Knowledge is power. Britain keeps this secret

Very few people know the true status of the City of London. Very few know it is a state within a state. Has never been part of the European Union. Requires the Queen, who is not the sovereign of the City of London, to seek permission from the Lord Mayor to gain entry to its boundaries. That has had their lobbyist in the House of Commons (unelected) to safeguard the interests of the private company that is the City of London and to ensure no legislation is passed, irrespective of whether that is the clear wish of the citizens of the UK, if it harms the company’s interest.

How many know it is regarded by many as the clearing house for very dubious funds involving many trillions of pounds, much of it in the control of “trusts” where the ownership of the assets remains secret, where no tax can be applied and operates a web that works in cooperation with Britain’s overseas tax havens across the World?

All that is bad enough, huge tax sums avoided, leaving the ordinary man and woman to make up the shortfall.

It goes much further however, it is the City of London policies that are responsible for the widespread property speculation that sucks up so much of the available capital for investment, it is also greatly responsible for the demise of manufacturing in the UK with the consequent huge loss of jobs associated within that sector.

It is a story of unregulated privilege that deprives the ordinary working citizens any share or benefit from the vast majority of wealth the UK FINANCE INDUSTRY enjoys through these operations and leaves us to fund the tax gap created by their evasive activities.. I could write a lot more about this but I commend to you the excellent film THE SPIDERS WEB which features below which I hope will educate you on these issues, as it did me. I also hope after watching it you will do everything you can to make others aware of this incredible status and advantage and join demands for this wealth to be the subject of proper taxation. While LONDON holds onto Scotland its time we demanded much greater fairness and transparency about the activities being carried out behind the scenes in that city.

You see I think there is much to be gained for the YES movement in campaigning to bring these privileges to an end. I think it will have much greater impact than telling people they have to wait for a Section 30 order which is never coming. We need to be on the front foot, not our knees. This is a real eye opener. Prepare to be shocked. Maybe if we go on the attack on this they just might be glad to see the back of us ASAP. There are sometimes different ways to skin the cat. I know it made me very angry and I am motivated to campaign contrasting it to the poverty etc we face in Scotland. What do you think? We need new thinking and more aggressive ideas urgently. Let Unionists defend this!

In conclusion I would highlight a story involving the police and justice system that scarily resembles what is happening in Scotland today to political opponents of the Scottish Government. Just look around 50 minutes in. Frightening!

I am, as always

Yours for Scotland.

25th June 2021.


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  1. The film didn’t mention brexit. Is it true that the reason was to make sure UK (aka The City) was outside EU laws on tax evasion? It didn’t take the tories long to start proposing Free Ports.

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      1. Iain, I think @anandprasad’s question refers to EU legislation on transparency in banking and offshore funds which would have impacted on the City’s shenanigans. If memory serves these were due to come into effect this year.

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      2. I understood that but as the City of London has never been a member of the EU they would not have been affected by it. See what they did here and it’s been going on much longer than the EU existed.

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    1. Free ports have very recently(eighties) tried and and failed.
      What benefit can a nation have from providing areas that are privileged to avoid taxation and welfare?
      An entity that,pardoxically,requires a host (the state) yet returns nothing (to public good) is a parasite.
      To see Dundee city council grasping at such straws is dispiriting but,sadly,unsurprising.

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    2. I read someone eminent (sorry I CANNOT remember who it was!) say that the ‘city of London’ was NOT IN THE EU. It had never signed up to it. So – apparently the new tax laws would not have been pertinent to them. Says it all, doesn’t it. But makes sense. The City of London would not allow, nor will they EVER allow, anyone other than themselves to have control over their funds, their processes of banking or their off-shore ‘accounting’…

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      1. Sorry Iain… I’d opened this article to read… but didn’t refresh before doing so, so didn’t see you’re already posted this fact City of London wasn’t in EU.

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  2. Make one wonder where the ex British colony of Scotland would sit were it to become independent.

    There’s many a one in the SNP’s economic growth commission who would relish making Scotland a tax haven for dirty money.

    Andrew Wilson and his ilk perchance.

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  3. I recall watching something similar years ago and noting that the City of London (the Square Mile so to speak) is separate from the other parts of London, and that the City’s Remembrancer sits in at Westminster to make sure its interests aren’t impinged upon by HoC policies.

