It seems inconceivable 

It seems crazy but there is a belief the Scottish Government are planning to introduce  jury free trials in Scotland for sexual offences.

This at the same time as there is a group of rogue woman throwing about smear and innuendo like confetti against political opponents. These woman enjoy a special status of anonymity that protects their identity while no such protection exists for their intended victims.

We have just witnessed Craig Murray’s release after he was convicted in a Scottish Court by a judge. A trial where he was not permitted to know exactly what he had done, where he was not permitted to lodge his defence or appeal against the judgement. He spent months in jail on the whim of a judge, his crime only known in the mind of the judge. The first person in the World to be convicted of ”jigsaw identification”. Operating on new rules, created by who other than the judge herself, who determined that journalists like Craig and bloggers like myself should be judged on stricter unwritten rules than journalists working for the giant newspaper corporations. Who decided that was fair? Where does that legislation exist? Why should freedom of speech be graded in this way? In my view he would NEVER have been convicted by any jury in Scotland. I am sure the EHRC will correct the wrong and again the Scottish “Justice” system will be the subject of condemnation and ridicule.

Will it surprise you to learn that Lady Dorian, the judge concerned is a leading advocate of jury free trials for sexual offences? Looking at her handling of both the Alex Salmond trial where she ruled out the defence lodging WhatsApp messages that clearly demonstrated Alex Salmond was the victim of an organised, malicious plot, involving many of the prosecution witnesses, and also her conviction of Craig Murray in a concocted evidenced trial that will remain a permanent stain on Scotland’s Justice System, adding Scotland to the list of renegade nations that jails political prisoners. We need to be very wary of this Lady.

We are told the reason for getting rid of jury trials is that the conviction rates are not “high” enough. To me that is the most dangerous warning sign that this is very, very wrong and DANGEROUS!

Do we want Justice being determined by a judge anxious to keep their quota of guilty verdicts up? If you want more convictions invest in better trained police and medical personnel, improve the quality and depth of the prosecution evidence, improve the confidence levels of the “victim” of the crime but finding more people guilty, just because the politicians want a higher level of successful prosecutions is very dangerous…and another step along the road to fascism. We need the safety valve of a jury to stop the State interfering in trials to create the right POLITICAL outcome.

They say timing is everything. At the current time, with the legal system the subject of widespread criticism and distrust, as Scotland’s Government seems to have completely lost any moral compass it might have once have possessed, it can be absolutely guaranteed that any move to hand judgements in cases of a sexual nature  solely to a judge with no involvement of a jury of our peers, will be opposed in the most energetic manner.

I hope for and expect much more from the leading figures in Scotland amongst our legal fraternity in opposing any suggestion of moving in this deeply flawed direction. These are offences that can result in lengthy jail time. We have witnessed, very recently a very clear example of where an innocent man, was singled out and the subject of blatant trivial, malicious false accusation. We know in Scotland we have a rogue band of anonymous women only to happy to mount false and malicious allegations as a political tool to intimidate political rivals.

If ever there was a country that needed the protection of independent juries to separate and regulate the power of the judges and politicians it is Scotland in the 21st Century.. How shameful is that?

I am, as always

Yours for Scotland.


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  1. “ If you want more convictions invest in better trained police and medical personnel, improve the quality and depth of the prosecution evidence”

    They could start by having police investigate real crimes rather than gigantic fishing expeditions to go after entirely innocent people those with the power want taken out. 400+ women interviewed to end up in court with one blatant lie and stuff like touching someone’s back and a cuddle, when a political stitch up is required.

    Meanwhile real victims of rape and sexual abuse can go whistle. Who cares? If the man is powerful and in the current power clique, they’ll get away with anything, no need for any investigation. Real victims of rape can reframe their trauma if they’re “bigoted” and need a female examiner. The entire system is rotten from top to bottom with these political narcissists and sociopaths in power.

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    1. Cath.

      According to Craig Murray, they had twenty-two Police Scotland officers (The Alex Salmond team) looking for four years for any dirt they could find on Alex Salmond, up and down the UK and abroad for that matter, they found none.

