A guest post from Eva Comrie of the Alba Party.

The International Brigade

I did a thing today which was long overdue – read the whole Declaration of Arbroath – the English translation; my Latin isn’t exactly word perfect. And I saw what you likely already know, in essence it’s an appeal for international recognition of Scotland’s right to remain an independent country notwithstanding repeated violent assaults and invasions from southern forces.

The other memorable moment today was I watched Mary Lou McDonald address her Sinn Fein conference; she spoke eloquently, with power, force and truth, about the overwhelming desire for change in Ireland. She described partition of Ireland, correctly, as a violent assault. Clearly we see daily a desire in Ireland for a unity poll; it is their right, in the Good Friday Agreement, where a generation in politics is described as seven years. Seven years. Take note, ye Scots.

I admire Mary Lou and her colleague Michelle O’Neill; I particularly praise John Finucane. But Ireland is not Scotland. Our history and politics have similarities but are not the same.

At times we’re a bit guilty in Scotland of reminiscing; we think that yesterday was better than today; we forget ancient hardships before we’d an NHS, Council houses, inside toilets, unions, a minimum wage, free prescriptions, free school dinners; we forget how Alex Salmond’s SNP transformed Scotland and how Nicola Sturgeon maintained that progress. We should remember what Scotland looked like before we had devolution, before we had a party in power determined to forge a country able, willing and ready to stand on its own two feet.

But Scotland governed by the SNP can and must do better; we need not be parked, hampered, hobbled by devolution; it’s a springboard and Scotland’s launch into orbit, powered by confidence, knowledge, courage and conviction is inevitable, as night follows day. It won’t happen by itself, needs every shoulder to the wheel, now – and so that includes those kenspeckle fellows residing temporarily outwith these borders. Imagine being an International Member of ALBA ? Like you were a real freedom fighter ? Not an amateur like me. An ex-pat who was deported, dumped or driven out of your own country to make your fortune but keeping a weather eye out on the home fires all the same? They’re stoked and ready to ignite – let’s light that flame – for Scotland, Saint Andrew and Freedom.

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  1. Inspiring words. But you are not an amateur Eve: you are the man (in the star trek sense) and this is the hour. We are all the man and this is the hour. In order to realise our empowerment we need to take ownership – each of us declaring ourselves citizens of our own colonized country, whether we live here or have been driven from our own home. As you eloquently say, true recognition of what we are is the foundation of our battle with the colonized mindset that hobbles us in this “union”. We all need to live and breath that truth.

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  2. aye Eva, if only we could get more like you on to the media,
    this is what we need people with some fire, not these 90 minute patriots we have in Westminster.
    Though there is a couple of exceptions.

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  3. An ex-pat who was deported, dumped or driven out of your own country to make your fortune but keeping a weather eye out on the home fires all the same?

    That describes me, but not the fortune bit. I joined the SNP in Tarbert, Loch Fyne but left in Cambridge in March 2021, and joined Alba, because I wanted Scottish Independence NOW, and still do, convinced by the likes of SSRG and Iain Lawson.

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  4. Always good to hear from you Eva!

    I have read Irish history. I have read about the East Indian Company and East African Company tyranny. I have read about the Opium Wars , the slave trade etc. I can skip forward a century to the testing of Nuclear weapons on mainland Australia throughout the fifties when they often failed to ensure that local aboriginal tribes were cleared before detonation. Every Nation suffered differently under Colonial Rule but they shared one key lesson….Never trust London to honour their word.

    The very fact that Sturgeon does should be reason enough for her to resign. Her gold standard Referendum was only granted in 2014 because the Whitehall Mandarins thought it an easy victory. London does not repeat mistakes like that.

    Sturgeon has managed the impossible task of dividing the YES movement. She has turned Scot against Scot with her preoccupation with the Transcult. She told us who she is by destroying democracy within her own Party. She is blatant in the theft of funds donated in pursuit of Independence. She listens to no one and enemies become a target via underhand manipulation of the Law.

