A guest post from Pete Young who runs Scotnews on Twitter.

Bank-account Bravehearts

For the SNP, fighting for self-determination, since 2015 at least, has consisted of standing up in Westminster complaining about the Scottish predicament.

Westminster SNP MPs are now part of a political reality show. Their main tasks are handwringing and soundbites. For that, they earn £82k per annum plus expenses. The sole challenge facing them is re-election.

These fake fighters are handed their vulgar salaries by surviving from election to election through carefully timed mentions of ‘independence’ or ‘indyref’. Since they’ve no serious intention of pursuing our historic cause they might as well go back to Labour and every five years promise to abolish the House of Lords.

Holyrood is hardly any better. Since the ascent of the Murrells to absolute power, an SNP MSP now has the status of a nodding dog.

SNP MSPs appear, one and all, to have embraced the doctrine of Sturgeonist Infallibility.

A prime example is denial of biological reality. This is embraced willingly, after all, obeying Bute House is rule number one if you are to climb the greasy pole of careerism. If Bute House decreed the Sun revolved around the Earth they’re are probably a few MSPs (and party apparatchiks) who would embrace that, too. Career, career, career.

Another tenent of faith for those who believe in Sturgeonist Infallibilty is the belief that ‘Nicola’ alone can decide on the time and method for bringing the Union to an end. The current Bute House dogma stipulates that only Westminster’s permission, via a Section 30, is legal and acceptable, with the standard addendum that ‘now is not the time’. Everything else is dismissed – by ‘she who must be obeyed’ – as a wildcat wheeze. This is despite the fact most of the world’s independent nations got there via other democratic routes than a referendum. And they certainly didn’t need permission from anyone, least of all a colonial neighbour

More fight in 1945.

Whether a Westminster wastrel or Holyrood hoaxer, the fight to restore our nation’s independence has gone out of them. On the SNP benches are probably maximum 5 MPs worth voting for. The rest are anonymous components of the British state. And they love it. Paid a wage far beyond their wildest dreams and competences, they’ve settled in.

The writing was on the wall years ago, we just didn’t see it. This was Tommy Sheppard speaking in the House of Commons on 28 May 2015:

“I urge Members not to mistake our intentions…. We do, of course, want self-government for Scotland. There is no secret about that. But we had a referendum last year, and we know the result of that referendum. We lost it. We accept that we lost the referendum. We may not agree with it, but we did. We did not in this election seek a mandate for independence, and we did not get one. We have not come to this Chamber to argue the case for independence…

“We come here not to disrupt but to be constructive. We come here to be good parliamentarians…

“Mr Speaker, you gave us a gentle rebuke yesterday for the applause that we gave in this Chamber, and we take that with good grace. We know of course that it is not traditional practice in the Chamber, but we did not know just how unacceptable it might be found. We will try to refrain from doing it again. It will take us time to learn the processes at work here; it will take us time to get our feet under the table.”

In summary, yes sir, yes sir, three bags full sir.

The judgement of history will not be kind on those SNP MPs elected in 2015, 2017 and 2019.

Tommy Sheppard may have thought that 56 SNP MPs were not a mandate for independence, but they did have a mandate to make sure promises of ‘home rule near to federalism’, ‘super devomax’, and ‘vast new powers’ were kept. And yet the 56 of 2015, a near unanimous majority of Scotland’s ancient parliament sitting at Westminster, meekly accepted every #BetterTogether promise being broken – or so watered down so as to be more or less useless.

The 56 should have walked out then. Instead they remained glued to their seats – mocked and sneered at by Scotland’s three remaining Unionist MPs.

Bravehearts with bank accounts, indeed.

Of course, SNP Westminster leader Angus Robertson was never going to do a thing to rock the British boat. He was, and is, the epitome of the ‘British establishment’. The former BBC employee is as convincing as a pantomime dame in nationalist drag.

