As Glasgow gets ready to host the delegates from over 190 countries from across the World for the COP26 Climate Summit ALBA Depute Leader Kenny MacAskill MP and Cllr Michelle Ferns will unveil Scotland’s representatives at the COP26 Summit at a Photo-Call on Friday 8 October 2021 at 1:00 pm at Bell’s Bridge over the River Clyde in Glasgow G3 8QT.

Speaking today as he unveiled the Scottish delegation to COP26  (Friday) Kenny MacAskill MPsaid:

“ In a few weeks the World will come to Scotland’s biggest city for the United Nations Climate Change conference.  But despite introducing World leading climate change legislation and hosting COP26 Scotland will not have a seat at the table when the big decisions are made.  The UK will be in the driving seat while Scotland’s position is best summed up by an empty chair.

“ Meanwhile other nations much smaller than Scotland such as the Maldives and Malta will be represented while Scotland sits on the side lines.  This sums up the futility of Devolution.  At the very moment these historic talks, are taking place in Scotland, to address the biggest challenge facing humanity, Scotland  will be an observer not a participant.”

Cllr Michelle Ferns continued:

“ Unless decisive action is taken by the World’s  leaders, meeting in Glasgow, global warming will not only persist but lead to extreme weather events across the World.  As an independent nation Scotland would be able to play its full part in those discussions but sadly that will not be the case.

“ Despite this global and potentially Earth saving event being held in Glasgow, Scotland will not be represented in its own right.  We will play the part of tartan waiter to the visiting dignitaries rather than playing our full part as an independent nation”.

 Kenny MacAskill MP concluded:

 “ An empty chair outside the COP26 Conference centre is as close as our own First Minister will get to the climate talks which will take place between the Presidents and Prime Ministers taking part. That is the  price of Devolution and through inaction and delay on Independence, it is a price which the Scottish Government appears only too willing to pay”.



Cop 26 highlights Scottish second class status in our own country. Despite 97% of our energy coming from renewable sources and living in a country with the best potential sites for a wide variety of renewable development Scotland will have no voice in these vital discussions.

Instead Boris, who has spent years doing his best to undermine Scotland will sit and boast about all the “UK” has achieved.


I am, as always

Yours for Scotland


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    1. Totally agree. Yes, you may have the time First Minister, but far more importantly, do the people, who look to their Government to keep them safe, have time to wait until at least 2023. Ask them and see what they say.

      Meantime, in Westminster, our ‘masters’ are going full speed ahead to deprive our country of its heritage and constitutional standing as a ‘willing union’. The latest example being that in the Supreme Court where devolution was under direct attack and the human rights of our children were put into question; a deplorable position. By 2023, Scotland could be lost for evermore. Do we truly have time to wait?

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  1. Sturgeon has said that she has both democracy and time on her side.

    However, what she has forgotten is that Scotland’s Cause does not belong to HER. It belongs to US, the people of Scotland.

    As usual with Sturgeon she seeks to identify Scotland’s Cause with herself. That is what a cult of personality does. I am not even sure that she is aware of this character trait but it is a flaw … and it is a flaw that betrays the fact that she has come to believe her own publicity. Having no insight is surely the first step towards madness.

    The British are not interested in holding the moral high ground of democracy – they are not democrats!

    Sturgeon may be correct in having have time on her side … but only insofar as she eyes other career opportunities whilst Scotland burns.

    Scotland, and her people, do not.

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    1. She didn’t forget. Note her wording carefully when she speaks. It is all about her.
      When a leader is under stress (over promoted), they tend to focus on minor\less critical issues rather than the large difficult problems.
      She has selected a topic she can handle and solve to be A Leader. The GRA is topic easy for her although she first claimed it was brave to tackle it. She will drive through the right of men to wear mascara, tilt their head, use soft lens focus and they become Women – easy peasy. What more is there to being a women.
      She can deal with that! Drug deaths, Child Poverty, Independence — No Thank you.

