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I watched Call the Midwife last weekend. I usually do, it is one of my favourite programmes. It was celebrating its tenth anniversary this year. No mean achievement for any TV programme. 

Why is it successful? Well surely one reason is that it is a feel good programme. Yes there can be sad moments but more often than not there are happy endings. It is a brave programme, it deals with many difficult topics and illnesses. It is set in an area of extreme poverty and demonstrates the huge challenges ordinary families experienced and had to overcome in the course of their lives, the unemployment, squalid housing, gross overcrowding. One part of the programme that is important is telling that story and explaining how slow progress was achieved. It highlights another very important role, that community matters. People breaking out of their own tiny bubble to show concern and to ACT to help others. I wonder sometimes if that community still exists or have we all become so busy with our own lives to bother about others. We are about to find out.

Since I started my blog I feel I have never been so informed. A blog is a two way process with communication from the author to the readers but equally readers come to see the blog as their ally, somewhere they can share their concerns. 

This is happening at the moment I have been contacted by so many people, mainly but not exclusively women,  asking me to take up the case of Marion Millar, the latest victim of malicious prosecution in a Scottish “justice” system that seems to be badly out of kilter with common sense.

Where did those paragraphs come from and what has that got to do with Call the Midwife? Well the programme highlighted the huge disadvantages women at those times faced. Over the decades since women have seen their lives transformed, gradually winning more rights and freedom, more equality, more respect. Many now see these advances under threat. They, and I, see no sense or worth in gifting to a tiny minority “rights” taken from the great majority of women who seek security and safety in their own “safe places” like toilets and female changing rooms. These are genuine concerns. The position is farcical, allowing.transexual equality in sport makes a nonsense of equality of opportunity between the sexes. Mens bodies are in general stronger and self ID does not instantly weaken that strength.The solution is for there to be a separate category and competition for those who are transgender, not grossly penalize the majority and disadvantage and discourage women and girls from participating in competitive sport. Any examination of what is happening in sport in the USA provides plenty of evidence of these problems.

Our legislators, particularly in Scotland have lost the plot, while other countries have finally wised up to the divisive Stonewall agenda and are travelling in the opposite direction to try and reverse the damage,Scotland is signed up to be front runners including introducing a sex education programme through the curriculum that many find quite disgusting, explaining anal sex using a banana and a jar of Nutella alongside an explanation that this method avoids the risk of pregnancy, but fails to warn of the many other health risks associated with such practices. This is beginning to attract severe criticism from parents as the programme is now facing wider exposure and scrutiny.

The SNP has been captured by these biology deniers. Not all of course, but unfortunately those who do not share these views lack the courage, principle and abilities to set up a counter argument, bought off in many cases by the generous salaries they enjoy or intimidated by the poisoned adherents of these arguments whose debating abilities are restricted to extremely nasty smearing, name calling, bullying and abuse. It works. Opponents are scared. Plain and simple. In private many will admit this. The public are being intimidated through the State pursuing malicious and often ridiculous prosecutions. This is downright evil. It is no way to run a Parliament, or indeed a country.

We have a First Minister who is intent in inflicting her own personal agenda on our country. COVID has given her the opportunity of exceptional popularity. People are swayed by her communication skills, skills that rarely discuss these issues but which she is not slow to promote as part of her “mandate” from the election. That it never became an issue is directly related to her success in keeping the Alba Party out the election debates and campaign. The Greens also support GRA and the Stonewall agenda which is the real reason for the proposed alliance between the parties. This will be a neat guarantee in case some “rebels” do materialise on the SNP side. Everything has been done to reduce any opposition. Scotland  now has a Government of pals! Ability no longer features as a consideration, blind loyalty to the leader is all.

We need as a country to get behind Marion Millar to show on the date of her trial at Glasgow Sheriff Court on the 20th July at 10am a massive demonstration of our disgust at this malicious prosecution and signal to those behind these abuses of our personal freedom that they are heading for huge trouble if they persist. The majority must speak.

