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It really is scary to see in how little time a long standing political party so structured and strong can be taken over , brought down to its knees and destroyed from within under one political fraud. The selfishness of her actions cannot be described with words. She has effectively robbed Scotland of 6 years of independence and possibly of the opportunity to become independent any time soon. Frankly, I cannot think in bigger betrayal to Scotland than this. 

But there is no way she could have done this alone. All those SNP MSPs and MPs have helped her with their compliant silence to destroy Scotland’s main vehicle for independence. There is no forgiveness for this. There is no turning back either. We cannot get back those 7 years they have wasted us. Many of our fellow Scots died during those 7 years without seeing their country independent despite fighting for that vision all their adult lives and despite being able to almost touch it on 8th May 2015. What this political fraud has done really is despicable.

If the amoebas sitting under the SNP rosette both in Holyrood and Westminster wanted to help her making themselves unelectable and the SNP the most hated party in Scotland, congratulations to them are in order because they are succeeding. Certainly they have earned their place in the history books as the embarrassing cowards who Scotland sent on the 8th May 2015 to London standing high, dressed as lions and with the only mission to bring back its sovereignty but instead, they betrayed that trust, they disregarded the mandate and they let the Scottish people down by handing over to England Scotland’s sovereignty for another 7 years. I am convinced they will come crawling back without Scotland’s sovereignty and dressed as mice after being sent off with a farewell of raucous laughter from England’s political parties. Sturgeon’s SNP: the great achievers who achieved nothing.

If there is a lesson for all of us to learn from this is that we can never entrust again the pursuit of Scotland’s independence to any political party and even less to a “leader”. We all have to be leaders. We all have to be lions. We all have to pursue independence and to push the parties relentlessly to do what we want them to do and if they don’t, simply ditch them and bypass them. We have already had 7 years of timewasters who have brought us nothing other than embarrassment and the pain of watching their leader destroying our vehicle for independence and handing over our assets, rights and powers to our union partner. 

Time to learn from our mistakes. Sturgeon needs to go. The SNP needs to go. The SNP MSPs and MPs who let us down for 7 years and did nothing to stop this need to go.

We need to get our Westminster seats back and this time lend them to real lions, no more timewasters.


I understand and share Mia’s anger. They were handed a golden mandate, 56 out of 59 Scottish seats. what did they do? Nothing, absolutely nothing. What have they done with all the other, frequent fresh mandates they were handed? Nothing, absolutely nothing. We now learn they cannot even find candidates for their own NEC. TALK ABOUT DEMOTIVATING THEIR ACTIVISTS AND ORDINARY MEMBERS!

What angers me is the opportunities they have intentionally never pursued, Brexit was a huge opportunity, our country dragged out the EU when our people voted 62% to stay, the Tory moves to steal a host of powers from the Scottish Parliament, hardly a whimper, opposing a plebiscite election, both votes SNP that resulted in a host of unionists being elected and the chance of a super majority being spurned. It is unforgivable. Boris’s Government, for goodness sake, Boris’s Government, running rings round them, sidelining them, and now funding Local Government projects directly from London.


I am, as always

Yours for Scotland


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Special Announcement

Craig Murray is due to be released next Tuesday on the 30th November 2021 from Saughton Jail at around 10am where he has been wrongly imprisoned for several months as a political prisoner in the corrupt state that Scotland has become.

The very least we can all do is be there to meet and cheer him to demonstrate our determination to defend freedom of speech in Scotland.

Craig will address the rally and it will be videoed so that it can be shared with media across the World.

If you can be there please make the effort. I am in the USA so will not be there in person but I will be raising a toast to him and perhaps sharing any video at the St Andrews Night Dinner I am hosting in Clearwater, Florida.

52 thoughts on “SCOTLAND NEEDS YOU TO GO.

  1. I agree with the sentiments however I disagree with this bit :- “If there is a lesson for all of us to learn from this is that we can never entrust again the pursuit of Scotland’s independence to any political party and even less to a “leader”.”

    I think Mr Alex Salmond is an excellent and capable leader. And that is why Sturgeon had to try to destroy him. And that is why I am a member of the Alba party.

    History will judge the SNP MPs and MSPs. They have shown themselves to be shameful cowardly liars. They should play no further part in obtaining independence. I and many, many others will never forgive nor forget their treachery in not facing down or even discussing the genderwoowoo nonsense.

    P.S. The serial disaster that is Shirley Anne Somerville has got to go for her anal sex questioning of schoolchildren. This is grooming. The laughing stock that is Police Scotland will obviously do nothing.

