The ALBA MPs, Neale Hanvey MP and Kenny MacAskill MP have today (Thursday) tabled a motion to annul the Order which has been laid by the Home Secretary Priti Patel MP to transfer draconian powers under the Serious Organised Crime and Police Act 2005 which would allow the police to remove protestors from the Scottish Parliament building and grounds under threat of criminal prosecution.  The Order was laid by the Home Secretary on 9 September following a request by the Scottish Parliamentary Corporate Body (SPCB).  The Serious Organised Crime and Police Act 2005 (Designated Scottish Sites under Section 129) Order 2021 (SI 2021, No. 1021) will come into force on 1 October, unless it is annulled.  The ALBA MPs are seeking a Debate and a Parliamentary vote on the issue.

In a statement Neale Hanvey MP, ALBA Westminster Group Leader said:

“I addressed a rally outside the Scottish Parliament today where there is growing anger at the prospect of peaceful protestors being removed from the grounds of the Scottish Parliament under threat of criminal prosecution.  This attempt by the Scottish Parliamentary Corporate Body (SPCB) to limit the right to peaceful protest in the wider Scottish Parliamentary Estate and to attack fundamental rights and freedoms is unacceptable. 

“The SPCB has sought to do this by making a request to the Home Secretary in Whitehall who has no jurisdiction over the criminal justice system in Scotland. 

“ I am determined to do everything possible to stop these draconian powers from coming into force.  That is why, along with my colleague Kenny MacAskill, I have tabled a motion to annul and effectively repeal the Order laid by the Home Secretary Priti Patel which would bring these powers into effect.  This should be an issue which concerns every single Scottish MP. There is absolutely no impediment to SNP MPs signing this motion as their party conference has voted for a motion expressing concern at this move and urging Parliamentarians to call for this Order to be withdrawn. 

“The right to peaceful protest must be protected.  Therefore I urge all of my Parliamentary colleagues to get behind our effort to have this issue debated and voted on in the House of Commons”.


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  1. Outstanding. ALBA are the bright burning hope for Scotland. Not only does this stand up for the right to peaceful protest, it calls on the SNP MPs to respect the vote of their own party conference – or be seen to disrespect it.

    The well made point that the Home Secretary has no jurisdiction over the criminal justice system in Scotland forces the Home Office to acknowledge this or be seen to violate the Treaty of Union in a move that will anger many Scots.

    Hats off to Neale Hanvey and Kenny MacAskill!

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  2. Criminal prosecution with the potential of a year in jail or a £5,000 for standing in public grounds expressing democratic opposition.

    And all facilitated under 2005 Serious Organised Crime legislation. No right minded person could noe misunderstand how rotten and corrupt this SNP Government is.

    Sturgeon may think she can crush dissent, jail political opponents, censor the media but she will not win. History is littered with people like her who used the force of the state malignly – and who built walls around themselves to isolate themselves from the people. They all came to grief, as Sturgeon will too.

    Hitler in his bunker, Mussolini on a lamp post. Idi Amin in exile in Saudi – and for Sturgeon very possibly the jail.

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  3. The ALBA conference motions and the actions of ALBA politicians continue to highlight just how badly democracy and Independence have been damaged by Sturgeon.

    Compare these actions to;

    The SNP new “feeble 50” MPs led by a arrogant buffoon and the blind, deaf, mute MSP cretins at Holyrood who insult our Independence movement by their cult membership. The SNP members who pretend their voice has not been neutered, who think that throwing Women under the political bus is acceptable, who pretend that our children are not at risk.

    Women should not wheesht for Indy, none of us should!
    It may take time to wake them up but remember what is at risk – Our Nation, Our Women and children’s Safety.

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  4. There certainly appears to be a pattern to the Scottish government’s legal practice, which increasingly has the effect of restricting open access to the public realm. Especially if you’re a woman or girl, who are being denied safe spaces in which to attend to their physical/psychological needs and bodily requirements.

    “Civil society participation is the lifeblood of any healthy democracy and society. When civil society channels flow freely, it means vibrant debate, freedom of thought and opinion, and public engagement in policy.”

    – Michelle Bachelet, United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights
    2 October 2019, Dublin Platform for Human Rights Defenders

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  5. If this does come into effect I will be one of the first (and I suspect there to be around 2 hundred thousand of my fellow countrymen/women) standing alongside me, arms stretched out in front to be handcuff and lead away for our court hearing. It is time to stand up and be counted, Scotland is our home, and we make the rules, not anyone in a foreign country. If Sturgeon had capitulated to Johnston, we have not, We need independence and we need it now.

