a post from regular Yours for Scotland columnist Mia.

Welcome to post-2014 Scotland, where ability to think critically has become a threat to government and where the principle of achieving consensus by negotiation has been substituted for the convenience of deception, gaslighting and malicious prosecutions.

Continuous deception has thrown us into a fake reality.  Yet, we are expected to nod and accept it without question.  We saw deception in the attempt to use the Moorov strategy to send Mr Salmond to prison.  We saw it in the collusion between COPFS, a corrupt government and a farcical parliamentary inquiry to stop evidence reaching the electorate.

We see deception in how we have been blocked from demonstrating at the Scottish Parliament grounds.  Allegedly this is to prevent those who work there being blocked out. Yet, our critical thinking whispers that this is another example of opportunistic abuse of power to stop demonstrations somebody fear are coming their way, as they intend to ramp up the butchering of Scotland’s democratic structures.

It seems the political pygmies in power are forcing Scotland to transition from a nation of roaring lions into a band of nodding sheep.

We see deception in how Sturgeon’s government disguises kowtowing to Westminster with the farcical “four nation approach” or claiming we do not have enough autonomy.  We see deception in how England parties fake autonomy by adding “Scottish” to their branch names.

Deception is what kept Scotland in this union in 2014 and what has kept it in ever since.  Yet, we are still expected to nod in agreement.

The need to protect this deception is what put Mr Murray in prison.  Resorting to discrimination of bloggers as justification to send this man and not others to prison was deception taken to another level.  The need to protect all this deception is also what saw corrupt civil servants coached at taxpayers’ expense and then enjoying salary increases instead of being sacked and disciplined.  Yet, still too many keep nodding.

There is an increasing number of lobby groups demanding things. They may be more or less active and controlled by different powers, but their overall strategy is the same: to crush your dissent by blocking your critical thinking with mild gaslighting, which escalates to borderline emotional abuse if you refuse compliance. These groups may demand different things on the surface, but deep down, you find all are having the same effect: delaying Scotland’s independence.

If you bring up the flaws of 2014’s franchise you face a wall of intolerance from the so called “civic nationalists”.  Somewhere, somebody has already decided that it is more acceptable to deny Scotland’s natives their legitimate right to self-determination than to deny those with allegiances elsewhere the ability to do so.  And still many keep nodding.

There is something about the intolerance of civic nationalists that reminds you of the trans-lobby’s modus operandi and the intransigence of Sturgeon towards any other path to independence that is not her gold standard lead balloon.  The contempt shown by the FM towards the achievement of a supermajority in 2021 and the way she helped unionists keep their seats with her SNP 1 and 2 deception was perhaps the biggest eye opener to how little appetite this “leader” has for independence.  Yet, many still nod.

For what I have experienced, if you don’t play ball and immediately repent from your scepticism about the franchise, then you better get ready because a credible and reasoned counterargument to yours will never materialise from the civic nationalists, just like a logical and reasoned justification for usurping female’s safe spaces never seems to emanate from the trans-lobby, nor we will ever hear a credible justification for the demand that we must stay put until Nicola’s gold standard unicorn decides to show its horn.

The best you can expect from them three is a collection of unconvincing words designed to derail the discussion and shut you up.  They don’t seem to have appetite for reaching a common ground. Instead, their strategy seems to be forcing you into firefighting what looks like a personal attack to distract you from the flawed argument you were dismantling.

Civic nationalists’ tell you is that you are wasting your time because the people of Scotland will only accept the present franchise.  Yet, no convincing evidence has ever been presented to support this because the people of Scotland have-never been given sufficient information to understand the risks of the franchise, just like this government did not give us enough information about the risks for women and children that self-identification brings before the consultation bill and before the hate bill was forced through parliament.

Nicola’s fans will accuse you of being divisive and undemocratic for rejecting Nicola’s gold standard unicorn.  Yet, your common sense tells you that there isn’t anything less divisive and democratic than handing England’s government a veto and then claim you cannot use democratic mandates because May, Johnson or whoever takes over denies consent.  If calling you divisive and undemocratic doesn’t work, along come the covidists to claim that COVID is a credible excuse to continue delaying a plebiscite on independence.  The biggest flaw in this argument is that the last May election, could have been a plebiscite on independence if we had a real pro-independence leader in control of the SNP instead of a pretender who appears to be rather cosy sitting in Westminster’s back pocket.

