Dear All

I am writing to you all as my elected councillors, MSPs, MP and First Minister.

My reason for writing is my growing concern at what is happening within Scotland as a result of the current Gender Reform Act bill due to be put to parliament. The current debate on transgender and transsexuals rights is neither new nor a direct result of this bill being brought forward, however, I believe the lack of considered debate to be the cause of the majority of issues causing concern.

I have previously (maybe shamefully) tried to avoid the GRA issues as I have witnessed the toxic environment it has caused, most notably on social media. In some cases this has led to death threats, rape threats and threats of violent actions, with guilty parties on both sides of the argument.

But when I read the attached article of unisex toilets being implemented at Jedburgh Grammar School without consultation with pupils or parents – and it not being the first time this has happened. In August, pupils of Culloden Academy had similar issues. It struck me that if this was to happen at a school where I had a family member I would be furious and outraged.

I can not nor would I attempt to speak about how it feels to be a teenage girl in school, especially when going through puberty. I can only imagine that it’s a worrying and confusing time during the early days of puberty with their bodies going through changes entering into womanhood.

I understand teenage girls can be just as bad as teenage boys when it comes to bullying, making fun of and mocking other girls and boys in school, but in all my school days I can honestly say I do not remember a girl in school making fun of another girl for puberty related things.

However… teenage boys, that is something I can speak about. I can’t say how I would have behaved had uni-sex toilets been implemented at my school, I think we would all like to believe we would be respectful but both teenage boys as with teenage girls can be guilty of doing things they think are cool and things that will “make them fit in” without thinking of consequences.

But the difference is all teenage girls will go through puberty so understand what each other go through. Teenage boys do not have this understanding or knowledge of what a girl goes through and as seen in some of the stories in the attached article this lack of understanding risks a lack of respect to the issue.

My second issue with this bill in its current form is my understanding that it would allow transgender men or men who self id as women to become advisers at women’s support services that offer support to domestic abuse survivors. A number of women survivors of either physical or psychological abuse will often hold a fear of all men and struggle to trust men in the early stages of their recovery.

I welcomed Johann Lamont’s amendment to the Forensic Medical Services Bill to secure the right of sexual assault survivors to choose the sex rather than gender of the person examining them. I believe this also needs to cover issues around not just sexual assault, but domestic and psychological assault.

During the tragedy of the murder of Sarah Everard and the campaign that followed I was horrified, shocked and left feeling ashamed after hearing stories of female friends, family and loved ones of the daily fears women have, I heard stories of clenching keys walking home “just in case”, racing hearts anytime a car slows down, phoning taxis due to fears of some man making worrying comments from the other side of the bar.

I always knew women worried more in bars and nightclubs, but never comprehended that the daily fears that they have. And after hearing all these stories along with the recent spiking outrage in nightclubs, I really can not understand why we would want to remove one of the limited places women class as a safe space.

I understand transexuals, transgenders and non-binary people do of course deserve the right to live their lives as we all do in a civil Scotland and I agree with the sentiment of reforming the gender act BUT we can not do this by removing the rights of our women and children.

I would urge and plead with the Scottish Government to put a hold on passing the current GRA Bill to allow a citizens assembly to listen to all concerns. Those of women, men, teenagers, parents, teachers, women support services, transexuals, transgenders and non-binaries and then allow the citizen assembly to write up a new GRA Bill to be put to parliament.

My ask and plea to you all is this:

As First Minister and MSPs, to encourage your parties to push the above, delay the bill and launch a citizens assembly 

As MPs, to encourage your party to support the above

As Councillors, to reject any proposals of implementing uni-sex toilets in schools until the citizen assembly findings and use any means you have as elected councillors to encourage the government to do the above.

For the sake of our daughters, granddaughters, nieces, sisters, mothers, grandmothers, aunties and all women in Scotland I plead with you to take some action.

I look forward to your reply 

Kindest regards

Hector Macleod


After it was brought to my attention how part of this letter reads I want to apologise for my mis-wording, I do not believe there are guilty parties on both sides making death, rape and violent threats, My intentional meaning was some from both sides can be guilty of the toxic social media environment. I have posted the letter as was sent to councillors,msp’s, mp’s and first minister as I thought important to publish original letter without edit but after re-reading I would change my wording on this. Apologies for any offence caused in the original letter

Note: I have made this an open letter and plan to send to local media and share on social media. Not to anger or even enter the toxic part of this debate but to raise awareness with members of public who might not be aware of what is going on in certain schools in Scotland and might not fully know the implications of the GRA bill if passed.

