After rejecting many applications for people to get their money back after they donated to a fund to support Yes in Indyref 2 suddenly the policy has changed and they can’t give you your money back quickly enough. One of my readers who contacted the SNP by email seeking a refund got a reply within two hours confirming he would be refunded and promising next day delivery of the funds.

This is major shift for two reasons. Firstly there was a period when the SNP were denying any ring fenced fund existed and the money raised was just general fundraising for the SNP. AS THE EVIDENCE MOUNTED AGAINST THIS VERSION THE SNP WERE FORCED TO ADMIT SUCH A RING FENCED MESSAGE DID APPEAR IN THE FUNDRAISING APPEAL. They still refused however to countenance any refunds as explained in an email from Ian McCann at SNP HQ to a lady donor in March 2020 and I quote “However, your other donations are in a ring-fenced fund to fight the next referendum, whenever we are in a position to call that. As you will be aware, the Scottish Parliament has passed enacting legislation to allow that to go ahead as soon as Westminster passes the Section 30 order.We are not in a position to refund those monies.”

SO WHAT CHANGED? Well the mystery of the whereabouts of the raised funds has grown and grown. Nobody including three members of the audit committee, the National Treasurer himself have been able to get a satisfactory answer. Some complaints have been made to the police.

The police complaints move the whole matter to a new level. It becomes of paramount importance to head off any potential investigation so limiting the number of people complaining to the police is now the prime objective. Therefore after denying donors the right to claim refunds Mr Murrell and Co are now falling over themselves to make repayments. A highly efficient next day service appears to be in place with confirmation of funds being in transit within a few hours of any email being sent requesting a refund.

I was told this only this evening by one gentleman who is anticipating a refund of many hundreds of pounds and I would urge everyone seeking a refund to act now. If the police investigation goes away people may find a quick return to obstacles and barriers between you and a refund being built again.

We will all await with interest to discover where the repayments will be “woven into the accounts” in due course and under what headings.

There must be the possibility of the next few sets of SNP accounts being published by the Electoral Commission reaching the best sellers list, so many are anticipating them hoping for the “answers”.

Not the sort of attention any Party in Government welcomes but if this whole exercise highlights to them the folly of anything other than clear and transparent financial management then politics will be the better for it.

To those who blindly accept the attempts to play down this gross mismanagement with allegations of “ conspiracy theories” etc it may interest you to register the fact that nobody in the hierarchy even attempted to dispute the content of my article earlier this week that revealed the horrific, nasty behaviour against the member of the audit committee who outlined their concerns to the NEC and were vilified for doing so.

Not even their little army of naive underlings, trained in smear and insult to try to shut down and intimidate anyone who does not obey the leader. They were confined to barracks. They are very easy to spot, they call you names, they never point to any error in what has been written, no it is much easier to call you a name or two, hit the post button and sit back believing they have struck a blow for freedom. It is really quite pathetic.

Last week after I posted a video on the battle to defend Scottish Steel two of these little infants called me names including calling me a Tory, not realising that the campaign I led resulted in the TORIES losing EVERY seat they held in Scotland at the first election following the closures. How little they knew. They were probably not born at the time. I can only say that if they want to progress in politics they need to read and find out the political history of our country. At the same time they might learn some manners and develop an ability to argue their case with some intelligence, decency and respect. In 2014 the SNP did so well and attracted tens of thousands of new members, they also appear to have attracted several other political parties, not necessarily committed to Independence as their first priority. Before anyone piles in I recognise many good, highly committed people joined as well but that does not negate the fact that huge organised infiltration, particularly from Labour took place.

Of course I realise most will become bored or find some other campaign to follow. Very few people that start off by promoting rancour and smear, rather than Independence, get by the first lap. Many will disappear at the first sign of the SNP fortunes dipping from the heady levels they are at right now. Careerists are not attracted to anything that cannot bring them personal reward or power.

I think they might not have long to wait for that to happen. They are totally tied to a message of a referendum in the first half of this Parliament, as each day passes after that date with no progress these current sharks will start shrinking to minnows and a host of patient predators, who have been storing their ammo for future use will sweep in to swallow the shoal.

