I publish here the statement on behalf of Craig Murray as Scotland signals to the World the complete abandonment of freedom of speech in our country. Our “Justice” system has become totally discredited and the SNP Government and in particular Humza Useless and Nicola Sturgeon should hang their heads in shame. They have brought great dishonour on our country. It is an outrage and if the heads in the sand Brigade are prepared to keep them there when this is happening then they become complicit in this crime. I am ashamed of Scotland tonight. I never ever thought I would ever need to write that.


  1. A very worrying development by SNP , stinks of authoritarianism and suppression of free speech. We need more people like Mr Murray to keep a check on government

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  2. Notice how the murrell apologists are spreading their lies to cover up for her crimes. They are all claiming that Murray named the alphabetties, and that he wrote his satire after the court case when the anonymity order was in place.

    Before the trial it was not an offence to have named J, S or L. So how can he be imprisoned for not naming them when it wasn’t an offence to have done so?

    It is like explaining what TWAW actually means. It can’t stand scrutiny so has to be covered up by enormous piles of total shite.

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  3. TBH this is a result of this celebrity cult worshiping of Sturgeon the betrayer where the maggots that infest our politics are given carte blanche by the sheeple to run riot and destroy or cripple our democratic freedoms

    Make NO MISTAKE politicians within all the parties and members of the Scottish legal system have sat idly by while this evil individual and her coterie of deviant lunatics have ripped asunder the honesty , integrity , reputation and professionalism of the Scottish legal system

    I call upon ANY SNP MP or MSP or ANY member of any political party within Scotland if you are a genuine patriot with honesty , integrity and a belief in your country call out and publicly expose the lies and corruption being done on a daily basis by this amoral creature and her fellow conspirators’

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  4. There is nothing new to say but I feel I have to say something as an act of support for Craig. What has happened is so wrong it is unbelievable. I wish Craig, and his family, the strength to get through the next few months.

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  5. Depriving a man of his liberty. Depriving a wife of her husband and a young child of their father. Removing a family of the breadwinner. Incarcerating a man with health issues.

    And all for what?

    This is the type of regime that people over the years around the world have died resisting. We ignore this at our very peril.

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    1. And to put this in closer perspective does anyone remember the Diplock courts in Northern Ireland and internment.

      And the media restricted this is the voice of an actor ‘

      Internment of Craig Murray, the attempted internment of Alex Salmond, Mark Hirst, Marion Millar, et al. The actual internment of a Manny Singh march organisers and now the pursuance of the 2019 Aberdeen march organiser Gary Kelly.

      The parallels of the suppression of political opponents through incarceration, or attempted incarceration could not be clearer.

      And yes, maybe we should remind ourselves of the ultimate suppression as exemplified by Sharpesville and Bloody Sunday.

      And some think we live in a democracy with a fair and just police, prosecution and judiciary. Well time folks woke up because we don’t!

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      1. According to Craig’s twitter, there is a protest outside the police station at 3pm today (Friday) at St Leonards in Edinburgh. I assume that’s the police station where he is handing himself in.

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    1. Can I copy this for Facebook please?
      I’m going to write to Keith Brown Minister for ‘Justice’ . What about a petition? Sumofus or 38degrees? Or anyone really.

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  6. Some on twitter re-writing history here. Saying Murray named Alphabetties when he did not. Did he jigsaw? If you say yes then you must also arrest, charge and convict the others who wrote about other bits of the jigsaw. A jigsaw never has only one piece. Yet Dani Garavelli who apparently (can anyone confirm?) is married to someone who works in the Crown Office walks free.

    The nonsense that journalists have to abide by a code of ethics and are somehow “pure” and bloggers are thus less protected from legal action is a smokescreen to cover the act of selective prosecution. Whilst we can decry the imprisonment of a journalist (and does anyone doubt this prosecution is also linked to his support of Assange), in my opinion the bigger injustice is the selective prosecution. When you charge the people who supported the defendant (see also Mark Hirst) and not those gleefully reporting Salmond’s disproved “offences” nor the evidence of rebuttal witnesses, then we have entered Stalin’s territory. Iain Lawson lived in Estonia post independence, it seems we are now living in Estonia pre independence!

