Westminster is making off with more of our assets. This time its our natural resources that are being stolen in front of our eyes.

The BBC have just revealed The world’s longest under-sea electricity cable, transferring green power between Norway and the UK, has begun operation.

The 450-mile (725km) cable connects Blyth in Northumberland with the Norwegian village of Kvilldal.

At full 1,400 megawatt capacity it will import enough hydro-power to supply 1.4 million homes, National Grid said.

National Grid Ventures president Cordi O’Hara said it was a “remarkable feat of engineering”.

She added: “We had to go through mountains, fjords and across the North Sea to make this happen.

“North Sea Link (NSL) is also a great example of two countries working together to maximise their renewable energy resources for mutual benefit.”

National Grid said the €1.6bn (£1.37bn) joint venture with Norwegian power operator Statnett would help the UK reduce carbon emissions by 23 million tonnes by 2030.

It has four other power cables running to Belgium, France and the Netherlands and said 90% of energy imported in this way would be from zero carbon sources by 2030.

Hydropower in Norway and wind power in the UK are subject to weather conditions and fluctuations in demand.

Using NSL, renewable power can be exported from the UK when wind generation is high and electricity demand low, or be imported from Norway when demand is high and wind generation low.

Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy minister Greg Hands said NSL enabled both countries to “benefit from the flexibility and energy security that interconnectors provide”.

He added: “This pioneering partnership shows first-hand how crucial international cooperation will be in helping us to deliver on our net zero ambitions.”

The cable took six years to lay. (BBC STORY ENDS)


For those of you with good memories you might remember the constant opposition from Westminster to block any attempts to lay cable to allow two way exchange between Scotland and the rest of Europe of energy generated by renewable sources. This went on for many years, indeed appeals were made to get the EU involved in getting the Westminster blockage to these proposals overturned. They did not want Scottish energy to go anywhere else but to England. They determined to keep our energy resources in a hostage situation to maintain colonial power over our options.

Who knew that Blyth in Northumbria, England’s most northerly county, was the centre for all that Hydro and wind power? No it isn’t. What Blyth had going for it was one thing, it was the nearest point to Norway, without being part of Scotland, that was the big attraction. For me this is all deja vu.

I remember campaigning against all the oil pipelines being run from Scotland’s territories in the North Sea many hundreds of miles south to land our oil in Teesside and other points South. The result of this was that it was Teesside, not Scotland that benefitted from the huge jobs boost that came from Scottish oil and the creation of a new big plastics industry.

Remember this, ENGLAND will never export any energy to Europe or elsewhere. They don’t have any to spare. They could perhaps export SCOTTISH ENERGY although they probably need most of that just to keep their own lights on. What this deal is all about is securing England’s supply while weakening their reliance on Scottish energy in the event Scotland becomes independent. In other words another step in the direction of weakening Scotland’s negotiating position after Independence and keeping our energy cut off from mainland Europe. Compare with independent Norway who have FOUR different cables connecting their power exports to the rest of Europe. You can do this type of thing with Independence. Who knew? Not Scotland’s blind NO VOTERS that’s for sure!

Now for some fun. Have energy producers in Norway been told how much they will be charged to connect to the UK National Grid? Will it be explained to them that this is justified because transferring energy by cable loses power over the distance and therefore the producer, like in Scotland,  must pay for these distribution losses rather than the needy consumer? Last time I looked Norway was considerably further away from London and the South East than Pitlochry?

Consider this, 97% of energy used in Scotland comes from renewable sources yet this Autumn Scottish energy consumers face a 12% tariff increase to cover the increased cost of fossil fuels after Brexit, which will be followed next April with a further 20% increase for the same reasons. So we are expected to subsidise the English fossil energy consumer while Westminster stuffs its pockets with the wealth created from our renewable, non fossil assets. Sound fair to you? Better Together?

So while Norway, a small independent country, who discovered LESS oil than Scotland yet who amassed in the time that has elapsed since that discovery an oil fund in excess of 1 TRILLION POUNDS, while Scotland, with more oil, has grown poverty and food banks over the same period, is now to be “blessed” with a second windfall. This time involving the next big thing, renewables, which will add to the fund that will benefit Norway for many more generations to come. Poor wee Scotland, a rich country, will remain totally exploited by its large neighbour who while poverty stricken in energy terms themselves, are kept afloat by exploiting the resources of their smaller, powerless neighbour. Colonial Scotland, a Westminster possession.

