The award winning campaigning journalist and documentary maker John Pilger has today (Thursday) called for the release of Craig Murray on compassionate grounds.  This coincides with the tabling of an Early Day Motion by ALBA MPs, Neale Hanvey MP and Kenny MacAskill MP which calls on the Scottish Government to consider the request by the Craig Murray Justice Group and the international whistleblowing community for the release of Craig Murray on compassionate grounds.  In addition the motion calls on the Scottish Government to introduce emergency legislation to allow civil prisoners to be treated in the same way as criminal prisoners which would allow the option of early release on tag to be considered.

In a statement ALBA Westminster Leader Neale Hanvey MP said:

“ There has been a double standard applied to Craig Murray which has seen him imprisoned as a blogger while others in the mainstream media have not been sanctioned.  Not only that he has been treated more harshly as a civil prisoner than if he had been convicted of a criminal offence. 

“ This inhumane and punitive treatment of Craig Murray must end.  That is why along with Kenny MacAskill I have tabled a Commons motion calling on the Scottish Government to heed the request by the Craig Murray Justice Group, the international whistleblowing community and now the human rights campaigner John Pilger to consider the release of Craig Murray on compassionate grounds as a matter of urgency.

“ I am delighted that John Pilger has added his considerable stature to this call.  His support will be warmly welcomed by Craig, his family, friends and supporters.

“The  Scottish Government must also act to address the inequality in Scots Law which sees Craig treated more harshly as a civil prisoner by bringing forward emergency legislation to allow civil prisoners to be treated in the same way as criminal prisoners”.

In a statement John Pilger said:

“ Craig Murray is not a criminal.  He is in prison because a judge uniquely claimed his journalism was in contempt of a criminal case under an arcane provision of Scottish law.

“ This was never tested before a jury.  Craig is a ‘civil prisoner’ – a gentle, intellectual man who has serious underlying health heart and lung issues.  There has recently been an outbreak of Covid-19 in the immediate vicinity of Craig’s prison cell.  Craig Murray should be released immediately on tagged home release, if necessary.  Otherwise, his life is at risk.”



The Imprisonment of Craig Murray

That this House notes with deep concern that Craig Murray is the first journalist in 70 years to have been imprisoned in Scotland for media contempt of court and the first and only person to be imprisoned for ‘jigsaw identification’; further notes the inequality in Scots law which sees him treated more punitively as a civil prisoner than if he were to have been convicted of a criminal offence; calls on the Scottish Government to bring forward secondary legislation to address this inequality and further calls on the Scottish Government to consider the request by the Craig Murray Justice Group and the international whistleblowing community for the release of Craig Murray on compassionate grounds.

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  1. Iain I don’t know if you choose the adverts in your blog posts but the one for Capital One shopping is not available here in Scotland.


  2. Bloody awful that this can happen in Scotland. You could get beaten up in Sauchiehall st and the hooligans might not get a prison sentence due to the Scotgov policy of avoiding shorter jail sentences but in Sturgeons authoritarian Scotland you get 8 months in jail for telling the truth.

    PS your article says today ( Thursday) its Wed today.

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  3. This is persecution of a critic of the clique that runs the SNP. Their attempt to jail Alex Salmond failed so they went for the next best target. I am still awaiting a reply to my email, which I sent several weeks ago to my MSP on the jailing of Craig Murray. My MP has responded that he can’t make a comment on the subject.

    I hold every SNP elected representative equally guilty of allowing the persecution and prosecution of Craig Murray to go ahead. They should have had the courage to stand up to the current leadership of the SNP.

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    1. Yes glasgowwoman I used to be a member of the SNP, from 1964 actually. I will never vote for them again as long as Nicola Sturgeon is leader

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      1. Iain, I have been raking through my e-mails for the original but the only one I can find is a PDF from CRIMJUS to whom it was given.

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  4. There is something putrid at the heart of the Scottish polity. It is the stench of a corrupt, biased and unacceptable miscarriage of justice involving the fraudulent ‘fit up’ of Craig Murray. An arcane charge based on a ludicrous assumption of guilt. Itself based on a crown puppet’s distorted interpretation of a fabricated difference between a blogger’ and ‘real journalists’ rights to publish. An interpretation that meant that the former was guilty of ‘jigsaw ‘ identification but that the latter, of whom there were several and guilty of actual identification, could actually name individuals protected by the Court, but remain untouched.

    For the insane crime of being the only one reporting Alex Salmond’s own experience of a judicial attempt at public crucifixion, Craig Murray paid with his freedom and possibly his long term health.