Even the doomed Irish Parliamentary Party summoned up the civil courage to withdraw representation from Westminster in April 1918. Their discovery of a backbone, however, came too late to save them. Strong rhetoric about the most ‘brutal acts of tyranny and oppression that any Government can be guilty of’ could not redeem the traditional Irish party of home rule. By December 1918 they were gone. Rejected by Irish voters, they experienced a near extinction event.

There is a growing unease in the #Yes movement. But many of the activist level bank-account bravehearts who’ve created a nice income out of the indy movement are loathe to criticise the SNP. Instead they attack those in the movement who’ve grown weary of giving this SNP leadership mandates it’ll never use.

The loudest voices in the #WheeshtForIndy movement have most to lose, financially. The promise of indy ‘just over the next hill’ suits their cosy lifestyle of paid comment columns and crowdfunders.

The emergence of new independence parties has given new hope to many in the Yes movement. The doctrine of Sturgeonist Infallibility, however, demands that they be dismissed as evil heretics. Whether Colette Walker at #ISP or Alex Salmond at Alba, these ‘dissident factions’ are seen as subversive, in much the same way opposition parties were seen as a threat in one-party states of the old East Bloc.

Anyone supporting the new parties of indy urgency is, more often than not, blocked on social media, especially by SNP MPs and MSPs. Worse still, if you are one of the handful of SNP people openly sympathetic to the new parties, or their members, you may suffer the most horrific abuse. You will also remain ignored by heid yins like Blackford and Sturgeon. Presumably, this is meant to be a lesson to all heretics.

On 14 November 1844, John Steill wrote a letter to the ‘Editor of the Glasgow Examiner’. The eight-page letter was produced in pamphlet form. Its title was:

 “Scottish Independence

Letter on the necessity of dissolving the Union between England and Scotland, and on restoring Scotland to her ancient supremacy as an entire and distinct nation.“

He concluded with these lines – and they are as true now as they were then:

“…were our unpolished, but brave, honest, and shrewd Scottish ancestors to rise from their graves, and to behold in us, their descendents, the wreck and prostration of that glorious principle of nationality which burned so intensely in their bosoms, and for which they so often enthusiastically fought and died, they would utterly disown and despise us.

My Comments

They had it right in 1844. They had it right in 1945. There was fire and determination in their ranks. In 2021 the Independence fight has been suspended for the last six years. It is a huge disappointment. It must not be allowed to continue. As Westminster is mired in corruption and easy entry into the House of Lords is assured to those with a big cheque book it is a tragedy that the current crop of SNP MP’s and MSP’s also only seem motivated by their continuing salaries and expenses. Where are the SNP bravehearts who dont need paid to drive Independence forward? Who are motivated by our cause? Show me you exist!

I am, as always

Yours for Scotland


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  1. Sally Hughes, in her essay Abuse by Gaslight, might well have been writing about the SNP and its modus operandi in relation to the Scottish electorate.

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  2. “The loudest voices in the #WheeshtForIndy movement have most to lose, financially. The promise of indy ‘just over the next hill’ suits their cosy lifestyle of paid comment columns and crowdfunders.”

    How true. They should be called out – much of the output of the National’s columnists is simply regurgitates the message of “leave it to Nicola” , “shhhhhhhhhhhhh” and “Tories baaaaaaaaaaad”. Nothing positive, nothing concrete. Just waffle and whining.

    And, of course, the opportunity to promote their latest book, and book signings (for a fee of course) or drum up funding for personal projects etc.

    It’s a racket.

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  3. What another excellent guest piece. Honestly Iain you take as long as you like to finish that book if this is the quality of the replacement 🙂

    Not that I was ever a member but historically the SNP always had two wings, the gradualists and the fundamentalists. Alex Salmond was a fundamentalist but now gradualists have a stranglehold, aided and abetted by the careerists and the plants.

    As you rightly state that is why Alba, ISP and any other new indy party will be castigated and ostracised; they threaten the gravy train. I firmly believe that the majority of people who vote for the SNP do so because they want indy or at the very least the threat of indy to obtain new devolved powers. They are not doing so for the Cult of St Nikla. Once people realise they are being conned, they’ll be out on their ear. I’ll have no sympathy for them but I fear for support for indy when there are finished.

