I wrote this after the election back in May. i simply ask has anything changed or are we about to waste more years yet again?

A Desperate need for honest politics.

Scotland is in an appalling state. We have a corrupt, dishonest Government elected on the back of the most corrupt and undemocratic election campaign in living memory. No cancel that, ever!

A campaign where those participating tolerated, nay encouraged, the Public Service Broadcaster, namely the British State’s propaganda arm, the BBC, to operate a blanket ban on the Alba Party. Worse this ban was accompanied by the remainder of the MSM doing the same. This allowed the quite disgraceful and evil behaviour of the current First Minister to continually smear her absent rival, a pathetically cowardly act that degrades and devalues the status of the role she holds.

Don’t get me wrong the media were well looked after, they had plenty reason to support the First Minister, she had gifted them £3 million pounds of taxpayers money and was clearly volunteering to both slow down any progress on the Independence front while promoting the both votes SNP strategy in the sure knowledge it would protect the vast bulk of Unionist MSP’s and also protect against the most “ horrific” policy agenda from the Alba Party. No, the Union and the SNP have never been better friends. There will never be any Supermajority while the Murrells are running the show. There will never be Independence either. The Union is safe in their hands. 

So according to Nicola she is back to work already. Not to find out what happened to the “ring fenced” money, or to heal the damaging splits in her own Party. There are still plenty of very annoyed and disgusted members within the SNP. I have been speaking to several of them over the last weekend.. They will await the SNP moving on GRA and the Hate Crime Bill before taking their next steps.

Friday was a great day for the Nicola fans, the SNP were holding their existing seats and even won a few more. A majority was certain was it not? Well no, so while they won East Lothian and Ayr the Nicola supporters were blind to the fact that both these seats were in South Scotland and their “victory” resulted in two “losses” of SNP seats on the list in that region. All that work and “success” but Independence advanced not one inch.Saturday then saw the election of scores of Unionists on the list killing off any chance of a SNP majority. Exactly as the system is designed to achieve. All as was forecast accurately by Alba but ignored by the “both votes” blind.

While the loyalist dupes in the SNP refused to even try and secure a solid Indy majority or contemplate the opportunity of a giant step forward to a supermajority, unionists gamed the system successfully by using tactical voting to deny the SNP the seats they needed to secure an outright SNP majority. Tactician she is not. Strategist she is not. She is not serious about Independence. She is a Devolutionist happy to share the crumbs from the Unionist table. She talks the talk but baulks when it comes to serious action. She will not deliver anything, she will continue for a few more years as First Minister as the anger and disillusion about progress to Independence continues, she will hold out for as long as she can coming up with excuse to follow excuse, then she will be rewarded by a high level job in the UN or where she can continue her valuable work on behalf of her British master.

Too harsh? I don’t think so, she is an intelligent woman, an experienced politician, she knew EXACTLY what the effect of the both votes strategy would be. She knew the electoral system was specifically designed to make it virtually impossible for one Party to win a overall majority. That it could only result in loads of unionists being elected through the back door instead of a supermajority that could have been easily possible with some cooperation between the pro Indy forces.

If there was the supermajority that there should have been of around 95 pro Indy MSP’s in the 129 seat Parliament there would have none of the comments from Boris and Gove questioning the mandate and casting doubt on the result. Nicola’s tactics worked brilliantly for the Union because they were designed to. Someday some of the Nicola fan club might be able to work that out for themselves.

I hear the comment that there is nothing wrong with the electoral system that it is used in other European countries. Show me one where one Party rules under that system? It doesn’t happen it creates coalition Government, it requires two parties, at least, to work together to create a true majority. It is therefore completely unsuitable for Nicola’s desire for having only one sole all powerful Party delivering Independence. It can never work. It will never create a big enough majority. Nicola and the British State knows this. That is why it is there! That is why she is there. She is the toast of the Union. In secret of course! As a friend said to me only last week “I have no idea what they have got on her but it must be a doozie!”.

At the end of the 2021 election Scotland is pretty much where we were after the 2016 election. Another five years of non progress has elapsed. The arguments remain the same. Despite SNP claims of great success how has Independence progressed? Tricky one that is it not? All I see is the UK moving to close down our options and a supine SNP whimpering in response. We are paying a huge cost for allowing Nicola to be the sole voice of the Independence Movement.

I have no political ambitions. I have no desire to benefit from relying on any income from politics, all of which allows me the freedom to write honestly about what I truly believe is going on. I do not do it recklessly, I provide evidence and argument to back it up. My priority is to see progress on Independence. I see only a brake in Nicola.

If folk think I am wrong about this please name the other countries using this election system that has one Party, with a majority. Point me to the country where using this system has the main Independence Party successfully won Independence. Show me the country that won Independence where the Party Leader encouraged state censorship of the other pro Indy forces and sided with the State Propaganda arm of the very State they were supposedly seeking Independence from? Show me a country where the Independence Movement funds the media organisations lined up against it to oppose Independence.

