A guess at Craig Murray’s first conversation with another prisoner in the Edinburgh jail.


What’s your name?

Craig Murray

What are you in for?

Not sure, nobody can tell me

Surely the Police must have said?

Nope, not a word

I heard it was jigsaw identification. I asked about it in here but nobody knew anything about it. This is usually regarded as a University of Offending but nobody has a clue, including the screws. Jigsaw identification, where are they going to put you, the games room?

Come on, the trial must have spelled it out, told you what you had done, laid out the evidence?. The judge must have explained it precisely before you were sentenced?

Nope, she skipped that bit, not one phrase, not one example, she told me that my “offence” was very clear in her mind.

Surely the witnesses must have said something?

There were no witnesses, the only evidence against me was in the judge’s mind and she was determined it would remain there and not be revealed or explained.

Did the jury just ignore all this? 

There was no jury.

So there was no stated evidence, no witnesses, no jury, a judge who refused to specify what had been written that created the offence in the first place, that denied you the opportunity to present much of your defence evidence, then denied you the right of appeal at the end of it? 

Is that why it’s called jigsaw identification? You have to find or imagine the jigsaw pieces yourself, nobody else knows them, then you have to fit them out properly, all without a picture and when you do that, you can’t show anyone or tell them what you did?

Yip that is pretty much it.

Can’t see them selling many of that puzzle.

Oh they won’t I am the first person in a hundred years who seems to have managed it!

What was your secret?

I don’t know  and if I did I couldn’t tell you.

There is something funny about this. You have been set up, who did you upset?

Well it wasn’t me it was a largely female jury that tossed out a lot of spurious charges  devised as a plot against someone I knew. I, as a journalist made the mistake of reporting the trial in an accurate and fair manner. Indeed I was the only journalist whose reports tied in and explained the jury’s eventual decision. That’s what really upset the plotters.

Who were the plotters?

Sorry can’t tell you. 

Somebody must know? 

Plenty of people know alright. They just can’t tell you.

Why, the trial is over, you can tell me who the “ accused” was whose defence evidence the jury believed. You can tell me the names of the defence witnesses but you can’t tell me the names of a single one of his accusers. The ones the jury disbelieved as the jury’s decision was that not a single crime was committed. That can’t be right?

These were quite powerful people and their leader did not take part in the trial itself but the leader is the thread that ties a lot of them together. 

That is common in the criminal world, Mr Big rarely dirties his hands but gets the underlings to do the dirty work

So there was a Mr Big involved?

Be careful with your pronouns or you will fall victim of the Hate Crime Bill or GRA.

What’s that? 

You don’t want to know? It will soon be the law and before you know it others will be getting jailed for not supporting biology deniers. You might get a few men wearing dresses in here but I think they will probably opt for the female prisons.

They can do that?

Oh yes it’s called self ID.


Yes, no problem and before you ask, you can keep that as well.

Things have changed a lot in the time I have been inside. I didn’t see this happening in Scotland under Alex Salmond.

It didn’t, it was someone else.

I am, as always



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69 thoughts on “HELLO THERE.

  1. This just sums-up the disgusting state-of-affairs, under she/he/they/it who must be unquestioningly worshiped and obeyed at all times.

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  2. In this age of anonymous online identities (caution and knowledge required) I am surprised no-one has posted the whole damned thing online. To put someone in jail in this day and age for whatever jigsaw identification is seems a jackboot in the face. But then Sturgeons crew are all about stamping their boots in our face – quite the YES vote loser I think but then YES is the last thing they want.

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  3. What can one say about the Scottish judiciary: the corpse of the sovereign Scottish people and nation was still warm in 1707 and they had already moved into the grand auld parliament building, and they’re still there, whilst making sure their privileges and status were ‘forever’ protected in the dubious Treaty they helped draft.