      Not only that, Mr Murray estimates it cost around £10 million pounds of Scottish taxpayers money to pursue Alex Salmond, by the time you add in costs from Civil Servants ,the Judicial Review, Lawyers cost, High court and Court of Session costs, plus a parliamentary Inquiry, add in Mi5 inquiries and the half a million pounds of Scottish taxpayers cash awarded to Mr Salmond and the cost in wages for the twenty-two Police Scotland officers you can then see just how much the charade has cost Scots in the attempt to find dirt and imprison a man probably for the rest of his life.

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      1. For once, I actually hope it costs is considerably more when there is eventually a malicious prosecution case. He deserves it.

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      2. What about the infamous “Edinburgh Airport” incident. A female assistant going through the airport scanner set it off. Alex joked “Killer Heels 👠 “ and a female security member made a formal complaint which was leaked to the press in minutes!

        We have had years of the term “ The Edinburgh Airport Incident” being used by the media hoping to give the impression something serious happened.

        You can be assured that if any real material regarding Alex existed MI5 would have found it during 2012/14 and it would have been on the TV 24/7.

        I, like many, look forward to the truth coming out. When Sturgeon falls the floodgates will open.

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      3. What annoyed me about that was that Angus Robertson was contacted by I think Sky News for comment. He knew how trivial and ridiculous the “incident” was but never ever explained what had happened. Was he operating on someone else’s agenda at the time?

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  2. Like some poor American black of yesteryear strung up by a white hanging Sherriff reflecting particular prejudice ir won’t be long till yeh innocent corpses start racking up.

    Scotland’s very own Diplock Courts.

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  3. And fixed penalty tickets too with tarries set by the political party in power. That will no doubt be the next step.

    Now we know why there is a huge prison expansion building programme under way. The reign of fear for recalcitrant Political thinking is now a reality. Craig Murray was the test pilot – just the start.

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  4. NS is out to make a name for herself, we and Scotland aren’t or should I say not allowed to stand in the way of this woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooman dreams. You’ve been warned do it at your own peril and then watch what happens when you defy me.

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  5. This should never be allowed to pass. As a member of a jury deciding upon a case involving sex offences, I can speak from personal experience. Not one member of that jury came to their decision lightly. Evidence was discussed, weighed and debated at length. The possible effects on all involved were considered. Guidance was given by the judge and paid close attention to. You are correct Iain. If the case is weak then the investigators and prosecutors need to look to their own part in the process. Jury free trials should be a line in the sand for anyone who wishes to live in a democratic society, governed by laws which protect its citizens.

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  6. Great post Iain. You really hit the nail on the head.

    It was the jury that spared Alex Salmond going to jail. If Lady Dorian had her way he would have been found guilty. You mention those WhatsApp messages and even now I cannot understand how any honest Judge would stop them from being used in the trial. They are clear evidence of a conspiracy which could be something as simple as a malicious plot involving at least two people. I am sick and tired of hearing that it was just women supporting each other. Yes supporting each other in making up false claims. They should not have been communicating with each other at all. I mean this is basic stuff. It seems these women can do whatever they want and people just accept whatever they say at face value no matter how ludicrous it is.

    Of course if there was nothing untoward about the messages why not show them? You could redact the names and just show the content of them. Why wouldn’t they do that? The reason is because they would show the malicious plot against the former First Minister that’s why.

    The Parliamentary Committee apparently also looked at those Whatsapp messages and found nothing untoward about them either.

    There is a number of problems with that though. Just what messages exactly did they look at? How many committee members looked at them? Was their decision unanimous etc? It is clear the SNP members would shamelessly do as they were told like that little weasel Alisdair Allan but Alex Cole-Hamilton was also compromised given he was secretly supporting a complainer at the time. Ms A, one of the two original complainers I believe, judging by the questions he asked during the evidence sessions. That is worthy of an investigation in itself.

