A guest article from John, a regular reader who has a vivid imagination, or does he? You judge! I publish it exactly as I received it.

Queen Noor of Jordan had a unique insight into how politicians work, a lot of which she discusses in her book.

What stands out for me is the bit where she explains how every bit of information we receive comes to us filtered through various media … something we all know, but not something we are really aware of

She says simply …… the only way to discover the truth about what has and is happening, is to start at the end and work backwards. When all the effects and results are in place, it can be quite easy to go back and see who was lying and who was corrupt.

Imagine then that once upon a time, an old man (me) prepared a short report about how, through various devious and secret actions, oil companies in the North Sea had managed to have their contracts that ensured they were responsible for the costs of platform / field decommissioning changed so that they could sell the assets and responsibilities to other companies ……. and how these other companies had no assets to meet decommissioning costs and would when the time was right, file bankruptcy leaving the government to pick up the costs.

Imagine then ……. that a suggestion was made that the First Minister should pay attention to this before landing Scotland with a large decommissioning bill.


If then the following observations were made : 

• The First Minister suddenly without explanation changes from being a fanatical supporter of Independence – to being the biggest obstacle to Independence.

• The former First Minister is suddenly accused of all kinds of nastiness towards women, which results in the biggest and expensive spectacle in modern history involving all kinds of high ranking civil servants and the First Minister herself ending in a criminal court show case where – it is shown and proven that the entire proceeding was a complete fabrication and nothing more than a deliberate attempt to imprison an innocent man.

• A former British Diplomat is sent to prison for blogging the news – a case that is the first in the entire world’s history and is so blatantly a set up, and the First Minister says nothing and allows it to happen.

• A prominent and popular Independence supporting SNP MP receives threats of violence and is removed from her position …… and the First Minister says nothing.

• A deadly pandemic hits the world and small countries prove they can control the misery by quarantining ….. but the First Minister refuses to restrict travel in and out of the country (which she can do under the centuries old quarantine acts) and just follows what the Prime Minister at Westminster does resulting in sickness and deaths in the country which are the highest in the world.

• An election comes around and the chance of a super majority is offered by the former First Minister – the chance to throw out the very British hangers, on the chance to make Independence happen – and the First Minister goes out of her way with public speaking and a tour to ensure that she is returned with just enough votes to stay in power while allowing opposition parties through the door, destroying the super majority option.

And the list goes on …..

Why for example when thousands of women have banded together to voice their objections does the First Minister stay silent and allow self ID to destroy women’s safety without once addressing the people and explaining why.

Let’s turn it on its head and work backwards …….

What kind of story would you have to put together to make it all make sense.

Not just a quick fantasy that covers most of it – but something that actually covers all the bases.

This is where my imagination runs riot.

Maybe the First Minister along with her husband, the CEO of the party (the one that is all powerful when it comes to decisions) did in fact pay attention to the report about oil platform decommissioning and did meet up with North Sea Big Oil.

Maybe it was made clear that an Independent Scotland would seek the help of the EU and enforce the Big Oil Companies original contracts seeing as how this is how the rest of the North Sea operates.

and maybe …… just maybe, somebody asks what it would take to have Independence delayed for 5 to 10 years, allowing share holders and directors to move away and secure their private investments.

Imagine then how the world would change if a deal was struck – the Leaders of the country and Big Oil had come to a deal – Independence could and would be delayed.

That would certainly provide a plausible path for why the First Minister suddenly changed direction on Independence ….. but it does not cover all strange goings on.

In a final leap, Imagine if you can the possibility that The First Minister receives a visit from a senior civil servant from Westminster who informs her that her entire meeting with Big Oil was recorded and that her selling out Scotland was stored on High definition media – sound and video.

Oh dear ……

Big Oil gets what they want and pays nothing for it …..

Westminster now owns the First Minister.

And now all the cards fall into place.

Most likely this whole story is nothing more than a figment of imagination.

