It should not be easy to do. It represents a huge risk to democracy if it is allowed to happen. Particularly if it is a Party of Government.

Here in Scotland we have seen it happen over the course of a few years. The Scottish National Party, a well established Party with a record of exemplary democracy in its long history and justifiably regarded as having one of the most open and Democratic systems of internal organisation and operation has witnessed a ruthless and unfaltering series of “internal reforms” , which has distanced the control the ordinary members and branches previously exercised in its decades of operation.

The impact of these “reforms” have already been disastrous, leading to thousands of members leaving and the creation of several new rival parties aligned to the policy of Independence for Scotland. The impetus for this being directly associated with other issues, promoted by minority groups who were the big winners in the “reforms” grabbing control of the Party’s ruling body, the National Executive Committee (NEC).

This control of the NEC was accompanied with the removal of the Party’s National Council which was the crucial quarterly meetings where delegates from the branches met to question office bearers and to openly discuss various policy and tactical matters. By getting rid of National Council accountability in the Party was effectively ended, leading to a much more authoritarian leadership who have felt free to impose policy. Policies of their choice not the Party.

Examples of this are GRA, HATE CRIME BILL etc which are described as SNP Policy but which have never been discussed or voted on at any Party Conference, the ultimate policy decision body in the Party. Worse, issues that were debated and passed at Conference on issues like currency and maritime policy development have been ignored simply because they were decisions a handful of people at the top of the Party did not support. The leadership just ignored the votes as if they had never happened.This would have been impossible to happen before these “reforms”

The “Missing” Money

Organisation has also been ruthlessly amended to the detriment of accountability. Concerns were correctly voiced about the missing £600k that was raised from members and non members alike. At first it was denied that it had been spent, members got letters explaining it was “woven through the accounts”.The National Treasurer responsible for that letter was judged at the subsequent Party Conference election and he was replaced as National Treasurer by Douglas Chapman MP who was elected by delegates on the promise of discovering the whereabouts of that money then advising the membership of the truth of the matter. This did not go well, when he requested sight of the full accounts on behalf of his Audit Committee, the Chief Executive Officer, Peter Murrell, the husband of the current leader, refused to let him see them. This despite his clear mandate from the Party Membership for him to do so. When it became clear nobody was going to tackle Murrell over this Douglas, plus three others on his audit committee resigned on the basis he was not being given access to the information he and his committee required to carry out the tasks. SHORTLY THEREAFTER THE PREVIOUS TREASURER, WHO HAD BEEN REJECTED BY CONFERENCE WAS REAPPOINTED, MINUS THE REQUIREMENT OF ANY ELECTION. The recent secret Governance Report, of which more later, suggested Party officials I.e. Mr Murrell were more suited and able to maintain the accounts that any elected Treasurer, what’s more it set strict conditions on who could sit on any Audit Committee insisting on NEC oversight of membership and a condition that any committee contained a majority of NEC members. Pretty much guarantees an “innocent verdict” if investigating the financial management of the NEC!


Earlier this year I was leaked, from several sources, a copy of the Governance Report which were the planned future “reforms”, initially scheduled to be implemented at this Conference however the furore raised by my article and some mrmbers reaction to it, resulted in the leadership taking fright and relegating it to a sub committee for further discussion. Note, it has not been ditched, just delayed. Clearly with the current unrest and dissatisfaction in the Party now is not the time to be further relegating members input and handing even more control to the Woke faction on the NEC, INCREASING their unelected numbers while HALVING the number of elected area representatives across the country.

The political influence of the Woke faction led to highly irresponsible actions, like ignoring legal advice and fiddling the list rankings for the SNP across Scotland that ensured placing Woke candidates in the number one slot in every region in Scotland. It passed the NEC on the Woke chairperson’s casting vote. It was a tactic designed to get rid of one person, the very popular MSP and best supported MSP in the Borders region Joan McAlpine, who was guilty of supporting women’s rights. The “ election results” that determined these placings were never made public. The legal advice warned to do this could lay the Party liable for “damages” amounting to a six figure plus amount if someone affected in the way it happened to Joan McAlpine chose to sue the Party for damages. Knowing the state of the Party finances this was a very big consideration for those NEC members who had assets, like owning their own homes  which would be vulnerable if the Party lost any expensive court case and NEC members became personally responsible for the debt. I know, for certain, that this was a big consideration for some of the NEC members who resigned shortly thereafter and who can blame them?  It was clear to them they were on a reckless committee that had no compunction in endangering the wellbeing of the other committee members. The legal advice suggested the Party would be likely to lose, so they should all be grateful that Joan McAlpine did not choose to take the matter further.

The amount of bullying and intimidation on the NEC was ridiculous and completely ignored (supported) by the Party leadership. There was a very good reason for this. At the previous Conference there had been a reaction to the Woke takeover and several of their leading members lost their elected positions. There was a successful campaign, headed the “good guys”, which promoted non Woke male and female candidates which commenced the minute the nominations were published in advance of the Conference. Leadership favourites took a trouncing so their surviving unelected Allies on the NEC made life very difficult for those that were elected in their place. This resulted in several of them leaving and joining Alba and surprise, surprise those leadership favourite candidates, who were beaten for the positions in the full Party Elections the previous year, were reappointed to their previous positions, just like the replacement National Treasurer, all without the need for  any election!. The favoured few eh?


That is enough background let’s get down to the nitty gritty what is happening now and who are these people who hold such power and how did they get there?

Well let’s start with the Conference and Annual Elections due later this week. The leadership have determined there will be no “good guys” campaign this time. How is this achieved? Well you don’t know whose standing yet, do you? As I write this we are days away from the Conference but the names of the candidates are only going to be released in the Conference Handbook, unlike previous years where this information was available well in advance. Close of nominations was in early November so there is no reason this information could not have been posted on My SNP letting members and branches know in advance and have some discussion about whom they should be supporting. That would be way too democratic for the current leadership, they were badly burnt the last time elections were held. You are supposed not to notice this intentional shrinking of the time period. Clever manipulation is it not? You will get the required info a handful of days before Conference, too short for any organised campaign to be operated successfully, leaving the organised Woke faction with a big advantage. This is the current leadership treating internal democracy with total contempt, playing the system to disadvantage the ordinary membership, while helping to promote and defend the Woke wing. It is blatant when its pointed out but it seems nobody else but me was willing to do it. It now operates on Stalinist lines where folk go along with it out of fear. Freedom fighters, I don’t think so!