    If the message David Davis read out about Sue Ruddick does not show evidence of a conspiracy then I don’t know what would. She actually says she is worried about what will happen to her when others find out she has been fishing for complaints. It read not only as someone who knew they were up to no good but also as someone who was being forced into doing it.

    Imagine what must be on that memory stick that Alex Salmond has? If only we could get access to that material or even the Commission on Diligence transcript.

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    1. John Smythe.


      Not that I’m a fan of David Davis, however I was surprised by the audacity of the COPFS in Scotland, that Mr Davis could find two Police Scotland officers at his door, regarding his Parliamentary Privilege speech days before. Davis in reply said they get a cup of tea and some biccy’s if they showed up and nothing else.

      This particular Scottish government under Sturgeon’s tenure has been aggressive via the COPFS, towards anyone trying to uncover the truth on several matters with regards to Scottish government actions.

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      1. You also have the speed that Rape Crisis Scotland were able to put out a statement from one of the complainers from the criminal trial to try and counter what Mr Davis had read out about Liz Lloyd’s interference. Imagine the time it would take normally to get someone to approach Rape Crisis Scotland and then have a statement put together to send out. It happened far too quickly. That statement as it happens repudiated nothing and actually asked more questions.

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    2. I saw posted somewhere – I can’t remember where – that a male intern was sent naked pics by Sue Ruddick. He made a formal complaint and the pictures were used to effectively blackmail Ruddick into her role in the Salmond pursuit. Scuttlebutt or not? A chat with male interns over that time period might turn up something and best of all if that male intern, if indeed they exist, was prepared to go public.

      I suspect politically engaged ex interns read sites like this – so if you are out here please stand up. This destruction of our country by deplorables has to end. To be silent is to be complicit.

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      1. Well said Marion. To be silent is to be complicit. If you know something then share it with others. Holding onto it and being silenced is of no use to anyone.

        I remember Anne Harvey in her statement saying that Sue Ruddick was upset about something at the time of the alleged incident. Was it because she was being blackmailed after having sent indecent pictures to someone? The poor guy must have been deeply disturbed. If there was a jigsaw of her naked people would be burning the pieces never mind trying to complete it.

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  7. I appreciate it is well-nigh impossible to find a picture of a Scottish jury, but, there are 15 members up here, as against the 12 in England, as per your illustration.

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    1. Very true Socrates but it Is also worth remembering that The Judge Dorian got rid of two of the jury members towards the end of Salmonds trial so that only 13 delivered the verdict. The reason(s) for removing the two seems to be a state secret. Had they made clear that they thought the trial was a joke or Salmond was innocent?

      Justice needs to be seen to be fair.

      I was on a jury – attempted murder – axe in the head – the poor guy had a hell of a scar – no idea how he survived. In Iains neck of the woods – the court in Paisley. Anyway after a week the judge – out of the blue dismissed the whole jury due to the alleged actions of one juror. A whole week wasted in my trial but Dorian binned two jury members and kept going with 13.

      As a general rule I have always thought that no one should be imprisoned if they have not been found guilty by a jury. Far too many people in prison sent there by judges for silly reasons – e.g. Manny Singh. Dorian personally seems to want to send more to prison.

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  8. Everyone who reads this post should write to Keith Brown, Cabinet Secretary for Justice and Veterans to protest at this shocking and shameful erosion of the justice system in Scotland. Write to:
    noting it is for the attention of Keith Brown.

    For good measure direct an email to Nicola Sturgeon as First Minister at
    making clear your objections and what you think should be done instead.

    Those of you who are on social media could consider sharing the contents of this frightening article as far and wide as possible amongst the population.

    There is also the possibility of organising a petition although I don’t know how to start this off.

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  9. You are sooo right about this.

    The downfall of the whole rotten cabal cannot come soon enough. And mark my words it is coming.

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    1. People keep on saying this, or saying ‘the truth will out’ but nothing ever happens. So far these people all seem entirely protected, and they’re all still in positions of power. Justice delayed is justice denied, and we are all in Scotland living under the shadow of this, and with an administration we cannot trust to behave as we elected it to, but instead seems to be acting as a colonial administrator, with the same tactics towards dissenters, political opponents and the legal system which colonial administrators always use to prevent independence.

