It’s happening again. I have witnessed it before so many times. It is a huge mistake. A gross tactical error.

What am I talking about? Well as Boris’s Government totters along, gaining huge rewards for themselves and their supporters and donors, speculation is starting to mount about when he will be replaced ..and by whom? Will it be another Tory, or will it be at long last a Labour victory?

My view is who cares? I have no hope that another Westminster Tory will grant us Scotland’s independence. Likewise I don’t believe Labour will either. Why? Because Scotland is England’s cash cow. For Labour it is also potentially one of the most promising areas in terms of seats if only they could kill off this whole Independence fixation.

I see the usual “get rid of the Tories” slogans appearing, even the odd “if only we could get a Labour victory” as if that would change things.

The problem here my friends is that folk who make these statements have no idea of what the plot is. Not so much losing the plot as not understanding what it is in the first place. By encouraging and participating in such discussions raises false hopes and avoids confronting the real truth.

Scotland’s problem is not with the Tories or Labour. Our problem is we are being ruled by the political elite of another country, our much larger neighbour, who takes our resources and exercises its whims over us thanks to a huge majority of seats in the English Parliament, to which we are a mere tiny appendage.

Harsh? Point out anything in that paragraph above that is not true.

You see I think we need to be more harsh, particularly in our language. I am not so much in favour of talking about the “four nations” approach as calling it out in reality, as cowtowing to the English Parliament.

We should describe Westminster at all times as the English Parliament. We should describe them as the “Colonial Power” we should end the pretence of “A Union of Equals” and encourage Scottish voters to confront the reality ofScotland’s true position.

We have plenty of evidence to prove we are being ruled from elsewhere. We can point to a multitude of examples of where we have been badly governed against our expressed wishes, most recently with the Brexit decision and our removal from the Single Market. A devastating blow to an economy heavily reliant on exports.

We can provide clear evidence that our assets are being stripped in order to enrich the colonial power. That this is done with the compliance of the Holyrood Parliament demonstrates the failure of the Independence Movement in Scotland and in particular those who have “settled in” as Scotland’s colonial administration, content with their limited powers and completely adverse to any serious attempt to throw off the yoke of their colonial masters in London. It might endanger their salaries!

The starting point in any battle to end colonial power is to ensure people are told the truth as to our real position. All too often our Scottish Government disguises the weakness of their subordinate position.

Let me give you the clearest example at the present time. The SG know the current Covid pandemic is crippling the hospitality sector, the more so as politicians ramp up the fears in order to encourage vaccine uptake. In a normal country, the order would go out for such closures in that sector and money would be in place to protect the employees and business until reopening became possible.None of this is possible in colonial controlled Scotland. As a result many jobs will be lost and businesses closed permanently.

Why not tell the people that truth outright? Instead we get the usual “outrage and anger”. That means nothing, it is the standard language of politicians. Telling people that we are being treated as the colony we have become…well that WILL open people’s ears. Then you will see the people’s outrage and anger. That will be a much more dangerous outrage and a much more potentially explosive anger than the mouthing of those same words by any politician.

So my advice to all Yes supporters is to be much more direct in pointing out that we are a subjugated nation as we stand. That we have very limited powers and are in the main subject to the whims of the English Parliament.

That we have the abilities to be a very successful independent country, free to prosper utilizing our own assets, our own educated and productive workforce, utilizing  our inventiveness and ingenuity to build our own nation, not enrich that of our neighbour.

To have vision and ambition, to be all that we can be, not tethered and controlled by any colonial master. I am not fooled by the clever disguise of their colonial control and the subservient cooperation of the colonial administration.  

We need the people of Scotland to rise and be a nation again. The present tactics will never come close to achieving that. We need a much more direct and determined route.

I am, as always

Yours for Scotland.


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79 thoughts on “WILL WE EVER LEARN?