None of the above is fiction. It is happening now, right here in Scotland. That many are too blind to see is not my fault. So instead of hurling the usual abuse explain to me why it is me that is wrong. Deny that the above is happening. Give me a plausible explanation of how it is all part of a clever secret plan rather than just blatant betrayal. Explain to me how it’s helping to win our Independence?

If what happened in our General Election happened elsewhere many would describe it as a police state. I think that would be accurate, when censorship of political rivals becomes an accepted, even encouraged event, when state financing is used for political advantage, when the legal judgement of the courts and jury system is questioned and ignored by the most senior Government leader then democracy is out the window. That all happened, here in Scotland I am ashamed to write. Can any deny or excuse it?

Lots of people are thinking the above. It is time we started stating it in the open. Then just maybe some eyes might open to the truth.

I am, as always

Yours for Scotland.,


If anyone thinks the SNP escape this criticism because they did a deal with the Greens provide the text in the deal that commits the Greens to anything other than waiting for a Section 30?


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37 thoughts on “SPEAKING MY MIND.

  1. “I have no idea what they have got on her but it must be a doozie!”.

    Well, now that lockdown is over and people can meet in pubs and restaurants – and at real in-person political events, some of this is becoming known to more people. (How useful was that to wee Nikla?)

    Publication can be smothered by legal devices, but Scotland is a small country where everyone is in contact with everyone else at no more than 2 or 3 removes. Truth will out – but sadly, possibly not in time!

    I’m sure I don’t yet know the half of it, but even if a smidgen of what I have heard is true, then many people are in for an awful shock – especially the cult-followers still in the SNP

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    1. “I’m sure I don’t yet know the half of it, but even if a smidgen of what I have heard is true, then many people are in for an awful shock”

      I’m a nobody, I have no connections but what I know would curl your hair and made me spoil my constituency vote in May even though the SNP candidate was supposed to be okay. I’m horrified by what I know and I’ve no doubt there’s more I don’t know yet.

      The worst thing Alex Salmond ever did was to resign after indyref1 with the resulting “coronation” and subsequent downhill trajectory of the national party. Or as Alf would put it the assimilated national party!

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      1. You’re not ‘a nobody’ Panda – we’re all Jock Tamson’s bairns, after all!

        But I am not just referring to what the coven did – or tried to do to Alex Salmond – horrendous as that is. We actually know quite a lot about that through Iain here, and of course the magnificent reportage of Craig Murray and the forensic analysis of Gordon Dangerfield. But there is more -much more – and I don’t just mean the missing money!

        Those of us with contacts in the legal profession will know a great deal more about the identities of those involved than would ever be discernible from the very careful – and lawful – writings of those named above (including the man who was jailed for revealing nothing more than exposing the collusion of the Crown and the Press).

        And a good reading of Garavelli and the Kirsty Wark crap will tell you even more.

        Anyone who drinks with members Her Britannic Majesty’s Loyal Press Corps (HBMLP) will know even more than that (they spill when they drink – and they can’t help showing off) – So there is much out there.

        Question why does HBMLP not publish this stuff? It is absolutely dynamite!

        Only part of the answer to that is legal constrains (which m’learned friends tell me are not insurmountable – this is not about the jigsaw matter).

        I suspect they are waiting for their moment (the point where the billionaire owners think it will do most damage to the cause).

        But there is more even than that – as I have now learned from folks who were very close to the SNP action (and indeed members of HBMLP) and have now ( in the case of SNP folks with a conscience) left in disgust – and in an effort to preserve their personal integrity.

        St Nikkla of Gleneagles is nothing like what she wants us all to believe she is. She is more than a liability.

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  2. Nothing has changed.

    The SNP sheeple are still hanging on to their holy trinity of beliefs:

    1. “We’re going to get a Section 30” (hope)
    2. “Nicola has a secret Santa plan” (faith)
    3. “The SNP are great” (charity)

    I paraphrase but that is the essence of it.

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  3. From 2016

    I was there that day. As someone who then worked with Homeless Teenagers, you can imagine the pride I felt at that speech. To see the hope and expectation and adulation on the faces of the young care leavers moved me so close to tears.

    So what happened next.

    Well nothing really. The burden for the provision of care for these care leavers remained with the local authorities with no extra funding allocated.

    Now after 5 long years, the Scottish Government has announced a stimulus package of slightly more than they provided to bribe the MSM. After 5 long years all care leavers will be allocated £200 (for comparison the state of California gives their care leavers between $10 and $12 thousand).


    I remember reading this article some time ago.