    The dogs in the street know who is behind it and how she was in concert with her UK handlers in the whole plot.
    The evidence of collusion by all the main institutions of Government, police and media in this country is there to behold in all its tawdry and disgusting spectacle. But the people, by and large, have been obstructed and or cowed into silence by the Orwellian nightmare we have segued into.

    Only International intervention and indignation will wake up the somnambulant Scottish public. Or will it?
    Meanwhile the serried ranks of sheep that supposedly represent the New Scotland sit silent in their safe sinecure parliamentary troughs, without shame or any sense of justice.

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    1. The stench is papable from this SNP led government, all you have to ask yourself is “Who signed off on the directive that forced the trial, and the failed attempt to get Alex Salmond jailed and his reputation trashed for life?” The one and only Nicola surgeon. Craig Murray was jailed and the women who perjured themselves in court are now protected by that self-same court, where is the justice in Scotland? Nicola Sturgeon believes she escaped Scot free, but her time is coming and it is coming soon, and few will weep at her passing.

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    2. Aye Lochside, Sturgeon, her minions and the Institutions charged with the protection of our civil rights are up to their necks in this orchestrated charade. Chanty wrastlers every last wan o’ them. Scotland’s shame writ large!

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    3. They think they are safe in thier sinecure parliamentry troughs but that wont be the case. We see you Sturgeon and your coven

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  5. If only the authorities had went after those who leaked confidential information to The Daily Record with the same effort as they applied to Craig Murray maybe none of this would have happened in the first place.

    The Crown Office seems to be at the beck and call of the complainers. It is almost as if the Crown Office must have given those women assurances that they would protect them no matter what.

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  6. ‘Craig Murray is not a journalist and so is not monitored/guided/required/ to behave as an accredited journalist must”.

    Isn’t that the reasoning being played against Assange?

    “the law is what I say it is”, I suppose. And broadening it out, does it mean that all we non-NUJ scribers are exposed to, without protection, to “The law is what I say it is” whims of the judiciary in Scotland?

    A question I am unable to answer – What is Craig Murray’s offence?

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    1. His crime can only ever be theoretical, because unlike Clive Thomson, Murray never identified by name any of Salmond’s anonymous accusers.

      Because we don’t know who they are, and those who claim they do know can’t talk about them anyway, the public can never know the exact nature of Murray’s transgression.

      Sorry vellofello – that’s just the way it is with thoughtcrime.

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  7. “Craig Murray is not a criminal. He is in prison because a judge uniquely claimed his journalism was in contempt of a criminal case under an arcane provision of Scottish law”

    Maybe the judge who thought treating this elderly man, who we all know is no danger to society, worse than a real criminal would be seen by the people of Scotland as delivering justice rather than being seen as abusing one’s position of power and trust, could tell us if the word arcane has the same practical meaning in her court as the word obsolete.

    The claim that the force of the law should fall harder on bloggers, and particularly pro-indy ones, than unionist mainstream paper publications could be interpreted not only as inconsistent and blatantly discriminatory, but actually as frivolous and lame.

    I am sure I am not the only one who for the life of me could not figure out who the individuals were from Mr Murray’s satire despite reading it several times. But this does no longer come as a surprise. It is no longer a surprise because, after some reporters happily released names and the COPFS helped with the jigsaw by diligently demanding the withdrawal of paragraphs already in the public domain, it transpires that such satire piece could only help anyone to identify anything if they already knew who they were, which the public al large did not know until the reporters and COPFS acted.

    To a person uneducated in law like myself, but interested in facts, evidence and justice, this kind of flawed reasoning and dodgy logic acrobatics to use jigsaw identification as an excuse to deliver a conviction, seems at the very least incredibly lame. At worst defective.

    For a person not educated in the justice-defying labyrinths of law recently pursued with enthusiasm by some judges and prosecutors in Scotland, that weird logic was totally unconvincing and gave the whole thing a funny tinge. This prompts one to wonder if the new strategy used in Scots courts to ensure a conviction of some inconvenient people is to decide already before hand on serving the conviction. Once that decision is been made, then the whole charade of performance in the court perhaps is just a matter of working backwards the logic, no matter how obsolete, frivolous, weak, lame or defective, in order to justify to the eyes of the public the conviction. The idea that the logical and impartial analysis of the evidence is what leads to a conviction because the basic assumption is that accused are innocent until proven guilty, seems, since Lady Dorrian’s infamous and gravity defying acrobatics logic, a thing that only happens in the unionist press, just like Nicola Sturgeon’s and Pete Wishart’s fervent commitment to deliver independence and to protect Scotland’s powers and assets.

    “Whereas King James VII …. did exercise that power … to the violation of the laws and liberties of the kingdom.

