One of the joys of running a blog is the feedback and comments I receive in response to my articles. I think this is the first cartoon I have received. It arrived after my articles on the conviction of Craig Murray for ”jigsaw identification” by Lady Dorian. It comes from Michael Stuart Green, an illustrator, writer and printmaker, a relative youngster at 80 years of age and who hails from Strathcarron in Wester Ross. Michael graciously allowed me to publish it on this site. I thought it deserved a wider audience.

Is it clear in your mind who this is.?

I hope my readers enjoyed it as much as I did.

Please share widely.

I am, as always


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39 thoughts on “THIS IS GOOD…AND CLEVER

  1. I thought it quite clever regarding the jailing of Craig.
    I wonder if she regrets the course of action taken.

    The wider comments now on official court record worry me a great deal!

    For a professional to INVENT new rulings on modern journalism via a pronouncement during a vague interpretation of an even murkier contempt ruling is quite disturbing.

    “The Law means whatever I want it to mean”

    We have a reporter writing in the dead tree fraternity to a few thousand people protected and journalistic bloggers being dismissed as unworthy!

    A hack on the Scotsman is of worth with his readership of hundreds and superior to Stu Campbell, who at peak, was read by several hundred, thousand is dismissed. Craig may have been released from jail but that ruling on bloggers hangs over other bloggers like the Sword of Damocles.

    Think about that ruling carefully. A judge decided that the approved establishment media sources are Superior to honest reporting. Protection is only granted to the APPROVED outlets.

    The coverage of Craig Murray’s jailing was only done by other bloggers. The message she sent was not only to Craig it was much, much wider. This was the creation of a two tier system of journalism. It appears far too many of us are drawing our information away from the sanitised “Pathé News” format.

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    1. Lady Dorrian? Are you sure? Nope, don’t see it. I think it’s an identikit photo of Bert Lahr, Ray Bolger and Hack Haley.

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    1. If I was of an artistic bent I would call this representation, An Gearanach. Who all the faces are though in this portrait is impossible to tell.

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  2. You know, people talk about RT and Pravda like publications but with the state of journalism in the U.K., I’d trust them and our excellent bloggers to get to the real truth before I’d trust publications such as the DR, Scotsman and other daily tabloids. Unfortunately there are those who still trust the media and the BBC and believe the lies and absurdities belched out each day. No heart and no bran indeed but very dangerous.

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  3. Nae brain, nae heart, screams Sturgeon to me, but hairdo is all wrong so Lady Dorian as those are Alex Salmonds eyes & Craig Murray’s mouth..

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  4. Very clever cartoon. I see sturgeon/ dorian and thatcher.

    O/T : I don’t know why but I really, really love that episode of “Porridge” when Fletcher was banged up with the corrupt judge.

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  5. Sigh!
    Remember when the SNP were the Party of Independence!

    I expected betrayal from the media, The Military, The Orange Order, The Tories, Labour, The remains of the LibDems, etc.,.

    I did not think that the SNP would be the biggest hurdle to Freedom.

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  6. The gaps in the jigsaw help remind us that “between colonization and civilization there is an infinite distance” and in which “there could not come a single human value” (Cesaire)

    As colonialism is as much as anything else ‘a disease of the mind’, we might also refer here to ‘the colonial mindset’, leading to many distortions, which I see is hitting the news in India, also in regard to the corruption of ‘dynastic parties’.

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    1. @alfbaird

      India, as you’ll know only too well, Alf, endured a very long and frequently very bloody period of active anti-colonial resistance. The British empire didn’t withdraw entirely through choice, not by any stretch of the imagination. Modi’s choice of ‘colonial mindset’ will have hit-home with the many, which, of course, it was intended to.

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  7. I think I would need to see the shoes for a positive identification.

    This whole episode of illegal political attacks on innocent people reminds me of a film with Paul Newman as the hanging judge ‘Roy Bean’, where guilt or innocence was irrelevant, worth watching. At one point he murders someone and when the people ask questions he replies. “If he wanted fair fight he should have gone somewhere else”. This appears to be the state of play in Scotland now.

