“I had previously considered that following two Court cases and a Parliamentary Inquiry it would be best to make no further comment on any of these matters.

The upcoming publication of a book and extracts now reported make that impossible. Thus I have taken the following course of action.

First, after consultation with my lawyers, I consider that the book potentially breaches the criminal law in a number of ways and I have reported my concerns to the Crown. The Crown Office has previously taken action against others. Now it must now display the impartiality and independence which lies at the heart of public prosecution in pursuing these breaches. For legal reasons I cannot say any more on this issue for now.

Secondly, I have instructed my lawyers also to report to the Crown the outrageous decision of some to publish leaked extracts of the Permanent Secretary, Lesley Evans’ findings in the original unlawful investigation. This appears to me to be in clear defiance of Lord Pentland’s ruling in January 2019 which reduced her decisions and the investigation on which those conclusions were based as “unlawful”, “unfair” and “tainted by apparent bias”. Any leaking is in direct contravention of that order and thus undermines the entire purpose and outcome of the successful judicial review. As such it is an attack on the administration of justice itself. The original leak of the existence of the report in August 2018 was considered prima facie criminal by the ICO.

In responding to the allegations against me I have at all times respected the lawful processes and integrity of the Courts. I have trusted in those legal processes. I won two Court cases in the highest courts in the land both civil and criminal, where a judge found in my favour and jury of 9 women and 6 men acquitted me.

There are some who still wish to ignore the considered decisions of judges and the jury who actually heard the evidence and replace them with press smears based on malicious leaks and ludicrous gossip.

That stops now.

I have therefore instructed my legal team to write to the appropriate investigating authorities in order that these matters, including potential criminality, be comprehensively investigated.

Separately, I am also now actively considering afresh the legal remedies available in the civil courts.”


I am delighted to see Alex finally hit back at those who have been consistently smearing him since the criminal trial. He must have had the patience of a saint to have lasted this long. At last the gloves are off. Let’s see where it takes us?

I am, as always



    1. Alex you have many freinds who support you all the way.
      Must be hell , suspect are fed up with courts and legal fees. this abuse needs to stop.

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  1. Good on you Alex. Go get them. What a shower, especially Sturgeon, she never misses an opportunity to have a dig and smear. Alex was cleared by a court. The jury, AFTER HEARING ALL THE EVIDENCE, found the man not guilty..

    It has always angered me this constant hounding of the man, and at last, Alex has decided enough is enough. Should you need funding Alex, because legal action costs are astronomical have a crowdfunder. The bawbees are ready should you need them

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    1. Happy to crowd fund any fees as I did for the previous Civil case against Evans.

      It Is a disgrace that no one has been held to account and indeed some have actually been rewarded.

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  2. Delighted to hear it.
    Alex Salmond has the goodwill and wishes of many in support and it`s about time those denying the verdicts which were all in his favour were held to account.

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  3. Meanwhile the Herald attacks by

    “The Scottish Government’s investigation into Alex Salmond found his behaviour amounted to sexual misconduct before it was struck down by the courts, it has been reported”

    Would that be the investigation found by a Judicial Review to be unfair, unlawful and tainted with apparent bias investigation? Dodgy process produces dodgy result. Mmm.

    He needs to put a stop to this or the smears will be never ending. And Alba will suffer by association. God
    he terrifies them.

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  4. Good on you, Alex.
    Not before time. I too intend to make an official complaint to the police tomorrow in relation to this matter.

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  5. I read this Delia and wonder what the authors’ game is. Have they been hanging on to this for a specific time? Do you think they want to go back to court? Very perplexing. Horrible people. Janice xx.

