Interviews with Neale Hanvey MP and a really spirited interview with Denise Findlay. i can also confirm there will be a special Prism Show discussing the Conference outcomes midweek of which more will be revealed later. I know this because my Greek agent has informed me I must be available.

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  1. Boris Already says NO to Queen Nic Indyref2, oh dear the New SNP androids are in a panic no plan A=Gold Standard plan b never been discussed. Where now for the New SNP and its useless leader. Alba Party full of ideas and passed. Do I want the New SNP to fail (Yes) Scotland deserve better than the New SNP has to offer that doesn’t mean Independence has failed it just means there’s a new party in town and we need to get behind the Alba Party at every opportunity I know I will. The New SNP should pass the referendum over to the Alba Party I fell sure well get the job done and with time to spare before the end of 2023.

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  2. Given the GRA will destroy the potential for Scots law to support the principle of equality in law, I’m wondering where the FM gets the neck to imagine her judgement superior to the jurisprudence of international law. Though if I was to guess, it’s probably the support she’s getting from the Crown.

    Compositions of professionalism in counselling work: An embodied
    and embedded intersectionality framework

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  3. Sorry, it’s the proposed “amendments” to the GRA that would further cripple Scots law. The GRA was drafted to respond to the identity and self-expression rights of trans-individuals, but was careful not to impinge on the rights of biological women. That’s why the GRA refers to the legal adoption of the opposite “gender” and not “sex”. The proposes amendments to the GRA conflate gender with sex, thereby extending the scope of the GRA, in a manner that undoes the legal protections that women and girls enjoy as a consequence of possessing a female biology.

    Using Intersectionality to better understand health system resilience

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  4. Apologies for commenting further, but I note that the public health benefits of the covid-19 vaccine are being questioned again, elsewhere. While the evidence indicates there is insufficient health benefit to justify immunising children, covid-19 is just not the sort of pathogen that is amenable to strategies relying on the community development of natural herd immunity. Which is why the government is desperate to hurry things along, so we can get back to making lots of profit for the corporations to avoid paying tax on. Such is the morality of neo-liberal government.


  5. O/T Iain.

    Marion Millar’s crowdfunding site, dumping her donation page and donating fees to a trans-charity.

    “Today we put that into action by removing our services from Marion Millar, and we’re donating any fees we received from her fundraising to a Trans-rights charity in the UK.”

    On Marion Millar’s fund raiser cruelly shutdown by the hosting site that has the chutzpah to take it fees after cancelling her fundraiser that folk have kindly donated to, someone on Twitter had this lightbulb moment.

    “I’d suggest everyone does a credit card charge back and donates the money directly.”

    How can they justify taking fees when they’ve cruelly cancelled her donation page.

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