There must be great anger about this in Scotland? You would think so but The information came to me from Willie Hutchison, an Alba member from Dumbartonshire who knowing I had been abroad thought I should know about what he had found out on the BBC Northumbria site! I have yet to hear anything from any senior member of the Scottish Government in protest. Will I?

Meanwhile as our legs are getting sawed off under Scotland daily, our do nothing First Minister and her bunch of incompetent ministers sees no urgency in Scotland’s constitutional position, happy to let the rape of our resources continue unchallenged. I ask do they even know about this or are they going to be angry about this pensioner blogger who publishes and writes about this latest “theft” of our resources? You know, the assets they were elected to defend?

The UK is a total mess, shortages abound, the UK Government rigs everything to suit themselves and their donors. Market forces are abandoned, as is competitive tendering in favour of a pals charter where companies with close links to Government ministers are being favoured with huge contracts at ludicrous public expense. The PPE purchasing scheme where goods valued at £2 billion pounds cost the taxpayer £12 billion. Yes those same rogues who are now cutting £20 a week from the poorest in society because it is “ not affordable” to do otherwise!

Time is not on our side, our position is being undermined each and every day. The people we elected are hopeless, poorly led, hopelessly compromised and sidetracked onto stupid policy distractions that only split and destroy the YES MOVEMENT.


I am, as always

Yours for Scotland.


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  1. Jings! I am gobsmacked.

    Is there one MSP /MP of the SNP who is actually going to not only speak for Scotland but ACT for Scotland?

    I cannot see the importance of the GRA weighed against what is actually happening to Scotland and her people .It is insignificant in terms of the greater good – we have impoverished families , hungry kids .

    Somebody in the SNP care to tell me exactly how they have spent the last few years working to benefit Scotland and those who call Scotland home? other than shouting meaningless phrases and soundbites , encouraging misogyny and dismissing concerns with a shrug and a ‘not valid’ ??

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    1. Wishart has been a “freedom fighter” down there for twenty years ! He’s due a gold watch for long service.

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  2. A scorched earth strategy taking place resulting in a Scottish dearth of resources. Our government idly sits back allowing Boris to do what he wishes and when he wishes.

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    1. Unfortunately Frank we are no longer served by a Government at Holyrood, rather decisions are being made (or not) by a First Minister who continues to live a lie in her personal and political life which perversely contributes to the GRA driven policies which are being railroaded through Holyrood, none of which will contribute to securing Scotland’s status as an Independent Nation State. They will however be hugely damaging to women and young girls in their daily lives.

      The SNP as a political party has turned its back on the people of Scotland and the mandates that were delivered by successive request, leaving in its wake communities relying on foodbanks, deteriorating standards within the fields of health and education and absolutely no vision for the future.

      Sturgeon has brought Scottish politics to a low hitherto thought impossible aided AND abetted by a subservient group of MSPs with absolutely no social conscience and sense of responsibility for the consequences of their obsequiousness. Why do they not publicly expose her for what she is, have none of them ANY shame?

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  3. “So while Norway, a small independent country, who discovered LESS oil than Scotland yet who amassed in the time that has elapsed since that discovery an oil fund in excess of 1 TRILLION POUNDS,”

    Actually the fund was only set up in 1990 so decades after the discovery of oil. So even if Scotland had set it up decades after discovery we’d be swimming in money.

    WE ARE A COLONY. I know a lot of people don’t accept this because legally we aren’t but who wrote that law?

    It sears my soul that my wee country would have been wealthy beyond our dreams, and with renewables still could, but instead we have been plundered as badly as India was and foodbanks are our only growth industry with fuel poverty soaring. The only thing that is worse is the number of people that seem happy enough to accept it. A referendum tomorrow (or in the next 2 years) would return a No vote.

    It certainly is Shite being Scottish. Surely,

    It is better to die on your feet than to live on your knees.