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      1. I saw a US interview where she said independence efforts elsewhere failed because there was no vision for the new country – what society it should be.
        Alarm bells rang loud – this one has no concept of sovereignty, self determination or why Scotland needs it. For her, creating a GRA complaint country is all. Sturgeon is the nightmare and history will condemn her – but if we can’t make people see what see is and get sane, responsible leadership into government then maybe history will condemn us too. What to do?

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  2. Nicola Sturgeon may have time on her hands she has ever bulging pockets when the Scottish Peoples will be shrinking due to the rising costs of living Foodstuffs/Power supplies ect ect Bring forward the Referendum timetable NOW .

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  3. We are in a Union in much the same way as a hostage is the “guest” of a terrorist.

    I call it “The Hotel California” Union – you can check out anytime you like but you can never leave.

    Never mind – Time is on Sturgeon’s side. What possible reason could exist for any urgency

    Apart from

    Child Poverty
    The destruction of our identity
    Nuclear weapons
    The theft of our renewable energy potential
    The lack of investment in our industries
    Our isolation from Europe
    The destruction of Workers Rights and a reduction in food standards
    Protecting the vulnerable in society
    The worst pensions in Europe

    All the time in the World FM. You focus on GRA, that needs to be rushed through this term.

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  4. If I recall correctly Scotland is not seen as a country by the UN, its not a member in its own right, it reminds of a time when our minister for fishing, I think it was Paul Wheelhouse, had to stand behind a chinless Tory lord drafted into discussions on fishing with regards to Scotland he knew nothing of fishing or fishing rights on Scotland, but represented Scottish interests no matter.

    Whilst Paul Wheelhouse or whoever it was I can’t quite remember, stood behind him like a naughty child standing behind his teachers chair at school and he wasn’t allowed to say anything, It was a farcical state of affairs, as is Scotland’s place within this rancid union.

    I expect to see Sturgeon jammed away is some dark corner along with Welsh FM Mark Drakeford, as Johnson cracks his awful jokes infront of the world’s assembled dignitaries.

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    1. I believe the UK is registered with the UN as two countries, a principality (upgraded to country due to the lack of an executive prince) and a province. It used to be easy to find on google but it is not so easy now 😦 Wales did note their elevation to country status and may be the best place to seek this information (Sturgeon won’t want to know).

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  5. STURGEON………… very careful while swallowing as her razor sharp bones will cause you distress, choking and possibly an undignified and untimely death.

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  6. Just an aside re “97% of our energy coming from renewable sources” – I assume the figure relates to electricity only. Heating and transport are surely still mainly reliant on fossil fuels.
    This of course in no way invalidates your point.

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  7. Pinch me I must be dreaming. Alba are presenting Scotland’s delegates to COP26? Hilarious. I bet the best china will be meeting an untimely demise in Bute House tonight.

    Grump Scottish Man made the suggestion that we should be holding daily press conferences at COP26 talking endlessly about Scotland and it’s potential in renewables. Seems that’s going to be a reality. Excellent.

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  8. COP26 is a living demonstration of Scotland’s non reality and its political impotence: the bogus Devolution ‘Settlement’; the fallacy of Scottish independent legal system; or an autonomous police force; and particularly the joke ‘parliament’, one of an overblown accounting unit led by a ridiculous posturing narcissist. One who will be humiliated once again, by her exclusion from the rest of the world’s ‘elites’ presence. Sturgeon’s relegation to a nonentity in the occasion will affect her deeply in her egocentric deluded mind. Let’s hope so.

    However her humiliation is nothing compared to the absolute insult this world event represents to Scotland, the country and the people by our complete cancelling out of the event happening on our own soil.

    Shame on you Sturgeon, you betrayer and destroyer of our sovereign identity!

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  9. O/T Iain, but rather interesting.

    A excellent two-page article by Joanna Cherry in the National today regarding constitutional matters, who’d have thought that the Good Friday Agreement allows Northern Ireland to hold a reunification referendum EVERY seven years, with a 50%+1 result to make it official .