There is something fundamentally dishonest and insulting in the way we are expected to nod like sheep and accept all this crap without discussion.

Now that more people are seeing the flaws of the 2014 franchise, the civic nationalists have abandoned the excuse of inclusivity and have moved on to their next goalpost: now we need all the other countries of the world to accept Scotland’s franchise.  It seems that under the eyes of the civic nationalists, we must accept that an independence plebiscite can no longer be an expression of Scotland’s self-determination.  It has to become the expression of whatever it is that the rest of the world decides self-determination for Scotland must be.  I wonder if in a few months’ time they are going to move the goalposts again so they can demand all forms of extra-terrestrial life within the Milky Way to tell us what they think the correct franchise for Scotland’s self-determination plebiscite must be.

This rationale aligns well with Nicola’s government apparent expectation that we will accept that the whole world could comment during the consultation on the draft bill about the GRA reform, despite our critical thinking sounding the alarm that such openness will invite the interference of external vested interests in to our own law making processes.

The politics of deception are present in Nicola’s verbal acrobatics trying to make us believe she cannot proceed without a section 30 because the referendum would be “illegal”.  Yet, we know advisory referendums are not illegal.  What is unlawful under international law is to deny Scotland its fundamental right to self-determination, which she and the UK government have been doing despite Scotland having asked to exercise it since May 2015.

The tactic of imposing ideas by shutting down dissent rather than by reaching a common ground is becoming far too common in Scotland to miss it.  So much so that one is beginning to get the impression that Sturgeon’s regime has become so undemocratic that critical thinking is being deliberately blocked out of political discourse.

The only reason to demand from us to give up critical thinking and embrace without question the government’s political brain fart of the day, is because the brain fart does not stand up to scrutiny and is unacceptable to the majority.

Critical thinking and logic are not the only victims in Nicola’s Scotland.  Scotland’s popular sovereignty has now become some form of inconvenience for the Scottish ruling class. For the last 7 years, it has become clear that Sturgeon’s idea of good governance consists in handing everybody else chunks of Scotland’s sovereignty and decision-making power.

Inviting external vested interests to comment about our own bills, inviting the rest of the world to determine what is acceptable as an exercise of self-determination, and to use a franchise which leaves a door open for external interests to frustrate Scotland’s exercise in self-determination are, in practice, handing over chunks of Scotland’s sovereignty.

7 years of nothing worthwhile under Sturgeon’s belt to speak of despite so many majorities and mandates, tell us this person is no pro-indy leader and will never become one.  She can be in power for another 7 years and we will be still regretting how many powers and rights she will have lost us and how many years and opportunities she will have wasted us.

If the SNP was an England party, letters of no confidence on such an incompetent leader would have started flying in her direction by the dozen ages ago.  Here, whenever you try to bring up in certain political circles just how hopeless this leader has been, you are told that we cannot possibly contemplate the idea of sacking her because she is “the most admired politician in the UK”.  Now being admired and tolerated by those who you claim to oppose is something to be proud of.  It used to be the opposite.  In fact, I am not sure you can define as “admiration” the action of no longer hearing complaints from the opposition because you have effectively abandoned your principles and crossed the floor to the side where those you allegedly oppose sit.  I would not call that “admiration”.  I would call it “capitulation”.

When gaslighting alone is not sufficient to counteract your critical thinking, along comes the emotional abuse. Apparently, in the eyes of those who call themselves civic nationalists, your refusal to accept the 2014 flawed franchise makes you an “ethnic nationalist”, just like your refusal to accept science denying nonsense and protesting against putting women and girls at risk makes you in the eyes of the trans-lobby machine, a “transphobe”, or not accepting Nicola’s gold standard unicorn makes you “divisive and a unionist”.

To tell you the truth, I am not even sure what the term “ethnic nationalist” is supposed to mean, because as far as I can see the bonds of ethnicity, traditions and heritage can never be separated from the concept of nationhood and being a people.  They are the main foundations of it.