    Not too wee not too poor but sometimes I wonder about the third one…

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  4. Another day another example of the daylight ( gaslight ) robbery of Scotland’s resources while Ryvita Peritonitis and she/her Poodle Collective groom themselves for the great honour of serving the tea and shortbread @ COP26 and * Progressively * regress the chances of our one and only means of saving ourselves from effective erasure – Independence

    Not only must we rekindle the * Spirit of 2014 * amongst our fellow Scots ( and sympathetic Non-Scots ) , to rid ourselves of the quasi Bourbons of Bute House a ” Spirit of 1789 ” is also urgently required

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  5. Not an expert on marine law by any stretch but it would be most unfortunate if that cable rather through the territorial waters of an independent Scotland.

    Another stab in the back from Perfidious Albion. Bravo Iain, maybe just maybe it’s items like this that will finally shake people awake.

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  6. Yes, I do remember the EU wishing to build an undersea network of cables linking all the northern countries of Europe (including Scotland) – Alex Salmond, was on board telling Scotland how wind, wave and tidal, would be a big bonus for our economy since many of the resources needed, lots of wind, lots of tide and lots of waves where already here and the Europen cables would distribute that power to out Europen market place. Our future looked o’ so rosy then, now we are fast becoming, like Palestine, and open prison. Under Nicola Sturgeon we have handed all our powers back to Westminster – when Scotland was taken out of the EU against our will, why was the opportunity not ceased upon and indi2 pressed? instead, we had the big yellow bus with “Vote SNP to stop Brexit” emblazoned along the side, when the decision to leave had already been taken, Stupidity personified. since then the carrot has been dangled in front of the voter, like a carrot in front of the nose of a donkey, “Vote SNP for a mandate for indie2” and six-time she has gotten away with it. Like donkeys, they were so intent on watching the carrot they did not see the folly of following after it. Time to put an end to her shenanigans.

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  7. The Renewable energy bonus will flow from “England” to Europe and Scotland will be charged for supplying it! The GERs will show another negative for Scotland as Electricity joins Whisky as an export from England. Freshwater will be next. Is that not what a colonial power does? The coffers of the empire swell by stealing the assets of the “conquered”.
    In the 19th. Century the homes of London switched on their new electric lights thanks to the copper stolen from Africa.
    The Mills of England thundered as Indian cotton passed through.
    100 million junkies were created in China by the East Indian Company as they traded Indian grown Heroin for TEA from China.( 3 Wars were faught. By China in an attempt to stop this trade but the mighty Royal Navy were always on hand to protect the Private interests of the East India Company)
    The slaves suffered in the East Indies to grow the Sugar source to sweeten the London afternoon tea.
    I could go on but you get my point!

    Yesterday Kirsty Blackman was outraged that the SNP were not taking action against Joanna Cherry because she campaigns to protect Women’s Safe Places.?

    The contrast could not be any clearer. Our natural resources continue to be stolen but “the Party of Independence” needs to put all their energy and focus into GRA and meeting the growing demands of the Cult, including access to our schools to promote their distortion of Biology.

    The Party of Independence – Really!!!

    Scotland drained as Sturgeon poses for another selfie.

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  8. Interviewer: “First Minister, are you aware of the rip-off of Scotland’s renewable resources by a foreign power?”

    Nicola Sturgeon: “It’s all part of the 4 Nations Approach”.

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  9. An excellent article, Iain – something you are really good at. Of course I am happy for Blyth, not far from where I was born and grew up – a depressed area that needs the benefits. But I am disgusted at the devious game Westminster has been playing for many years, in plain sight, to weaken and deprive Scotland of its resources. There was a time when the SNP would have made a lot of noise about this – but those days are long gone.

    The only political voice likely to is ALBA. So let us hope that they are not dragged down the endless tunnel of ethnic vs civil franchise rights which you seem to advocate. It is a complete distraction – angels on the head of a pin endless argument – which will do little to make inroads int the largest and most critical constituency which needs educating and persuading – the 40% or so of Scots born NO voters. It will also antagonise independence supporters and campaigners like me by reducing me to a second class citizen. If over a third of non Scots born people living in Scotland support independence, that is a considerable achievement in a constituency in which allegiances are more likely to be divided – and an indication of the strength of the independence argument.

    Articles like this one – and others in like vein, point out the disadvantages and implicit unfairness of the way power is shared within the present constitutional arrangements in the U.K. and these are things that impact on us all of u in Scotland, whether we were born here or not. And this is the approach that will continue to underpin and grow support for independence among all who live here and have a stake in Scotland’s future.