    Anyway Iain, Sturgeon the Betrayer can’t even hold powerful land owners to account in Scotland her party sided with the Tories at Holyrood to knock back Andy Wightman’s amendments to change how land is valued in Scotland. We can’t even hold our own Scottish government to account (no one was fired or even reprimanded over a number of vile Scottish government set ups). Being pro-active is a good idea, we know the union sucks, its our very own FM we need to goad into action first and foremost, Johnson will never grant an S30, so options are on the table options that Sturgeon must be made to see, or stand aside and let an indy minded FM with courage and conviction get on with the job of freeing Scotland from this rancid union.

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  4. Don’t forget the role of the Rembracer , one of the House of Commons ‘ law officers who sits oppose the speaker and whose specific function is to act as a guardian of the interests and constitution of the City of London .He sits immediately behind the sergeant at arms .I alerted one of our MPs to these facts .She didn’t have a clue , all news to her . Some folks will say that the role of remembrancer is purely symbolic , part of the rich tapestry of British government …..AYE , that’ll be right , bit like the monarchy then ?

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  5. That’s I’m afraid only part of the wrongs of City of London. They allow ‘Unlimited Rehypothecation’ which means the same asset, say cash can be loaned out again and again and again. Here’s a quote from Golemxiv :

    “So, Bank 1 has an asset. It badly needs cash because it’s nearly broke. It hypothecates its asset to bank 2. Bank 2 also needs/wants a loan.So it turns to bank 3 and says, I happen to have a lovely asset which I hypothetically control, would you like it? Bank 3 says great. So bank 2 gets its loan which it probably uses to make other loans, while the asset it got from bank 1 is re-hypothecated to bank 3. Now bank 3 hypothetically controls the asset. Bank 3 turns to bank 4 and does the same. We now have 4 banks three of whom hypothetically control the original asset which is in fact still where it started, in bank 1 – a bank which was in such trouble it had to hypothecate its assets. Along the way, however, three banks have used the asset to get themselves loans and all of those loans rest on hypothetical control of the original asset. A pyramid of loans and obligations rest on a single asset whose control is now not at all clear should any one along the chain need to assert their control or need it bank to pay off their debts – should anything go wrong in the the ventures into which they put the money they borrowed on the strength of the ‘asset’. And THAT my fellow citizens is why the bankers insist they get paid so much.”

    It’s fundamentally really really bad. I believe in the U.S the asset can’t be used more than once, in London(wankerville) it’s Unlimited. Which is why the City of London is a house of cards sitting on a foundation of fine sand, and only takes one sneeze and the whole structure comes crashing down, like it did in 2007/8.

    Here’s a sort of link, I don’t know how to make it one properly sorry.–8Uh79PeQYWd1OfCT-N2aQlAeu8owX4_RQSkWh8AY9PMnpqdU5wKLRliztETXTeuIVyA3DfGBeva4P8-2tPjOuFAPz41WAtCATQjp_zIQ3tJNZmOI

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  6. Excellent Iain. If ony people really knew what was going on rather than being mind numbed into a state if indifference!

    Can someone please give me some hope that sturgeon is beginning to crack under the pressure of the awake indy supporters?
    Please tell me she and her cabal know the storm of truth coming her way!

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    1. I would be surprised at any cracking.
      What she has already done would make a human die of shame.
      She is akin to anthony blair.
      When the adulation is withdrawn, the malevolence is unleashed.
      She is salting the earth around her.
      I’d stick a tenner on her ending up in the house of lords.
      It would be the ultimate FU to her constituents, and make a nice precedent for the westminster waste of spaces.

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  7. Knowledge is indeed power. Which is why I’m a bit disappointed that another blog was unable to accommodate a scientific case for a gender critical approach to law and policy. So I’m hopeful this site will be more welcoming to post-colonial knowledge.

    Security as Completeness
    A Peircean Semiotic Reading of the Psychology of Attachment


  8. Knowledge is power and I’ve a wheen of post-colonial insight to share. I’m learning myself though, and I’ll not be overloading folks with too much science based knowledge.


  9. Unfortunately, as things stand an Independent Scotland would be in thrall to those same forces. The PFI policy emburdened on the people of Scotland by the British Labour Party agents is testament to that.

    There is no such thing as clean money, it is a contradiction in terms.

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    1. Agreed, Robert. There is just no getting away from it unless we have a total sea change in capitalism and Tory (mainly, but they are all part of the endemic corruption) thought processes. They would simply bring the whole kit an caboodle down about our ears and the ordinary Joe and Jean in the street would lose everything, while the b******s would still thrive. Their tentacles are in everywhere so that any attempts to clean up the show merely ends in a greater mess. They have us all by the short and curlies. I don’t think the person has been born who can fix this. Too many sticky fingers, too many pies and, frankly, you just can’t shock people anymore. They don’t care till they’re made to care – by which time, it’s all too late.