    P.P.S. Why does shirley anne disaster keep getting ministerial positions ? What do the sturgeons owe her ?

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    1. Independence is OUR cause and it should be led by an organisation that reflects that. It doesn’t matter who you vote for at elections. I will stand with Alba, ISP, Labour, SSP, LibDem, Tory and even SNP voters who put Scotland first. I have no problem with prominent figures from these various Parties (Alex from Alba or Joanna Cherry from the SNP or Colin Fox and many more) standing on the stage speaking.

      However the People of Scotland should be represented by an organisation who speaks for us all. A committee WE can replace at any time. A group who will present OUR views on the way forward to Politicians instead of from politicians.

      Independence is the RIGHT to decide Policies.
      Party Politics is the presentation of Policies.
      The policies of ALL Parties comes under the first line no matter how I or you regard them.

      It was a mistake to conflate Independence with Party Politics. If the Tories in Scotland supported Independence then we are on the same stall. When it comes to Party Politics we will be opponents.

      Alex is a great guy but his case for a Supermajority was correct and Unity comes before Party Politics.

      Sturgeon proved the error but Angus Robertson, Pension Pete, Slimy Alan Smith and many more are waiting in the Wings.

      The grass root YES movement, those who organised the first marches during 2012/13 and A Wee Blue Book by Wings did more to lift the votes for Independence than any Politician.

      Independence is the Right to Self Determination and ONLY that.

      Politics comes at the first election after Independence.

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      1. I agree wholeheartedly with you on this clootie which is why I asked Iain to form a committee of indy bloggers to approach and FORCE Sturgeon to listen unfortunately my suggestion was not taken up.

        The REALITY is that as indy bloggers with large support and large readerships they ARE effectively representing the YES movement in their posts , blogs , and videos which BB”S Prism is a great example of , the only thing that would be required is for the bloggers to be officially recognised by the parties and leaders as being the official spokespersons and grounded representatives of the BROADER yes movement
        Having previously approached Iain to take leadership of a bloggers committee I would ask him again to reconsider his response as I feel he has the necessary attributes of honesty , respectability , organisation , no nonsense approach and likeability
        What are posters thoughts

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      2. I thank you for your kind comments but as I am approaching 70 years of age, only live in Scotland six months of the year and are already pretty much working near full time running this blog it would need to be someone else. Sorry!

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    2. Mr Salmond is an excellent leader. Probably the best Scotland has ever had and the best it will ever have. So far the only one honest enough and with the gumption to lead Scotland to independence and to put Scotland on course to get it.

      But a party leader is a very easy target for the opposition, particularly one that has the weight and the funds of the whole state behind. The stronger the leader the more attractive they are as a target because the more the party is built around them, so when the opposition succeeds in bringing that leader down, the party takes a massive hit.

      Looking retrospectively, it is easy to identify what the British state has done to stop independence since 2015. First they established in the mind of the voters that the SNP is “the” only party of independence and the only way to get it. That reduces the number of fronts they would have to fight against.

      Secondly they needed a very strong leader the party was built around. It therefore makes now perfect sense that those in control of the SNP built it as a cult around Sturgeon’s persona. The idea was to make the voters think that this leader is “the” party and that without that leader there is no party. This ensures that by removing that leader, the British state would have effectively destroyed the party.

      Thirdly, the democratic structures and the ability of the membership to remove the impostor leader had to be disabled. In this way the British state could ensure that it is them, and not the membership who chooses an easy target as leader.

      Fourthly, load the impostor leader with enough baggage of dirt and keep that dirt hidden until the best time to bring the leader down arrives.

      Finally, it is only for the British state to pull the lever, throw the dirt in the open and voila, the fake leader and the whole party comes tumbling down. Without any other party around, the voters are left disenfranchised, so many of them will not even vote. As the independence movement was left relying only on this party to progress independence, independence gets stalled for another five years at least. Probably more if you have to build a party from the ground up. Job done.

      There are people in the yes movement clearly fighting against that strategy:

      1. The emerging of ALBA and the other pro indy parties gives the disenfranchised voters a place where to go. Hence the strong allergic reaction of Sturgeon and the MSM blackout when ALBA was announced. Re-invigorating the yes movement is the last thing the British state and the impostors working for it wanted.

      2. The continuous leaking of information from what is happening in the SNP regarding how this leadership is stealing control from the membership will accelerate the exit of members from the party and their move on to another one
      3. If enough dirt of the impostor leadership of the party is in the open, the hand of the British state may be forced. To avoid losing the whole value of the asset they have been building over these 6 years, they may have to pull the plug on that leadership sooner than they would have hoped to cut their losses. This will reduce the impact on the yes movement.