    We should all continue to write in detail about who and what she is.

    We need to ensure Independence for the generations to come.

    We all know Sturgeon will not deliver Independence. However we need to convince the collectors of selfies what the truth is.

    If we do not shine a light on the tyrant then we will remain a colony with Sturgeon as the regional consol.

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  5. “Eva, reference your fourth paragraph -“At times we are a bit guilty of reminiscing….Alex Salmond transformed Scotland… and…. Nicola Sturgeon maintained that progress…”.

    Alex Salmond lit the flame of independence aspiration and possibility for our nation, Nicola Sturgeon has doused it.

    Like as in the western cowboy movies, Sturgeon is playing the role of the Indian Agent on the reservation, keeping the locals subdued by promises, and dispensing to them largesse from HQ as baubles. The Indian chiefs, her link to the locals (MSP, MP} are docile, silenced, by being well rewarded, and submissive for fear of being cast out.

    Hopefully Sturgeon has successfully glad-handed her way this weekend to a UN position, and we can be rid of her.And no, i’m not bitter towards h, I just don’t consider her to be seeking independence.

    To gain a degree requires some mathematical knowledge, even for a Law degree – money has to counted! For Sturgeon to spout vote SNP 1 and 2 in the recent election was an anti- independence strategy.That is the reality.

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  6. Iain,

    Well done to Eva for stating the case and others, in particular velofello, for refining the message.

    Sturgeon now looks tired and burnt out but she’s destroyed many along the way to her accommodation with the London political establishment.

    I had high hopes when ALBA was set up several months ago but I fear that the new party might become SNP Mk 2 in its structure and objectives. The is not helped by the SSRG publishing a well-researched practical plan to achieve Independence. then spoiling it all with a tfirst step after freedom day to “Rejoin the EEA, reinstating the freedom of movement of people, goods, services, and capital.”

    What’s that all about? It sounds like the EU with London swapped for Brussels, with the the ECJ lording it over us again. Let’s get Independence first – with EFTA trading and membership of such things as the Erasmus Programmme that you don’t have to be an EU member for!

    It looks like Sturgeon is finally on the way out. The SNP may fragment. It’s for leaders like Eva Comrie and other to – somehow – take over and re-direct Scotland on an honourable and prosperous path to Independence..

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    1. Ed – the thing to keep in mind with the EEA/EFTA/EU is that these are nothing at all like the UK. There is an accepted mechanism to leave when and if you decide you want to leave. These bodies respect international law and human rights.
      Leaving the UK will tear up every trade agreement we currently have. Immediately replacing these with the better trade agreements in the EFTA makes a world of sense. I was put off the EU when it became clear France was going to demand effective ownership of our waters in return for membership.
      If the EFTA turned out to be what you think it will be then it is simple to leave. It is, to my mind, an essential safety net for the far more difficult task of leaving the UK.

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  7. Just came across yesterday this 2016 talk by Tim Pat Coogan. Cynical anti-democratic manoeuvrings of London governments (particularly of Tory grandees) leading to the partioning of Ireland. A recommended and salutary watch for all Scots:

    Tim Pat Coogan, author and broadcaster, keynote speaker at the 2016 ‘Liam & Tom O’Flaherty Society’ conference. Title of talk: ‘The ideals of 1916: All changed, changed utterly’. Loosely based on his book ‘1916: The Mornings After’.