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    1. Thanks for your comments which I appreciate but we must not support any referendum without significant changes to the franchise to bring it into line with the norm in all the other countries in Europe.

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      1. Maybe, Iain, it is time that we looked another route to independence? Why is it considered more difficult to hold a plebiscitary election, invoking the Treaty and resiling it at the UN than it is to: a) get a referendum; b) hold it in such a way that England does not dominate proceedings; and, c) win the bloody thing? Yes, I can see the democratic advantages if we win, but can we? I very much doubt it unless the open vote, a precedent in 2014, is removed from many people. The stushie would destroy any legitimacy we had. Better to be democratic through our primary source of democracy by a plebiscitary election. Better to resile the Treaty through the UN. Better to succeed than to lose again.

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      2. Which referendum are you talking about – and why? The one the SNP are about to announce? All arguments seem to be in favour of a plebiscite – so why cause dissension discussing a fundamental change to a referendum which is unlikely to happen?

        If such an event were to materialise, I would have no problem at all with tightening eligibility criteria re students and persons here on a temporary basis -but even this is fraught with complications . Indeed,the franchise would need to be discussed and arranged as part of the process. But changing the very nature of such a consultation, the result of which impacts on everyone living here – is simply counter productive.

        Consultation on Scotland’s future should be for all of us living here to decide – and not be dependent on an accident of birth or how one speaks. The last referendum, despite some obvious issues, was heralded as a principled welcome democratic departure from that of other countries, reflecting the particular circumstances of The inhabitants of Scotland xso why should we look to other countries where linguistic and ethnic considerations are entirely different? My ethnicity, linguistic usage, cultural heritage etc may be different from others living here, but Scotland is every bit as much my country as it is of my fellow inhabitants. We have equal stakes in its future.

        I think this illustrates the point I was trying to make. We could disappear down endless spirals discussing linguistics, heritage, ethnicity, oppression, cultural dominance etc – and who should be allowed a say in our future – as indeed has happened on independence blogs – taking us away from the meat of your article. Although it might bring up some interesting emotive and academic issues, it would do little to advance central arguments for taking control of our own affairs, give encouragement to those who really do believe in “blood and soil” politics and antagonise the considerable numbers of incomers who wish to see Scotland independent.

        I believe that energies spent on articles like the one you have just written is energy which will reap rewards and you should be commended for writing it – and writing it well. If enough of our varied mass of fellow citizens are persuaded by our arguments, we will take control of our own affairs in Scotland. If we cannot persuade them, then we won’t.


      3. That work would be needed to compile a fair franchise I don’t dispute but I would rather do the work than have be severely disadvantaged in my aim. Other countries manage it why can’t we? Having said that I am much more in favour of a alternative route than a dodgy referendum anyway.

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      4. Then you leave Scotland wide open to armed insurrection. If you try to enforce a regime upon people who don’t want it, or who suffer by it (as in NI), you leave yourself open to being overthrown by the only means they have left, Jomry. That is why it will, in the end, be much easier and more stable to take our case to the UN after an election (2023) with the SE result added on, since it was won by independence-supporting parties both in terms of seats and in terms of votes. Any other way, as you say, will be very divisive if YES were to lose again, or if NO voters were to lose their franchise. If the SNP was really serious about independence, it would have had all this worked out long since. It is not, so the very worst possible way forward (or backward?) will be taken. You and others, including the SG, might believe that you are taking the route of least resistance, but, then, didn’t the Protestants who created NI in 1921 think exactly the same? Well over three thousand deaths later (and that’s just from The Troubles) and discounts all the other deaths along the way for what? So that Orange Order Protestants can stay with a Britain that never wanted them, and still doesn’t, just as rUK folk up here will find themselves severed from Mother England if they become too much of a liability? Ay, makes a lot of sense – not.

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    2. “So let us hope that they are not dragged down the endless tunnel of ethnic vs civil franchise rights which you seem to advocate.”

      That’s not the argument. The argument is that the franchise was significantly out of kilter with those of referendums in other countries and very different from the franchise the UN would insist on in colonies/quasi colonies.