      The urgency now is to get all those SNP members to leave the party and move either to ALBA, the iSP or any of hte pro indy parties around.

      But we need to learn lessons from this. As a movement we can no longer rely on one political party and one leader only to progress independence because they are far too easy a target for the British state. Even if the leader is honest, they stop at nothing to make up dirt to throw at them to transform them into a target. We have seen all this with what they did to Mr Salmond.

      We are fighting for independence against a corrupt and untrustworthy partner who relies heavily on our resources to keep afloat, our territory to park its WMD, our land to entertain its elite and our young people to send to its neoliberal wars. This is a fight for survival on both sides and this partner is well known for its dirty tactics and for how it gets behind enemy lines and climbs up the hierarchies of the opposition parties.

      If you give them just one party to infiltrate, they will take it down in no time, as they have done with the SNP. With several indy parties, the British state would have to divide its resources to fight on all those new fronts too.

      Having a non political organisation without a single leader-head taking the lead makes it much more difficult for the British state to manipulate the voters by throwing dirt on the political representatives. Personally, I think several non-political organisations need to take the lead and several pro-indy political parties need to become the support,for those organisations, not the other way round. It has to be built in a way that if the British state take one of them down, the others continue to push forward.

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    3. Astonished , With respect I have watched your comments on WOS and other blogs evolve from SNP and Sturgeon apologist like many ex SNP members , to denigrating her for the damage she has done to Scotland and our chance of independence.

      The reason this traitor and her minions have managed to sabotage our chances is because too much emphasis has been placed on party and celebrity worship with SNP members refusing to EVEN CONSIDER Sturgeon as a wrong un . I admire Alex Salmond and his formation of ALBA and I will vote for them when convinced and required but he and ALBA will NOT receive my unquestioned loyalty , they are politicians and inevitably they work for themselves , the electorate have to be MORE demanding and MORE RUTHLESS or we will end up with the same situation of helplessness again
      This is NOT a critique of Alex Salmond it is a critique of the unquestionable support of normal people who end up looking and sounding like a CULT

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      1. Totally agree but we should also recognise that more folk need to take responsibility for what happens and not drift along hoping for others to act. Apathy and ignorance are both obstacles we need to overcome.

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  2. Spilt milk is never worth crying over, wasted energy, move on. We need to think of the future, how we turn this Sturgeon led disaster into something positive. I am sure there are many good people in the ranks of the SNP ready to gather under a new Independence banner, but like Sister Anna – “Who will carry the Banner?”

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    1. Quote – ‘Those who forget history are condemned to repeat it’.

      Highlighting the failings of the SNP as a Party isn’t about crying over spilt milk. It’s about not forgetting history so that you’re not condemned to repeat past mistakes and that starts with being aware of what has happened, even in the recent past. Exposing the SNP’s failing’s since 2015 is therefore essential to moving forward.

      To use another quote – ‘actions speak louder than words’ – the actions of the SNP against Alex Salmond show just how scared of him and now Alba they are. I’ve never seen Sturgeon more animated (demented?) than when talking about either. That speaks volumes.

      Final quote – definition of insanity, ‘doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result’.

      So forward with Alba, with the help of others such as the SSRG and the wider Yes Movement. But it is essential that the biggest threat to independence, as becomes obvious with an awareness of the SNP’s very deliberate and calculated treachery since 2015, is something that should never be forgotten or not exposed for what it has become. Know your enemies and your false friends. Unless of course someone just wants to repeat the mistakes of the past and continue to support a lost cause that is the unionist SNP.

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      1. Iain, you made my case for me, but we have to get on with it – not simply talk about how bad the SNP and Nicola Sturgeon has been for Scotland – and I’m sure there are many in the SNP movement that wishes independence, but I ask again “Who will carry the banner” Alba is out there SOMEWHERE but who sees them? So forward with Alba, with the help of others such as the SSRG and the wider Yes Movement. Great I get it – so let’s talk about the future and how we are going to get there, that is the important stuff. Take this morning – Sturgeon was on the Andrew Marr program and loving it – why? well the new variant of COVID has thrown her a new lifeline COVID has become a shroud to blanket out all the real things that governments should be doing to end poverty – homelessness, inequality, food banks, offending, waiting times at A&E, cancer screening, ferries, ……. Oh and almost forgot – getting Scotland out of this cursed Union.

