Welcome to unjust Scotland.

So they did it then. They look to pass it on to someone else. They suspend jailing him for a few weeks, he will get no justice from the Scottish Court System, his only hope lies in a court based in London. Well done Nicola they are doing you proud! Craig Murray faces eight months in jail for doing less to identify any of the alphabet women than many journalists in the Unionist mainstream media. Nicola Sturgeon’s justice system, headed up by her Cabinet colleague James Wolffe, will successfully jail a man with no previous criminal record, for the crime of publishing the most accurate coverage of the Salmond trial. The ONLY journalist in Scotland whose reports tied in accurately with the eventual jury verdicts. Meanwhile the entire MSM contingent, who consistently misled their readers by the crime of gross omission, completely censoring the compelling evidence presented by the defence witnesses, escape Scot-free for doing so. Welcome to justice in Sturgeon’s Scotland.

First Minister’s are expected to be an example to the rest of the nation. To encourage trust and respect, not least in the fairness of our courts and justice system. In Nicola Sturgeon however we have a First Minister who openly challenges the judgement of a jury of her peers, who at the end of a ludicrous trial peppered with the most ridiculous contrived allegations, over a dozen of them, that came from many friends, colleagues  and supporters of the First Minister and which were, without exception, rejected by the jury resulting in not a single conviction. We have a First Minister who refuses to respect that judgement and continues to smear the “accused” despite him being  found innocent of every charge.

We have a judge who granted anonymity to the accusers and who has witnessed since the total abuse of that privilege as some of them continue the campaign to smear Alex Salmond with cowardly press releases and to also falsely accuse others in attempts to financially ruin them. Yet Lady Dorrian has not taken any action against them or threatened them with lifting the anonymity privilege they are clearly exploiting for their own benefits.

How ironic it is that she is the same judge who refused Craig Murray the leave to appeal against his conviction this week. Various newspapers report that the said judge has ambitions for a new promoted post in the near future. A post where the nomination must come from the First Minister. Those who say our courts and politicians could benefit from a clearer division of powers have a point do they not?

He was an easy catch, jigsaw identification is notoriously unspecific. It is a matter of opinion. I can name several journalists who wrote much more “helpful” articles in identifying the accusers than Craig Murray ever did. That of course is of no interest to the Crown Office, their job was to identify those that were supporting Alex Salmond to prosecute, not those whose complicit silence of defence evidence was quite disgraceful and created the false public understanding that the evidence against Salmond was overwhelming. It was anything but, as the jury verdicts demonstrated. How incredible then that the man who reported the truth should be the man being prosecuted? Who took that decision Mr Wolffe, on your own was it?

What happens when people come to believe the politicians, police and court system are working in concert to eliminate political opposition? To take unfair and clearly selective action where opponents are persecuted and face expensive bills to defend themselves against spurious charges that should never had been considered by the police or courts in the first place. A system that stands aside, without any action, when political allies of those in power make ridiculous allegations against anyone who opposes their views.

Don’t tell me this isn’t happening now in Scotland. It is and it is working. People, particularly women are being intimidated, scared to voice their views because of fear of arrest and either jail time or big fines. Their crime, believing that transgender people can never be identical to those born with biological specifics that make it so. An example would include women being able to give physical birth to a child which no amount of drugs, surgery to someone born a man could ever make possible.Those who deny biology facts like that now seek legal recourse through the Hate Crime Bill to threaten those who state these facts openly.

Today it is Craig Murray, who will be next? It could well be me or one of my fellow bloggers. I am sixty eight years of age and have spent my entire adult age life speaking my mind freely under a variety of Prime Ministers, First Ministers and political parties in Government. I have no plans to change that policy for the Sturgeon Government no matter what despicable moves she plans next. I have no wish or desire to become a political prisoner of the Sturgeon regime and I will not knowingly volunteer to become one but should such misfortune fall upon me I am confident I would prove a most difficult victim. As I am diabetic and have other medical complications even a short period of imprisonment with me refusing to cooperate could prove extremely hazardous to me, and them should anything untoward happen. Anyone who knows me well can understand just how determined and awkward I can be.

It is quite a shattering blow to my pride and love for Scotland to see the rise of fascism in my own country. Worse to witness so many of my nation being blind to what is happening. At least I hope they are blind to it, how much worse if they were aware but were either too lazy, too apathetic, too intimidated to do anything about it? I am not blind and I will do everything to fight it, even risking imprisonment and my health if that is what it takes.

Freedom of speech is the greatest freedom of them all. Without it there can be no respect for each other, no democracy, just orders from on high which must be followed without question. I have no desire to live in that type of Scotland. Can’t quite believe I am having to write that!

Here is Scotland we have a leader and Party of Government whose stated aim, above all others, is to win freedom for our nation. Instead of fighting for Independence it is engaged in destroying freedom of speech in our country, jailing political prisoners, persecuting political opponents with an organised campaign involving the police and court system to penalize political opponents. To intimidate male and female, old and young in order to enforce the removal of rights and freedoms of women in Scotland and to transfer them to a tiny, tiny, minority who deserve rights, but not at the expense of women throughout Scotland.