Now here is some fresh information that I personally find quite stunning. I have highlighted before the incredible number of places on the NEC that are non elected by the Party membership. These are places that have been crucial in several key votes yet what is the justification for them being on the NEC in the first place? For back ground when I served on the NEC there were only two appointed positions, everyone else was elected directly by the ordinary members at Party Conference. The non elected places were handed to the Young Nationalists and also the Student body. This is how I first met Nicola Sturgeon she was one of the appointees.

To put this into context the latest published  total of SNP membership is 119,000. There are currently 16 elected Area Representatives meaning each rep is there for approx 7500 members. Note that the Governance Report recommends halving that number of Regional Reps to one per region effectively meaning that one position in each area would be representing 15,000 members each.


So how does that compare with the other groups that have unelected seats on the NEC?

Let’s start with BAME. They have two seats on the NEC and have had them for the last few years. One of these positions is a Vice Convener making whoever holds that post a Senior Office Bearer. A non elected one.

In figures leaked to me they currently have less than 250 members. Yes for less than 250 members you get two places, One a Vice Convener and another one for good measure. 

And it’s not just Bame, let’s look at Out4Indy who are also in receipt of a Vice Convener and another seat on the NEC as well. How many members do they have to justify those two places?

Out4Indy have under 400 members

Let’s keep going, the Disabled Group have one NEC place. They currently have just under 500 members.

Likewise Scots Asians for Independence have a place on the NEC. They currently have just over 100 members. That figure may be substantially reduced given the recent Indian Council in Scotland decision withdrawing support from the SNP because of the actions of Mr and Mrs Yousaf.

I think many members will find the number of seats and Vice Convener positions available against those numbers quite astonishing. They should, this is blatant political engineering handing exceptional favourite status and influence to a very small number of people. All at the expense of the ordinary membership. It’s a fix and now that I have made the official numbers public it has been brought into full view. There can be no doubt of this.

The reality is it could well be even worse, there is a significant number of members who are members of several of these groups and are therefore double, or even treble counted. How do I know that? Well Fiona Robertson, having being kicked off the NEC in the last elections turned up as a “substitute” delegate to the NEC for several of these different organisations in the course of the year before being reappointed without an election to her previous post after her elected successor left to join Alba.

Now of course it can be argued these groups represent important issues, but others are as well. For instance the Trade Union movement involves just under 30,000 members but they have no automatic place on the NEC.

My suggestion is all these groups should form a sub committee of the NEC and the chairperson of that sub committee should have a seat on the NEC. THAT WOULD BE FAIR AND BALANCED. Excluding the Trade Union figures that would give one place on the NEC for at most, ignoring duplicate membership and counting them all, of 1250 members covering all these groups. One seat would still be much more generous than afforded to ordinary members in any region in the country. AT THE MOMENT THESE TINY AFFILIATE GROUPS HAVE SIX SEATS INCLUDING TWO VICE CONVENERS (senior office bearers). Of course there are many others appointed in addition to these groups as well.The need for ordinary members votes and support are increasingly a thing of the past when it comes to the NEC! I think we all know why that is.

Now the leadership have been anticipating this information eventually becoming public as they knew from previous posts that I was working on getting those secret membership numbers, so readers may remember they recently sent out a message to encourage members to join these groups. I am sure I will get an update on the “success” of that recruitment campaign in due course but it has an incredibly long way to go to provide evidence that these Vice Convener and NEC positions are in any way justified.

There is no doubt that the actions of the representatives of some of those elevated to the NEC VIA THE APPOINTED FROM GROUPS  route has been hugely divisive and disruptive as they dominated NEC discussion with a very different agenda to those who were there to forward and deliver Independence. I know of several well respected and long serving party members, serving on the current NEC who will not be re standing for election partly because of this and witnessing meetings turning into pointless events that do nothing to advance the Independence cause.

Another issue that needs attention is the increasing role of paid staff in the Party Organisation. They form a key voting block at any Conference and while not yet being able to outvote the ordinary membership can when organised be very effective in forcing through leadership, as opposed to members wishes. This is a particular danger at online conferences. Limits to this need discussed and a quota system introduced. Given the number of Mp’s and Msp’s there are potentially many hundreds of people involved.


So I promised a name, the key architect of these “reforms” that removed members influence and power, helping to create an unchallengeable leadership, empowering a staff takeover in the form of Peter Murrell to take responsibility and control for issues that were previously, normally the remit of elected Senior Office Bearers of the Party. To cut out any ability to question the leadership on any issue and enable the leadership to introduce new policy measures like the HCB and GRA without any input or challenge from the ordinary membership whatsoever.

Now of course it wasn’t one person alone who did all this because common sense ensures the Party Leader must be involved and in support as must her husband, the Party CEO, but the person most responsible and in my view the key architect of these moves is ANGUS ROBERTSON. It was no coincidence it was him who introduced these “simple” alterations to the constitution at a sparsely attended lunchtime session at Conference a couple of years ago. Ever since the entire Party and Yes Movement have paid a heavy price for delegates not realising the significance of what was happening and going for a cup of tea at the vital time. He is a master puppeteer and manages to stay in the shadows while pulling all the key strings. He of course accompanies these moves with another quiet programme to establish himself as a shoe in when Nicola stands down. He then hopes to enjoy the Stalin like total control of the Party he helped create for Nicola.

Let’s all hope the WORKERS Revolution takes place before that disaster befalls Scotland and the Independence Movement.

This is a democratic outrage, tiny numbers of Woke people have been handed power over the ordinary membership through the introduction of corrupt reforms precisely designed to create this outcome. Those responsible should be deeply ashamed but so should all the elected members enjoying high salaries but ignoring these conniving measures being introduced to sideline the ordinary membership and establish dictatorial power for the Leader to ruthlessly control the Party to her whims. Past members who worked and died to further the Independence cause and built this once great Party have been betrayed. I can never forgive those responsible for that. The SNP have their conference later this week, is there any chance some are brave enough to raise the content of this article or are they all enjoying life being re educated and bribed in the political gulag?