    Now I know how he feels. The whole house of cards has come tumbling down. The whole of Nicola Sturgeon’s speech was an actor masterpiece probably dreamed up my one of her ever increasing ‘Spad’s Army’.

    “I say Nicola I’ve just come up with a wonderful idea. Why don’t we get some youngsters from the care environment along to parade at the conference then milk it for all it’s worth”

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  4. I’ve voted SNP for many years now but this year I gave my second vote to Alba. I used to be on Twitter but removed myself on May 8th after all the shenanigans. I’m truly sad at what’s happened to the SNP and although I miss a lot of decent people on Twitter and their opinions, I certainly don’t miss the toxic arm of both the gender police and a lot of the MPs, MSPs and councillors representing that once great party. I only dip into the independence debate to read my favourite bloggers but in the company and advice from my family I’ve given up on politics until we can see some positive action towards freedom. I bet I’m not alone.

    And, May I say, I agree with every word you wrote above.

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  5. “Nicola and the British State knows this. That is why it is there! That is why she is there. She is the toast of the Union. In the secret of course! As a friend said to me only last week “I have no idea what they have got on her but it must be a doozie!”.
    All of what you say is valid, but I can not get my head around the doozie theory, Holyrood is linked to Westminster, there is no Scottish parliament as a separate entity. The voting system is corrupt from top to bottom, across the whole of these islands. tactical voting could not go on the way it does unless there was collusion from all the parties in government (north and south of the border), they like the status quo and wish it to continue. Oh, all the opposition parties stand up in the Commons and rattle their chops, but when it comes to the vote, like birds of a feather they all come together, (the SNP are allowed to sit on their hands so as not to lose face, but, their vote is only superfluous.) The Labour party has almost become partners in crime with the Tories at Westminster now, and the SNP well all they want is to stay in power, in Scotland and the Tories are happy to allow them (and support them) to do that, for it keeps the equilibrium of power at Westminster. All this is well understood, but what to do about it. We need the revolution to start in our villages, towns, and cities, this will require real effort and organisation, and it needs to start now, in the lead up to the Scottish Council Elections, only the Scottish Voters can take back control, but they require the leadership. Alba I hoped would be the catalyst for change, but it will have to be much more proactive than we have now. All you say is spilt milk, we need to move on from that, let’s start a revolution in Scotland by marching in the streets, banging on doors and getting the vote out for Alba, at the local elections next spring

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  6. You would be hard pushed to not have heard stories about the inner manipulation within he Murrell Foundation/Cult/Business/Religion/Political Party.
    Sadly many of the horror stories I have heard come from long term remaining SNP members who continue to swim upstream in the Party.

    To hear is one thing, to process the information another. However to act upon what you hear is all that matters.

    That is why I left the Party. I observed the manipulation and corruption first hand in addition to the mountain of stories.

    We can all tell a hundred stories to justify the claim that Sturgeon is a tyrant. However the listener has to be open to the information. Unfortunately many remain mesmerised by the snake oil salesperson ( other pronouns are available)

    To answer the question set – somehow things have got worse. I say that because every day that the politicians and members accept her behaviour it leads to another turn on the downward spiral for all of us.

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  7. Nicola?

    I see only a brake in Nicola… Fake Minister,
    who’s supposedly seeking Independence from UK:
    Is this the extremest of foolishness/Sinister;
    Sovereign Scots, are you now obliged to stay?!

    © Ewen A. Morrison 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

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  8. As always Iain, I agree with you 100%. As someone else here wrote, we really do have to take to the streets now. . We need to be more like the French, Greeks or Germans. They wouldn’t stand for this. We have to stop being nice and start getting bolshy.
    On another topic; I always get into your blog, like I do Roddy’s, Grumpy’s or PAB’s through “Voices for Independence” But there’s one blog in there that sticks out like a sore thumb, and it’s WGD. Every time I see it it makes me boak, the perpetual sycophancy to the Sturgeon regime is sickening. Tories this and that but never a word or criticism against the SNP.
    And at the end of his blogs, the warning— “This is your reminder that the purpose of this blog is to promote Scottish Independence” No it’s not, it’s to lick Sturgeon’s arse, and then the bit “if you dislike the SNP leadership there are other forums where you can do this. You’re not welcome to do it here” Then comes the begging for money bit.

    I wish Stuart would remove this blog from Voices. I’m sure there must be many more that feel the same.

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      1. He didn’t protect the Dug.

        He got it put down after he took his stroke. The dug it seems was an inconvenience.

        Ah well, at least WGD is managing to keep his income.

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  9. You can say whatever you like about the SNP, Iain, feel free in the knowledge that they’ll never respond in defence of the indefensible. No matter that: keep on speaking your mind!

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  10. “There are still plenty of very annoyed and disgusted members within the SNP. I have been speaking to several of them over the last weekend.. They will await the SNP moving on GRA and the Hate Crime Bill before taking their next steps.”

