The SNP is a real mess these days. Membership falling, funds depleted to the point where ringfenced funds need to be appropriated just to keep the ship afloat, a policy agenda that more represents a Stonewall Conference rather than an Independence Movement. A leadership in thrall to the Dear Leader controlled by a National Executive Committee stuffed full of appointees. A Party where ordinary members and branches have lost all influence and power. A Party that hates and avoids internal elections. A Party incapable of finding anyone to take on a finance and audit function other than the previous incumbent who was complicit in the financial meltdown in the first place.

National Council, the one body that gave the ordinary membership the opportunity to hold the leadership to account no longer in existence. A Conference system where motions are “selected” by the elite for the elite, an NEC that has not discussed the supposed number one objective of the Party, Independence, in years. Nobody, other than the favoured get near the rostrum at Conference at any point.

How did this happen? How could this come about?

The answer is it was planned. Yes this chaos is the direct result of a plan that was launched in 2018 at Conference where the current elite launched their plan to takeover the Party. While delegates went for a cup of tea or some lunch a sparsely attended internal session was the scene where innocent sounding amendments designed by Angus Robertson were approved that unknowingly sanctioned the takeover and it’s been downhill and division ever since.

The key objectives were to boost the power of the leader and her circle at the expense of everyone else. The first objective was to remove from the Party the powers to alter the make up of the NEC. This was achieved by reducing the  power of members elected by Conference delegates by removing the Senior Office Bearer positions with direct responsibility for key areas and by introducing a wide range of appointed positions, positions the controlling elite could control through patronage and favour to ensure only “approved” people could win through.

The removal of senior office bearer positions in charge of administration, policy, organisation etc handed more power to the HQ staff, a body already in the control of the elite. It has led to chaos, enormous dissatisfaction across the land, more staff having to be hired just to deal with the enormous mountain of complaints and also allowed spending to get out of control. A lot of people believe this is connected to very high salaries but nobody, and I mean nobody, is allowed to know. Being National Treasurer means nothing, it’s a secret so there!

It goes much further however, the cult seized control, through the NEC of the candidate selection procedures centralizing that control away from the constituencies. This led to grossly unfair behaviour, the “favoured” handed speedy approval, those local candidates regarded as serious challengers to the central controlled favoured candidate held back, sometimes rejected at the last minute. In the worst case a candidate was rejected only to discover her appeal was being conducted by another candidate from the same region. By enabling favoured candidates of the elite to be selected this further increases the level of control from the Centre. Many regarded the fixing of the lists as a failure but it wasn’t, the fix got rid of Joan McAlpine, exactly as planned. That is what it was all about.

The absence of these senior office bearers leaves the Party Leader and her husband to do what they like, on policy, on administration, on fundraising, on organisation with little or no opposition to their wishes. With National Council gone and strict controls over the internal email system no structure or method exists to change or amend the direction dictated from the elite.

This control is exercised rigidly, not happy with who the Conference elected to some committees the solution was to stop them meeting, and for the National Secretary not to pass on any matter regarding any party discipline complaint to the relevant committee to examine. In this way the clique, the elite, ensure themselves protection that allows them to behave as they like. The Party Leader displays selective vision when it comes to these matters completely failing to support Joanna Cherry or Joan McAlpine when other Party members treated them in the most shameful and aggressive manner. None of this is by accident, it is intentional, it is the plan.

The remaining members have become the sheepie, fed a diet of unquestioning loyalty, irrespective of the issue, the aim has been to corral the herd and restrict individual thought or action.

Sadly it has worked. There is no resistance. The SNP elected MP’s and MSP’s have been bought off with career promises and salaries. It is the 21st century equivalent of beads and mirrors. It certainly highlights how England managed to easily bribe the Scots Lords to accept the Treaty of Union in the first place. Such a parcel of rogues eh?

The only hope for the Independence Movement is if somehow the Scottish people can wrest control of the Independence issue from these charlatans. I know it is a big ask but I think when it becomes safe to march again we need huge marches on Bute House and Holyrood to leave them in no doubt that the people of Scotland are angry and demand much better than they are offering and that our patience is wearing thin. Major confrontation is on the horizon. I very much hope so. For Scotland’s sake.

They have destroyed the SNP, now as the latest polls show a dip in support for Independence they must not be allowed to do the same to the YES movement. Those that will be incensed by this article I have just the one question, tell me anything here that is not the truth?

I am, as always

Yours for Scotland.


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      1. Thank you William, your lengthy expose of the “lies” in my article has me rocking on my heels. Make the most of this while you can you are heading down, down, down. I have no intention in joining you in hades!