    By causing pursue and forfeit several persons upon stretches of old and obsolete laws, upon frivolous and weak pretences, upon lame and defective probations”

    That is what the Claim of Right 1689 says. Let’s not forget that this claim of right is still extant and, not only is the main pillar of the treaty of union, it is also the reason why the crowns of Scotland and England remain under the same monarch.

    Who is responsible for the prosecution of crime in Scotland? Isn’t it that the Crown office?

    In the name of whom do the courts in Scotland deliver their verdicts? Isn’t it the Crown too?

    So who should be held responsible for the use in a Scottish court of an obsolete law, upon frivolous and weak pretences, upon lame and defective probations, to convict an supporter of independence of an alleged crime when the real culprits of that crime one of them being the Crown Office as part of the COPFS itself, remain unprosecuted?

    Could this, under the right light, not be interpreted as yet another abuse of power by the crown and a violation of laws and liberties of the Kingdom of Scotland, one of those being the claim of right itself?

    Is our claim of right 1689 being systematically violated?

    How can alleged Scottish nationalist MPs and MSPs simply sit, watch this abuse and do nothing?
    What is it exactly that these people are doing if they are not even prepared to defend Scotland’s rights?

    What happened to the legal body in Scotland? Did they forget why they study law in the first place? At what point was the aim of delivering justice and being perceived to deliver justice lost because the use of the courts as a weapon to send inconvenient independence supporters to jail by the crown office became more pressing?

    Is there any lawyer or Judge in Scotland that still has any respect left for Scotland’s Claim of Right 1689 and for the adherence by the Kingdom of England to each and every article of the treaty of union?

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  8. Scotland’s shame!

    I remain convinced that Sturgeon is the puppet master behind the scene so I am not hopeful that the efforts will succeed. However the issue should be kept given that a Civil prisoner is being held under a harsher regime than a person sentenced under criminal Law.

    He should never have been in prison and ALL of our politicians know that.

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  9. I wish I could support this appeal: of course I do. But the injustice to Craig Murray (and to Alex Salmond) has been done by the judiciary, not by Government, and not by Parliament. Judicial mistakes can only be put right by the judiciary itself.

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    1. “But the injustice to Craig Murray (and to Alex Salmond) has been done by the judiciary”

      Has it? How do we know?

      How can it possibly be claimed that Scotland’s Judiciary remains independent from the Prosecution authorities in a scenario where the accused is a pro independence supporter attempting to alert the public of what looked like a deep state conspiracy aimed to delaying/stopping independence, if the prosecution authorities represent and act on behalf of the crown, and the judges are appointed by a Queen that purrs when Scotland is kept in the union even with a flawed franchise?

      It is beginning to look like the only party in a Scottish court that is really independent when the matter has to do directly or indirectly with Scotland’s independence is the accused.

      Who is really sitting in Scotland’s courts and who is really “advising” our democratically elected Scottish government? Is it really Scotland’s prosecution service and judiciary who are prosecuting and convicting or are both bodies just puppets of a Crown that is moving their strings with the help of MI5 masquerading as a crown agents or deputy crown agents?

      The Crown Agent is the principal legal adviser on prosecutions to the Lord Advocate. I am still trying to understand the hierarchy, but for what I have found it seems that the crown agent may also the chief executive of COPFS, so full operative control. Acting in the name of the crown plus intrusion of MI5 elements and a politicised against Scottish independence UK civil service in COPFS makes it impossible for this body to ever be seen as independent, in a situation where it is precisely pro Scottish independence supporters who are being prosecuted for being pro independence supporters.

      Judges are appointed by the crown too, but the question for me is: is there any link between the crown agent/MI5 and the Judiciary other than the crown?

      Who controls the controller?

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    2. Frank Waring. Sorry but your view as expressed here is disingenuous. The whole underlying problem is precisely that the Government and Judiciary in Scotland are NOT SEPARATE owing to the position and role of the Lord Advocate. It is therefore inherently open to abuse and corruption, which is precisely what seems to have happened in this case. David Davies’ speech in the House of Commons, using Parliamentary Privilege, correctly drew attentijon to this appalling situation. An Independent Scotland which inherits the current state of affairs will be a disaster. There must be Judicial Reform in Scotland NOW. The present system is not fit for purpose and is a stain on the Honour of Scotland. It is also costing us a great deal of money.

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  10. Craig Murray may technically be “a civil prisoner.” However, everyone and his dog knows, he is actually a “political” prisoner,sent down because he has in part embarrassed Wee Nippy and the SNP’s ruling clique, by publishing the truth about the attempt to imprison Alex Salmond.