    On Mon, 30 Aug 2021 at 14:40, YOURS FOR SCOTLAND wrote:

    > iainlawson27 posted: ” STATEMENT FROM ALEX SALMOND 30th August 2021 > SALMOND REFERS BOOK EXTRACTS TO CROWN OFFICE FOR CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION “I > had previously considered that following two Court cases and a > Parliamentary Inquiry it would be best to make no further com” >

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  6. this is another costly mistake by idiot sturgeon the quicker we get rid of her the better. she spent years trying to smear him and loses every time

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  7. ‘The Scottish Government’s investigation into Alex Salmond found his behaviour amounted to sexual misconduct before it was struck down by the courts, it has been reported.’

    Wow, the deliberate ambiguity in the way that is written is typical of their malicious manipulation of the facts. What a nest of scorpions we have in the Scottish media.

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    1. How so? Should we all just roll over for Indy? If the same thing happened to you would you curl into a ball? This mans life has been turned upside down. It makes me more determined to fight for independence and get rid of those that facilitated the whole sorry mess. Or this makes you less likely to fight then that’s on you!

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  8. I’m not hopeful as, after the last couple of years, it feels like the Crown Office, Police Scotland and judiciary in general in Scotland as utterly corrupt and fully acting against the interests of Scotland and independence. Salmond seems to be their key target in that. I really hope they prove me wrong in that, and there is still justice and fairness out there. This case will be an interesting test.

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    1. I hope that there is still real hope and eventually true justice will prevail.

      Once “sunlight”, the great disinfectant, is truly publicly shone on this case* perhaps some of the walls built on weak foundations will crumble and finally the whole kit and caboodle that just now seems to have Scotland in an iron grip will get exactly what they deserve.

      Once a small piece of a wall falls the rest can quickly come tumbling down, as people who have been supportive of “them” until now decide it is time to jump. It has happened before in “secretive” cases and please, may it happen again.

      *It did not happen during the trial as a lot of the defence was hidden from the public.

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      1. “true justice” is perhaps a forlorn hope under colonialism, and given it is what George Osborne terms the ‘arms’ of the British State still holding Scotland tight, that is Crown and Civil Service. Postcolonial theory (Memmi) refers here to a situation whereby “the astonishing mental attitude called “paternalistic” comes into play. A paternalist is one who wants to stretch racism and inequality farther (and in which) the colonized have no rights. Having founded this new moral order where he is by definition master and innocent, the colonialist would at last have given himself absolution. It is still essential that this order not be questioned by others, and especially not by the colonized.”

        In other words, folk shoudna expeck ony ‘true justice’ til efter independence, an anely efter thon mankit deceitfu unionist slump rinnin Scotlan is weel dicht oot!

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      2. Of course, if Scotland (or rather, Scotland within the UK) is no longer capable of delivering justice, I imagine there will be plenty of international eyes on this too. Salmond and Murray both have plenty friends abroad and, even if most in Scotland are asleep and not paying attention, they will be. So hopefully it’s win/win – either Scotland delivers genuine justice or it’s seen even more for what it really is.

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    1. I’ve tried to comment several times on these latest developments and had to stop every time. It’s just so outrageous how bent/corrupt everything in Scotland has become in terms of media and politics and even at the COPFS. The stench is so bad it’s a wonder we don’t all need gas masks.
      If this was a political drama on TV, I’d be saying, “Oh behave! That just wouldn’t happen!” And yet, here we are.
      My impression is that what Clegg has done here does not fall within the “protection” afforded journalists by Lady Dorrian. He is acting on his own here. He’s not writing in a newspaper, he’s written a book. The material he is using is from a confidential Scottish Government Investigation which was illegally leaked to him from someone inside that body. That leak was allegedly referred to and investigated by Police Scotland, Clegg would not reveal his source yet he’s now able to personally profit from it without the law intervening? How is that possible?
      And perhaps the biggest worry of all is that he’s being allowed to recycle smears from an investigation which a JUDGE declared to be, “unlawful, unfair and tainted with apparent bias”. How can this be allowed to happen?
      How much dirtier can this get?
      It just feels so terrifying that you can trust and respect someone and then somehow they’ve turned into a completely different person. So it has proved with Sturgeon. How does she sleep at night?
      I know many people felt they still had to vote SNP in May. I couldn’t. That woman has damaged herself, her government, the Scottish judiciary and she has utterly contaminated her Party. There may not be another Holyrood election for some time but there are Council elections next year. A message can still be sent to the Party and to all those wee nodding dugs sitting by her at Holyrood. It needs to be a strong one. If they lose Council seats right, left and centre that will be a start!
      This can’t go on.