  1. That’ll be all talk of preparing for IndyRef2 off the back burner and back in the cupboard. We can’t possibly have a referendum whilst we are engaged in a 4 nation approach to this variant and possibly the next. We need to be united in tackling this pandemic. Aye right! BoJo has shown that he only regards his statement about not cancelling Christmas as paramount. He can’t immediately ask people to adhere to further restrictions whilst it’s fresh in their minds that he and his Party ignored them last Christmas. He needs some time. The fact that the medical advice is to implement the restrictions ASAP, is irrelevant. The SG are caught up in this, as they don’t have the powers or money to implement furlough.
    Where are the press conferences exposing the fact that the SG want to implement restrictions but can’t due to Westminster? Or are the SG feart to take these steps, on medical advice, because England are not? Where are the press conferences calling out the Tories for jumping on the ‘anti vax’ bandwagon? Too many MSP’s/MP’s are too comfortable not rocking the boat.

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  2. THIS!!!

    My only slight suggestion would be to say that we are treated as a de facto colony as we should never suggest we are a de jure colony. All that needs is for politicians to say “we are being treated LIKE a colony by the people who claim we are equal partners”. Show Westminster up (again) for the hypocrites they are.

    The gloves need to come off but neither the current nor the likely future FM have any intention of doing so, Satraps that they are.

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    1. “How long? Not long, because no lie can live forever. How long? Not long, you shall reap what you sow… How long? Not long, because the arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice.” Dr Martin Luther King

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    2. @panda paws

      I understand what you’re saying, but we really need a name for what we approximate to politically. There are no politically descriptive half-way-houses available: no half-in-half-out options to be had; we can only be one thing at a time. If we can’t describe ourselves as an independent sovereign nation and we are forbidden the right to call for a vote on our continued membership of the union, it becomes increasingly difficult to credibly argue that we are anything other than a colony, wholly governed by the decisions made in a parliament outwith our borders. National Party politicians, worth the name, need to learn and understand about our colonial oppression and impart their knowledge to the people in a direct and honest fashion if they truly wish to be leaders. The people will do the rest.

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      1. Erich it is NOT WM who are stopping us having a ref it is sturgeon and her tartan taliban troops , a sect 30 is NOT permission to hold a ref it is an agreement to honour the outcome of a ref and we all know what that agreement would be worth if we did vote for independence THAT is why they will NOT agree to or sign a sect 30 , they agreed to a sect 30 (to honour the outcome) with Alex Salmond because they were almost certain of the outcome but they got such a shock when YES took the lead that panic set in and Scotland was flooded with politicians , celebrities and world leaders pleading not to leave them but to lead them , and then we had purdah breaches and the infamous vow devised by the now converted to YES (hahaha) murray foote
        THAT is why sturgeon is blowing smoke up our rears because she KNOWS WM will never agree to sign a sect 30

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  3. You are so right Iain. We have to start using the correct language; the RESTORATION of our independence; the RECLAIMING of our fiscal autonomy, the RE-ESTABLISHMENT of a Scottish Government with ALL the powers that the real meaning of the word suggests, and borders, exports etc. The list is long. (Apologies for the capitals, I can’t access italics when tapping these comments on my ipad.)

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  4. Language does matter.

    If used inappropriately it is counter-productive. There remain 20% of people in Scotland who are Conservative supporters – not all are British Nationalists and Unionists (BUNS). You are unlikely to convince them of anything other than your own intolerance if you use abusive terms such as the foregoing.

    I am not a Conservative supporter – never have been, never will be – but I cringe every time I hear the chant “Tory scum out!” or read banners and articles containing the same or similar. The Tories are merely the current variant of HM government. If you like they are Omicron whilst Labour are /were Delta. The infection is the English government masquerading as a British one – COVID!

    It is the Coronavirus that we need to shake off. Full and effective immunisation comes only with separation. We can cohabit with other nations on this island when we make our own decisions suited to our own well being and economic, social and political well-being.

    No amount of reporting by The National of Blackford ‘blasting’, Sturgeon ‘slamming’ and Swinney ‘savaging’ Ross, Johnson, Davidson, Gove, Patel, Rabb and the rest of the present Westminster mob run government will make a gnat’s nut difference to the ordinary guy in the street.

