This week’s Prism involves Jim Sillars discussing the challenges an Independent Scotland will face in terms of Foreign Policy. A lot of this will be new for many of our viewers simply because the SNP don’t seem to have much public policy on these issues and therefore the issues are rarely discussed. If we want Independence then we must discuss these topics and establish a clear plan on how we reestablish our country on the World stage.

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  1. Dear God, we actually used to have a foreign policy. We even had foreign relations. We even formed alliances. Had a legal system of our own that developed taking logic and reason from Roman Law and other sources.

    What are we not taught of this. Why is it submerged and effectively hidden from view. And why is our so called Independence Party so strangely silent on our ever again having a foreign policy. Is it because they’ve been told not to have any policy or even any contact with other nations unless permitted first by Westminster.

    Great to hear Jim Sillars speak on this important policy issue.

    And great that these Prism interviews are stepping in to discuss and debate issues of which the retain the union SNP are absolutely silent on. The guests and topics are making for compulsive viewing. Great stuff the real media!

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  2. Truly excellent programme giving much to think about. I look forward to hearing more from Jim Sillars on the only Scottish TV programme worth watching. Thank you, Scottish Prism.

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  3. There is only one foreign policy in the west and that is a triangle, lead by America, and seconded into that is the UK and Australia. we are a subsidiary of American foreign policy and anything that a Scottish parliament does that will in any way try to change that, they will quickly be brought to heel, Talk all you want, but in the end, Independence is the horse before the cart. The SNP lead Scottish parliament is going nowhere, they are just a yappy little dog, they know well the hand that feeds them and in the end that is the control Westminster has over Scotland, grab the purse strings and you grab the power.

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  4. Ay, the auld warrior still has it. Well done, Iain and Jim. I voted for the SNP to remain in NATO because of the British/American influence, and our being completely unable to remove the nuclear weapons from the Clyde without their co-operation. One thing is certain: we will not persuade the US to agree to removal if we are outside NATO. That is the reality. We might just have some chance with the US, if not with the UK, which will be brought to heel by the US in the event that they agree to removal, and I doubt they’s agree to that without ensuring our co-operation in the movement of nuclear weapons and subs, etc. in our waters post independence. Brexit has considerably reduced the opportunity for Scotland to negotiate with the US on this issue because the chances of European integration have been lessened considerably – which highlights the English dimension to British foreign affairs. It is always dressed up as ‘British interests’ but is almost solely English interests. Always has been, as Jim highlights. We are England’s geo-political ‘back door’, and they wanted/want it closed and bolted – first against France and Europe, and then against Russia. Destroying our European and world trade links were then, and still are, part of the equation.

    That is something else that so many independence supporters just don’t get. They really believe that the huge influx of English people into Scotland is co-incidence when television programmes, soaps, etc. have been pushing the ‘oh, he’s/she’s gone to Scotland’ theme. I’m no conspiracy theorist, but it has definitely been a theme throughout the 1990s and 2000s, into the present day. Colonialism takes many forms. That is not to say that many English people are not contributing to Scottish life in a positive way, but Alf Baird’s dogged and brave reality of Scotland in the 2014- 2020s period, in particular, cannot be ignored. It is not racist to say that we were voted out of our independence by an alliance of Scottish Unionists, English Nationalists and EU residents, afraid of repatriation, because that is the unvarnished truth. It was and is a stain on democracy and we need to think about how to avoid the same if there is a next time. There really is nothing on this Earth that cannot be used to achieve an objective, and there is nothing that governments won’t do to achieve that objective. Jim is so right about the political consensus south of the border amongst the elite: Scotland cannot be allowed to go; if Scotland goes “we” are left defenceless, and “our world position with the UN is threatened”. The rigid and narrow interests of that political, social and economic elite has failed to grasp the wider implication of the waning power of America and the rising power of the Eastern axis and South/Central American axis. These power blocs must be taken into account in future.

    Within the SNP, apart from geo-political strategist academics, there is probably only one person who stands out as having any real concept of foreign policy and affairs, that that is Angus Robertson, who has travelled extensively in the East as well as in Europe, visiting some of the former Soviet republics. The thing is, that Russia now has probably more in common, strategically, economically and geo-politically with the US/British/European axis than it does with any other, particularly the China/South-east Asia one, which is pushing into Africa as we speak. The other thing which no one has even mentioned, but which is already undermining almost every Western society, and democracy itself, such as it is, the powerful ‘woke’, particularly, trans, lobby, which, albeit it is backed by mega buck capitalism, is having a deleterious effect on the inner morale of the whole of the West. Putting aside for the moment that it is, at essence, both a capitalism project and a men’s sexual rights movement, and putting aside my own deep-feminist objections, here, in Scotland, independence depends crucially on the women’s vote which is being alienated by the SNP. It would be wise to look at how it might be being used by the British State (and th SNP?) to undermine independence. Many men see it as a women’s issue, but it is profoundly a Scottish issue – as well as a British, American, Western issue of morale, and societal cohesion.