    Yet we have the likes of Gove, Johnson and the Scottish Secretary of State, Alister Jack, (the latter chastised by Professor Tom Devine for not knowing that the border between Scotland and England actually has a function) repeatedly state that Scotland cannot hold another independence referendum for at least twenty-five years, and that a 60% winning margin is required.

    It is also very interesting to note that the UK Supreme Court is not an English court its a UK construct, with the current president and deputy president positions held by two Scottish judges.

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  10. I’m in agreement with all of the comments.

    What we seem to lack is any idea of how we force change and how we make the SNP hear us and the Tories see us.

    Glasgow is the biggest city in our country and just behind my home city the biggest YES city in Scotland and yet we let the Tories run roughshod.

    They wont trumpet Scotland’s achievements: did you know a Scotsman won the Nobel prize this week?

    We need to accept the SNP are insipid and will do nothing and we collectively have to do more than snipe from the sidelines.

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  11. sitting on the sidelines is the least of our problems – when the delegated have had their day in the sun when the photoshoot and all the back-slapping are over. The fine words are spoken, but go unheard and unlearned, Like all the other Cops I suspect this one will be no different. Scotland unless independent will be unable to do anything about the fallout and their consequences, that is the true travesty, having no control of our destiny. and worse still, if anything could be worse, our fate in the hands of the likes of Boris Johnston.

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    1. I agree but how do we assert ourselves and our strength. We are conditioned to be divident and submissive but we have the power, numbers and wealth to affect change we just need a coherent strategy to bring about independence or for the meantime make life as difficult for the Tories as much as possible. The Tories in Scotland are public servants and must act accordingly and are accountable to their local electorate regardless of politics.

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      1. We only have one weapon at our disposal, the ballot box, there is little point in trying to negotiate when you are weak and they are strong. you do the work get a party that is strong enough and hell-bent on independence in government in Scotland, then use your power base to attack Westminster, lobby and enlist the UN, friendly countries, along with our near neighbours Wales, Ireland (north and south) and yes the people of England, for they are the people you will have to deal with on a daily bases after independence. Just look at the mess England is in with its near neighbour France – with migration – trade flowing freely, NI, the deal with US and Australia over a submarine contract, Brexit. these are all part of the same Boris stupidity. If we want independence, first win the ballot box vote, (we do not need a referendum if people know beforehand that if they vote in a certain way they are voting for a party that will push for independence) then you make the case as above. If you say we want to be independent of Westminster and bring neighbours along with us the UN, the EU and near neighbours, that is the way to win, declare your intentions then negotiate from a platform of strength, not “Please Mr Johnston can I have a section 30 order to hold a referendum” that we may not win.

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  12. I am tired of hearing/reading the broken record of our own MPs criticising Westminster for what England MPs are the doing. Why? because it is our own MPs, our own MSPs and our own FM who for the last SEVEN years have been empowering those England MPs to continue abusing Scotland.

    Somebody must be having a great laugh at our expense, and that must be the genious who has managed to move our own MPs and MSPs like pawns to work for the british state while making the electorate in Scotland believe that Sturgeon’s vacuous waffle, lip service to independence, soundibtes and platitudes would ever win us independence.

    For as long as we continue to blame Westminster for what is Nicola Sturgeon, her government and her party’s MPs and MSPs’ doings, we will never change or achieve anything.

    Who has the FM to blame for that empty chair outside the CoP26 other than herself?

    Who has been for years leading us on and doing nothing to get us out of this union?

    Who has been for seven years wasting our majorities and mandates as if they didn’t matter?

    Who has been for seven years handing over to Westminster fabricated vetos to stop our self determination?

    Who has been for seven years abusing our pro-indy votes and using them to preserve the integrity of the union?

    Who has been for seven years leading our nationalist MPs to remain in Westminster and with that legitimise every effing move that England MPs make to undermine Scotland and to continue exploiting Scotland’s resources for the benefit of England, instead of stopping all that?

    Who has been for seven years putting the yes movement on a leash to stop it progressing?

    Who has been for seven years regressing our autonomy instead of progressing it?

    Who has been for seven years helping Westminster to undermine our popular sovereignty?