Their future is dependent on Nicola keeping her word. Feel safe do you?

I am, as always

Yours for Scotland


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63 thoughts on “SO YOU WANT YOUR CASH BACK?

  1. A few weeks ago I requested that my donation to the ‘ScotRef’ fund made in 2017 be returned, citing the fact that an Independence referendum had been promised but not delivered and that the latest party statements on the matter did not envisage one happening in the foreseeable future.

    I expected to be ignored, much like other complaints about regional list gerrymandering etc had been. I addressed it to Douglas Chapman (then National Treasurer) but, much to my surprise, I got a polite response that my money was in the process of being paid back into my account. It duly arrived a day or so later. (The response was from the Chief Executive Peter Murrell himself – clearly Mr Chapman, as we know now, must have been on the point of resigning his short-lived tenure as National Treasurer and Mr Murrell was responding in his stead).

    I know of another case where the a similar request was made and the same outcome achieved.

    So, it does seem to confirm your friend’s experience and that refunds are currently the order of the day (if requested of course).

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    1. I resigned from the SNP when Albawas formed but received an email at 01.01 this morning from Peter Murrell basically pleading for early payment of my membersip fees! Obviously the piggy bank has run dry!

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  2. Goes without saying that this about turn and headlong rush to return cash is all about trying to head of criminal prosecution for securing monies on fraudulent pretences. This action tells a lot.

    But aside of the fraudulent securing of monies which given their disappearance and the party’s prior refusals to return any of it, there is another question to be asked which is where is the SNP getting the money to survive. With a membership more than halved, and with donation down, and an election just run, where is the money coming from to keep the party running.

    Has the dark state authorised the Party’s bankers to extend absolutely huge overdraft facilities, and facilities that the party can never repay. And will these banks at some time, maybe in the not too distant future pull or threaten to pull the Party’s huge overdraft. Something stinks in these accounts and it’s not just the missing £600,000

    No wonder that no one can gain access to the party books.

    But you know what, under Electoral Law, with the resignation of the Party Treasurer, and until his or her replacement can be found, the Party leader is deemed the pro tem Party Treasurer……..hence again why the money may now be being repaid.

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    1. A new treasurer was appointed within 24 hours, Colin Beattie, the previous Treasurer rejected by Conference last November and author of the famous “woven into the accounts line”. Nicola had no intention of joining her husband in the firing line, hence the immediate appointment.

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      1. If the SNP are so dependent on their Westminster MPs bringing home the bread, why would they even contemplated independence, that would amount to cutting off the hand that feeds you? As Nicola has said herself, “My job is to keep my party in power”. Independence will not come whilst Nicola is at the helm, it is time the grassroots woke up to that fact, (Sad that Alba was too late off the blocks in the run-up to the May elections).

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  3. All I can do is shake my head in wonderment at the barefaced lies maintained by the SNP hierarchy. They are wading into the deepest of water. Any honest person who is unintentionally involved had better get out immediately. There is no time to waste.

    Thank you, Iain, for keeping us informed. I only hope all true independence people are reading and learning the truth about the New SNP.

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  4. Also for those callow folk who got themselves voted in to SMP jobs through NEC choice might find that the hard work of a constituency representative requires, well, hard work. Knowledge and research not nit-picking and holding views based solely on opinion. I suggest that we all put forward issues, questions and requests for action that require actual governance not limelight-bathing. Then they survive or fall on merit.

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  5. I think you were 100% right to point out that when the resignations on the finance committee of the NEC became a flood, Nicola as leader of the party became the sole owner of the mess, you said at the time, she would not like that, so it has proved.

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  6. The bigger problem, as i see it, is that all this money and trust haemorrhaging from the SNP leaves us vulnerable to any Independence campaign. If they are already in deficit, this leaves the party wide open, financially. The Short money will be needed to keep the party afloat and/or campaign. It will not be available for staff. I presume we have ‘kissed goodbye’ to the Independence unit after Biaggi has gone (he probably cost the party around £600K).

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    1. The setting up of the independence unit was perceived as an attempt to dissipate the fund. This new tack of repaying objectors may explain Biaggi’s departure.