    I know it is probably wishful thinking, but if enough disgusted SNP MSP’s moved over to ALBA so that ALBA was the largest party at Holyrood, would Alex Salmond automatically become F.M. ?

    I live in hope.

    Signed Desperate of Falkirk. 🙂

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  11. the SNP have morphed into the English begging party, forelock tuggers, knee benders, crawlers. Please sir please sir can I ave a little more. One thing though, they have exposed us to the world as a pathetic cringing little country.
    We had better drop that Scotland the brave music people might get the wrong idea.

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  12. All so true Iain, and here is one of Nikita’s favorite words, BUT, how do you get through to the absolute el thickos. They just will not admit she is what she is a unionist, a traitor, a dictator, a liar, in Johnson’s pocket if not payroll. She is so venomous she puts a rattler to shame. It’s a good job the wearing of masks was the order of the day otherwise if one of her spittles got you it would be instant death. Keep up the good work all we can do is keep spreading the word. Saor Alba We Will be FREE.

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  13. Just heard the most phantastic party political broadcast from the new leader of the Liberal party in Scotland. I didn’t know he was a Hertfordshire boy welcomed to these shores with open arms. To then pontificate that our open welcoming society is traduced by Nationlism he equates Scottish Nationalism to English Nationalism. It seems to me Scotland has no enemies and England no friends. That alone should send the message that our nationlism is to strive for self determination and England’s to subjugate.

    He then professed that only the Liberal party strode between the stalls of English and Scottish nationlism and was immune from the divisiveness of nationlism.

    I have only this to offer: it was the Liberal party that took Scotland into the needless first world war on the basis that a German hegemon on the Belgian coast would threaten the East coast of England.

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    1. I don’t know if you’ve seen ‘Robert Newman’s History of Oil’. It was broadcast years ago on the Channel 4 group in the UK? It’s available to see on YouTube and offers a very different opinion on the causes of WWI. It’s both funny and informative, well worth a watch.

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  14. I wholeheartedly agree with you, Iain. I never liked Sturgeon but once, many years ago I actually felt sorry for her when on “Question Time” Dimbleby was rude to her. In the same situation most people would have felt extremely hurt and might even have walked off but she looked perplexed and unable to understand what was going on. She’s certainly a strange person. But of course that wouldn’t matter if she’d continued Alex’s good work and led Scotland to independence. As things stand, I have no time for her and her scatter-brained pals. They have to be replaced. Scotland MUST be independent.

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  15. The cult of gender woo woo is a transnational affair, so I’m not that surprised that the Scottish government has fallen under its totalitarian nature. It’s not easy for public officials to resist legal trends, especially when they’re fueled by neo-liberalism and get you out of a political jam (third-gender spaces would be a cost to commerce and industry, for example). So if you’re an agent of neo-liberal government and are overly influenced by poorly grounded new-age thinking, such as transhumanism, you on to a good start in providing oppression disguised as liberation.

    Of Law and Other Artificial Normative Systems

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  16. Wullie; your post does us no favours.We are daily, actively misinformed by the press media,BBC Scotland , and STV.
    . Did you see TV news today of the Scots Women National team victory last night, or, were you served a diet of NHS Scotland’s failings? The media actively seek out depressing news for us.

    Today’s news is all about the alleged failings of SNHS hospitals, and accounts of the bereaved parents. The issue to address is the technical specification and construction of the hospital and its facilities.

    I have nothing but praise for the treatment I have received from NHS Scotland. And yet, I find my privatised GP surgery less and less accessible.This week, closed Friday through to Monday, bank holiday weekend. Do NHS Scotland close for holidays? No, the staff rota is managed. not shut down.

    Next up, gas producing and exporting Scotland facing rising domestic prices, ever wonder why? Electricity surplus producing Scotland facing excessive charges to supply to the UK national grid. ever wonder why Scotland should be charged so? Electric power transmission creates heat – wee electrons running down the cables – so there is a transmission loss to the supplier of the power, not the receiver.The receiver should pay for the power received, not some trumped up notional facility charge.

    Ex PM Cameron let slip – North Sea oil and gas income would be substantial for Scotland , with a population of +5 million, but within a 55million UK population , much less so.

    Gers veracity – shall i continue?

    Lets really start campaigning, out on the streets. Oh, the polis and the cooncil keep changing the game with AUOB, See today’s National.