    It appears that Orwell wasn’t a novelist but a latter day Nostradamus…

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  7. Do the idiots who hold power in Scotland not read our history?
    Do they not know what happens when you push the people too far?
    When the people are forced to rise up and demand all the usurpers of justice are held responsible it always ends in violence.
    I can see this happening again, as in the past, as the majority of people are forced into action to return the country to a semblance of its former self.

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  8. Utterly shameful. And our cowardly, spineless SNP MPs and MSPs say and do nothing. This will never be forgotten. Or forgiven.

    Sturgeon, I predict , will become one of the most hated figures in Scottish history. And rightly so.

    Scotland’s people, unlike her politicians, strongly oppose this. I am happy to join a Scottish ” Weiße Rose” society, because such a society is now necessary – to fight these fascists.

    The Sturrell’s downfall is now assured. Can’t come quickly enough.

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  9. When Craig has supporters on the international stage, such as John Pilger, this is not going to play out well for the Scottish Justice system. As others have pointed out, you can’t make a jigsaw from only one piece.
    Lady Dorrian was quite right to say that the mainstream media do have a different code of ethics, one which buys £3 million of silence.
    These journalists need to wake up. They came for Craig Murray, next time it will be one of them.
    Ian, I concur. I am ashamed to be Scottish.

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    1. There are many like John Pilger , Noam Chomsky and other distinguished international authors and journalists who are going to have a field day with this; blowing Scotland’s judiciary and Govt. into the crapper where it belongs.

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  10. The corrupt Nicola Sturgeon and her associates are responsible for Scotland’s total shame. It is imperative that we rescue our country before they drag us down even further.

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  11. Shocking, disgraceful, disgusting. The Brit State’s gloves are off – aided and abetted by the Colonial Office of the SNP. Who can now doubt that Sturgeon is an imposter?

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  12. Well, well. On the same day we saw the feeble, craven side of Sturgeon, in her obsequious granting of exemptions to the biggest landowner in Scotland, aka the Queen, we also saw her ruthless and thoroughly illiberal attitude towards any dissent to her despotic home rule. Make no mistake, this is not the result of an independent legal process, but a political decision to muzzle anybody who dares raise issues with her deeply compromised, corrupt rule. There are no effective separations between her and her lieutenants and the legal establishment, They function as one body, as in any good despot’s regime – Orban being a good example.
    The proof is in those chosen for arraignment – all dissenters to her project, and the cover up that followed. And the flimsiest of speculative judgements ever seen in a court – that of Dorrian’s, close friend and associate of the Leader, who also favours jury free trials. Funny coincidence that. There remains no shred of evidence that anyone was identified by Craig’s blog, the remaining judgement was simply Dorrian’s belief what Craig’s intent was, as if she had more privileged access to his mental state than he or anyone else had. And realising the weakness of her case, then made up a rule that bloggers were unfit to be treated like other writers, who get a free pass for identification.
    What a miserable, corrupt lot who disfigure Scotland, while acquiescing in a medieval sovereign trampling all over our laws.

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  13. The outrage felt by all who have followed this debacle of justice is obvious. I can’t add anything to what has already been said about the persecution of Craig Murray, and it is persecution not prosecution.

    The list of those victimised and targetted by the Scottish National Party via the Scottish Government is long and shameful. The clique headed by Nicola Sturgeon and Peter Murrell must go. They have damaged the Independence movement and, even worse, perverted the justice system in Scotland to silence critics.

    Each and every SNP MP and MSP is complicit in this by their silence. I volunteered at elections to work for my MP and MSP and thought them to be honest and decent men. (Do I get criticised for saying men and not people?) Not any more.

    I will be writing to both of them to tell them exactly what I think of the SNP, its leadership and its elected representatives. I suggest that everyone who can does that as well. They have to be told.