      I’m happy with people who have lived on Scotland for many years (say 10) to have a vote in indyref2 (well probably it’s indyref never. However I don’t think people who rocked up last week from the state we are trying to leave/dissolve is a sensible franchise. Of course those without a vote would be welcome to remain after indy and to take citizenship.

      I’m minded for treaty repudiation though. Or a plebiscite election. TBH I’d take slipping away whilst they aren’t looking over the status quo…

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      1. Excellent points, PP, even though, personally, I do believe a precedent was set in 2014 which will not easily be removed and might well be more bother than it’s worth. Privately, I was never in favour of a referendum although I do remember how optimistic we all were, full of goodwill towards all. I felt really apprehensive when I heard that Polish people working in factories and farms were being told that they would be repatriated in the event of independence. It wasn’t just hearsay. I made it my business to find out whether it was true, and it was, and they were being told these lies. Also, on the doorsteps, hostility from rUK residents began to worry me. The postal vote also posed a problem because I could find no record of it anywhere, who was counting, where the ballot papers were being stored, etc., and I feared that we had no way of knowing how this huge part of the vote had gone until John McTernan, Labour, informed us four days before the count, that we had lost. I have to admit, though I would never have stated it openly, I was pretty certain in the last week before polling that we had lost and that the research I had done on all referendums in the past 50 years was borne out. Not one had been won by the YES side, and that immigrants into the area wishing independence had, in all cases, had a big hand in stymie the process. I must also say that I did find a number of rUK residents did support us, so the negativity was not universal.

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      2. I agree in pricilple with many of the ways suggested above of achieving self determination for Scotland by a plebiscite referendim or appealing to the UN but who is going to call for this?
        The leaders of the SNP in Holyrood and Westminster will not do this and it does not look as if another leader is going to emerge who is willing or able to act.
        What can we do – wait for investigations into the SNP finances, an enquiry into how the people like Lesley Evans conducted the case against Alex Salmond, he taking her to court as was suggested some time ago,all of which mean witing whie time passes.
        Or do the Scottish people have to start demonstrating with pitchforks, crowbars and whetever else comes to hand outside Bute House and Holyrood in sufficient numbers to make our leaders actually do something? The situation for Scotland is getting more desperately urgent by the day so I dont believe we can wait for the result of an elecion whch may or may not happen in 2023.
        When I read the story about the Blythe connection, I worried that this was part of a premeditated plan and Iain’s article has comfimed my worst fears. He is correct in saying that this is premeditated sabotage inflicted on the Scottish economy. It is a part of a deliberate attempt both to convince people that an Independent Scotland would not be viable while also making it harder for it to be successful even if we did manage to get a Yes vote.
        How can we make people realise that the faith they invested in the ‘party of Independence’ less than six months ago was misplaced? And even if we can do that, is there a mechanism for forcing another election? Are there people who would stand who are prepared to act for Scotland?

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  10. From individuals to whole countries and to continents, the strong exploit the weak. No amount of appealing to the better nature of the strong is going to change anything, at any level. The weak, therefore, have to make themselves strong enough to withstand the worst assaults. This is basic logic, and basic biological logic. You do what you have to do to survive the predations of exploiters, whether on an individual level or on a country level. If Scotland is unwilling to do that, and prefer to remain as an appendage of England, we will continue to be exploited. It is to the UN that we must go now. The maritime boundary change, in advance of devolution, is going to really affect us, too, in the coming years, if England decides that our waters need to be used for its own self-interest.

    These are the matters that Nicola Sturgeon’s government should be concentrating on: she and the SNP were elected to look after Scotland’s interests at every level; not to look after the interests of a lobby group (itself an exploiter of women’s human rights) whose backers are very iffy billionaires outwith the UK, and certainly outwith Scotland. Stonewall has to be cut loose, as rUK has to be cut loose because each, in its own way, has used and abused Scottish resources to get what it wants – England, in using our resources, airspace, land and maritime resources for its own ends and Stonewall using and abusing women in order for men to get what they want. Once again, Scotland is being used as an experimental subject by both. All of this stuff should be obvious to the meanest intelligence within Scotland, and, if it is, why is it happening under a party elected specifically to protect Scotland and Scots from predation and abuse? Why?

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    1. It would just like point out that despite our very similar views, lorncal and I are actually two different people 🙂

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      1. Ha, ha. Oh dear, PP. I have been accused of being Contrary, too. I am contrary, but not Contrary either. Have also been accused by Unionists in newspapers of having several aliases, but I can swear to one only, which is as close to my actual name as makes not a lot of difference anyway.