I am, as always



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118 thoughts on “HOW TO TAKE OVER A PARTY.

  1. And Angus Robertson’s wife Fiona? – née Dempsie.

    Did she play a part in the party being taken over by a cabal.

    The ordinary members have a right to know.

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    1. Last night I saw upon the stair
      A little (wo)man who wasn’t there
      (S)he wasn’t there again today
      Oh, how I wish (s)he’d go away…

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    2. Yes, it should be made clearer just what influence and power this WOKE woman has. Time for honesty and transparency to take over. Thankfully, your blog is repeatedly asking the questions that have to be asked. Keep up the good work!

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  2. Great article Iain, retweeted and shared on Facebook,, did you see Mrs Angus Robertson outraged tweet earlier regarding perjury, one would tHink sHe Has sometHing to Hide, wHat tHat is I wouldn’t know

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    1. What AyeinSkye is this per jury you report of.

      Who is tweeting about perjury and more importantly why?

      Certainly piques interest.

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  3. If well organized and determined a minority may influence beyond numbers. If it works in one direction it may work in the other. Reason? The so called rank and file are often half asleep or too trusting of the leadership principle.
    Honestly, dealing with wokery and its lavender fellow travellers ought to be a push over.
    You dont require a Trotsky or a Lenin.

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  4. “It passed the NEC on the Woke chairperson’s casting vote”

    Well Oswald better enjoy her moment in the Sun because she’s out on her ear come the next Westminster election. Those who have moved to Alba from the SNP have nary a good word to say about her. She’s toast.

    “in my view the key architect of these moves is ANGUS ROBERTSON.”

    Of course it is. God knows the Sturrells are bad enough but him and Dempsie – NO! This is why a torrent of hate and abuse is currently being flung at Joanna Cherry – she’s only one with a chance of seeing him off. I would not like to think of the Kompromat the Brit Security Services will have on the Robertsons and if he takes charge then indy ref in ’23 will be the year 3023!

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  5. Interesting article. The SNP is the only political party I have ever joined (and subsequently abandoned), being sympathetic to its original aims and structure.
    But I do wish this word ‘woke’ wasn’t used in a pejorative way. The term ‘woke’ originally meant ‘alert to injustice esp. racial injustice and discrimination, and being aware of the facts’.
    It seems as if it is now used as a lazy, catch-all insult for anyone who holds opposing political views to one’s own, and has been shanghaied and thrown about in public discourse by people who should be able to come up with a better description. Its constant use has devalued it.
    If being ‘woke’ means the above dictionary definitions, then I’m more than happy to be considered a ‘wokey’.
    Looking forward to more articles which keep me abreast of Scottish politics.
    With fewer ‘wokes!’

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    1. John Jones, I understand the point you make about the word ‘woke’. While having an admirable definition, the word has also become attached to proposed policies where discrimination against women and children will be the result. I would suggest it is not the word itself which has lost its original meaning but those who wish to introduce controversial & unpopular policies have used it to hide behind for their own nefarious purposes, by claiming they are against injustcice and discrimination. The HCB and reform of the GRA/gender self-identification are perfect examples of this.

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      1. Thank you. I see, (I think). It maybe also that it has come to mean so many different things to different people and different factions that it engenders a kind of hopelessness in one who is at the mere periphery of things of ever discovering the meaning in each different case.
        Speaking as a Welsh-speaking Welshman who learnt English grammar from a martinet who wielded a stick, it was impressed upon me that precision in using the language was desirable.

        “When I use a word,” Humpty Dumpty said in rather a scornful tone, “it means just what I choose it to mean—neither more nor less.” “The question is,” said Alice, “whether you can make words mean so many different things.”

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    2. I agree with you in the abstract, the word Woke would be better in inverted commas in respect to its origins, however anyone watching the situation closely concretely will see the term has been captured by ideologues who are using trans rights and issues as a cover for creating an elitist cult which has an agenda that conflates equality to the lawless infringement of woman’s rights in reality. This cult must be resolutely opposed as it is largely the social base of the counter revolution against the Yes movement. A movement that the establishment want to break in every way possible as it is in essence a democratic revolution whose reason to be still holds great sway in Scotland. Democratic values are at the heart and soul of what is is to be Scottish, our resistance is all we really have.

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      1. “Democratic values are at the heart and soul of what is is to be Scottish”

        Perhaps you have moral values in mind? Democracy means different things to different folks, often depending on their morals, or the lack of them, as Iain illustrates with this article. In any event, colonialism, which is where we are, has no human values, according to Cesaire.

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      2. People should remember how certain words have morphed in a number of cases. Take the word liberal. Most people would think that it meant people with progressive, tolerant views, when in some countries far right parties have used the word tp push their own far right, anti-immigrant views which are anything but tolerant. The behaviour of the woke brigade is there for all to see: their zealots are often intolerant to those expressing different views from their own orthodoxy and have, at the heart of their philosophy a deep contempt for pluralist democracy. We have challenge them at every turn.

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    3. ‘Woke’ never had particularly negative connotations until Donald Trump turmed it into a hate word. Sad to see people so eagerly jump on his bandwagon. eg. The Daily Mail, and this and other bloggers.

      As far as I can make out they are just too timid to say that they really don’t like transexuals, or racial equality, or homosexuals, or abortion, or women’s rights or whatever it is they are peeved about people being woke about.

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      1. Did you read any of that in the article I wrote? Neither did I. I call them Woke because they call themselves Woke. There can be no complaint then if people use that word to describe them

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      2. Nonsense, Neil Collins. Most of those who have the name, ‘woke’ attached are virtue-signallers and those whom they are ‘woke’ about already have their rights. Trans people have all the same rights as everyone else in our society, as do every other group. The problems lies in people’s perceptions. Any group that wants to take away another group’s rights is a colonial movement and to be resisted. The trans movement is the first in the history of social movements to try and do this. The original ‘woke’ referred to the early civil rights movement in America, when black people (and some whites) woke up to the realities of their situation as black people in America, laking civil rights. Anyone who genuinely thinks that trans people lack civil rights is being profoundly dishonest.