It’s a question of using that freedom, while you still have it, to stop this drift towards authorities exercising unfair persecution against ordinary people. Our freedoms are under growing attack, what personal responsibility do you take to fight back?

It can only be defeated by a massive effort from the common people. Will you fight?

I am, as always

Yours for Scotland.


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  1. It is high time that the decent men and women of Scotland fought back against the misappropriation of the law and its institutions by the gender political SNP and its GRA and the Hate Crime Bill. I’m aware that the latter hasn’t been used in the disgraceful prosecution of Marion Millar who is being used, in my opinion, as a ‘test’ case or an example to what happens to women who won’t weesht in Sturgeon’s Scotland. She may have split the SNP but the treatment of Marion Marshall has united women across political parties. I’ll be shopping in Glasgow on the 20th of July. I think it is going to be a busy day in the town that day.

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  2. Once more I am encouraged by your articles and grateful for all you do to keep us informed on so many issues. 20th July 10 am in my diary. I hope there will be huge support

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    1. Most of us are well aware of the Marion Millar harassment, for a wee while now. If you are not, then try google.
      This woman has been ‘tortured’ by this whole process right from the start. The Police have been using intimidatory tactics, the ‘offence’ is a trumped up allegation, the tweets are innocent. However, irrespective of everything else, this is an affront to free speech. A certain minority are attempting to close down any debate or questioning of their ‘rights’, irrespective of the rights of others. This is all part of a carefully constructed plan to impose their ‘rights’ on everyone else. They are an organised twitteratti, who mass complain at the ‘offence’ that has occurred to them and that the ‘bigots’ have to be removed from Twitter, facebook, classrooms, Universities etc.
      unfortunately, our government seem to be going along with this as the new normal. Recent court cases indicate that Stonewall and this minority groups ‘rights’ are against the Equality Act and ECHR rulings.
      Hopefully, the Saltmarket will be busy on that date!

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    2. Sorry, I worked with someone of that name many years ago. Of course, what I meant to type was Millar. Unfortunately, there is not an edit button on the comments.


      1. Shoppers coming from London – the Hackney ReSisters and Norwich – Graham Linehan too. Mind you Glasgow is Scotland’s prime shopping area 🙂

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    3. The case is pending, the matter is best not discussed lest it brings down the Wrath of Lord Wolffe upon the head of our Ian.

      Best to do a search, I think. Twitter would be a good start.

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    4. Marion has been charged under the Malicious Communications Act with a Hate Crime Aggrevator.
      She tweeted a picture of ribbons (in Suffragette colours) along with the words “Women Won’t Wheest. All of which someone read as a threat to them personally, because he saw the ribbons as representing a noose.

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  3. People were worried about lockdowns for the impact that it might have on freedoms. It went against the grain with me too but, of course, I convinced myself that we are in a once in a century pandemic so needs must for the greater good etc.

    The concern I (and many many others I suspect) is that once people in government – ministers – get a taste for such control they might be reluctant to let go. History teaches us that much – the former USSR and Warsaw Pact countries of East Europe is the most obvious example of government control-freakery.

    Never did I think that the government – our one, the Scottish one that is, formed by the SNP, the so-called ‘party of independence’ – would be the problem.

    Worse, they are using the crisis of COVID as cover or deflection to push through laws impacting freedom of speech without any discussion or debate.

    The biggest concern of all is that I don’t believe that the government is even aware that its actions are reprehensible. They have got the new religion and they are the evangelicals.

    Those who have no insight into the effect of their own actions and behaviour are well on the way to madness.

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  4. A rotten and corrupt Police Scotland and COPFS pursuing political bias we live in dangerous times where ordinary citizens can no longer have any trust in the forces of the state.

    Marion Millar is accused of a malicious tweet that goes back a couple of years. For that Police wanted to arrest her, take her into custody and a holding suit for questioning, whilst taking her children into care.