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  11. Brilliant analysis Iain, demonstrating the more mankit naitur of this supposed ‘alliance’ in a key economic sector, and the reality of colonial exploitation and plunder Scotland remains subject to.

    Prior to the 2014 referendum I was working on various research projects with continental ports and Norwegian public/private interests. It was then that I saw the start of production of the Norway-Zeebrugge gas pipeline. Around the same time I learned from a senior Total executive about a massive gas field west of Shetland they were about to start production on, all kept quiet by David Cameron in the run up to 2014.

    By the way, another project I worked on at the time was to develop with EU support a new ferry service from mid-Norway to Zeebrugge for Norway’s major fish farm producers – fish southbound and oil supplies, fresh food and autos in return. The Norwegian Gov fully supported the initiative to remove more trucks from the roads. The industry wanted the ship to call enroute in Shetland for fish destined for the continent and London (via Zeebrugge) fish markets. Needless to say the UK Gov refused to support the Shetland initiative and subsequent funding application to the EC. But Norway got its additional ferry connection for farmed salmon, just like it got all these pipelines and cables and plenty of € and £ in return.

    Sovereignty is all and without it we are deemed worthless and left open to abuse, or as Fanon said, ‘wretched’.

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  12. Brilliant article Iain, though you’ve just made my blood pressure shoot through the roof with this one, it would appear that Sturgeon is allowing Westminster to whatever the hell it wants when it comes to Scotland, of course Sturgeon will say that Energy is a reserved matter, as Scotland’s resources are continually stripped by England.

    Maybe Sturgeon is banking on this to put independence to bed onced and for all, what a treacherous b*stard she is.

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  13. Agree with everything including lack of ports development too. I cannot answer the following questions and will be surprised if anyone else can – how do we change things quickly? How do we bring pressure to bear on SNP?

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    1. We could be looking up the wrong tree, altogether. At the heart of the problem may lie the simple fact that the Scottish government has no substantive powers worth the name. Sturgeon and company remain of crucial importance to London, of course, but only in as much as they can be conveniently pointed to as democratic window-dressing in the eyes of the apparently unquestioning Scottish electorate. Nice work if you can get it, girls and boys!

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  14. RofS

    That seems to be the deal Sturgeon keeps her mouth shut about outrages like this. In return, Johnson gives her a free hand in Scotland.

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  15. John Higgins.

    As long as Sturgeon is our FM Scotland will remain England’s Golden Goose to asset strip and done with whatever takes Westminster’s fancy. I can only ponder the value pound wise, of how much England has stolen from Scotland in this 314 year year union. beginning with the Malt tax right up to this story.

    The sad thing is that many folk who want an independent Scotland just can’t see past Sturgeon, and this will be our undoing.

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  16. Westminster has always used the same methods to asset strip their empire. They told the people of India that they were poor, but after they left it was found that they had stolen 45 – 50 trillion pounds from them.

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  17. In order to be able to make effective claims to legal rights, one must first poses a legally defensible identity. Which is the last thing Westminster will acknowledge Scots posses, as to do so would break the English tyranny that British constitutionalism has evolved in to. Remember, if Scots had legally defensible identities, we’d be able to call on the law to protect our culture and environment from the inherent racism that characterises English Torydum. But we can’t, because Scots law has been colonised, and Scotland’s legal and political class are as bent as a three bob note.

    The Evolving Role of Environmental Rights in Climate Change Litigation

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  18. It should be a clarion call to our indy minded MSP’s (majority) when the likes of SLAB leader Douglas Ross openly says he has no problems with bypassing Holyrood, as does his boss Johnson, who is doing his utmost to undermine devolution.

    But no Sturgeon and her party along with the Greens, of whom two now have ministerial cars, are focusing on pushing their not so popular as they think GRA. As Scotland sustains a prolonged unionist attack from Westminster, in which Michael Gove has openly said that the Tories will never allow the break-up of the UK, and I believe, him knowing the track record of Perfidious Albion, Sturgeon and her party, are still pushing they’ll be an indyref in Autumn 2023, yet the likes of MSP Michelle Thomson has said that there won’t be an indyref before 2024, and that there shouldn’t be one as no work has been done to set the foundations for one.

