While many people were delighted with Craig’s release, none of us, not one, should ever forget the injustice that put him there in the first place.

To have a functioning democracy people, the ordinary people, must have faith in the Government, in Scotland’s case two Governments, one in Holyrood the other at Westminster. You require faith in the organisation of law and justice, faith in the courts, faith in the prosecuting authorities and yes faith in the police.

I would argue in Scotland none of these crucial conditions exist today. I certainly can’t trust either Holyrood or Westminster. As far as Westminster is concerned that lack of trust is a long term condition, whether under Labour or Tory I knew the people of Scotland were never their priority. More recently I have lost all faith in the Scottish Government. Not solely because they have supplanted Independence as the dominant theme with a bizarre range of divisive, biology denying mumbo  jumbo, and flawed concepts like the Hate Crime Bill. No I have personnel issues with the First Minister’s choice of Cabinet Ministers, or as I call it, the Pals Charter. This has transformed the SNP Government from its well earned reputation of competent Government to a complete mess.

Why do habitual failures like Humza Useless and Shirley Anne Shambles possibly hold cabinet positions, and at Health and Education, two of the biggest departments in the Scottish Government? Humza already has a trail of destruction behind him, whether at Transport or Justice he was terrible. In particular look at Justice, has its reputation ever been lower? Ever?

As for Shirley Anne Shambles what has she got to do to get the sack? When she lost her seat the last time the leadership created a special new job at Headquarters to tide her over. Keep her on the payroll. Why? At Education she is busy alienating teachers and parents alike, pushing her gender woo hoo and crazy sex education programme.

The question I ask is where are the unions and organisations like the churches?.How were they silenced? It’s the same with the Hate Crime Bill . I suspect it’s there to intimidate women so the transgender tiny minority can push forward with their campaign to do enormous damage to women across the country. If it was truly about Hate why would you ever give the Orange Lodge an exemption? It makes no sense.

Kenny MacAskill has already called for a clear division between Government and the law. It is totally unacceptable that the Lord Advocate sat as a member of the Scottish Government cabinet at the same time as he was prosecuting Alex Salmond. His role in this completely devalued and damaged the entire Judicial system in Scotland. Worse was his role in using spurious, and as it turned out extremely dubious redactions, in the evidence that was not submitted to the Parliamentary Inquiry. Completely unacceptable. It smacked of cover up.

I suspect the Scottish Justice System has not experienced this problem before where those granted anonymity in the spurious action against Alex Salmond that resulted in not a single guilty plea being recorded. Instead of being grateful for this very generous privilege, they set out to use that anonymity to carry on a vicious campaign of freshly attempted smearing directed at the now cleared victim of their failed plot. Worse some of them also sought to encourage further arrests of people like Mark Hirst and causing them financial and career cost for no reason other than malicious fabrication as was proved by the eventual Court Judgement that Mark had no case to answer. The Scottish Justice system now has a rogue element of potentially powerful women engaged in a ruthless pattern of smearing political opponents from behind a curtain of anonymity. I am aware of at least one other trial that is pending and once again the “ charges” are spurious nonsense and gross over reaction. I have little doubt it will prove another “no case to answer” judgement. I ask how long can this type of behaviour be allowed to continue uncontested? They are abusing the privilege of anonymity and are using it as a sledgehammer to intimidate political opponents.

At the very least we have the right to expect  Lady Dorrian to call them in for a chat and to warn them that if this vindictive, irresponsible behaviour continues she will be forced to consider lifting the anonymity order on those involved. 

We can’t have a situation where these wholly discredited plotters are given Carte Blanche and allowed to continue unchallenged with this malicious smearing of political opponents.

It is ruining the reputation and status of the Scottish Justice System, doing enormous damage, alienating many Scots from having any faith in the Scottish Justice System.

Already in the doghouse internationally after the contortions required to jail journalist Craig Murray, who has been widely reported as being the first person to be jailed, not just in Scotland but worldwide for “jigsaw identification” adding a unwanted listing that Scotland has become a country now guilty of imprisoning political prisoners. Our Justice System can Ill afford  any more outrages. The anonymous women known as the Alphabet Women continue to plot, or at least some of them do. Innocent people look to the law and justice system for protection. I ask when will our Justice System provide any?

I am, as always



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63 thoughts on “GOOD TO HAVE YOU BACK CRAIG.