    Police intimidation, brutalisation and malicious prosecution on those the Government want to silence is now the reality in Scotland.

    Ordinary decent people should therefore on the 20th July 2021 make their views felt when Marion Millar appears in the Sheriff Court in Glasgow.

    The Police, the Prosecution and the Courts must not be allowed to become our oppressors.

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      1. That is the odd thing here. Why are BBC Scotland and STV so quiet on this one? I’ll also be there on July20 and there’ll be a big team with me to make some noise.

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    1. We do indeed live in dangerous times Willie, and I would extend your list of potential oppressors by including high ranking elements WITHIN the SNP up to and INCLUDING the Leader.

      It is becoming more apparent by the day that a lack of moral principle is now a prerequisite to membership and active participation within the SNP. The message must go out to those promoting this sinister plot that Marion Millar will not be thrown to the wolves in pursuit of their science denying ideology by intimidation or any other means.

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  5. “great majority of women who seek security and safety in their own “safe places” like toilets and female changing rooms.”

    And also rape and domestic abuse shelters plus female prisons. Plus how do we narrow the pat gap between men and women, the former still being paid more? Easy redefine women and pay gap gone, problem solved unless you are someone being paid less than a colleague of course.

    Marion has been charged with a hate crime aggravator but not under the new Hate Crime Act which I believe has Royal assent but still some hurdles to pass before becoming law. Which begs the question, why did we need a new Act if it was already possible to add an aggravator to a charge?

    May I ask anyone on twitter, if you see tweets that are threatening to women, report them not only to Twitter but also to the police. Let’s see how they act over the very real threats out there compared to the manufactured targeted grievances of the crybullies.

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  6. Because it needs saying – the sex education curriculum debases boys as well as girls. The whole point appears to be the legitimisation of sodomy. Something between consenting adults is neither here nor there but when it’s promoted by the government as the new normal that’s a problem.

    Also, Hong Kong has their yellow umbrellas, where can I buy/donate to get a suffragette ribbon?

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    1. Not only that Stuart but as I have posted on other blogs repeatedly WHERE DOES IT ALL END we are seeing the push for acceptance of groups called MAPS , that is interpreted as MINOR ATTRACTED PERSONS , in the OLD language we called them paedophiles and rightfully they were reviled and prosecuted now we’re expected to welcome and accept all this deviance


      1. And that Twathater is why the word Paedophobe has been added to join the other phones such has Homophobes, Transphobes.

        Sex with children is being pushed forward by these people and we allow it to happen at our peril.

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    2. Thanks for mentioning the ‘S’ word, Stuart, as this is one of the most important themes that comes up repeatedly and is often ignored in most of the mainstream media. Sodomy is a highly questionable practice due to it being unhygienic and unhealthy and it is outrageous that young children are to be taught that this is acceptable practice.

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  7. I had to look at the internet to find out what the stushie is about as I am not on any form of social media. I read the following:

    What I read appalled me.

    I have always opposed the Hate Crime Bill and the Gender Recognition Act and I have written to my MSP (Humza Yousaf) and my MP (Chris Stephens) expressing my opposition, with reasons. I have received replies but none which addressed my concerns. In my resignation letter to the SNP I included these issues as one of a long list of things which have driven me from membership of the SNP.

    So can I say here that I explicitly deny that one’s sex can be changed. It is in the chromosomes one gets at conception. I believe that the rush to accept self id is dangerous to the person doing it and in some cases, to the wider community, mostly women. I don’t have a problem with someone changing their gender. However, for the protection of the community it should not be rushed; it should follow an accepted procedure with time and counselling built in. Two years is not a long time to devote to thought about what is a major decision in a person’s life. Self id is completely wrong.