    As for the SNP’s mankit ‘elite’ and their ongoing removal of our civil liberties, any moral authority they might have had to govern Scotland has surely been lost after this unequivocal statement from The Indian Council of Scotland, which other civil bodies in Scotland might also consider: https://www.barrheadboy.com/a-statement-from-the-indian-council-of-scotland/

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    1. That is a damning statement from The Indian Council of Scotland – and I would have thought their clear switch to ALBA for YES could affect the SNP vote base in areas currently considered an SNP stronghold – good!

      As for the Scottish judiciary – they have sat on their hands while Johnson has violated the Treaty of Union unchallenged and with impunity – but they can’t see their own end coming! That old poem comes to mind: there was no-one left when they came for me.

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    2. The Scottish judiciary did exactly as it was ordered to do and delivered the infamous verdict without meaningful scrutiny or hindrance from anyone, which speaks volumes about the Scottish judiciary and the parlous condition of Scottish governance and democracy at this juncture. Any friend of Julian Assange is an enemy of the U.S. state department and its allies.

      Yes indeed, Alf, the Indian Council of Scotland doesn’t do pussy-footing around. More Neil Lals are urgently required in Scotland today i.e. people who aren’t timid when it comes to identifying the problem and calling out the names of those involved.

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  4. Congratulations Iain, that’s right up there with Craig’s own satirical piece.
    Amusing if it were not so tragically true.

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  5. This was a read, I really enjoyed, similar in style of a certain fan fiction I read a couple of years back, keep up similar style of articles, I just hope Mr Big (she/her/fish) doesn’t come after you

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      1. And looking forward to reading it Iain, I knew a stitch-up after seeing a certain Westminster island MP said to me Salmond was guilty, his eyes told me a different story, as did the smirk like a Cheshire cat on his face, I left the party the following day

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  6. An excerpt from ‘Alice in Wonderland’ by Lewis Carroll:

    Here is a Scottish rendition (of the last few lines) by Moray Watson, from his full book translation ‘Eachdraidh Ealasaid ann an Tìr nan Iongantas’:

    “Is mise am breitheamh,
    is mise luchd-deuchainn,”
    ars seann Chuthach carach;
    “Feuchaidh mise a’ chùis,
    agus gheibh thu binn bàis.”
    And here is an Irish rendition by Nicholas Williams, from his full book translation,‘Eachtraí Eilíse i dTír na nIontas’:

    “Mise breitheamh is coiste,”
    a dúirt Glamh glic,
    “Ambaiste, éistfead
    an chùis is gheobhairse
    pian bháis!”

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  7. Iain – I am assuming you are on “The List” and have been for some time. But, with this post, you just got yourself elevated to a really high point in that list. They’ll be coming for you soon enough.

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    1. “First they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out—because I was not a socialist.
      Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out— because I was not a trade unionist.
      Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—because I was not a Jew.
      Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.”

      Pastor Martin Niemölle

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  8. Sadly there is not one word of a lie or exaggeration in this piece.

    By the way, have you read Nicola Sturgeon’s words of support for Joanna Cherry after the latest attacks on her? No, neither have I.

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  9. I remember reading one of Mr Murray’s articles where his inside contact said they thought the attempted stitch-up of Alex Salmond was unnecessary. Not evil, not immoral or disgusting but unnecessary. What a wonderful human being that is.

    The more people that look into the failed stitch up, report on it and share it with others then the harder it is for those behind it to shut them down like they have with Craig Murray and Mark Hirst. If that means anonymous accounts then so be it. Sadly it seems to me that not enough people seem to be interested or willing to put the work in. This is the biggest scandal in Scottish Politics and people should be in jail for this. The media shamefully are not interested but there is no reason why anyone else cannot look into this and report on it.

    It is important that we share information with others and don’t hold onto it. Craig Murray clearly must have more on the person he believed leaked information to The Daily Record than what he shared in his articles for him to be fairy certain of their guilt. The fact that this person was friendly with a certain journalist and went on holiday with them does nothing to establish that they had access to the Decision Report or access to the crucial email sent by Salmond’s lawyer on 23 August 2018 let alone that they then shared it with others.