It is difficult to come up with new suggestions for them to get even further away from the democratic route to Scottish Independence. They are destroying the YES Movement. This upsets me greatly. I no longer ask myself if it upsets them. It doesn’t, it is the real plan. Scotland’s problem is that our politicians are weak, are greedy and easily bought and lack any fight or principle. They no longer recognise why they are there.

Independence can only be won by the common people of Scotland. The professional middle class politicians have sold the jerseys. If we want change we are going to need to bring it about ourselves.

Are you up for the fight?

I am, as always

Yours for Scotland


  1. I really hope the Supreme Court does the right thing, and corrects the absurdities that you outline here so correctly and eloquently.
    Unfortunately for Craig, the SC has changed somewhat from the days when it was headed by the estimably independent Lady Hale – to be replaced by the very right-wing Lord Reed, who unfortunately is a “Scottish” judge.

    So perhaps Ms Dorian was only being pragmatically logical since she knows that the Scottish judiciary is an old-pals act, with a substantial dynastic element, drawn from the Edinburgh haute bourgeoisie colonial enforcers. They stick together and turn logical and legal summersaults to avoid upsetting each others’ judgements. Decent chaps.

    Reed’s biography is standard issue Edinburgh colonial law stuff. He studied law at Edinburgh University and undertook doctoral research in law at the University of Oxford. He qualified as an advocate in Scotland and as a barrister in England. He practised at the Scottish Bar in a wide range of civil cases, and also prosecuted serious crime.

    It is unlikely that Ms Dorian has much to fear from such a reliable chap.

    I fear that Craig Murray will have to take his case to Europe to stand any chance of justice.

    I really hope I am wrong.

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    1. Judges must learn humility. What if she’s wrong – a must have the opportunity to appeal if only because it’s a basic human right. We should all note this nonsense is all happening under Sturgeon’s watch.

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  2. Absolutely disgusting! I was unable to identify any of the alphabetties from Craig Murray’s reporting but I did from Dani Garavelli’s article, yet she gets off scot-free! Sickening!

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    1. This is clearly turning into a banana republic, except that the only time that banana are used are to teach young children about sodomy and how it is acceptable, using a jar of nutella as a teaching aid.

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  3. Well said and bravely put Iain. That is the most eloquent and erudite summation of what is going on in Scotland today.

    I can add nothing other than to say that the the trial proceedings and verdict in the Craig Murray contempt of court case would have had the hearty approval of the 18th century’s very own Henry Dundas and Lord Braxfield.

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  4. every word rings true. well said and thank you. never thought I was the fighting type but, hell, these snakes in all levels of power certainly get one’s dander up.

    bring it on Scotland for changing to a better, free-er, fairer Country soon.

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  5. Incredible. In this new millenium we are back to brave men throwing themselves on the gears of the machine to stop it.

    How foolish we were to give up socialism.

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  6. Indeed the issue is not whether Murray permitted jigsaw identification but why others who did and did more obviously have not been prosecuted. Selective prosecution of opponents is the sign of a corrupt society and tainted democracy. Prosecuting people for free speech and hateful haberdashery is the sign of an out of control ideology. These are grave times indeed. If you had told me in 2014 I would fear for Scotland under an SNP government I would have had you fitted for a tinfoil hat or signed you up for membership of QAnon (had it been around).

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  7. Well said Iain , your wordsmithing has reached WoS level of readability. Your words are to be reckoned with.

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  8. Is ‘Roland Freisler’ an anagram of ‘leeona dorrian’ ?

    Outrageous verdict.

    I am hearing more and more folk whispering the names of the alphabetties . Obviously they are doing it individually as no one would recommend a concerted effort. The truth will out.

    I think it is only a matter of time before all the names are released furth of Scotland. Then we’ll hopefully get fireworks.

    P.S. This is down to all those who emboldened sturgeon with both votes SNP. Own it.

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  9. ‘Dorrian’ Ian, although not sure she deserves correctness.

    ‘see the rise of fascism’, glad to see i am not the only one who thinks these words are not hyperbole.

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  10. Great article Iain. Absolutely spot on.
    It seems there is no limit to the vindictiveness of this current administration. It looks like the First Minister is doing everything possible to protect those complainants in her circle.
    Truly shaming and has brought Scotland low. Craig Murray is an international figure and this will not go unnoticed.
    I have to ask though.
    Iain is there really none of the remaining decent MSP’s and MP’s not prepared to speak up? If not I genuinely fear for the future of us all.

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    1. I never thought I would see the day when I would be ashamed of the SNP. I have and I am, deeply shamed by their behaviour. They are all complicit in the behaviour of the cabal. By saying nothing, they are condoning this behaviour.
      Ps. Thanks Iain for the bigger text box.

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    2. Opposition to party policy results in being pushed out by the Cartel that runs the SNP. People are either gone, discredited or afraid of the repercussions.
      Many folk still believe that this kind of dictatorship and political control, exploiting the law for the ends of Govt, just don’t happen in the Western World……..
      It’s becoming very clear that it does but I think the full, sinister implications are yet to be understood.
      I’m sure there is a plan, but it’s not to produce the type of Scotland we are seeking.