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  1. I was once told to beware anyone who smiles all the time. Angus Robertson is a prime example. BUT we must not become depressed we must use our ANGER.

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  2. If anyone thought it couldn’t get any worse watch this space, I’m sure the Murrell family and its woke supporters aren’t finished yet (Scotland watch out Sturgeon has big plans for you within the Union under the butcher apron) god help us all.

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  3. I naively thought that the membership coming together to vote in the NEC elections was the start of control of the party beginning to revert to where it belongs – the membership. The subsequent actions of the controllers put paid to that hope, and so ended a 55 year association with the SNP.

    I have a friend who still staunchly supports the party leader. I think she is clinging to what she really knows is a leaky lifeboat because she is afraid that the whole Independence movement will collapse if the SNP loses the present party leader. What a result for the current SNP leadership.

    I wish I was religious so I could hope they face a hot future in the afterlife.

    The YES movement is still alive and we have Alba and Believe in Scotland all still working for Independence. On wards and upwards, even if my knees are giving out on the stairs.

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    1. I suspect that by the time Covid restrictions are lifted to the extent that marches would be permissible, this toxic SNP government will have ensured that they can no longer be allowed. They don’t want independence because that would mean elections and the possibility of them losing their precious power. So they need to keep the YES movement under control and stopping marches is a really good way of doing that.

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    2. Grouser
      If not hell, then at least let them be reincarnated as unpaid party activists for the Tories, forever expected to organise coffee mornings and raffles for (male) leaders they would never leave alone with their teenage daughters! They too despise those they affect to serve and worship?

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  4. The trouble is will the citizens of Scotland waken up before or nation is totally immersed into the one nation English conservative party before its to late. I thought over the years that Sturgeon would do the right thing and put country before herself and party how I got that wrong on both counts.

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  5. I am deeply disappointed in people like A.B. McNeil who is still ducking fearfully below the parapet. FFS Angus, grow a pair and speak out.

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  6. A depressingly small turnout at the AUOB rally at Bannockburn on Saturday, approximately 300, shows that apathy amongst the Indy movement is already setting in. The only bright spot was that, from several conversation held, the Murrells are being recognised as the problem they have become and anger towards them is growing at grassroots level.

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    1. Not apathy to blame completely. More of us would have gone had there been no coronavirus. The ability to organise is quite severely restricted and many people are still cautious going out and about.

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  7. Sadly too true but it is becoming harder to organise a fight back. Even when we elect ‘good guys’ they are prevented from doing the job they were elected to do and end up resigning to be replaced by the entrusts. Motions, which call for change, will be vetted and binned. Parliamentarians can and do say what they like, bouncing us into backing them.
    We have spent more time decrying Russia for interference, spying war mongering than preparing for Independence. Whatever happened to “settle up not settle down”?
    Alba must and will play a more prominent part in the YES movement. It will come down to a battle between YES and the SNP, for our Independence. Everybody, apart from the SNP, including Curtice says the Independence campaign needs to be cranked up.

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  8. “Both votes SNP” have a lot to answer for. It is the spineless SNP MPs and MSPs that I now despise.

    I think the tipping point will be when the alphabet wokemaidens are revealed. Once you know who they are ( I don’t know them all but dani garavelli allowed the jigsaw identification of a fair few) and you couple that with the knowledge that stonewall dictated every policy. The SNP are finished. Frankly can’t come soon enough.

    I hope their names will be published outwith Scotland soon.

    Once these truths are revealed I think the scales will drop from many eyes. And the murrells and their cabal will become the most hated people in the history of Scotland, and that is saying something.

    Police Scotland remain a disgrace. As they continue to fail to arrest the person responsible for leaking the Alex Salmond papers ( and therefore perverting the course of justice) to the daily redcoat.

    The yes movement are fighting among ourselves. Folk are getting very angry.

    Finally a small note to the spineless, cowardly SNP MPs and MSPs. You’ve made your bed and Scotland will force you to lie in it. You are part of the cabal – expect to suffer the consequences.

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    1. Police Scotland are part of it. As is the Justice system, and the media. Owen Jones wrote a book called The Establishment and How They Get Away With It, that perfectly describes what has happened over the last half century in England. It shows the bones of what is happening here.

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  9. The story of the SNP over the last few years is like an excerpt from Animal Farm.

    It has gone from being a united party of ‘all being in it together’ with a single aim (Independence) to a top down organisation with General Secretary Murrel and President Nikola in control, encouraged by their sycophants in the NEC and applauded by the unthinking ordinary members.