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    1. I hope Murray has something concrete. The easiest way to share confidential information is not through encrypted email – talk about putting a flashing light on your head. That encryption will need to be good. The easiest way is though the drafts folder – all parties concerned have the email account and password. Person A writes their message and saves it as a draft. Person B reads the message, deletes the draft and writes their own reply that they save as a draft. No email ever gets sent. A vanilla heads up to check email can be sent by text – meet for coffee? You get the picture. Getting the evidence for this sort of leak is nigh well impossible. I’d expect journalists at the Daily Record are fully conversant with this – knowing is one thing but proving is another 😦

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      1. There is always an evidence trail. Even highly competent people leave trails behind them never mind the bungling cretins in the SG. Those imbeciles are useless at everything else and so it follows they would make a meal of trying to cover up evidence as well. There are emails in the evidence that show John Somers was sent drafts of the Procedure from both Nicola Richards and Private Secretary 1 to Leslie Evans. The latter is the one who also shared Salmond’s lawyers legally privileged letters with Barbara Allison, Nicola Richards and Judith Mackinnon. None of them, including the IO, had any business reading those letters. The SG actually acknowledges this in their Chronology of Events that only those in the Permanent Secretary’s office should have been given access to those letters. Both Nicola Richards and Private Secretary 1 had access to the Decision Report as well on 20 August 2018. The day before Leslie Evans compiled it and the Crown Agent apparently tried to hand it over to the Police.

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      1. Thanks. I hope to publish the SG Chronology of Events timeline over the next week. I have included in my version the location of all the documents that they have listed so people can easily find them. Numerous statements in the chronology can be shown to be false by their own evidence.

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  10. An outstanding appraisal of the reality of Scotland’s governance and judicial integrity.

    What drives such persons as the FM and the “Lady” judge to behave as they do? Don’t they realise that status,power, wealth are just passing clouds? That they will age, as we all do, but their behaviour, the memory of them, stays with them beyond the grave.


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  11. Let us not forget, Craig got done for satirising the farce that was the Sturgeon plot. Watch out for the knock on the door in the middle of the night. They don’t take kindly to being exposed.We’re not supposed to talk about it or discuss it. We might complete an imaginary jigsaw puzzle.

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  12. I am warming to the idea that a lot of information will be published furth of Scotland when the time is right.

    If I was a cowardly SNP councillor I would be very, very worried.

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  13. Sturgeon runs her party pretty much like a dictatorship. What happened to Murray is more like something one would expect in a dictatorship.
    There’s going to have to be a lot of keening up when we achieve independence .

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  14. Iain

    I’m glad you did the article in that style.. That format made it even more of a ridiculous situation than any of the serious coverage.
    The entire story is batshit crazy!

    Sturgeon continues to hide behind the cover story that she used in the Alex Salmond Case….nothing to do with me, an independent legal system….aye,right.

    Not even an acknowledgement from her that Craig is in prison under a system that denies him the rights that a criminal charge would have provided.

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  15. When Josef K met Alice after both fell through the looking-glass and ended-up on trial in Blunderland .

    Excellent piece of satire Mr Lawson – satire being possibly the most effective mode to convey the lunatic times in which we’re living ( enduring ) .

    There’s another story to be told – an epic – of how the ( so called ) Age of Reason/ Enlightenment – with it’s immense Scottish input – has been so thoroughly debased as to lead us to the dominance of irrationality witnessed in Craig’s trial/sentence and the fantasy idea of protean sexuality ( literal change of gender ) being not only accepted by supposedly intelligent people but given precedence and legal enforcement .

