“Cinderella” Sturgeon is probably not going to the ball.

A guest post from Professor Alf Baird.

World Leaders Summit at COP26 in Scotland

(Based on info extracted from the COP26 website: https://unfccc.int/cop26/world-leaders-summit)

Will Scotland’s First Minister appear, Cinderella like, at the COP26 World Leaders Summit in Glasgow? That does not appear very likely based on the following UN published programme information and instructions sent to national governments attending.

Event title & location: “United Nations Climate Change Conference 2021 Glasgow, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.”

No mention of Scotland then. Does it matter? Evidently not.

Event Host: “The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, His Excellency Mr. Boris Johnson, has invited Heads of State and Government to participate in the World Leaders Summit, which will take place on Monday, 1 November, and Tuesday, 2 November 2021, when the first part of the high-level segment for Heads of State and Government during the Conference will also take place.”

Nope, nae mention of Scotland’s FM there, not even as a co-host. It’s the UK PM’s do.​

‘National’ statements: “Following the opening ceremony of the World Leaders Summit, led by the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom on 1 November, the high-level segment will begin with the delivery of national statements by Heads of State and Government.”

So, there will be no Scottish ‘national’ statement, and no role for Scotland’s FM at the Summit.

UK delegation restricted: “Owing to COVID-19 regulations, only one additional delegate along with the Head of State orGovernment per Party will be allowed in the plenary for the opening of the World Leaders Summit and the first part of the high-level segment.”

A possible entry point for Scotland’s FM to accompany the Head of (UK) Government? Doubtful.

VVIP’s: “Early evening travel to VVIP reception at Kelvingrove Art Museum. The VVIP reception hosted by the Government of the United Kingdom for Heads of State and Government is scheduled for the evening of 1 November.”

Nah, nae place for Scotland’s FM at this either – she’s maybe a VIP and a legend in her own lunchtime, but not a VVIP at this Summit, not even when hosted in Scotland.

The ‘back of the room’: “World Leaders Summit: In each Plenary room, two seats per delegation, including the seat of the Head of State or Government, will be made available behind the nameplate of each Party for the opening ceremony. No additional seats will be available at the back of the room.”

Nope, nae room for the FM here, not even in the cheap seats at ‘the back of the room’.

Protocol: “Statements will be delivered in accordance with the time of inscription in the list of speakers and reflecting protocol order in accordance with the United Nations, with Heads of State speaking before Heads of Government.”

An opportunity for a statement from the Scottish ‘Government’? Unlikely – HMQEII to be followed by UKPM. There is a reason UK Ministers still refer to Holyrood as their Scottish ‘Administration’, i.e. it is subordinate to the UK ‘Government’, so no place at a global Summit for a UK ‘administration’ FM.

Bilateral meetings: “Bilateral meeting rooms are available in the VVIP Lounge within the secure zone of the Conference site to enable Heads of State and Government to meet bilaterally.”

Forget it FM – this is not for Scotland’s administrators either.

Lapel pin: “The Heads of State and Government will receive a lapel pin. The three accompanying delegates in the entourage will receive a special badge that will allow entry into the VVIP area with the leader. Only one person from the entourage will be allowed with the required ticket to access the Plenary room with the leader for the opening ceremony and national statements”

A last chance to get in? Is there a ‘special badge’ with Scotland’s FM’s name on it? Doubtful.

Who believes in Fairy Tales: The only way Scotland’s FM will be able to attend the COP26 ‘Ball’ is if she appears Cinderella like, and even then only if Prince Boris or some other VVIP gives the ok.

Sovereignty: Sovereignty is the only entry requirement to COP26, First Minister, and it needs to be asserted by a majority of Scotland’s democratically elected ‘National’ representatives. Until then we will always be left out in the lobby, even in our own country (‘the colonised is an alien in his or her own land’), not even good enough for one of the cheap seats at ‘the back of the room’.

As far as COP26 in Scotland is concerned, and international summits and treaties more generally, until our national representatives find the courage to assert Scottish sovereignty,Scots will aye be represented only by oor ‘VVIP’ colonial maisters. 