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  14. Pensioners for Independence Edinburgh & Lothians have emailed: ‘This is a quick email to let you know that Craig Murray has been denied an appeal at the Supreme Court, and is to present himself to St Leonard’s police station tomorrow to start his 8 month jail sentence. There will be a demonstration there tomorrow Friday 30th July at 3pm for those who wish to attend and support Craig. ‘

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  15. It’s time to stand up and make a stand against the corrupt cowards and usurpers in the Scottish and English establishments,

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  16. What is truly weird, I think, is that this naked oppression is being done under the banner of nothing more momentous than self-righteous identity politics.
    Wark, Garavelli, Sturgeon, and others whose existence can only be referred to obliquely believe that they are winning battle honours in a great crusade for the liberation of women.
    I’m shocked and saddened to find that my country has no remedy for this consuming injustice (though, of course, relieved that there is no present prospect of an independence referendum, or any further increase in the powers of the Scottish government).

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  17. So Scotland the place where you get 8 months for not naming people and apparently doing a one piece jigsaw but if you issue sexual threats to an MP when you have a violent history, you’ll not see the inside of a jail.

    “A man who sent threatening messages on Twitter to SNP MP Joanna Cherry has been ordered not to contact her for five years.

    Grant Karte, 30, was also sentenced to a community payback order, which will be supervised for 15 months, with 160 hours of unpaid community work, reports the Press Association.”

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    1. Is Grant Karte one of the trans cabal that has based itself in and around Stirling? Is he a close friend of Daddy Bear MSP, Alyn Smith? His name was available on facebook but now that has disappeared. Strange. This threats and violence is the kind of thing we are opposed to. They make no attempt to engage in democratic discussion and debate.


  18. My faith in an honest impartial Scottish judiciary evaporated a long time ago, during the Lockerbie trials and the Camp Zeist nonsense, when three cowardly Scottish judges didn’t have the guts to deny the Americans and appeared to be willing to send an innocent man to prison. More of the same IMO.

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  19. A trial without a jury,
    A conviction without an appeal,
    this is a dictatorship.
    Dictators, the people always rise up, be warned.

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  20. This has everything to do with the dead-hand of a vengeful US State Department and its overbearing influence within the internal affairs. of the UK. C.M.’s relationship to Wikileaks and Julian Assange was, quite simply, considered as intolerable!

    Nobody, in either Westminster nor Washington, as we know, differentiates between Scotland and the UK, including the colonial administration which is the SNP thus the malicious edict from afar ,disguised in the robed solemnity of the Scottish legal system was clumsily and deviously applied without question, with Craig as its victim.

    As Jim Sillers recently pointed out here on YFS: the struggle for independence has a geopolitical dimension with consequences which the Yes movement has to be aware of. Freedom of conscience ought to be seen for what it is in the West: a wholly illusory nonsense, and no more so than in the immediate period.

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  21. Craig Murray said about James Woolfe, that he’s in it up to his neck, so I feel Lady Dorrian is in the same boat.

    The only reason Alex Salmond walked out of the High court in Edinburgh was that he had a jury, had Salmond not had, what’s to become, the luxury of a jury, I think Lady Dorrian would have sent him to prison, on some sort of obscure and convoluted ruling that’s seen Craig Murray end up in a prison cell.

    As the Roman superiors would say to their juniors when they looked upon their eagerness to please, your ambition is noticed, so Lady Dorrian’s ambition to reach the top post within her field, must surely have been noticed by Sturgeon.

    I wonder what the likes of John Pilger, Noam chomsky and even Julian Assange thinks of Scotland, now that Craig is a political prisoner, and the only person to be imprisoned (wrongly I might add) for jigsaw identification.

    today is a shameful day for Scotland, and all Scots should feel angry into the bargain.

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    1. Yes, anger all Scots should feel but who’s going to waken them up? It feels as if only a minority is following what’s going on.