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      3. Far from not liking transexuals the truth is that I, and I suspect many on this list, could not care less about what they do in their private lives. It is when a minority of them enter into the field of politics on a platform of ‘poor me/the cult of fake victimhood that we have to declare enough is enough. They are NOT discriminated against and there are a great many people out there who deserve more sympathy and support, like the poor, the long-term unemployed, the homeless and the victims of domestic violence. Oh…and one more – spare a thought for the poor fathers out there who, after a break up with their partners, never get to see their own children due to malicious behaviour from their ex-partners. Think about them, for once.

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    4. I usually say, ‘pseudo woke’ because they are virtue-signallers and not the real thing. They are an insult to the original black civil rights ‘woke’ movement. Most of them are white, middle-class, well-heeled, educated, entitled brats.

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      1. Very well said indeed. They are imposters. And they are fake and insincere which is what virtue signaling is all about.

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    5. I would have more sympathy with your point John if just once – ONCE – any of the woke organisations had called out the misuse of this weaponised woke. They stand by while their causes are used to oppress others. Why should that end well?
      yours from a “menstruator” too old to menstruate, a “chest feeder” too old to chest feed – what am I?
      btw I hope Sturgeon is frequently placed in a position where it is ridiculous to normal people not to use the word “woman” – in every FMQs, in every interview – at every opportunity.

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      1. Well said, Marion. When you look really closely at this issue, even those you might have thought were allies in the trans movement – those who don’t want access to women’s spaces and rights – still come out with things such: I knew from age two that I was in the wrong body. Now, since most in the vanguard of this movement are parapahilics (autogynephiles, and most admit it) that statement, in itself, is erroneous. Quite apart from how a two-year-old can make that sort of adult judgement, autogynephilia rarely sets in before puberty. The two claims cannot both be right. I have no problem with men who dress as women so long as that is as far as it goes and they don’t expect the public to participate in their fetishes. They cannot be women because they cannot change sex; if the cannot change sex, they have no legal or even moral right to claim that they are women and require legal changes to their status to make them women because that simply leads us back to the beginning. We must campaign for the repeal of the GRA 2004 and halt all reform to it. It has done what it was intended to do – that is, facilitate same-sex marriage. Ms Kelly of Stonewall has admitted that no one can actually change sex. Ergo no legal changes to facilitate a legal fiction that is inimical to the basic interests and human rights of females in favour of paraphilic men.

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    6. wrong John Jones.
      I know it’s a common name, one of us will have to change it slightly to differentiate
      never been a member of the woke party, or with the IN crowd.
      incapable, incompetent, indolent, ineffectual, inept, incoherent, inactive, etc.

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  6. Who can also forget that the NEC changed the rules whereby Joanna Cherry would have been forced to resign her WM seat before being eligible to stand for Holyrood.
    The only challenger to Angus Robertson had to be eliminated.
    The Sturgeonite SNP’s behaviour towards Joanna have been utterly despicable.
    Completely unelectable these days.

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    1. Yes, I agree. But I think it’s a very dangerous game they play when trying to smear her. So many SNP members still hold her in very high regard. And I can see the constant, obvious attempts to smear her are taking their toll on those who are still clinging on to SNP membership. These are the people SNP want voting for them at the next election. So they’re going to have to be mighty careful of going too far.

      I’m afraid the young bullies have no idea or they just don’t care if they alienate the voting public. They don’t seem to equate the public with the ones that decide whether they have a job or not, come the next election. More fools them.

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      1. Katielass I often agree with your comments but on this occasion I cannot , IMO people who are still members of this party are NOT independence supporters but SNP party supporters so consequently they are Sturgeon and her tartan taliban warrior supporters . The ONLY way for SNP members to take back control of their party is to DESTROY it through the ballot box , to rid themselves and true independence supporters of the vile cancer that has enveloped and now controls the party ,

        As Iain has shown proof that ANY attempt to wrest back control via any democratic means is FUTILE and doomed to fail , they have polluted and destroyed the tenets that bound the membership and its aims

        They have taken the SNP party as a host body and eaten the inside rules and regulations to make it a HOLLOW CHAMBER and then filled it with a cannibal queen bee and her own praetorian guard , to keep the worker bees (politicians) focused and frightened to challenge her

        People who are still members are BETRAYING the OLD SNP and what it once stood for , they are also BETRAYING REAL independence supporters by continuing to financially and publicly support a false entity who has CORRUPTED and DESTROYED the dreams of a NATION who only want a better life for future generations

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      2. I, too, believe it needs hollowing out, twathater. I well remember Labour members saying almost exactly the same kind of things: once a party shows any sign that it might be successful, a certain kind of parasite moves in. It eats the party alive from the inside. Its sole aim is to force its own agenda and the party is only ever the vehicle, its core values and policy pushed aside. Anyone who has any doubt about what happened to the SNP need only read Stephen Paton’s piece in The National. In the midst of his tantrum, he gives the game away completely and vindicates, in my opinion, everyone who has left the party. Unfortunately for the SNP, well hidden amongst the Labour people who moved across to the SNP after 2014, were the pseudo ‘wokerati’ who are destroying it. If they are ousted from the SNP, they will move elsewhere, and the only party that is not under the pseudo ‘woke’ hammer and is ripe for exploitation, is the Tory party. I think they, the Tories, already know it. They will squash them like an insect if they come too close. The Tories don’t do PC or kindness or ‘nice’, and they are not stupid. The price of this kind of predatory capitalism might be too rich even for their cast-iron stomachs.

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      3. Twathater – no problem, my friend. I understand what you’re saying and mostly I agree with you. But I have read a few people lately saying they are hanging on by their nails to the party they’ve voted for all their lives. And have said its the young people causing the trouble who, get this! ‘… have no regard for Nicola & the good job she’s doing’. These youngsters are smearing other excellent politicians & so these members are having trouble paying their memberships fees now as they can see Nicola is doing nothing to stop the young bullies.