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  10. I echo your concerns. A strategy needs to be put in place aimed at combatting and defeating the proposals for judge only trials in sex cases. Your article should alert fair minded judges to public concerns centred around the need to protect Scottish laws from the adverse influence of the WOKE activists who are intent on destroying society as we know and trust it today. What they intend to replace it with is dystopian in the extreme

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  11. Alex Salmond should be worried. If this legislation is passed what are the chances of one or more of the alphabet women having a ‘recall’ of something sexual that they claim he has done to them in the past. Something that they will say they were too traumatized to remember up until now.

    In fact, no man will be safe. Nor will women. If there is a way to accuse and convict a woman of rape, then this bunch of criminal lunatics will find it. Scotland will become a land of suspicion, where people are afraid to look at each other for fear of causing offence.

    I saw a documentary the other day about how the nazis ran Germany. We don’t have concentration camps here yet, but increasingly, I can see parallels between that era in Germany and today’s Scotland.

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    1. I can’t help feeling this entire thing – an end to jury trials for sex offences, led by the woman who held back evidence at Salmond’s trial and jailed Craig Murray – is mostly about fishing off the job on Salmond. They didn’t get the result they wanted, despite throwing all the resources of the state into it: this is their solution.

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      1. @Cath, I absolutely agree, she will not be happy till she knows he is locked up & left to die in prison. And THAT is what too many refer to as the BEST leader this country has ever known. I swear she is HITLER reincarnated..

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      2. THAT maybe her intentions Cath , finish the job on Salmond , which then begs the question why Alex Salmond is NOT producing the evidence he claims to have that he said would destroy her

        And another thing where is the court cases against evans and lloyd , both have been given pay rises and in lloyds case promotion and a hefty salary increase , BOTH are costing the Scottish taxpayer plenty and are laughing all the way to the bank , c’mon Alex get these clowns into court and expose the rank corruption and rancid stink in HR

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  12. Ok! After reading Campbell Martins book and how he played a huge part (If not totally responsible) in the bringing down of Swinney, if it could be done then, to a leader who was destroying the party, why on Earth can’t we get rid of Sturgeon and her whole cabal of nasties. Who has already destroyed the party, and is now destroying our kids lives, & our country. I have never known a time in my 52yrs of voting, where 2 Parliaments are so corrupt, doing bad things & just getting away with it..

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  13. Based on the postcolonial template of history what we are seeing is a dominant National Party (SNP) elite co-opted by and working in cahoots with the entire unionist/colonial establishment which still ‘manages’ our nation on behalf of our colonial maisters. It is perhaps the worst of all regimes as far as the native is concerned – a double dose of colonial oppression – in which the main objective is to delay and prevent independence and hold back the liberation of the people.

    Here we should also remember that colonialism is primarily ‘force’, which involves racism and fascism directed against an indigenous native community. What we see here also confirms that there are no human values with colonialism; rather, it is a petrified environment in which: “it is not a question of eliminating the inequalities among men but of widening them and making them into a law” (Aime Cesaire).

    It would therefore help if our new National Parties better understood what independence is really about (i.e. decolonisation, and also ‘decolonisation of the mind’) and why independence is absolutely essential for our people, because, as we can see from Iain’s article and ongoing events/laws etc., “between colonization and civilization there is an infinite distance”.

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    1. On the plus side, it feels like what we’re living through right now is end stage colonialism: the last desperate gasps of a government now having to resort to political prosecutions, jailing opponents and ending even the pretence of democracy. And, for those paying attention, there are now a lot of people who would probably prefer to be nameless and faceless whose names and roles are known and who, to a large extent, are beginning to look obvious and isolated. I think that means we’re (to coin someone else’s phrase) wining the war, even if we’re losing battles along the way.