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  9. Alex

    Sturgeon and her attack dogs have made it abundantly clear that they will not stop and that the smears will continue until you and the Independence movement are both destroyed.

    You have nothing to lose by taking firm action. The Nation watches with great interest how the Crown Office and the Courts behave now…will the double standard of justice become the norm in Sturgeon’s Scotland?

    Those with access tote information for these recent leaks are the same vile cretins who who leaked data to the Daily Record. A very small clique for any competent and willing investigator.

    …I won’t hold my breath regarding justice. However the Scottish Government elites grip on the legal system will be highlighted for all to see….once again.

    The Unionist Press have already surrendered all pretence of journalism.

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    1. Nothing to do with Unionist anything- this whole disgusting debacle is owned solely by both sides of the indy movement. Stop kidding yourself this is UK a conspiracy, the Lord Advocate sits on the Scottish government benches, BBC Scotland is awash with nationalist supporters, as too the media journalists who are “feart” of SNP ending their careers as they done to Salmond.


  10. The constant smears against the man have been disgraceful and it is good to see him fighting back. You would think Alex Salmond had been found guilty of the charges the way the media and some people carry on. Of course that is what was supposed to have happened. They rigged the game against him and still made an arse of it.

    This new book seems to be nothing more than a hatchet job, based on excerpts so far, but I will reserve judgement on it until I have read it in full and can post a review on my blog.

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  11. Oops! I’ll try again: I can already hear the rumble of the obfuscation screens being wheeled into position by the minions of the low-life responsible for the attempted imprisonment and continued smearing of Alex Salmond. No mercy must be shown the perpetrators in light of their unconscionable treachery!

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  12. Go get them Alex. Thousands of honest Scott’s are behind you all the way. I feel so much more confident Scotland will be rid of the poison and corruption that has degraded our country. Saor Alba.

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  13. It took them about six weeks from the end of the trial to charge Craig Murray with contempt. Will some party faithful make it to the SNP conference unscathed? On that timeline, the answer must surely be “No.”

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  14. Incidentally, I had no clue what this was all about but one of Scotland’s very fine* broadcasters told me. You’d think they’d be a bit more circumspect and not go suggesting that the complaints had merit, given the result of the criminal trial. Yes, I am aware there is a different level of proof but, even if you can do something, it doesn’t mean you should.

    *Other descriptions are available

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  15. Surely the text of the Clegg and Andrews publication provides more pieces of the ‘jigsaw’ identification’ that Craig Murray was scandalously convicted of. Presumably we can expect David Clegg and Kieran Andrew’s to be issued with summons forthwith.

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    1. Yes their text does and you can expect their summons round about the same time as Dani Garavelli’s. i.e. the twelfth of never. One scandal of Craig’s imprisonment is the selectiveness of it.

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      1. I was wondering about that very thing, Iain… David Clegg took possession of ‘leaked’ details of Leslie Evans’ decision report – one of the complaints – and Lord Pentland then deemed Evans’ report as unlawful (etc). Clegg refused to give up the identity of who leaked the information, from the government offices, to the ICO and I presume the police. Now, whistleblowers and journalists getting the info do need to have some protections – but does it not have to be ‘in the public interest’? I’m not wholly sure about that.