    Folk need to understand our true status as colonial subordinates in the British Union under all governments and that we will continue to be dismissed ripped off until we throw off our Imperial Masters.

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  5. the ‘management’ of the pandemic, the constraints of the begging bowl, the offence created by knowledge of the Number 10 parties – the deaths and suffering which might have been mitigated had we controlled our own borders – all that and a good deal more justify immediacy and the now long overdue walk-out from WM, or is Scotland to be dragged out of WM because those elected to achieve that have lost their way along with their spines?

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    1. eva, yourself having previously been an active member of the SNP must surely acknowledge that the current group of MPs representing that party at Westminster have demonstrated by their inaction no commitment whatsoever to vigorously campaign for the Independence of Scotland in the HOC, which of late has become a theatre in which humiliation of the Scots regularly tops the bill.

      Political posturing on the floor of the HOC as exemplified by the ‘Skye Crofter’ and his flock has set the cause for Independence back years and were they to walk out in another choreographed stunt where would they go? To Hell in a handcart? None of them, and I mean NONE, are capable of bringing about change as long as they remain obsequiously in thrall to the deviants currently in charge of the SNP and even if they did jump a’ wid hae ma doots as tae thair motives.

      In Greyhound racing parlance if the ALBA party wants tae catch the hare they need tae trap and trap quick. The SNP hisnae the guts nor the stamina, LET’S TRAP!

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  6. I have little sympathy for the Scottish Government and becoming more and more exasperated when SNP supporters shout about being powerless. They chose this. They need to own it.

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  7. It would be easy to replace ‘The other America for Scotland’ “One America is beautiful for a situation… millions of young people grow up in the sunlight of opportunity. But tragically and unfortunately, there is another America. This other America has a daily ugliness about it that constantly transforms the ebullience of hope into the fatigue of despair… They find themselves perishing on a lonely island of poverty in the midst of a vast ocean of material prosperity.” Dr Martin Luther King

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  8. I’m in total agreement with you, Iain. We, the Scots, have been conditioned to tread very carefully when referring to anyone or anything “English”. Like it or not, we are a colony in every sense of the term. It’s now time to take back our country. Any honest English person would agree.

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  9. It’s time the gloves came off? It was time the gloves came off in 2012 in the run-up to the first (and only) referendum. We were told back then that “a positive campaign always beats a negative one.” Well clearly it doesn’t. Mind you, I suppose we at least had a campaign back then. Token noises from the benchwarmers of New SNP is all we can expect these days.

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    1. YES, and now Dave if you mention anything about being colonised or changing the franchise for a ref that we will never see you are automatically assailed and targeted as a nativist or blood and soil fascist by those who espouse civic nationalism (whatever the feck that means) but that is just another saying to insult you and attempt to shame you so they can silence you
      AFAIC their civic nationalism shite cost us our independence and it will do so again if we are stupid enough to fall for it

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      1. It is a sad truth that our own SG support the rights of all minorities with the exception of native Scots who dare not speak our name. For us to exist in our own country is the embodiment of racism it seems. We are to woke ourselves from existence in some grand gesture: look your woke is wonderful we will go quietly into the night to honour you. Take all that we we are and all that we ever were – take the blood spilled and the dreams that were dreamed and erase it all – rebuild it in your own image.

        To hell with Sturgeon and her abuse of her own.

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  10. Many of us will share your frustration, Iain, many of us will wonder, after all these wasted years, why that frustration hasn’t found national political expression in the form of an avowedly anti-colonial political party. Is it not simply the case, as it is in every colony, that we have produced a dysfunctional middle-class and a likewise dysfunctional political-class, of which the SNP is merely the predictable apotheosis? We, it can be argued, inhabit an imperialist-democracy wherein the concomitant vitiation of objective reality has produced a false consciousness, as is to be expected in a mature colony. That’s to say: we’ve been conned blind, truly and utterly!