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  17. I’m reading a book on what happened with England’s schools since around Thatcher’s time (The School report). The part that by far sticks out the most isn’t what the tories did but the level of lying from New Labour from the minute they were elected in 1997. The biggest lie was the repeated announcement of new funding of £19 billion when in reality it was much less than half that. Yet it was repeated endlessly despite evidence that disproved it. As the dictionary defines lying – ‘intentionally giving false information’. That was at the heart of New Labour from day one as a Government and with Labour having become no different than the tories, voters in England were left with no real choice of a party to vote for, although despite the mounting evidence, it took years for that to sink in. Labour in the UK were finished when they changed tack in 1997 and then self destructed after they lost the UK 2010 election. Their collapse in Scotland in 2015 was complete after they had led the UK unionist push against independence. Clearly they ran on having the benefit of the doubt for much longer than they deserved. Sound familiar?

    The SNP under Sturgeon clearly decided to do likewise after the referendum. Lie big and enjoy their position while it lasts, since time would inevitably eventually prove them to be no different from New Labour – con merchants. The SNP support is a mirage largely based on folk grasping at straws or simply feeling that there is no alternative to them. Like New Labour, the SNP are also running on still having the benefit of the doubt. The consequences of not having fought to prevent Scotland suffering a Brexit induced economic crisis may be the thing that exposes the SNP for the frauds that they are and destroy’s their undeserved level of support, after all it took the 2008 financial crisis to finally ended New Labour’s day in the sun. The difference in Scotland is that Alba may offer an alternative to just giving up, which is basically what has happened in England, namely having a Party to vote for that will do what it’s supporters want them to do. Labour was destroyed once their support collapsed and that’s what it will take to get rid of the SNP, but to do that there needs to be an alternative to them.

    With the unionist control of the media and much more, it’ll be a hard slog for Alba since the unionists all know that the real threat of Scotland’s independence is what happens to the ‘UK’. To paraphrase Burns, ‘to see ourselves as others do’ can be very eye opening. Here’s an article from 2014 that gives such a view –

    8 ways an independent Scotland could spell U.K. economic disaster
    (replace oil with renewables and it’s the same story today) –


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  18. I only know the usual rumours about what Sturgeon has been up to in the past that gives the British state such a strong hold on her. But from what I’ve read here and elsewhere, her behaviour has been much worse than I could imagine.

    With so many people in various walks of life in the know about the real truth of what she has done, I’m surprised that something hasn’t leaked out by now.

    I would have thought that some foreign journalist would have told us something about this matter.

    I feel as though I’m the only one that doesn’t know the truth.

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    1. If someone has retired to a country that allows them to publish … well the digital world is global … we can hope – also surely someone could publish on a foreign site anonymously?

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  19. This article is a summation of the reality of Scotland today under Sturgeon the traitor: a rudderless ship led by virtue signalling fools and imposters. While the bulk of working and non working Scots are shuddering under one economic blow after another: covid unchecked; economy collapsing; energy cost imposition; food shortages etc etc. the bad actors in the gas works ‘parliament’ strut about with the self inflated arrogance that is the universal hallmark of narcissists in this world.

    The arch narcissist is Sturgeon. Witness her pathetic appeal to the constituency of perverts that threatened to flounce out of the SNP with her ‘she/they’ schtick bullshit. Witness her daily 3rd rate circus act of faux heartbreak over the deaths from her criminally incompetent overseeing of the covid crisis, now thankfully curtailed by the BBC and spiralling deaths that are now apparently acceptable.

    This criminal, ably abetted by a corrupt ‘justice’ system and a politicised police force that protects violent lumpen prole unionist street gangs but prevents legitimate civil protest. But worse, if that is possible, a hegemony of lick spittle nematodes, namely msps and MPs hanging parasitically on to her rotten leadership for grim death and for their pension pots. And sadly, the mass of unknowing and uneducated ( by the msm) mass of snp loyalists, displaying the Scottish characteristic of loyalty to a lost cause beyond any reasonable understanding.

    As Alf Baird has pointed out and I have always maintained since my experience canvassing in the 2014 Ref, the ordinary Scots identifying and Scots speaking population are where our energies must be directed. Like the poll tax, popular civil assembly and civil disobedience must be organised around the core Scottish people base. The political class, the small ‘c’ and big ‘C’ elements of the middle class, the orange/unionist people , and the RUK ‘settlers’ are a lost cause . The 600,000 registered, mainly working class who did not vote in the REF in Dundee, Glasgow, Aberdeen and Edinburgh and in all the auld ferm touns of Scotland must be galvanised to turn out and harangue the present day ‘parcel of rougues’ who are selling us down the river. We must bring down the SNP and the Devolved Colonial charade. But we need leaders, who are short term patriots, not politicians, who are prepared to get us through the finishing line of Independence, not dyke jumpers from the SNP. They’ve had their chance and they blew it.

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  20. With your permission Iain I am going to speak my mind, because after watching what Sturgeon has done to Scotland, I do not have much more hope left than, for now, the comfort (or rather discomfort) of my own free thoughts.