        But on the whole, I totally agree with you that people who are still members of SNP obviously have no real wish for Independence. It seems to me these members love the party that represents other things they like, that WM parties don’t believe in, ie NHS, no bedroom tax, no prescription payments, etc. But are not all that bothered if we get Independence or not, as long as the government keeps the ‘freebies’ going…

        These people are betraying SCOTLAND, and their fellow Scots. Particularly the Scots that must now use foodbanks, that shiver b/c they have to either heat or eat, those that have to live on the streets, pensioners who can barely make ends meet… Given the state of WM, the tories & their policies, you’d think they would have some concern for others not as well off as themselves. But seems they don’t – as long as they keep getting their ‘freebies’…

        As you say – that party, SNP, has to be voted out. And Nicola Sturgeon must be routed. There is no other option for Scotland.

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  7. A very good article Iain. We really do live under an elected dictatorship. A thing I never thought I would see in Scotland.

    You seem to be daring “them” to come and get you. I wonder if they will.

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    1. I have done nothing other than exercise my right of free speech. I can substantiate anything that appears in the article. If that leads to a visit from the police that will serve to confirm that we are now no longer living in a democracy but a police state. If that is the case then it must be opposed by all decent and honest people. I have seen in my life what happens to friends who lived in fear and terror of the state. It must NEVER happen in Scotland and I will fight it to my dying breath.

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  8. When you see the facts written clearly and without any prevarication, it makes it all the more repellent how these few egocentric individuals have taken their own party’s, and worse, their country’s future and sacrificed it on the altar of their ambition and greed. History will not be kind to them. Thankfully, there are people like yourself Iain who courageous enough to call them out on it. More power to you and many thanks.

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  9. This is a pretty dreadful situation for the Scottish National Party, the so called party of Independence but now clearly the Gender Ideology Party. It is also dreadful for Scotland as few people realise what political shenanigans have been going on. This is worse than I thought. I hoped all of the talk of MSPs being ‘troughers’ in Holyrood and not wanting to jeopardise pensions was just poetic license but it is exactly as described. Firm control and no challenges would mean almost no way of breaking the rule of the party. The idea of Mr & Mrs R at the top of the tree is nauseating. I hope there are people working on this or that those in HR who are against it will be prepared to stop them.

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  10. Thank you for this update. It makes depressing reading.
    Since I realised that Nicola Sturgeon was not grooming any possible successors I have always considered Angus Robertson to be a suspect person simply because of where he placed himself within the SNP. He is now tight in with the SNP hierarchy both in himself and through his wife by whatever open and/or underhand ways it was achieved.
    The SNP is demonstrably undemocratic and in thrall to a small clique at the head of the Party. This small clique is incompetent (the stalled policies of Land Reform, Council Tax reform, a national bank, a constitution, the currency and even something as relatively simple as the bottle deposit scheme). There is only so long you can point to the Baby Box Scheme as a success. We need much more.
    The members are hamstrung unless a sizeable number of them get together to run a counter campaign to the clique. The people best placed to do this are our elected representatives. Are they all troughers or are there any with scruples and a backbone?
    At the moment there seems to be little hope of reforming the SNP from within. Therefore, we need to support the new Independence parties and hope that support can grow around Alba to mount a serious challenge.
    So for me – it looks as if I will have to start again doing what I did first in the ’60s for that minority, joke party, the SNP, and start climbing tenement stairs again but this time for Alba.

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    1. Angus Robertson and Peter Murrell have been pals since University. No idea if they have been plotting a takeover since then but plotters will plot.

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  11. The latest SNP accounst are worth taking another look at. The CEO wages and the membership numbers would be the first place to look. What is the penalty for falsifying the books? The accountants had a fairly lengthy spiel at the end with regard to a get out clause if any information came tinto the public domain that contradicted the accounts they prepared for the electoral commission.

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  12. It breaks my heart to see the Party I have supported and worked on behalf of all my voting life being brought down to this by these vindictive, evil serpents.
    There will be a reckoning but not until the ‘sheeples’ who worship at shrine of the Sturmurgeons wake up to the truth and that goes for both MPs/MSPs and grassroots members.
    Ruling by fear only works if those being ruled stay afraid.

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    1. They* do not care about your heart, it is your spirit they wish not only to break, but scatter to the wind.
      A broken heart can find another, a broken spirit will no longer look for one.
      Keep your chin up and get the seatbelts on.

      *the current leadership and their dependents.

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    1. Justice tends to be rather theoretical in a colony, where the function of state institutions “is to protect the colonizers interests” (Albert Memmi).

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  13. Brilliant as always Ian and personally confirming the impression I have had for a number of years as to Robertson’s complicity in the down grading of independence in the party of independence

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  14. Witches,. what do we know about Iain Lawson?


    On Sun, 21 Nov 2021, 1:26 pm YOURS FOR SCOTLAND, wrote:

    > iainlawson27 posted: ” HOW TO TAKE OVER A PARTY It should not be easy to > do. It represents a huge risk to democracy if it is allowed to happen. > Particularly if it is a Party of Government. Here in Scotland we have seen > it happen over the course of a few years. The Sc” >


  15. The party has been hijacked and the good people of Scotland’s desire for independence is being harnessed and used by people with a very different agenda.

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  16. With apologies to Simon and Garfunkel – and just a slight adjustment.

    Kinda works, I think! :

    And here’s to you, Mrs. Robertson
    Jesus loves you more than you will know
    Wo, wo, wo
    God bless you please, Mrs. Robertson
    Heaven holds a place for those who pray
    Hey, hey, hey
    Hey, hey, hey

    Hide it in a hiding place where no one ever goes
    Put it in your pantry with your cupcakes
    It’s a little secret, just the Robertsons’ affair
    Most of all, you’ve got to hide it from the kids

    Sitting on a sofa on a Sunday afternoon
    Going to the candidates debate
    Laugh about it, shout about it
    When you’ve got to choose

    Every way you look at it, you lose!!!!

    (eventually – in the fullness of time)

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  17. A clear and comprehensive assessment, Iain. Thank, you. Chances are, though, that you’re only half right about A.R. By that I mean: although he is clearly pressing the buttons and pulling the levers within the party, and being allowed to do so unhindered by his party leader, it is highly, highly unlikely that he is the “mastermind” of the overall programme. The ongoing willful and blatant erosion of inner-party democracy would appear to be a phenomenon with a much wider purpose and is most unlikely to be the initiative of Robertson, alone. To be fair: the man, much like his leader and her cabinet, isn’t particularly well known for his association with deep political or strategical thinking.