What it shows, however, that without a doubt, the only way to account for all the goings on within the SNP and the Scottish government is to conclude that Westminster have something on Nicola Sturgeon, Westminster without a doubt owns the First Minister.

Something has happened without a doubt – something has changed.


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22 thoughts on “JUST IMAGINE

  1. Bloody hell. There is such a ring of truth to that. Definitely food for thought. One inescapable fact though: we are in hock to liars and charlatans.

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    1. Bloody hell. Where do you think Tony Blair got his £100,000,000 and ownership of about 7 homes worldwide, Dave Boy cameron his £18,000,000 home in Aberdeenshire, Osborne his 6 part-time jobs all paying small fortunes, and Barak Obama his $12,000,000 home on Nantucket?

      They never get investigated for how they received these sums. Anyone else would have Sturgeons mafia at your door at 3 am asking where did that £100,000 in your account come from? None of the above named could possibly have earned those sums from their salary. Poor Johnson on only £150,000 a year. He won’t be summering in Nantucket with Obama I imagine.

      Check out John Perkins: Confessions of an Economic Hitman.

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      1. The Lying and cheating members club, otherwise known as elected politicians only have to spin 3 plates for themselves, and thats how to get re-elected, and how to get re-elected again and the third is, what members of the Briberati do they allow to let them line their pockets and handbags………and that’ll be the ones we have given away our natural resources to in the form of privatised stocks and shares.

        Maybe Sturgeon is eyeing up Nantucket too. She needs to be gotten rid of as a matter of extreme urgency.

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  2. It is not difficult for me to imagine.
    It is obvious that she is owned and on a tight leash by London now.
    The story behind WHY, is less important to me than the act of betrayal.

    Unlike Salmond the lifestyles led by the Murrells made the job easy for MI5. ( those long running, expensive, legal media gags only prevent the public knowing )

    Regarding that advice to look back from the end…remember that advice when you see the jobs and career path of “Oor Nicola” in a few years time AFTER the end of our Independence hopes.

    The Murrells had a stories to be kept hidden, they have lifestyles that need funding – especially keeping their secrets hidden.

    However the MPs and MSPs who prop up her government have no such enticements. Why are they so quiet? Will they really sell out their Nation for a State Salary and Pension. Sadly it appears so!

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    1. I don’t think she needs a leash.
      She never strays from her masters’ feet, and even if she did, one whistle is all that is needed to bring her to heel.

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  3. Well I don’t know why the FM is compromised and as Clootie says maybe that’s not the important bit. After all she’d not be the first one to be “bought and sold for English gold”. No, the important bits are that she is, many folk seem oblivious to it and most importantly of all – what do we do about it.

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  4. Working one further step backwards, why appease the oil and land aristocracy in the first place?

    Possibly because the FM would prefer to be in their company to that of the fractious lumpen. Perhaps conscious of the charmed afterlife of even a political never was like the former leader of the tories in Scotland.

    A prime example of the Bairdian craven colonised.

    There are the compromised, and the willingly compromised.

    The latter I can find no sympathy for

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  5. And not only the oil companies, Iain. The same scenario was played out in the opencast mining industry, in Scotland and who picked up the bill. yip you guessed it. I think NS said at the time, they would offset the cost by using it as a work programme for unemployed youths. what did it cost to reinstate the land at Kelty? If you go up the Salin Road from Comrie (what was once my old school) and climb the fence you will still see, the big hole, the scars of the opencast mine. Today newspapers will line tomorrows dust bins, and the people will forget and the cuprates will escape justice. We need laws, such as they have in Iceland. There, they locked the bankers up in jail. A few more CO in jail and all their assets seized would put pay to this kind of sharp practice.

    “And when you are finished with them – send the asset after the politicians.”