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  11. I didn’t recognise any of the women from Craig Murray’s blog. However, I identified one from Dana Garavelli’s article on Tortoise, subsequently republished by Scotland on Sunday and available for all to see. I notice she has become the First Minister’s journalist of choice when she wants a wee heart-to-heart.
    I recognised another from Kirsty Wark’s dreadful documentary, which Garavelli and Sarah Smith took part in.
    If it hadn’t been for Craig Murray’s blog posts, I would have had no idea how the jury could have found Alex Salmond innocent. He was the only journalist in Scotland who covered the defence trial, and that includes The National.
    Kirsty Wark just went to London and didn’t cover the defence at all. Her documentary was almost comical in the way it was clearly set up for a guilty verdict and then didn’t get one, but, like most unionist journalists, proceeded to produce hatchet jobs anyway.
    We all wondered why the Scottish Government would give £3m to the MSM in Scotland. In retrospect, it was money well spent by them. An investment which has reaped dividends.

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  12. I began reading your article with a heavy heart. How far we have come from the joyous, united independence movement of 2014. If anyone had told me then the position we would find ourselves in today, I would have laughed and dismissed their words without a second thought. You asked,’are you up for the fight?’ My answer is a loud yes, here I am, count me in. We can’t just sit back and let this happen. We just can’t.

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  13. Thank you, Iain. I’ve been searching the BBC and STV sites but there is no mention of this development

    The treatment of Craig Murray is despicable.

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  14. Well and passionately said. There are, and never have been, any grounds for either the prosecution or the unprecedented sentence. It is so obviously a selective prosecution which has already achieved the censorship of the only accurate and detailed account of the evidence at Salmond’s trial, and why he was found innocent.
    There has been a concerted campaign since then to silence any discussion of the people behind the Salmond case and how it developed the way it did. Craig made it clear at the time that the issue is at the heart of the governance of Scotland and the collapse of its presumed separation of powers, even though he was scrupulous about not identifying anybody. Little good it did him, and the evidence that there is something deeply wrong is surely in their zeal to prosecute and silence him.
    It is disgraceful that the Scottish media are so tame as not to care about this, whatever they think of Craig. Are they so little interested in their ability to criticise or hold the government of Scotland to account? Apparently so, and could care less about the principles of free speech, justice and accountability. It is left to one man and his blog to do their work for them, while they print what the Scottish gov slyly hands them, perpetuating the secrets and lies which have bedevilled this case for two years.
    Sturgeon must be in disbelief at how she has wriggled out of this without having to resign. But her coterie will be handsomely rewarded for closing ranks.

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    1. When the time is right and it suits them, sturgeon will be toasted by the MSM and will be gone. They are keeping their powder dry for now.
      And ironically it could be AS that lights the touch paper.

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    2. You have the support of me, Comrade Gonzalo, and I will start with being there and voicing my disapproval noisily outside the trial in Glasgow of the estimable Marion Miller. Good luck, Marion.

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  15. Not scared of these censorious third-rate halfwits. At all. They couldn’t organise a piss-up in a craft brewery punting organic fart-free bespoke ale. They are a joke, a bogeywoman, a small-time hate crime. And they will not be around forever.

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  16. If Craig is guilty then so are the other authors of all the pieces of the jigsaw.
    It is absolutely impossible that that is untrue.

    As Craig has pointed out; of the other similar cases, Manni Singh, Mark Hirst, Jeremy Gilchrist, Dave Llewellyn and Marion Millar, all are Independence supporters, all but one known to Craig personally all from same complainants who no doubt know each other and who are close to Sturgeon.
    The chances of that all being coincidence must be more than a million to one.
    And wasn’t Marion the one who posted that video of her? driving/riding past Sturgeon and shouting out ‘Women Won’t Wheesht, Nicola’. Another coincidence?
    So you either believe in Armageddon type bad luck or this is a political witch hunt.

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    1. Indeed. To see the absurdity of the situation, take a group of people. Each person says out one letter from a person’s name. At what point does the person become identifiable? Two letters, three, six? Clearly no one person gave the “aha” clue but without the collective effort the identity would remain anonymous. So if one is guilty then why not all?

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      1. Yes it is not just that many people wrote similar and more incriminating stuff to Craig, in fact most of his articles were pointing this out, but the fact that jigsaw identification according to Dorrian can be picked up from any source, just knowing someone’s job or where they were at a particular time, so how can it be possible that Craig is the only problem part of the jigsaw. It really is an insane proposition. I have always thought the law was based on logic. I have got that wrong.

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    2. The King himself puts it better
      ‘There’s no such thing as a one-piece jigsaw. If anyone was “jigsaw identified” over the Salmond trial, there MUST be at least two people going to jail (that is, one for each piece of the jigsaw provided), not just Craig Murray
      That single fact alone tells you that Scotland’s criminal justice system has been politically corrupted. Even if you think Craig Murray is guilty, then by definition *someone else must be too*, and be facing the same fate. But they’re not.’