        The leak of private and confidential information was unlawful, but you could still say Clegg should be allowed to protect his source (on the principle that it could have been something that was in the public interest, whether confidential or not – it wasn’t but, leaving that aside for now) – BUT with (a) the allegations having been shown to be false (in a criminal court), and (b) Clegg now being shown to be trying to get commercial gain from the leak – that is, private information was used to cause a big enough scandal, and financial gain later results. Are those enough grounds for the police to insist he reveals the identity of the source of the leak?

        Assuming that the police are bothering to investigate – there is an awful lot of silence from them on this matter, which IS in the public interest, because we can’t have government employees leaking private, confidential (GDPR rules), unlawful, and defamatory material without good cause. Particularly is those employees happened to have just got a big fat promotion and exorbitant pay rise, as though they’d just been rewarded for services rendered.

        Do you think the commercial gain aspect has any impact? Or does it just add to the already overwhelming evidence of his lack of morals?

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      2. I’ve asked Mr Dangerfield what he thinks on those points, he appears to believe that Civil action is the key, which is not surprising given the dreadful state of our criminal justice system, but I couldn’t even begin to guess what that might entail. We’ll have to wait and see,,,

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      3. Contrary, good post. I wonder when Johnston paid a visit to Police Scotland recently did he mark their card re NOT investigating certain things etc etc.

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      4. Hmm, interesting thoughts there Cubby. I’m sure it wouldn’t need Boris himself to comment on the specifics, but at the same time I’m very sure he reminded police chiefs that COP26 is his gig, and that nothing should disrupt it,,,

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  16. I’l be looking very careefully at every word in Clegg’s smearjob, in the hope that something in there allows me to “jigsaw identify” an Alphabetti…

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  17. Good stuff. Will the anti-catholic , anti-science police Scotland now be forced to act ?

    Will the obviously biased COPFS be forced to act ?

    Will humza useless continue to applaud the anti-catholic police force ?

    The truth is coming and it will be devastating.

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  18. Meanwhile at the Guardian after reporting that the inquiry upheld 5 complaints.

    “The court ruled those procedural irregularities mean the inquiry was unlawful and “tainted by apparent bias”. The inquiry results were annulled and Evans’s report was withheld from the Holyrood investigation. The Scottish government argues, however, that Ms A and Ms B’s allegations could still be reinvestigated.”

    Note that last sentence and weep for indy never mind Salmond! They have no shame.

    This is going to be plastered all over the papers and twisted for maximum effect. Mind you they missed a trick. Should have been scheduled for the night before the Alba conference surely…

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  19. The deeply concerning aspect of the whole vilification of Salmond is that on a personal level he must have to be an extremely strong character to survive. I find it wholly repugnant that a person can really be pushed to the edge for no reason other than being vindicated in both the civil and criminal courts.

    It seems the Dundas despotism is alive and well under the Sturgeon autocracy.

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    1. Albert Memmi described “generous paternalist” colonialism as being like “charitable racism”, which inevitably “revolts as soon as the colonized demands his rights”. One might consider here the ‘Scottish’ unionist establishment as therefore the “generous paternalist” reverting to type.

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    2. I have often considered the pressure all this stuff must have put on him and his family, M byid. It would send many right under.

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  20. Is the book worth purchasing? Does it throw any new light on the whole farrago? I have not read the extracts and would be interested to hear from anyone who has and what their verdict/opinion is?

    The reason I ask is that on checking Amazon I see that the book is published tomorrow and can be delivered electronically to me then as soon as I pay the £10.44 they are asking. As I say, is it worth £10.44 or is it just a re-hash of most things already available in the public domain.

    This case interests me for I have a deep-seated belief that an attempt was definitely made to “shaft” Alex Salmond and put him away where his enemies considered he could not interfere/harm their cause.
    I have said elsewhere that I settled in Scotland from England way back in the early 1970s and I honestly feel that this country, at the moment, is not the welcoming country I moved to all those years ago.
    Although I have much Scots’ blood in my veins, I often fear these days that my English accent outweighs this in some folks’ eyes and ears.