I would urge anyone reading and wanting to find out more to do your own research and if you share my concerns, please email them to your own Councillors, MSPs, MP and First Minister.



I have published this to demonstrate that it is possible to conduct debate in a reasonable fashion, without smear or name calling. i hope those he has contacted reply in the same spirit. Scotland is ill served by those whose idea of debate is vilification of everyone else. This is going to be a huge issue in the months ahead. We would all be wise to follow this example.

I am, as always

Yours for Scotland.

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  1. Thank you Hector. Firstly for writing the letter at all. Secondly for apologising for the wording that made it look like both sides were issuing rape and death threats when we know it is only one side. I would like to think that this letter (and others that I hope men in particular) will write would make a difference. I believe it will not with the CURRENT leadership in the SNP. Any reply you’ll receive will have some variation on

    “trans people are amongst the most discriminated and stigmatised groups in society”.

    None of your points will be addressed because women are disposable. Our rights don’t seem to matter. The Scottish government can simultaneously support efforts in Africa to introduce single sex toilets in schools as girls there miss 1 week in 4’s schooling for obvious reasons whilst at the same time removing single sex toilets here. Have you ever heard anything so racist in your life. Girls apparently need protecting from African boys but not from Scottish ones. FFS.

    However we need men to stand up to this nonsense and put pressure on politicians. JK Rowling, Joanna Cherry, Kathleen Stock etc etc etc received rape and death threats in this “debate”. Richard Dawkins urges people to sign a petition for women’s rights and he gets “Richard we’re so disappointed in you”. They can always tell who the women are when it comes to intimidation can’t they.

    So thank you again Hector (and Iain for publishing) for your support. Men have mothers, wives, sisters, daughters etc. We need your help in this and so do they.

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    1. Well said, PP. I, too, have come to the conclusion that females are totally dispensable, a sub human category of maleness. Not only is it misogynistic and sexist, but, as you say, racist and all wrapped in a comfy blanket of such profound ignorance and arrogance as to be, quite literally, unbelievable. What really gets to me is the knowing cruelties of this whole movement, so much like witch-huntings of the past. There is a real revelling among the activists and many of the more extreme trans identified males of the pain they are causing women and children. Psychopathy, narcissism, sociopathy seems to be out of control in our society now. While they were burning witches, there were people who knew perfectly well that it was all fuelled by ignorance, jealousy and stupidity, yet they kept quiet, just as so many are keeping quiet now – especially the politicians who are going along with this insanity.

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      1. Indeed, marion. The strange thing is that we are learning from this, though. There is a new solidarity amongst women (the ones who aren’t handmaids and aunts) and, you know something else? We are learning how to say, f**k off instead of crawling around trying to please. Maybe, if th trans identified males do take everything away from us, we’ll end up creating a new life form called something else and demand rights for us as that new life form. Now, wouldn’t that really p*** them off!

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      2. Sociopathy, Narcissism, Psychopathy all of which are traits inherent in First Minister Sturgeon, leader of the SNP.
        Ignorance, jealousy and stupidity, traits demonstrated by the overwhelming majority of those elected SNP politicians who continue to support and promote this evil attack on women’s rights and the safety and wellbeing of children left defenceless by the absence of sanity.

        On its current trajectory this proposed legislation will destroy the fabric of our society as we currently understand it to be. The Scottish Government and the apologists within Holyrood must now be challenged by form of organised protest within the precincts of our Parliament. Not to do so is an abrogation of our responsibility for the safety of women and young children in our own country, Scotland. Never to forget it is OUR PARLIAMENT!

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      3. Robert: the real agenda of this movement is no more obvious than when we look at the differences in presentation between trans identified males and trans identified females. Who is pushing for bearded women to enter male toilets, changing rooms, etc.? No one. The reason? Because everyone knows perfectly well that such trans identified females would be at huge risk if forced into male prisons, to share showers and cells with male prisoners. No one advocates that because it is patently insane.