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      1. I believe you are right Cath, Scotland is already in the ‘decolonisation’ phase and has been for some time. This is when the oppressor starts to get a bit desperate and holding on to the territory becomes increasingly challenging, and we then see some desperate acts coming into play. Fortunately more Scots are beginning to see through the SNP elite and its deceit in undermining the independence movement; thay hiv bin foond oot an no afore time tae! The key requirement now is to bring a rapid end to the situation, not to allow it to prolong.

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    2. Alfie – I like the title of your book Dounhauden which is a Scottish word for oppression. Of course none of us Scots know this because the UK have obliterated the Scottish Language which is all part of the process of subsuming Scotland so that it becomes part of Northern England. Consequently Scotland needs to remove itself from the ugly grip of the UK. That’s the part which annoys me most.,

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      1. Thanks Jim.

        Yes, language oppression is always a key aspect of colonialism, where the people develop a ‘depersonalized self’, or ‘colonial self’. This is because their objective is to be an imitation of the coloniser, linguistically, culturally, and more.

        A people can be totally brainwashed by colonialism, which is made easier aince thay shauchle aff thair ain mither tung. To the point where, culturally and linguistically ‘the native is an alien in his own country’. Here we are into the realms of the well-established ‘colonial mindset’. Aside from political and economic exploitation, colonialism is primarily ‘a disease of the mind’. This requires ‘liberating the mind’ (Memmi, Fanon etc).

        Freedom and therefore independence is about a people getting rid of any desire for colonialism, and perhaps more than anything, it is about ‘liberating the mind’.

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  14. Not for the first time this crooked Party is using ‘womans’ issues’ to push through legislation that impacts on fundamental freedoms of speech.

    It will not be an accident that they are using the Alex Salmond trial to hitch this initiative to, a double plus for them, as it continues to smear him and his ‘not guilty’ verdict, and has a chilling effect on other Independent fighters.

    I worry that if they get this through they will attempt another trial against him, by maintaining they have new evidence… without a jury to scrutinise it, and without true blogger journalists to report, a crooked judge will stich him up big time.

    That Craig’s trial – loaded as it was with a jail sentence – had no jury, is also a disgrace, and one which should be legislated for, to prevent happening again. Alex’s trial involved full disclosure of the identities of the Alphabet women to the Jury…. Craig’s trial could easily have been run on the same principle.

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  15. “It’s the hope that kills you ” .

    Sturgeon’s followers are getting fewer and fewer. Most SNP MPs and MSPs are keeping their heads down thinking they can survive this. They are not speaking up to defend the regime.

    The children’s sex quiz is an orphan. I have heard no one defend it apart from the uberwoowoo on twitter. And no one defend it publicly in the papers or on TV.

    Eventually someone will ask shirley-anne sommerville to explain who decided to produce the children’s sex quiz.

    Sturgeon is regularly being pilloried in cyberspace. Deservedly so.

    You can only pass the genderwoowoo legislation by keeping everyone in the dark and not allowing debate. Brave, very brave women are shining a lot of light into the genderwoowoo darkness. And the electorate really ,really don’t like what they are seeing.

    There are murmurings of dissent. They are getting louder. After the first SNP electoral setback…… Or Police Scotland actually arrest someone…..

    Scotland cannot be kept in the dark forever. When I left the SNP and joined Alba there were many who avoided speaking to me. This is most definitely no longer the case. And this bodes very well for the YES movement.

    The genderwoowoo are being stopped. And made fun of i.e. ‘ buy a dress from ASDA so you can look like a bloke ‘ .

    The game is up. And they know it.

    I hope they will not be in control for very much longer.

    “It’s the hope that kills you ” – But without hope life isn’t worth living.

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  16. There’s an Alba slogan right there – ‘No to jury-free trials’. As Grouser mentions, email Sturgeon and Brown.

    Because there wasn’t a jury, Craig Murray went to jail. If there hadn’t been a jury for his case, Alex Salmond would also be in jail.

    Thing is, Alba cannot win this fight on its own. It is a cakewalk for them to ignore and sideline Alba at the moment.

    There needs to be a broad based coalition to defeat this, which means reaching out to Labour and yes, even the Tories, and like-minded democrats in England such as David Davies.