    The sheer venom being projected by these people towards anybody who disagrees with them is worrying because it betrays their immaturity and/or their lack of reasoning faculties. (I spent many years as a teacher encouraging my pupils to look at all the sides of an argument in a civil and polite way with respect shown to people who hold different views.) Strong women have been driven to ill health and worse by attacks verging on the insane.

    This has not been condemned by the Scottish Government; they get explicit encouragement from the First Minister and those they target get no support at all. This can only result in wilder and wilder attacks.

    Taking all that has happened over the past couple of years, I think the Scottish Government is rotten at its heart and the only way to start to repair the damage is for the top layers of the SNP to be removed from their positions. This would take a revolt by the majority of SNP MPs and MSPs as the membership as a whole is powerless just now.

    Marion Millar is the latest example of the results of the kind of juvenile behaviour encouraged by the First Minister. Even if she was strongly attacking gender rights, unless that included death threats, she does not deserve the state sanctioned torture she is being subjected to.

    I will be in Glasgow outside the Sherrif Court on 20th July to support her.

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  8. Very well put Iain, Joanna Cherry supports Marion Millar.

    If the SNP doesn’t do a U-turn on the road that its travelling down (and even if they does, it might be too late) come the next elections in 2026, I think their share will collapse, they only have themselves to blame. Especially those that know what’s going on but they’ve decided to turn a blind eye because just now they’re making a good living, foolishly they don’t realise that come the next election they’ll be out on their ear, as voters won’t stand for this misogyny, a lack of freedom of speech, along with the GRA and HCB, and the disgraceful way they want to teach children about sex.

    In 2026 Sturgeon won’t have Covid to fall back on, infact by the end of this year I think her Covid credibility (If she had any to begin with) will be all but forgotten by the public.

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  9. Systematically the SMP has infiltrated all aspects of the media Scots Independence paper, had a new editor and slowly but surely all the people writing articles for it were the MSPs of MP of the SNP party. The National set up as a paper to promote independence has become the Nicola Sturgeon fan club newsletter and Boris Johnston bad paper. Nothing about, what is wrong in the Scottish government and certainly nothing about how we get to an independent Scotland other than “We have to convince others”. The Yes, movement has been waiting for Nicola to fire a starting gun since 2015 and will be waiting forever. The time has long passed for the grassroots parties to start to get their act together and make their displeasure known.

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  10. This case is ridiculous. Whatever your views on the trans debate, you have to ask why are the police getting involved in such a tenuous claim of ‘harassment’ as this. A picture of a suffragette ribbon on a fence is claimed to be a ‘death threat’ because it is a ‘noose’. Laughable, but why are the police taking it seriously enough to charge the poster?
    Because of the lobby which has made trans rights into a culture war which also consumes the Scottish government in its zeal to be ‘progressive’.
    They are totally under the influence of Stonewall (now disowned by two of its founder members). Stonewall charge large amounts of money to organisations like the Scot Gov to be placed on their list of ‘champions’ as employers. Leslie Evans makes a lot of fuss about desperately wanting to be in the Top 100 of this list. Stonewall has morphed from a gay rights charity which has achieved much of its aims into a sanctimonious thought police on the trans issue. They consider themselves judge and jury in employment and social policy, and those who do not toe the current fashionable line get blacklisted, censored and subject to the abuse by their troll army. People are reported to their employers with the aim of getting them sacked, academics are censored and no-platformed for simply wishing to debate the issues.
    This is where a lot of the pressure is coming from, and our compliant, unquestioning, infantile government rush to obey the Stonewall edicts. If you think this is bad, the Hate Crime bill will increase the opportunities for such complainants to insist that people are prosecuted for their thoughts. Add that to Lady Dorrian’s plan for jury-free trials in sexual assault cases, where the complainants will not even have to attend, and you have the perfect storm for malicious prosecution of people without any safeguard for their defence. Alex Salmond would undoubtedly gone to jail under such a scheme, despite his proven innocence (which is still not accepted by the hardliners).
    The day that Marion Millar was charged the person who instigated the police investigation claimed they were the subject of death threats and had to move away from home. What an amazing coincidence, nothing whatsoever to do with seeking to divert attention from her case, or evidence-free claims to bolster a weak and feeble case. That person is apparently content for Marion to be harassed by the mob, to the point she quite her home with her two autistic boys for a weekend for fear of them being taken from here, but cries victimhood when it suits. Always the same pattern.,taking-pride

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  11. I wonder if it would be of advantage to change the name / term ‘gender’ to ‘sex presentation’?