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  6. There is a sufficient amount of law in force which prevents serious disorder occurring anywhere not least at the Scottish Parliament.
    Did Police Scotland request further powers? I suspect they did not as they are not needed.
    People must be permitted to protest within the present law any restriction on this is sinister.
    This must be stopped it is nonsense like much coming from the Scottish Parliament at the moment.

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  7. I suspect Sturgeon has a cunning plan.
    She is going for “measured incompetence”. The SNP will lose a dozen seats but she will claim that it is normal for a Party so long in power to have a set back like this.
    It obviously had nothing to do with GRA.
    She keeps the Wokerati onboard -“we will get there soon”
    She keeps the faithful onboard -” Independence when we get back in”.
    She struts as FM (without a majority)and the money keeps coming in.
    No more pressure from the YES rabble.
    The big plus is that she keeps the secrets buried.

    It was all Alex Salmonds fault!!!

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  8. Scotland’s legal/political Establishment has been culturally ‘conditioned’ to view their legal position as subourdinate to English legal culture, and so to stand under Westminster’s claim to legal authority to command Scotland. The Royal Town Planning Institute conditioned me to de-colonise Scots law and legal practice. Which conditioning do you reckon will prove the most durable? 🙂

    Pluralism and Democratic Participation: What Kind of Citizen are Citizens Invited to be?

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  9. P.S. Not that I’m suggesting I’m anyway significant, rather, is scientifically grounded legal and political practice more durable than that grounded in regressive and culturally-bound ideology? Not forgetting supremacist exceptionalism.

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  10. 01 Sturgeon saying on Sky news, she’s British and she’ll always stay British even when Scotland becomes Independent, I hope she speak for herself only
    02 A four Nation approach to the Gas and Oil
    03 Going to the British state to seek to block Scots protesting outside their own parliament, why? Because she doesn’t want the general public to know that the New SNP are democracy deniers and women oppressors
    04 Taking the Claim of Right, where the people have the final say on their future and given that right to the UK government and calling it the Gold Standard and then passing it off as something we should all be grateful for.
    05 Manifesto pledges ignored
    06 Calling Independence supporters, keyboard warriors and cybernats
    07 Refuses to march in any AUOB marches
    08 Trying to overturn Brexit and then allowing the Tories to have an election
    09 Has made no effort to re-join the EU
    10 Asking the British army to step in and help the Ambulance service
    11 Allowed drug related deaths to continue
    12 Child poverty to continue
    13 SG arguing against and trying to block Martin Keatings court case which resulted in it failing
    14 Craig Murray
    15 Marion Millar
    16 Alex Salmond
    17 Stuart Campbell
    18 Independence isn’t about one person

    I’m of the opinion which I would have never ever thought I would have got to and that is, that its more important to get rid of either Nicola Sturgeon or the New SNP (I personally would prefer both), than it is to achieve Independence. It is totally unthinkable to become Independent and be ruled by this woman and her new party because the more power this woman and this party has the more dangerous, they will become and to have the Police and crown office in their back pockets is extremely worrying.

    Regarding COP 26, Ms sturgeon wants to turn it into another look at me opportunity, when it should be about Scotland and not her and therefore the Grand Tour of Nicola Sturgeon needs to come to an abrupt end.

    I applaud Kenny and Neale for putting country before anything else.

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    1. She has the police and crown office in her pocket because she is the leader of the SNP and is destroying the Independence cause. if she was the leader of the SNP and building and actively pursuing independence for s=Scotland she would be under attack. She has med her choice and it is up to honest people to see she is hung for it.

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  11. Sorry, I don’t believe any pro-independence politician representing a Scottish constituency should attend the Westminster cesspit. Attending only helps to prop up the British nationalist establishment. By continuing to play by britnat laws implies obedient acceptance of such.

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  12. Scotland is going nowhere but down the stanky, if we can’t stop the absolute shambles that is the SNP’s leadership and management from trashing Scots law beyond repair. A government that supports the belief that biological sex is a matter of personal choice, can not be considered competent to govern. So the woo woo, which is the pinnacle of neo-liberal theory and practice, will further undermine the Scottish government’s capacity to combat covid-19. Which is a crises caused by neo-liberal government and neo-liberal approaches to development.

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  13. OT

    re. Niall Ferguson. The man’s a storm-trooper for neo-liberalism, and subsequently has a rather uneducated appreciation of what democracy entails. He certainly appears to think it possible to be a member of a democracy that refuses to acknowledge your legal identity, and uses force of law to compel your nation to adopt the political morals of another nation.

    Associative Obligation and the Social Contract

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