I hope you enjoy this week’s show. Can I also tell you about a programme that will be broadcast on Wednesday. If you want to listen to a fascinating story about Independence and how it can be used to transform a nation don’t miss A MILLION VOICES THE FALL OF AN EMPIRE which will be available from 8 am on the Scottish Prism YouTube channel. Please take the time to take out a free subscription to the channel and press the little bell to ensure you get notifications of all new broadcasts.

I am, as always

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  1. A thoroughly interesting Prism debate between Messrs MacLeod, Waddel and Lawson before then moving onto an interview with Craig Murray.

    Part of the initial debate centred on the absolute need for the need for a confederation of independence bloggers together with a defence fund. A free media is an absolute fundamental human right as is a fair judicial system. Make one wrong mistake and Police Scotland will come and persecute and brutalise through the misuse of the law.

    And the misuse of the law becomes even more crystal clear when you listen to Craig Murray. Singles out for brutal unfair persecution because he is a thorn in the side of the powerful who do not like truth or wrong doing exposed.

    Fighting the corrupt state and its corrupt police, prosecution and judiciary should be very democratically minded persons objective. That a start has been made in pulling the strands of the free media blogger journalists together we know that like Mark Hirst or Craig Murray or Marion Millar or the two independence march organisers in Glasgow and Aberdeen, the state will continue its persecution to silence political expression.

    This is a dirty war by the state and all part of the military strategy whereby press freedom is restricted, manipulated and where journalists are harried and jailed. But read Brigadier General Sir Frank Kitson’s books if you can get them. Books like Gangs and Counter Gangs, Low Intensity Operations, and The Bunch of Five.

    Redacted from the public and their existence removed from book lists for many decades they explain effectively what is going on around us just now. The secret dirty British war machine is very much alive and people need to be alert to it.

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  2. And if you don’t think the British don’t do murderously dirty deeds consider the deaths of two human rights lawyers in Northern Ireland.

    Murdered by loyalist unionist thugs, the Stevens Enquiry established that ‘ counter gangs ‘ were organised, armed and informed by shadowy military covert British Army units like the Force Research Unit ( and run by people like Brigadier Gordon Kerr) to undertake the killing of civilians.

    That they worked alongside the Royal Ulster Constabulary Special Brand and MI5 the FRU was absolutely imbedded into Northern Ireland society. And they, or their equivalents will undoubtedly be any work in today’s Scotland.

    Johnson and his ilk will fight war to retain Scotland. And they will kill if needs be. Read up about the Force Research Unit – and if you don’t think these things exist in Bonnie Scotland, then think of the death of Willie MacRae.

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  3. The usual high standard of reporting facts & good to hear from Craig Murray. Thank you, guys! Your Channel & videos are just what the Indy movement needed/needs now! You’re doing a GREAT JOB! But good you’re going to protect yourselves!

    I put a post up on ‘theweedetour’ saying much the same as Willie. I wrote how I believed many still in the SNP , that are dissing ALBA & everyone associated with it, are, I believe, devolutionists, who are deliberately aiming their poisonous arrows at ALBA people, mocking how badly they did in the recent elections, calling them ‘supposed Indy supporters’, all with the intention of demoralising us so that we give up & call it a day.

    Those still in the SNP have totally ignored the wrong-doing, the insults toward a man proven guilty in a court of law, the machinations to get preferred Reps on the NEC, rigging elections to do that, spending money they weren’t entitled to use, putting policies in place that socially erase half the voting population (WOMEN) and policies that dare anyone to contradict their edicts, and they have not moved INDEPENDENCE one inch. NOT ONE INCH. Why are people still in thrall to that criminal party & its leader? I can only think it has to be they like the policies… They are okay with rigging & manipulating to let carpetbaggers into high places. They are okay with erasing WOMEN off the social map. They are okay with the party stealing their funds to pay other bills. They are okay with THEIR OWN PRO-INDY BLOGGERS going to jail. WHY are they okay with that?

    The only thing I can think of is; 1) they are okay with law-breaking. NOTHING the SNP is out of bounds as long as they get Independence. Indy AT ALL COSTS. 2) they are so stupid, they don’t understand that their loyalty is actually enabling the SNP to move further & further into the criminal rabbit hole. Or 3) there is another motive altogether for ignoring the criminal behaviour of their chosen party – they have assessed the NewSNP & recognise the party no longer wants Indy so they have joined with a view to encouraging the criminal behaviour rather than force them (SNP) to work toward Indy.

    They are now opening guilting & shaming ALBA with the election results, with their ‘supposed Indy supporters’ diatribe, & ‘you won’t come together to unite’ nonsense with a view to demoralising real Indy supporters to the point they decide they’ve had enough of the mire of politics and give up. Tbh, this smacks to me of some kind of psychological game being played & who has a history of this? Who has had hundreds of years of psychologically manipulating citizens of other countries, to get the outcome they want? Let’s face it, WM is getting more & more antsy about the prospect of Indy and suddenly we have a party that has no interest in Indy – and a load of SNP supporters that are doing their best through psychological means, to get rid of the NEW kids on the block – the ALBA party & supporters.

    We have MPs/MSPs with no intention of rocking any boats or raising their heads above the parapets. There is NO WAY I believe someone like Phillipa Whitford is afraid of Nicola Sturgeon. Phillipa is an excellent surgeon in her own right, confident & world renown and should have no fear she could not get another job if Nicola hounded her out of her job. I’ve believed her to be no moral coward – so why is she not speaking up? There are MANY MPs/MSPs that don’t deserve to be where they are. And I expect nothing more from them. But people like Whitford & Cherry… Jo has made it clear she doesn’t accept what is going on but I can only think she stays because she is best placed to see what inexplicable thing SNP will get up to next. But – the others? Of the numbers of MPs/MSPs there, I can’t think of one other except Angus Brendan O’Neill who has stepped up to the plate to fight for Scots & Scotland. I suspect WM have something to do with it. I think it’s naive in the EXTREME to believe its not. But – what are they up to? I suspect BIG MONEY is involved…

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      1. Yes Katie after reading your comments previously on this and other blogs people should automatically realise where your loyalties lay , independence not sturgeon , but it gets you a laugh


    1. Indeed, Twathater, Indy is a high priority. And in the normal scheme of things, it would simply be a case of disagreement with any SNP supporter if it was simply a case of disagreeing with the timing or method of Independence. But it isn’t just disagreeing with another party, is it?

      One thing I really have a problem with is governments acting like dictators, manipulating, rigging and taking innocent people to court, hoping to jail them – all to get the result they want – which is usually to stay in power (and to use that power to make changes to policy that affect half the country & voting public.). Sturgeon & cabal at the top of that SNP party are more than just ‘another party’ now. They’re corrupt now. And that makes the difference. Not only is it just disagreement with someone about party lines, its about hoping to draw the attention of other folks not so politically minded, to see what is happening in their country, by a party they believe works for them.

      SNP are corrupt. I see them using all kinds of, if not criminal, certainly disreputable means of getting what they want. And I hate that a party with no moral scruples is in charge of the country I love. I think I’m beginning to see that as even more important than Indy.

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      1. I echo and endorse everything you say Katie , she is indeed Sturgeon the BETRAYER and there will be celebrations when her and her deviant minions are jailed


  4. Completely out of sync with the post but looking for general guidance.

    I’m looking at a planning application which may encompass ground affected by mining.

    I need to get permission from the coal authority in England.

    Can someone please tell me when ownership of mineral rights in Scotland passed to England. That’s colonialism hook and crook no ifs no buts. What is Sturgeon playing at. Is she a colonial overseer, the tacksman of the clan?


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