        However, it is deemed not to be insane to advocate that violent and sexually brutal men be housed in women’s prisons where the women are forced to share showers and cells with these men. The hypocrisy is overwhelming, disgustingly so. The whole point of the trans movement (apart from making lots of money for unscrupulous investors in the misery of others) is that the majority of these men should not be prevented from getting their jollies every which way. It doesn’t matter at all to either the trans lobby or to politicians if females are raped, assaulted or killed. Like the tethered goat staked out for the mountain lion, we don’t get a say.

        I would like to know how many women and girls should be raped and murdered or sexually assaulted or beaten to a pulp, how many children should be mutilated and disfigured for life so that cross-dressing men can feel validated? Like latter-day generals in WW I, miles from the front, they move pawns around a board map and decide how many casualties they can afford to lose for the greater good. In WW I, the greater good was imperial glory and little else, and hundreds of thousands lost their lives for nothing; now, the greater good is cross-dressing men’s unimpeded jollies and women-haters’ vicious spite, while innocent children are sacrificed in the name of “I knew I was born a female from the age of two/two months/a foetus/before conception” – even though I have a male body, male gametes, male sex characteristics, a male sexed brain.

        Yes, there is dysphoria, and it might require a man to undergo surgery to present as a female even though he fools no one except, maybe, himself. That’s okay so long as he stays out of female spaces and rights. He might have a fetish, and, again, that’s okay so long as he keeps it in the bedroom and doesn’t flaunt it in women’s spaces and rights. So, trans lobby, why aren’t you pushing women with their breasts and vaginas in all male spaces and rights, prizes, jobs, etc. and why aren’t the various slavering parties backing this with legislation forcing men to accept it against their will?

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  2. “… In some cases this has led to death threats, rape threats and threats of violent actions, with guilty parties on both sides of the argument… ”

    I am glad that this has been corrected, as I do not know of any woman who has ever threatened to rape, injure or kill a trans identified person. Most of us know that the worst offenders are activists who might not, themselves, be ‘trans’, but a good number claim to be, while sporting the most outrageous stereotypes of females or children or even babies. Frankly, these men are not – emphatically not – body dysphoric, or certainly not so to the point of requiring help for the condition, but are autogynephiles, with one or more fetishes. They know they are; they will not admit they are; they would rather destroy all of femalehood and all of childhood rather than admit that they are fetishistic.

    Until that is acknowledged, Hector, there can be no debate as such, because even these men, who might not be your average psychopathic or plain evil predators, who are more likely to come into female spaces and rights on their coat-tails, their fetishes will be pretty disgusting to the average female because they are centred mainly on female things – like listening to women and girls’ pee, looking for used tampons and sanitary towels, upskirting, flashing, taking secret photos, ogling, etc. Who in his or her right mind would expect women and girls to put up with this? Yet, so many do, including politicians.

    I think that all our politicians should have a good read of the Denton’s document (available on-line) before they pass any legislation. They should read it to understand that this was never about poor, downtrodden ‘trans’ people, but a very detailed and planned military-style coup to take over every space and right that females enjoy because of their historical oppression as a result of their SEX. In other words, it was a male coup to take away all female spaces and rights. That is the ground floor – the very basis of this movement. The other floors involve men’s sexual rights, men’s rights as a political movement and men’s incel rights (to have any female they please without question. These are the real, the actual elements of this monstrous movement headed by Stonewall at the behest of corporate capitalism.

    Until all our politicians actually understand – do they care? – what this is, they will go on pretending to believe (because it’s just so much easier) that this is about poor transsexuals who have no rights? What? Read the 2004 GRA, Hector and persuade your colleagues to read it, too, because it affords every, single right to transsexuals and those who pretend to be in order to take away those of others that the rest of us have. There is not one, single right that these people do not have. What they want now is the right to threaten and browbeat the majority into validating their cross-dressing, paraphilic tendencies. Most of us don’t give a flying whatsit what they do in the privacy of their own bedrooms, but we refuse to be co-opted into their fetishes in public.