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  8. I have posted comments before praising your and ALBA’s vocal commitment to Scotland’s independence but I must admit to disappointment in your comments on this post , I was going to respond to this part of your comment ” we forget how Alex Salmond’s SNP transformed Scotland and how Nicola Sturgeon maintained that progress ” but I see upthread that velofello has already picked up on that comment , I vehemently disagree with that statement , apart from the baby boxes which copied Finland she has done nothing but SABOTAGE the independence quest with her deliberate avoidance to forward ANY move towards independence , she has deliberately introduced and FORCES reviled and hated policies which DAMAGES and THREATENS the safety of over 50% of our citizens whilst simultaneously ignoring people’s objections and treating citizens with utter contempt

    If your apologetic inclusion of “Sturgeon maintaining that progress” is symptomatic of what we can expect from ALBA in refusing to EXPOSE and SHAME corrupt and disingenuous politicians for the damage they have caused to the independence cause and our citizens it does not bode well for our and our children’s future , we do not need more politicians who are frightened or cannot see and call out corrupt liars who are ruining Scotland , so IMO Ms Comrie if you are not up to defending Scotland with all your might you will just be more of what we already have

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    1. To be very clear. I do not share your assessment.
      The Sturgeon clique is the problem. What are you going to do start a Party of ONE?

      We need a route to recover the spirit of 2014, not another rock thrower in the group trying to get the movement moving forward again.

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      1. To be equally as clear you are entitled to your opinion as am I , I am not interested in personalities or celebrity worship which has resulted in the situation we currently find ourselves in , Sturgeon has utilised and manipulated the stupidity and loyalty of the SNP membership and voters to entrench herself in her unassailable position which as you well know has decimated OUR chances for independence , you want less animosity and truth and a return to the good old days of 2014 where everyone sang from the same hymn sheet and sang songs round the campfire , NEWSFLASH , WE LOST THE REF , and just like the people who oppose ANY change to the voting franchise , doing the same thing again will most likely result in us LOSING AGAIN

        Alex Salmond asked voters to trust him and vote for the SNP 1 and ALBA 2 to enable a supermajority of indy people in HR ( I spoiled my 1st vote because I couldn’t stomach voting FOR SNP corruption ) what happened to that bonhomie and campfire singing when Sturgeon and her cohort deliberately ,willfully and maliciously set out AGAIN to destroy Alex Salmond and ALBA , failure to EXPOSE and NAME the TRAITORS who are causing misery and pain to our fellow citizens is seen as a WEAKNESS by Sturgeon and her cohort and will be used to THEIR advantage , they do not SHRINK AWAY from DIRTY UNDERHAND tactics except against WM

        In response to Ms Comrie ” It’s a disappointment to me that there has been no progress as regards Independence, but Scotland is a better place in some respects than it was pre-devolution ” I’m sorry if you consider that progress or an achievement I certainly do not , that is almost like saying it’s good that I don’t beat up my wife/husband as much as I used too

        Also in response to ” But any one of us can seek to be a politician, a leader or an inspiration, so come forwards those who have the solutions and let’s get the revolution underway, without delay ”
        I don’t know if you are being facetious or fractious re the critical comments but I didn’t put my name forward for election you did and if you cannot accept criticism or disagreement of your beliefs or opinions maybe political life is the wrong path

        I believe ALBA politicians have to STOP being nice and adopt Sturgeon’s I will remain in power under ANY circumstance attitude IF they want to win the REVOLUTION

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  9. some interesting remarks – thank you; there are aspects where Nicola Sturgeon has maintained progress; those include matters such as extending nursery hours, free school meals, the child payment. There has also been movement on some important issues for women around medical issues and menopause. Granted these are not hugely radical, but they represent positive developments unlikely to have been delivered other than by the SNP in recent years. It’s a disappointment to me that there has been no progress as regards Independence, but Scotland is a better place in some respects than it was pre-devolution. Overall though, we won’t solve poverty, hopelessness,sheer deprivation without determined radical action leading to Independence and I don’t see the current SNP making any cogent robust moves in that direction any time soon. But any one of us can seek to be a politician, a leader or an inspiration, so come forwards those who have the solutions and let’s get the revolution underway, without delay.

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    1. I did read that one sentence in your article and thought fireworks ahead! There is no doubt that Scotland is a better place since the Scottish Parliament has been created. A more contentious point however is what contribution has Nicola Sturgeon made in recent times to keep it so?