    The clique at the top roared on by the diminishing loyal, faithful and truly blind of the claque membership. It is clear that they believe à la Orwell that “all animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others”. Like the pigs in Orwell’s masterpiece the leadership have adopted the language, clothing and tactics of those that they purport to replace which in the case of the animals was humans whilst for the SNP it is the British state representatives. Meanwhile the ordinary farmyard animals look on from outside, unable any more to tell the difference between

    Well, these fraudsters may purloin the party of Independence but … they must not steal the cause of Independence.

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  10. It all rings depressingly true. We can’t do collective marches, but maybe we could do collective pressure on our individual MPs, SMPs perhaps 38Degrees-style collective assaults through a petition-like system? We voted in our MPs, we may not have access through the NEC and branches, but might still get some clever person who understands the internet to produce a means of access so people can use a proforma protest and adapt it so the recipient does not receive all the same one, and publish the results through whatever means remains possible. Might even be able to use 38Degrees? Professor Baird’s recipe for independence really does sound credible and highlights the power of each individual representative of the people.

    Maybe each constituency could organise to insist that each MP represents us not the party organisation. We could select issues. If we leave in droves, the funds drop, we don’t need to be members to influence the SNP we are constituents. Just thinking aloud, it is so, so sad, and we were all so, so supportive of Nicola in 2014 – 2016 that those who do not really follow politics have become comfortable with her popularity. I think we may have to think small, get away from the big organisation of the SNP and pick continually on our individual representative with insistence on what they are doing, what we want them to do, and see if we can make a few changes in the ethos? We could keep in touch with each other’s constituencies maybe through a blog? Got to think positive, and the current system is definitely not working in favour of Scotland, so we need to stop trying to make something that doesn’t work do what is doesn’t do, so to speak. If you always do what you always did you will always get what your always got. What and how can we change?

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  11. Anyone hanging on to the hope the SNP could be maneuvered back to what it once was is kidding themselves. Those who stole the power will not willingly give it up.

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  12. What you describe is a classic case of self perpetuating oligarchy . It fits Robert Michels’ account of what can happens to all parties , they become overly bureaucratic and centralised . Michels wrote his book Political Parties in 1911 when Fascism was showing its baby teeth in Italy and German states , but his “iron law of oligarchy ” seems to be kicking in big time in the state of affairs you describe . The whole process was accelerated in the case of Germany defeat in WW1 . Maybe losing the referendum in 2014 is having similar effect on the SNP?

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  13. I think what happened was that at least some of the elected representatives attempted to make the party face the huge decisions that had to be taken on issues like NATO, nuclear weapons and so on, in the event of independence because pre independence and post independence were going to be two very different landscapes. That it was done in the way it was done was the real mistake. They had almost lost the NATO vote and were not going to allow the membership to scupper plans for the hardest decisions that would have to be made. They went about things the wrong way, but they were not anti independence, per se.

    The pseudo ‘woke’ element was already there, and had been since early 2015. Independence was anathema to them so long as they had not achieved their objective, which was to bring the SNP, the ruling party in Scotland and the one that absolutely had to infest to have their policies pushed through, and their foot-dragging dovetailed very nicely with the foot-dragging of the ultra gradualists. Between them, they have captured the party and each is happy to wait and hit until it is all too late. Independence, for either group, was never a priority – power was and is.

    Taken all together, we have ended up with a mess that only a very strong new leader can mop up, and, in order to bring the SNP back into real contention, he or she will have to purge the party of the gradualists and the wokerati, but also bring back on board those who have deserted it in recent times, and hopefully, make it – and, crucially, independence, attractive to the many. In doing so, he or she might well change the party into a well-oiled machine fit for purpose, but at what cost? A slide into totalitarian methods will not do. Not at all.

    As a first step, and as a promise for the future, taking our case to the international arena, the UN, would signal that the party is serious about independence and serious about how to get it, and that would leave the ball in Westminster’s court. We have the Treaty. Only a fool would not make use of it, cunningly and forensically, to dissect the Union. If the SNP won’t, the Unionists and Westminster surely will.

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  14. Concise and honest account of how Sturgeon/Murrell have infiltrated and like a parasitic infection paralyzed and immobilised the SNP. So what is to be done? Without a doubt, I agree with you Iain, massive demos by the informed ‘YES’ people outside Bute House and Holyrood. The intention: to educate the mass electorate that was duped by the ‘SNP two votes’ lie that has led to the Green ‘Dream team’ nightmare.