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  11. We lack a real independence leader. A person to lead the charge like Tony Blair did for Labour, Jimmy Reid for UCS, Nigel Farage for Brexit and so on there are plenty of examples around. First and foremost a single minded individual focussed on the goal and nothing else, a real orator with a commanding presence and preferably not elected.

    Sadly I can see no such person anywhere in Scotland at this moment in time.

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    1. In your view, a candidate as “a real independence leader” should have 5 qualities
      1)a single minded individual
      2)focussed on the goal and nothing else,
      3)a real orator with
      4)a commanding presence and
      5)preferably not elected

      I’m not disputing the need for any of those features but what if they are found in 5 people, not 1?
      Surely it would be easier to find 5 people with 1 outstanding quality each who agree to work together to achieve Independence

      Complaining Scotland lacks but needs a real independence leader looks like an excuse for not getting on with the job, making the most of what you have got,
      Furthermore, should the ideal individual ever be identified, wouldn’t Scotland risk the development of another “St Nikla” situation?

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      1. I think that’s a good point Ben . The emphasis on individual * personalities * – however much we may admire and respect them – is fraught with many difficulties , not least for the individual in question . It’s a symptom of the * celebrity culture * we live in , the ” primary narcissism ” of modern life , which too often leads to excessive focus on the individual – how many can handle the attention without succumbing to egotism and/or neurosis ? – and manifests also as ” Build ’em up , knock ’em down ” by MSM : today’s * hero * becoming tomorrow’s * villain * , at times with shocking ( to them ) suddenness .

        Better with a fairly anonymous * council * of some description , working tirelessly away from the spotlight .

        If there has to be a visible figurehead ( ? ) let it be someone whose power is limited within the Movement

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      2. I agree with you Ben and Robert Hughes , Alin you are right also but unfortunately 1 person would have an enormous target on their back and who within us can say they are 100% squeeky clean and WM dogs wouldn’t find dirt
        We need someone or 3 someone’s with Tommy Sheridan ‘s oratory power , determination , aggression , commitment, and total contempt for the establishment , Tommy is loved and hated in equal numbers as is AS but no one can deny his determination , dedication or focus to independence , many have tried to destroy him but he still fights back
        We need people to be outspoken and dismissive of the WM clown show and their HR quislings , to vociferously call out and expose the colonial treatment of Scotland by WM and their placemen in Scotland, to show that we are treated as vassals instead of equals , to expose the theft of our resources whilst BEGGING WM for funds , to vociferously challenge WHY Scotland has the Barnet formula , Wales has it’s stipend and NI the same WHILST engerland holds everyone’s purse strings and can spend whatever it likes on england

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    2. Good points in reply to my original,comment but I disagree. We need great backup people but i believe other than a single leader fragments the effort – look at history and show me a collective of leaders who simultaneosly led the people in a great cause.


      1. I would disagree, one leader opens the door to personalised attacks on one person, as was the case at the referendum, think of the vicious attacks on Salmond by three unionist parties. It is more difficult to attack a movement. If that movement has authority devolved on an agreed agenda among a few connected people, it is more difficult to neuter it than it is by removing a dominant single leader. All it takes is cooperation, with a commitment to work together to thrash out their differences, no one person should be indispensable to the cause. Good management comes from cooperation, not dominance.

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  12. I’ve been referring to Scotland as a colony for quite a while now. Each and every day I am thoroughly scunnered by the way the SNP government are treating their voters. People say, ah but it’s the only route to independence. Well, I’m sick of this route and wish we could find another. How I wish Alex Salmond had managed to gain influence in the Scotsman but, like everything else he has done, there were our masters working against him to retain power in England.

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  13. « We are being ruled by a political elite. » Exactly our case in Scotland with a dominant SNP regime which rides roughshod over the people,the majority of whom do not support their cause.

