As the SNP gathers for its virtual conference ALBA Party Westminster Group Leader Neale Hanvey MP has written to SNP MPs expressing “disappointment” that they chose not to support the Early Day Motion (EDM) which would have allowed a debate and meaningful vote on the Home Office order which extends the scope of the Serious Crime and Police Act 2005 to include the Scottish Parliament building and grounds.  The EDM to annual the law was tabled by him and his fellow ALBA MP Kenny MacAskill and supported by SNP MPs Douglas Chapman and Joanna Cherry.

In his letter Mr Hanvey points out that the motion reflected the views of the resolution, passed by the SNP Conference, by a significant majority in September. 

In a statement Neale Hanvey MP said:

“As SNP delegates gather for their conference it is important that they know that, on the issue of draconian powers which limit demonstrations and protest at the Scottish Parliament building and grounds, it is ALBA MPs that have reflected their views as expressed in the SNP Conference resolution in September.

“When Scotland’s proud democratic traditions and civil liberties are under threat it is incumbent on SNP and ALBA MPs to work together to defend Scottish interests.

“While SNP delegates stood up for Scotland the vast majority of SNP MPs have sadly let Scotland down. It is a matter of deep regret that with the honourable exception of Douglas Chapman and Joanna Cherry all other SNP MPs refused to sign a motion that would have ensured a debate and vote on extending the scope of the Serious Crime Act 2005 to include our national Parliament.

“On two separate occasions I reached out to the SNP Group imploring them to work with ALBA to secure a Debate and to revoke this law in line with the views expressed by both ALBA and SNP Conferences.

“SNP MPs must explain to their own conference delegates why they were willing to ride roughshod over the views expressed by SNP Conference in September and why they have chosen to side with Pritti Patel rather than ALBA MPs.

“Despite this setback I continue to hope that as Scottish Nationalist members of a Unionist parliament ALBA and SNP MPs can work collaboratively in the future to protect, defend and advance matters of importance to the Scottish people. 

“The group that I lead will always endeavour to place the interests of Scotland and the Scottish people as our primary focus and concern”.



Dear Colleague

I am writing to you to express my sincere regret that you did not feel able to support Early Day Motion 441 in my name. As you may be aware the purpose of the motion was to annul the Serious Crime and Police Act 2005 statutory instrument laid before the House of Commons on the 9 September 2021.

The concerns held by many across Scotland have been set out in detail in recent months including in your own Party conference resolution noted below. Unfortunately, the deadline for triggering a debate and meaningful vote passed on 4 November 2021, so it is no longer possible to annul this pernicious attack on Scottish democracy.

I was particularly disappointed that you did not support the EDM as I had taken great care to ensure it reflected the unanimous instruction of my Party conference and was compatible with your own party conference resolution passed in September 2021 by a significant majority, if not by acclaim.

Your party motion reflects the centrality of the sovereignty of the people of Scotland in their democratic traditions which has meant that power has long been egalitarian and consensual in nature. Indeed, the architecture of the Parliamentary building itself was designed with accessible and participative democracy in mind and this is reflected through the many inscriptions in the walls.

I continue to hope that as Scottish Nationalist members of a Unionist parliament we can work collaboratively to protect, defend and advance matters of importance to the Scottish people. The group that I lead will always endeavour to place the interests of Scotland and the Scottish people as our primary focus and concern.

Neale Hanvey MP

ALBA Westminster Group Leader

13 thoughts on “WHY?

  1. Fear of retribution is the most likely factor uppermost in their thinking. Implied threats of deselection and or attacks by the small group of WOKE activists in the Party.

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      1. What use are they if they refuse to back what their Conference passes you say Iain.

        And that exactly is a statement of what the SNP has become.

        This is now a party not beholden or responsible to the democratic membership.

        A party run by a small clique who will use and abuse the power of the state.

        And their use – well that’s easy, it’s to sit somnolently as the democratic process is trampled underfoot.

        They are the facilitators as much as Sturgeon.

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  2. Restricting the right to
    peaceful protest, peaceful assembly in the public areas around a country’s parliament is the absolute slide to totalitarianism.