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      2. I am not a spokesperson for Alba. They are still in the early stages building membership, the NEC only met in person yesterday for the first time. Give them a little breathing space and I am sure a clearer picture will emerge

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    2. On the other hand if history is ignored then we risk making the same mistakes again. We have to keep in mind what has been done to the cause for Independence since 2014 by people based in Scotland and beyond and make sure we do not make the same mistake again of blindly trusting anyone. I mean we need to take an active part in whatever party we support in the fight for Independence; we trusted NS blindly to do the right thing and have been betrayed by her and by all of our elected representatives, bar a few brave, principled people.

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  3. I always argued that we have to remember that there is no Messiah who will lead us painlessly to Independence. it is only the people of Scotland who are capable of doing that.
    History use to be about the great (and the not so good) now it is about the work of the common people.
    In 1916 the Irish Citizen’s Army had the banner “we fight for neither King nor Kaiser but Ireland”
    We have to have the same idea. We fight for neither Alex nor Nicola, but Scotland
    Alex who might do something is languishing in the polls, Nicola who will do nothing is the most popular politician in the UK.
    So the independence of Scotland in the popular mind lines with two flawed human beings – or it is in the actions and beliefs of the Scottish people who will make things happen. But then Scottish leaders have always let their people down which is why there is the paragraph

    “But from these countless evils we have been set free, by the help of Him Who though He afflicts yet heals and restores, by our most tireless Prince, King and Lord, the Lord Robert. He, that his people and his heritage might be
    Declaration of Arbroath 1320 6 John Prebble
    delivered out of the hands of our enemies, met toil and fatigue, hunger and peril, like another Macabaeus or Joshua and bore them cheerfully. Him, too, divine providence, his right of succession according to or laws and customs which we shall maintain to the death, and the due consent and assent of us all have made our Prince and King. To him, as to the man by whom salvation has been wrought unto our people, we are bound both by law and by his merits that our freedom may be still maintained, and by him, come what may, we mean to stand. Yet if he should give up what he has begun, and agree to make us or our kingdom subject to the King of England or the English, we should exert ourselves at once to drive him out as our enemy and a subverter of his own rights and ours, and make some other man who was well able to defend us our King;”

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    1. Sturgeon may still be the most popular politician (as you say ) but her star is dimming. She has had a big big drop in her approval ratings.

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      1. Yes and that she can barely keep her head above water against what must surely be the most inept group of politicians that have ever existed in this union, suggests that she’s finally being increasingly rumbled as an imposter.

        Broadcasting is a UK reserved function. Here’s the UK politician Nadine Dorries, currently serving (or should that be ‘acting’) as Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport, talking about Channel 4 and how it’s funded (the ads should give a clue but obviously not).

        Yet despite endless examples like this, the SNP want to give this lot a veto on independence. Who’s the real fool in this situation?

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      2. Cubby, I think you’re referring to the recent YouGov poll that showed Sturgeon’s approval rating had dropped considerably but that she was still ahead of other party leaders. Interestingly, I took part in an Ipsos Mori telephone poll yesterday which seemed to ask the very same questions, plus more with a Scottish slant. (There were also questions about pharmacy services in Scotland.) I wondered if the YouGov poll results had alarmed the Scottish Government and made them commission their own.

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      3. 2012nancy

        Yes I was referring to that poll which showed a massive fall in her approval ratings. It’s a Unionist fix cry the Sturgeonites. The Sturgeonites are also starting to prepare the ground for no Indyref2 by saying the new coronavirus variant may mean a referendum will have to wait.

        The Sturgeon mind control over these people is very very strong.

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  4. At this stage in the national struggle the thought «independence comes from the barrel of a gun» might leap into the mind. In dealing with such as the British and their sense of entitlement and cultural exceptionalism there as many precedents.
    Sadly the SNP in its current manifestation is not that gun nor you know who the gunner.
    Plenty of ammunition lying around though, sadly mostly primed for self harm.
    The gauleiter of London squeals ya boo sucks you Scotch…assume the position!
    Oooh yes! exclaims Niccy but lets get down and dirty and talk COVID first.

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  5. “If the amoebas sitting under the SNP rosette both in Holyrood and Westminster wanted to help her making themselves unelectable and the SNP the most hated party in Scotland, congratulations to them are in order because they are succeeding.”

    The problem is that amongst the low information voters, they ARE the most liked and electable party out there and that suits Sturgeon – election no matter what you do and how badly your perform. Unfortunately there are far more low info voters than engaged politics “nerds”. They are going to keep winning elections until the things we know about them hit the mainstream and I don’t see that happening soon.