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  14. “Sadly I can see no such person anywhere in Scotland at this moment in time”
    You have such a person staring you in the face – Alex Salmond!
    Why do you think the SNP leader and her cabal of Alphabetties and acolytes went to such great lengths to remove him from public life? Why do you think they continue to besmirch him and traduce his reputation at any and every opportunity they can? Why do you think there was a media blackout when the Alba party was launched and contested the Holyrood election? Why do you think SNP figures such as “ Mr Comfy Slippers” himself are apoplectic about the Alba Party gaining any traction in the public domain?
    Why does Elsie McSelfie herself pronounce that we all must work together except for Alex Salmond and the Alba party whom she sees as a serious threat?
    Alex Salmond is a brilliant orator, intellectual and political master and a brilliant strategist – a great leader and to date the ONLY person who has managed to get us within touching distance of independence when he secured the referendum in 2014.
    Alex Salmond did not lose that referendum WE the Scottish people did because we didn’t have faith in ourselves and our abilities to go it alone. We didn’t have the confidence to believe in ourselves and our true worth, preferring instead to cower in fear, be,Irving the lies and false promises of the No campaigners and our imperial masters in Westminster.
    Alex Salmond personally took responsibility for the result, but it was not his fault, it was ours, he should never have placed that burden on himself and resigned.
    But he’s back now – all we need is the faith in ourselves and to turn a deaf ear to the campaign of despicable lies against him.

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    1. Unfortunately they’ve done such a number on him that he’s damaged goods at the moment. As long as the nudge, nudge stuff goes on that’ll continue to be the case. UNLESS the whole truth comes out. How can it though when folk are threatened with the jail for merely hinting at it? Can Alex sue for what was done to him? I’d happily contribute to any crowdfunder.

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    2. You are right in everything you say Heather apart from the result of the referendum Scots DIDN’T fail to vote for independence , they DID have the confidence to believe in ourselves , they DID believe in our country , they DID believe in our abilities to run OUR OWN country , it was non Scots or new Scots whatever you want to call them or incomers who voted AGAINST independence because we are too stupid or too nice to realise we were CONNED or USED by people a lot MORE not nice and mercenary than us nice people
      OUR children can’t afford homes or housing and are having to leave because the house prices are out of their reach and the menial jobs they can get won’t let them compete with rich incomers
      It has all been said before but unless we wise up it will be rinse and repeat eternally

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  15. The Scottish SNP administration « takes our resources « and squanders it on their every whim. No need for me to list their failures…they are well-documented. They have also gained control of media,law,police and rule over, with a rod of iron, their politicians and adherents. No dissent.

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  16. s.donald220@gmail.com

    On Tue, 21 Dec 2021 at 07:51, YOURS FOR SCOTLAND wrote:

    > iainlawson27 posted: ” WILL WE EVER LEARN? It’s happening again. I have > witnessed it before so many times. It is a huge mistake. A gross tactical > error. What am I talking about? Well as Boris’s Government totters along, > gaining huge rewards for themselves and their s” >


  17. The majority of seats are determined by constituencies that are conservative leaning (South of England). Mostly they select Conservative Party candidates but often Labour and LibDems “adapt” their policies to become attractive to these voters.

    The main Parties are now blending into shades of Tory. They may put on a theatre performance of their “differences” but when you study them in depth no real difference exists. Look at the EU, WMD, Foreign policy etc and behind the words is the same voter directive.( BritNat predominately)
    In summary England gets what England wants as regards political direction.

    The Tory, Labour and LibDem politicians in Scotland are UK parties ( regardless of the spin they generate). They are therefore signed up to a collective manifesto shaped to win over English voters. Look how quickly the politicians of these “Scottish Branch” shades of Tory changed over Brexit.

    I do not expect a politician to share my views on the EU, WMD or any other issue but I expect them to adopt policies that the People of Scotland demonstrate a desire for.

    Do not think of Tories, LibDems or Labour as alternatives. They are politicians who want to run Westminster.

    a) They focus on the major population centres. Especially where they have the potential to win a seat.
    b) They know it is “a turns each” set up and that determines constant cycling around policies already blended by efforts to get elected.
    c) Obviously adopting a policy such as a Referendum on Independence for Scotland offers no benefit. An electoral area in which they have very few seats offers no upside.