  1. Time the Alphabet Women were named.

    That would be a start to disinfecting the absolute toilet that is Scottish justice system.

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    1. It does surprise me that someone who knows the names has not taken a wee vacation, knocked up a fake 10minute email on an anonymous pc someplace far away and posted those names on every forum that does not track identities through a paywall. Seems easier than building a drone and spray painting them on Holyrood. But of course that would be a very wrong thing to do …

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      1. The problem is the wee vacation could become a lengthy one. People I know have thought about it but they need to return to Scotland because of other circumstances, perhaps family for instance. What is more likely is someone with a terminal illness that puts it on the list of things to do before they pass.

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      2. Good Point Iain – you would need to be very sure footed because we know our “justice” system would be red in tooth and claw.
        I hope some patriot who knows the truth does make this known before they pass. This has dragged justice in Scotland into the gutter and set back the credibility of women in rape trials to the 1950s.

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  2. ” At least some of them.” They threw their hat in to the ring with the others. They are adults not children they knew what they were doing. If they now don’t want to be associated with some of the other alphabetties then it is time they come out from under their blanket of anonymity and disassociate themselves from this horrible gang. It’s their choice.

    Another excellent article Iain.

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  3. Well they always say that daylight is the best disinfectant and it’s high time that we had some daylight on the whole potage of injustice that is going on.

    What they did, and are still trying to do, is totally unacceptable. They hide behind the anonymity that was given to them by the court and continue their nefarious campaign. WHY? Why were some of them at least not prosecuted for perjury and trying to pervert the course of justice? Something stinks here, worse that a whole barrel of rotten fish and it’s high time that it was cleaned up. But who will do that. Looking around at the moment it does not give you much hope.

    I’m please that Craig Murray is now free, the poor man should never have been imprisoned in the first place. Lady Dorian has a lot of questions to answer there as well. Poor old Scotland, we used to have a justice service that was admired, not now. Sad, but that’s where we are.

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    1. Lady Dorrian does, indeed, have a lot of questions to answer – in front of a judge. If Craig Murray is guilty of jigsaw identification, so is she. Her statements and judgement in the Spectator case reveal, quite clearly, the name of one of the accusers.

      Instead, she will be feted as a protector of women’s rights when she is no such thing. The USA has many problems and justice is dispensed unevenly. However, there are protections written down almost 250 years ago, inspired by a document written in a fishing village in 1320. My wife, s born and bred American, has floated the idea of moving to Scotland. Why on earth would I ask my wife to give up those protections?

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      1. Skip_NC.

        Lets not forget that Lady Dorrian heads up a taskforce to increase the amount of juryless trial, of which the new LA is onboard with. Craig Murray didn’t have the luxury of a jury, otherwise in my opinion he wouldn’t have gone to prison.

        All this paints a picture of Scotland as a corrupt and sleazy banana boat state, god only knows what the international community thinks on what’s going on in Scotland right now.

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      2. RepublicofScotland, when I wrote that she will be feted as a protector of women’s rights, that’s what I had in mind, as well as the supposed protections by ensuring lifelong anonymity for the Alphabet Women. The first bench trial for rape that gets overturned will be headline news and not in a good way for the administration of justice.

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    2. Carol you say ‘Why were some of them at least not prosecuted for perjury and trying to pervert the course of justice? Something stinks here’

      Yes it stinks. I hope the splendid work being done to piece together the unlawful pursuit of Salmond, his show trial and the risible inquiry results in a stink that even COPFS can’t ignore.

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  4. The question I ask is where are the unions and organisations like the churches?. How were they silenced? Yes, the question we are all asking Iain, – And has the Lords or the Commons given even 5 minutes to the case of Julian Assange, another injustice – no, as for the press they are spending their time talking about a Christmas party at number 10, that happened last Christmas. – anything to deflect away from the real stories and problems in the UK and here in Scotland, you are right, shambolic, corrupt, as, for Scottish Labour and the press, they seem to be asleep on the job.

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  5. Good to see a clear account of what is real in our lives instead of the creative idealised colour-wash over reality that is usually available. The differences between what was happening under Alex Salmond’s SNP government and that of Nicola’s in terms of what actually happens is stark indeed. In the far north, the health policies, apart from the efforts of Jeanne Freeman, have not just removed local services that were perfectly well-functioning though they did not fit into the centralisation dogma of (possibly) NS, but have also made these services so remote that elderly, ill, or disabled people are actually unable to avail themselves of them. Dentistry, podiatry, all becoming hard to access, ambulance services becoming more scarce, people have to travel by road three hours to hospital to have stitches out because local doctors surgeries no longer provide that service.