    You are so right when you say that men don’t understand this or that about women’s and girls’ lives. Too many of you understand nothing of our lives, or want to, and are quite happy, with the aid of the treacherous handmaids and aunts of the so-called female persuasion, to hand all our sex-based rights away to men, more men, all men. I have no doubt in reading this piece that you are a decent soul, Hector, and many other men are, too, and there are many females who are wetting their knickers in their efforts to validate all the lies and gaslighting. I have no doubt either that lots of men struggle with paraphilia and/or body dysphoria, and they do need the appropriate help, but that is not handing away women’s and girls spaces and rights.

    Each and every one of you who votes for this or who supports it in any way, will be held responsible for any assaults or deaths that come about as a result of your actions. I don’t mention trans identified females, Hector, because I believe the majority are of no interest to the men who are pushing this stuff, but are a handy shield (some may well be body dysphoric, some may even have fetishes, but the vast majority do not. as are the children who are being transitioned so that grown men can claim they were trans from the earliest age. The abuse and cruelty involved are beyond any same imagining. Just as the cruelties, cynicism and downright lying and gaslighting that went on during the McCarthy era, in America, so this will prove to be similar, but on a much bigger scale. There are no ‘trans’: there are people who have problems which hormones and/or surgery or self-ID will never cure, no matter how many women and girls are destroyed psychologically and/or physically to achieve a ‘cure’.

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    1. you say “the children who are being transitioned so that grown men can claim they were trans from the earliest age”

      well said – for every 100 – or 1000 – or 10000 – or more kids that are caught by the trap of ever wanting to wear mummies high heels and find themselves irretrievably on a path that is wrong and abusive they may find ONE that “knew from the earliest age”. Surely that one could have waited?

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      1. marionl99: if you think about it, marion, they have to claim that, and it gets even younger with some of them. I listened to an American doctor – female – claim that a little boy child opening the poppers on his baby suit to let it flap around him was actually telling the parents that he was really a girl! Every baby I ever saw in my life did this. That’s the thing about this kind of societal madness and gaslighting: so many jump on the bandwagon to be noticed or not to be noticed in the sense that they want to blend in with the madness. Two does seem to be the default age, though, for most of them. Even the good ones like Dr Debbie Hayton comes out with that one. I’ve been a older sister to a two-year-old, a cousin to two-year-olds, I’ve had my own two-year-old and my own two-year-old grandchildren and I have yet to hear any of them claim to be the opposite sex or try to let me or anyone else know they were the opposite sex. I’m not saying it’s impossible; I’m saying it is highly unlikely. It is mainly the middle-aged, middle-class autogynephile who makes this claim, and I really think some of them believe it – which has had terrible consequences for innocent children. However, I reserve my own personal contempt and loathing for those who know this stuff is c**p, horse manure, but go along with it for reasons that never seem quite explicable.

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    2. As always, an excellent and comprehensive analysis of this whole issue. Of course it is right to ask that men should educate themselves to the consequences of the moves that have already been made – often by stealth – as some men have already done, but I’m glad that you have also referred to ‘the handmaids and maiden aunts’ who have rushed to support the trans movement as if it were some new progressive crusade.

      The almost hysterical desire to be included in the trans movement by (mainly young) women is sadly not that unexpected by those of us who grew up female. Feminism might have advanced further in achieving equality if it hadn’t been for the hostility of some women to any advantage for women in general over the ages. Partly it is to do with the way girls are brought up (reinforced by girls’ social groups) that it is the prime objective to constantly seek approval. Girls are usually trying to mould themselves to the expectations of society which, let’s face it, is primarily the expectations of male society. Girls who don’t conform to this primary objective are made very unhappy and often by other girls. It might surprise many men to know, that women can be misogynist too.

      It is also the case that men of the left can be misogynist, something that they have been able to conceal until now when they have their staunch support of transactivism as a mask of progressiveness. (Patrick Harvie anyone?)
      Sadly, it is human nature to blame again, still yoked to ideas of hierarchy. Unfortunately, society’s idea of womanhood is that they should be deferential, ingratiating, untroublesome – in other words ‘nice’. Girls grow up knowing that they should always be ‘kind’, quiet, compromising, exhorted not to be loud, unruly or rebellious. Small boys will often denigrate other boys who have the traits of being agreeable, gentle or thoughtful as being ‘girly’ so not only do boys learn that these are not appropriate boys’ behaviour as this is perceived as being weak, then it’s hardly surprising that they receive the subtle message that to be female is intrinsically weak and consequently, not desirable to be one. It’s hardly surprising that some girls receive the same message which they also internalise as ‘being female is to be given a second prize in life.’ Hence, misogyny in girls as they, too, perceive being female as second class.