    This all depends on the elite, which appears to encompass a web of corruption including C.O.P.F.S and Police Scotland as its muscle, not making more leading Nationalist voices ( including bloggers!) sacrificial lambs on the broken altar of Scottish ‘Justice’.

    I don’t believe the SNP is recoverable. The silent 100 plus MPs and MSPs are complicit and are no longer fit for purpose. New leaders and old reliable functionaries are required who understand transparent democratic means. They have to also accept that there is a direct route to Independence: no more devolved fiddling and obfuscation, direct dissolution of the Union by a class of new representative M.Ps only is required.

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  15. That’s calling-it-like-it-is, Iain. My main concern, as an ordinary Scottish citizen is: who put the plan into Angus Robertson’s head?

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  16. Thank you Iain, absolutely spot on.

    On Mon, 28 Jun 2021 at 07:58, YOURS FOR SCOTLAND wrote:

    > iainlawson27 posted: ” WHEN A PLAN COMES TOGETHER The SNP is a real mess > these days. Membership falling, funds depleted to the point where > ringfenced funds need to be appropriated just to keep the ship afloat, a > policy agenda that more represents a Stonewall Conference ” >

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  17. Thousands of people demonstrated in London over the weekend (but you won’t see that on the BBC). In my opinion we need to show more of the “rebellious Scots” mentality that the powers that be would like to “crush”. Time for the elected few to get on with Indy or get out of the way. If they try and refuse us permission to demonstrate, ignore them. There was a small demonstration at Holyrood for the last FMQ’s last Thursday, let’s get a bigger one organised for the first FMQ’s when they return to show we’re not going away.

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  18. Whilst I was an SNP member (and briefly “activist” in times of vote famine), in the last millennium, I have not been a member of any political party or contributed to, since the clock struck 2000. I decided that I would rather give any spare cash and/or energy/time to charities including anti-poverty campaigns. (I briefly joined the ISP but that didn’t last when they pulled their election candidates).I know and admire folks who have life long commitments to political causes, in some cases sacrificing money, career and other life opportunities to the “cause”. However I observe that often this dedication is not reciprocated by the party hierarchies. What I now read about the SNP saddens me whilst being relieved that I wasn’t “suckered in”. For some, this experience may feel as intense as being misled by a spiritual guru or even a bad emotional relationship?
    Perhaps political parties, once they grow beyond infancy, are inherently destined to be corrupted by a powerful minority elite, usually those in the senior pay toll and/or elected office (the means becomes the end?).
    I have no magic answers but I hope that the wider genuine indy movement can rediscover a passionate integrity in the difficult months and years ahead. I suspect, no gain without pain?

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  19. Well said. The SNP so called elite are perpetrators in a massive fraud against the independence movement which has been hijacked by a self serving minority . They wont debate so it will need people to hit the streets in massive numbers and let them know their time is up.

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      1. Andy she hasn’t been deceiving us on the prospects of an Independent Scotland. She never talks about that at all. She has been deceiving us on her ability and intentions amongst other things. You are getting the wrong end of the unionist stick. if you are going to fire onto Pro Independence sites maybe keep up with what is going.

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      2. ‘weesandysays’

        We know that, that’s why we are commenting on here and not on WGD. Why are you? I noticed You linked the lies about G.E.R.S. meaning anything and the L.S,E pish about Scotland being 2-3 times worse off if we were Independent. Are you terminally stupid or just a troll with an insulting kid-on ‘Scotch’ name?

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  20. I broke a promise to myself today. I said I’d not read WGD ever again, but saw a headline saying he was running a new fundraiser and so did. Apparently he is one of the few bloggers not to go “down the rabbit hole of conspiracy theories”. I prefer to describe him as one of the few Nicolytes left. Maybe if he had read this article he’d see why folk are so dissatisfied with the newSNP but more likely he’d just see bunnies…

    I’ve archived it.


    Maybe he missed the SNP’s belated admission of spending the referendum money. Believe me I’d be a lot happier if I thought the SNP were onside but when the facts change, I change too.

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  21. Brilliant Iain just brilliant, you’ve summed up the current SNP hierarchy, and the state the party’s in under Sturgeon’s tenure.

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    1. It is perfectly plausible the Americans are involved.

      There seems to be a severe level of naivety about America, or the Washington system, in Scotland, and lack of knowledge of the closeness of the UK and US intelligence services, where the oft sighted special relationship, as strong as ever, really lives.

