expertise needed to properly efficiently and sensibly manage and drive this organisation to the publicly promoted target.

    Like most of the projects I have been involved with in the past it is self-interest and head in the sand stuff until the disaster is about to happen, and my experience is that heads don’t roll……

    Obviously when I joined the SNP I never gave any thought to any of this and way back then we were all in the dark no mobile phone (but you knew the phone number of every friend) and No WWW and Internet.

    Were things simpler then, I am not really sure BUT what we have here is an organisation totally and completely out of control, that cant continue, it will implode and fall apart, or be torn apart on investigation.

    NS reminds me of one time critical ultra important project, that I drove to a successful conclusion> Me being invisible and not part of the organisation, the Project Sponsor’s reputation went sky-high, so high that he was headhunted for another big time critical project, the job being at Edinburgh Trams. We all know how that went down the pan rather quickly.

    So substitute me and AS then headhunt NS into the old AS job…….sadly that was always going to be a total disaster and like these super-dooper consultants that repeatedly took on my fully function projects, when it all falls apart it will be someone else’s fault and few major changes will happen to the organisation unless or until it totally falls apart.

    None of this make me happy, but I strongly suspect and believe it is inevitable, as it all looks and sounds so familiar.

    Doubly sadly we, here, are talking to the converted, until my non-political neighbours come and say what do you think about this then? Do you really really think I need to bin the SNP and vote Alba? Sadly we are making little progress towards independence.

    That post above is truly horrendous BUT NS and the SNP are being given a free ride by the MSM

    How we sort this I really have no idea, but watching from the sidelines and seeing ALBA make no significant progress at the recent election was fairly heartbreaking. Doubly so as I could see the lack of troops on the ground, so to my mind it was planning to fail OR if that is too harsh failing to plan to succeed. BUT they are here now and every journey starts with the first step, I was hoping for a march, a charge by a big team, I can be fairly unrealistic :-).

    In 2014, I was excited I felt AT LAST we were on the road to independence NOW I really don’t know.

    We need a significant event to EXPOSE all that is wrong here, and make that not invisible or known to the few, but front page news.

    MORE than enough methinks, a cup of good Scottish tea beckons.

    Best to all.

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      1. At the present moment, do you actually trust the legal system in Scotland? It seem to have been turned into an arm of the SNP leadership as well.

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  5. Do I understand this as saying that Dot did NOT resign publicly?
    But the SNP leadership decided to add her to this list to try to try to shame her publicly?
    I think the list will soon be known as the Roll of Honour, by the way.

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  6. Swinney saying “not to my knowledge” has confirmed it to me that indeed there is a police investigation ongoing. We can only hope that an officer of integrity is in charge and isn’t currently in B&Q buying a big tin of white paint!

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  7. I’m surprised they’ve only come up with thirty-eight names. I am pretty sure more councilors and people of similar standing have publicly resigned. Are they afraid to tell people how many have left the SNP? I assume all those “named and shamed” will get a letter telling them of the decision?

    Here’s the thing. Why would anyone stay on the NEC? There are three places the money can be. First, in the bank account. We know that is not the case. Fuzzy maths may teach some of the younger crowd that $92,000 is bigger than $600,000 but those of us who can use an adding machine know otherwise.

    Secondly, it could be sitting in a liability account but that does not explain where the actual money is.

    Thirdly, it could be sitting in another entity altogether. It would be the simplest thing in the world to tell us that and provide a proper accounting.

    There is, sadly, a fourth option – that the money has been stolen. That is a crime. Does Police Scotland still investigate those?

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      1. The debt to Alex Salmond is Scottish Government debt. Paying for Alyn Smith’s indiscretion falls under the category of “theft.”

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      2. The Alyn Smith who, as an MEP, earned £65,000 / year and liked to “stay in a hotel near the Parliament at a cost of €179 per night” thereby leaving himself with a measly €125 a per diem for meals?

        Also of note in the current circumstances:

        “I hope that I will get some credit for being upfront about the whole business. Since I was elected I have argued and campaigned for maximum transparency, and the system is changing, albeit slowly.