    People may not want to hear it….. but what’s happening around Covid ( just one example ,did anyone vote for or agree to mandatory vaccination ? ) is another example of the abandonment of Reason and submission to irrational psychic fear – and loathing ( of the unvaccinated ) , not to mention political exploitation – ” when the Pandemic is over “

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    1. If unchecked, the mindset injurious to humanity is covidism. The planet will survive, the prognosis for the species is looking rather gloomy.
      Abandoning reason, distorting scientific data, indulging in sentimentalism, running with the pack will cost.
      I would not choose to be a politician or a high profile «expert» at this interesting time. The noise of the tumbrils is being heard in Europe’s streets once again.
      Ça ira!….i do hope so 😈

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    2. I was wondering when the anti vaxxer zealots would arrive from Wings. I guess it will now accelerate from the slide “tack on” article highjack into full blown rants shortly.
      In a week every article thread will be Injection conspiracy theory.

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      1. That you resort to readily to the ” Anti Vaxx ” nonsense to dismiss any concerns about the SOCIAL implications of Covid policy is telling . I never said a word about vaccines .

        But no need to get in a lather pal . I’m out .

        Let’s see how long it takes for the UK to follow Austria down the dark road to State control of people’s bodies and lives .


    3. Robert,

      Please not this again!

      To somehow twist a the valuable injections most people have willingly had into a comparison to the Wokerati is madness. I think the opposite. You are behaving like the Wokerati: ” I’m Right and you are all fools”.
      Do they not have a site or blog for Science deniers that you can share with the Biology deniers?

      I left Wings because this became the daily topic. When will you start posting your Youtube evidence and those hundreds of links to “experts”


      1. Where did I say ” I’m right ……..” ?

        The comparison lies in the way one narrative seeks to drown out anything that challenges it , irrespective of the coherence of that challenge .

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  16. Given that you seem to spend a lot of time abroad. That Barrhead Bhoy and others actually live abroad. Why have none of you heroes named woman H, while being protected from the same fate as Craig Murray?

    You talk a good game then piss yourselves.

    The woman is online goading people into making a mistake leading to lady dorrian sticking them in prison and you could end her and bring down murrell with one article but refuse to do so.

    You’re for Scotland my arse!


    1. They are still Uk citizens. it needs to be done by a citizen of another country..or else it is just another victory for our tormentors.
      Taking your logic to its own conclusion why don’t I open a Facebook page and post the names there and give an account of the whole stinking affair? Or why don’t you do it yourself?

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    2. Listen you sick person, my daughters and grandchild live in Scotland. I live in Scotland for the majority of the year. I have no wish to volunteer to go to jail. I run the risk of doing so of course by refusing to kow tow to the bullying and intimidation. If I ever do find myself in that position you will witness what I will do, not just for Scotland but for freedom of speech

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    3. Scotland has too many like you. I have never heard of you. Tell me what have you ever done or achieved that gives you the right to write so disparagingly of others? Your post was cowardly and a fine example of wanting others to do what you won’t do yourself. You will be getting blocked tomorrow so you will have achieved something in your life.

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      1. You are doing a good job for us. The commenter knows this story will have to be blown abroad by a journalist from another country living abroad. it would be wrong and masochistic to break a law that is there for a good reason. That this provision in Scots law has been used as cover for political corruption, which is our belief, doesn’t alter the reason for the provision being there in the first place.

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      2. Agent provocateur – in a very clear and literal sense, Iain. He/she (anonymous naturally) has paid you the highest of compliments: You hit the nail on the head and are cutting through!

        Best of good wishes – this is a long, necessarily careful process.

        But truth will out – and they are shitein thersels!

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    4. “Why have none of you heroes named woman H, while being protected from the same fate as Craig Murray?

      You talk a good game then piss yourselves.

      The woman is online goading people into making a mistake leading to lady dorrian sticking them in prison and you could end her and bring down murrell with one article but refuse to do so.

      You’re for Scotland my arse!”

      This does not sound just like a silly and out of the blue innocuous provocation. This comes across as deliberate incitement to commit a crime which would expose the owners of two popular pro-indy blogs to potential prosecution.

      Is that what you are after, to silence more voices within the Yes movement?