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  11. Craig, fell-foul of the same people who want Julian Assange extradited to the US. Had Kenny Macaskill still been JS, Craig Murray is unlikely to have been anywhere near a court, never mind fitted-up by the Scottish judiciary on behalf of the world’s self appointed police force and thrown in jail. What truly burns my arse is the fact that if you mention Craig Murray’s name to most people in Scotland, you’re likely to be met with a confused stare.

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  12. @ Frank Waring:Sturgeon, upon becoming First Minister, intertwined the Government and the Judiciary. The person, some Lord or Lady, heads up the judiciary, and sits in on the Government.

    Confused? Well there is the biblical Lord who never shows face, and then we have here on earth oodles of Lords and Ladies who attend Westminster and regularly appear on BBC TV.

    Take your pick to which category of Lord you choose to place your trust. Could it be that Sturgeon receives divine guidance, or Westminster whispered, vested interest?

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  13. It would help a great deal if more people were to attend the protests which have been organised at Saughton Prison and elsewhere around the capital. And rather than complain about our shameful justiciary on social media please write to your MPs and MSPs. Tell them what you think and request Craig’s immediate release.

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    1. For me what would help Craig is if one of his friends in the media OUTSIDE the UK really got their teeth into the Salmond stitch up and started investigating and reporting on it without fear of the clowns at the Crown Office breathing down their necks.

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  14. According to Frantz Fanon the native ‘should not expect any justice’ in a colonial justice system. There is a reason why Scotland has the highest prison population rate per head in Western Europe – that is a colonial legacy, in which a people are divided by two national cultures, one of which is the dominant, ruling, oppressive and imposed culture. Colonial ‘justice’ involves malice and prejudice (and worse!) directed against the colonised, and immunity for the coloniser ‘forces’, which is what we see here.

    Scots need to be independent for a number of reasons and access to a fair and proper justice system is definitely one of them. Lets also remember what colonialism is about and what it does to an oppressed people and nation, and their institutions:

    Lets hope the ‘leaders’ of the independence movement are finally beginning to understand what independence is about, as without this understanding the leaders ‘will continue to lead the people up a blind alley’.

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  15. The only reason Craig Murray is in jail is to shut him up, expunge his evidence from the Salmond trial from public view, and to intimidate anybody else who might print or disseminate the truth about the conspiracy to get Salmond. One which goes to the highest levels of the Scottish government.

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    1. What also would help Craig Murray is if he shared all the information he had on this with others. He clearly had access to more documents than what is currently in the public domain. Imagine if ten of us also had that? A hundred of us? A thousand of us? Once that information is in the public domain everyone could report on it. The Crown Office can’t go after everyone.

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  16. One of the key factors contributing to the decision of the court and Lady Dorrian to impose a previously unheard of draconian jail sentence on Craig Murray was that he was not, in the opinion of the court entitled to the same rights and privileges as a mainstream journalist.

    Paragraph 4 of the judgement stated in disparaging terms:

    “The applicant describes himself as a “journalist in new media”. Whatever that may involve, it is relevant to distinguish his position from that of the mainstream press, which is regulated, and subject to codes of practice and ethics in a way in which those writing as the applicant does are not. To the extent that the submissions for the applicant make comparisons with other press contempt’s, and the role of mainstream journalists, this is a factor which should be recognised.”

    But online activity is not a devolved matter. It is reserved to the Westminster government who publicly announced 3 weeks before the judgement and comments of Lady Dorrian that Craig Murray was fully entitled in Law to consider himself to be a bona fide journalist. Lady Dorrian’s judgement was predicated on a misinterpretation of her powers and that of the court.

    This is the position of the Westminster government, published 3 weeks before lady Dorrian’s sentencing of Craig Murray.

    Media minister John Whittingdale, speaking for the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) said; “citizen journalists will have the same protections for their work as professional news providers adding, “we don’t want the legislation to lead to a ‘woke web’ where legitimate journalism is censored. That’s why we’ve built in safeguards so that content from news publishers will not be in scope of new laws, including content shared on social media platforms, and media providers will need to factor in the crucial role of journalism as well as freedom of expression in their moderation decisions. A vibrant and free media is essential to our democracy and our Bill will make sure vital public interest journalism can reach its audience without interference.

    But the response to the publication of my article has been disappointing. Does anyone really care about the future of Citizen journalists!!!!

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      1. Thank you iain. I gave up writing to the blog for 6 months following the incarceration of of Craig thinking that Lady Dorrian’s ruling would bring about the destruction of Citizen Bloggers in Scotland. Her ruling was heavily influenced by the bias of her views of journalism and it is undisputable that she ignored the many hundreds of examples of jigsaw revelations of mainstream journalists to the detriment of Craig Murray. Her judgement needs to be challenged by right minded people so that Craig can be freed. Alba Westminster politicians should raise the matter in the Commons

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