      That, together with a Clintonite sturgeon, identified as more ambitious than capable, only superficcialy up to the job and so easy to sway with “leadership” “help”, and happy to take analytics provided by US tech companies, that rarely come without links to US intelligence agencies, as a significant guide to action, make it seem highly likely the UK intelligence services would be calling on American help to tread where it is more difficult for them to go.

      Meaningful Scottish Independence is the biggest threat Westminster faces.

      Preventing that will have been the top priority for the UK intelligence agencies over the last decade.

      Given the situation calling on US help to neutralize the Nicola’s SNP would no doubt have been a very attractive option.

      Note I say Meaningful independence. The UK is expert at preventing independence from being meaningful: how one looses the empire on which all suposedly depends, and very little actually changes.

      And for as long as Scottish independence threatens to become inevitable, laying the ground work to ensure it is not meaningful, particularly in areas of security/foreign/military affairs, who the official “enemies” are, etc., will also be a high priority.

      That may well be why Angus R turns up to become Cabinet Secretary for the Constitution.

      There is no-one anyone who cares about Meaningful Scottish Independence should trust less for that role, and we can be sure that what he comes up with will be aimed at tying us to the Westminster way of dealing with the world, weather through shared military/defence/intelligence, etc. or something more subtle for lawyers to find and make use of.

      We must not ket him be as successful in that role as he has been at destroying what the SNP once was.

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  22. Well said Iain. These days when I post I never miss to have a go at sturgeon. This is to provoke the SNP faithful. The quicker they realise all is not well behind the scenes the quicker NS’s popularity will dip.

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    1. I have tonight had to block a number of people from this section. To be clear the use of bad language is not tolerated on this site and leads to any comment being binned. Repeat the offence and you will be blocked.


  23. Per my discussion with you Iain: Did those who wrote the Declaration of Arbroath leave all Sovereign Scots who are alive today a lesson?

    Acta non verba – Deeds not Words: “The Declaration of a Sovereign Scot” now being lodged with the United Nations by the “First 100” in a series of letters (modelled on the Declaration of Arbroath). Yes, words which communicate, but based on actions which demonstrate and question. Two brief extracts from one of the series of letters involved:

    “There is widespread evidence, both past, current, and to be anticipated, that the current UK Government will resist (at best) and strongly oppose and reject (at worst) any attempt to resolve the question of whether the Sovereign people of Scotland can use normal democratic means of addressing the issue of Scotland regaining its independence, whether at elections or by way of referenda. It is important to note that potential denial of democratic means of resolving the issue affects both sides of the debate. I am wholly aware that the United Nations will not seek to interfere in issues such as these, which are seen as issues to be addressed as domestic matters, however it leaves open to question two serious matters.

    Question 1: If the UK, as one member of the Security Council is seen to consistently act in a manner which is contrary to the UN Charter, quoted above, is it of sufficient importance to engage the interest of the other 4 members, or indeed of the wider community within the overall membership of the United Nations?

    Question 2: Arises from the geo-political aspect. Earlier this year “The Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons” came into force, at a time in contrast when the UK Government announced its intention to increase its number of nuclear warheads. Scotland was chosen, and remains, the location for the naval base where such nuclear warheads are stationed. One of the reasons that influences the UK Government in its opposition to Scottish independence is that there is considerable opposition within Scotland to that position, and that on gaining its independence it can be strongly suggested that there would be a request for the immediate withdrawal of all such warheads from Scotland – am I wrong in thinking this is a matter for United Nations interest?”

    More details here:

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  24. “when it becomes safe to march again”
    It’s safe RIGHT NOW. There is no pandemic, Ian. The all cause mortality stats show it. The facts about Midazolam use during this scam show it. The many events that have produced no waves of dead show it. Talking this nonsense and giving credence to this deadly scam is anti-rationalist.
    Other than that, a decent article.


  25. I looked over the headlines in Tha National this morning, and I thought to myself – why the surprise, we saw it coming since 2016, maybe now Oor Nicola will take her head out of her arse and call indiref2?


  26. Lesley Evans departure just announced. Along with Lloyd, Wolfe, etc, it’s getting pretty crowded underneath that bus. However will Nicola squeeze Peter in there?

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    1. Having not read that elsewhere, I did a search for “liz lloyd”.

      It yielded a MSN report dated 21st (supposedly sourced from The Scotsman) about her taking a ‘leave of absence’ (their quotes). So am I just not following the correct news sources, or is this being slipped out quietly?

      I had heard about Wolfe (which one could expect), and about Evans. So who else in the coterie is being replaced?

      (I have to say that DDG is getting better of late, I almost never use google now)


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