Without sovereignty Scotland disnae maiter a daw, “its bloody Brigadoon”! FOUR WEDDINGS AND A FUNERAL Title2 11 1 – Bing video


This is the price of delay and diversion. It’s appropriate that the First Minister pays a price for that. She has let Scotland down concentrating and pushing highly controversial and divisive policies instead of using the multiple mandates the Scottish people have handed her to progress our nation’s freedom. The trouble of course with all this is it is not just the First Minister that is being snubbed, but the entire nation of Scotland. We will have to suffer Boris lording it, claiming to be at the forefront of being an environmental saviour when we all know he is anything but, an opponent of renewable energy in Scotland happy to see the connection charges for renewable producers in Scotland to be charged out at the highest rate connection cost in the whole of Europe. This is just the first rejection coming her way, she is leading the SNP to electoral disaster and unfortunately throwing away the gilt edged opportunities she was handed when she became the SNP leader. How she has been abusing her powers as FM cannot stay secret from the public much longer, no matter the MSM doing their best not to report it.

I am, as always



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51 thoughts on ““Cinderella” Sturgeon is probably not going to the ball.

  1. Host, boris invites dignitaries to Cop26 in GLASGOW. No mention of any Scottish government ministers present. Did he ask permission? NO!!! The queen is to be there but Scotland as a nation is scrubbed out. Thats like him saying the whole UK is mine and I’ll invite who I like to wherever I like. This is intended as the very large snub and display of power that it is intended to be.
    More importantly, where are Nicola and the SNP shouting from the rooftops in opposition and anger?!?! They are not, not one word to let boris know that Scotland is ours not his to do with as he likes.

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    1. Sturgeon cannae afford tae shout lest she draws attention tae aw the ither things she hisnae done tae protect Scotland’s assets from the marauding English Establishment. The paper is stertin’ tae peel aff the wa’s o’ her manky tower and no aw the punters are blind tae this. Mibbie hud she curtsied tae Johnson ootside Bute Hoose yon time she micht hae wangled a ticket. Scotland and our people telt their place again, whits wrang wi’ us?


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  2. There was never any chance Scotland would be there at the ball! BoJo and Gove will be ‘lording’ it, over our country and our wishes. They have already made statements that there is no mandate, no demand for Independence and everting is being Union Jacked.
    The best way for Nicola to attend COP26 would be leading the YES demonstration!

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    1. It’s important that the people who live in Scotland should come out in large numbers for the march from Kelvingrove next Saturday. Time to fly the Saltire in our largest city.

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  3. That perfectly summed up Iain, under Boris and his levelling up, Scotland will be well fucked and poorly clad, The tories keep reiterating the old mantra, independence will only mean putting up barriers – what has Brexit done for Scotland – put up a barrier between Scotland and NI and a barrier between Scotland and Europe, levelling up, now means, you will only trade with the rest of the world through England. Yes, golden chances squandered, never mind hen, you will become a Dame for services to the Union.

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  4. Venimus, Vidimus, Boris vicit

    No place for the Scottish leader and her broken SG band. Like rag tags they are but inconsequential ghosts. Deposed nonentities and broken the the cleared Highlanders of yesteryear.

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  5. There is definitely some poetic justice in this. She has surrounded herself with a circle of self serving sycophants who do her will, whatever that might be. Small wonder her influence is shrinking, shrinking…

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  6. Lavatory attendant would be a worthwhile slot for Sturgeon.

    Everyone needs to go to the toilet and that would be a good opportunity to meet world leaders and their country’s diplomats and technical advisers.

    And that’s about as involved Sturgeon will be.

    In fact maybe the Scottish Cabinet could man all the lavvies.

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      1. Aye ngataki5 and they’ll be no uni sex lavvies at the Summit like Sturgeon’s Government has created in Scottish schools.

        Can you imagine the Queen or the wife of some leader of a country like Saudia Arabia being told you’ve got to use the unisex lavvy manned by let us say John Swinney. No chance. No Swinney would be cleaning the men’s toilets whilst Sturgeon would be cleaning the ladies. They’ll be no inbetweeners, sitting downers, or standing uppers mixed.