    The big danger is Labour and the Tories will make the mistake of thinking this is a convenient way of dividing and demolishing the independence movement, but as dear to our hearts as independence is, and the Union is to them, this is actually an issue which transcends that divide, and threatens every Scot with the prospect of soon living in a police state.

    Alex, Neale and Kenny and others in Alba have the gravitas to initiate a broad-based opposition to this. I hope they are already reaching out.

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    1. I think slogans like ‘no jury free trials’ and ‘the peoples right to protest’ and ‘holding power to account’ and ‘transparency in government’ and ‘Scotland in the Single Market: why is one Remain voting nation IN and one Remain voting nation OUT’ and, especially for the council elections: ‘Your council and the normalizing of sex in schools’ would all win votes – the unionist parties have all been in Holyrood and Westminster while these abuses of power have taken place. It would be difficult for them to say with any credibility that they oppose these – they did nothing to stop any of this. But ALBA should loudly oppose all of this and ALBA should get this through every letterbox. The leafleting on all of these abuses should start now – an issue every few weeks through every letterbox with the ABLa log front and center?


  17. “Thing is, Alba cannot win this fight on its own. It is a cakewalk for them to ignore and sideline Alba at the moment. The big danger is Labour and the Tories will make the mistake of thinking this is a convenient way of dividing and demolishing the independence movement.”

    Exactly this. The Salmond case, and Murray being imprisoned, rested on the joint forces of the SNP, unionist parties and media all covering up what actually happened. My feeling during the enquiry was that if they could have got Sturgeon on “covering up for Scotland’s Harvey Weinstein” they’d have been delighted. But they had absolutely zero interest in allowing the truth – which every politician and journalist in Scotland must know – to be told. They were all salivating at being rid of Salmond, and that was all that mattered to them. That was a huge dereliction of duty, and in attacking Sturgeon over “a possible cover up”, all they did was cement support for her among the SNP supporters who believed the Salmond crap.

    They then went into May the same way – SNP1&2 promoting unionists winning seats, the unionist media covering for and supporting Sturgeon while continuing to smear and attack Salmond and Alba (when not simply ignoring them).
    It will absolutely be easy for them to continue that way and leave Scotland in the dangerous stasis it’s currently in, while they hope independence fades away. If they do that, they fail all of us, and hell mend them if the state ever comes for them once all this apparatus is in place. Because all of these cases right now are essentially test cases, with methods being tweaked (eg getting rid of juries) as we go along. No one who sits back and enables that kind of police state to happen is any safer once it has happened than those who fought it. “…then they came for me and those already in jail or ruined all cheered as I was handcuffed and taken away.”

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  18. Excellent and very necessary post Iain . This must not be allowed to pass . These fanatics are intent on destroying our country , fuelled on an entirely misplaced hubris and the pathetic collusion of the cowards and buffoons that comprise just about all of the SNP * machine * .

    As someone said above – outwith the rainbow-coloured bubble – Sturgeon is generating ever-mounting hostility and now that the depraved idiocy of things like Somerville’s ” Children’s Sex Quiz ” ( WTF is that clown thinking ? !! ) are becoming common knowledge that hostility will only grow .

    The problem for us is that issues like this are tarring the entire Independence movement and the psychos in NSNP could bring the whole thing down with them .


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  19. This is a dangerous course to take. Miscarriages of justice happen all the time. Look at Megrahi, Craig Murray, others who were falsely imprisoned for decades with zero evidence or circumstantial evidence at best.

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  20. I would imagine that the author has knowingly and/or unknowingly committed perjury/contempt of court many times, seeing as lawyers are the only people that have imunity.

    I remember that the Scottish government proposed introducing jury-free trials for all cases because of the plague. At least they realised that people thought they were daft.

    However, there is no doubt that the requirement for corroboration for sexual assault cases makes prosecutions really difficult unless the rapist did it in front of an audience, and forensic evidence is fairly unlikely to count for a yes/no to consent.

