This week’s main guest being Cllr. Caroline McAllister who is highlighting the efforts of the demonstration at Holyrood this week to defend Woman’s Rights. Also the weekly discussion on recent political events in Scotland with Roddy and I being joined by fellow blogger Iain Cameron. Enjoy!

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  1. If Scots ever want to enjoy the benefits of open democracy, then we’ll need to protect Scots from ideological impairment by both the woo woo and principle of Parliamentary sovereignty. Which both privilege mans’ will over the laws of nature and the Natural law. Though this undemocratic state of affairs appears to be absolutely fabulous, as far as ‘our’ legal Establishment is concerned.

    An Ecological Organic Paradigm: A Framework of Analysis for Moral and Political Philosophy


  2. Great two-parter today, chaps. I honestly believe that we have to show that the Stonewall trans lobbyists are coming from a very different direction to that of those trans people who are campaigning for housing, health, etc., albeit they (Stonewall) are what we are seeing because they are in our faces and spaces now. I tried to show that in my piece last week – to explain that the real menace of the trans issue is coming from paraphiliac men who are determined to take over – not share, take over – women’s spaces and rights. No decent, sane person wants to stand in the way of trans people getting a home, accessing the proper healthcare they need, and so on, but this is a fight that we all participate in and that we all can emphasize with.

    Trans people have all their human and ciil rights to the extent that we all do, although there will always be those who have the wherewithal to access much more, much faster because money talks. It is the paraphiliac category that we need to stop in its tracks because it is this category that contains those who are a real threat to women, girls and all children. In reality, the transsexual community (those with body dysphoria and who might already have physically transitioned or who want to, or who are afraid to, and who can blame anyone for not wanting the kind of surgery required?) does not wish to access women’s spaces and rights and knows that is is populated by men, not women – by men who feel more comfortable in living their lives as women. They acknowledge that they are ‘trans women, not women’.

    That is why reform of the 2004 GRA is misplaced and unnecessary: because it will extend self-ID to precisely the wrong people; and allow them access to women’s spaces and rights as of right by law. Amongst all those trans people will be the paraphiliacs, predators and all those who threaten women and children. It must be possible to allow easier access to a Gender Recognition Certificate, to proper psychological assessment and so on without ever once breaching women’s and girls’ sex-based spaces and rights? Without breaching the 2010 Equality Act exemptions that would exclude all male-bodied people, whether trans or otherwise if th circumstances warrant that stance – and, in most cases, it does? If we do not recognize WHY some of these men might want access to our spaces and rights – and there are myriad reasons why they might – we will be handicapping ourselves unnecessarily.

    Some of them want access for reason of libido and sexual fetishes; some for access to our sex-based rights that include separate sports/jobs/shortlists, services, etc. that they believe women benefit from to the detriment of both trans and male people (and this group knows perfectly well that they are not women, but are play-acting for maximum benefit to themselves, self-interest, and may be dangerous in a number of different ways). In essence, these types are parasitical and entitled, and/or sexual predators and fetishists. Women and girls do not even register on their radar at all as having any kind of separate existence and autonomy, but as submissive and subservient appendages to the male. They either do not see us, as the Romans never saw their slaves, or, as many of the Stonewall vicious activists evidence, they hate us or regard us as less than human.

    Sadism is often their motivation, as is a belief in male superiority that transcends sanity and reality. This is where the fight back needs to be centred, and I feel that we should not be wasting time and energy on lumping all of the trans community together as one homogenous mass, but bring on-side those in the trans community who are our allies. If we can defeat the extremists, our spaces and rights will be safeguarded as OUR sex-based rights against all-comers, and that is what we need to achieve – yet again – because OUR spaces and rights were hard-won for reasons of safety, privacy and dignity in a masculine world that can turn on us in an instant, as we are seeing now. The handmaidens who are too young and inexperienced to understand that, or who are utterly perverse and captured, are going to be the ones who will lose everything if we lose this fight, but I sense that women are changing in their attitude to the masculine world around them. We may even be seeing the next tiny step in human evolution.

    The same applies to those Scots who are the supplicants of Unionism/SNP cosy slipperdom. They, too, will lose everything, including their identity and country if they don’t get (real) ‘woke’ soon. I have a feeling, though, that there are already ‘friendly serpents’ in the bosom of both Stonewall and the Unionists/SNP cosy slipperdom that are dozing peacefully for the moment with one eye open, but are going to be their downfall when both are opened.

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  3. We really do need to take charge of our predicament, as otherwise, we’re heading towards a state of totalitarianism that Scotland will be luck to escape from. Such is the harm standing under Westminster has caused to legal practice in Scotland. Which has been institutionally captured by anti-foundation ideology, apparently.

    Notes From the Field
    Universal Moral Grammar: An Ontological
    Grounding for Human Rights


    1. Cameron I would be grateful if you would limit your posts to this site and also stop putting multiple links on your multiple posts. I don’t want to take any stronger measure and would appeal to your sense of fairness. Be in no doubt though, ignore this warning and you will end up blocked.

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      1. I hear you but I thought you want to support law and order. These aren’t just random links posted by some nutter. They point to as a scientific approach to achieving equality in law and social sustainability. Or at least that’s what the Royal Town Planning Institute wanted me to believe.


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