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  7. The fact that they are giving refunds is still more proof that the SNP don’t intend calling a referendum. Otherwise they’d ask to hold on to the money for such purposes. Giving refunds ‘set aside’ for a campaign means there is no campaign.

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  8. Well we want our money back, We paid this years ago to two separate funds, my question is has the SNP keep a record of what a person has paid or does a individual need to provide proof because when we donate we actually thought Scotland was going to have a referendum. What email is it we contact them on to get our money back.

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    1. Yup. It would be good to have a protocol for how to proceed indicating the sort of proof one needs. Some in my family have contributed to so many funds SNP & other Indy over the years that they barely know where to start. That said it’s not impossible to imagine that we’ll be told it was all or nearly all given back thereby providing yet another excuse for it not being the right time (to coin a phrase) for IndyRef 2 AND an explanation for where all the cash went – though I’d hope a proper audit would show they did not give it all back…

      Meanwhile how are we all feeling about the likelihood of the Murrels actually getting an S30 as soon as they have hollowed out the party of any actual activists, turned in Scotland into a police state and emptied the coffers with which to fight an Indyref?

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    2. Contact Jim[dot]Henderson[at]

      I wrote to him on Sunday – I did have reference numbers for 2 donations, taken from thank you e-mails in 2017. I asked for the return of both, within 14 days or I would contact the police.

      On Tuesday he told me one was for the Westminster GE campaign of that year, but he would refund the other, which was for the referendum fund-raiser. That suggests they do have records of some kind; it obviously helps if you have a reference, but may not be necessary.

      The money arrived in my account the following day.

      (For each donation , I received 2 e-mails – one from Peter Murrell thanking me for help with the “campaign for the better, fairer Scotland we all seek”, so non-specific, and one from Jim Henderson, with a lot more detail, including mention of a referendum campaign for the first donation, and of the GE for the second one. The reference numbers are in the Murrell messages.)

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  9. Return the funds that were supposed to be ring fenced for Indy 2 ?
    So how is it to be funded now ?
    Rather than offer transparency, explanation and a firm committment to
    a prompt new campaign, they just give back the cash ?
    No other explanations needed thanks 😡

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  10. I hope this doesn’t mean there will no criminal prosecution just because they’re offering refunds, they extorted money under false pretenses, If a burglar breaks into your house he can’t escape prosecution just because he offers to give the the goods back.

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    1. Too right Fishy Wullie.

      The analogy of a burglar handing back the stolen goods after being caught for Political Plod Scotland to then say no case to answer is most definitely what this is about.

      And of course it more than suggests that there will be no referendum. Indeed Cosy Toes Wishsrt was blogging the other day that it would be absolutely wrong to go for a referendum because if lost then independence would be lost forever.

      But yeh, hand the embezzlement loot back, no case to answer.

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  11. There isn’t going to be a further referendum anytime soon if this money has to be paid back and I don’t blame myself for asking for my money as it was taken under a false pretense of holding a referendum and at the time Sturgeon and the SG knew they wheren’t going to hold a referendum all.

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  12. They are paying the money back because there is reasonable cause to suspect the crime of theft by embezzlement has been committed.

    They are paying the money back in order to give power to the Procurator Fiscal Service to put their pen through any complaint of such, by saying, its not in the public interest to pursue it in court because they have and are open to repaying donars.

    Given the level of probity a Political party should have, I would argue that it would very much be in the public interest to pursue a criminal prosecution if sufficient evidence – even if the money is repaid. Pretty sure my arguement will fall on deaf ears.

    So, its not just an admission that they have no intention of holding IndyRef2, its also a very strong indication that they embezzled the money.

    This would be a very good time for the Alba Party to create a genuine Indy Ref2 fund and cost out what it would pay for – ie £200,000 for 3 months billboard campaign, £100,000 for TV adverts, etc. At least that way people could see what they were paying for. And if you break it down like that, its easier to fund raise – achievable goals.

    And actually, Scotland In Union created an extremely useful legal precident when they campaigned in 2016? ostensibly against Scottish Independence, but run at the time of an election. The Electorial Commission found in their favour, that they did not need to follow the ususal rules of disclosure and financial record keeping because no Indy Ref was currently being fought.

