The Scottish Prism Show 29.08.21

Join Roddy and myself as we discuss the week’s events.

3 thoughts on “The Scottish Prism Show 29.08.21

  1. That was the best ending to all of the prisms, to actual listen to her stand there saying that sheas FM wanted to UNITE the country, yet she has split this country into many pieces.. To hear her state, “they will want me to be honest, & transparent” when all we see & hear is a LIAR..The sheep said it all..

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  2. Another good one Iain! You and Roddy were on fire both this week and last week.

    It’s good to hear all the recent topics talked about – a good sum up of the week that was. And I agree that Sturgeon is a pathetic hand-wringing specimen of non-leadership. Why anyone still takes her side, let alone adores her, I can’t fathom – how can anyone still believe a word she says when all evidence suggests she’s untrustworthy and a blatant liar. Embarrassing in the extreme. I mean – the ‘4-nations approach’ she’s started using as an excuse for doing nothing herself ever again, doesn’t that just scream “yay for the union!” at you? And the SNP and followers are trying to tell the rest of us we are just like unionists?!? Arseholes. They should be looking to their own stables before suggesting anyone else’s needs mucked out. I mean, isn’t ‘4-nations approach’ just blatantly unionist, is she seeing how far she can push it before everyone says, hold on… ? They aren’t saying that though – they must be full-on deep into it – the SNP truly is a lost cause.

    If she’s doing all this 4-nations stuff because she plans on a federated Britain – why doesn’t she just say that’s what she’s in favour of, instead of this endless mince about a referendum – although she doesn’t seem to actually want more powers.

    Sturgeon is a confidence trickster, and I doubt she’ll give that up until she runs out of punters or is put in jail. I’ve rarely had so much contempt for a person.

    Dammit, I’ve accidentally just criticised Sturgeon, arch-unionist and false idol, I must be unionist. I should go away and immediately reflect.

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  3. Watched this and agree with you both about nearly everything. The claimed SNP’s accounts ‘expenditure’ on a rented office per head and salaries will engender suspicion in anyone who has ever been involved in business as either pure farce or lavish extravagance. Or make one want to ensure all the buttons on the back of one’s head are secured.. The so-called ‘four nations’ approach’ to our resources, covid and Cop26 is a transparent joke by the devious weakling known as ‘Nicla’.
    BTW one thing I totally abhor is that ‘old pals’ appellation…she is ‘Sturgeon the betrayer’..nothing more and nothing less. Otherwise, I enjoyed this weeks episode.

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