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  21. Well said Iain, we should not forget that things have taken a turn for the worse since Sturgeon became FM, some of the charges against Alex Salmond were farcical, and at least one of the complainants, was not even in the building when the alleged offence was meant to have taken place, yet she hasn’t felt the full force of the law, in what can only be described as perjuring herself.

    One has to ask themselves when taking into account the unjust imprisonment of Craig Murray, would Alex Salmond have been found not guilty if he would have been facing a juryless trial?

    As you clearly pointed out Iain in your article, bringing in more juryless trials will not necessarily lead to more honest convictions, just quicker and less scrutinised convictions which in turn will lead to more unsafe convictions. From what I’ve read the Lord Advocate is onboard with these new juryless trials, the reason given is to clear a huge backlog, how long though before, if the roll out is successful, before juryless trials are introduced in non sexual crime based cases, and then eventually rolled out for all cases, where they become the norm.

    Imagine the power over any online dissident, (who sees injustice and writes about it on their blogs), the state will have over them. They will have the ability to arrest them, impede in their defence as they have done in Craig Murray’s case, and imprison them at will after a mock hearing, and what’s more on whose behalf will these people be sentencing others for.

    Scotland’s judiciary and its COPFS are moving into very dangerous and unchartered waters on this, you just have to take a look at Peter Cherbi’s blog to see this.

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  22. My wife was a juror on a case where three young men had been accused by a young woman of rape. The case didn’t come to court for eight years because of lack of evidence, but the men had the accusation hanging over them for all that time.

    One of the men had claimed that he had videoed the incident on his phone but later erased it. The police kept his phone, and eight years later technology had improved to the point where the entire video could be recovered.

    It was clear from the video that the (drunk ) woman had consented to having sex with all of the men, but she had claimed she was raped because she was afraid of her father finding out the truth.

    Under these new proposals three innocent men would have gone to jail simply on her word. Three lives ruined.

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  23. Iain

    Excellent article!

    To look at the DANGERS of jury-free trials in the High Court, one only has to look at what happens at present in the jury-free Sheriff Court, where summary cases (Penalty: up to 12 months in jail) are heard and acted on by a sheriff sitting alone.

    The disreputable Moorov Doctrine and witness collusion were nothing new in the Salmond show-trial. Lady Dorrian would have sent Salmond to jail using the Moorov Doctrine but the jury saw through all the clear witness invention and collusion and acquitted him of all charges. Why at least some of those lying witnesses haven’t been charged with perjury is beyond me. On second thoughts, that might bring the whole corrupt system down!

    Many others have not been as lucky as Alex Salmond. In 2013, former SNP MSP Bill Walker was not so fortunate when Sheriff Kathrine Mackie found him guilty of very historic charges of alleged domestic abuse using the questionable Moorov Doctrine. In that case. there was no jury to see through the clear collusion among witnesses, with complaints (all but one unheard of before) going back to the 1960s (and despite harmonious relations among the parties existing since then). Walker served 6 months in jail and the SNP hierarchy was mighty glad to be rid of a “troublesome” MSP and Party member of 38 years standing.

    Sheriff Mackie, who retired in 2018, bore remarkable resemblances to Lady Dorrian. She was then a leading light in recently setting up the special “Domestic Abuse Court” and was looking for a “big fish” to try to place her new Court on the map. Originally, the Walker case was due to be heard in Fife. It was then “transferred” out of this sheriffdom to Livingston and then to Edinburgh to “fall” under Sheriff Mackie’s jurisdiction. In this case she simply ignored defence evidence which did not fit with the Moorov-driven verdict she was determined to make. (Her “conviction rate” was certainly higher than any other sheriff trying similar cases.)

    Just click on this link to see an expose:

    Until the Moorov Doctrine is abandoned and witness collusion is firmly criminalised, there will always be miscarriages of justice in Scotland. Unfortunately, modern Scotland does not have a legal system to be proud of, with certain members of the judiciary and the executive able to use it corruptly. The idea of jury-free trials, as apparently proposed by Lady Dorrian, for sex cases fills me with horror – as shown by the Salmond case. Also, we surely need a “statute of limitations”, in line with other European jurisdictions, against accusers lodging complaints after decades, especially in view of compelling evidence to the contrary. Alleged crimes must remain “open” until resolved, but it is surely unreasonable to bring complaints many, many years later when the circumstances might suit the complainers for a variety of reasons..