    Let’s be clear: I do not trust Sturgeon nor any of the MPs and MSPs that quickly spring to action as her “rescue team” or “attack dogs” on demand depending on the occasion, whenever she walks in to quick sand and is at risk of losing her faux façade (because it is only a faux façade) of the honest, ethic, democratic, feminist, pro indy efficient politician she pretends to be. I say pretends, because if actions is what defines a person, her actions show it is only pretend.

    I do not believe the Hate bill or the GRA nonsense are real policies based in beliefs. I think they are strategies Sturgeon, her rescue team and the Greens are putting in practice on behalf of the british state to ensure the pro indy movement remains divided, inefficient and therefore keeping the UK going artificially. I invite others to prove me wrong.

    I am of the opinion Sturgeon, together with her “rescue team”/”attack dogs” and her army of spads are just another couple of pieces in the British state machine, designed to stop Scotland’s independence for a bit longer. And they are doing a wonderful job at it. On the 8th May 2015, the day Sturgeon should have announced Scotland’s independence day, she was finding ways to preserve the union.

    When you look at Sturgeon and her team as useful idiots of the british state, all the inactions to progress independence, or rather the fabricated obstacles they constantly put in our way during the last 7 years, make an awful lot of sense. From that perspective it also makes an awful lot of sense the idea that Sturgeon seems a clone of Starmer – both useless at leading, both with political personas built on foundations of oversized and expensive PR operations and created images, both unable/unwilling to progress anything, both unable/unwilling to stop the tories at anything, both constantly using the tories as the excuse to distract for their own incompetence. both busy at dismantling their own parties from within by promoting some kind of division, but yet, spectacular losers as they are, they remain in power because the british state apparatus and propaganda mouthpieces appear to go surprisingly soft on them both.

    From that perspective it also makes also an awful lot of sense the obscene embroilment of an allegedly pro indy government with the british state civil service, the british state copfs, a british state crown agent, the british state police, the british state propaganda mouthpieces, organisations in the pocket of a corrupt SGov etc, in what has to be the most disgusting, the most embarrassing, the most pathetic, unjust attempt to remove by force from politics an innocent man whose only sin was to pursue, seriously, Scotland’s independence. The fact that demonstrated cases of malicious prosecutions have gone unpunished tells a whole story on its own. It is bizarre that an alleged pro indy leader was so invested in keeping in post what appears to be the most incompetent, the most unprepared and out of her depth, the most costly, the most discredited permanent secretary Scotland has ever seen.

    Not only Sturgeon’s reputation and credentials as a pro indy politician were completely lost in my eyes with such actions and also with what I perceived as abuse of her position of power to dish relentless attempts at demonising Mr Salmond. In my eyes, the reputation of the civil service, the reputation of the SNP, the reputation of the CoPFS, any resemblance of democracy and efficiency from Holyrood acting as a parliament instead of another cheap and embarrassing tool of the British state, the reputation of the police and the reputation of judges and the justice they represent were lost too. The raw strings used by the British state to keep Scotland subsumed were never so exposed as they became in the last 4 years.

    Exposing that the COPFS in Scotland has always been infiltrated by the british state by means of at least one crown agent, exposing the links between police, civil service, copfs and the crown agents and exposing that Holyrood committees are only a farcical exercise to whitewash real culprits working for the british state leaves no doubt in my mind that Scotland is a colony far too valuable at this point to be let go. It does not leave doubt in my mind that Sturgeon is helping to keep Scotland as a colony. Sadly it leaves no doubt in my mind either that Sturgeon’s government is a total farce, like her pro indy credentials, as it is a farce every single structure that we considered democratic and that we considered Scotland’s. Everything appears to be inflitrated by the british state right to their core.

    The election is now over and the British state with the help of its useful idiots in Sturgeon’s government and party, and the state apparatus succeeded in stopping Mr Salmond getting into Holyrood, so I am still at pains to understand why the whatsapp messages of the so called vietnam group have not been released. Who exactly are the copfs protecting by not releasing those messages and how can throwing light over that disgusting political conspiracy cannot be seen as being in the public interest? If there never was a conspiracy as they expect us to believe, then, what better way to prove it than releasing those messages in full?. So why aren’t they released? Who do they have on the noose (metaphorically speaking)? Or rather, what kind of british state strings uniting elements that should never be seen as being working together, are made obvious with those messages?

    where am I getting with this?

    Well, Who is the main beneficiary that Alba did not make it to Holyrood?
    The British state

    What would Alex Salmond and Alba do if they had got in to Holyrood?
    Accelerate Scotland’s independence and bring the end to the british state

    Why would Sturgeon and the SNP not want Alba in Holyrood helping them to progress independence?
    Because neither Sturgeon nor her version of SNP want independence.