But then I do not quite understand where the meaning that the trans-lobby machine gives to the word “transphobe” comes from either.  The prefix “trans” comes from the Latin and refers to movement, means to move across, to the other side.  The suffix “phobia” comes from the Greek and means fear, panic.  Therefore, the word Transphobia strictly speaking should mean “fear to move across to the other side, to change”.  Women fighting for their rights and their spaces were never transitioning from something to something else, so strictly speaking I do not quite understand how this word is applicable to them at all.  In fact, if we are to respect the strict original meaning that combining the prefix and suffix brings, which should be “fear to move across to the other side”, in my view the word should apply to all those who are stuck in the middle or at the beginning of a trajectory because for whatever reason they fear to continue the trajectory to the end.  An example of this would be the males who are desperate to take over female spaces dressed in frocks and who demand others to see them and treat them as women, but who have phobia of going through the full transition because they are far too attached to their beards and male genitalia.  It seems to me that besides usurping females’ spaces, this lobby has also helped itself to the Latin prefix “trans”, changed its meaning and just expect that everybody else has to nod and accept it.

As per being called a unionist for rejecting a failed strategy that achieved nothing in 7 years, well, you can only say that who is keeping Scotland in this union is not our criticisms, but rather the apparent phobia the SNP leader has to actually leadto independence.

It sounds like “civic nationalists” are trying to deconstruct the concept of nationhood to give the vote to all those who may come to Scotland from elsewhere; just like Nicola’s fans are trying to deconstruct the concept of independence to be able to accommodate in it devolutionists or those who seek “independence” within the UK; or just like the trans-lobby machine has been attempting to deconstruct the concept of womanhood to be able to accommodate males with beards in it.

It is only by deconstructing the meaning of the word nationhood that you could ever accept that roots, ethnicity, language and heritage are not important parts of a nation.  In the same way, it is only by deconstructing the concept of independence that you can accommodate as pro-independence those who only seek a dependent status where Scotland has limited autonomy within the UK.  Also in the same way, it is only by deconstructing the meaning of the word “woman” that you could ever accept that men wearing dresses are women.

Common sense tell us the demands of civic nationalists, the trans-lobby and the gold standard enthusiasts are harmful, unreasonable and therefore unacceptable.  Only by following a strategy that shuts down our critical thinking, those demands and the demoting of independence down the priority list,could ever become acceptable.

We have the power to frustrate that strategy by refusing to be distracted from independence, by forcing it up in the priority list, by refusing to retreat when under verbal attack and by remaining stubbornly focussed on debunking flawed arguments.

We need to look always below the surface and maintain focus. We have an individual portraying herself as a pro independence leader, despite actively removing the wheels off our main political vehicle for independence and despite being continuously fabricating excuses to avoid moving forward.  If a lobby group’s demands appear to collude with this leader’s extremely low appetite for independence and look like they could help her trash, delay or distract us from independence, it probably will.

It is important for us to remember at all times that no political party and no party leader are irreplaceable.  SNP and Sturgeon are no exception


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39 thoughts on “THE NODDING SHEEP

  1. Since when was “civic nationalism” used as a label for the Stalinist tactics of the New SNP?

    Given these political blitzkriegs tend to burn out or self-destruct after a few years – once all the dissenters are purged there still needs to be purges – how long does the Sturgeon regime have to go before it’s replaced? Off the cuff, I reckon there’s only another five years at most before the Robertson faction feel emboldened to take over and five years after that until their annihilation at the polls.

    Also, are we really seeing the permanent splitting of the independence movement into civic and ethnic nationalist groups? That in itself might not be a bad thing since in my opinion we’ll finally have a left / right split in politics that will see the extinction of the unionist parties.

    Better break out the mops and buckets, there’s a lot of cleaning up to be done in the near future.

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    1. I doubt Sturgeon has 5 months left never mind 5 years. And I wouldn’t necessarily assume Robertson will take over – a reckless captain may take the whole ship and its crew down. The SNP has no ideology of left or right, its all about political survival.

