PRISM SHOW 28/11/21

Roddy chairs a three way discussion along with Former MP Phil Boswell and myself. health, Oil, Land Reform are just some of the topics this week.

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11 thoughts on “PRISM SHOW 28/11/21

  1. Just got round to watching last week’s show so this one will need to wait a bit longer. However you guys discussed the treatment of Joanna Cherry last week and the rules re harassment. I’ve archived a Daily Record article re a SNP member resigning after 54 years because nothing has been done about allegations against Kenneth Gibson MSP. There are also persistent rumours/claims of inappropriate behaviour by Patricia Gibson MP, his wife.

    Yet nary a word said. Meanwhile Joanna sneezes and the pile-ons begin…

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  2. A very entertaining and educating discussion, as usual. Also as usual leaving me angry and disgusted at the present Scottish Government and their lack of action on anything. They need to go, and soon.

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  3. I think most people know what needs to be done. When you don’t live in a democracy but in a colony,there isn’t any book of rules to be bought in Waterstones, with the exception of history books, to illuminate the way forward.

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  4. Nicola Sturgeon’s favourite squirrel is that of the tories being undemocratic. Nicola Sturgeon expects us to believe that all the ills of Scotland are because the tories are undemocratic.

    I really hope Santa brings Ms Sturgeon a very large mirror so she can take a hard look at herself and realise just how undemocratic she has been for the last 7 years. Because from where I am standing, Nicola Sturgeon and her gradualist arm in the SNP turned out to be just as undemocratic as the tories, if not more.

    I am not saying this because of the damage they have inflicted on the democratic structures of the SNP to remove control from the party members. I am not saying it because she has let our democratic mandates expire one by one without even attempting to deliver a single one of them. I am not saying it because of her SNP1&2 deception so she could help the unionist parties to maintain representation in Scotland’s parliament. I am not saying it because she has completely ignored the expressed democratic will of the people of Scotland to remain in the EU.

    I am saying it because it is not Johnson, nor the tories, nor labour who have been given a democratic mandate by the Scottish people to govern Scotland or to take control of Scotland’s assets, for 7 years, for 7 months or for even 7 days. We have not given them consent nor mandate to take control our assets for even a second.

    We gave the mandate to govern Scotland and our assets to the SNP. And we did not give them that mandate so Nicola Sturgeon could act like Mother Theresa and hand the control of our assets to England MPs.

    That transfer of our mandate from the SNP to England MPs seems like reneging on Scotland’s democratic will. It is completely unacceptable and it most certainly is not the action one expects a competent and committed real pro independence leader would ever diminish themselves to take. But then a real democratic pro independence leader would have never force Scotland to remain in the union after Scotland elected 56 out of 59 nationalist MPs.

    Misinterpreting or ignoring Scotland’s democratic mandates to suit the covert unionist agenda of the “gradualist” arm of the party is profoundly undemocratic. And it is not the tories who are doing that. So you better leave the squirrels out of politics, Ms Sturgeon. They belong in the forest.

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    1. Excellent as usual, Mis.
      Putting it a different way, if I may.
      We see Perfidious Albion as the Obvious
      But not enough of us, see the Not-So-Obvious Establishment target.
      It’s definitely NOT what Sturgeon says, but what she ALLOWS to happen.
      Something I believe, Sturgeon might have learned from her love of the Clinton camp.

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  5. I agree Roddy, we should be pushing ourselves and using powers we don’t have – then sit back and wait for WM to say “You can;t do that”. Closing the border, ports and airports during lockdown would have been a start but, instead those who demanded this, were branded as racist.

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  6. Another great show. I personally agree with the FM on the Cambo oil field and think Mr Salmond has it wrong. (Honestly? Never thought those were words I’d say/write/type.)

    It has to stay in the ground. Nothing else makes sense. With independence we can gradually phase it out (fossil fuel use) but if we stay in the Union then Westminster will happily go on consigning future generations to a dead planet, unable to sustain life.

    I hope you don’t mind, Mr Lawson, but here are a a couple of (fairly) recent articles written by Robin McAlpine that should be read:

    Thanks again for everything you, Roddy & Phil have done/are doing to further the cause of Scottish Independence.

    All the best.

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  7. I see a certain Graeme McCormick of Loch Lomondside has been elected on to the NEC this week. He is delighted, of course, being the vain, shallow and self-important person that he is> Will he toe the line on the policies being put forward by the woke cult? You bet he will. Will he be concerned that these policies do not have any public support in Scotland. You can be sure he won’t. The cult are like other cults, like the scientologists. They will demand absolute loyalty and obedience so don’t expect any dissenting voices.


    1. I know Graeme, he has done a power of valuable work promoting Annual Ground Rent and Land Reform. I am leaving your post up for others to comment but I don’t like attacks on any individual unless there is clear evidence of wrongdoing. Speculation about wrongdoing is less acceptable.


  8. I read a wonderful book, some 20 years ago, “The Power in the Land”, by Fred Harrison.
    If I remember correctly, He explains some history of this idea. The British Liberal government, early 20th century, attempted to pass a Land Tax bill. But was finally defeated. Harrison believed that a Land Tax was extremely powerful. And powerful enough to replace the entire Income Tax system!

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