    Who has been for seven years wasting every single opportunity Scotland had to end this union?

    Who has for seven years feeding us bullshit instead of progressing our autonomy?

    Who helped the unionist parties to retain their seats in Holyrood by asking independence supporters to waste their votes (if you believe the election was fair and not tampered with)?

    Who is in the wrong profession and should be in a football team instead of politics because for seven years has done nothing other than kicking the can of independence down the road?

    Who unleashed the lord Advocate to kill the Keatings case, against the interests of the people of Scotland and for the benefit of those in control of the british state?

    Who has handed our taxpayers’ cash to rotten to the core, corrupt unionist press to continue to work against independence?

    Who has presided over the dismantling of what was the political vehicle for independence?

    Who has been for the last five years helping the british state to divide the yes movement with the GRA nonsense, the theft of women’s rights and Mr Salmond demonisation?

    Who has helped the british state to brush under its special rug of inconveniences the fact that Scotland never gave consent to be removed from the EU against our will?

    Who has had the power to end this union on behalf of Scotland since 8th May 2015 and instead of doing so is using that power to preserve the union?

    That will be the same FM who, theatrically now, pretends to shed crocodile tears for not being able to sit at the large table simply because for seven years she could not be arsed in doing fck all to get that chair inside where it matters. We also heard her wailing about not being able to sit at the big table when the big decisions of brexit took place. That was years ago. What did she do to change the situation? Now we are in some kind of deja vu loop. Same empty chair, same argument, same to blame, different context.

    We will never make progress for as long as we continue excusing those who are actually stopping us becoming independent and continue to play their game of always looking elsewhere for something/somebody else to blame. We will never make progress for as long as we allow liars and cheaters closer to us to distract us from making them accountable for their own deliberate incompetence.

    If Scotland is not independent today, it is not because of Westminster. It is because those who vote to dismantle westminster continue to empower it instead. It is because we have either a completely useless political strategist who does not have a clue what she is doing or a despicable individual with no integrity who is pretending to be what is not in order to stop independence.

    If we are where we are is because Nicola Sturgeon chose to ignore the fact that Scotland sent 56 nationalist MPs to Westminster in 2015 and chose to not act upon it. If we have had not an indyref yet it is because Nicola Sturgeon has decided to help Westminster undermine our democracy and our right to self determination and has flushed down the toilet our democratic mandates to hold one.

    Now she comes back, yet again, with the bullshit that “she will look into it by the spring”. So what the hell has this so called “leader” been doing for the last SEVEN effing years? Picking her nose? Scratching her bellybutton? If we are not in the EU where we belong, it is because Nicola Sturgeon chose to help Westminster to subjugate Scotland and force us out instead of breaking up the union so we could remain in. If the Supreme Court trashed those two bills is because Nicola Sturgeon allowed English law to walk all over Scottish law instead of ending this rotten and abusive union in May 2015, and allow Scots law to break free and follow its own path

    If there is an empty chair out of that meeting, is because Nicola Sturgeon chose to close the door to the big table instead of taking the effing chair in.

    We can continue blaming Westminster until we are blue in the face. But the sad reality is that doing so only helps Westminster. If we want things to change, we need to bring to the fire the feet of those who are empowering Westminster on our behalf but without our consent. And that ain’t England MPs. Those are the same cowards, the same pretend independence fighters, the same pretend leaders who claimed they were going down to Westminster settle up, not to settle down, secure their pensions and fattening their bank accounts.

    I think it is about time we start to call it as it is. Nicola Sturgeon has been leading us by the nose for seven years and by the look of it, she is determined to continue kicking the can into the long grass unless either we take that bloody can off her and chuck it in the bin or cut the grass darn short.

    The referendum is a con. Sturgeon made it a con. Sturgeon transformed it into a tool designed to help Westminster to rein in the yes movement by either delaying independence or frustrating it altogether with a flawed franchise. If the original SNP policy that a majority of SNP MPs is a mandate to end the union remained, as it should, y this con artist would not have been able to lead us on by the nose for SEVEN years. The only clear message this pretend leader is sending is that there is and there has only been a way to end the union and to bring Scotland’s chair to the big table. That way is not a referendum that can be abused, as it is being abused now to deny us our right to self determination and to undermine our democratic rights blaming Westminster for it. The only way is by invoking the end of the treaty of union and by withdrawing our MPs stopping the legitimisation of Westminster and the UK government.