        And Angus Robertson, he could man the male toilets for the Germans and Austrians. Or what about Humza Yousaf, he’d make a great night soil shifter for the Asian attendees.

        But I do not mock. Toilet attendants are needed, and this could be the SG’s big chance.

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  7. This is about the only time I’ve ever agreed with the UK government that Sturgeon shouldn’t be there. Sturgeon appearing at cop26 isn’t to promote Scotland and Independence she only interested in her own agenda and her own celebrity status.

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  8. the face of a leader, eh naw, the face of a chancer and a traitor, aye, but yer time is nearly up hen, pack yer bags, you are not wanted here..away and tug yer forelock elsewhere..

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  9. During the North Atlantic Treaty Organization summit in Brussels in 2017, President Trump pushed aside Prime Minister of Montenegro, Duško, to stand in front of head of states and governments of NATO member states for a photo. “Trump reaches out his right arm, grabs Markovic’s right shoulder and pushes him aside. Markovic looks surprised. Trump doesn’t acknowledge his existence as he moves past him. It’s as if Markovic isn’t there”
    This was a clear message that you are a small insignificant Nation. ( A small Nation that had just taken a big risk by joining NATO).

    COP26 is the same type of “shove diplomacy”. Scotland isn’t a Nation – move out of the way Boris is coming through.

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  10. It is simple GB has One monarchy, One prim minister, One Parlement, three administrations. COP26 is for Heads of Government.
    What is it people cant understand?


    1. At the moment. Only at the moment.
      However for accuracy The Scottish People are Sovereign Not Lizzie the First.
      A PM elected by an English Party has little standing here.

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    2. What people can’t understand is why Scotland has so many snivelling sycophants willing to crawl up the English Establishment’s arse.
      Simple fact: Scotland is a country in a union with England by means of an international treaty.
      That treaty has been breached far too often, and it’s about time we dissolved it.

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  11. My wife was only asking over breakfast this morning, whatever had become of Sturgeon over the past wee while. I idly suggested in jest, of course, that maybe the cops were about to lift her man and that she was too busy packing for the flitting back to Dreghorn to be bothered with the media. How wrong can you be? She hisnae been seen because she’s emotionally smashed after falling off her pedestal in Bute House after reading the Cop 26 website. You’ve made our day here at Schloss Erich with that news, Alf. Thank you.

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  12. I can recall when Fiona Hyslop ? first announced that Glasgow had been “chosen” and how wonderful this would be; ditto follow up by Susan Aitken. Short memories? The 2005 Gleneagles G7 World Poverty summit was controlled by UK Government; Scotland was flooded with MI5 and police from UK, using heavy handed tactics to defeat a few protestors. Even the Edinburgh protest march was overshadowed by Bob Geldof organising the Wembley concert so Scotland’s leading role in fighting world poverty was a shortbread tin fantasy! The final tragedy was the London bombings on 7 July with much of the Met Police having to rush back to an under-protected city. This summit is unlikely to have any lasting legacy for Scotland other than perhaps an increase in Covid infections and more pressure on Scottish NHS. The tidied streets of Glasgow will revert to the usual trash state and the fancy electric buses will go back to the garage?

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    1. Pity we cannot put the two new shiny ‘Green’ Ministers back in their box too.
      Operation ‘Window Dressing’ accomplished.

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  13. Would any contract be deemed “legal” if those approving the deal were blatantly rewarded directly for signing?
    The very fact that that this was once done openly and recorded as a bribe should leave little doubt about the fraud executed on our Nation and the arrogance executed in the process..

    Article 15 – “A sum of £398,085-10 shillings, known as the Equivalent, will be paid by the English Government, mainly as compensation to the shareholders in the Darien Project.”

    We thought our MPs failing us for personal enrichment was in the past. It appears our Parliament being reconvened was a return to business as usual.
    Over 300 years between the Parliaments but the people are being betrayed once again.

    COP26 is evidence of their hold on display, nothing less.

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  14. I’m trying to think of a historical parallel where the local populous were completed excluded from an international meeting: Tehran conference?

