Like many of my colleagues I am feeling the pace. I confess to feeling a bit burnt out and I need a break to recharge my batteries and do some thinking on a range of matters important to the Independence cause. I also need to devote more time to my family, particularly my granddaughter who I love deeply and I want to be the best grandpa during her school holidays.

I will however not be disappearing entirely. The important series by Professor Alf Baird will be published each Sunday as normal as I know many readers are enjoying and learning from these excellent articles. I will also publish the odd article, probably one a week as well. Just to keep my hand in!

I am also awaiting some important guest articles that should appear soon and I will of course publish them as they are received.

So it’s not a long goodbye, more a I will see you soon. I anticipate this partial absence lasting to the end of August.

Let’s hope the good weather continues and we can all enjoy a good summer after all those forced months of restricted activities.

I am, as always

Yours for Scotland

26 thoughts on “TAKING A BREAK

  1. I suspect many folks do not realize just how much effort is required to regularly post blogs like this.

    Many thanks for all the effort. Your readership numbers will tell you its been effort well spent.

    Haste ye back.

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  2. You bloggers deserve to take a wee earned break, so enjoy it, enjoy your family, hopefully enjoy great weather, & look forward to your limited posts until you are back to get at it again..

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  3. We’ve just had a wee break for around 4 days enjoying the good weather, it was great, just my old man and the dug. Time to relax. We all need a break, I know that I took a big step back from the Scottish politics that seem to rule at Holyrood just now. It really helps, so just chill and relax.

    Enjoy your wee granddaughter Iain, time spent wi the granweans is always worthwhile. Ours are all grown up now, but the memories that we made while they were wee are priceless.. See you when you get back, and look after yourself as well.

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  4. Iain, I have followed your blog for many months and find it so informative. Thank you so much for what you do and what you will do after your well deserved break. You very kindly published my very first ever article “Why I support Independence for Scotland” in October last year as Article of the Week”. This article received many positive reviews and I thought as link to it might be of interest to many people who missed it. I am now a year older at 83 years young and now only 17 years left to have my Lifelong Ambition realised (see postscript to article).


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  5. I hope that you enjoy the really good holiday you deserve. There is nothing like concentrating on a child to take your mind off the mundane, hope you both enjoy exploring a still exciting and enchanting world together. Who knows what your subconscious mind will come up with in August as a result…..

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  6. enjoy your break it is well deserved – however concerning the weather, I hope it rains the garden is in need of a good drink. Then again we gardeners are much like farmers – never happy regardless of the weather.

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  7. Much as we will miss you, Iain, I can’t think of a better reason to take a break than spending time with your granddaughter. Children – and animals – help us to live in the present moment instead of worrying about what may or may not happen in the future. Have a lovely holiday.

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  8. Good time to take a pause Iain, and remember the important things in life – why you are doing it.

    You’ve been giving us a lot of information & food for thought over the past year – time to digest and process some of it, and think about how it all fits in to an overall strategy. I find it’s good to let the subconscious do the work at certain stages to declutter the mind, and get a focus on the important bits. A few weeks will see you bouncy and refreshed (or exhausted and in need of a distraction!).

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  9. Oh my goodness you deserve the break! You’ve put in a power of writing the last little while and its time you gave yourself a good sit in the sunshine with those you love! We’ll still be here when you’re ready to get back in harness.

    I too shall be donning my Grandma hat at the end of the week so will think of you as I entertain granddaughter & grandson, sit in the sunshine & eat ice cream! Enjoy EVERY MOMENT with your Grandwean, sir! you’ve earned it!

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  10. Have a really good time with your granddaughter. Wish you both a summer of happy memories. You’ll come back refreshed in body and spirit.

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  11. It takes a wise man to realise when it’s time to take a break and that the world will still be spinning when he returns refreshed and better for it. All the best to you and yours, Iain!

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  12. Thank you so much Iain for all you do sharing your knowledge, & helping us to know what is really going on, not an easy job! Enjoy a great break, especially with your granddaughter, as a neighbour of mine with grandchildren says, time with them creates happy memories that last a lifetime.

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  13. I feel your pain trying to stay positive when communicating with a movement that hasn’t just shot itself in the foot but in the head with the both votes madness. Your rest is well deserved. Family is everything. Enjoy, be safe and recharge. Scotland will need all her son’s.

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