    I overheard a conversation on the bus recently where a staunch unionist was doing the “too wee too poor too stupid” speil. I thought my eyes would roll out my head. However when he stated “it’s a cult”, I honestly thought under the current regime, well he’s not far wrong on that one.

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    1. How fickle are my public. Seriously though I am delighted with the quality of my guest posts…and I have more. It reflects the quality of the people regularly reading this site because that is where all these quality guest authors come from. Long May it continue and I hope Panda you will not be disappointed when I pen an occasional article….or have I created a monster? Lol

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      1. Those who truly seek Independence don’t mind who gets praise, credit or accolades.They don’t care who is at the front of the March. The want a People’s movement.

        The current Cult leader / “influencer” of the SNP does. That is the obvious difference in the camps.

        Henry Ford once said – “Show me the man who is indispensable andI will sack him”. He knew that such a person is a bottleneck to progress. We have plenty of evidence now of that wisdom

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      2. Keep them all coming Iain. it’s a cracking website. We have seen through the charlatans. We need new folk coming forward now who have the fire burning in them for Scotland.

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    2. Well said Panda. There seem to be a danger in many political parties that the fundamentalists always get screwed. I was a member of the Greens in Germany before they got into mainstream politics. The fundamentalists or Fundis as they were called wanted to function more as an outer parliamentarian opposition but then Joschka Fischer came along as the leader of the Realos, eager to get into Government, and power hungry, not unlike N. Sturgeon and that was the end of the fundamentalists. We must ensure that the same doesn’t happen with Alba.

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  4. Excellent article and another outline of the history of unbroken line of demands for Independence by the People of Scotland.
    I would challenge only one line in the article – “ least of all a colonial neighbour”. They are not colonial neighbours they are Colonial Masters.

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    1. In a sense, Clootie, “colonial neighbours” is a far worse description than “colonial masters”. The key word here, of course is colonial.

      I’ve thought often, that Scotland’s greatest curse is to have the worst despoiler of human peace and happiness living right next door to us. At least the Americas, Asia and Africa had vast stretches of water between them and their oppressors. It took some effort to reach them. We, here in Scotland, have the unique problem that our oppressors only have to open the back door and walk intae wur hoose!

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      1. Colonialism, like the vampire, has to be invited in first. In so many cases colonialism, in a variety of cloaks, has entered through the front door often to take advantage of an internal weakness. Trade was also a neat disguise, and still is.
        Autarkic systems are harder nuts to crack eg China and to a degree Japan.

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  5. Knowing what’s wrong is good, taking action to correct the wrong is much better.
    However, the emerging New World Order takes a rather dim view of national-ism.

    «Scots who have argued for the benefit of sharing and cooperation are well placed to lead the way again as icons of the era of globalization» opines G Brown in a full fantasy flight of the useful idiot.
    Why are sons of the manse such gullible pricks?

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  6. Tommy Sheppard said in 2015, “It will take us time to get our feet under the table “. Well, their feet are well and truly under the table now. They no longer care what the likes of us think, so long as they can keep fooling enough voters for a bit longer until their bank balance swells up even more.

    The only time they could be bothered walking out of Westminster in recent times was when a true independence supporter, Kenny MacAskill stood up to speak.

    Perhaps they were embarrassed.

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    1. Telling a good story whilst deceiving the public and their voters is now an SNP habit. What most forget is that the public & voters now have good memories thanks to the internet.

      Tommy Sheppard gave the Thomas Muir memorial lecture in 2017. I sat and listened in disbelief as he expressed the view that a Referendum linked to Brexit would not be achievable before 2020 or better still we should use the 2021 election to win a fresh approach with another referendum with different set of new circumstances.

      He said we needed a strategy to win with a prospectus to answer the 2014 unanswered questions with a year preparing them then 3 years arguing for them.