    For as long as our MPs continue sitting in that parliament, they are legitimising the abuse of Scotland on our behalf and allowing a pretend pro indy leader to continue kicking the can of independence into the long grass. That is not what we vote pro independence MPs or MSPs for.

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    1. I see today that she talks about ‘concerte measures’ prefixed by if’s and but’s over COVID. Even Ian Blackford is to address the Glasgow Marchers on Saturday. There’s progress for you. Hmm.


  13. To every SNP MP sitting in some Westminster committee you are complicit in ensuring the continued subjugation of Scotland to UK rule. You are legitimising England’s undemocratic dominance over Scotland by sitting in such committees. Face the truth, you are hopelessly outnumbered, your views in committee are of no interest to Westminster. You are invited to be a member of said committee to enable a facade of democratic participation to be broadcast politically to the world.

    And in the current economic fiasco due to Brexit, where are you? Where are your articles in the media? Where is your anger?

    I attended a 2014 anniversary campaign event at Wallace Towers in Ayr in Sept past. Not one, not one SNP elected person turned out. So, what are you doing politically by the day? Agreeing to cycle tracks? Deciding on a phone-in system to allow your constituents to visit the Council coup? Anything?

    Regards Sturgeon – anyone who presided over the cack-handed attempt to jail Alex Salmond is simply lacking in craft, would never make it in poker. She should go – stress, sex, greed, fear, call it what she may, she should go.

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  14. “She should go – stress, sex, greed, fear, call it what she may”

    I do not know what she (or rather her handlers) may choose to call it. I rather call it for what it is:
    spectacular incompetence, total contempt for Scotland and for how its democratic, prosecution and legal structures are perceived, such a naked display of abuse of power and taxpayers’ funds that would make dictators like Franco blush in embarrassment, and despicable betrayal of the people of Scotland, the principles of the party, the yes movement and of course her mentor.

    That she remains in power is not her fault. She appears to be a power junkie and merely a PR facade who either has totally lost perception of reality long ago or that follows the instructions of her handlers of the british state to remain where she is and further the damage against Scotland.

    The ones who are to blame are the coward MPs and MSPs from the party she has destroyed before their eyes and yet, instead of stopping her, choose to continue empowering this loser to remain in the driving seat despite leading the party, the yes movement and Scotland down a cliff.

    Just like Labour MPs are empowering Starmer to complete the transformation of Labour into an innocuous to the establishment branch of the tory party, so are SNP MPs and MSPs empowering Sturgeon to revamp the SNP and make it new labour-like and fully british establishment compliant and to hell with what the actual members and voters want.

    You would be forgiven for thinking Sturgeon and Starmer’ are nothing more than british state PR products whose strings are being pulled by the exact same hands and made follow the exact same script towards the exact same aim: the preservation of a one party state.

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  15. Given Parliamentary sovereignty is incompatible with both international law and the science of sustainability, hopefully the COP26 Climate Summit will highlight the sham of democracy that we are being forced to live under.

    Causation in Legal and Moral Reasoning,%20Lagnado,%20Gerstenberg,%202017(dot)pdf


  16. Apologies for commenting further, but given the Scottish government has indicated a commitment to an intersectional approach to public policy, I think it relevant that folks appreciate just how badly they have misinterpreted intersectional theory. Which is centered on the multiple vectors of oppression we face as a result of our identities, most importantly those shaped by our biological lived experience. So not only is Westminster structurally incapable of supporting the the rule-of-law and the science of sustainability, Holyrood has set about implementing a totalitarian fiefdom self-identifying as social justice for Scotland.