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  6. There are other possibilities and combinations.
    1. She is totally incompetent and fucks up everything she touches. There are many politicians like that and i have not seen her do anything competent in her whole term. Covid cases yesterday 7,113!!!!
    2. She is stubborn and ego driven and will never back down, oh and fucking nasty and vindictive by nature.
    3. She is lining up her future highly lucrative job a) on board of gender drug company b) pretendy green org of some kind c) trans ambassador to UN d) etc etc
    4. All of them (including being compromised on multiple fronts)

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  7. If you’ve already started writing the book, John, as I hope you have, the plot with its of mix possibility and probability will surely be appreciated by a great many people throughout the world, most of whom will never have heard of Sturgeon. More power to your imagination, or might that be: to your powers of forensic deduction

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  8. So many financial and military interests it’s no surprise that Nicola Sturgeon and others have been kompromat as the Russians would say.

    Sturgeon is indeed a quisling haw haw operating a Vichy Government. This resume exposes it without a shadow of a doubt.

    But as I have opined before this is a war. A war being waged clandestinely to destroy the independence movement in every which way including jailing political opponents.

    Read Brigadier General Sir Frank Kitson!

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  9. I think many of us who support an independent Scotland, won’t see that synopsis a fiction but fact, although we can’t prove that Westminster now pulls Sturgeon strings, it would certainly account for the way she has kicked independence into the long grass, and in the process tried to have Salmond removed because he’s a danger to the union.

    Sturgeon has sold Scotland out of that I’m sure.

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  10. There was the social media accounts of Sturgeon kicking off at Balmoral hotel with her French girlfriend, if true, then a D-Notice must surely have been thrown over it, for I couldn’t find it in any of the unionist rags, especially the slabbering Daily Express which it would’ve surely featured.

    It makes you wonder what else, if true has been covered up with regards to Sturgeon and Murrell.

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  11. One problem with this is that I suspect Noor would have looked for the facts prior to her journey through the past. What facts are there here that are anything other than circumstantial?
    Secondly, history is always a matter of interpretation – as the saying goes “it’s the winners who get to write the history”. Thus, just as contemporary facts have to be interpreted – and will often be subjected to contending and conflicting interpretations – the same is true of history. As EH Carr (I think) said, if you want to understand someone’s interpretation of history you need to know “what bees they have in their bonnet”.

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  12. A good article, John. And makes a lot of sense. And I have an extremely good imagination. TOO good at times. I also have a son who works pretty close up to those at the top of the Oil tree. It really doesn’t need a good imagination to accept your premise… just a good knowledge of how people & things, particularly in business, work.

    I have NO DOUBT WHATSOEVER that Sturgeon has been compromised in some way. I do believe she once wanted Indy… and now, for what seems a very strange reason, she doesn’t. Why, is the question. Why would I think that? Because EVERY SINGLE AVENUE that could be a potential ‘getting your cards’ situation, has been covered to make sure she ISN’T fired. Every single situation, every wrong move she’s made, every trick she has pulled, every single mismanagement of situations where her ass may have been on the line, has been covered so that she stays EXACTLY WHERE SHE IS. And NOT ONE of her people that surrounds her has been thrown under a bus. Only the people who do not follow her mantra. No matter WHAT she does, someone has her back, someone covers for her, someone takes the voters doubts & tells them they are wrong. She’s not that clever & neither are the people around her. Just take a really good look:

    1) the FM who was nearly thrown out of the law practice she was employed in, for drastic errors that should have resulted in her being fired? Does that kind of incompetence equate to someone who can cover EVERY SINGLE INSTANCE (and there are a multitude of things she has done) of wrong doing & still be in position she’s in?

    2) Looking at her 2nd in Commands that are in charge, ie Blackman, Spear, etc… do any of them strike you as being so clever they can pull off bad move after bad move & still be in a position to dictate policy? I don’t think so! So clever they can cover Sturgeon’s back? They’ve covered each other & those refusing to be ‘team players’ are hounded out of position; ie Cherry, MacAlpine, Hendry, etc..Do you really believe her trans pals are blackmailing her into doing their bidding? I don’t. They’re too stupid… even backed by Stonewall.