      He said then that thinking and preparation should start now on –
      1 A prosperous Scotland
      2 A democratic Scotland (LA system)
      3 A caring Scotland
      4 An open Scotland

      He also said it will take more than the SNP to achieve independence.

      What radical thinking and action has taken place to bring the Muir and Skirvering Friends of the People approach to the wider independence movement?

      What happened to the prospectus and the 4 strategic principles he outlined?

      Here we are in 2021 and where are we………….?

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    2. Clearly, Tommy Sheppard like a lot of the SNP politicians say one thing one day and another a different day. I remember Sheppard speaking after an Edinburgh AUOB march and he was all for independence now. Fire and brimstone.

      I don’t believe anything any of the SNP politicians say now and I won’t be voting for them again. My own MP Oswald is one of the worst. To me they are worse than the conventional British parties. The SNP is now a phoney Independence Party full of a bunch of chancers on the make.

      They remind me of the colonial administrations installed in many British Empire countries. They get on with the day job of preserving Scotlands current status in the U.K.

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      1. @Cubby

        Very few if any of the local activists had anything good to say about Oswald, is my recollection of her first campaign in east Ren. You could at least get a wee bit of sense out of Jim Murphy, not a lot, but some.

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      2. Aye Jim the egg man Murphy who swapped his designated main residence to London to get more expenses while his family lived in Clarkston as before. The man of the people with his I slept in a drawer as a baby story.

        At least with Tories you know what they are and don’t pretend to be otherwise. Labour/SNP bunch of phoneys on the make.

        I wrote to Oswald years ago asking why do the SNP not appoint a dedicated minister for independence in the Scotgov cabinet. I got a patronising trust in Nicola reply.

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  7. If you want to break away from the Empires “turns each” party system then it is essential to embrace coalition by multiple Parties. The SNP, Greens, ISP, ALBA etc may agree on Independence and yet have different policies on GRA or the EU. This is a good thing. It means policies would be developed based on grassroot membership.
    However the dominance of the “Both votes SNP” has created the opposite effect. The public take the full SNP package and lose the opportunity to actually shape Holyrood. That Million wasted votes by Independence supporters on the list resulted in Unionist MSP.
    I want to see a Holyrood representative of Scotland and if Sturgeon really cared so would she.
    The good news is that it is not up to Sturgeon. We need to continue to educate the electorate on the D’Hondt system. The system was abused by Unionists at the start and is now being used by the SNP to prevent any new Parties gaining traction.
    The Self Determination of a Nation is not the property of any one Party. I still recall the sour faces of so many in the SNP when the crowds surrounded the YES instead of theirs and the arguments about the SNP branch budget being used to buy YES material.
    The objective was Independence to allow our children to shape the future of Scotland. Why is that a party issue?

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    1. Some electoral systems are vaunted on the basis of offering political stability. They may also offer political stasis which may lead to political disaffection and distrust.
      Dictatorship is bad, elected ones much worse.

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  8. Another great post especially the bit pointing out Tommy Shepherds speech in 2015 which seems to have become the “Mantra” for all elected SNP MP,s and MSP,s except for a couple who actually want Independence for Scotland. He states “We come here to be good Parliamentarians”, “We have not come to this Chamber to argue the case for Independence”. Why is he there then, in fact why are any of the SNP MSP,s or MP,s in either Holyrood or Westminster if not to fight for Scotland,s Independence ? ,That is what they were voted in to do.To hark back to a couple of previous posts we have been gaslit by a driver of a bus who has run us up a Cul-de-sac with the Section 30 order but refuses to find an alternative route.Due to the season just passed I would compare the SNP to a ” Halloween Lantern” from a distance it looks like a light in the dark ( the warm glow of Independence) but when you get nearer and actually examine it, it is a hollowed out shell with the candle of Independence burning down inside it, unless we find another light in the form of other parties who actually do want Independence that candle will be extinguished and Scotland will be left in the dark forever.We dont want Politicians who will let the candle of Independence burn down but ones who want the flame of Independence to burn brightly.