    I am in ill health and seem to be coming to the end of a once happy life which did improve when I moved North. But I am still searching for the truth of all that has happened in the last few years.

    I repeat: Does this book throw any new light on, for want of a better word, is “a mess”.

    Or as a fictional Western Sheriff once said, “Well, if this ain’t a mess, it will do until a real mess comes along.”

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    1. Hello henrywood. The book is out tomorrow and I have already ordered a copy. From the excerpts I have read already it is clearly a hatchet job designed to smear Alex Salmond further but there could still be parts in it of interest. I am particularly interested in any parts that reference The Decision Report or the leak to The Daily Record. According to the Scottish Government’s timeline The Permanent Secretary compiled this report on 21 August yet the day before Nicola Richards and Private Secretary 1 were desperately trying to send this Decision Report to the Crown Agent but were having IT problems. The question of course is how can you send a report on 20 August when it was not compiled until 21 August the day after?

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      1. Thank you.
        To heck with the expense, though I begrudge enriching members of a currently “dirty” Scottish Press.
        I have just ordered a copy and look forward to a late night’s reading as I hope it will be delivered shortly after Midnight tonight.

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    2. Henrywood. I very much agree – I too moved to Scotland – in 2002 as soon as I could – to escape Thatcherism and all her works. I joined the SNP, voted for Independence and remaining in the EU. I am sorry to say that I FEAR for an Independent Scotland that has not PREVIOUSLY achieved Separation of Powers, reformed the CPS and role of the Judiciary and Lord Advocate, abandoned GRA and ‘hate speech’ nonsense, published a valid Constitution, sorted out bias in Police Scotland and achieved a competent economic policy using the powers currently available to it. I think it is vain to expect the current incumbents to achieve these reforms, but I do believe there is sufficient talent and resolve in Scotland to achieve them. There was a man who left court, exonerated, who quoted Sir Walter Scott’s ‘Bonnie Dundee’ – ‘Ye’ve nae seen the last o’ my bonnets and me’ quoth he. He was right. So let’s all join in the chorus!

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  21. From the perspective of postcolonial legal theory, Brexit articulates that quintessential essence of patriarchal and authoritarian racism. Though this is what Scottish culture has been groomed to imagine represents a state of just democracy. So it’s about time someone challenge the cultural cringe and prejudice embedded in Scottish legal culture and practice. As there’s simply no hope for sustainable democracy if we allow them to continue carrying on with their carry on.

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  22. Is this due to an emboldened administration, bolstered by the agreement with Greens, and if so, is that one of its purposes?

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    1. I also believe that the Sturgeon administration feels it has been bolstered and indeed strengthened by the agreement with the Greens. I imagine that they all feel that they may now boldly go where none have dared to go before, with new very controversial laws and regulations which just a few short years ago would have been absolutely untenable.

      It puts me in mind of that excellent TV series, the original “House Of Cards”, and I eagerly await the first person to emerge from the shadows and state:
      “You might very well think that; I couldn’t possibly comment”.

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      1. Henry,

        Swinney had to endure a couple of motions of no confidence. None of that will happen in future if Sturgeon keeps the MSPs in her majority on side. Just how much can these pathetic excuses for a human being calling themselves SNP MSPs put up with as Sturgeon trashes Scotland and Scottish independence.

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    1. I’d love to know that as well. Mind you, there was an awful fuss when he raised, if I recall correctly, GBP50,000 at the start of this smearing campaign. Is he perhaps a bit shy to do this after all that? I hope not. If the media reports are to be believed, he still ended up out of pocket after SG lost heavily. I gather costs were awarded at an exemplary rate but he still had to find something like GBP80,000. Then there were the costs of dealing with the SP Whitewash. It is documented that, to save legal fees, AS dealt with the Hamilton Inquiry by himself. I am sure he does well out of his TV programme. However, civil litigation is eye-wateringly expensive and I am sure criminal defence is not cheap either, especially if one engages the Dean of Faculty.