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    2. Eva, the phrase ‘maintained progress’ implies further progress… I would say, no, not from Sturgeon’s SNP government. Vague woolly policies are announced by them to get votes etc, but civil servants are the ones just continuing on previous trajectories in the absence of any kind of real direction – any real governance. Robin MacAlpine has recently published a series of blogs analysing exactly how they have failed so badly and are worth a read – on what not to do in the future.

      How many times have you heard Nicola Sturgeon, in Parliament, say ‘if anyone has ideas…’ – she says this on everything, she has no leadership skills, no administrative skills, no creativity, she is incompetent beyond any normal lack of ability. Promised-for council tax reform? Not even started. Land reform? Halted. Those new ferries? Big fail. All the legislation brought forward by Sturgeon is either unpopular or has failed. She is not a friend to Scotland and giving them any kind of credibility just allows it to continue.

      The new-SNP way of ‘arguing’ anything is now to shut down debate, by maligning the person, not by being able to defend anything they are doing: Its the gender ideology way of arguing – projecting their own behaviour onto critics, which is why I keep seeing the constant battering of Alba supporters by SNP, even elected officials, saying they speak ‘hate’ – it’s the SNP that are spreading hate, usually in the same breath as accusing others. Throw it back at them; this isn’t the way to discuss politics. They are deflecting from their failures by throwing out personal slurs. Nasty unionist type strategy. Get back to the subject at hand quickly – none of them are victims, and none deserve sympathy.

      Everything the SNP have done under Sturgeon have been easy, fanfare projects. The forth Bridge? Started before her tenure, and a good success except for the road systems leading to it – no thinking things through or looking at consequences, no care, just revelling in the glory without completing the ‘good’ part of the job. A few hand-outs like extra nursery hours (oh so slowly and poorly executed) to try and make themselves appear socially progressive does not mitigate the whole shambles, the lack of foresight, or the worsening social situations for much of the country – the SNP resolve nothing and by their lack of care make it worse.

      The Glasgow City Council – oh how pleased I was when they got in, sure that they’d start to improve things and oust the corruption from Labour. High hopes indeed – because we were used to Alex Salmond’s SNP at that time and they really did want to improve Scotland & our condition. When the first thing the SNP said when they got into GCC was that the unionists will still keep their places, I was bewildered, and suspicious. So two grandstanding projects – quite rightly to pay women fairly (though it didn’t seem well done) and give compensation for institutional inequality – and Sauchiehall Street ‘upgrade’ : looks nice, but it’s actually worse for walking down than before – why the highway-sized cycle lanes to let bikes belt down it at dangerous speeds? Anecdotally I’ve heard they’ve put the bumps for the sight-impaired in the wrong direction, so the safe crossing direction is straight into on-coming traffic. They are debating whether to change it or not. Poor planning, not listening to stakeholders, not consulting, poor execution. Did you know GCC just stopped bulk uplift without telling anyone during lockdown? People were still putting stuff out not realising it wouldn’t be lifted – hence the plethora of mattresses and furniture lying about. Labour are cashing in on all the SNP failures and starting to publicise, and they have a good chance of getting back in to GCC – the conditions in Glasgow have worsened under SNP governance and people are very unhappy. People are fighting to keep libraries open, to keep public parks even! This wasn’t what was promised, by a long shot, and I’m sure many people have started thinking we may have been better with corruption addled Labour. We were promised green spaces, easier walking, disused buildings and land (not already established parks!) would be put to use, we were promised better public transport in the North of the city – east too – and better more caring services. Instead they’ve indulged in vanity projects, shut down health centres and libraries, and cut services. Shambles.