        I’m sick of all MEPs being tarred with the same brush because a few bad apples tarnish the whole lot of us. The SNP has long campaigned for transparency and accountability, (…). I hope that constituents will read this and at least acknowledge that I have nothing to hide. I’m also tired of the Parliament staff being criticised by people who should know better”

        We really do need “maximum transparency” on who paid for his mistakes:

        because if it turns out to have been the SNP then basically all Mr Smith & his friends managed to do with the IndyRef2 fund was to redirect some (or all?) of it from Indy supporters to the Farage.

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  8. Once upon a time, Dot’s sad tale would’ve been all over the Scottish media. With that in mind, it’s surely time to forget all about the bizarre mess that is the new-SNP. Its only purpose now is to actively participate in returning Scotland back to the Westminster fold, fully packaged as a docile, constituent-nation of the UK. The SNP, by every indicator, has transformed itself into a unionist, devolutionary party, and as such presents no danger, whatsoever, to the UK status quo. That distinction is now reserved for the Alba Party. A party, when fully organised and established, with its allies, both here and abroad, will be capable of fielding an awesome array of experienced, committed activist, the likes of which the Scottish and English establishments have never seen or experienced before. Many of those activists will already know who they are.

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  9. AnneDon, the Scottish legal system in recent times has undoubtedly been brought into disrepute, however Mark Hirst at Jedburgh Sheriff Court and Alex Salmond at the Court of Session and again in The High Court at Edinburgh have in the eyes of the Scottish Justice System tholed their assize.

    I do however share your cynicism in respect of that which we are expected to believe as impartiality within the role of Government and the COPFS.

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  10. It is all building up against Sturgeon and murrell be interesting to watch the acolytes start to change sides. The money problems should be expanding.

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    1. Bruce, I would aver that there is no place in Scottish politics for the parasitical acolytes attached to Sturgeon, Murrell Harvie et al. They must be driven out of the Independence movement along with their hosts!

      Lorna Campbell in her comment at 2:19 pm states it in stark reality, there really can be no hiding place provided for those who would actively seek to destroy society as we currently understand it to be.

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  11. There is nothing too base that the current leadership would not do.

    Lying, dissembling, rigging process, using the mechanisms of the civil service, the police and the COPS to persecute political rivals – its all there. And make no mistake Sturgeon and the gang are above the law. And the voters, what of them. That’s the big question. Like 1930’s Germany, the ordinary voters don’t care – until of course they’re rounded up for the treatment.

    Fascism. Too many have not heard, do not understand the word. Sturgeon would stick the proverbial knife into you in a heartbeat, as would her side kicks.

    And so, all the great hopes that the members had for a new NEC are but nothing as the old guard continue in control. Time for more to leave for Alba,

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  12. Well said, Alf. More and more, we are in a colonial situation. I still have difficulty getting my head around the refusal of the SNP, out of pure pragmatism, to endorse ALBA. I hope that Dot will join, and many others with her.

    The National today lauds the SNP-Green formal talks, with some disquiet about what it will mean for real green issues. What it will mean for half the population, the female part, there is no word as no woman was allowed one, as per. What we will have, with a formal alliance between the Greens and the SNP is a consolidation of middle-class concerns, completely outwith the lived experience of most of Scotland’s population. Only he middle-class, comfortable and established, has the time, hypocrisy and spare energy – no pun intended – to bump their gums about climate change while using mobile phones, computers and other energy-consuming goods. The sight of all those virtue-signalling youth with their various hi-tech accoutrements whilst shouting about ‘the Boomers’ and how we’ve messed up the planet was worth its weight in gold as comedy material. Most of them wouldn’t survive a day living the lives that so many of us oldies lived: few luxury goods; constant power cuts; and virtually no spending money.

    If climate change policies are not managed with great care, thousands will be left high and dry without work and the country will teeter on the brink of collapse. Yes, we need to do big things, but the ordinary wee folk cannot do big things. Governments have to do that, and they have to raise the money to do it by taxing the wealthy, by taxing the land to encourage greener use, and by borrowing – which we can’t do till we are independent. As for colonial aspects of Scottish life, the concept of domiciled-only buyers of land and property, of long-term commitment to Scotland from those moving here, not short-term investment and gain, could be implemented tomorrow. Every other country, including the Scandi bloc, the most progressive countries in Europe, have their own policies in place.