    The wild card in all of this is that the British PM Boris Johnson has hinted at a snap-election in 2023, which will totally gazump any chance of Sturgeon’s mythical indyref in the same year. It would of course give Sturgeon a cast iron excuse as to why she couldn’t hold an indyref, and it would very conveniently get her off the hook on holding one.

    In the event this is the case, then the next Scottish elections in 2026 MUST be a plebiscitary election, no ifs no buts. Ideally I’d like to see Sturgeon gone before then and our MPs called back from Westminster, and a vote held at Holyrood, and if yes prevails declare independence there and then.

    Meanwhile as our Holyrood government sit on its hands with regards to Scottish independence, Johnson and his government continues to undermine Holyrood at every turn. Time is against us.

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  19. The traitorous Sturgeon and Murrell have to be blown out of the water before it’s too late. I would be in favour of a crowd funder to raise as much money as possible to pay a whistleblowing leaker who has the goods on the both of them to spill the beans. The blind acolytes have to have their noses rubbed in it before they realize how they are being fooled by this devious specimen.

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  20. Scotland’s legal Establishment bent? Yes, pretty much universally, as they not only accept Westminster’s morally and legally bankrupt claim to legal authority over Scotland, they are Westminster’s primary enforcers.

    Internal Self-Determination in International Law: A Critical Third-World Perspective

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    1. Interesting article Cameron, incl this piece, in relation to China’s response on Kosovo:

      “China believed that the “principle of self-determination of peoples has specifically defined contents and scope of application”.55 Its application is “restricted to situations of colonial rule or foreign occupation” and cannot “undermine the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the State concerned”.56

      “The underlying message is clear: nothing about self-determination—its nature, scope, or applicability—has changed in the decolonization era. It is a principle which has a fixed and specific meaning. Self-determination refers to the right to independence from colonial and foreign domination. There is no right to internal self-determination in international law, according to China’s understanding.”

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      1. I’m pretty sure that particular Chinese voice is making legal claims, not legal statements. I posted it as the article at least raised the subjects of internal sovereignty and international law. IMHO, the reality of Scotland’s constitutional erasure, is that Westminster is misinterpreting the British constitution as Scotland’s bill of sale to England. Westminster is forgetting it only has legal authority over Scotland, with Scotland’s permission. Which it will always have, as Scotland’s voice goes unheard in Westminster, so that Scotland may be subsumed into Greater England, a.k.a. the UK.


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  21. To win hearts and minds, independent minded people need to have some control over the media. ATM there is none, [ TheNational is an SNP comic].
    Not a word of the above will be printed in any newspaper in Scotland, nor on any TV news broadcast in the UK.

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  22. Cameron: SOVEREIGNTY, A SWINGING CONCEPT BETWEEN INTERNATIONAL LAW AND POLITICAL REALITY. Absolutely spot on. The original misinterpretation (deliberate?) and one that has been carried on into the present day, by England’s jurists, is the entire legal basis of English jurisdiction over Scotland. Any reading of the Treaty (which in an international legal document and agreement) by anyone who does not start off from a position of utter bias shows quite conclusively that Scotland and England were never meant to be anything but equal partners in a voluntary union. England has been acting ultra vires for over 300 years and a ruling on the Treaty at the UN would highlight this irrevocably and universally. Part of me will never forgive the SNP government for never having actually taken the Treaty to the UN, following every election it has come out of as the ruling party in Scotland.

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  23. Is it stupid to believe the state has your best interests at heart? Probably, but you’ve got to know your way around if you want to defend your legal rights from Westminster. So I don’t think it’s fair to place that responsibility on the general public. Though it would help if the public was to learn just how remote Scotland’s justice system is, from serving the interests of justice.

    Sovereignty and Normative Conflict: International
    Legal Realism as a Theory of Uncertainty

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  24. Apologies for commenting further but I thought this article might prove useful, though the law needs public support if it is to carry democratic legitimacy. Which means the law needs to encapsulate the principle of “universality”, if it hopes to severe the interests of justice and the rule-of-law. So you’re on to plumbs living in Scotland, as the law means exactly what ‘our’ political and legal Establishment want it to mean. And are they able to play fast and loose with the law, as Scots law is separated from international law by Westminster’s unsubstantial claim to legal supremacy.

