A programme packed with positivity towards Independence. This episode includes a great interview with Professor Alf Baird who outlines an alternative and much quicker route to end the Treaty of Union. Well worth a watch.

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  1. Scotland’s justice system simply isn’t up to the job of supporting substantive democracy in Scotland, as a result of standing under Westminster for over 300 years.

    If Scots ever hope to enjoy the benefits of open democracy, then we’ll need to approach the law in a manner that supports universal human rights. Which means neither Westminster nor Holyrood can help us, as they are both institutionally hostile towards respecting the Natural law (universal practical reason).

    Perpetually Astride Eden’s Boundaries: The Limits to the ‘Limits of Law’ and the Semiotic Inconsistency of ‘Legal Enclosures’

    “The most important finding stemming from this essay’s literary-theoretical journey is, however, that the limits of ‘the limits of law’ are grounded in the impossibility for the legal interpreter, and the overall universe of discourse in which s/he acts, to ignore the natural legal language, its inner mobility and self-transformations. Such impossibility, in turn, depends on the axiological/teleological relevance that the properties and connotations of empirical ‘items’ can demonstrate with regard to the same values/ends underlying the legitimacy of any legal system and the régime de véridiction of its universe of discourse. Therefore, the social contract that the political and legal doctrine metaphorically lays down as the foundation for the legitimacy of law and its discursive universe is strictly intertwined with the semantic contrat de véridiction (in Greimas’ terms) underlying the natural social language and the parts of it included, in turn, in legal enunciations.”


  2. Absolutely very special programme! Wonderful to see Scots who are unafraid to let it be known that non-Scots have NO SAY in the move towards Scottish independence. I know it should be obvious but we Scots have been conditioned over the last 300+ years to believe ourselves inferior to those born in England. At last many of us are now coming to the realization that independence is our right.

    Goodbye Nicola Sturgeon and her greedy friends. A HUGE WELCOME TO SCOTTISH INDEPENDENCE.

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  3. My Iraqi born barber wasn’t slow to point to the fact that Scottish independence, given the number of non-Scots who hold senior positions in the country, would be a difficult end to achieve. I can only assume that the man in question, with no axe-to-grind, reached this conclusion through experience and straightforward common-sense.

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  4. Excellent discussion and a lot to take in! I’ll have to listen at least once more.
    Always happy to hear Alf but particularly so this time as he expanded on some of the arguments I used about 9.20 today in support of Ruth Wishart’s piece in the National.
    Very interesting on how we can restrict the franchise for a referendum to those who have a real connection to Scotland which I totally agree is only fair in the circumstances and would have UN support, along with not allowing outside interference. We need a referendum on our own terms so there is no point in seeking permission from Westminster.
    Great to see and hear these positive messages from Alf, Iain, Roddy, Ruth and David Pratt and others stressing the urgency of Scotland’s position so I hope there will be some movement soon.
    We need some kind of declaration of the intent to dissolve the Union, preferably by a vote in favour from our MPs and MSPs to give it legitimacy, so as to stop the Westminster government doing any more damage to our trade and resources, If the international community get the message that we do not consent to the policies being forced on us by London, it will make it harder for them to do so.

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  5. Off topic I know, and not everyone will agree, but the first bill of the new parliament is to be legally assisted dying? How many of those who signed the letter in support stood on that platform at the election? I know the Greens included it in their manifesto, but no one else did, yet it has cross party support. So much for prioritising recovery, building back better. Another example of our politicians taking the public for granted. Elect us, and we will do what we want.

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  6. Great to see Alf getting the chance to make the road map clear and obvious for the direction of travel for Scottish Independence.

    I have long agreed with his view that our MPs are the direct agents of dissolving the corrupt Union. People keep forgetting that the UK Parliament is a representative body i.e SEATS not numbers of votes. Hence Johnson’s cartel was elected with only 43.6% of the popular vote, yet due to seats won, an overwhelming majority with which to slowly destroy Scotland’s democracy.

    Alf describes the ‘petrification’ of colonial leaders such as Sturgeon in the face of what should have been , since 2015, the road to ending the Union i.e. of using our Sovereign representative majorities to end Westminster rule, I see it as either that of blind fear of actual ‘taking control’ or far more likely deliberate avoidance based on self interest or worse, collaboration with our imperial masters.

    What we need is a party and leadership which will directly challenge Westminster on the basis which historically was always the case: end British rule by a majority of Nationalist seats. His point about demographics is of immediate concern. People in the central belt, other than Edinburgh have little conception of the tsunami of RUK immigration into our rural and island communities. The threat is akin to what Wales has experienced and requires brave and determined enforcement of a franchise based on long term residency and place of birth within Scotland’s borders. I do not accept the diaspora has any right to vote, it must be those native Scots who live here only. The ‘white flight’ phenomena is increasing exponentially due to home working as broadband access improves and the choice of low cost housing in comparison to inflated English prices is too good to ignore. We need a government that cares about our identity as Scots, not self ID about gender.

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