    The less Scotland votes for Unionist Parties the less Unionist Parties will care about Scotland ( if possible)
    650 MPs and even if every single Scottish seat goes to an Indy Party nothing will change.

    We are a colonised region that can never escape because WE have accepted that the the coloniser has the final say on the matter.

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  18. I agree with every word. Let’s start by using the word ‘ quisling ‘ a lot more often.

    And I do not think the alphabetties will remain anonymous for much longer. And this will hasten sturgeon’s downfall.

    I think their names will be published furth of Scotland. In the very near future.

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    1. It may be useful to remember that Major Vidkun Kvisling [anglicised as Quisling] was a CBE = Commander of the British Empire. An “honour” that was taken away before he was shot as a traitor. See Google for details !

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  19. So true. It matters not a jot to us in Scotland who replaces Johnson and we shouldn’t take part in any of the hype. We need to use our energy for our fight for independence.

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  20. I had hoped that the new Scottish parliament would make a difference, would at least be a half way house on the road to independence. How was I to know that Westminster would helpfully supply senior civil servants as aides to all Scottish government ministers?

    These civil servants hear and record every word spoken by ministers and MSPs. The parliamentary enquiry surely proved that.They then report everything back to their real boss, the cabinet secretary at No 10. That is at least the situation as I understand it. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

    At the first sign of serious dissent, of trouble brewing, Downing Street is alerted and appropriate action can be taken to quell the revolt. How then can we organise anything from within our parliament when Westminster is always forewarned?

    The Scottish people will have to be won over and they can then apply pressure to our politicians to allow or force them to act. Not an easy task when the so called Scottish msm are all unionist.

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    1. As Iain suggests, Scots need to learn about and understand our colonial oppression, in aw its mankit naitur, which I have also sought to explain here: https://www.facebook.com/YesHaddington/videos/1059504741259620

      A ‘peoples’ understanding of their oppression is an essential prerequisite to their learning what national independence really is about (i.e. decolonization) and why it is essential. This message should be on the front page of any manifesto of a National Party seeking national independence. As Iain says, we need to: “tell the people that truth outright?”

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      1. I’m reading your book Doun-Hauden, and it hasn’t half opened my eyes. The title is fast becoming a well used phrase in my lexicon.

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  21. The SNP should be praying Johnson is NOT replaced , any tactically savvy Pro-Independence supporter knows he is an absolute gift to our cause , almost universally reviled and ridiculed in Scotland and if he does get slung – having exhausted his * Get Brexit Done * usefulness and now an electoral liability to the Tories – it’s likely they will appoint someone less obviously * unsuited * to the position of PM ( he’d make a decent children’s party entertainer , maybe ? ) . They would be hard-pressed to find anyone less so

    Instead they indulge in another round of fantasy speculation/expectation that another Unionist Party leader will grant the mythical S30 . As you say Iain , and as most of us fully realise , none of them ever will . Why would they ?

    Compare and contrast our woefully feeble and borderline demented * leadership * with Sinn Fein’s Mary Lou McDonald : a true warrior for her cause , laser-focused on achieving her objective – no Gender Ideology mindrot or HCB thought policing for her – who brooks no shit or * accommodation with the colonial powers of WM or their placemen in the Six Counties .

    Would that we had such a leader

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    1. I wonder if it’s significant that Mary Lou is a Dubliner and thus was born and brought up in an independent country? No colonised mind for her!!!