    What’s the point of having an asset if you burn them too soon is probably near the top of intelligence agencies’ tradecraft list. Even as I write that, I realise I sound VERY tinfoil hattish. However, given she faced censure and possible disbarment during her days as a lawyer, given those round the SNP for decades report how unpopular she was and how vindictive she could be, given there are many things about her personal life that have been hidden etc etc, you begin to wonder how did she get to the top and how does she remain at the top despite in theory being “popular” and successful enough to end the British State…

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    1. “What’s the point of having an asset if you burn them too soon is probably near the top of intelligence agencies’ tradecraft list”

      Absolutely, but this is only applicable when the intelligence agencies have 100% control the political environment. You can only say they have control when their hand is well hidden and is not visible to the electorate so they can detect the manipulation.

      There are plenty of signs that suggest they do not have this level of control. Mr Salmond bringing forward the civic court case against the government putting Sturgeon, the civil service and the SNP HQ on the back foot and then forcing them to bring in the COPFS, the police on board to concoct the whole nonsense of the criminal case suggests they do not have such control. It is also suggested by the farcical way Mr Murray was charged with that judge tying herself in knots to justify sending him to prison, or the way they had to apply brute force to suppress the evidence during the parliamentary inquiry, totally exposing to the public those bodies as being nothing but deeply corrupt arms of the estate and not the pristine independent bodies they claim to be. The damage they inflicted on themselves with that move alone was enormous. The success in launching ALBA despite all the blackout and smears and the continuous leaks into the public domain of the shenanigans that the SNP leadership were up to are more signs they do not have this level of control.

      What I am trying to say is that they may not have other choice than burning an asset that has started to get wet and is rapidly taking water in while still has some value left, rather than waiting far too long and finding the asset has become wet wood and worthless.

      They have two options. They can pull the lever sooner than they hoped to recoup at least some of the asset value and contain the damage some other way, for example by placing another loaded asset as leader that can remain in place until the next GE campaign, or they can pull the lever on the first asset, let all the dirt on the open and then call an early general election. Since the change in legislation a few years back, the British state can call a general election whenever they wish.

      At this point in time both options would be lethal for the yes movement politically speaking because they remove the control from us. An SNP where the control has been removed from the membership is useless as a party of independence. It is an empty shell, but it will still hoover up pro indy votes. An early election without giving time to ALBA and the other pro indy parties to organise may mean heavy loses.

      It is imperative that we stay ahead of the game, get those members to move to another pro indy party and open the eyes of sufficient voters so they will help to pass on the information to others.

      Never underestimate the British state. It is more likely than not that they have already a second and even a third asset in place, nicely loaded with enough dirt to set up the whole display of fireworks, but dry enough to take over from the prematurely watered one and to be deployed at the right time.

      We know Sturgeon has baggage. But what about Robertson? How much baggage has he got in the trunk of the car? How many “gradualists” are among the SNP MSPs and MPs, and which one of them could make a good, compliant loaded asset for the British state? Take your pick. It seems they are not in short supply.

      Time is of the essence.

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  6. It’s apparent now that when the SNP got rid of Alex Salmond they lost their master strategist. The current SNP leadership seem to be devoid if courage and ideas. They sort of want independence but they have no idea what to do and how to do it. Hence the reactionary behaviour , hence the petty micro-management and all the other nonsense. They want to be seen doing something but give the big cause a wide berth cos its just too difficult and scary. Until I see evidence disproving this that is my opinion. If only they would show some courage some forgiveness and dome honesty and reach out to Alba and the master strategist. All they have to admit is the got it wrong and they have no idea what to do now. I’m sure they would receive some gold plated advice and direction again. After all, some people actually put Scotlans first.

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    1. Sorry can’t agree. We got a DIFFERENT strategy is what happened, with different objectives and Independence relegated. The strategists are still there they are just working on other issues. Until now quite successfully sadly.

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  7. I think she got to the top because she was assisted by others already highly placed within the SNP. In part she remains at the top because of these same people, and because it suits the powers that be that she should stay there for now.

    Also, she has bribed the msm to stay quiet, though they probably would have done so anyway, since they are mostly Unionist too.

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    1. The ruling clique of the SNP is engaged in a covert effort to subvert and destroy the Scottish nation. That is my view of what unionism is. Things change a bit when people within the Independence movement start to apply the law of revealed intentions to the actions and nonactions of the ruling Scottish National Party. That’s when the fightback starts.

      How do you keep the majority of their voters, the ones that Panda Paws was talking about, on board for long enough to complete the job? You might probably employ Murray Foote to ensure that the unionist Scottish press does not get confused and knows when to hold its fire.