    Alba should do the same.

    We should have one subject for a period of say 3-4 months, eg Scotland’s genuine economy, and we should have pictorial posters demonstrating the truth, on billboards, on bumper stickers, in windows and on cars – length and breadth of the country. If we leave it to an Indy Ref period – we lose, specially if there’s Covid restrictions in place.

    I realise we need a bona fide political party to push for and represent us, but we also need to put country before party. In this case, Alba needs to be the ‘bigger person’ and ensure the billboards promote Indy, and not Alba Party Slogans.

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  13. This is the SNP version of PFI the RFR (Ring Fenced Referendum)

    In the film Margin Call (about the 2008 financial debacle) it is those that move first that had the least loss.

    Those who move first are repaid before the money runs out

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    1. Great film. The first movers still take a massive haircut but at least they keep their heads…
      But back to the Murrel mess and as requested above if we can produce a protocol of how to ask for the cash back perhaps we can create a run on their finances that would essentially force there to be an enquiry – heck maybe even get this debacle on the news somewhere.

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  14. O/t but hugely important. Marion Millar has been charged and has to appear at Glasgow Sherriff Court on 20th July. I presume now she will be told what the offending tweet was. Excellent news that Scotland apparently has no other crimes needing investigated /sarc.

    Under His Aye.

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    1. “Charge is malicious communication with hate crime aggravator”

      We said it would happen. And it has. McGilead.

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      1. It is utterly ridiculous that this should be happening.
        Where are the sensible folk in the SNP who should be speaking out against this facile charge?

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      2. “Tie a yellow noose around the ole oak tree.” That’s how ridiculous this whole thing has become. I haven’t been able to get that song out of my head all day, along with Scotland supporters in Argentina 1978 chanting “we want our money back.” The difference being that the manager and team put forth honest effort in those games.

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  15. I honestly believe that if we take the money out of the equation along with covid as if both these things had never happened, there still wouldn’t be a referendum or one planned. If you ask me how I know this, it’s simply because the SNP hasn’t done anything towards a referendum in the last 7yrs, which is truly shocking with all the mandates Sturgeon has been given. I’ve look at my bank account since both me and my wife where SNP members and we where given money to the SNP all the time and in all different amounts. We gave money willingly and freely on the promise of a referendum. I don’t believe for a minute anyone knows when or if a referendum will happen, so why hasn’t the money just simply transferred back to the people who gave. When a referendum is actually going to take place, I’ll be one of the first to give money again, but I’d have to think twice if it was the SNP asking as I don’t trust the leadership that is now running the SNP.

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  16. Seems to me that there is the potential for the level of refunds demanded to exceed the current balance of funds available in the SNP accounts. What happens then?

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  17. As far as i’m concerned the SNP first and only goal should be Independence and after the 2014 the SNP should have arranged for a war chest to fight any future referendum. The problem is a very small amount of in the people in the SNP getting paid for a job that doesn’t warrant these high fees and a blogger and a News paper making a lost of money out our dream of Scotland being a nation again. Can anyone please tell me what happened to the big con Progress for Scotland regarding polling at £5 a month run by Mr Robertson.

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  18. I’m not so concerned about the money that’s refunded that’s all good and well what bothers me is the money that’s not refunded because many people will simply not go to the trouble of asking for a refund,

    I think whatever money is not refunded after a set time should be donated to an Indy supporting organization such as the ALBA party or AUOB etc, because that’s what the money was donated for, that way at these donors will at least get something for their money

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    1. I have been a party supporter. I don’t recall donating specifically, but it seems to me likely that I did. Though if so it was on a credit card I don’t have any more with statements long-ago shredded. Which, if they weren’t I wouldn’t want to search through anyway. Perhaps I gave ten or twenty once or twice a year, and thought no more about it.

      I suspect I may be typical of many. Is someone checking through the donation records?

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  19. Sounds like Murrell is desperate to hand the cash back to stop a proper investigation, which leads me to believe that the cash has been used for other purposes, and that Murrell doesn’t want a police investigation outing where the cash went to.