    What were Sturgeon’s government, the British state civil service, the british state copfs, the british state police, the perjurers, the judges, the lord advocate, Fabiani’s farce, the MSM and propaganda mouthpieces of the British state , the british state crown agent doing since 2016?
    Desperately trying to stop Mr Salmond coming back to politics and getting in to Holyrood to accelerate independence.

    Clearly all those actors threw everything and the kitchen sink to Mr Salmond and they FAILED.

    If something was clear to me when Mr Salmond was acquitted is that the British state would not let it be. My question at the time was: right, what is plan B? is the rigging of the election perhaps the rescue plan?

    In my personal opinion, and it is only my personal opinion because I do not have proof to demonstrate it, what we saw in May 2021 was simply the result of that rescue plan – ensuring that Mr Salmond did not make it to Holyrood.

    Asking for 2 votes SNP, in my opinion, was not the way to ensure Mr Salmond did not get to Holyrood. In my opinion, and it is only an opinion because I do not have proof, asking before hand for 2 votes SNP was the british state’s damage limitation exercise put to action . Sturgeon and her “team” knew that asking for both votes SNP would let the unionist parties in and frustrate a pro indy supermajority. It is my personal opinion, and it is only an opinion, that they did not ask them to ensure the SNP would get a majority either. In my opinion it was a strategy used to cover the fact that Mr Salmond was never going to be allowed to get to Holyrood by fair means.

    In my personal opinion we were never given an exit poll and the boxes were left, unusually, for a whole weekend without counting (when if they were counted safely in situ by those looking after the boxes during the day, it would take just about 2-3 hours to release the results), because plan B had to be put to work.

    When you think about it, plan B would have been really easy: only the regional boxes had to be targeted and we were all locked in our homes due to the virus so nobody could go and watch.

    This is a hypothesis, of course. I have no proof whatsoever to demonstrate it. The only thing I have is the spectacular lack of proof that the election was ever honest. Frankly, I never expected an honest election after seen Sturgeon and her government colluding with all the arms of the British state in Scotland to stop Mr Salmond coming back to politics what come may.

    In any other country in EU, the electorate would be rightfully alarmed at having their ballot boxes transported and stored somewhere, accesible to a colonial state for an entire weekend before they were counted. So how is it that we are expected to see it as normal here and accept it as honest? Sorry, I cannot.

    So, where are the pieces of evidence that demonstrate the election was honest and trustworthy?
    Where are exit polls and why they were never conducted?
    Where is the uninterrupted video recording that proves beyond doubt the regional boxes were never tampered with?

    Until those pieces of evidence turn up, I will always believe Mr Salmond did not make it to Holyrood because the election was tampered with as a result of the farcical complaints procedure, the criminal case and the Fabiani’s farce failing spectacularly at stopping Mr Salmond returning to politics.

    Needless to say that I will also believe that the “2 votes SNP” spouted by Sturgeon and her “rescue Team” ahead of the election, was the damage limitation strategy, the (un)modesty cloth they used to protect the British state’s hand being caught fiddling with the votes to stop the political fraud and manchurian candidate keeping the status quo in place being properly challenged by a real pro independence leader determined to end that status quo.

    I invite everybody who reads this comment to present the pieces of evidence that prove me wrong. Please prove me wrong.

    I want to be proved wrong, because as it is, I do no longer believe Scotland is a democracy. As it is I believe elections are just a farce to make us believe we have a say in who govern us. As it is, I am now convinced the Uk is a one-party state of which Sturgeon and her rescue team are just cheap useful idiots playing their part to frustrate the will of their fellow Scottish people and to deprive our children and grandchildren of a better future for the sake of the English ruling elite. As it is, I now believe decisions are made and our votes moulded to support those decisions.

    Believing this is really uncomfortable. I can no longer watch any of these politicians or listening to a word they say without thinking immediately in my mind I am wasting my time because they are nothing but impostors, betrayers, liars, pretenders, terminators of democracy.

    Believing that we have been betrayed and stabbed in the back (metaphorically speaking) by those who we trusted with our votes and hopes to progress Scotland’s autonomy for a better future, believing that those who we gave our seats in both parliaments thinking that were pro indy warriors turned out to be what looks like the British state rent a damp squib, is a really large, bitter pill, difficult and painful to swallow.

    So please, prove me wrong and end my pain.

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  21. You are preaching to the converted on here Mia. Try reading through the previous posts and articles. Also try reading Alf Baird’s book and you will find a erudite and intellectual analysis of Scotland the de jure state as a de facto oppressed colony and the reasons thereof.


  22. I have read Prof Alf Baird’s excellent book, thank you. I have read the great articles he has published. I have no doubt he is 100% right and Scotland is a colony while Sturgeon’s government is nothing more than a willing and compliant colonial administration.