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      1. “The ruling clique of the SNP is engaged in a covert effort to subvert and destroy the Scottish nation. That is my view of what unionism is.”

        That is indeed the purpose of imperialism/colonialism, and to ensure the acquired territory ‘does not appear foreign to the colonizer’s eye’. So long as a people remain under colonial rule their ‘nation is perishing’, their culture and sovereignty withering away. The SNP elite has become part of the imperial/colonial establishment but this should not be so surprising; colonialism ‘is always a cooperative venture’.

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  8. The straight aim of independence is being warped by needless and tiresome complication. Why?’
    This might offer an explanation.

    «Perhaps because complexity is a way to avoid facing the reality that what really matters for most things in life is simply showing up and doing the work. Not thinking about it. Not talking about it. Not dreaming about it. But doing it. Put differently, maybe part of our attraction to complexity is that you can so easily hide behind it. Complexity feeds procrastination»

    Think there is more than a grain of truth in that proposition.

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  9. Anyone amongst the minuscule number watching BBC Scotland”s The 7, last night, would’ve been struck by Glenn Campbell’s interview of Sturgeon. The woman, in her hubristic delirium, gave every impression that she, in her own mind at least, had assumed the non-existent role of Scottish President. That anyone in her circle of sycophants will take her aside and tell her she’s in great danger of losing-it is unlikely thus the outcome, sooner or later, seems inevitable.

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  10. I think, and it is only my opinion and I am open to being wrong, that 2014 was a sobering and frightening time when we lost. I well recall the sick feeling I had that last week leading up to the polls when I believed we had already lost but I had to keep an optimistic demeanour. The reason that it was a sobering and frightening time for so many was because we knew that we were trying to undermine the British State, the Union and Westminster.

    It was what they represented then and still represent that was at the very core of our fears and hopes. Immediately the result was brought in, I think the heart went out of the SNP leadership (not Alec Salmond and a few other bravehearts) and Nicola Sturgeon was too much influenced by those fears of British (English) hegemony. She and her cohort (let’s call them the gradualists) were simply not prepared to put their heads above the parapet and risk getting them shot off, metaphorically speaking, of course. What followed was a wholesale pandering to, and salivating over, the English-born people in our midst. Scottish Unionists were despised, but our English-born neighbours were to be feted to ensure that we could not be accused of anti English sentiment.

    I have no problem with those born in England who move up to Scotland to become Scots of English heritage. That is a very different thing from colonising influence, bringing up “our ways of doing things and the Scots can like it or lump it” attitude. Only those who feel an ethnic superiority behave like that, and they have a moral duty to check their behaviour if they find themselves behaving like that. However, those were the very types that Nicola Sturgeon and her cohort were playing up to, ostensibly, I think, to keep the UK (England) off their backs. The media followed suit, and television, the BBC, in particular, went over the top and almost every voice on any subject relating to Scotland, across the cultural spectrum, was an English voice.

    Not only did, and does, that reinforce an English cultural superiority on the Scottish population, but it also leads to our children and young people being brainwashed into believing that anything Scottish was/is hardly worthwhile if you are actually Scottish, and Englishness is the overarching superior culture, language, etc. This attitude pervades all of Scottish society and is known as the ‘Scottish cultural cringe’. I am sure that there are many, many English people in Scotland who are horrified at that interpretation, but it is very prevalent and very much reinforced by our cultural institutions, tasked with preserving and advancing our own culture and languages. This is what I think still drives our attitude to independence, even amongst those who push for it. It is ingrained.

    So, when an idea that also arrived from the south – and it did, because Stonewall is not Scottish, although it does have its Scottish arms in the Scottish Trans Alliance and other organisations – and came via the Labour far left, the SNP was ripe for taking over, when, in 2015, many former Labour adherents moved across to the SNP. The party became trapped in its own desire to appeal to all, to be sophisticated and all-accepting. I don’t know how much Nicola Sturgeon and others believe in this stuff (she must to some extent) but they enabled the total capture of the party by elements that were inimical to its well-being and certainly to its core policy of independence. Distilled down, the promotion of the oppressor’s culture at the expense of our own in order not to offend has led us to a parlous situation of our own making. Again, with the trans issue, not offending became paramount. Never mind that these elements were quite happy to offend us, both culturally/linguistically and in trying to enforce an irrational belief system upon the population. Unless and until, we are ready and able to welcome people into our society who are, in turn, willing to accept our culture/the rational, the cringe will continue and taint our efforts to break out.