    Out dog-walking the other day I met an elderly lady who told me such a sad tale as we wandered along, about how eating was difficult for her because she could not get a dental appointment, how her feet hurt but she hated being cooped up inside so she went out anyway, how her brave efforts to get fresh air and exercise were hampered also by the terrible condition of the pavements and the potholes in the roads, how she could not get to hospital without the aid of volunteer drivers, how difficult she found it to get to her appointments, and how often they were cancelled and all her careful plans disrupted. She could not contact people by phone because she could not find their phone numbers in their information websites, only being given faqs the answers to which had no relevance to her questions, how she often could not use the internet because the signal is so bad, on and on. I felt so sad for her, but also alarmed for myself. No-one is immune from accident, all of these services which functioned well and were already improving under Alex Salmond, are essential to the mental health and well-being of all of the nation, and it seems that currently only those with their own resources can access the services we all need. But, like Boris, somehow Nicola manages to persuade the press and the people that all is well, she is in control. She is. But of what?

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  6. Psychological grooming for the major physical assault on freedom. Over the last two years operatives of «democratic» governments have been displaying their true natures,
    Citizens have been trained, conditioned to be obedient for the «greater good»
    However, if elected dictatorship is your thing, keep on taking that medicine with the likely never ending booster shots.
    In time the muzzle provoke existential chafing.

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  7. “They are abusing the privilege of anonymity and are using it as a sledgehammer to intimidate political opponents.”

    Yes some of them are. I’ve said before that in any case where the complainants have anonymity, the accused must do too. The Salmond case has shown that it is not enough to be found not guilty in these types of cases especially when you have a First Minister who is willing on tv to clearly undermine the jury verdicts. (That’s before we get to the fact that charges like alleged hand on knee with none of the folk present backing up the claim should never be in front of a court in the first place.)

    As for Craig Murray I fully expect the ECHR to overturn the conviction though that doesn’t get him four months of his life back when he missed milestones in (very cute) baby Oscar’s life.

    Robin McAlpine had another excellent piece today and I quote

    “You don’t have to like Craig, agree with him or even think his contribution to debate has any value at all. You can consider him dangerous and a source of misinformation if you absolutely must. But if you are to demonstrate any intellectual consistency and credibility at all you must surely recognise these two questions deserve a proper answer:

    Is the threshold of guilt in Scotland arbitrary and should everyone be equal in front of the eyes of the law? If you believe the former is wrong and the latter is right, the Murray case should make you deeply uncomfortable.”

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      1. I heard it was though I’m not sure he’s confirmed that since his release. But from what we know of him, I’m sure imprisonment will have made him MORE determined not less!

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      2. He said that quite clearly during his statement outside Saughton. I watched the full sixteen minutes on Wings this morning. Despite having to get into work, it was time well-spent.

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    1. I see the Tories are planning to withdraw from the ECHR – it is embedded in the 1998 Scotland Act so there is an opportunity to get justice recognised for Craig and make the headlines as the Tories are forced into the spotlight with their contempt for the ECHR – ALBA could ask about it in Westminster. It will be very interesting to see what Sturgeon does – recognise the injustice done of Craig by her tame judge or side with Westminster to discredit the ECHR and overrule the devolved legislation. That should give SNP loyalists pause for thought.

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  8. A great article Iain. Perception of course is important as well. How could anyone have any confidence in the SG, Media, Police or Crown Office these days? It really is beyond belief what has been going on.

    Saying that though I still believe that their whole house of cards will collapse, it is just a matter of time. We all just need to keep chipping away at it. Put some pressure on them and they will bend like Alyn Smyth in Brussels. I focus primarily on the failed SG Procedure but you could really take your pick on any number of scandals and sleaze with the SG and fill your boots. I have actually published another article on my page about the Salmond stitch up. This time about the 06 & 09 March meetings of 2018. For me that is the key to understanding everything and for anyone who is only just looking into this for the first time, start there. We may not have gotten to read Geoff Aberdein’s submission, yet, but there is more than enough mainstream media articles out there in the public domain already, which I have started collecting for future articles, that reveal enough about those meetings to show people that something was seriously wrong and that someone very close to the FM was heavily involved from the very beginning. Clearly they were not moonlighting and acting alone either. The letter to the former First Minster was issued via email the day after that first meeting of 06 MARCH 2018. That was no coincidence.