      That is cowardly, low and dishonourable. But the union did not survive 300 years thanks to the courage and ethics of honourable people, did it? No reason to believe that will change any time soon.

      Who are you working for?

      Whoever they are, never forget that they would not have you now trying to clean their stinking shit from the floor if they had not spilled it there the first place.

      Enjoy your mopping.

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  17. That’s the kind of satirical comment that could see you charged with contempt of court in Sturgeonland! Remember Craig’s “Yes Minister” sketch.


      1. Well we do have the highest prison population per head in Western Europe and Sturgeon and her gang have added to it by imprisoning independence supporters. So much for the policy of avoiding unnecessary short jail sentences.

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  18. « Someone must have been telling lies about Josef K., he knew he had done nothing wrong but, one morning, he was arrested. […] On the podium stood the table exactly as it had been before with a few books laying on it. “Can I have a look at those books?” asked K., not because he was especially curious but so that he would not have come for nothing. “No,” said the woman as she re-closed the door, “that’s not allowed. Those books belong to the examining judge.” “I see,” said K., and nodded, “those books must be law books, and that’s how this court does things, not only to try people who are innocent but even to try them without letting them know what’s going on.” “I expect you’re right,” said the woman, who had not understood exactly what he meant. »

    — THE TRIAL by Franz Kafka (English Translation by David Wyllie).

    Free to read online:


    « Ní foláir nó bhí duine éigin ag insint bréag faoi Josef K mar, cé nach raibh aon rud as an tslí déanta aige, gabhadh é maidin amháin. […] Ar an mbord a bhí fós ar an ardán d’fhan leabhar nó dhó ina luí’ ‘An bhfuil cead agam breathnú orthu?’ arsa K. Níorbh é go raibh sé fiosrach, ach theastaigh uaidh go mbeadh toradh éigin ar a thuras. ‘Níl,’ arsa an bhean, ag dúnadh an dorais arís, ‘níl sé sin ceadaithe. Is leis an mbreitheamh na leabhair sin.’ ‘Tuigim,’ arsa K, ag claonadh a chinn. ‘Is dóigh liom gur leabhair dlí iad, ag cur síos ar an saghas dlí seo a dhaorann daoine atá ní amháin neamhchiontach ach nach dtuigeann cad chuige ar cúisíodh iad.’ ‘D’fhéadfadh sé a beith amhlaidh,’ arsa an bhean, nár thuig i gceart é. »

    — AN TRIAIL le Franz Kafka (Irish translation by Risteárd Mac Annraoi, 2017)

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  19. Frantz Fanon’s brilliant postcolonial synthesis of numerous instances of decolonization/independence in Africa and elsewhere tells us precisely what happens when an oppressed people seeking national liberation put all their faith into voting for a single dominant National Party, and this is the outcome we see with the SNP, for example:

    1. The National Party elite reaches its own “accommodation with colonialism”
    2. Their main purpose then is to delay and prevent independence / “the day of reckoning”
    3. They behave “like a gang”, promoting “friends” and become “part of the racket” of colonialism/oppression
    4. They maintain a “colonial administration” and use colonial forces to attack real independence campaigners and leaders (as we see with political persecutions of Craig Murray, Alex Salmond etc etc )
    5. Meantime they “feather their own nests” and “prepare for their retirement” (as many did last May)
    6. This is what leads to creation of new National Parties who move more rapidly towards securing independence

    Based on this established ‘model of decolonization’ the SNP needs to be replaced, or change most of its leadership and its focus now, but it looks rather too late for that.

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  20. «Human freedom is realised in the adoption of humanity as an end in itself.
    The one thing no-one can be compelled to do is to adopt another end»
    Immanuel Kant

    Few read philosophy, or the classics in our quick fix digital era…and it shows.

    «When a government becomes powerful it is destructive, extravagant and violent; it is an usurer which takes bread from innocent mouths and deprives honorable men of their substance, for votes with which to perpetuate itself»
    Marcus Tullius Cicero

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