    One of the reasons the term ‘gender’ has been utilised (deliberately) by this movement is because generally people have always used the terms sex/gender interchangeably – primarily so as not be be misunderstood about talking about sexual intercourse when discussing if someone is male or female.

    But how would it be if we start calling the Gender Recognition Act (and much of the transgender movement) – as the Sex Presentation Act/movement.

    In this way a person can elect to Self Present in any Sex they wish – and the legal definitions of (and protections) of women and men are not conflated and damaged.

    The malevolent side of the TGM has done such a lot in terms of muddying the waters of language and legal definitions – very deliberately so.

    By adopting the above (or something similar) it would be a way of reclaiming the language and fighting back.

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  12. Reading comments on here and across the social media more widely, I suspect the 20th of July Court appearance of Marion Millar will reveal a huge outpouring of protest by ordinary citizens.

    Policing and prosecution has to be in the public interest and with public consent.

    Neither of these criteria are extant as the police and prosecution now run against the tide of public opinion.

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    1. Sir Robert Peel, Home Sec, established London’s police force in 1829. He set out nine Principles of Policing, of which the first two follow…

      To prevent crime and disorder, as an alternative to their repression by military force and severity of legal punishment.

      To recognise always that the power of the police to fulfill their functions and duties is dependent on public approval of their existence, actions and behaviour, and on their ability to secure and maintain public respect.

      … the remainder are worth reading too, search for Peel’s Principles.

      I fear some of our Top Cops have forgotten them.

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  13. Transsexuals and many self-ID-ed (without the law) men who present as women do not want to have access to female spaces. A number of them have stated openly that they are in total disagreement with Stonewall and is trans arms on this issue. Most just want to be left alone to live their lives the way they want, with whom they want and where they want without harassment. So far, so good.

    However, nowadays, the vast majority of the men who are sheltered by the Stonewall trans umbrella are not, in any shape or form, transsexual or trans with body dysphoria/dysmorphia; they are paraphilia men who have seized the main chance. Their paraphilias range from voyeurism to obsessive touching of females in public spaces, to pooping in an adult nappy to gain orgasm. If anyone can explain why these men require access to female spaces and rights, I’d be very grateful because it passes me by.

    To my mind, and taking into account the school sex education curriculum on this stuff, I believe the best interpretation of what is happening is Sheila Jeffrey’s 2018 essay on the sexual rights of men being pushed as human rights, with all the ramifications and implications of that for consent and ability to consent. The 2010 Equality Act is very specific about the keeping out of male-bodied persons from female spaces, but Stonewall has blurred the legal position and many companies and businesses have been gulled into accepting its interpretation of the law, which was one of the poisonings of Joanna Cherry’s piece in The National the other day. She was warning the government and the organisations captured by the biology deniers that litigation will ensue (no pun intended) if they carry on with their proposed policies in this area.

    If Marion Millar is convicted for merely showing on-line the Suffragette ribbon of the early 20th century, which someone with a very low threshold for being offended and an even lower brain cell count, decided was a noose intended to threaten trans people, all hell will break loose. I believe that some of these idiots actually want a war on the streets between trans people and women because, being men, they believe they can kick and punch us into submission – which kind of gives their game away. / credentials can be used.

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  14. You may be interested on a comment I made on Joanna Cherry’s article in the National yesterday.