    It is worth remembering that the people who were involved in the failed stitch up have to maintain their lies for the rest of their lives. What a legacy that is. Not just for them but for their friends and family too.

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  9. There really needs to be a rule in law that very powerful people making accusations against those with less power are never allowed anonymity to do so. In genuine cases where men are sexual abusers, there are always brave women who speak out with their own voices, their own stories. Others may need anonymity. There is a good reason why women should have anonymity. However if an accuser(s) hold huge power, including the ability to direct COPFS and the police and direct massive state resources into an entirely bogus fishing exercise, and they also have a power relationship with the media, allowing them to gain the coverage they want (and the coverage in the run up to and during the Salmond trial was itself blatant contempt of court, which should have been dealt with in any fair country) those people should never be allowed anonymity. The only possible reason for it is to hide who they are.

    If you think of a similar U.K. example happening. Imagine an ex minister, now inconvenient to the PM was accused of sexual harassment by “a civil servant”, and that one account was enough to have the police pulling in everyone he’d ever worked with, trying to find allegations, and have the media full of lurid stories about him. He’s then taken into court with that allegation and some spurious things like “he touched my back once in a restaurant”. It would be odd anyway, but if the public/readers were being led to believe these were poor, vulnerable civil servants and employees, but later found out they were Dominic Cummings, Michael Gove right and a few more of the PMs pals, it would change the entire story, right?

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  10. I am sorry Astonished but I have removed your comment because I was concerned for you that your final comment was close to endangering you in the same way as Craig was charged.

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      1. Just use the mainstream media articles that reveal detailed information in them. As I keep hearing from the ‘I love Nicola Sturgeon’ crowd the media has had their articles legally checked over before publication unlike Craig Murray’s articles. They must use the same useless lawyers as the Scottish Government does. The jigsaw is already completed in some of them.

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  11. Well said Iain, Scotlan’s mankit an deceitfu colonial regime cuid weel dae wi a guid dicht oot richt eneuch. Craig Murray’s braw speech outside Saughton demonstrated the man’s humanity and may be contrasted with that of a daeless First Minister scurrying around COP26 for selfies and soundbites seeking to further her own prospects, and as leader of what is now no more than a gang that has become part of the colonial racket.

    I hope Craig received my book explaining Scotland’s predicament and appropriately titled ‘Doun-Hauden’ (oppressed) which I sent him in prison. The British state is aware of who is of most threat to the union by its acts. That is why Craig must, like Alex Salmond, Tommy Sheridan and many other Scots, be given the utmost support in helping to ensure Scotland becomes independent. Securing independence depends on such people who are committed to the cause and who also have the right knowledge and skills to complete the job. There are two main tasks, first securing an independence majority, and secondly delivering/negotiating real independence. Craig Murray as a former ambassador has the required skills necessary to help lead us in that process.

    Only independence (i.e. decolonisation) will permit Scotlan’s mankit unionist/colonial slump an hits deceitfu cultur tae bi mucked oot.

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    1. I did enjoy Craig’s comment that the Saughton Prison Library is the now the best stocked radical political ibrary in the country, thanks to the books he was sent while there!

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  12. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. But it seems that even a small amount of power is enough to corrupt our colonial administrators. Though I suspect that the seeds were there already in some, waiting for the chance to take root.

    Humza Yousaf I suspect is the type of man who will always be willing to obey orders. An ideal henchman for someone like Nicola Sturgeon. Likewise Shirley Anne Somerville, who I have read is a close friend of the great one.

    The alphabet women should worry. The Sturgeon era will pass, and when sanity returns they will surely be called to account.

    The clock is ticking for all of them, but they are too blinded by hubris to see it.

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  13. Another thought. I sometimes have more than one. 😊 All Sturgeon’s brown nosing at COP 26 may have been a waste of time and energy. If the worlds leaders and their associates have been reading about the going’s on in Scotland in recent years, will any of them really be willing to give such a person a high profile job? I wouldn’t.

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    1. In every regard Resipole, you should be absolutely correct but remember Blair the War Criminal landed a plum UN job as (no laughing at the back there) ‘Peace Envoy’.
      Sadly, I just don’t think the UN (et al) recruiters do their homework.