    Now look at her Civil Servants – the UNIONIST civil servants, employed by the Head of the UK Civil Service & technically appointed by none other than bozo…. And I’ll ask the question again. Do any of them strike you as being so clever they can hide bad move after bad move, ‘sailing extremely close to criminal’ moves (NEC manipulation etc.) and cover for her if they have to – and still remain in position? Indeed get huge pay rises & your contract extended by two years??

    3) It costs a helluva lot of money to pay the likes of Stonewall, all the extra staff Scotgov has taken on, the huge salaries they’ve all come to enjoy, the court costs of the likes of Big Daddy Smith, not to mention the near £1m. Scotgov had to pay for the Judicial Review on Alex Salmond they didn’t win, the court costs of the court case. – and the salaries to NEC members where once those positions were voluntary… All this & much more out of a BLOCK GRANT that has systematically been cut since Sturgeon took over from Salmond?? I mean, how much further does less go, when talking about the money SNP have squandered in their government? WHERE HAS ALL THE EXTRA COME FROM?

    4) COPFS is now as ridiculous as the SNP govt is. Is that by accident – or design? They’ve covered Sturgeon’s back so many times, you’d think it was some kind of conjoined twin! They have made sure they have covered every move Sturgeon has made, they’ve been able to make every odd, quirky rule fit any question raised about Sturgeon’s behaviour during the Salmond trial & the Committee Inquiry. They’ve redacted every piece of potentially threatening & incriminating evidence to Sturgeon & they’ve done it even when the law stated it was contempt to do so. Can anyone doubt they are in her pocket? Or ‘someone’s’ pocket! Solicitors, QC’s, MANY legal eagles are aghast at how COPFS has behaved & yet… absolutely 0 has been done about it. And it would seem that COPFS reach extends to judges, given the incredible jailing of Craig Murray! Even QC’s could not believe what they were reading when the sentence was pronounced!!

    None of these people in the SNP, in Scotgov or in COPFS, have the people, the experience or the MONEY to cover their backs so often & in so many incredible ways to get what they want unless there is someone – oh! Like David Harvie, in a position to offer them ‘incentives’. There are POWERFUL people behind Nicola Sturgeon & they are not going to let Independence happen if they can possibly stop it. THEY NEED SCOTLAND’S MONEY & they are not going to let it slip through their fingers. Phillip Hammond made that quite clear in 2019, before the election, so that every unionist party leader knew what line they had to tow, that NONE OF THEM could agree to let us have a Sec.30 or there would be NO MONEY to fill their pockets with.

    ONLY WESTMINSTER could pull the strings, use obscure laws, pay the kind of money they need, to make sure Nicola Sturgeon stays in power. Her behaviour made it quite clear; dragging her feet on Independence, using every excuse under the sun to avoid it, DELIBERATELY BLOCKING Martin Keatings’ case for whether we needed a Sec.30, and telling her faithful to vote SNP1&2 to block ALBA, that bad ole party that wants INDEPENDENCE & thus letting 64 unionists into Scotparl. That ISN’T the behaviour of someone who wants Independence. If she once did, it was a long, long time ago!

    If you can take all that and say with hand on your heart, that you have NO DOUBTS WHATSOEVER that the above is just imagination, then… all I can say is – you can’t see it because your head is so firmly stuck in the sand, it’ll take years to dig yourself out! You will never get independence fawning over Sturgeon. Your loyalty is admirable but your rationale is deeply flawed. f you sincerely & deeply wish Independence, you need a reboot…

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  13. Personally, I believe it all happened when Alistair Carmichael leaked what she had said before the 2015 GE in that she wanted to see David Cameron returned to office. The accusation being she had supposedly said it to the French Diplomat should have been a red flag! That’s when things started to change. The fallout from 2014 Indyref returned the record number of SNP MPs to Westminster, not anything she had done.
    More likely they recorded her saying it whilst they were alone (out a at Bridge of Allan) and unaware of the listening going on by MI5.
    To destroy our country so as not to be found out takes the biscuit though.

    Anything I have said here could be complete and total rubbish but thats up to someone else to disprove.

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