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  15. This just confirms 1. Scotland isn’t a sovereign nation. 2. UK gov choosing Glasgow and then excluding Scot gov just shows where the power lies. 3. On the Global stage Scotland is just a region in the UK in the same way Catalonia is a region of Spain. It doesn’t matter.

    The Maldives get to speak Scotland doesn’t. That’s correct

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    1. “Scotland is just a region in the UK”

      Politically, Scotland for now arguably more reflects a colonial possession than a region of the UK, given the existence of an international treaty and its numerous violations. Scotland may become “just a region of the UK” when the quest for national liberation is finally exhausted, which to some extent appears to be directly related to the changing national identity of the majority of the people permitted to vote in Scotland. Once a majority of voters in Scotland no longer identify primarily as Scots, but identify as Brits, then Scotland inevitably becomes “just a region of the UK”. Such an outcome is to some extent dependent on Scotland’s birth rate (falling) and inbound migration rate (rising), as well as the franchise, all of which currently implies an increase in pro-Brit vote is to be expected. The elected Nationalist majority of MPs could however decide to assert Scottish sovereignty, as the SSRG and indy movement more generally has proposed, thus avoiding Scotland becoming “just a region of the UK”. As nationalists, independence should be their raison detre.

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  16. To be honest, it really isn’t bothering me one way and another whether she goes or not. She has brought this ignominious state of being totally ignored, on herself. Scotland – and she – would be represented if her party had got off their asses & did what they had been elected to do. Become an independent state. So I can only assume she didn’t want to go to the Ball.

    I’m sorry we won’t be represented. But – she’s obviously not. She’s let bozo make all the decisions about our Renewables industry. He’s going to represent us & as usual, will be a waffling git & the others know he won’t keep a single promise he makes. To not allow the nations with the Renewables a say, is just another way of his of ignoring Scotland. If we Scots care at all about not being represented there, we don’t elect SNP/Sturgeon again. We get what we vote for…

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  17. I never noticed the photo at the head of this piece but on noticing it’s one hell of a picture of the Great One. The petted lip and the harridan’s scowl all rolled into one.

    Could you imagine that on a bank note. In Nicola we trust?

    Maybe it’s a picture of her displeasure at not even getting a bit part at COP26. Or maybe it’s at Peter for not being able to explain where the missing loot is.

    But whatever, it’s an absolutely astonishing photograph. One could start a fabulous competition enquiring of a caption for the shot.

    Lock down for the COP 26 starts tomorrow with the closure of the Clydeside Expressway.

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  18. VVIP reception at Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum, who sanctioned that – Susan Aitken? I understood it was to be closed for the duration of COP26 but perhaps I got that wrong.

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  19. Thank you, Alf. I liked the idea of the cheap seats “at the back of the room”…….and Madam not even being offered a place there. But she has brought it all down upon her own head. The sad part is, as Iain says, that Scotland’s people, thanks to Sturgeon’s inability to lead our country, are in the same boat.

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  20. So, so, so, the FM of the house jocks in the North British Territories isn’t getting anywhere near the Masters big table.

    Taken out of the EU against our wishes, a blatant breach of the T.o.U. as you’ll ever find. Now we have the final (?) humiliation of Scotland at the COP26. Not even allowed to attend or say a word in our own country.

    She/her was no doubt planning her next career move up the greasy pole and now this. A personal humiliation.

    If there is still anyone in Scotland who hasn’t understood now that Scotland is a COLONY of WM/England, then they urgently need medical help.

    Nicola Sturgeon is a coward.

    Everyone in Scotland should send her a white feather, the marchers should tie one to their Saltires for her, YES stalls could sell them with Nikla’s photo attached.

    The white feather is a sign of cowardice, it belongs to Nicola Sturgeon.

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  21. Looks like one of the trolls from WOS is trying to move in to YFS under a new name, to disrupt with BS**t and damage the integrity of the site.

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  22. And the trains from Glasgow to Edinburgh are off yet again. Sturgeon, you are turning us into a Third World country, a total embarrassment, although the greedy, selfish morons in the rail unions also have to share the blame here.

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