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      1. I’m sure it is significant PP . Also fully cognisant of Ireland’s torturous history with England : it’s deviousness and extreme reluctance to let go of it’s * possessions *

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  22. You are right, Iain. We should not care or worry about who is in London. Until we are actually independent, it will not make a lot of difference because all the Unionists are of one mind on England-as-the-UK, and our part in their future. Labour and the Lib Dems will sell us out just as efficiently as the Tories. What we should be caring about is what the hell the SNP is not doing to get us to that state of independence. Sturgeon and her cohort, and the pseudo ‘wokies’ need to go. That is the bottom line before any forward movement can be made in any governance and policy area, in Scotland. The sanctimonious b***s**t is becoming totally unpalatable to any thinking, sentient person in Scotland. They are quite welcome to go into the countryside and chew grass with the cows: an old friend, sadly passed, used to say that about a lot of people when they annoyed him by being wilfully daft, that there are wiser craiturs out in the fields chewing grass. I’m not trying to be pointlessly rude, but it must take a great deal of energy (wasted) to make things fit into their deluded world, on both independence and on GRA reform.

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  23. Spot on Iain, Labour and the Tories at Westminster are just two cheeks from the same arse, it wouldn’t matter who becomes England’s PM, Scotland will always lose, independence as you say is the only way ahead for Scotland.

    The SNP MPs play out their Boris bad game at Westminster for our benefit, its an act, a show that’s put on to makes us feel as though they are striving for the good of Scotland by somehow berating a foreign countries PM, as Craig Murray said no route to independence leads through London.

    Forget Westminster, the elephant in the room is first and foremost Sturgeon, it all leads back to her, and she doesn’t want Scottish independence.

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    1. Yes ROS , notice Johnson’s aside about how he and Blackfraud ” get on very well away from the chamber ” . How nice , how polite , how * civic * . How vomit-inducing

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  24. Our gaze needs to be on Holyrood, not Westminster. ‘Look what the bad tories are doing’ will no longer wash. Yvonne Ridley was spot-on in saying that we need to be camped outside Holyrood (on the Scottish prism show).

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  25. Nota bene modern Scotland, England has never «granted» anything without benefit of the equivalent of a kick in gonads. Surely the many events of Scotland’s historic involvement with England ought to have etched the nature of the beast into the collective consciousness.
    It requires rather more political verve than the occasional X on a piece of paper. The struggle for a truly democratic Scotland does not have fixed dates for effort.

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  26. We are controlled by the “British” of each nation in these islands.
    The people
    who still believe that they have an Empire and that all others are subservient to them.
    We are controlled by those who not only sing “Rule Britannia” but long for the return of the powers of the British Raj. We must stop blaming whatever politicsal party is in power in Westminster. Lay the blame where it truly lies. On the British. See them damned for their actions.
    Scotland Free or a Desert.

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  27. This is article is spot on Iain, thanks.

    Englands problems are their own they need to own it, we should not wasting time telling them what they should do, they won’t listen anyway.

    Our problem is with the SG and how it was set up in the first place. I’m sure that a number of serious indie supporting SNP politicians are still there and are aware of the situation that we now face. I think we could name a good number who must be desperate for change. Personality ‘photo shoot’ politics does us no favours as has been shown by Boris, it will come crashing down for Nicola as well, she behaves like a 1960’s pop star at a pop concert with all her fawning fans screaming at her every word. She does not realise yet that nobody is indispensable, her political fate is inevitable when the tables turn against her.

    Serious question, is the ‘National’ now a unionist plant controlled by their Tory owners to counter independence, has the paper joined the MSM and BBC in opposing independence from a discrete distance? No attempt at supporting any position other than Nicola’s would suggest that it is the case. They never mention ALBA or ISP unless to ridicule them. Otherwise silence, another fox?

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    1. Robert I have asked this question numerous times , you and others state that there are still a number of serious indie supporting SNP politicians still there and are aware of the situation that we now face. can I ask you to name them and enlighten me as to what they are doing to counteract the she/her/it lunacy , or the over 14 perverts charter about anal sex , vaginal sex or oral sex , or the removal of the word MOTHER from the SG lexicon , or how about an easy one , what are they doing to promote or forward independence

      With respect to yourself ALL I see is a shower of craven cowards frightened to cross the head pervert and who are more interested in their salaries and pensions than they are in PROTECTING the children and women of Scotland against a deviant cabal who are RUINING Scotland and independence

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      1. Thanks twathater.