      If only there was a political party that supported independence (Glasgow is mainly YES) and could show they were competent at running a council and services, and had competent candidates that care about improving lives, that could see the consequences of any action. If a vanity project was required that could also improve lives, I’d recommend looking into maglev trams – there is a Dutch or German company that does them, they can go over roads, under roads and alongside roads, be built around city infrastructure, and are very quiet. No budget? Make a budget and do it in stages, starting from the most deprived areas to nearest good transport links first. Don’t dig up the city centre and cause chaos until its proven to work. It can run freight at night, quietly. Even if it isn’t good to go for the whole city, it could benefit the trial area.

      Council elections are coming soon. Labour is already cashing in on the SNP shambles, but we need an alternative, and I doubt people will fall for the happy-clappy SNP doctrine again – we need serious people who can handle criticism and can show they can provide services effectively, who understand the importance of local services and can keep them running. People who are not going to sell out to establishment protocols and can work them with confidence. It’s a tall order; how do they prove confidence and competence while not already in office? I’m don’t know – but starting by accepting that the SNP has failed on nearly every level may help give some ideas. Being ‘kind’ about the SNP or giving them any leeway, is only going to result in them flinging ‘hate’ back – anyone still part of the SNP is supporting failure, and waiting for things to change in that party is a failure in itself.

      I’ve written a bit more than I intended… I didn’t mean this to be a lecture! I’m just saying – there are huge opportunities in the coming council elections, but giving any quarter to the SNP (or even mentioning them) will not get Alba very far. Those beneficial things you mention the SNP has done – you could be saying how much better you’d have done them or such like, you don’t need to critise per se. I’d ignore the SNP, a spent force, pretend the Sturgeon legacy isn’t on the radar – Sturgeon who? – you’ve freed yourself from the yoke of SNP restrictions to enable better governance, to show Scotland is capable, use that freedom, and whatever the SNP once was, it no longer is – making excuses for them just ties the two parties. There is history there, but that can be used as a ‘lessons learned’ maybe.

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      1. I am so disappointed that your comment contrary didn’t get more likes , everything you wrote is the truth , I am concerned that people are so relieved that someone from another party is tentatively speaking out but to be quite honest UNLESS and UNTIL ALBA and ISP are willing to be outspoken and vociferously critical of Sturgeon and the current craven cowards independence is as far away as ever

        PLEASE people waken up we cannot afford to accept a watered down version of the SNP we have to DEMAND that anyone putting themselves forward for election has the bravery , knowledge , intelligence , and street fighter determination to destroy the SNP the way they are destroying Scotland , Eva Comrie has overcome huge personal obstacles to get to where she is but we need MORE of her fighting passionate spirit that she showed at the ALBA conference not an apologetic reference to paltry positive actions Sturgeon took whilst destroying the independence movement and threatening the safety and security of OUR WOMENFOLK


      2. An excellent critique of SNP failure in governance, particularly in GCC, Contrary. Solid suggestions for improvements, especially the need for a new broom to bring order to chaos.

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  10. “I had high hopes when ALBA was set up several months ago but I fear that the new party might become SNP Mk 2 in its structure and objectives.
    The is not helped by the SSRG publishing a well-researched practical plan to achieve Independence. then spoiling it all with a tfirst step after freedom day to “Rejoin the EEA, reinstating the freedom of movement of people, goods, services, and capital.””

    Apart from Indy there is nothing better than reinstating the freedom of movement of people, goods, services, and capital. Scotland is and should be open to the world. We used to trade with anyone, anywhere. A trading nation. A member of the Hansa League.

    Sorry for you Editor as you seem to prefer what the Brexiteers have now, the straitjacket which is strangle-holding our nation. You are anti EU/EEA and don’t seem to understand how the world works beyond your limited horizon.

    How on earth can anyone not want freedom of movement of people, goods, services, and capital, as a free nation we can go into pacts or any other agreements which are of benefit to us.

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    1. Graf Midgehunter takes me to task for opposing “reinstating the freedom of movement of people, goods, services, and capital” in an independent Scotland.