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    2. Sadly, resipole, I think that the elite establishments of the world (particularly NATO) might consider her well-qualified. When she declared that the people she most admired were Hilary Clinton, Madeleine Albright and Kissinger, the Prince of Darkness himself, she knew very well what she was doing. (She was also telling SNP supporters what she was and what she identified with, but most were not listening.) When she made that declaration for the US world order I was finished with her. By choosing three of the most ruthless warmongers and instruments of US domination I couldn’t believe she would be so blatant but it worked.

      I’m sure she has been marked out by the US as a willing satrap worthy of clandestine support. Probably why the UK media, who were deliberately oblivious to the travesties of justice which imprisoned Assange and Craig Murray, have given her such a friendly press. She has signalled that she is one of them.

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  14. nallyanders
    You’re quite right. I should have thought about Blair, though he was a much bigger beast than Sturgeon. Just think though, if she doesn’t get the fancy job she’s supposedly after, then we will be stuck with her. 🙄

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  15. Bang on Iain with all that, I recall after Alex Salmond was acquitted by a jury of his peers, made up mainly of women, that the BBC ran a very distasteful radio and tv news campaign on the verge of smearing Alex, also they aired a programme on BBC1, which portrayed Alex Salmond is a poor light. I think the programme was headed up by Sarah Smith, who loathes Alex Salmond, or it might have Kirsty Wark, she to is no fan of Mr Salmond.

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      1. It was Iain but the other two witches Smith and Garavelli made an appearance. They also immediately repeated the programme a few times just to make sure nobody missed it.

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  16. I, my parents and grandparents and their siblings were all born in countries where «freedom» in the classic, Enlightenment sense, was an exotic luxury.
    I and they are astonished at the cavalier attitude many Westerners, particularly in anglosaxon cultures, exhibit with regard to freedom.
    I fancy they either they do not understand, or even care, what freedom signifies or naïvely assume it will never ever be taken from them, being a basic and inalienable «human right» which their governments will safeguard.
    Recent times do more than suggest otherwise.

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    1. Ottomanboi, Project Fear has been very effective. When people are afraid they don’t use the part of their brain that incorporates critical thinking. Instead people blindly outsource critical thought to the BBC and billionaire-owned media who deliberately distort the ever-increasing moves towards fascism.
      As Caitlin Johnstone wrote “There’s only one news story, repeating over and over again: wealthy and powerful people seek more wealth and power, and narratives are spun to advance these agendas.”

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  17. Iain

    I agree with every word in the article. I know where we are, I’m just searching for the public waking up to what’s happening. Unfortunately I see little sign of it at present.

    I will never forgive Sturgeon and Co. For the attempt to Jail Alex Salmond or for the disgraceful jailing of Craig Murray. The Sheep can kid themselves that Sturgeon was not involved in either but I have zero doubt that she was the controlling mind nor do I think she has finished her Machiavellian plotting.

    The evidence of past events such as Neale Hanvey’s SNP support and the removal of Joan McAlpine listing and many more are there for all to see.

    The only way she will go is for her secrets to be made public. I believe our MSM know all but they fear what would happen if the took the lid of that box. Sturgeon as FM is Westminsters best hope for saving the Union.

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  18. Sorry, but name calling (Humza Useless and Shirley Anne Shambles) doesn’t work if you want to convert folk

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  19. ivorf :

    Promoting Humza Useless and Shirley Anne Shambles has certainly not worked for the people of Scotland. They are serial failures. The hated hate crime bill is humza’s – he must own it.

    The nursery debacle hopefully will bring about the downfall of Humza Useless. If the media report it.

    And the sexually explicit school questions must surely signal the long deserved end of Shirley Anne Shambles.

    I accept that the names are disrespectful. That is their point. You have to earn respect.

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  20. They are a damn sight worse than useless and shambolic the names don’t anywhere near do these two dishonest, incompetent, vindictive, charlatans justice.

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  21. I remember in the months (years?) before the 2014 Referendum, being struck by the unmistakable editorial unanimity of newspapers and broadcasting media. It was as if they received an official memorandum every morning. The strategy was of course to portray the entire nationwide independence movement as “just one man’s crazy dream”, then to attempt to destroy that man through silence, ridicule and demonisation.

    There came a desolating new turn when poisonous false accusations were leaked to the Daily Record. For this raised concerns that one or more within the SNP itself had joined in the lockstep attack.