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      1. Hi Alf – I appreciate your input thus far courtesy of Podcasts with Barrhead Boy and Dr Mark McNaught. I have found online the Sturgeonites or the Sturgeon Acolytes if you like defend her very fiercely so I wonder what makes you think Sturgeon will not survive another 5 months (which is still 5 months too long for me).

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      2. Jim, there are a number of possible reasons, most of the probably best left for now.

        The recent and seemingly increasing statements and coverage in the wider media about the FMs future might indicate that an exit strategy is already in train. The prolonged floating around COP26 glad-handing as many UN vvip’s as possible may also be part of that.

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    2. The so called civic nationalists/ethnic nationalist split would be a handy one for the media. I like to put the split more simply between those who want Independence (the general independence supporting population) and the current SNP leadership and their supporters.

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      1. Ok – With you Alf. Hadn’t thought outside the box. Maybe a General Election will follow a deserved vote of No Confidence in Johnson. Would be great if it did. He’s enjoyed a lot of good fortune following Brexit (like Covid) to lay blame on. Hopefully his luck will run out. A weak opposition and a spineless cabinet has all helped him as well. It’s time Indy got a wee break for a change.

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  2. A typo in para 7? “Resourcing to discrimination…” Suspect it should be “resorting”.


  3. Ah sheep, the world loves them.

    Born to be slaughtered. Their existence looked after by benevolent farmers, the parallels of human existence are all too clear.

    Like the 1920/1930s Germany the mechanisms of democracy were slowly but absolutely surely removed whilst the sheep walked in to their personal hell. And make no mistake so it starts here. A political party where the members have no say.

    Think of Goebels, Himmler, Heinrich et al and you get the idea of a party run by a power clique.

    Or what of the Police and Prosecutors pursuing political opponents. Think Salmond, Hirst, Murray, Singh, Millar and many others and the parallels are there to see. Or media control, propaganda. Our free and fair press certainly isnt that.

    Or what of the powers now being implemented to allow police to remove protestors, even a sole protestor from the public ground of our so called parliament. Yes it all ended in tears in Germany and it will end in tears here too.

    Sheep, no never Iain, us Scots are mighty lions. Wha’s like us?

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  4. Brilliant piece from Mia. Insert clapping hands emoji here.

    “this lobby has also helped itself to the Latin prefix “trans”, changed its meaning and just expect that everybody else has to nod and accept it.”

    The trans in transsexual is short for transitioned. It has nothing to do with the Latin trans. However if you pretend it does then you can introduce the Latin term cis and make women a subset of our own sex class. Then you can pretend that because organic chemistry uses the terms cis and trans to describe stereo-isomers, that queer theory is somehow scientific as opposed to solipsistic nonsense.

    “Critical thinking and logic are not the only victims in Nicola’s Scotland.”

    Maybe instead of teaching children to “be kind” (sic) and about queer theory we could teach them critical thinking, logic and how to keep themselves safe in a world where you can’t tell who are the predators just by looking.

    “now we need all the other countries of the world to accept Scotland’s franchise. ”

    Handily this very blog had an article recently that demonstrated that the other countries of the world already HAVE franchises that prevent non nationals from taking part in constitutional votes so they’ll be right on board with us doing the same. Well except England/rUK, they’ll not be happy. But as international law states the country you are leaving (technically dissolving in this case) doesn’t get to interfere.

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  5. I don’t know what * you’re on * Mia , but can I have a gallon or two of it ? .

    I read all your exchanges with a certain contributor on WOS – the one who speaks with such ( assumed ) authority/omniscience on what * the majority of Scots * think , and not content with that – what the entire ( and entirely abstract ) * International Community * ( aye aw it ! ) will think and how they’ll respond to anything other than Scotland aspiring to Independence via a divinely sanctioned Golden Standard with the imprimatur of our feudal overlords in WM . Suffice to say , had it been a boxing match your protagonist would have been TKO’d – several times .

    Once again , thanks for your superb contributions here : their clarity and passion – and wit ! – are becoming/are an invaluable resource in these troubling times when we seem completely hamstrung by the * clowns to the left of us jokers to the right ” masquerading as our champions .

    Respect and thanks as ever for the platform Iain .

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  6. Well said Mia.

    Carrot Fodder so they are.