      By the by, I look forward to the day when I do not have to type GBP on my American keyboard.

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  23. Sturgeon is overreaching herself now. People are starting to notice the new guidelines in schools, and they don’t like it. A young tradesman at a neighbour’s house said as much today. He’s a family man and he’s angry.

    When a government starts to target people’s kids they are asking for trouble. He had voted SNP in recent years but says he doesn’t know who to vote for now.

    My neighbour kindly pointed him in the direction of ALBA.

    If there is a fundraiser for Alex Salmond, then my wife and I will gladly contribute.

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    1. Yep Alex that neatly sums up the situation.

      Sadly I think the answer to that is yes. All the people/organisations you mention in your post will see Sturgeon entrenched in power for another 5 years and will do her bidding.

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  24. The utter shamelessness of these people, combined with the continuation of their vindictive campaign to smear Salmond beggars belief. After costing the taxpayer millions in their two year war against him, thrown out on all counts for their staggering ineptitude and clumsy attempts at fitting him up, they continue to leak false and misleading, selective information and unbelievably threaten him once again. Their arrogance can only be justified by their conviction that have complete impunity against perverting the course of justice or leaking confidential information to ‘friendly’ journalists.
    They are acting like teenagers throwing a tantrum that they didn’t get their way. First they advocated for jury free trials to get round the tricky problem of justice, then they jailed a journalist on unproven, flimsy grounds in order to try and keep a lid on the truth. And now they blithely carry on with their dark arts of unaccountable leaking and smearing. No doubt the Green coalition was designed to give them further immunity from scrutiny or accountability, since there is precious little in their absurd agreement which will advance independence or a better future for Scotland. It was all about giving cover to Sturgeon and her clique.
    If you want a laugh, just check out the surreally absurd ‘portfolios’ they have given themselves – Monty Pythonesque job titles to bolster their unbelievable sense of self-important, pompous power games. Onluy in Ruritania would you get such absurd self-glorification designed to sound like they have real power – only of course for them to blame Westminster for everything they won’t do. Meanwhile they glide around in luxury cars, bolstered by the ridiculous number of SPADs and PR officials at their disposal. What a joke administration.

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  25. I am of the opinion that those hiding behind anonymity should be exposed , after all if one can be sent to jail for NOT exposing their identity surely it can’t be any worse if someone did.

    Mr Salmond , go get the swines who continue to defame you for whatever reason , stop them in their tracks and impoverish them as they would have done to you.

    I too stand ready for any fundraiser.

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  26. So, does anyone know the nature of the relationship between Mr Clegg and Ms Liz Lloyd? I’ve heard innuendo but as far as I am aware they happened to be on the same CIA sponsored trip to the US.

    Given that the SG report was leaked to Clegg by one of the few people with access to it, one of whom was Lloyd, it would be interesting to know more about their relationship.

    Liz Lloyd also arranged the meeting between the First Minister and Geoff Aberdein to discuss the allegations. You know, the one Nicola Sturgeon said she forgot about before she was devastated to learn of the allegations days later. And that was the one that Sturgeon said was unarranged when it had been arranged 2 weeks earlier. Are we to believe that Liz Lloyd did not inform the First Minister that the meeting had been arranged and the subject?

    And Lesley Evans complained even earlier about the interference from ‘Liz’. But Liz Lloyd did not inform the First Minister at that stage either?

    No wonder she would not appear in person at the Fabiani investigation, and demanded the support of 2 lawyers.

    The publication of this book should be the spur to turn the spotlight on Liz Lloyd and her relationship with Clegg. And ask questions about her knowledge of the allegations and why she apparently did not tell the First Minister.

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    1. There is a small group of people at the heart of this who have manipulated public opinion with the help of associates in the media and other institutions. For suggesting anonymity rules were exploited to hide these relationships Craig Murray languishes in jail.