    Then came the Alba Party launch (MSM-billed as “Alex Salmond’s party”). The coordinated editorial mix of blanking silence and virulent personal attack was stark again. Salmond seemed to be interviewed only with the cynical aim of reinforcing Nicola Sturgeon’s discreditable insistence that the jury had got it wrong. So we had the likes of Gary Robertson on BBC Scotland radio and a disgraceful Krishnan Guru-Murthy on Channel 4 News using precious minutes of ostensible Alba Party election coverage to simply harass Alex Salmond personally over the trial which had cleared him.

    This all came to mind a couple of days ago when I happened on an excellent interview by Afshin Rattansi with James Hanning (former Deputy Editor, Independent on Sunday) regarding Hanning’s new book about double agent Kim Philby. The interview is of interest on many levels, but at 25 mins 23 secs Rattansi remarks:

    “In this book you describe how…when Philby was trying to write stuff for serialisation in British newspapers…how close intelligence services are to newspaper proprietors, saying ‘Don’t touch this and that’.” —

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    1. A very interesting interview. Thanks for posting the link. I always thought that in his book, ‘Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy’ that le Carre gave a rather inadequate motivation for the traitor at the heart of the Circus. Now we have an insight into le Carre’s own inability to give a persuasive reason for the long standing disaffection of the character of the mole in his book, who was obviously modelled on Philby. As part of the security establishment and the class which runs it and patently not an idealist himself, he simply could not understand that Philby was. Revealing that Le Carre ( or David Cornwell as he was in the security services) had favoured killing Philby, the fate of his character in the book.

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  22. The Church of Scotland is neutral, officially, on Scottish people’s two thousand-year-old fight for self-determination. It appointed William (anyone know the lad’s surname?) as Lord High Commissioner to the 2021 General Assembly.

    The congregations are dwindling and dying out. It has chosen its side. The Kirk has given up on the people and the people, in the main, have abandoned the Kirk. I would not be surprised if it amalgamated with the church of England. Betrayal is a piece of piss to Scotland’s institutions. What excuse the rest have for the silence I do not know.

    I do not have religious beliefs but I regret all of this.

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    1. Remember how the Kirk betrayed the People of Scotland in 1706/7 and supported the Acto of Union. They were a very powerful force then and their only concern was keeping THEIR Land (they owned a third of Scotland at one point) and order of service.
      That ministers of that same Kirk stood in the pulpit during the Clearances and told the People of Scotland they would be damned if they opposed the Masters.
      The Kirk was a control device just as effective as the CofE or the Catholic Church.

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      1. You only have to read the articles of the treaty to see whose status and privileges were and still are protected within it:

        – judiciary
        – church
        – burghs/gentry

        What Fanon termed the ‘bourgeoisie’, the group co-opted by the colonizer to protect his (and their) interests. “Colonization is always a cooperative venture” (Memmi).

        It wisnae only the Commissioners in the auld pairlament wha selt oor sovereignty and enslaved the people.

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    2. As a Catholic, consequently biased in this matter, I see the Catholic Church, albeit allied to the French, as an ancient guardian of Scotland’s sovereignty both secular and religious. The adoption of a strict Calvinism by the unrepresentative Scots parliament in 1560 and the official sanctioning of English language texts set the tone for the following centuries.
      Knox was greatly influenced by religious trends in England and in more favourable circumstances might have remained there
      This from a Protestant website outlines his history.
      A Scots architect of Catholic persuasion you may never have heard of. But you will have heard of the buildings he designed, in England.

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      1. A great divide exists between Faith and Religion. The former is positive and helpful to many people the latter is a business. You do not need Cathedrals or Strata of ranks to have and express Faith.
        When Chess arrived in Europe from India the ships were replaced by Bishops. That is why it moves diagonally, a sailing ship tacks.. why are Bishops sitting in the House of Lords? They share the same reason – recognition and Power!

        I admire and respect those who have true faith but I seldom find them in the “management structure”

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      2. Thanks for those two fascinating links . Had to laugh at this line ….” Wishart suspected that he was going to be arrested, so prevented his friends from accompanying him, saying, ‘Return to your bairns, and God bless you! One is sufficient for a sacrifice.’ ” Hard to imagine his ( sur ) namesake Bishop Pete of Westminster making a similar – or any kind of – sacrifice .

        That I , and just about everyone else in Scotland , have never heard of James Gibbs is no surprise. Another Scot erased from history by the political/social/cultural supremacy of * our * overlords

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