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  18. My updated Chronology of Events from the SG is now up on my page. I have added the locations of all the documents listed in their chronology which the SG never bothered to do. I have also identified the proper documents where the SG has incorrectly listed them as well.

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      1. Thanks Iain. That Chronology is only a small part of Phase 2 as well. The complete index for that Phase will be massive when it is all typed up. The only Phase I am looking forward to doing is Phase 4 as there are only a small amount of documents in it.

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  19. What happened to Angus Robertson? Wasn’t he behind the ‘It’s Time campaign in 2007 that was do successful?


  20. Thankfully I’m no longer an SNP member but the fact that a well-established Party and Government can be so totally destroyed from within and in such a short space of time is frightening. A hard lesson but something we must take great care to guard against in the future. So, perhaps it’s as well this all took place now and NOT after independence. Thank you Ian for your dedication to an honest future for our independent Scotland.

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  21. If someone supports women’s rights they are ‘woke’.

    Try at least looking up the meaning of the term instead of believing what Donald Trump said. The term has been around for ages. When people complain about others being ‘woke’ they sound like far-right-wing racist nutters.


    1. Bullshit. Corrupt, vindictive, neoliberal politicians and their sychophants and payroll who all are skilled in the use and abuse of this US teminology are to be protected because of the mis-use of a 4 letter word? The people fighting this maze of corruption, deceit and vindictiveness in Scotland are to be derided for misuse of a 4 letter word.

      It is genuinely dispiriting to hear the pathetic superficiality at play here, even as sophistry. It has become a front for the reduction and destruction of people’s rights.

      MeToo is a very good example – picked up the money men and their media and lobbyists and spread worldwide. it is then used by people with power acting locally, ie., vindictive, corrupt, neoliberal politicans and their sychophants and payroll. It has been perverted into an attack on the presumption of innocence. Juryless trials to guarantee more convictions, what will be next up after that? In Scotland as well. Have you never studied the Lockerbie trial or the workings of our corrupt, colonial Crown Office?

      That is an attack on the civil rights of every single person outwith a ruling clique. EVERYONE. That doesn’t matter though because the fake woke mantra has morphed into hatred towards damn near everyone who doesn’t adhere to an ever-shifting suite of beliefs accompanied by a fluctuating vocabulary.

      That is just one perversion of a popular movement amongst a million over the years and centuries. if your identity is dependent on this vocabulary of bollocks-speak being used as originally intended then you need to look at the people who are destroying these causes and movements. As long as they keep using the right words though, eh?

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    1. There are but they are mercilessly bullied or accused of those crimes where the accusation is enough and guilt or innocence irrelevant.

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      1. Failure to speak allows others to speak with your authority.
        They need to move to ALBA – or be complicit in this.

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      2. It would take a big name to move across and put extra pressure on the SNP to drop this ideological nonsense and get stuck into independence again. That, however, would entail a clearing out of the pseudo ‘woke’ faction to get the party back on track. It is going to take all independence parties now to move forward, but the SNP must go through a complete clear-out first before the others can even contemplate working with it – apart from the Greens, of course.

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  22. Good article. I’m split as to reaction as I read. All parties have “problems”, all, and while serious, I’m keeping my focus on one goal and one goal only: Independence. I don’t honestly care how it’s achieved or who takes the credit. It’s bigger than any one of us. We have a regime in Westminster that is a gift as far as an opposition now. One couldn’t possibly wish for a set of clowns more inept or corrupt. For whatever faults there are, and I’m not minimising them, the greater voting public aren’t aware of them and don’t have to be provided we follow through. We have a strong leader, all have faults, but I want the ‘best in the business’ on our side. The electorate increasingly see the Unionist cause as lost for a whole host of reasons, all of which individually make this pale in comparison. I think another referendum, plebiscite, mandate, whatever one wants to call it, won’t be the end. It will be just another start point and there will be more and a lot more work to do. I have no doubt that every dirty trick in the book will be used by Westminster and the establishment, the unelected in Whitehall, to prevent independence. They will go to any length to prevent Independence and ‘democracy’ really means nothing to them. At a minimum, we can expect a coordinated smear campaign, we can expect social media and mainstream media bias on an unprecedented scale and we can expect any weakness or indiscretion, real or imaginary, to be exploited. Divide and conquer is their game and the best way to win is not to play. They haven’t anything else, just fear and negativity; no solutions, none. We can’t allow ourselves to detract from our goal. If the leadership fails to initiate the required push for Independence, it will be self-evident. We are being pushed from behind now and unity is our strength. I support the Party primarily because it has the best chance of success. After Independence it is inevitable that the Party as constructed won’t continue in its present form, it will have achieved it’s aim and other factional Scottish Parties will emerge. But if we don’t succeed, they won’t have the chance. I don’t say I’m not listening or concerned or want to supress or ignore this, but I have one aim and one aim only. I know we all have.


    1. If this was written 4 years ago it might have been relevant or at least had the appearance of a plausible argument. Wheesht for indy until the current leadership proves to the wider electorate they aren’t interested.

      They have proved to me that they are corrupt and opposed to Independence, in fact, the levels of corruption, mismanagement, sabotage, and nepotism are such within the current clique that Independence in any of their lifetimes could present a serious threat to their liberty and would lead to the destruction of their reputations. The British state is their security blanket, their wages, and their marketing department all rolled into one. That is why I believe you are wrong.

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    2. Noel respectfully can you point me to ANYTHING that Sturgeon has done over her 7 yes 7 years of tenure that has educated or informed not just undecideds or Noes but normal people or voters to the benefits of independence , as Obair has illustrated we have had promise after promise made and STILL NOTHING , I don’t care how it’s got either OR who gets it but it will DEFINITELY NOT be Sturgeon

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  23. Thank you very much for this, Iain. It makes for some sober and difficult reading, but it does help to put a few pieces into place. Releasing this, given the current climate, takes guts. You are a very brave man, Iain. More power to you.