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    2. It seems difficult not to envisage GB security services actors extensive involvement in this episode given the amount of people involved in the Salmond stitch-up who are benefiting from immunity from prosecution and anonymity, what Craig Murray divulged about who runs COPFS, and the number of indy people since being persecuted, and no doubt more to come. Clearly a large GB anti-independence team has been let loose on Scotland, ably supported by Crown (COPFS+Police). Colonialism is ‘a scourge’ efter aw.

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      1. Alf
        I do not doubt that there are people outside Scotland who are loving this, however, I do wish you would let up about colonialism. This entire mess has the Scottish National Party at the centre of it with Sturgeon leading it. The Scottish Judiciary is onside. The Scottish media is more than onside, if there was an honest journalist among them we wouldn’t be in this nightmare. We need to accept this was hatched by Scots within the SNP. I respect your writing but, please, like Irn Bru this debacle was made in Scotland.

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      2. But I think Alf was pointing out that the SNP have been transformed into a colonial administration who would obviously regard pro active Indy supporters like Alex as a big danger.

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      3. sadscot

        Postcolonial literature rather predicts that a single dominant national party and its ‘pampered bourgeoisie elite’ will make an ‘accommodation with colonialism’, much as the SNP has done. This then gives rise to creation of new national parties which seek to move towards independence more rapidly, which is what we see.

        With colonialism, of course, and a meritocratic elite reflecting an ‘ethnic/cultural division of labour’, pretty much all the institutions are colonial in nature:

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    3. Folks would do well, if they haven’t already done so, to read up on the all expense paid, CIA or MI5 perchance funded, ten day junket to America some years back.

      And the attendees to this junket, were Liz Loyd, Jenny Gilruth, Kezia Dugdale, Davie Clegg plus a few others. And so Liz Lloyd aide to Sturgeon, Jenny Gilruth SNP MSP and partner of ex labour leader Kezia Dugdale MSP together with Daily Record man Davie Clegg making for a most interesting bunch of friends.

      Rev Stu Campbell covered, or should one say uncovered the junket together with pictures of the happy attendees posing for a group photo. And then you wonder how for example someone in government potentially, released the criminal about Alex Salmond to the Daily Record. ( see Wings – “ all the jolly boys and Girls “ 11th November 2020 )

      Could it have been Liz Lloyd to Davie Clegg. Well who knows, but with Salmond launching the legal steps he has just announced, then soon we may find out.

      And in a separate matter, but of a similar nature, with the Daily Record having thrown its weight behind Humza Yousaf to the extent of releasing a story about what may very possibly prove to be a malicious racial discrimination call, with thereafter the paper putting in place a sting operation on a nursery in Broughty Ferry, Dundee, there may be more questions to be asked about the relationship between SNP politicians and the press.

      Humza Yousaf is a two bit political wastrel and his ill considered actions in throwing his weight about in what appears to be a very ill considered series of actions by him and his wife may well prove his undoing – as it will similarly for those involved in trying to do in Alex Salmond.

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    4. If Liz Lloyd had access to The Decision Report or a draft of it then it must have been sent to her by her good friend, Private Secretary 1 to Leslie Evans. This lowlife, based on the SG’s own evidence shared legally privileged information meant for Leslie Evans only with Judith Mackinnon, Nicola Richards and Barbara Allison despite giving assurances to Salmond’s lawyer at Levy & McRae that they would not do so. They were the primary point of contact between Leslie Evans and Salmond’s lawyers and when the Daily Record story broke it was Private Secretary 1 who shared the story within the SG. Most importantly of all it can be shown that they had access to a version of the decision report as they desperately tried to send it to the Crown Agent on 20 August the day before the meeting with the Police.

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  27. [Please note I cannot see a “reply button” on Cubby’s post so I will take the liberty of posting here.]

    A reply to “Cubby” who posted at 9:14 pm and wrote :

    “Swinney had to endure a couple of motions of no confidence. None of that will happen in future if Sturgeon keeps the MSPs in her majority on side. […] ”

    As I said in an earlier post, and I do honestly believe this, if a single one of those calling themselves SNP MSPs has a very sleepless night and decides one morning to declare: “Enough is enough!”