  17. The empty chair is an excellent symbol of the empty promises the SNP leadership have been making in Elections since 2015.One more mandate,convert the soft No,s to Yes,we have work to do but thats the whole thing in a nutshell they HAVENT been doing the work,for the so called party of Independence to admit that they havent had anyone working on the reason for their existence for a number of years beggars belief. That should have opened many more peoples eyes as the supposed party of Independence should have Independence in its DNA and should be working to regain our right to self determination 24/7.The time to stop blaming Westminster is here,Westminster is only a smokescreen to deflect the voters from the inaction of the Scottish Government/SNP regarding progress on Independence which has never been given but has had to be fought for but the Scottish Government are also closing down the avenues for legitimate protest and demonstrations down too.There are many routes for the SNP/Scottish Government to take but as was shown in the Holyrood Election they have no intention of doing so.SNP 1 and 2 has proved to be another empty promise,we might have another Referendum in 2023 Covid19 Permitting,always read the terms and conditions there is always a get out of jail free clause.The interview with Nicola Sturgeon which was on Social Media yesterday where she more or less repeated what Angus Robertson said last year that the majority of older voters are No voters and the majority of Yes voters are young and all she had to do was wait for the older voters to die off then morally Boris Johnson would have to agree to a referendum,what a disgraceful statement.Politicians with morals are an endangered species,how she could make a statement like that on one hand then talk about morals on the other,it really is breathtaking.What does this tell us about a referendum in this parliamentary term never mind 2023 proving that a plebiscite election is a far better option.Where is the outrage from the Scottish Government that a climate conference with 190 nations is being held in their own country yet they do not have a seat at the table?

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    1. Spot on John. Re your comment ‘get out of jail free clause’ Blackford said at the Rally on Saturday that ‘we will be doing what is needed HAVING DEALT WITH THE PANDEMIC.’ Cry of too late from the crowd. Finally, he assured us that he would now discuss with his Westminster colleagues how they will be working with the YES movement. Better late than never I suppose.

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      1. Agree Romar.The thing is who decides when the pandemic is over.The Scottish Government saying a few weeks ago that we will have to learn to live with it meaning it will never be over.Too late is correct.Blackford saying that he will discuss with his colleagues in Westminster how to work with the YES movement despite Nicola Sturgeon saying at the election she will not work with ALBA.Too little, too is hard to earn but easily lost as the SNP are finding out.It is a shame for the decent members left in the party but they have reached their high point and are now on the way down where instead we could have been on the road to Independence if they did work with other members of the YES movement.

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  18. On Monday Ian Blackford, SNP Leader at Westminster, is faced with disciplining his colleague Kirsty Blackman MP in response to her call for the expulsion of Joanna Cherry from the SNP His course of action will be demonstrate the measure of the man.

    Already subjected to crude mockery by Johnson at the Tory Beasts conference, what will he do?

    Any bets?

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  19. I think we all need to understand that we are peasants in our own land.

    Not able to have a seat at the table in a conference in our own country may be the latest example of our peasantry. But as winter approaches and the temperatures drop, the reality of fuel poverty and cold houses for so many of our peasantry is another stark example.

    In a country that had oil and gas, Scotland now produces more renewable energy than its power needs. Wind freely available wind, with some of the lowest production costs per unit of energy is now turning into a torrent of energy as evermore off shore wind farms come on stream. But does it alleviate fuel poverty. No of course it doesn’t as the numbers of fuel starved households climb every year.

    Very much akin to the mid eighteen hundreds Famine in Ireland the English masters shipped wheat and grain out of the country whilst the population starved and died.

    The reality today could not be more similar to the tragedy of Ireland. Oil, gas, hydro and now wind and our people sit cold in dark houses.

    Scotland’s very own Famine, very own Georta Mor.

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  20. The Royal Town Planning Institute actually trained me to tackle the racist patriarchy of Westminster culture, but there appears to be too many house-jocks in the Scottish government to secure Scottish culture from the harmful effects expansionist English nationalism. And of course, there’s Scotland’s justice system, which has become a highly effective tool of parochial authoritarianism, a.k.a. fascism.

    Transforming power: Social science and the politics of energy choices

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