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  9. Sadly, it looks like all we can do is wait until Sturgeon lets them all down again and hope that a steady trickle have their eyes opened. Then again she could boot a guide dug square in the goolies and the true believers would just say there were rumours that it’d humped someone’s leg once.

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  10. The only difference that I can see between Sturgeon and Johnson is that Sturgeon can string a few sentences together but their chant is the same:

    Power, power power, sleaze, sleaze, sleaze, destroy, destroy, destroy

    And where is my next meal ticket coming from. Hence, Sturgeon selling herself in the shop window of Cop.
    Appealing to some, Disgusting to others

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  11. A couple of folk have mentioned the ISP, their conference resolutions have been published and they are rather impressive, as were Alba’s.

    I particularly liked the ones supporting single sex spaces and against gender affirmation in schools.

    I will be happy to vote for both Alba and ISP in the locals if they stand in my area. Though no vote will be transferred to the New SNP.

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    1. “New figures, released under the Freedom of Information Act, show there have been at least 51 cases in which trans males, born as females, under 18 have been approved for double mastectomies in Scotland over a six year period to April last year.”

      This will not end well.

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      1. “at least 51 cases in which trans males, born as females, under 18 have been approved for double mastectomies in Scotland over a six year period to April last year.”

        that’s an average of “at least” 8-9 underage females per year i.e. “at least” 1 minor approximately every 6 weeks

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      2. The cynic in me wonders if Sturgeon’s inability to come to terms with her own sexuality was the pathway exploited by Stonewall from which all of this hellish nightmare is now being enacted. Young children, Scotland’s citizens of the future are being served up for irreversible mutilation of their bodies aided and abetted by a SNP/ Green led government at Holyrood.

        This heinous policy enabled by a female First Minister is set to destroy a caring society as we currently understand it to be, leaving in its wake young minds and bodies destroyed in the pursuance of an ideology based on the denial of biological science. ‘This will not end well’ absolutely it will not, it is for the greater Scottish public to ensure that Sturgeon and her obsequious fellow travellers are exposed for what they really represent. Failure to do so consigns our children into a future determined by the ‘Woke’ Wolves.

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      3. The fear grows in me for these poor folk when I read that. Vulnerable young people have been been manipulated by this corporate sponsored culture since they were bairns.

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  12. Excellent article pointing out that the SNP under Sturgeon’s tenure won’t deliver Scottish independence. What I’m most disgusted at is the SNP MPs and MSPs, bar a few, obediently falling in behind Sturgeon too afraid to rock the boat incase their snouts fall out of the gravy train.

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  13. I was speaking to someone today who normally takes nothing to do with politics but has now been made aware (via a TV programme) of the horrific treatment of Scottish school-children from 4-18 years of age. The result? Total fury and a determination to do something about it. Nicola Sturgeon is most certainly for the high jump.

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  14. Aye. It’s a sorry state of affairs. Reading this – another great guest article – made me think, they must have been glad when the referendum was lost so they could get the chance to get their feet under the table and start learning real kowtowing. Bunch of chancers on the make, as Cubby says above.

    But, here, I found this uplifting – a clip from Scotland tonight with Alex Salmond and Dr Richard Dixon (friends of the Earth) being interviewed re the Cambo oil field. For a start – great that Alex is on telly without being badgered and vilified about other stuff – puts him in the public view and increases credibility. But mainly – how pleasant to view an agreeable disagreement! That’s how you do respectful debate! More please.

    I should note that I know, or knew rather, Dr Richard Dixon: his doctorate is actually in astronomy, but I met him while he was doing an MSc in environmental stuff – he was always well into that and was a very active member of Friends of the Earth back then, I remember taking him sandwiches while he was protesting nuclear warheads getting driven through Glasgow City centre (I’ve never been much for activism but I don’t mind supplying tea and sandwiches to help those that do), I got roped into marshaling a couple of cycling things too. We used to play badminton for a few years – he was always a bit on the hefty side, but it looks like I might have a chance at beating him now,,, well, maybe not, we all get older eh. That must have been around ’91 to ’95.