    An excellent topic, and overdue. Thank you both for shining a light on this much-neglected area of SNP and Scottish policy. We need to come to terms with our own interests as a potentially independent nation, the reality of our situation in these islands, our situation outside the EU now, and our wider geo-political strategy post independence, with humanity and a pragmatic and realistic mien. We need to apply these same qualities to our UK situation and understand that we are pedestrianly useful to the UK self-perpetuating elite rather than their bosom buddies and take that into the next referendum or next step on our way to independence. As Jim says: we need to know how, and what, and why, the other side thinks as it does and circumvent their self-interest and, often, selfishness.

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  5. Interesting news just emerging that Russia has fired warning shots at the Royal Navy destroyer HMS Defender and dropped four bombs in close proximity from Russian warplanes.

    With the Royal Navy destroyer having been warned by Russia about its transmitting into territorial waters our Boris and the military are most certainly playing big boy politics sabre rattling. This is the stuff that kicks off full scale hostility.

    So, do you feel lucky punk. A nice little skirmish with the Russians will have been carefully planned.

    And there was Jim Sillars just talking about Foreign Policy.

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  6. An excellent discussion with Jim Sillars, Iain. What also stood out for me is his call for much more ‘intellectual rigor and scope’. We do need to take the independence debate to a higher level, and this I believe is a key role of bloggers such as yourself and others, whereas the msm role is quite the opposite, the latter merely resulting in a crude understanding and awareness of key issues by the wider population, also reflecting a general failure to properly communicate by SNP MPs and MSPs, an aspect Jim alluded to.

    Jim’s call for Scots to better understand ‘what makes the other side tick’ is also astute. To understand ‘what is its motivation’ and to better understand ‘how the other side operates’. In this regard I have found the extensive postcolonial literature to be instrumental, in order to help better understand what is the colonial power/oppressor’s motivation and how it operates, and also to help understand the way that some natives think and respond, and why. Clarity in this area also gives one a clearer perspective of what independence is and why it is essential, as well as how it may be achieved.

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    1. Completely agree and I do see this blog as a vehicle to help bring that about. I have a new series of articles which will be announced tomorrow that will certainly contribute to that aim.

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  7. An excellent presentation of the facts the SNP would rather we were in ignorance of. Intellectual rigour has yet to be adopted by the SNP as a principle in the furtherance of securing our Independence.

    lorncal: your observation on Angus Robertson unfortunately carries with it a caveat. He is passionately aligned to leading figures within the woke and trans promoting brigade currently influencing SNP policy and to my mind not to be trusted.

    His part in gerrymandering the removal of Joanna Cherry from the recent candidate selection process for Holyrood may perhaps bear witness to that. Until some o’ the young yins grow up to see the light o’ day the Auld Yins must continue to lead and carry the torch o’ freedom forrit fur aw wir sakes.

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    1. “… lorncal: your observation on Angus Robertson unfortunately carries with it a caveat. He is passionately aligned to leading figures within the woke and trans promoting brigade currently influencing SNP policy and to my mind not to be trusted… ”

      Robert: I will just say, appearances can often be deceptive and positions can change. I know he must have been instrumental in sidelining Joanna, but I don’t think that will be permanent. I believe he can be ruthless, but, at the same time, perhaps that is what we will need, in a different context? Angus Robertson has always struck me as being leader material, not a follower, even as he follows the prevailing pseudo ‘woke’ agenda. I also think his dual nationality as Scoto-German will stand us in good stead one of these days.


  8. Among many other qualities, Jim Sillars has always maintained a sense of political reality and, has never been afraid to express his opinions, whether his many critics considered them palatable or not. The finest leader the SNP never had, for my money. An excellent interview with the old-fighter, Iain. Thank you.

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  9. Woke was actually the way forwards until it was co-opted by various male-rights interests and the medical-insurance industry. It was designed to enable resistance to neo-liberalism, by empowering women and ethnic minorities. So it was aimed at defending human rights and the laws of nature from the will of man, where as the woo woo is simply a neo-liberal perversion of the theory.



  10. It needs to be remembered that domestic law and order can not be supported in isolation from international law and order. It also needs to be remembered that Scotland’s cultural independence is protected from English majoritarianism, in international Treaty law. Which is outwith Westminster’s legal powers of interpretation.

    International pluralism and the rule of law

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