    Just as interesting is where has the cash to refund folk come from (If thousands ask for it back) for the Electoral Commissions publishing of the SNP’s accounts earlier in the year showed that the party is skint.

    Maybe the refund cash is coming out of Murrells huge secret salary.

    What an absolute state the SNP are in, a man and wife team not run Scotland’s biggest party with an iron fist, but Scotland’s government.


    Marion Millar has been charged by Police Scotland.

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  20. Best-seller accounts indeed, Ian. Available at public libraries from the political-fiction collection, no doubt.

    O/T If you go to the philosophy section at Waterstone’s, these days, you’ll find that Trans-lit has gained a single-figure presence. Just saying.

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  21. What we have here is a classic example Agency Theory in practice, otherwise known as the principal–agent problem found in business, politics and economics.

    This occurs when one person or entity (the agent) is able to make decisions and/or take actions on behalf of, or that impact, another person or entity, the principal.

    In this case the ‘agent’ is the SNP leadership and bureaucracy, and the principal is the SNP membership as both individuals and collectively. The principal (member) has asked the agent to act on his or her behalf – in this case to do everything in his power to win independence for Scotland. But this eventuality might be undesirable to the Agent – if for example it resulted in the Agent being no longer required, and the consequent loss of a grotesquely elevated salary (paid by the Principal).

    This Agency Problem occurs in circumstances where agents are motivated to act in their own best interests, which are contrary to those of their principals.
    The principal–agent problem typically arises where the two parties have different interests and asymmetric information (the agent having more information), such that the principal cannot directly ensure that the agent is always acting in their (the principal’s) best interest, particularly when activities that are desired by the principal (such as gaining Scottish Independence) are costly to the agent (such as gaining Scottish independence, where there would be no further need for the Agent), and where elements of what the agent does are costly, or impossible for the principal to observe.

    Denying information to the principle by the Agent (such as access to the organisation’s accounts) might be considered a textbook example of the Agency Problem in practice.

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    1. “This Agency Problem occurs in circumstances where agents are motivated to act in their own best interests, which are contrary to those of their principals.”

      Rather like the joint UK governing alliance John, which aye acts contrary to at least one of its principals, Scotland.

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      1. Nae doot anent thon, Alf. Nae doot at a’! Except mibbees they urnae for agents? Sine Whan wir they pit in bi us?

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      2. Nae doot anent thon, Alf. Nae doot at a’! Except mibbees they urnae oor agents? Syne Whan wir they pit in bi us? (Spellin corrected)

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  22. I don’t want my money back Iain, I want an investigation. What can I do there? Surely they can’t dodge misappropriation of funds as the funds weren’t donated to the SNP but Yes Scotland?

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  23. Iain,

    I sent a request for a refund today and got a reply saying it will be refunded by the person only works Mon-Wed.

    Happy days.


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  24. Confirmed that they are responding quickly to refund requests. Under 90 minutes in my case today. (although the reply says the refunds themselves are only actioned Mon-Wed)

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  25. Re Marion Miller – it appears the ‘offending’ tweet was a painting of a purple ribbon – which was ‘interpreted’ as being a hanging noose, and a male actor of a certain Glasgow soap opera took offence.

    Her court appearance is for July – what’s the betting that gets postponed, until the third lockdown is more likely to happen. The wouldn’t want crowds outside the court.

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    1. And here was me thinking a wee march for indy round the courts would be perfect on the 10th of July.

      Can the justice in Scotland fall into further disrepute >
      Can someone be charged with wasting polce , court and taxpayers money?

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      1. The hearing is 10th July? I imagine the authorities will have a ready-made excuse for moving on any demonstrations around that time. Yes, I’m a cynic.


      2. Can someone be charged with wasting Police, court and taxpayers money?

        With regards wasting Police time – it is an offence, but in this case it would not be appropriate, the complainer had an opinion about a factual event, Police should have looked at it and said this is not a crime, however, in view of the new Hate Crime Legislation, it is possible that their hands were tied.

        Though it is deeply worrying that a painting of a purple ribbon can now be interpretted as a hanging noose – and our Police Officers can’t tell the difference.