  17. When did honourable adult maturity disappear from Scottish political discussion and/or debate? ~ I’m witnessing what’s too pathetic to be expressed or described in words?! Please remember Saor(aibh) Alba! =
    Free Scotland! 💓 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

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  18. Over the last few years I commented frequently (primarily in the Guardian) how England, is slowly heading down the path to new Fascism under the Tories.
    In looking south I think, like many, I took my eye off the ball what was happening in my own country because fascism is alive and kicking under Sturgeon …and under Sturgeon it will kick out and attempt to destroy anyone that poses a threat.
    One of the comments I used to repeat was: Wake-up England before it’s too late.
    And now, sad to say

    Wake-up Scotland before its too late.

    To you Iain and the other Indy bloggers (apart from one) you have my utmost thanks.

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  19. What we have to understand is that the vicious brutal behaviour by the police, prosecution and judiciary is straight out of the Brigadier General Sir Frank Kitson instruction manual on how to undermine and suppress political opponents.

    Read his books if you can get them. Gangs and Counter Gangs, Low Intensity Operations, the Bunch of Five. Together these books explain how the security services infiltrate all manner of organisations, how the introduce agent provocateurs, undertake false flag activities, take control of the media, censor the media, undertake mis information – and where possible use the Law of the Land to jail and incarcerate political opponents.

    The theme with all of those subjected to police and prosecution thus far have one thing in common in that they support independence. Alex Salmond, Mark Hirst, Craig Murray, Manny Singh, Stephen Thompson, Marion Millar et al are but examples of the policy now extant.

    This is coordinated. It is what was done in colonies around the world. It was what was done in Ireland. And this behaviour is not going away. Like a protected rat in a trap, Gaulieter Surgeon will see to it.

    This is the hidden war. The war that so many fail to see. But like the Germans who walked into the holocaust that was Nazi Germany, many in Scotland are doing exactly the same. They fail to recognise fascism at their peril.

    Keep up the good work Iain and the others. They may well come for you. They did with Stuart Campbell too now that I recall. But together they will not win.

    These people, despite their power, despite their weaponry, need public consent. Society does not operate without public consent. Never has done anywhere in the world. And for those who would impose their rule they usually end up in a ditch, hanging from a lamppost, or burnt in a bunker. That is the history of fascists.

    And on the 20th July 2021 if Craig Murray is not jailed by then, another lady heads for the courts in Glasgow. Time we all wrote that date in our diary.

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    1. If anyone thinks that the Brits haven’t been using Kitson’s instruction manual they just need to do a little bit of research on how they’ve operated in Ireland. They will stop at nothing to retain their imperialist gains and that includes jailing innocent people and murdering political opponents. They (the spooks) haven’t gone away you know.

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  20. Disgust does not encompass what I feel. This is sheer unadulterated evil ,emanating from what is laughingly supposed to be the vehicle for Scottish independence. There will be no independence under this SNP just more manipulation, corruption, mendacity and criminality. They are totally reliant on a supine electorate content to be spoon fed their “facts”. We have to believe there will be a day of reckoning when Sturgeon, Murrell, Woolfe, Evans, Lloyd and the Alphabetties are exposed for what they are and suffer serious jail time. I sincerely hope Craig Murray in particular is alive to see that day and enjoy vindication for all his efforts to enlighten the Scottish population as to what is being done in their name.

    In the meantime there has to be a backlash and soon if we are to avoid becoming the Third Reich.

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  21. What part of Scots law was used to “exonerate” the MSM and journalists who did more jigsaw identification of complainants than Craig Murray did – if he in fact did any jigsaw identification.

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  22. I was able to identify one of the alphabet women as a result of the actions of the Crown Office / Scottish Government because they retrospectively censored information that had previously been in the public domain. Will the Crown Office and the Scottish Government be prosecuted for enabling jigsaw identification? Not likely.

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  23. have they gone completely stupid, have none of them read history?
    this is why the peasants picked up the pitchforks in bygone days,
    I predict that it wont take much more for there to be trouble on the streets, if this does come to pass they should remember that there is a lot more of us than them.

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  24. Iain, yes, it is time to resist.

    And it will have to be through the umbrella groups, AUOB stands out for me.

    Hearing you speak reminds me of being in the presence of a great hero of mine, Bongi Mkbaela of South Africa. The ANC fought apartheit, but after the loss of Nelson Mandela, a certain amount of, well, corruption settld in. Small scale stuff, but things that the original ANC would never tolerate. Racism was on the rise in 2015, and a new direction was needed for the movement. Well, for Bongi it was just simple… “We march. That’s what we do when things are wrong.”

    We march, Iain. The South Africans can teach us a thing or two about correcting a brilliant political party – historically significant, benevolent, inclusive, and fair – that has lost its way. In fact, all those peaceful means of resistance are all we have. And they work.

    We used them on the Unionists, we can use them on the faux Nationalists too.