    Hopefully the presence of a real Indy party, doing proper policy will enable them to come to their senses.

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  7. Sturgeon wants to keep the status quo, why else would she adhere to the S30 plan knowing fine well that Johnson or whoever becomes PM will just have to say no, and that will be that. when you think about it why would she want an indyref, she has everything she wants right now, and along with it, she has the finger of culpability to point at Westminster when things go wrong, an indyref or independence would be unpredictable for the SNP so why bother trying to attain it.

    Of course Sturgeon has to give out the impression that she wants an independent Scotland, we mostly notice this before elections, or when Westminster isn’t playing ball, or when there’s a wee bit of unrest among the those who blog about it or write about it.

    If her hand is forced and it would need to be for her to hold an indyref, I’m pretty confident that she would enfranchise everyone and their dogs, or anyone whose worn a seeyoujimmy bunnet. Yes would of course lose this type of enfranchised indyref, but the world would see that Sturgeon held a progressive indyref, and her fragile ego would reach gigantic proportions, but Scots who wanted an independent Scotland would be left devastated.

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    1. I suspect, RoS, that Gove may be waiting on next year’s Scottish census results before pressing any S.30 button, the irregular local government residence-based franchise used in Scotland giving him added comfort for another ‘No’ outcome. Which also helps explain the ongoing compliant SNP delaying tactics.

      Great article by Mia.

      On a not unrelated matter I see Barbados has become a republic, without a referendum:

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      1. Yes Alf I read that article yesterday, Prince Charles is attending the ceremony, and quite a few folk are not happy with his appearance.

        The key lies here in the difference, between Barbados and Scotland on the indyfront, oh to have an FM with such indy minded vigour. We’d be independent by now.

        “The move has been a long time coming and well advertised by the guardians of Barbados’ parliament, promoted vigorously in particular by its leader, Prime Minister Mia Mottley.”

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      2. Aye RoS, if only us Scots were (a) a sovereign people and (b) wi an elected national majority in favour of indy !?!?

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  8. Iain,

    Excellent article by Mia.

    The Moorov Doctrine and witness collusion were nothing new in the Salmond show-trial. Lady Dorrian would have sent Salmond to jail using the Moorov Doctrine but the jury saw through all the witness collusion and acquitted him of all charges.

    Others have not been so lucky. In 2013, former SNP MSP Bill Walker was not so fortunate when Sheriff Mackie found him guilty of historic charges of alleged domestic abuse using the questionable Moorov Doctrine. In that case. there was no Sheriff Court jury to see through the clear collusion among witnesses, with complaints going back to the 1960s (despite harmonious relations existing since then). Walker served 6 months in jail and the SNP hierarchy was mighty glad to be rid of a “troublesome” MSP and member of 38 years standing.

    Just click on this link to see an expose of the trials:

    Until the Moorov Doctrine is abandoned and witness collusion is firmly criminalised, there will always be miscarriages of justice in Scotland. Unfortunately modern Scotland does not have a legal system to be proud of, with certain members of the judiciary and the executive able to use it corruptly.

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    1. It looks like the Moorov Doctrine goes against the maxim that you’re innocent until proven guilty. Think it can also be said that Craig Murray was found guilty without it actually being proven.

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  9. Just read this after posting a comment in the previous article, and that comment applies equally well if not more so here, and Mia’s article covers all of that ground and more.

    Getting rid of the SNP, and the Tories at Westminster both is now a serious existential issue for Scotland.

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  10. What else can be expected in a colony? The colonized are smoothly expropriated primarily as the result of their powerlessness in every sphere of their existence, where even objective reality is blurred to them. No one but the colonized can change their lot. As has been witnessed throughout the world: national liberation as a prerequisite has always required the existence of an avowedly anti-colonialist party promulgating an avowedly anti-colonialist politics of liberation. No such a party exists in Scotland! Should anyone be surprised that colonial parties view their constituencies and objective reality, through the colonizer’s end of the telescope?

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    1. How right you are Erich VB. There are only ever two actors in the quest for national liberation – the colonizer (usurper) and the colonized (oppressed) – and the sooner the National Parties understand this the better.