        Badly written laws take ages to fix unfortunately, for the simple reason it cannot be interpretted as how you would like it to be written, only as it is.

        As for wasting taxpayers money? Hmmph, now wouldn’t that be a good one.

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  26. Just a thought Ian, but where is KATE FORBES in all this? As Minister for Finance, does she have no responsibility?

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    1. Well, this is a party matter, rather than a government one. If I understand her role as Finance Secretary correctly, it is more to do with macro-economics than accounting. In reality, that should be the case for all finance ministers in any country.

      I gather Ms Forbes did two years at a large accounting firm, after graduating with a degree in history, I think. That is not enough to qualify as an accountant and is certainly not enough experience to hold oneself out in, for instance, public practice.

      History graduates often combine that with study of economics. My economics teacher at high school taught both subjects. Of course, for a history graduate with great economic skill, we need look no further than this country’s finest FM and the party leader most likely to take us to independence.


    2. dominicberry4302: to answer your question, firmly under the thumb or is that the jackboot of Nicola Sturgeon.

      Kate Forbes harbours ambition to high office as a future leader of the SNP. For that reason alone she will continue to collude with the Murrell project carefully tip toeing around in order not to compromise her strongly held presbyterian principles.

      One example of this would be her utter failure to publicly condemn the CRIMINAL threatening abuse directed at Joanna Cherry from within the SNP woke brigade.

      Kate Forbes is not going to let principle triumph hypocrisy in her ambition regardless of how that might impinge on her faith held beliefs, Joan McAlpine and Joanna Cherry bear testament to that.


  27. You are doing a really good job here Iain, I’m not sure I’d have ever known anything about the internal workings of the SNP without your writings. Keeping up the exposure while getting abuse for it (it’s always telling when no one is able to argue against the substance of what you say) keeps up the pressure – at the very least says it’s not going to be quietly forgotten… I wonder if it would without you publicising things?

    I was horrified by what went on at that last NEC meeting – so much so I didn’t know what to say about it! Most of the comments covered what was wrong with it too. It’s the whole – the lack of self awareness and lack of professionalism – this is the party of GOVERNMENT, you expect a bit of maturity. They are, she/her is, behaving like a schoolyard clique and I can’t believe there can still be people that think they are in any way competent. I wonder if there is an internal witch hunt now to find the leaks. Shirley Anne Somerville was on the radio yesterday assuring everyone that everything was going to be just fine with school exams fiasco – copying the uk gov’t I think there; unfairly give the kids surprise exams and allow appeals later. People need to be able to plan more than a week ahead, and this ’emergency’ status they’re maintaining, chopping and changing rules and policies on a whim, has gone on too long, and has been taken too far – if they haven’t got a grip by now on how to run things efficiently, they never will.

    Fascinating that the SNP are handing out refunds without a whimper – I would be interested to know if Mr Murrell or whoever, is making any kind of plea to keep the funds? It does look like they are desperately trying to avoid exposure over this. After the myriad of weirdo excuses about where the money might be, by handing it back they are effectively admitting they had no intention of funding an indyref campaign. What a bunch of con merchants.

    And still barely a peep from the MSM?

    We are doomed, with the SNP in gov’t. I don’t resent Alex Salmond asking for people to vote SNP 1 in the election, it was a good strategy in theory – though reliant on the SNP not being a bunch of irràtional sociopathic scientologists that can’t be reasoned with, and that was the gamble. At least his reputation is intact after the election campaign – however much they try to imply he was out to destroy and enact revenge, there is absolutely zero evidence of it in his strategy and in everything he said, and that stands Alba in good stead for the future (though there needs to be no fond thoughts about the SNP from now on I’d suggest). We’d have been stuck with the SNP in gov’t whatever Alba did anyway; the MSM was fully backing the SNP and ‘more of the same’ and pretending like the establishment parties had something interesting to say. Arseholes. The SNP are going to drag this ‘Covid recovery’ for as long as possible – and the worse job they make of it the longer it will go on, hooray for rewarding poor performance.