      Too true. Surely these flows should be controlled. I certainly don’t want, as Clootie says, “50,000 NO voters a year moving into Scotland from England” (or anywhere else), possibly reversing the decision of the indigenous and and long-term citizens of Scotland, to be independent.

      Similarly, freedom of capital flow just increasing the rate at which holiday homes – and other property – are bought up by incomers, thus reducing the availability to our local population.

      These high-sounding “freedoms” sound very grand, even universal, but it is fairness through sovereign control that counts. Trading in goods and (some) services) through re-joining EFTA is another matter. Please don’t confuse the two and think about it.

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  11. If Alba doesn’t immediately differentiate and radically distance itself from Sturgeon’s SNP, by going on the offensive in a self defining manner …

    Sinn Féin is at this moment enjoying much popularity amongst the Irish electorate due to the leadership of McDonald and O’Neill who are both seasoned cadres, that’s a given, but more importantly, the party’s success is also due to the fact that Sinn Féin in no way resembles either Fine Gael nor Fianna Fáil in terms policy approach or ambition.

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  12. Aye, Eva, the International members of Alba are ready to fight. Now that we are properly constituted (thanks for counting the votes) we can get down to the serious business of supporting Alba members actually living in Scotland in progressing the rights of Scots to make a mess of their own economy, just like any other normal country.

    Thirty years away from Scotland has not doused the flame of independence for me. When I look around me here in North Carolina, I see a county of a million people with as much power over our own affairs as Scotland has. Try be time has come and it is, in my view, up to Alba to secure independence because no one else will.

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  13. I do agree completely with the motivation, the belief ,the loyalty to Scotland that are emphasised in Eva Comrie`s post. They are my aspirations also aa a member of the SNP. The latter is because the only Party likely to gain us our independence is the Scottish National Party. The difference I see is that Alba wish to “do it tomorrow”. History has taught that the time to strike is when the enemy is weak. Johnson is anathema to all thinking Scots but he commands an unassailable majority in the Commons, and we in Scotland are not yet clear of Covid.
    Sent from Mail for Windows

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    1. When will they be weak with 50,000 NO voters a year moving into Scotland from England.?
      When will they be weak when Sturgeon divides the YES movement with her cult?
      When will they be weak when they control the media?

      A leaders job is to unite a movement with one aim. It is for the Sovereign People of Scotland to win the Right to shape Scotland. That is every issue from EFTA,EU, NATO through Welfare, Pensions to Defence etc the list is endless and we may disagree over each and every topic but at the moment they are all decided for us by Westminster.

      We cannot afford to wait any longer.

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    2. John you are another in thrall to London. The TORIES power comes from England, not Scotland. Are you seriously arguing that we must await England reducing his majority before trying to advance our cause? Where have you been during all those years of Labour Government’s or when May lost her majority? History has taught us we need the people to rise, to push the politicians to act. We also need to use our brains, following a flawed attempt to hold a referendum with a very flawed franchise is not the way forward. Ask yourself why no other of the over 60 nations who won their Independence from London ever had to jump the hurdles Scotland seems prepared to attempt?

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      1. “The TORIES power comes from England, not Scotland.”
        Indeed, and that’s not the half of it!

        The usual description of Scotland’s democratic deficit is that Scotland only gets the government it wants when England wants it, but that is only in terms of party. The real democratic deficit is that EVERY UK government is always always always an English government because every party of government is always overwhelmingly dominated by its English MPs. In 314 years of Union there has never ever been a Scottish party of government of the UK and there never will be.

        The UK Government’s power comes from England, not Scotland.

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      2. Bloody heck, Clootie, what a depressing read. Whatever the faults of the Conservative Party, they are clinical in their pursuit of power and the current Scottish Government clearly is no match for them.

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  14. “Graf Midgehunter takes me to task for opposing “reinstating the freedom of movement of people, goods, services, and capital” in an independent Scotland.