    Parliaments are supposed to be democratic institutions, and the forums where elected members take on and reflect public opinion.

    Extending Serious and Organised Crime legislation to allow police to force ably remove bublic protest, public campaigners, even sole campaigners by force of law must be stopped.

    As we have seen during Covid, the Police have changed utterly their relationship with ordinary people, stopping vehicles, stopping people movements, forcing entry into people’s homes on the flimsiest of reasons.

    And of course the Police and COPFS have shown themselves through malign investigation and pursuance of individuals for political reasons ( Salmond, Murray, Hirst, Singh, Millar et al) to be nothing less that a para military political force.

    We ignore these developments at our absolute peril. The para military Jack Boot is already underway suppressing political difference. That is how it started in 1930s Germany and the parralels are clear to see.

    Gauleiter Sturgeon and her team must be stopped. This slide to totalitarianism must be reversed. Our society is being silenced in what is fast becoming a, police state.

    We know Sturgeon and those behind her are corrupt. We need to stop her as we all become targets.

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  3. And the powers of surveillance, the powers to listen, watch, record.

    Unknown by most few know that when a protest march is progressing the Police often request from phone companies information downloads of what is known as ” tower dumps”

    Explained in a bit of detail it’s the case that as people move about their mobile phones connect tower masts as they walk past particular masts.

    Thus, a person, or a group of persons movements can be tracked. Or in the case of a, march a list of phones, with subscribers, can be downloaded – ergo a tower dump.

    Modern computer analysis can near immediately list and sift – whilst of course, to the extent required, such data can be matched with other data, like video biometric capture etc.

    The processes are all there. No one talks about them but they’re their and yes they are used.

    In the hands of a, corrupt and malign police the ramifications are frightening.

    1930s Germany happened and it is fair to say that if the Nazis had the power of surveillance available today, then they would still be here today.

    Ah well, the beasts in the pen maybe don’t care as they sign up for Nicola’s smart phone based tracking covid app.

    Maybe they don’t need a, democratic voice. There is no corruption, no inequality, Sturgeon is good, Gauleiter good!

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    1. Should we just switch off our phones during the march? That would be a shame as I like to take photos.
      However, I already accept that photographs are taken of the crowds and the authorities will use facial recognition to identify us.
      Very likely all we marchers and protesters are already on MI5’s list of seditious rebels!

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    1. No not Labour – It is the Torie’s Sturgeon has climbed into bed with – and it is the Tories that will keep her in power – so long as the SNP are in power in Scotland the Tories will stay in power in Westminster. Politics has nothing to do with political parties, politics are all about who to aline with to stay in power – think SNP and Greens in Scotland and who is climbing into bed with Labour in Wales?

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  4. Because, on the one hand, subconsciously, they have accepted the defeat of 2014 and devolution, which they know is under grave threat; and, on the other, because they know perfectly well that they are allowing Scotlan to be steamrollered over, but have no idea, bar independence, on how to stop it, not actually being willing to go for independence. It’s a total bind and it will end badly for us all unless they get their finger out or are pushed out of the way to make room for a harder-nosed approach to independence. We cannot go back to the douce pre 2014 world because the referendum result destroyed that. So, we either adopt very different, very much harder-nosed policies, complete with the stomach to challenge vigorously on the constitution via the Treaty and every other constitutional matter, or we give up and become absorbed, as Crawford and Boyle told us were were, from a flawed premise. No other choices now: we have thrown away negligently, any opportunities we had to turn the tide and look after ourselves. We owe the UK nothing except to not behave as the UK, aka England, has always behaved towards us. Fair but utterly non-concessionary unless it is to our greater benefit must be our stance and motto

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  5. And the legislation in question: what is its perceived purpose? I’ll needfully speculate by suggest that it has to do with some forthcoming statement(s) regarding Hollyrood and the voluntary watering-down or relinquishment of its already meagerly powers. If such a thing were ever to transpire, a huge crowd of angry protesters might be expected to show-up at the front door of the building demanding answers from the colonial administrators inside. Devolution is power maintained and that power in the final analysis, is maintained by legal force. The legislation is arguably preemptive in relation to a likely event in the future.

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