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  25. Didn’t the “Spectator” case identify one of the complainants and wasn’t Lady Dorrian responsible for that with her proposed wording in the Order that settled that case? If I am right, anyone who saw the unredacted document in the Spectator case will know one of the complainers.

    I may have to acquire a US-based website and publish because, if I have understood it correctly, it is a pretty big name.

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    1. As one who has never worked out the identity of any of the alphabet women , I say to you in the words of one Mrs Doyle , ‘Go on ,go on go on”


  26. Its no mystery as to why she (we know who) wants Craig Murray imprisoned, he exposed the terrible attempts to fit up Alex Salmond, attending court and reporting back diligently to us, the more Craig revealed (Though not jigsaw identifying) to us the miscarriage of justice that could’ve sent Alex to prison the more we gasped in astonishment at the collusion and corruption.

    Also like Stu Campbell, Mark Hirst and David Llewellyn, all who have been unjustly targeted by Police Scotland on her orders, Craig Murray is a staunch independence blogger, who like Iain and many other bloggers have shown us behind the SNP/Scottish Government curtain, and its not a pretty sight.

    I’m afraid that Craig will now go to prison, like the body part of William Wallace sent to Scotland to put fear into those who might take up arms, Craig will be the sacrificial lamb, he’ll be held up as a cautionary tale to remind those online bloggers that support Scottish independence, and who delve into finding out the truth about the SNP/Scottish Government, along with why there’s not been a second indyref after all that’s happened, or those who probe too deeply into the missing ringfenced indyfunds.

    Yes the jailing of a worldwide respected human rights journalist in Scotland will mark and new low, and be a watershed moment in Scotland, that will bring untold shame upon us as the international community gasps in shock and awe.

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  27. Iain,

    Is there any chance either of the 2 ALBA MPs could use Parliamentary privilege to get all the gory details of this whole fetid affair out into the public domain, exposing this obviously political prosecution for what it is and help keep Craig from a custodial sentence as a political prisoner?

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  28. Jockanese – I think this is a very important point.

    They need to be careful. Unlike David Davies, they live in Scotland. But all avenues of getting the truth in the public domain should be explored.

    A lot of eminent names signed a letter in support of Craig a while ago. I hope many are prepared to become more actively involved in publicising what is being done to him.

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    1. Aye you may be right Jim, but Parliamentary Privilege means just that, and if COPFS and Police Scotland go for them as a result of their choice to exercise said privilege then this will be another example of the targeting of political opponents by Police Scotland and COPFS at the behest of the Scottish Government to add to the half dozen we know about so far.

      However those who live abroad may also be able to get this information out.

      John Pilger lives in the UK for example so probably couldn’t safely, Noam Chomsky is US based so probably could and like Craig both are staunch supporters of free speech and Assange.

      But I fear it will take someone or something high profile to make the sheeple sit up and take notice.

      A “Free Scotlands Political Prisoner” vigil outside Holyrood and Bute House if Craig is incarcerated for example.

      This kind of non violent highly visible public protest demanding “Nicola Sturgeon MUST Free Scotlands Political Prisoner” at the COP26, event is too good a chance to highlight the stinking corruption to all the Foreign Government and Third Sector attendees and more importantly to get this to the attention of the Global Press Corps who wont ignore it like our Colonial media have.

      As an added bonus this adverse global publicity may well scupper she/hers ability to leave Holyrood on a high, to a well paid UN type job via the perceived “chance at the big time” escape route this Global Environmental Summit presents!

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      1. “Noam Chomsky is US based so probably could and like Craig both are staunch supporters of free speech and Assange.”

        Jockanese Wind Talker.

        Chomsky, in his nineties now, is still so popular that he’s usually booked two years in advance for appearances, his words still carry weight, alas I doubt she who shouldn’t be named will still instruct her puppet judge to imprison Craig Murray.

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  29. Yes Iain, the real criminals (‘Barabbas’) in this plot remain free, given immunity from prosecution, while ‘the Jewish leaders (and ‘Crown’) had arrested Jesus out of envy’. ‘And they all shouted, “Crucify him!”, even when Pilate asked: “What crime has he committed?”. (Matthew 27)

    Lets hope, like Pilate’s wife, they all have ‘terrible nightmares’ about what they have done, and what they continue to do to oppress Scotland and our people through facilitating and prolonging imperial rule.

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  30. When people of our years are prepared to take-up-the-cudgels, Ian, you can be sure that there’s something very wrong happening in Scotland.

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  31. Depressing yet entirely honest piece, Iain. And yes, I’m ready to fight these destructive people. We can’t sit back and let them wreck our dreams.

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  32. A peoples’Fund to protect us against State harassment is a winner for me.I’ll contribute.

    We need to assemble and march. If rangers supporters can, then so should we.

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  33. ‘The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything.’ Albert Einstein

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    1. Absolutely right Ron MacLean to remind us of the Einstein quote.

      And, having had to leave his native Germany he understood only too well how people stood back whilst the menace of Nazism took hold.