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  22. Something must be done about Dorian. It has been suggested that the Nobile Officium be used as a remedy in Craig’s case, where the judgement is so blatantly biased and unjust. “The nobile officium is the extraordinary equitable jurisdiction of the Court of Session and the High Court of Justiciary. It is a power of the court to give a remedy in two situations. First, where there is no legal rule adequately covering a given situation. Secondly, where there is a legal rule governing a situation, but its application would be unduly excessive, oppressive or burdensome. The court can use the nobile officium to grant any remedy or make any order.” (Stephen Thompson). Could the Scottish Parliament use the Nobile Officium to grant a remedy when justice has been so clearly corrupted? I think every avenue should be explored.

    Is there a body to whom a complaint may be made about Dorian? If so it must be made.

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  23. Sturgeon gets occasional friendly visits from foreign journalists, the most recent being the New York Times. These pieces are anodyne and uncritical puff pieces usually pandering to Sturgeon’s own image of herself. This is quite suspicious given what we know of Sturgeon and her autocratic regime. Yet nowhere is there any one who writes about her from abroad seemingly picking up on the extreme unease being expressed in Scotland.

    Could it be that they are selected for their own known loyalties and that they take instruction from the press here on what to write about her? It’s as if there were decisions taken at levels higher than governmental on how she was to be presented and there is a uniform ‘hands off’ approach to what’s going on in Scotland. It’s as if we were being put under a dome of silence in an international sense yet they jump to it as dogs to a whistle when called upon to join the chorus of criticism of China or Belarus.

    We desperately need international scrutiny of what’s going on in Scotland. It’s the only thing that would light this up. Instead all of this crushing of democracy, imprisoning of political opponents, the silencing of dissent is happening as if in a locked room, unobserved and unremarked. This is a bad situation.

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    1. The New York Times writing approving pieces about Nicola Sturgeon tells us a lot. During the referendum campaign, the NYT was reliably pro-union, as was most of the American establishment. Their reporting amounted to nothing more than Better Together press releases slightly rewritten for an American audience.

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    1. Dorian is the mechanism by which Scotland’s justice system will have its reputation reduced to tatters in either the European Court of Justice , the UN or both.

      Her own politics, ambition and alignment with malign political will to incarcerate Craig Murray will destroy not only her reputation but also that of the Scottish justice system, and I think it is clear from this point on that she has signed her own reputational death warrant. More so if Craig Murray with his underlying health problems, sadly does not survive his period of incarceration.

      Judges align with the malign politics of those with power. The dogs in the street know this is a political jailing and international consequences will ensue. And at home, more people will become aware of the absolute cess pit that the Scottish Justice system is.

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      1. From my position, a punter. I don’t disagree at all with what has been written here but i have hope that there are people trained to work in our justice system that have strong enough feelings for our system to try and rectify what is going on. In so doing allow us to see how power has been working in Scotland in detail. I think this is vital for the future for us to know the who, the how and the why of power in this land. In my view this power has already closed the door on our fight for Independence. it will only be opened again if the general population are informed about what is going on.

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    1. Thanks for that link. It WAS a truly chilling read and demonstrates how the Murray and Assange cases are closely aligned in demonstrating the dangerous encroachment on liberty by moving against those who would challenge the establishment. Both judgements have serious repercussions for the conduct of journalism and both Dorrian and Baraitser seemed emotionally involved when we might have expected cool, impartial appraisal of the evidence. Both also appeared indifferent to the health issues of both men and were not minded to take account of the obvious detriment to their health from incarceration.

      It also demonstrates the alignment in thinking with the US in the dubious definition of what is ‘proper news’ and what is ‘fake news’. In the 2014 referendum, the independence movement had already come up against the same attitude which was reflected in the electorate, many of whom only paid attention to what they saw as ‘legitimate’ news sources meaning the mainstream press and media.

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  24. If Craig Murray’s jigsaw identification was possible in conjunction with other material from other sources, then surely those “other sources” were also guilty of jigsaw identifcation since their material must also have identified the women in conjunction with Craig Murray’s? So why do the prosecutions start and end with Murray?

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