    Finally, as one contributor already said, no accused person should be sent to prison without the verdict being being detertmined by a jury of peer citizens.

    I feel it’s going to be a long, hard fight, especially with a Sturgeon-led Scottish Government who have, in my opinion, so much to hide..

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  24. Being prevented from coming back home to Scotland due to having a European wife, who is denied that right of abode with her husband because of age and financial status, gives me cause, were I to know the names of all the despicable alphabettys, to publish them on a foreign website. Trial without juries must not be allowed and should not even be considered. It is an outrage.

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    1. TOR, VPN and a false email would all take good care of you in that endeavor. If I knew the names I’d send them to you – these women have discredited genuine rape complaints, Scottish justice and themselves. They should be seen in the light of day.


  25. Any first-term political science student could’ve pointed out the irregular and very problematic nature of Wolfe becoming a regular fixture in Sturgeon’s cabinet. Such a thing could only ever happen in a colony—where an effectively compromised media is standard. Should anyone really be surprised at what’s followed?

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  26. Reference resipole’s text above concerning video evidence – the cautionary requirement to video having sex to insure against an accusation of rape is a new development in today’s Scotland..

    Looks like boom time ahead for prostitution, just be sure to wear a mask and cover any tattoos, guys – and girls i suppose, as the ‘lady” may have tackle..

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  27. Lady Dorian deciding to disallow the presentation of this WhatsApp messages in court was one thing. Lady Dorian jailing Craig Murray for a mind-crime is another thing. Lady Dorian promoting jury-free trials is just something else.

    The law needs a civic talking to.

    Had to come from a constitutional convention.

    Thanks again, Iain. Blisteringly seering.

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  28. At Tom kane this is where Scotland has failed spectacularly over decades , we have been ruled over by moronic clowns who have ONLY been working for themselves and their party interests and that will never change UNLESS the people of Scotland waken up , take an interest in what is going on and FORCE these self servers of ALL parties to do what WE want

    What IS needed is a CITIZENS CONVENTION to sit in judgement of politicians and civil servants to look at the proposals these morons are putting forward and to DECIDE what impact those proposals will have on the citizens who are paying their wages
    WE have allowed this situation to go on where these people feel empowered to ignore and frustrate what the electorate wants and how it will impact on them , they are now holding the electorate in contempt , gone are the days when if they made a mistake or were caught out in bribes or corruption they would resign to appear as if they had some integrity , NOW they ignore calls for resignations or calls for sackings , the leader of the party decides their future when it should be the voters , so who do you think they are more frightened of and more desperate to impress because they NEED their noses firmly embedded in the trough

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  29. Reference my post above “on advice” to video record yourself when indulging in pleasurable activities, today’s Sunday Herald has an article by Neil Mackay on the subject of DeepFake technology. Yup, such technology can superimpose a person over AN Other’s activity.

    Remember the flakey video by a “pal” of Tommy Sheridon allegedly making damning statements? Of Alex Salmond’s QC Gordon Jackson alleged comments on a train?

    My bank offers a voice recognition facility such that you can make a transaction by telephone.Your voice is a series of sound waves, not difficult to reproduce I would suggest.And your visual image is a series of pixels such as your view of TV images.Alterable.

    Regards justice – isn’t it the case that Coulson perjured himself testifying the against Sheridon, and was acknowledged by the Judiciary. One of the jigsaw women did too – by not actually being in the building on the day of her allegation against Alex Salmond. Correct me if I’ve missed the punitive action taken by the justice system?

    Next forecast – DeepFake of penalties denied to Glasgow Celtic.

    The Herald’s article is worth a read.

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  30. A peaceful protest outside Holyrood is seemingly impossible being as we do now, need the consent of the vey people we wish to protest against.

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