This Week’s Prism Show 5.09.21

I am on holiday this week but Roddy has a host of quality guests and has put together an interesting show.

One thought on “This Week’s Prism Show 5.09.21

  1. The sad fact is the SNP has been infected by a serious dose of the neo-liberalism, and they are now a zombie party that’s fitting Scotland up for the benefits of their own, and corporate, interests. Which isn’t that surprising really, as neo-liberal practice has colonised just about every aspect of our lives, including the law (see gender-ideology). This means the NuSNP are unable to defend Scotland from right-wing English nationalism, or support natural justice. Which the Scottish justice system is spectacularly incapable of supporting anyway, as it has been crippled by standing under an outdated and illiberal constitutional order that’s institutionally hostile towards the legal reforms needed to meet the political and legal needs of participatory pluralist democracy.

    Though identity is central to substantive politics, identity politics only has the potential to be personally and socially liberating if it’s grounded in the material world. So further disabling Scots law’s capacity to reflect material reality is the wrong type of identity politics, and will seriously undermine the Scottish government’s capacity to protect, emancipate, and empower the socially vulnerable. Which Scotland is as a nation, thanks to English/British nationalism’s unconstitutionally majoritarian re-imagination of British constitutionalism (Brexit).

    N.B. Women’s rights can’t be separated from the rights of children, nor the “Right to Development”. Which assumes nations enjoy self-determination and the potential for cultural development, as well as full control of, and benefit from, their national wealth and natural resources.

    Universalism in Welfare Policy: The Swedish Case beyond 1990

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