    I fear that what will happen immediately after any SNP-Green alliance will be that Patrick Harvie – a man – and Lorna Slater, a woman who has lived most of her life in woke/trans-soaked Canada – will destroy everything that women have fought for, for a hundred years and more, overnight. And you know what? We still won’t have independence because neither really wants it, because there’s no money anyway, and being in power, and using power blunts the sharpest knife with its heady, intoxicating aura of invincibility. In other words, they start to enjoy the smell of their own ordure.

    They are trying, both the SNP and the Greens leaderships, to gull us into believing that independence will come soon. It won’t, but GRA reform will, coupled with the Hate Crime legislation, and the two will socially engineer our society out of existence as anything remotely recognizable to what has gone before. Who will suffer most? Well, women and children, always the most deprived in our society. Working-class men, too, especially the young ones, because they will have even fewer life opportunities as independence disappears into the ether. But, hey. Never mind. We will have virtue-signalling green issues to the fore which will do sweet fanny adams to actually effect large-scale change on climate issues, and women will be eliminated from public existence, while they and their children will be open to queer theory and every sexual paraphilia known to man, encouraged, in the case of the children, to mutilate their bodies. Just how progressive is that, eh?

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    1. Have you seen the relationship and Sexuality Education curriculum? Children and youth are being groomed for debauchery, based on the paedophile experiments of Alfred Kinsey, and indoctrinated in the notion that boys can be girls if they feel like girls and girls can be boys if they feel like boys.

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  13. I have read with great interest all the comments and totally agree with the majority of them (what I know about)

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  14. Joanna Cherry has resigned from the NEC.

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    1. I saw that on the BBC, PandaPaws (I go there for the sport, which is still as good as any American website). They also covered Douglas Chapman’s resignation. Are they getting ready to stick the boot in to the SNP? If so, why?

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  15. I just posted this on WOS blog

    twathater says:
    1 June, 2021 at 3:00 am

    @ Freya and Robert Knight TBQH I am extremely disappointed in Joanna Cherry and although I know very little of Douglas Chapman his stated determination to get to the bottom of the £600k has not materialised or produced anything of consequence

    What I do know is that Scotland is suffering the effects of a corrupted and rabid shower of gross incompetents led by a twisted narcissistic screwball which maybe would not be the case if Ms Cherry and Mr Chapman alongside others had the guts or bravery to expose the lies and corruption which is at the heart of the SNP , BUT it appears self interest and the financial fruits of their positions from all our political reps is MORE important to them than the social and moral responsibility they owe to their voters and the ordinary citizens of Scotland

    Indy bloggers and us commenters decry and revile the fourth estate HACKS and their newspapers for NOT doing their job in exposing government corruption and protecting the public , BUT our supposed representative politicians who we employ are elected to serve and protect our interests not to become complicit or subservient to the corruption

    So again TBQH I despise the craven cowardice shown by almost all of the SNP politicians who have allowed this ongoing situation to continue without putting their heads above the parapet and becoming a whistleblower and if any of them move to ALBA they will bring their cowardice with them

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    1. I suggest you haven’t realised that individuals in the NEC may carry financial responsibility if the party should go down the plughole. See Dot J’s last para, and her previous mention of their house being their only capital.

      Of course with the £600k being safely under a seat cushion, and with membership booming, there is no cause for concern.

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  16. It would be interesting to know more about what the conditions are that make forfeit the personal finances of the members of the NEC. I do think that this information should be clarified and made public preferably in an article in The National, certainly on twitter which seems to be the dominant source of information these days. I would be interested to discover the effects this clarity would have on the remaining members of the NEC, especially those who have not been elected, some of whom show signs of scant experience in or knowledge of any sort of real world. They may find themselves in a problematic situation especially if they had not understood the conditions under which they agreed to serve….transparency not being one of the most favoured characteristics of the NewSNP.

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