    Too true. Surely these flows should be controlled. I certainly don’t want, as Clootie says, “50,000 NO voters a year moving into Scotland from England” (or anywhere else), possibly reversing the decision of the indigenous and and long-term citizens of Scotland, to be independent.”

    “reinstating the freedom of movement of people, goods, services, and capital” in an independent Scotland.

    Yes. That means in the INTERNATIONAL sense.

    After Independence, Scotland is a perfectly normal country with borders, laws, citizenship etc.

    Should English people, or anyone else, want to move to Scotland, then they are migrants. Foreigners who do not posses Scottish citizenship and are not able to vote on national/constitutional matters.

    Scots make the decisions. no one else.

    After several years they can apply for Scottish citizenship and if accepted, swear loyalty to Scotland and the Constitution.

    That is control.

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    1. Please don’t use the word ‘Scots’ in the context of this argument. it is a term which is void for uncertainty, and contains potentially fascist undertones. Instead, please do, as Alex Salmond always did, refer to ‘THE PEOPLE OF SCOTLAND’ And that term means people who live full time, and pay their taxes, in Scotland. People who are on the electoral roll. No taxation without representation, and no representation without taxation. It really doesn’t matter where you were BORN, nor what ‘nationality’ your parents were.


      1. I have no problem with people who now live here, born and brought up in other countries to parents grandparents, great grandparents, and their whole line born outside Scotland calling themselves Scots. It is a positive feature of our struggle in fact. What I object to are folk telling us not to call ourselves Scots because it is racist in the context of some argument or other. If it is not important to you then that is fine.

        The reality of the Scottish context for we Scots, all of us, is that we are often denied even the most basic of rights and that is to denominate ourselves as Scots. It isn’t an option. it is important because it is reality in this union with England. England’s ruling orders give us their Queen and determine our nationality in return they own Scotland and command a payroll from within Scotland to do their bidding and keep us down.

        If there are any doubts about this check out the Times article via Grouse Beater’s blog about oil.

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  15. Hello Graf Midgehunter,

    I think we agree!

    What I objected to in the original SSRG statement was “reinstating the freedom of movement of people, goods, services, and capital” in the EEA, WITHOUT control across Scotland’s international borders.

    Obviously these four freedoms would exist within Scotland according to the law.

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  16. perhaps if we had billboards with the rumour I heard recently, I took it with a big heap of salt.
    Westminster is going to ban some tv programs being shown in Scotland,
    strictly come dancing, eastenders, coronation st, etc. and replace them with downtown abbey,( a variation of the original) just country dancing, the royal family history, and how to avoid tax, the series.
    it may shift some of the brain dead to start paying attention.

    OK I’m not really serious

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  17. Well said Eva, Sturgeon is no de Valera or Michael Collins that’s for sure, it looks like according to the SSRG, that we can leave when we want to, but Sturgeon wants to stay in this onesided bucket of sewage union, she’s the road block to achieving our goal.

    How to get around her, or remove her, and replace her with a person of substance is the question.

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    1. By presenting an obvious and attractive alternative to the electorate, I would’ve thought. That’s how it’s done elsewhere. Only sayin’, likes.

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      1. I have tried opening eyes to Sturgeons actions – especially at the time she was turfing the old and infected into care homes where doctors would not attend. So many lonely, painful deaths – what must it have been like in those homes, just waiting your turn? Knowing you could not see your loved ones to say goodbye (at the same time the UK Health minister was shagging the hired help and Calderwood broke her own rules). Where was the urgency for the SG to get PPE to ALL care providers in this emergency? I was appalled – but also I was nearly lynched for suggesting Sturgeon could be less that a deity on earth. It seems people are easily fooled 😦 and Sturgeon knows how to play them.

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  18. erichvonbarrhead

    If you’re advocating for another indyref, (especially under Sturgeon) then you are basically advocating for a rerun of the 2014 indyref, which would take place God knows when, as Johnson has said no to a S30.

