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A few years ago I determined I wanted to write a novel.

Initially I wrote much of the story line, carried out a fair bit of research both here in Scotland and also going on a trip from my US home in Clearwater, Florida to West Virginia where I identified potential locations and got a feel for the local geography , in particular the mountains and forests.

I filled out the storyline to completion then started a review process. I quickly recognised a lot more work was required. In particular, for the book to “come alive” it was going to require a verbal narrative amongst the characters. My work to that point had been largely concentrated on telling the story and mapping out various events, particularly conflicts and other events that were taking place between settlers, the British, and the Native Americans.

It is set some ten years after Culloden, continues over a forty year period and centres on the inhabitants of a Highland village who emigrate to America in the face of the greed of English factors who have been granted their previous clan lands in punishment for supporting Bonnie Prince Charlie.

Where it differs from the normal narrative, instead of conflict with the local Native Americans , they form an alliance with one particular tribe, where a joint settlement is established. 

That is enough of the plot, hopefully it is sufficient to confirm that I am serious about this but I must admit I have allowed the project to drift in the last few years as I got involved in other projects, including this blog. As a result my book remains unfinished.

I have therefore determined that is unacceptable so I have decided I need to give it a much renewed effort over the next few months to complete the task without any further delays.

The only way I can do this is to cutback on my writing for this blog. I will not drop out altogether but the number of articles, written by myself each week will drop significantly. As always I will welcome well written guest articles and will publish them as received augmented by some articles written by me. Please send any articles to Iain.lawson27@gmail.com I do intend to continue my involvement in the weekly Scottish Prism broadcasts as required. I also intend to invite a number of regular guest columnists to ensure a regular flow of articles.

I will be back full time as soon as I can. It is a lot of work running a blog that publishes as frequently as mine has since I created it. It has already surpassed over 1 million views this year involving some 350,000 unique visitors to my site. I can only dream my book will do the anything like that.

Anyhow may I take this opportunity to thank all my readers. I have always had a lot to say. There are many who would say in response “far too much”, but I genuinely care about my country and our future. 

I have always been fortunate, running my own successful businesses over the years has allowed me to travel all over the World, I have built from scratch and run businesses in several different countries and have been blessed by enjoying great friendships with people in many different lands. Having said that there was never a country I visited that I thought capable of supplanting my love for Scotland and her people. My novel, while being a work of fiction, will highlight many of Scots best characteristics and will seek to further enhance our nation.

As General MacArthur said “I shall return”


  1. As General MacArthur said “I shall return”

    Every day’s an education. I always believed that was Arnold Snortandsnigger.

    Seriously the novel sounds fascinating so the best of luck.

    I find myself in a similar position having drafted the outlines of a ‘conspiracy/comedy thriller’ type novel but can’t seem to find the time/talent to fill the gaps.

    One of these days

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  2. Good luck with completing the book Iain … and make sure and publish details on your website when you finish.

    One selfish request … don’t stay away too long – your country needs Yes!

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  3. Probably a good time to step back. If you kept going waiting for the Independence campaign to start then the book will never be written. The loyal Sturgeon camp are currently kidding themselves that a tweet campaign is going to topple Westminster…quite sad really.

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    1. Clootie – I’ll re-post what I just posted on ‘THAT FRANCHISE’:

      I believe our strongest path now is for ALBA to adopt the SSRG path forward and prepare the legal ground for this in the ECJ or IC. As a party not in government they can take this overtly hostile action. There is nothing Westminster can do to them. We can use a Scottish plebiscite or properly controlled petition (post code, check against voters register) to provide the mandate for ALBA to act. This hard winter will be a good time for YES to get out on the streets with a petition like this – we should have ipads and smart phones ready to go. The next Westminster election can then be fought with a clear mandate in the eyes of the world – there will never be a mandate admitted by this UKIP UKG. Independence is claimed, not given.

      If we take strong action now I believe we can do what 315 years of oppressed Scots have failed to do. It really is “game on” and despair is the only weapon left in the unions armory.

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      1. 100% agreed: “Independence is claimed, not given.” It would be impossible, I’ve long believed, for any rational being to hold any other view on the matter.