      Therefore, girls can bully just as boys do but usually with verbal rather than physical aggression which can sometimes be just as destructive. Kirsty Blackman is a grown up(?) version of this as an enthusiastic and belligerent castigator of other women. Earning the approval of male transactivists is just icing on their cake.

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  3. There can be no debate. We are in the same situation as those who challenged the Church. Heretic’s must be silenced and forced to repent. Science was held back a few hundred years by this intolerant approach.
    When faced with facts such as the Earth going round the Sun and that the Earth was not 6000 years old and dinosaur fossils were not placed by God to test our faith the Church just silenced the opposition.

    The TransCult has adopted the same approach and they are just as evangelical.
    You will be marked as a Heretic.
    You are to be shunned.
    You must renounce your blasphemy.

    I think if Women try to be reasonable and attempt to debate or compromise you will lose the battle.
    Do not give an inch because if you do they will demand another.

    Like Brexit I would recommend a single issue political Party. You have a guaranteed majority. Everyone can return to tribal politics later. You need to win this one and the only thing Politicians fear is losing their seats.
    Do not compromise. The Brexit Party shaped todays politics with a one issue topic.

    Don’t make it a Group branch of a Political Party because they will ignore you – Start a Women’ Rights Party you have a ready made banner of Green, White and Violet

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    1. I TOTALLY agree with you clootie , I am a 70 yr old male with a wife , daughter and granddaughter and I am sickened and utterly disgusted that this perverted deviance has gained such prominence with such a miniscule of claimed sufferers hijacking governments to force their will on the larger population , this LUNACY was never proposed or discussed openly or publicly in any manifesto I saw for any political party , especially the SNP who won the election in May , if they had openly and publicly stated their intention to the wider electorate I am convinced the outcome would be quite different

      If that is so the SNP have been elected on LIES and MISINFORMATION , also voters DID NOT vote to elect the green party as part of government or to give them ministerial positions , this undemocratic fraud was purely at the insistence of Sturgeon to enable the furtherance of these reviled policies

      I have also stated many times on blogs that I firmly believe this is the thin edge of the wedge , the CREEPING IN of the MAP squad MINOR ATTRACTED PERSONS , PAEDOPHILIA in normal language where our children and grandchildren are considered as fair game and TARGETS of these MONSTERS

      People who are unwell or mentally ill deserve to be treated with compassion and helped , but that help doesn’t include pandering to their delusions by DENYING SCIENCE or BIOLOGY

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    2. I absolutely agree, Clootie. On this issue, any compromise will be exploited ruthlessly and more demanded. I read the Denton report a while back, but have re-read it recently, and you are right: this movement means to relegate women to second-class status all over again and put men in frocks in their place. Their aim seems to be to destroy civil society as we know it but I think it is different from the religious zealots because this lot, although they utterly deny the science and biology pertaining to them, they actually want, many of them, to advance the science of robotics and prosthetics and sex surgery to maximise their sexual predilections. It is hard to believe that anyone would be so motivated to cause so much harm in the name of their jollies that they would do this, but that is precisely what they are doing. We have to stop feeling sorry for them and stop pandering to them or, as you say, we are going to lose. I’m not sure about disengaging from mainstream politics, though. Women are half the human race. It is time that all the parties understood that, and understood that we are not going to accept this bullying and gaslighting any longer.

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  4. Where are the parents? I am, thankfully, the parent of 2 grown-up children. But I know this. If this was happening to my daughter at school I would be fighting like a mad thing to change it. No way would my daughter be using toilets like this. Bully in the Borders schools is bad as it is, and I speak from experience, I can only imagine how the bullies targets have had their suffering added to by this toilet sharing…both boys and girls.

    Parents need to stand up here and be counted, get this sorted.

    Girls…make alternative arrangements for going to the toilet, when entire classes are unattended because the girls have left to go to the toilet at Sainsburys or Mayfield Garden Centre they will have to take notice.

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