    A very intelligent chap, and he is truly dedicated to the environment, and he seems to have made friends of the earth a more credible group – they always seem to have more sensible political policies and reasonable compromises but still stay on subject, something that other supposed ‘green’ actual political parties don’t manage.

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    1. That’s definitely a fair comment as things currently stand. I trust Dixon. You always have to keep an eye on things though. Alec Salmond is another man I trust but he let us down badly when he handed over the reins. As Contrary stated the other day he has paid for that, more then anyone else to date. If he and his relatives had not been subjected to excruciating, relentless, injustice over a period of years I would definitely be holding it against him!

      In terms of Alec Salmond’s judgement of the character and motivations of the people he works with I sincerely hope he has sharpened up a bit, for his own sake most of all.

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      1. No worries Obair. I hope he knows now to never listen to the spin! Some of the traits that made Alex vulnerable to being betrayed, like his single minded enthusiasm, and his ego even, are what makes him a good leader, and a creative and capable one, too, so I wouldn’t like him to change too much because of what’s happened. (don’t tell him that though, his ego is big enough 😉

        Strangely, I always thought of him as too embedded in Westminster, and was a little distrustful of him back in 2014 era, thinking he was a bit too establishment. Oh how we learn – now we have an entire snp of British nationalists, and an Alex Salmond shown to be dedicated to Scotland and its independence first and foremost. We would be really stupid not to take advantage of his skills while we still have them. Having Sturgeon and followers bad mouth him (spewing their hatred, discrimination and bigotry – they’re always projecting, so whatever they accuse others of, that’s what they are themselves doing – Pete Wishart should take note) is a real pain, it’s cringe worthy pettiness and jealousy, and is, of course, just to do everything they can to prevent independence.

        What I don’t get though, is how Richard Dixon can, after over 30 years of living in Scotland, STILL have such a posh English accent? I remember he was spokeman for a while and on the radio a lot, and I instantly recognised his voice after near twenty years of never hearing it, it’s not altered one iota. I mean, really exactly the same. I think it weird anyway.

        I note in that interview clip Richard gives Alex some credit for work he did as FM too.

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      2. Good point about AS. I have never been keen on authority, I dislike it instinctively but also am always hoping for the person in some of these positions to prove themselves worthy. That said once they are up there, there is sometimes something that doesn’t quite fit and is not explainable by events as time passes. The Lockerbie trial and the lack of determination to look into it. The role set out for Scotland prosecutors in the Scotland Act and the lack of determination to change it.

        I came across the name of Richard Dixon a good while back. There was a family living in Aberfeldy, absolutely cracking people. The kids went to school with us. The dad, who sadly passed away a few years back, was head of WWF in Scotland or was high up in them anyway. I think the boy Dixon worked for them later on
        although dinnae quote me on that.. It was knowing someone locally who you respected who was head of something important that made me first think beyond the politics in Scotland and its spin-offs like Land reform to the health of the land and its creatures. It had never really occurred to me there was a problem as a kid when politics was in your face right away. Like I say I trust him. For now.

        I’ve still got the hump with Salmond truth be telt despite the deep respect I have for the man.

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      3. Aye, Richard was Director of WWF for a few years (all these directorships are for Scottish branches) – looked like a career move thing, in fact I remember exchanging a couple of emails with him at that time but it tailed off – because when he moved back to Friends of the Earth it was for a Directorship post. He still seems to have his head screwed on the right way & takes into consideration real life issues, not just an ‘at all costs’ extremist view, and I believe he’s been instrumental in making FotE a good credible group.

        On Alex – he’s just a person, so think of it this way instead of the new age populist thing that’s being punted to us where we are expected to worship one being – is there really any one person of all those you know that you agree with or like on every single aspect? I don’t agree with or like every single aspect of any one person – including myself – and I don’t expect to do so for any leader or famous person either. That would be weird.