    Settling Self-determination Conflicts: Recent Developments

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  25. Sorry. I said earlier that the British stole £45 trillion from India. I’ve checked this out and it was only $45 trillion. 😊

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  26. Electricity transmission in England is by National Grid a private company. Blyth is the most northerly switching station on their network with the capacity. Scotland has different companies. Scotland is to have its own cable arriving at Peterhead. The Scottish company is Northconnect. England frequently exports power through its interconnectors. During the night the base load from nuclear and with wind often exceeds demand. Rather than switch down wind turbines the electricity can be fed to pump storage schemes to boost their storage.

    Electricity transmission is private and has little to do with government which is why it works.


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    1. Bruce, electricity full stop is private. The concept of power from the glens for the glens is long gone. Fuel poverty in a land of plenty. But who gets the benefit now as power prices soar.

      And when it comes to charges, why has consideration not been given to introducing inclining block tariffs. With a households first units being absolutely critical to heat and light, with increased power consumption less important, why are tariffs like income tax not staggered.

      Think of the cotter in his house with the sole light and one bar electric fire and the well to do with his swimming pool, sauna, flood lit gardens, why should they pay the same. In fact the big spender pays less because the daily standing charge is disproportionate to the cash strapped fuel poor.

      Or what about all the offshore wind jackets being built in places like Dubai and China and then towed half way round the world to Scottish offshore wind farms. At least with oil we got the economic benefit of building the rigs. Not now,

      And the action by our so called Scottish Government in such matters as the cry Stronger for Scotland, both votes SNP. Absolutely none do I hear you say – as Nicola fixates on absolutely key issues like trans, andvthe four nation approach.

      Me, I want these cosy toed charlatans out and a proper Scottish Party like Alba in place.

      Scotland, a cold Northern European country with the absolute highest levels of fuel poverty.,Peasants in their own land.

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    2. When Tom Johnston, Secretary of State for Scotland, set up the Scottish electricity schemes (Hydro) after WW II, they worked, Bruce. They worked well for many years. Possibly, as with so many state-owned institutions, it was starved of investment and not kept up to scratch on new ideas, allowing it to become flabby and less efficient at the managerial level. It is not that private enterprise at state level is more efficient per se, it is that state-owned enterprises were allowed/actively encouraged to be taken over. That should never have happened without a proper scrutiny of the industry. The assumption, mainly a Tory one, that all industry thrives better in private hands is a nonsense, as we are beginning to see with the railways, with the gas industry, et al. The problem then is that the state no longer has the ability to raise enough in taxes to re-instate an industry to a level that would be consistent with public need. Guess why? Because, alongside massive privatization, money was allowed to be siphoned off into off-shore companies and accounts, and out of public circulation. It is not that the UK or Scotland are broke, it is that so few of their resources are in public hands. The vast concentration of resources lie in private hands to the detriment of the people. I am not a Socialist, although I am a socialist, and I believe that SMEs are better in private hands while state level industry is better in public hands, with proper investment and efficient management.

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  27. Sturgeon has yet to announce a date for a Referendum so I wouldn’t be holding my breath. My guess is she won’t call one. The franchise has to be changed to only ethnic Scots who can vote and not foreign settlers eg English folk resident here otherwise I reckon we’re doomed to lose it. Great Article Iain, Time to exit the Treaty Of Union. Either that or ditch the SNP who I don’t trust to deliver Indy and vote Alba. I think Alba should stand in the Constituency Seats because if they don’t Sturgeon will just shout SNP 1 & 2 from the Rooftops in the hope it kills off Alba.

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  28. Great article. I used to think the SNP were poor at protecting Scotland now I think they have been compromised and are now just colonial lackeys. So I don’t think it is incompetence it is deliberate.

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  29. Fletcher of Saltoun did advise against Scotland entering a union with England in 1707 and did proffer the example of Wales. He stated that despite having the best natural harbours in the British Isles they were the least developed and utilised under English control. Seems fair enough.

    Every area under English control has suffered the same consequences. It can’t be unrelated.

    We know the English governments are perfidious but we didn’t truly appreciate the level of contrived incompetence. In that, Sturgeon goes to to toe with Boris.

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