    We are Scots: we speak Scots, Gaelic and English; we are not English with England’s history, we have our own; and we are not beholden to anyone else for the fact that we are around. Likewise, 95+% of the population is dimorphic, not trans. Let’s stop apologising for being who and what we are. Only then, can we even hope to move forward and embrace others as our equals, but never, ever our ‘natural’ betters. They are not. They are just different and we can cope with that, so long as they don’t expect us to pander to them and change everything to suit them. We will have our independence and we will not be submerged into Queer Theory.

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    1. “culture and languages. This is what I think still drives our attitude to independence..”

      Aye Lorncal, and even more than that, oor cultur an oor braw langages is what gives us our national consciousness, and hence our national identity; without our culture and language there could be no desire for nationhood far less independence. This is why Culture and Language comprise resp. Determinants of Independence 1 and 2, as Iain kindly published, based on my book ‘Doun-Hauden’:

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      1. Absolutely agree, Alf. I think that, in many area of life, including our independence, we are so afraid to offend that we do nothing. If this was reciprocated, it wouldn’t be so bad, but it never is. Those who try to impose things on you very rarely stop to think about their own behaviour: they just believe they are right; that they have the right to control and manipulate; or they see your subjugation as their chance to shine. You see it everywhere. You also see the desperation not to offend everywhere, too. It is all so pitiful. Most of the time, you are being conned. Once you open your eyes to how and why you are being conned, though, you can never shut them again, so you also pay a high price for knowledge, but you pay an even higher one for not knowing. When any group demands that you do something you know, both instinctively and with knowledge, is not right, that it takes away from you for no good reason, and without your consent, by bullying or whatever, you know, or should know, they are inimical to your best interests. That goes for Westminster and the British State, and for the trans lobby, both displaying classical parasitical behaviour. Yet, so many just stand around looking glaiket and let them eat their brains.

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      2. ” so many just stand around looking glaiket and let them eat their brains.”

        An astute description of ‘the colonial mindset’ and its cultural cringe lorncal, the psychological condition behind many Scots rejecting their own national liberation.

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  11. “We need to get our Westminster seats back and this time lend them to real lions, no more timewasters”
    Actually the very last thing we need is to have our politicians taking up seats in the parliament of our oppressors.
    When we have a party not prepared to seats in Westminster we’ll know we have a party serious about delivering for Scotland.

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    1. “When we have a party not prepared to seats in Westminster we’ll know we have a party serious about delivering for Scotland”

      Absolutely, but at the moment, the only way a party can be elected is by allocating them the seats. The parties win or lose depending on the number of seats they get, this is after all (or rather pretends it is) a parliamentary democracy.

      What the party does with those seats after they got them is what counts. I am totally with you on that. The expectation of a real pro indy party is that they will not use the seats, that they will stop legitimising Westminster and the UK government, and if they hold a majority of the Scottish seats or if together with them there is a majority of pro independence MPs among the Scottish seats, demand a vote among those Scottish seats to end the union.

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    2. In my view such a party would need to go into an election on an abstentionist policy, which would need to have been ratified by its members.
      Alba and ISP could manage to propose and ratify abstentionism before the next GE, if the members/leaders thought it was a feasible strategy.
      One advantage is that it would immediately put clear blue water between them and the SNP

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  12. Yes she has to go but when will she go is the question ? If she was serious about Independence she has had 7 years to prepare the foundations of Scotland regaining our right to self determination.There are no plans in place to indicate that the SNP are putting legislation in place meaning that it would be late 2023 at the earliest that a referendum would be able to take place.We have to be very careful as over the last 7 years the Independence movement has been weakened and it is only with the formation of the new Independence parties that it is regaining its strength and we need time to rebuild though we also need Independence as soon as possible. With the calls getting louder for Plebiscite Elections especially after many voters realising that SNP 1 and 2 was a wasted vote and a con to keep her in power without having to pursue Independence.The New SNP have metamorphosed into Old Labour with perverted policies, party before people. It would be a possibility that if she was indeed compromised that she has been told by whoever is pulling the strings behind the scenes that we would indeed get a referendum in late 2023 with no plans in place to show us how an Independent Scotland would govern itself plus the Independence parties would not have had time to get them established in the minds of the ordinary voters meaning that with all that uncertainty there would be a reasonable chance of people voting No and any thoughts of Independence would be crushed for many years to come.A referendum is now the last option that we now need as there are so many ways for the English state to interfere to obtain the result that they desire.A Plebiscite Election with the majority of voters voting for parties who support Independence is our way forward.We could have had this after the last election with the Supermajority which was curiously rejected by the party that claims to be the party of Independence, one of the very many reasons that she has to go sooner rather than later.