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  4. When my son more-or-less demanded that I should write my autobiography, I was genuinely taken aback. Who in the world, I asked, would possibly be be interested in such a thing? Here I am, nonetheless, some 87, 000 words into the project.

    It recently occurred to me, were I to take full licence and change all of the names and the geographical locations but keep the socio-political thread intact, I might end-up with a “story” that has resonance and familiarity for many another of the dissident grandfathers and grandmothers too, that we harbour here in Scotland and who have yet to meet the likes of themselves in the pages of a book. Not quite what my son intended, perhaps; a lot like people’s lives.

    Now, with that off-my-chest, I’ll say: Go and complete that book, Iain, because you’ll clearly never rest until you do. Good luck!

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  5. I hope it’s ok for me to go totally o/t now.

    There is a YouTube video by an American academic called Richard Dolan which some here might find interesting. He talks about a fascist revolution which he believes is taking place worldwide.

    He thinks that the ‘elites’ are engineering society in a way that they have never done in previous generations. That as real jobs become scarcer their control increases over us. It’s quite a long video, but there is much food for thought there. He has studied the UFO phenomenon in the past, but don’t let that put you off.

    I don’t know how to link to the comment section, so I will give you the title of the video.

    “They want your soul. The Richard Dolan show “.

    The video is 52 minutes long

    Thanks Iain.

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    1. Hi John…similar thread on Fb and YouTube, has been Integrity Ireland, hosted by Stephen Manning. He also has recently written a book called “Crisis, Cult or a Coup”, now number 1 on Amazon book list. He served notices of unlawfulness on the Irish Govt, a judge and a police chief. He is appearing at a private court meeting, today, with his private body guards, no less! The videos have gone viral. The legal document he is using is called an Asseveration, which has also gone viral and available for every country to use if they so wish. So there will be an update today. He’s one brave Irishman!

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  6. Good luck with the book Iain, when its something that’s on your mind, it will continue to present itself until you complete it, your wee blurb sounds quite interesting.

    Topically, I’ve read that the natives of what is now Panama, struck up some sort of relationship, other than a violent one with the Scots adventurers from the Darien Scheme, but were hindered greatly by the Spanish settlers of the day, who we encouraged by King William of England to harass and attack the Scots settlers.

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  7. Good luck getting that book finished Iain. I’m going to miss you, as yours and Roddy’s blog are the first places I visit each day.

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  8. Good luck Iain with your writing we get small glimpses of your ability on here , however it appears you will do anything to get away from me pestering you to arrange a independence bloggers committee and challenge Sturgeon

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  9. West Virginia? That’s hard redneck country and a story that needs to be told. Not just to Scots, but to Americans too. We know where we came from but we are painfully ignorant on the why and how. It’s a tough story to which to do complete justice. If you can pull it off, it will be a cracking read.

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  10. Hi Iain, your contributions will most certainly be missed, by more than a few I suspect, given the traffic visiting this site
    over the past period. It certainly demonstrates a healthy interest in the state of Scottish politics through a prism eschewed by the ‘National’ press. I believe the story line of your proposed novel will very much resonate with Scots whose ancestors were forced to flee the brutality of the new Highland Lairds and their henchmen. Depopulation of native Highland Scots continues to this day assisted by mammon accrued in another jurisdiction, this most clearly demonstrated in the near monopolisation by incomers of the vacant property market. This is particularly so in the Highlands and Islands. I look forward to reading the ‘guest’ articles. Wishing you every success with the novel.

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  11. The Doors’Jim Morrison’s grandparents were from Clearwater, Florida (his great great great grandparents from the Isle of Lewis) must be an inspiring place.

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  12. When all is said and done words are all we have to explain our thoughts to others. I look forward to a good read. and I expect Nicola Sturgeon will be expecting, copy only to be sadly disappointed. In any event it appears London are hitting back at the WOKE regime in Scotland. Long suffering Scots can only hope for a successful outcome. So we are not alone!!!

    Sturgeon and the SNP Panic as BBC Curries Favour With Westminster Government – Adopting Anti-Woke policies – Major Shake-up in News and Current Affairs Presentation -Bye-Bye Kuenssberg – Smith and others

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