Here I have opportunity to discuss the excellent Alba Conference with the Party’s first life member Gareth Wardell aka Grousebeater and the newly elected NEC Member Roddy McLeod aka Barrhead Boy. I hope you enjoy.


  1. I am a supporter of all three speakers. The subjects and quality of debate is excellent.
    However you must come up with a way of not talking over each other. It is great to have an informal format but too many times we had two speakers going full tilt at the same time. I know comms link delays cause gaps and hence the temptation to jump in but it needs some work, some restraint. You all have passion and much to say but think of the new listeners that you want to attract and keep.

    I hope you don’t mind the feedback.

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  2. For clarification: the Prostitution resolution is for an abolishionist model to decriminalise the (mostly) women being used and tackle demand by criminalising purchase of someone’s body to use for sex. Please listen again to the speakers for and against and understand where they are coming from (4.37 – 5.10 on Sunday).

    Chances are it will rock your world if you have never really thought about this before, so take the time to find the facts and recognise the reality
    (just have a think about the lives of mostly very poor Eastern European women in the German mega brothels and ask what that says about a society, relationships between the sexes, and whether thats the kind of ‘enterprise’ and so-called ‘work’ we want in Scotland.

    Please have a look at the campaign website and follow the link to e mail your msps. This approach is SG policy. Lets urge them to put the policy into effect.

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    1. Agreed with this clarification. I’m so glad to be in a party that recognises the highly exploitative nature of prostitution and the profoundly negative affect on the (mostly) women involved. Here is the exact wording of the motion.

      A Scottish Model of Legislation for Prostitution
      ALBA agrees with the Scottish Government’s NHS guidelines on Commercial Sexual Exploitation which outlines the harmful effects on prostituted women: that a majority suffer high levels of physical violence, rape and post-traumatic stress; that there is a significant effect on mental health; and that there is a significant link with drug abuse.
      ALBA recognises the successful legislative approach to prostitution pioneered in Sweden for more than 20 years, now also adopted in Norway, Finland, Iceland, Canada, Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland and France, which focuses on reducing demand for commercial sexual exploitation. ALBA further acknowledges that in countries where prostitution is legalised there is an associated increase in human trafficking, child prostitution and other forms of criminality.
      ALBA therefore supports the development of a Scottish model of legislation that
      • decriminalises the sale of sex,
      • criminalises the purchase of sex, and
      • offers comprehensive support and services for those wishing to exit commercial sexual exploitation.
      We further agree that such action is in accordance with the Scottish Government’s Equally Safe strategy, in particular the statement that commercial sexual exploitation, including prostitution and human trafficking, is a form of violence against women.


  3. As far as I understand things, believing that ‘sex-work’ is work rather than sexual exploitation, is a consequence of the neo-liberal colonisation of the law and feminist theory. Which I think adequately explains the FM’s ideological support for the legal erasure of womanhood.

    A Heated Debate: Theoretical Perspectives of Sexual Exploitation and Sex Work

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  4. Again, sorry for commenting further, but if the FM can’t defend the legal identity of her own sex-class from the unwanted penetration of males, why would anyone think she can protect Scotland from far-right English nationalism?

    The politics of injustice: Sex-working women,
    feminism and criminalizing sex purchase in Ireland

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  5. When I joined the SNP in the eighties it was a given that individuals would have, and could have, their personal opinions and they would be respected. There was also a general agreement that there would be an ethical stance on issues that would come up in the council and in the wider political sphere of Scottish/UK/International politics. It was healthy then. Having said that, in most cases, we didn’t hold the reins of power.
    When there were controversial matters being discussed at meetings then it would be made clear that, where there were conflicts of interests then they should be declared. Everything was transparent.
    What is happening now is the SNP have become victims of their own success. The fake, shallow and trendy causes emanating from certain US universities (gender/trans/virtue signaling) has swallowed them up and the white privilege stuff (not a big issue in Scotland) has gained a major foothold in the way many in the party leadership think.
    In my opinion, nearly all the poor/low income in my area are also, for the most part, white. As a member of the SNP I simply refuse to go out in the streets and the shopping centres campaigning on bullshit and drivel.
    Those pushing all this nonsense, along with the anti-science, trans militants, who most people would regard as entryists (I could call them something else but I will refrain) must be thinking ‘we can’t believe our luck’ at how they have influenced and shaped the views and policies of those leading the biggest political party in Scotland.
    I believe the time will come, hopefully sooner rather than later, when there will be a backlash and SNP will suffer electorally. It will be unfortunate that the wider independence movement may also suffer. It may be a price we will all have to pay, in the short-term at least.
    I think most on this list will agree that a future Scotland will have freedom of speech enshrined in the very fabric of our country, Given the words, and actions, of most in the SNP leadership in the last few years, those thoughts are not shared. Shame on them.

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    1. I’m sorry, but you can’t tackle social inequality if you deny the role that structural racism plays in contemporary Britain. Best leave that game to the Tories.

      The SNP have simply made a total pig’s ear of engaging with post-colonial legal theory and intersectionality, which is inescapably centered on the recognition of our biological differences, and the impacts these have on our potential to access justice.

      How Race Becomes Biology: Embodiment of
      Social Inequality


  6. P.S. In case folks haven’t twigged yet, J.O.E. is the voice of the far right. Perhaps slightly higher up the food-chain than the roaster joe, who gained popular support against me despite parroting anti-Semitic propaganda from your actual Nazis.


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