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  34. She/her/ it…our ‘Leader’, revealed as a dangerous narcissist. Manipulative, unforgiving and selectively malicious in her punishing of opponents. Worse still, the Justice System, Police and media all totally complicit in enforcing silence over the growing fascistic control being generated in controlling and oppressing the national movement of liberation.

    A colonial party and a political system planned and controlled by its imperial masters with paid dupes and drones infiltrated into the body politic . A parasitic and malign paralysing influence on the colony’s progress and ability to thrive driven by an unnatural narrative, anti-rational and hysterical in its philosophy. The objective ? that of subverting the very objective that the party was originally created to achieve, that of Independence.

    We don’t need a jigsaw to decipher or solve this scenario. What we need is a new leadership entirely and I agree with you Iain, we need grass roots organisers, ordinary, dare I say it… working people .to galvanise, proselytise and bring about profound democratic change for the benefit our poor benighted country. Otherwise, we are fated to continue the plunge into a new dark age,

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  35. JURIES – they’re looking to remove them, to get a second bite at Alex.

    We need to save JURIES. We need to make that a priority now, in case of a further lockdown. The media will not argue in favour of Juries – they will utilise it as an opportunity to re-run the AS Trial.

    Personally I think Juries are so fundamentally important (bit like most of the world actually) that the very idea they can be removed from trials of a serious criminal complaint – should be a matter for a Referendum.

    Alex – we need to save Alex, the movement needs to be far more robust than only having one person of Alex calibre capable of leading. Otherwise they will remove him by fowl means and fowler.

    Women’s rights – GRmadness/Hate Crime Bill – Freedom of Speech – all connected and not in a good way. Perfect method of stifling news and facts and killing the movement.

    Turn it around however – and Women’s Rights puts Scotland right back on the international map – if we protest, if we win. The women asking questions and raising concerns about GRA/Wokieness in New Zealand were raising concerns (and clearly very well informed) about Marion Millar.

    Small wins are big, if done on the international stage.

    A legal defence fund is good, but really, (in terms of attitude, not from a practical sense) it’s waiting to be attacked and then defending. How many times have the women fighting this GRA been discriminated against? It is them/us who should be instigating legal action – going on the attack.

    Those elected within the SNP have sold the Jerseys right enough.

    Just as well its been simmit weather;) Taps aff and a bit of blue woad.

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  36. Thinking a bit more about Craig Murray… it is a fundamental legal precident that ‘it is not enough for justice to be done, it must be Seen to be Done’.

    Mr Murray reported the defence evidence – which the jury agreed with – how, in view of the aquitals, and the precautions he implemented to prevent jigsaw id, can this be allowed.

    In order for Justice to be seen to be done (in the event of an aquital) how can it be that censorship nearly all details of the defence is allowed.

    That amounts to state sponsored kangaroo courts – and they would be quicker and a lot cheaper.

    Also, would Mr Murray be a suitable candidate for a Nobel Peace Prize for Journalism? Genuine question.

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  37. This whole situation is utter pish.

    Kenny MacAskill is right when he says change needs to be effected now; we can’t wait for some unknown future of maybe independence while we have a government hell bent on using the criminal justice system for political persecution right now.

    The whole ‘jigsaw identification’ thing is just some vague made up category that Lady Dorrian appears to have interpreted how she likes on a biased individual basis – and was not reasonable with it. If the Supreme Court passes it over, there is no way the ECHR will. It can take years for appeals to go through though. When the COPFS has done more to aid ‘jigsaw identification’ than Craig himself the hypocrisy of the courts is enraging. As for Lady Dorrian – I don’t think she should be anywhere near decision-making in the judicial system.

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  38. I so agree with your reading of this sorry situation. I wrote this response to a heavy-hearted reader commenting in the National about the state of the nation:

    “Sad isn’t it, Alex? Remember when Nicola first took over the SNP, how we all supported her, willed her to succeed? Like so many charismatic leaders before her, her charming manner has hidden some characteristics that would probably only ever have been revealed under the pressure of such massive success …. the stuff of Shakespeare. But your comment about dark forces bears a lot of scrutiny.

    How much longer are the members of the SNP going to continue to support a leader who has cut off the membership from the decision-making process? By introducing a council to monitor and water down branch proposals for ‘conference’ removing at one stroke democratic discussion of the issues the members wanted discussed? As head of the SNP she has allowed SMPs to be chosen by her NEC which now comprises nominated members rather than elected members who suppress or push through issues that should be democratically decided according to the constitution. She has reinstated unelected members who had been voted off the NEC, has altered the constitution or ignored it in presiding over an NEC that has not discussed for years the major raison d’etre of the party, i.e. independence, in favour of work on a form of ‘equality’ by means of which firstly men have been denied access to represent constituencies in favour of women, then conditions for application have been altered to make it difficult for MPs to become SMPs (Joanna Cherry et al) , and many people seeing women’s rights being eroded by ham-fisted and bullying methods to enforce recognition of gender transference preferences.