        I mean, if that was the case the person would in fact be some alien monster chimera thing that could be different things to different people at all times.

        I really get sick of the number of comments saying things like, after complementing Salmond, ‘but he’s not perfect’ (or no Saint, or he has his faults etc) – DUH! Who doesn’t?! so why mention it? This is where the insidious campaigning by Sturgeon is still showing effect.

        By all means folk should criticise the man on any particular fault and say why you think it may be an obstacle – but vague nonsense like ‘he’s no saint’ is just fatuous virtue signalling guff. In my (imperfect) opinion, haha.

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      4. Aye Contrary I have missed your posts. Good stuff – always worth reading even when you go off on a tangent and no one does tangents like you😀😀

        With regards to Salmond, the man has suffered enough and, as you know, I have no time for Holy Willies and their smears. That is just giving Sturgeon exactly what she wanted to achieve.

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      5. Haha Cubby, you had me laugh out loud (‘literal LOL’ in modern parlance) with “no one does tangents like you” – it has been noted before, rather often in real life & maybe even famous for it 😀 – I drive myself insane with it sometimes! But, hey, it keeps everyone on the edge of their seat…

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      1. I had seen your twitter account and wanted to know what you were thinking by the comment you made. The SSRG template to my mind shows us we have people who are serious about gaining Independence and making attempts to gain support for that kind of thinking and approach. That is a start. That is my take on it for what it is worth.


  15. From the House of Commons online library;

    “…At 11pm on 31 January 2020, the UK left the EU and entered a transition period…”

    That could/should have been the day when the SNP MP’s collectively withdrew from the London Parliament.

    Scotland voted 62% against Brexit – but yet again the Scottish electorate’s democratic preferences proved irrelevant.

    Unfortunately, Sturgeon has played us all for fools: she does not want Independence.
    Did she ever…?

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  16. I met Peter Bell near Magdalene Green a few years back because I had come across his writing and knew his face from you tube I thought I would say hello and see what the man was about. He’s struck me as a cracking old boy. I Didnae recognise the person from the blog at all . The man I met didn’t speak as fluently as he wrote but came across as a genuine, patient and committed. Those were my impressions.

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    1. Just thought I would speak up for the lad. He can be pretty uncompromising, arrogant in print, I don’t think that’s an accurate picture of the man. I have always been soft hearted for most people and I might get a bit of snash for saying that but there you go.

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      1. I have argued with Peter Bell on his and other blogs BUT I have always thanked and respected his work and devotion to indy
        What really rips ma knittin is his uncompromising devotion to the SNP which he still insists on today and his continuing denigration of A Salmond and ALBA , albeit he has eventually been upset by Sturgeon’s deliberate avoidance of anything to do with indy for the last 7 years even though more and more of us have been calling it out for years and pointing out the POISONOUS GRA and HCB which he deliberately refused to comment on or discuss

        I cannot and will not understand this uncompromising devotion to a political party or its leader , or for that matter ANY politician , we have ALL seen and witnessed what that devotion can and eventually does we have enough examples in history to choose from , and that is the tragedy that people will not STOP and reflect or research for themselves

        Sturgeon and her cohorts are trifling figures when compared to real despots but the fact that that have captured and control our police , judges , judiciary , COPFS , and most other organisations of government and USE them to control dissent and opposition is something that normal people should be frightened of

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  17. Independence is not political, its constitutional. It was highjacked in 2012-2014 and made a political issue which helped further divide a nation. It has been a political football ever since used by all political parties, but especially the SNP and its hanger on’s as a source of power and income. A true independence movement/party should leave politics to one side and concentrate on independence/sovereignty/constitution. Once these are achieved, the written constitution will inform the people of the protections that they can legally expect of their government no matter what their politics, and then the people can vote for a political party of their choice when independent. This is what I believed the SNP were going to offer the people of Scotland. What a fool I was!

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