I hope you enjoy this show. Straight talking on issues like Marion Millar, Freedom of Speech, the “ringfenced fund” etc. and an extensive interview with Kenny MacAskill. Please also subscribe to the Scottish Prism YouTube channel and press the bell button. This will ensure you get notified when new material is posted.

I am, as always

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5 thoughts on “THIS WEEK’S PRISM SHOW

  1. Great show. Target now has to be for Alba to become the top party in Scotland for Independence. Sturgeon needs to be rooted out of her position as she’s patently not going to deliver Indy and I don’t believe she even wants it.

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    1. Sturgeon’s mankit regime and indeed all those elected to sit in Holyrood and Westminster supposedly to represent the Scottish people must also be considered in the context of the impending imprisonment of Scotland’s foremost international human rights campaigner and former ambassador, Craig Murray, and amidst the ongoing purge and persecution of bona fide independence campaigners. Like cultural imperialism and the Scots enforced Brexit, the realities of Scotland’s longstanding colonial oppression become clearer by the day. Our oppressors must believe we are nearer our goal than many of us imagine, despite the SNP’s frightened rabbits standing like statues in front of the oncoming British ‘one-nation’ juggernaut’s headlamps.

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  2. Standout for me:

    “The status quo is being increasingly untenable”.

    Decadence has it’s own logic.

    Mugs will hold up the neglected roof*, for now.

    Cannot thank you enough for your work.

    *according to our first minister’s favoured publiher.

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  3. Very slick, very professional and as usual a very honest and informative show. I like! Keep up the good work.


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