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  13. Hi Iain, Am I  right in saying Craig Murray is to be released at 10am on Tuesday 30th? CheersFraser

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  14. Well said Mia, there may be some SNP MP’s and MSP’s who have spoken out on the direction the party has taken, but the majority of them surely must know what’s going on and have chosen to impersonate the Three Wise Monkeys to keep their snouts in the gravy boat.

    What does that say about them and what type of people they are, they are certainly not up to the calibre of folk we need to exit this God awful union. Meanwhile as you said countless folk hoping to see an indy Scotland in their life times have died. Brexit gave Sturgeon a golden opportunity to get Scots out of this union, but instead she chose to gallivant up and down Scotland in her big yellow bus (with her face on it) to try and save England from itself, this in itself should have sent alarm bells ringing in the indy movement, but as Iain has pointed out the current hierarchy has twisted and bent the internal party’s rules to suit their own agenda.

    How many more Scots will die between now and 2026 as we suffer under the yoke of Westminster and Sturgeon’s vision of a ultra politically correct and woke Scotland where one wrong word will see hauled in court, as the witchfinder generals office scours social media looking for ways to imprison indy bloggers who find out the truth.

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  15. Quote from Keith Brown’s speech to the SNP Conference:

    “Friends, I can tell you this: That independence campaign is well underway.

    “And I promise you we will not let up until we win that referendum.”

    The Scottish Government’s announcement in September, that they are resuming “crucial work” on an “updated and detailed” prospectus for independence, was hailed as “hugely significant” by Brown. ”

    This carrot being dangled in front of the SNP faithfull is so old and mouldy I cannot understand anyone trotting along behind it. And where is the evidence that any “crucial work” has been resumed?

    This is exactly what has been fed to the members since 2015 and the SNP hasn’t even bothered to try to disguise it.

    He also tried to whip up enthusiasm for next year’s council elections. I wonder if the thousands of activists who have left the SNP since the last council elections will be missed in the envelope stuffing, stair climbing, canvassing and leaflet pushing department?

    The SNP’s loss is Alba’s gain.

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    1. glasgowwoman: ay, you’re not wrong there. That carrot has been around for a long time, but, still they pull it out of the fridge and offer it anew. Fewer and fewer are falling for it.

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    2. That 8 page independence supplement was a joke – another carrot that only idiots would think will make any difference to anyone’s opinion on Scottish independence. All that stuff about ” Wellbeing this and Wellbeing that” you would think it was an advert for a day out at a spa.

      All these SNP types care about is winning elections and staying on the gravy train.

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  16. The total schlock, cheapo hammer horror scenario of “OMICRON» will be the death of all our endeavours. Being human is so BAAAD…..
    Politicians, experts….who will rid us of these third rate priests of anti-humanity?
    Certainly no one among the current «leaders».
    Exactly the scenario presented to the Germans before the Nazis stripped them of their basic rights. No one noticed of course, until it was too late.

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  17. Yes, ever since the Covid Emergency Powers legislation was voted in by UK MPs, I have wondered if this is our version of the Enabling Act of 1933

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  18. Great post . High quality BTL debate and SNP WHO DO NOT DO DEBATE tell us that independence campaign is underway when there is not a shred of evidence to support it .
    They really do think we are zipped up the back.

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  19. Just watched kuensberg interview of Sturgeon on yatube, the comments beside it show how stupid and deluded some people are , most come from repeat Sturgeon supporters

    TBQH they don’t appear to have listened or interpreted what Sturgeon has answered to kuensbergs questions , they have been more focused on denigrating kuensberg for having the audacity to question the sainted one

    Kuensberg kept returning to sturgeon’s plan to hold a ref in 2023 when the bill hadn’t even been formalised in HR , sturgeon kept repeating it was her INTENTION or she INTENDED to do this or that , which for the education of the dimwits is what she has been doing since 2015 , the CARROT was always called INTENTION or INTENDED for short

    Sturgeon has always been a slithering psychopath with a penchant for choosing words to convey and disguise her real intentions , YES THAT WORD AGAIN

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  20. Iain I have just done as you suggested and read some of Robin McAlpine’s articles and what is absolutely undeniable is that sturgeon’s bribe to her MSM has paid massive dividends , you only have to look at the Gupta scenario to realise the depth of corruption , depravity , incompetence and ineptitude that is prevalent throughout her government that is DELIBERATELY being hidden by the MSM from the electorate and citizens of Scotland, it is inconceivable that if the true depth of corruption and ineptitude was EXPOSED that sturgeon and her clique would NOT be arrested and jailed

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