    I have no doubt Sturgeon’s intention was never to progress our autonomy and independence, but rather the opposite: to keep the yes movement under control in order to facilitate the reversion of our autonomy and the theft of our powers and assets. This could only be achieved by totally removing from the membership of the party all form of control. And that is precisely what she has been doing, just like that other political fraud has been doing with labour.

    The way Sturgeon and her government conducted themsleves against Mr Salmond makes it crystal clear to me that her remit was not simply destroying the SNP as a pro indy party, but rather suffocate every political vehicle for the yes movement. It is my view that her remit was to disinfranchise the yes movement to keep it under control and to stop Scotland’s independence.

    I have no doubt the UK union ended on 8th May 2015 and whatever political construct we have now is just the result of maintaining a dead political body on life support for 7 years to stop it rotting. I understand as life support being the combination of a political fraud in control of what should have been the political vehicle for independence in Scotland, a political fraud in control of the main opposition party in England tasked with ejecting the real left from their own party to stop a socialist government, and the transformation of the Greens into an unelectable aberration leaving both the UK left and the yes voters in Scotland totally disinfranchised and without representation in parliament. That is how the UK union survives, by leaving socialism and pro independence without real representation so it can continue they do not exist. Mr Salmond and Alba threatened this strategy and that is, in my view, why Mr Salmond had to be removed from front line politics and the Alba party suffocated at birth.

    I think very few reading this blog doubt Scotland would be independent today if we had a real pro independence FM instead of a political fraud masquerading as one. What I am not sure is that, like me, they see the UK as a one party state. I am now convinced the labour leader, the SNP leader, the libdem leader and the Green leaders are nothing but puppets of the British state working hard to ensure the tories remain in power by making their parties useless or unelectable. The spin offs from the tory party UKIP and the Brexit party were overt tories that disappeared in a puff of smoke when no longer needed.

    Those who we call today “political leaders” are all utterly useless as leaders, totally unable/unwilling to progress anything in line with the parties they claim to lead and yet they get the softest ride by the MSM. Coincidence or collusion? I choose collusion.

    Both Starmer and STurgeon are actively purging their parties, he of the real left, she of the real pro indy activists. They are making their parties innocuous to the British establishment and tory compliant. Coincidence or collusion? I choose collusion.

    The blond buffoon is the most unfit individual to hold office that could ever be found. The only way it can remain in post is if an even more useless and incompetent “leader” is in control of the opposition in England so as to leave the left disinfranchised and without representation in the commons. Coincidence or collusion? I choose collusion.

    The UK is at its weakest political and economic point in history. The only way it could survive under the command of this buffoon Scotland’s threat to independence is by destroying the political vehicle for independence. That job has kept Sturgeon busy for 7 years. Coincidence or collusion? I choose collusion.

    The labour party and the SNP are being destroyed at the same time, while the green party has been rendered unelectable. At the same time the tory party is at its weakest possible point and leaded by the most incompetent and ridiculous individual the establishment could have ever found. Coincidence or collusion? I choose collusion.

    Mr Salmond is an incredibly popular man in Scotland’s politics. Yet, despite gaining 5000 members in a couple of weeks and surpassing the libdems in a matter of days, we are expected to believe his party did not get a single MSP because hardly anybody voted for them, while the libdems got a few. Yeah, right, pull the other one. When this comes after the British establishment helped by their compliant useful idiots in Scotland went to gargantuan lengths and expense to get the man imprisoned on false charges to stop him forming a party and still failed, frankly the whole thing has the off-putting smell of potential election rigging.

    Looking at this pathetic political spectacle, it is clear to me the UK died on the 8th May 2015. What we have seen ever since is smoke and mirrors, cleaned every now and then by an establishment compliant Sturgeon while using the word independence sporadically to help remove the steam of her waffle and plattitudes from the mirrors. This has all the appearance of being an artificially maintained UK where the pretence of democracy had to be totally abandoned in order to hide by stealth any real yes leaders that could progress independence.

    If there is one thing Sturgeon has demonstrated besides that she is no pro independence leader is that there is only one key to end the union and that is the same key Sinn Fein used to get Ireland through the exit door. The idea that a referendum in this political climate is a vehicle for independence, while votes continue to be given to a higher number of people coming from outwith Scotland per year than the increase in the native population, is a complete farce and nothing but another tool handed by this political fraud to Westminster to use as a veto against our right to self determination.

    Personally I am convinced we were robbed of the last Holyrood election and in my opinion this was always the damage limitation plan B the british establishment had to deploy because they failed at stopping Mr Salmond by every other means. This is well beyond Scotland being a colony. This is overt manipulation of the political scene in the United Kingdom on a cosmic scale. From where I am standing nothing is what it seems, and I mean nothing. Are you telling me everybody that reads this blog thinks the same way I do? That would be wonderful and a relief, but somehow, I do not believe it.

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