    We can only keep pushing from all angles, keep the pressure up until something breaks – and breaking the stranglehold the SNP has would seem to be the best outcome. The movement is big enough, and determined enough, I reckon, to build something solid fairly rapidly once the SNP is out of the picture (which is why, I suspect, they are still in the picture!).

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  28. Quite a few posters are expressing understandable concern about the SNP’s ability to fight another independence referendum. The situation is not going to improve any time soon, folks. So what to do?

    IMO we have to grasp the nettle – the indy movement has to prepare for a new referendum / struggle on the basis that no help whatsoever will come from the SNP. Increasing numbers may eventually turn to ALBA to lead the fight, but one thing is clear, we have to develop a strategy for indy without the SNP. Sure we can use them on the rare occasion they may be of use, but we really have to figure out a way of continuing the struggle and attaining independence in spite of the SNP and not because of them. We cannot depend on the undependable. Let the SNP cheer or jeer on the sidelines. Whatever – their choice. For us, we move forward, with or without them.


  29. Further info re Marion Millar – The Times have an article, (sorry don’t know how to archive). It states that the the ‘offensive’ tweets were from 2019 and 2020….

    This is BEFORE the Hate Crime Bill came into being, and it CANNOT be applied retrospectively.

    In addition, Police Scotland, might attempt to say that it was still viewable at the time of the recent complaint… which puts them in a really bad position, because on first contact with Marion, when they were trying to set up an interview with her, (what 1 – 2 months ago?) they refused to tell her which tweets they were investigating, which deprived her of a chance to stop the ‘crime’.

    So, it’s so much of a crime they have to arrest her and charge her, but not so much of a crime that they didn’t insist the ‘offensive’ material was taken down from public view!!!! Police have a duty to prevent crime in addition to investigate, not to do so in this case smacks of entrapment.

    And one other thought before I go, hypothetically speaking, if someone pins political ribbons on a tree, it is just conceivable that another person might just form the opionion that they represent a hanging noose…. but if there are no acts of abuse or violence towards that person thereafter, over a period of 2 years, then it has no credibility.

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    1. Daisy, does that mean the alleged tweets took 1 to 2 years to develop into becoming offensive? How can someone be charged for something that’s years old – when someone else takes that long to spot them (and how do you ‘spot them’ unless you are trawling in the archives?), it makes their offence irrelevant (that is, to be offended, not immediately when it was published, at historical material, we might have people reading a Hardy novel and being offended – I find his writing pretty awful so I don’t read it, but if I wanted to be a victim of his dreadful work, I could seek it out and make a point of reading it. That is – if no one is forcing you to read potentially offensive material, just don’t look! It’s not like you are taken by surprise when something is a few years old)

      If something has been hanging about in the public domain for years without any offence being taken, then,,, I would suspect a personal vendetta or stalking from the person making the complaint. We have stalking laws now, and I’m fairly sure the police can be charged with them too. Marion should have, as you say, been asked if she’d remove the tweets in the first place.

      This whole thing is really bizarre, and scary, and I still find it unbelievable the police are pursuing it, and threatening her. What a state this country is in.

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  30. Alba MPs doing more for the Scottish independence cause than any SNP MP has done since 2014.

    Its patently obvious which of these two parties supports an independent Scotland, and which is willing to try and do something about it.


    1. “Unleash tactics”?! What a bizarre threat (or the wording is at any rate). Anything that’s too close to ‘secret plan’ makes me very sceptical.


      “Alba also want to see the immediate devolution of further powers to the Scottish Parliament so that the Scottish Government can make urgent interventions to assist in the Covid recovery whilst plans for an independence referendum are put in place.”

      Presupposes that the current Scottish gov’t is capable of doing more than just lacing their shoes – if they can do even that much – and are willing.

      You are right though RoS, Alba are a thousand times better and doing a million times more than the SNP, and I wish we had more of their MPs in Westminster, but I also wish they’d stop including the wholly redundant SNP in their plans – the SNP are going to keep being resistant and they can’t be reasoned with. It would be good if they can get the Scotland Act amended though, even if the SNP do nothing with it. Good also that Alba representatives are keeping the party and themselves in the news.

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  31. This is quite striking, and its shows without a doubt that the persecution of Marion Millar is a political one.


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