    We don’t need England’s permission to leave this union, we can call back our MPs from Westminster, and hold a vote at Holyrood MSPs/MPs, a yes majority carries the day and we declare independence there and then.

    Everyone who voted in May’s Scottish elections will have been represented at the vote via the MP/MSP they voted for.

    Personally I’m with the SSRG on this there’s a majority of MP and MSPs who already support an indy Scotland at Holyrood and Westminster, and its been that way for a while now, so we just declare Scotland an independent country and dissolve the union, negotiate with Westminster and EFTA, and move on.

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    1. marionl99
      Aye and she has been fooling those same people since she first joined the SNP. Sleekit is as sleekit does and still thae cannae see it!

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    2. Agreed. The much talked about Gold Standard is irrelevant. (and is probably the worst option) We do not need a vote (as stated by Dr Mark McNaught on Barrhead Boy a couple of nights ago). Get the boys and girls back from Westminster and get on with the job. COP 26 has revealed much support for Scotland including the exchange of gifts between USA President Biden and Ms Sturgeon. Nudge nudge, wink, wink.

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  19. JUST to be clear I watched Eva Comrie on youtube at ALBA’S convention and was highly impressed that one should speak so passionately and defensively about poverty in Scotland and the desperation for independence , I thought , that is the kind of FIREBRAND that we need to defeat Sturgeon and her woke warriors and to win the REVOLUTION , unfortunately IMO that passion and anger is watered down in her post and the FIREBRAND is but an ember , there may be circumstances which I don’t know about that has and is causing this cooling affect but we will NOT win the forthcoming battle never mind the WAR with a beige attitude . SCOTLAND’S very survival and progress is relying on ALBA and ISP defeating and destroying the enemies within and without Scotland at 70 years of age it doesn’t really matter to me , BUT It does affect future generations

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  20. Now c’mon twathater, you listen to a speech and if asked to repeat the content? Yoy can repeat verbatum, really? Whereas the written word we can study, analyse, and add our critique.I’m pretty sure Eva wrote a draft of her article and then had several reworks to try ensure a good response. She has a good response and some minor objections.

    The National today shows Sturgeon achieving her glad-handing pinnacle – a handshake with sleepy Joe of the USA. Meantime in the context of UK /Scottish politics, did Johnson reach his political nadir at COP26 by failing to meet Sturgeon? And so insult us, the Scots nation.

    We are at a political situation where supporting the SNP implies supporting GRA and the Hate crime bill. Same too supporting the Greens. Labour and LibDems irrelevant. When Alba was floated my response was “Thank Heavens”, and I letterboxed many many Alba leaflets.

    Whilst you breath, what you do or say, matters, i’m in your age group and I’ll continue to campaign for independence

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    1. She intrigues me. 1. YES but not yet. 2. The most significant and important change for Scotland in over 300 years relegated below a move to annul the term woman. 3. Fully supportive of partners in Charlotte Street. Hmm.

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  21. Disolve the treaty of union the UK broke it with Brexit the lies of the Vow and a thousand other instances. We have there undemocratic right wing fascist government dictating to us when we have never voted for a Tory government Their sleaze is endemic self enriching parasites stealing the publics tax revenue to hand to there Tory cabals.
    They threaten our democracy the NHS and law. Our colonial masters are doing all this in full veiw of the world. However there pals in the press do not hold them to account. The BBC spin the Gorbals school of propaganda like a third rate Orwellian film. All the while they sabotage our economy to impoverish us with the thought of keeping us poor and dependent on the UK, ok state. At the same time they rip off natural resources oil and gas now green energy. Write to you MSP and MP and ask where is our referendum , how much more can we take. SNP needs to wake up and smell the coffee. Also migration from down south to Scotland is changing the demographic press you MPs and MSPs on changing the voting franchise for indigenous Scots only as recognised by the UN Decolonisation.

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