    I wonder if you would be able to tell us when Robertson introduced those changes to the SNP constitution. I am particularly interested in knowing if that was done before June – November 2017 or after. But if this puts you in any way at risk, please don’t disclose it, Iain. We cannot afford to lose another pro-indy voice and we all know where we are at present.

    I think it is now quite obvious the British state has effectively disarmed the SNP as a political vehicle for independence and they have done it from within. It is obvious now too that neither Sturgeon, nor Murrell, Robertson and a few MPs seek independence. It seems obvious too that these people are in some way protected by the powers that be.

    Taking control off from the party’s membership right at the precise time the party had the majority of Scotland’s seats in Westminster and when it was in perfect position to end the union, seems convenient for nobody else other than the British state.

    The way control has been stolen from the membership and the way the SNP has been made effectively an innocuous tool of the British state seems to be far too calculated, far too planned and well timed to be designed, managed and executed by this bunch of incompetent amateurs alone. I am convinced there must have been bigger masters orchestrating this.

    Regarding the “wokes” I have never believed they were seriously representing any of those groups they claim to represent at all. I have always seen them as rent–a political apparatchiks whose only mission was to help with the take over of the SNP by confusing voters and members with their deliberately taking the focus of the fight away from independence. I haven’t yet seen anything that disproves that.

    My greatest fear is that the worse might yet be to come. The SNP still holds the majority of the pro indy vote. This means that a few of us discovering what this leadership has been doing is not when the independence moment is at its weakest. The indy moment will be at its weakest when the SNP membership and the SNP voters al large find themselves not longer knowing who to vote for because the British state has decided to pull the plug on the SNP leadership and lets the sht hit the fan right before a general election.

    At that point all those voters and members are going to feel like political orphans either looking for something else to join and cast their vote for, giving up or vote in protest for unionists. Alba must be there ready to take them

    My suspicion is that the British state has been quietly and patiently preparing for the best time to strike, pull the plug on the corrupt leadership of the SNP, collapse the party and then immediately call another general election while the yes movement is still in disarray. Heavy loses of pro-indy MPs will delay independence for another 5 years.

    The lead balloon of Sturgeon’s popularity is starting to fall down so this moment may well be getting closer and we need to be prepared. If Sturgeon becomes too unpopular before the British state strikes, it may be too late for them because the disillusioned may just join Alba and pulling the plug on the party may not have the same devastating impact they may hoped. They need to strike while she is popular to cause the biggest possible damage.

    The only threat to such perfect plan is ALBA, hence the continuous smearing of Mr Salmond and the forced blackout on ALBA by the MSM.

    Everything starts to make an awful lot of sense.

    We desperately need ALBA to start fielding MP candidates NOW. ALBA needs to be prepared in a position where is ready to hoover up all those members and voters when the British state finally pulls the plug on Sturgeon, Murrell and possibly Robertson.

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    1. It would be better I believe for ALBA to pull the plug on this corrupt SNP leadership, if anyone has the evidence. Then folk would naturally move to ALBA. If this is done on the timeline and agenda of the dark state then I share your fears.

      That said, it occurred to me that if a desperately broke England negotiated “independence” – or more likely a cherry picked “federal” arrangement – with this useless SNP leadership they could freeze Scottish pensions at todays rate along with other contributions, allow inflation to run at high rates to devalue sterling and effectively offload a large financial obligation. We live in dangerous times and this is really no time to allow idiots to be in charge of Scotland. I hope to god someone knows how to break the scandal that is this SG.

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    2. “… My suspicion is that the British state has been quietly and patiently preparing for the best time to strike, pull the plug on the corrupt leadership of the SNP, collapse the party and then immediately call another general election while the yes movement is still in disarray. Heavy loses of pro-indy MPs will delay independence for another 5 years… ”

      You may be right, Mia, but I doubt that the trans warriors are the weapon of choice: they are as big a threat to England-as-the-UK as they are to Scotland. Left to triumph, they will bring the NHS and most public institutions to their knees, which, on the face of it, would be excellent for the Tories in bringing in privatisation and corporate America, but the collapse of our institutions, especially the NHS, will almost certainly lead to widespread unrest throughout the UK. Yes, the Westminster/Lords/Thames Embankment lot would wet their knickers with glee if the SNP went under and independence disappeared off the agenda, but the cost would be astronomic for England. The Tories are monstrous by nature, but they are not stupid. Carrie hinted that trans ideology would be passed at Westminster, but it was a hint to muddy the waters. Only if it benefited the Tory party, in particular, and the England-as-the-UK, in general, would it be worth supporting. They are relying on our infamous Scottish disunity and stupidity to take this stuff on board, maybe, to bring disharmony and disunity, but they have no intention, I would think, of allowing it ti gain traction to the point where England becomes threatened by it. SNP insiders have been saying this week that they would co-operate with Westminster in pushing through this stuff up here and in England. Ay, right! Stupidity, your name is Scotland. How many times do they need to take us to the cleaners? If these ejits actually believe that they can do that, they should be out on their ears as a danger to Scotland.

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  24. Is the SNP the same party that it was before 2015? I think this is a key question to ask to help understand how things got to how they are and only by understanding what the SNP stood for at various times under it’s different leaders, can this be made clear. The attached blog is about the history of the SNP since it was established seventy years ago. Basically it comes comes down to there being two main groups with the SNP and which faction leads the party at any given time. – those that want independence sooner than later, and those who seem to prefer a much slower approach to independence (or maybe to focus on devolution within the UK?).

    The actions of the SNP under Sturgeon make it clear which side the SNP have been on since 2015, basically the opposite of what the SNP was from 2007 to 2014 under Salmond. Effectively then the SNP has since 2015 been a different party from that which built up the SNP’s solid foundations in the period 2007 to 2014. Ironically, despite the change of direction of the SNP since 2015, Sturgeon’s SNP is still benefiting in terms of support from the actions of a party that no longer exists. The creation of Alba shows that for some, the way in which the SNP has changed is no longer acceptable nor is any hope of changing it from within back to what it was before it’s move to being comfortable within the UK.

    So no, the SNP isn’t the same party that it was before 2015. But Alba offers hope that another has taken that position as it’s own.