    Joanna Cherry’s concerns are backed by the advent of Gender Specific Medicine. Dr. Marianne J Legato established The Foundation for Gender Specific Medicine. A Wikipediae article states, ” Sex differences in medicine include sex-specific diseases or conditions which occur only in people of one sex; sex-related diseases, which are diseases that are more common to one sex; and diseases which occur at similar rates in males and females but manifest differently according to sex. Sex differences in medicine should not be confused with gender differences. The US National Academy of Medicine recognizes sex differences as biological at the chromosomal level, whereas gender differences are based on self-representation and other factors including biology, environment and experience”.

    The BBC has video for children which teaches them that there are 100 genders. New York City has a list of 31 officially recognised genders: Bi-gendered, Cross-dresser, Drag King, Drag Queen, Femme Que, Female-to-Male, FT, Gender Bender, Genderqueer, Male-to-Female, MT,Non-Op, HIJRA, Pangender, Transsexual/Transsex
    ual, Trans Person, Woman, Man, Butch, Two-Spirit, Trans, Agender, Third Sex, Gender Fluid, Non-Binary Transgender, Androgyne, Gender Gifted, Gender Blender, Femme, Person of Transgender Experience, Androgynous.

    Until the 1960s the term gender was a grammatical term. Nouns and pronouns had gender, masculine, feminine, and neuter. Then the term began to be referred to humans. There are so many recognised genders that it seems as if the word, as applied to humans, has so many meanings as to be meaningless. Is it not a category mistake to use a word that refers to other words to refer to humans?

    It seems that what is being got at is differences in personality. If there are 100 or more genders, may there not be 7.8 billion genders; one for every person on the planet? Words, nouns and pronouns have gender, masculine, feminine, and neuter. People have sex, male and female, with a few intersex people. Of course we need to consider people who have body dysphoria. What is called gender dysphoria or transgender is one of several body dysphorias. Anorexia nervosa is one.

    It’s quite clear that since society has decided that we need a category of transgender, which is a matter of the mind and social perception, and is a different category from sex, which is a matter of biology, we must not confuse it with the category of sex. For the practise of medicine, Dr Marianne Legato has demonstrated that we need to recognise the biological differences between men and women. Joanna Cherry, and may others, such as the Sex Matters organisation, are showing us that transwomen are still biologically male and transmen are still biologically women. This is not to dismiss their experience, but to put it into perspective.

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  15. The Times article ends “..Police Scotland confirmed that a 50-year-old woman had been arrested and charged in connection with online communications offences. A spokeswoman said: “She has been released on an undertaking to appear at court at a later date. A report will be sent to the Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service…”

    As I read this, Ms Millar appears to have been charged with offences by Police Scotland but before any actual trial takes place doesn’t COPFS have to agree, based on the evidence collected and described in the report, that there are good prospects of a successful conviction beforehand? Or, is it the case that when Ms Millar appears at Glasgow sheriff court on 20 July there will be a trial that day because COPFS has already given the go ahead?

    Does anyone know the specific detail of the charges levied? Is the charge an allegation of a contravention of s127(1) of the Communications Act 2003?
    If so, I assume it must involve “menacing character”.

    I’m indebted to Andrew Crosbie (Advocate) for his web page devoted to s127.
    Well worth a read (and especially the decided cases). Based on these I’d like to think COPFS would walk away from this but no doubt I’m likely to be disappointed.

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    1. FFS Unbelievable – GoFundMe has closed the page presumably after some TRAs complaining. One of the supportive comments for Marion was from transsexual Debbie Hayton from twitter who also donated. Now everyone’s money will be refunded.

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  16. I gather Marion Millar is an accountant. What will her professional association do about this? I imagine she would have to report any conviction and may even have to report the arrest and charge. Even with a not guilty verdict, she will possibly have further official action to face.

    Ms Millar will need strong, ongoing support whatever happens on July 20th. Let us not forget her after she walks free from court.