    Then we have the funding issue. Whatever makes Ms Sturgeon, a lawyer herself (though it seems a rather cloudy one) believe it to be a good idea to allow the SNP NEC to put out a request for specific funding to promote independence, then be unwilling to enforce the production of the accounts which should show how that fund stands? Sufficient to create enough professional concern that the members of the Finance Committee and the Treasurer resign?

    Add to that the brutality of the Alex Salmond trial, the incompetence and malice with which it was managed, the breezy way in which discovery of leaks and unprofessional behaviour has been accepted (and rewarded with further employment contracts) and as well the use of redaction to obstruct justice and the use of justice to obstruct the right of an individual to ask for legal clarification of the route to independence (Martin Keating). Add the blatant way in which journalists who reported factually and indeed discreetly have been hounded, charged by the courts and arrested by the police. We now have a justice department that serves both parliament and government through the same body, a police system that seems to work for the state, and prosecution of people who protest or comment against what they see is happening. I was born the year the 2nd world war started. The patterns of behaviour that are plain before me now have been used before.

    Like you, I didn’t t see these things willingly, I was overjoyed to find and join the SNP as it worked prior to Ms. Sturgeon’s takeover, and I followed her progress at first with delight and support. But gradually that sense of being secure in a democratic country has been eroded by the behaviour of the SNP both the tarnish and the reluctance of much of the membership to take on board what is plain to see. This is not based on opinion, or stereotyping, or sensationalism, nor sexism or transphobia, but on matters that have really occurred. I have no idea of what lies behind them, or what happened to make the SNP as it was the target for a destructive virus of its own, probably it’s success in promoting the ideas of independence, but there is no point in trying to pretend that these events have not and are not happening, and are being forcefully projected and protected. Poor Craig Murray, by being open curious and honest in his reporting is going to pay the full price for our inability to recognise what can happen under a dark shadow, or even recognise it when we see one. Shame on us.
    Last Updated: 8th June 08:19 am”

    And today we have no reprieve for Craig Murray, and a further prosecution to the follow-up organiser of AUOB marches after Manny Singh was ‘discouraged’ from political activity. These journalists and independence supporters are being picked off one by one, their legitimate ways of making a living blighted so they cannot earn. This malign state that has become Scotland is indeed in a piteous condition, yet the success of the takeover of all the major infrastructure of societies has been so successful because the public has been blinded by the image of the lovable lass from Glasgow making it good and doing oh so well, love her. And she is so caring. And who knows? She might well be a victim of the machinations of a dark shadow. All I wonder now though is whether the stiletto heel will do more damage to a democratic, warm, intelligent Scotland of integrity than the jackboot would.

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  39. So Gary Kelly is now the latest independence supporter to be taken to court.

    Alleged to have organised the Aberdeen AUOB march nearly two years ago he is scheduled to appear in court for not complying with a traffic order to have a traffic closure management company in place together with march insurance cover.

    Like Manny Singh he could face jail time.

    The Brigadier General Frank Kitson strategy of using the police, the prosecution and the courts to destroy political opponents is very much underway.

    This is a secret war that people need to wake up to.

    It is a colonial weapon used to kill those who seek independence.

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  40. A jail sentence is outrageous for Craig Murray. I absolutely agree with the principle of not disclosing/protecting women’s and girls’ identities from being disclosed before, during and after a case of sexual allegations. It would be inhumane and a massive backward step to remove this protection, but widespread access to the internet makes it more difficult to adhere to, and I think this is why Craig Murray has been targeted – because he is a blogger journalist rather than a newspaper journalist (and very possibly because he is a human rights campaigner, particularly for Julian Assange who is the pet hate of the establishment, both here and in America ). It may well be the case that he has been singled out ‘pour encourager les autres’. There is a profound sense of malign spitefulness about it, too.

    Now, we have the Marion Millar case, another spiteful reaction to basically nothing from people or a person too dim-witted to be offended if he/she thinks a silk ribbon is a noose, and, south of the border, cricketers are being hounded and castigated for youthful indiscretions. No question that the tweets were pretty abhorrent and do bring into question what the young men were learning from their environment, but the teenage years are particularly prone to inane stupidity. When you are very young, you really think you know it all. When you are old, you know you know nothing.

    We appear to be entering an era of certainties about behaviour and opinions that was well expressed in Holy Willie’s Prayer, by our national bard, Robert Burns. His poem referred mainly to sexual indiscretion and hypocrisy, but it applies equally well to this age of hypocritical virtue-signalling, where the aim is not actually to live the best life you can with consideration for others, with a real sense of others being as oneself and wishing them no harm and the best they can be, but to take endless offence at often trivial perceived slights, unintended consequences and stupidities that require forgiveness, not witch-hunts.

    The young are particularly authoritarian (until they grow up and learn, but, of course, some never do either) coming from that sense of invincibility, immortality and always being right, and the university campuses have been breeding grounds for the cult of the virtue-signaller: middle-class, in the main, wanting for little in the material sense, and always on the lookout for heretics. The cult is called ‘Wokism’ and its handmaiden is The Witchfinder General, both utterly pseudo. That adults who should know better have encouraged this, is utterly contemptible. Empty lives seek empty gestures, while maintaining an aura of virtuous rightness that is inclined to give those with two brain cells to spark off each other, the boke. Literally, sick of it all, the insanity. Even Orwell couldn’t have foreseen this… or did he?