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    1. Ian: I agree. Everything I, personally, have looked at stems from 2015, beginning with the huge influx from Labour. Appointments to top positions were of ‘wokerati’. Independence opportunities were deliberately evaded. The party is not the same one that went before 2015, that is certain, albeit many of the same people are still there. They have been subverted (at least on the surface) but I believe there are those who do not believe in this stuff, are playing the game and will reject it thoroughly given the opportunity. That they are willing to gamble with people’s future makes them untrustworthy, and they will have to really make up for their abandonment of independence in favour of trans ideology. Most of these will be of the gradualist wing, and they have already proved a problem in the past, before Alec Salmond came to the fore. Wait and see might be a fine policy on occasion, but what you allow through in order to wait and see is where the danger lies.

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  25. It is impossible to have democracy and rigid control of policy. It was therefore essential to remove democracy.
    The Tartan Taliban ensure any opposition can be shouted down in the new NEC structure.yet pretend it is an open election.
    You are free to elect anyone you like as my inbuilt majority rule.

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    1. Clootie: the Tartan Taliban and the pseudo ‘wokerati’ are extremely similar in their approach. They are the same thing.

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  26. A group of trans extremists have attached themselves like parasitic leeches to the SNP and have slowly drained it of its lifeblood of independence. They have left us with an empty husk of a party where Indy is barely mentioned, let alone progressed.

    Nobody can tell me that these people like would get elected on this woke platform if they weren’t piggy-backing on the electoral popularity of the SNP. If they had any integrity, they would have joined the Greens where these ideas have always been a lot more mainstream but, of course, their chances of a lucrative lifestyle in Westminster and Holyrood would be greatly reduced had they done so.

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    1. Spot on, Felix, and their chances of ever being in a position to push though this stuff would have been much fewer. They needed the power of the SNP, in Scotland, to kick-start what is intended to be an experiment, before it is rolled out across England, with its massive population. England is the trans prize. We are the consolation prize and guinea pigs in one.

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    2. Here’s a US article from 2018 that looks into the whole trans issue and how it became mainstream so quickly. The bit that got my attention was – ‘Transgenderism sits square in the middle of the medical industrial complex, which is by some estimates is even bigger than the military industrial complex’. That alone surprised me.

      I’d wondered how this had all happened so fast, seemingly coming from nowhere and this article makes a lot of sense in explaining it. Big money as usual is at the heart of it. Making more big money for the mega rich, with various political chancers trying to edge their way in via a revolving door.

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  27. Its clear, Sturgeon is under the direct control of the birtish state! It is her mission to destroy Independence from within!

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      1. Maybe she just needs to appoint the Brit payroll in Scotland to fancy wee directorships. And provide folk who stuck the knife right into Scotland during the indyref (influential unionsts) like Murray Foote jobs and make it clear to Scotlands colonial classes that their networks running our institutions, filling the boards of our public bodies, etc are safe in their entitlements? Or the continuation of neo-liberal Westminster policy in Scotland quietly supported by our own FM.

        They’ll never tell us how it fits together but the law of revealed consequences means that we have to draw our own conclusions.

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  28. Brilliant Iain, and lets not forget your own bravery for posting this.

    Folk are absolutely scunnered with the SNP at the moment, and who ca blame them we need a change at the top.

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  29. Iain’s article and the 90 or more excellent posts need to be as widely disseminated as possible. It is a real eye opener.

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    Well that’s encouraging at least. Any chance they could go to The National with such information? Excuse the naive suggestion but could you send this article to The national as a reader’s letter?

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  31. OP: what rules out the collaboration as opposed to just not being willing to push for independence because she had settled on devolution bit, for me, was the rapid falling into line with GRA reform and the means to achieve compliance, the Hate Crime Bill. Women were left out of that bill deliberately, as they were left out of the corresponding Westminster bill. She could have taken a different tack on both independence and GRA reform, but she spoke of collaboration re GRA reform. I think that, by 2015, she had everything in place for GRA reform and independence could not interfere with that. I would love to blame Westminster for all this, but Scotland has taken the lead on GRA reform, and the SNP membership have gone along placidly with the foot-dragging and gradualist approach (as they did in the past, just before Alec Salmond took over the leadership in 2007). I’m not saying that this doesn’t suit Westminster on both counts, or that they haven’t interfered in some way because I think they have, but, essentially, this has been spawned up here, and Westminster watches and smirks, throwing in the odd spoiler occasionally. The Scots have ever been their own worst enemies. The sad thing is that we never learn and that many still don’t see it. Independence was doomed in early 2015 to not being pushed by the SNP leadership, and GRA reform was deliberately pushed forward. Independence and GRA reform cannot sit side-by-side. That is why independence was sacrificed. It would have been the distraction and not GRA reform. Too many simply don’t see that.

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    1. Nothing rules it out Lorncal. Their intentions reveal themselves over time, your arguments are logical. I can follow them fine. it has always been the agenda and the only thing the FM now appears to believe in.

      Anyway, my point is this. I follow your argument. Sturgeon actually believes in this shite and nothing else. it also has the appeal of being promoted relentlessly by corporate money. Sturgeon is a sucker for power and authority especially when it comes within lobbying distance of Her. Reciprocation and obligation are masssive here. Cracking the US scene, Primetime, Vogue. Obligation is a normal thing in human society going back to the very beginning of us. It is easy for the conscienceless to exploit because we need it to function and therefor we have to err on the side of taking people at face value. The benefit of the doubt is a given at least initially. That us by the way the exploited – corporate power and Ms Sturgeon both get what they want out of it.

      Like having a choice of Brit Establsihment (colonial if your in Scotland) owned parties in every ‘democratic’ contest. We now have a choice between different neoliberal ideologies separated, for the purposes of public consumption, by their attitude to the pseudo woke agenda.

      It is nothing more than a cover for an anti-civil rights agenda.

      On the plus side Denise Findlay has done just a grand job over on her blog. Every time we take a step in any walk of life, I cannae be mair pleased.

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    2. I agree with your take, intentions are revealed over time, to back it 100% but I am not convinced it hasn’t grown arms and legs since (in summary).


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