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    1. That is exactly the goal of TRA’s – to get people professionally damaged and lose their jobs. The success of it, in academia and elsewhere, has resulted in the fear which people have of speaking out. It is a horrible, vindictive tactic – a witch hunt basically. The result is shown above in the cancellation by Go Fund Me of her defence fund – they have been intimidated into it, by people screeching that she is some kind of bigoted monster who is breaking the laws on hate. Employers and institutions just fold in the face of such attacks, preferring not to get involved and taking the word of the lynch mob. It is a cynical exploitation of the intention of most places to be seen to be unprejudiced. So they just back off when challenged.

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  17. So the funding web page for Marion Millar has been taken down.

    This is all heading to a head on clash between the ordinary citizens and a brutal repressive political regime. You can only bully, intimidate, censor and restrict so far before the wheels come off. And those who would oppress have to live in society.

    A rule of law. fair and equitable, and accepted as such, is a prerequisite for a peaceful society. And those who would disregard this with politically focussed police, like Northern Ireland beforehand, play with absolute political fire. Yes the police may have batons, tasers, and guns. And yes they can seek out a brutalize political opponents but their weapons and bias do not deliver a peaceful society.

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  18. Step 1: A complaint is raised.

    step 2: the police investigate

    Step 3: the police consider that there is a case to answer, and send their findings to the Procurator Fiscal

    Step 4; The Procurator fiscal determines whether there is a case to be prosecuted.

    So, does the Procurator Fiscal office consider that the Marion Millar tweets are a case to be peosecuted? Really? And so there is to be a trial on 20th July?

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  19. Iain I just posted this on Barrhead boys (they pull a knife post) I think it is relevant here too

    Roddy this is a great idea and an addition to the proposal Iain Lawson put forward on your Scottish Prism , What I will say is for this to have a greater effect it should be TOTALLY distanced from anything to do with independence it is NOT about whether you support independence or unionism , this idea should have the support of ALL right thinking people in Scotland irrespective of political persuasion or membership of any organisation We are well aware that it is the SNP SG that is pushing this lunacy but we also MUST remember that the idiots from ALL the other political parties apart from the tories voted for the GRA and HCB and were supportive of them , the tories only abstained because their head office London directed them to , but WM tories were also going to introduce self id then changed their minds due to the kickback from their blue rinsed voters THIS is a THREAT to our womenfolk and children in Scotland and MUST be exposed , fought and defeated by ALL the citizens of Scotland and politicians of ALL parties better learn who their REAL BOSSES ARE

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  20. Also As an addendum to my last comment it would be perfect to have Gordon Dangerfield , Joanna Cherry QC , Robert Black QC and any other legal professional involved to advise on the best way to go forward as I am sure they do not appreciate the law being used as a political tool to silence opposition


  21. While I believe in any adult’s right to ornament themselves through surgery and chemicals, I do not see it as normal.

    Maybe I’m unusual, but I have felt both unattractive and ugly every day, luckily humans have reassured me I’ve got it all wrong

    Embrace obnormality, sure, but normality is the swimming pool wall you need.

    ..and use SEX APPROPRIATE facilities!

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  22. O/T Iain.

    Scotland as a country is being erased by Westminster.

    British diplomats have been told by the PM not to refer to Scotland as a country, instead they’ve to use the term UK, in the first of many changes to keep Scotland chained to this f*cked up vile union.

    The diplomats are to be discouraged from mentioning the term Four Nations as well.

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    1. It’s been happening with weather forecasts for a while – we are The North. I wonder when they will take down ‘Welcome to Scotland ‘signs and I wonder when all scots will object to being part of ‘Greater England ‘ to forelock tug to their ‘betters’.
      Will the Tartan Army disband and cheer for the English team instead? Will the Highland Games become something of the past like the native American dancers , tourists only may view? Proud history – what proud history? The truth or the Neil Oliver versions.

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