    WordPress.com / Gravatar.com credentials can be used.

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  41. It’s time every member of the SNP was made to read, recite and sing “Such A Parcel Of Rogues In A Nation” as the new anthem of the party. I hope every elected councillor, MSP and MP who has accepted their Judas Shekels of silver will pay the political price for their betrayal of the Scottish People when they conned the electorate into electing Unionist MSPs with the policy of both votes SNP….membership silence is no excuse, they have crossed the line!

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  42. You can be part of that fight, by reading the page link in RepublifScotland’s post. There’s a button to donate to what will be horrendous costs. You can help make this less burdensome for Craig.


  43. just read Craig Murray’s comment on Lady Dorian’s findings.
    To my understanding that means that when I say in my opinion,
    “Lady Dorian is a silly old cow” I’m liable for prosecution for contempt.
    But if a media hack makes the same comment it is alright as he/she/it is a media employee.
    How can there be equality under the law if this is the case?
    Or are judges just allowed to make it up as they go along?
    Time for the pitchforks again?

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  44. In days of yore all these Ladies and Lords would not be protected from a head chopping when the peasants revolted.


  45. Here is a commentary by an Irish Republican involved in the recent attempts by the British establishment to retain Northern Ireland as a part of Britian.

    ” The use of counter-gangs – such as the MRF, the Force Reconnaissance Unit and others – of agents and informers, and of specialist military units, is as old as war itself. The British military has long made use of these tactical tools. I am confident it is passing that experience on to its current crop of young officers in Sandhurst.

    As used by successive British governments in Ireland, this involved reshaping the judiciary, the law, the police and the media to suit the objectives of the generals and the politicians. According to Frank Kitson, the British army’s foremost proponent of counter-insurgency tactics: “Everything done by a government and its agents in combating insurgency must be legitimate. But this does not mean the government must work within exactly the same set of laws during an emergency as existed beforehand. The law should be used as just another weapon in the government’s arsenal, in which case it becomes little more than a propaganda cover for the disposal of unwanted members of the public.”

    That was the job of the MRF. To kill unwanted members of the public. If unarmed republicans or civilians were killed, that was acceptable.

    In every major conflict in the 20th century, and in the colonial struggles for independence – in Algeria and Vietnam, Kenya and Mozambique, Aden and Cyprus – the same strategies were employed. The court case won by Kenyans who were imprisoned and tortured by the British army in Kenya provides the details of these practices at work.

    The conflict in Ireland has left thousands bereaved and hurting. In the past month there have been anniversaries to mark the Enniskillen bomb, the Greysteel massacre, the Shankill bomb and others. There has also been the publication of Anne Cadwallader’s Lethal Allies, a book that connects British state forces with 120 civilian deaths in the 1970s, and reveals how the political and judicial system covered up these actions.

    This is what happens when politicians surrender their power to the generals: when diplomacy ends and war takes over, and generals and their armies do what they have been trained to do, which is defeat the enemy. ”

    If we can understand this then we can understand why SNP policy has changed and why individuals such as Alex Salmond, Craig Murray, Mark Hirst, Manny Singh, Gary Kelly, Marion Millar and many others are now being pursued by corrupt police, prosecution and judiciary in the service of the establishment.

    This is a dirty war by the state against supporters of Scottish Independence. The dark state is engaged and will be ruthless in its methods to retain it’s colony of Scotland.

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    1. Though the question remains to be answered ,’WHY do they wish to retain us?”
      Is it all just money ,power and resources?
      If they really wish to retain us why talk us down all the time ? Why denigrate? Why sneer?

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      1. On the money…the unionist cabal lost Scotland in 2014 , Scotland is being dealt with the scorch earth policy, followed by back door direct rule , how long? This is our dilemma.. the people must rise and take our independence without the political dinosaurs involvement…Martin Keatings style x millions…

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      2. Postcolonial literature is quite clear on this.

        “Is it all just money ,power and resources?”

        Economic exploitation and plunder of a territory and people is usually the primary objective of colonialism.

        “why talk us down all the time ?”

        To denigrate the native, who the colonizer says speaks an ‘invalid’ language, and who never misses an opportunity to make them feel and seem inferior, incapable or even running their own affairs, is an essential part of colonialism, and development of a ‘colonial mentality’.

        Cesaire also puts it in the sense: “that no one colonizes innocently, that no one colonizes with impunity either; that a nation which colonizes, that a nation which justifies colonization – and therefore force – is already a sick civilization, a civilization which is morally diseased, which irresistibly, progressing from one consequence to another, one denial to another, calls for its Hitler, I mean its punishment.”

        The UN agrees, and maintains that: “colonialism is a scourge”, a form of punishment, “which should be ended”.

        Two main outcomes for a people under colonial rule are either ‘assimilation or petrification’ (Memmi). This perhaps helps explain the SNP leadership’s lack of action in progressing matters.

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