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  11. Well that was refreshing to read. I would need to read again, and take notes before I would consider offering any comment. Superb, logical article. Covidists, now that is a stinger.

    And another thing – collected my print issue of the National today, I’m a subscriber, and have never missed a copy, but today’s issue – three pages reporting on the Glasgow Celtic match yesterday; two pages reporting on Glasgow Rangers’ match (a 3:2 ratio seems to be the norm for the National) Stephen Paton’s page about “trans” issues.And an other page on Celtic viewing the market for Japanese players.The count so far, 7pages I don’t read.

    “Sturgeon will urge vigilance on virus”. – two pages. “FM can’t say if new Covidstrain willaffectindyref2 – one page.

    So,a total of ten pages I won’t read, add in the advert pages, is it really worth my continuing to subscribe?

    And to head off skeptics ref. my comments about the National’s football articles, my last attendance at a football match was the one where Billy Bremner, playing for Leeds Utd scored a beauty against Celtic at Parkhead, and I was there – as a guest, otherwise, no.

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  12. I don’t know about nodding sheep but there are plenty of black sheep commenting btl on WGD. According to them everything is Salmond and Alba’s fault. It must be true because the great leader Sturgeon told them so and Kavanagh said so as well.

    As the months go by everything Kavanagh has ever done for independence in the past, in my opinion, is tarnished by his blog’s disgraceful approach not to mention him trying to stitch up Stu Campbell on a dodgy sexual assault charge.

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  13. I think the term that applies to Mia is ‘blood & soil nationalist’. Ethnicity dosn’t come into it, unless she wants to bar people born in Scotland with a Hong Kong background from getting the vote because they have a non-Celtic ethnicity (but the Cornish, and Bretons would presumably be OK).

    Sorry, but the opoinion piece smells like it was baked in an old ladies handbag.


  14. Damn! I omitted to mention in my post above that I no longer read WGD’s articles in the National.

    Kavanagh’s attempted stitch-up of Stu Campbell did it for me, add then his house purchase crowdfund appeal.Didn’t Stu Campbell provide support to Kavanagh some time way back, when Kavanagh needed help?

    To misquote from schooldays – Cassius has a lean and hungry look, I trust him not, such men are dangerous

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  15. I’m wondering what precipitated this particular subject by Mia (which I heartily agree with, btw!) and if its the same thing I listened to, I can understand the need to write such, above! I really was quite… perturbed at listening to a particular prog last week. I left it while I cooled down & thought about what I’d heard, before leaving a comment. I’ve seen no one else respond to it… If it isn’t the same, Mia, I’d say your article is very prophetic. And your article hits the nail on the head. Thank you.

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  16. Previously Sturgeon said she would not carry out an illegal referendum and that meant it had to be a sec30 Westminster agreed referendum. She now claims she will carry out a referendum but now never mentions the legality or otherwise of doing so. What has changed?

    If Westminster challenge the legality and win what will she do? Break the law or walk away?

    To me she is just playing for time.

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    1. Stating that a referendum by a nation on its own future could be deemed illegal by the colonial power tells us all we need to know about Sturgeon. She is playing something and I have fully had enough of her games.

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  17. The voting franchise is rigged in favour of the union unless the voting franchise is changed for indigenous Scots only we will lose another referendum. No other country let’s the colonial settlers have a vote except Scotland. This is recognised in the UN Decolonisation process. Incidently the UN monitors the election count and media to ensure that it is not biased. 1millon English migrant voters the real reason the SNP have delayed the census on top of 13k English troops 29k English off shore oil workers and 30k English students all getting the vote in the current SNP voting franchise. Although we all know English people who support independence do we really think in excess of 1millon settlers will vote for independence. No other country has got independence from a referendum. Better to take the next election and disolve the Union on that mandate. Incidently the indigenous Welsh voted to stay in the EU the English settlers voted for Brexit carrying the vote. Scotlands population will be in the minority come 2050.
    Then our colonial masters will have full control .The sooner we organise a petition to the UN to recognise our colonial status the better.

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  18. Once Sturgeon decides to have a census we could all be in for a shock. We Scots might be in a minority long before 2050 going by the way incomers are pouring in.

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