    Talking to a Nicola supporting friend yesterday, I mentioned the questionnaire being foisted on schoolchildren about sexual matters, response, no great problem, the mixed sex toilets OK as well, everything in their eyes is unionist or worse ALBA lies, will nothing open their eyes. My daughter told me of gender mixed toilets at an exhibition recently where all the toilet seats were covered with urine, alcohol inhibits the aim. I think if we are to protect girls from this insanity we should tell them it is OK to stay home from school during their periods and work online, they should not be subjected to this. They need privacy!

    To anybody that has not read the following, I think it might go some way to understanding the woman in question. As in the movie we need to watch ourselves, what is that knock at the door…….

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  8. Excellent cartoon Mr Green.

    Its definitely the Lady Dorian (though no lady to me).
    How do I know? From the missing jigsaw pieces.

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  9. Its Gordon Brown after a few halves of whisky, or it could be George Galloway, after he got his cream, on second thoughts I think its Annabelle Goldie after a night out with Fluffy Mundell.

    Of course we all know its Sturgeon, brainless and heartless, a very good likeness indeed.

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  10. If it is Sturgeon, then she should be shown as blind as well. For she can’t see far enough ahead to see how she will be remembered.

    Then again, maybe she doesn’t care.

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  11. Well-done, Michael. Fascinating likeness, you captured her perfectly.
    Any chance you could do one of Wishart next?

    Tell you who not to do? Don’t do the crook, sturgeon. I remember the people from the original ‘Spitting Image’ series being asked why they didn’t do a Jonathan King puppet and they replied that it would be too much of a buzz for his massive ego (there was most probably another factor, btw) and speaking of other factors, I find the inclusion of a Prince Andrew puppet in the latest series – which I haven’t seen – as wholly unsuitable and as reprehensible as a sex-survey for schoolkids. Some people are simply not appropriate – not funny – comic subjects.
    (Incidentally, these cartoons could be collectable some day)

    Have a great Christmas, faither!

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  12. As we are living in a country where malicious prosecution seems to be rife, is it really that great a stretch to look also for malicious judgements? Scotland’s prisons are a lot fuller than any comparable western European nation and that is either a function of an inherently very ‘bad’ people, or a despicable corrupt system of governance/laws. I think most of us now know which is the case, and here the cultural division of labour in colonialism also comes to mind:

    “It is in the colonized’s own interest that he be excluded from management functions, and that these heavy responsibilities be reserved for the colonizer. Whenever the colonizer adds, in order not to fall prey to anxiety, that the colonized is a wicked, backward person with evil, thievish, somewhat sadistic instincts, he thus justifies his police and his legitimate severity. (Of course) the traits ascribed to the colonized are incompatible with one another, though this does not bother his prosecutor” (Albert Memmi).

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    1. Yes, this mainly middle-aged, middle class political elite gives every sign of despising the working class voters.

      I remember well some footage of Blair when he had just become leader of the Labour party and had emerged with a triumphant train of his acolytes. He was caught unawares by a homeless person (who was perhaps a bit tiddly) and who was hailing him happily as the new leader. ( ‘Go get ’em,Tony’ or sentiments of that kind.) Blair’s reaction was very revealing, as his infamous unctuous grin froze on his face and in that brief moment as he turned his back on the man, his expression became fiercely contemptuous. If he could have withered that inoffensive man on the spot then he would have been ashes at his feet. ( I already disliked Blair at that time but it was an illuminating moment as his extreme reaction was quite disproportionate. He was apparently deeply offended by the effrontery of someone so lowly having the nerve to give him comradely congratulations.)

      For me it was so strikingly revealing that I remembered it and from then on, I didn’t just dislike Blair for his politics but despised him. Later, as Prime Minister, of course, he lived down to that expectation. I never voted for Blair and never voted for the Labour party ever again. The SNP leadership gives all of the appearance of being the same.

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      1. In the colonial situation it is not only class distinctions, status and privileges the working class native has to contend with, but also an ethnic aspect, where the bourgeoisie native elite takes on the supposedly ‘superior’ culture, language and ‘values’ of the colonizer. This then brings into play the racism element which is always a feature of colonialism.

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  13. I accept that I’m not a legal genius and have no knowledge of this type of case but it seems to me that an individual either a) identifies individuals deliberately or b) enters into a conspiracy with others to release collectively some information which identifes individuals which completes the puzzle.
    Was this ever tested?

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