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      1. “Agreed, Robert. There is just no getting away from it unless we have a total sea change in capitalism ”


        Socialists over the decades even centuries have tried to change this, but capitalism, which I think has killed far more folk than communism, not that I’m a communist, calls the shots in todays world. such as the Scottish government giving millions in grants to Amazon in Scotland, yet Amazon won’t even give its 4,200 Scottish employees the Living Wage.

        Robert Reich who served in Clinton’s and Carters cabinets in the USA, stated that in America in the 1950’s one man’s wage could feed and keep a family with cash left over to do other things, as soon as the USA corporations started moving production abroad because it was cheaper, mother had to go out and get a job as well to keep the family afloat, from there it just went down hill.

        I recall George W. Bush talking to a woman in a campaign walkabout session in the USA, where he spoke to a woman who said she had three jobs, the woman said it as if it was some sort of badge of honour and Bush commended her. It crossed my mind that this woman needed to hold down three jobs just to get by.


  10. Great post! I’m in the north of England and reading your blog made me realize just how screwed we are. By the City of London, dodgy dealings, politicians. Anybody got a solution?

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  11. I studied the British Constitution at University, but was never informed about the individual known as the ‘Remembrancer’ or his role as an agent for the City of London sitting unelected in the Commons at Westminster. It was only years later during the Referendum campaign that I found out about this unbelievable arrangement via documentaries such as this and social media. I know that I am not alone in this experience.

    According to Wikipedia:———-

    ‘The Remembrancer does not have any entitlement to see parliamentary bills or other papers before they are publicly available or to amend laws.[1] The Remembrancer’s responsibilities include monitoring legislation introduced into Parliament, and reporting to the Corporation anything that is likely to influence the City of London’s interests.[4] The Remembrancer also offers briefings to MPs and submits evidence when select committees are investigating matters of interest to the Corporation,[4] but does not have any special rights or privileges in this regard, having the same access as that of any other individual or body.[1] the Remembrancer does not have any privileged access to view legislation during the drafting process,[1] and is not even notified of public bills that impact the city, but is notified of the introduction of private bills that impact the City.[11]

    Despite statements to the contrary by the parliamentary and City authorities, beliefs persist that the Remembrancer has special access to or authority over the Commons, for example that they sit behind or near the Speaker,[12][13][14] that the Remembrancer can access the floor of the Commons,[15] that the Remembrancer can intervene in proceedings,[16] or that the Remembrancer has special privileges to view draft legislation.[9]

    For example, in an article in The Guardian in 2011 about the unreformed nature of the City of London Corporation, George Monbiot wrote:

    The City of London is the only part of Britain over which parliament has no authority. In one respect at least the Corporation acts as the superior body: it imposes on the House of Commons a figure called the remembrancer: an official lobbyist who sits behind the Speaker’s chair and ensures that, whatever our elected representatives might think, the City’s rights and privileges are protected.[12]

    In a further example, in 2013 Green Party MP Caroline Lucas wrote to the Speaker of the House of Commons, John Bercow, asking him to consider removing the Remembrancer from the floor of the House of Commons, and to end privileges she claimed the Remembrancer had to view legislation during the drafting process.[9]’————-

    Despite Caroline Lucas’ attempt, nothing has changed. The City of London’s immunity from prosecution, democratic overview and control symbolises what a rotten facade the UK ‘ democratic state really is. A repository for the world’s dirty money hidden in the ‘ Crown Protectorates, and ‘OverSeas Dependencies’. Ever wondered why tuppeny ha’penny ‘states like Guernsey, Jersey and the Isle of Man have ‘governments’ and are British but not British?…Money..dirty moolah. That’s why the Brits would never let Scotland get access to its own oil. BTW West of Shetland is gushing billions of the black stuff into Westminster endless maw, without a word in our loathsome media. Another klondyke stolen away.

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  12. O/T Iain.

    “A major witness in the United States’ Department of Justice case against Julian Assange has admitted to fabricating key accusations in the indictment against the Wikileaks founder.”

    It could be a significant step in freeing Assange, and for journalists around the globe.

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  13. Lest we forget. Gordon Brown was the Chancellor who pushed through PFI knowing full well that government financing of public infrastructure was the cheapest means of providing the capital. He then weaponised PFI in Scotland by having the Scottish Executive pressurise Labour controlled councils and NHS Scotland to undertake PFI contracts for schools and hospitals.

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