    Then that one single declaration may herald the collapse of the whole rotten powerbase. It will only take a single voice to be raised in protest for very many more to follow.
    This happened with the fall of Margaret Thatcher – a lone voice, “crying in the wilderness”, (Geoffrey Howe) was swiftly followed by a tidal wave of formerly loyal MPs who were afraid to be found wanting at the end of the day of reckoning.
    I sincerely hope one soul has the courage to begin the clean-out in Scotland.

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    1. Yes Henry that is a possibility but I wouldn’t put any money on it personally. Most of them have been selected because they displayed NONE of the characteristics required to do what you wish to happen – namely, integrity, courage and an overwhelming desire for Scottish independence.

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    1. A one sided re run of the highly dubious case cobbled together by cowards and dismissed as such by the judge and jury. A shameful attempt to continue the smears and ignore and undermine our justice system. Shameful but sadly typical of these desperate characters.

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    2. Thank you for the links. It certainly looks like “cherry-picking” by the newspaper publishing those extracts with the main intention of doing Alex Salmond “down” and relying on most readers to simply read the extracts, make their “judgements” according to the contents of the extracts, and never bothering to buy/read the full book.

      Rotten journalism at its very worst.

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    3. A blatant breaking of the law by Clegg/Andrews and the Times and other newspapers. To actually state the report has been recused by the Court of Session in their book/ newspaper extracts is straightforward contempt of court and sticking two fingers up to Lord Pentland’s judgement.

      No mention in these extracts of the defence witnesses in the criminal trial who the jury believed rather than the two alphabetties.

      A one sided tainted by bias book and nothing apparent about it. Unfair and unlawful – deja vu.

      Hey that’s Britnats for you and they are in the SNP/ Scotgov as well as the MSM.

      Over 300 years ago the majority of the members of the Scottish parliament sold out Scotland and its people to Westminster. Sadly things are worse today as ALL of them in today’s parliament have sold out to Westminster.

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  28. The Scottish legal system is now on trial.

    How it will acquit itself, if at all, will remain to be seen. The rout of corruption, just like the British rout from Kabul has begun.

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    1. Should a crowdfunding ever be necessary for Mr Salmond, I for one will most certainly be very much more generous to such a funding effort than the money I have spent tonight sending “30 pieces of Silver” for the book by 2 very dubious authors who have no doubt had a great deal of “behind the scenes” assistance from a whole crowd of very dubious sources who had their claims totally dismissed as “”illegal, unlawful and tainted by bias”.

      And that was *before* a jury of 8 women and 5 men also rejected the evidence of the complainers as being not credible “beyond all reasonable doubt.”

      It is high time the continuing scurrilous hounding of Mr Salmond, particularly by some of the High Heid Yins in the Scottish Executive, who refuse to accept the verdicts of a Court of Law, came to an end. I hope his legal action finally draws a line under all of this.
      (And perhaps *OPENS* a proper investigation into *WHY* these unproven allegations keep reappearing in the media.)

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  29. Today Tuesday 31st August is apparently now the day that Marion Millar is to appear in court in Glasgow and maybe there will be one or two supporters in town today.

    Most interesting however that this case against Marion Millar is now attracting much international attention. The action of Police Scotland and the Crown in this matter, and other similar matters is certainly attracting attention.

    Here is a link to a press piece from Las Vegas in the USA.

    WIth interest this far afield the Scottish justice, legal system and political system is very much on the international watch list.

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  30. It seems more and more to me daily that Nicola Sturgeon and her cohorts are actively trying to collapse both the Scottish Parliament and the Scottish Legal System, the two routes we will ultimately use to gain our independence. I really hope I’m not the only one that see’s this. This group become more of a danger every day and I’m struggling to see a way out.

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