        I would say that Joanna Cherry is one, Phillipa Whitford is nobody’s stooge, there are others with connected brain cells. Maybe just look at the work that some others did before 2014, some were seriously dedicated to independence and I’m sure are still so. I wonder if these ones are just waiting to jump ship, if they go now they would be out with no future influence, just what Sturgeon would relish, she could replace them with her chosen moronic minions at a Westminster or Holyrood election, going by the active SNP members that I know they would still support her even if she murdered somebody, they would say he must have deserved it, is that not what she effectively tried to do to Alex and others and nearly succeeded.

        Unfortunately ALBA remains out of the loop because of the SNP both votes brigade (and there are plenty there) and are unaware of the truth about the Alex Salmond stitch up. I still get from people that should really know better, comments like “I think he must have been up to something” they have made up their minds that only Sturgeon can win for us, so any dissent would cause havoc, organised by her friends of course and ALBA would get the blame. I think neither you or I would not put up with it, I’m too volatile for that, I would end up arrested and jailed!

        All the gender stuff remains a blight on Scotland and does not serve the people with real gender issues. This will surely bring her down and be reversed when the public get to know about it. I’m hearing a fair number of complaints about it from teachers and others disgusted with the negative effect it is having. I agree somebody needs to light the blue touch paper.

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      2. Robert I agree that Joanna Cherry and Phillipa Whitford are respected for their intelligence and work but I am still extremely disappointed in their inability or desire to expose the continued perversion and depravity being FORCED on OUR children by a coterie of sexual deviants

        Joanna Cherry forced WM and bozo through the courts to reinstate parliament because it breached Scots Law , but instead of continuing a constitutional challenge re brexshit and the Irish agreement which ALSO breached the TOU she sat back down and has capitulated since , THAT to me is NOT a sign of someone who is dedicated to independence , outwith that the abuse and denigration she has suffered from supposed colleagues and fellow members of her party is showing no sign of abating which I would assume is causing her personal ongoing mental anguish, why would anyone submit themselves to that continued onslaught beggars belief , I would rather EXPOSE the vile and rank corruption infesting the party fully supported and encouraged by the leading pervert

        As for Ms Whitford who is an esteemed surgeon and obviously an intelligent health professional how demeaning and denigrating is it for her to be removed from her ministerial position and basically replaced , IMO Ms Whitford has shown the same commitment and dedication to independence as Sturgeon , her silence on the destruction of REAL women’s rights and the threats that will ensue speaks volumes , I am sure that if Ms Whitford was so troubled by what has been going on (which I and many others are) the ALBA party or ISP would be delighted to have an MP and surgeon of her calibre cross over to their party

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    2. robert: too many of them are unwilling to risk their futures. I, for one, fully understand that position, especially when you have children to feed and educate and clothe, like everyone else. However, if that is your stance, you should not be standing for election to the party of independence.

      The Irish Parliamentary Party (IPP), led by John Redmond till his death (almost 20 years as leader) attached itself to a multitude of different domestic policies and sectional interests to the point that it was in a state of inertia and stasis over independence or Home Rule itself. The parallels between the SNP and the IPP are glaringly evident, as are the parallels between Redmond and Sturgeon, both appeasers to Britain and, in Redmond’s case, NI, too – and all to no avail. When Ireland did become an independent state, Sinn Fein had steeped into the breach and displaced the IPP. It simply does not pay to dither and try to compromise because: a) you get nowhere fast; and, b) you will be taken advantage of by those who do not have your ‘scruples’ or ‘appeasing nature’.

      As for those MSPs/MPs who are so pseudo ‘woke’ that they can’t see beyond their own genitalia and sexual agenda, they are a huge threat to independence and need to be removed ruthlessly. Had the Scottish Census for 2021 been held instead of shelved because of Covid, ostensibly (albeit everyone else managed to hold one), some very interesting facts would have emerged and might have damaged many SNP candidates’ prospects this year.

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      1. lorncal.

        Thanks for the question. I answered ‘twathater’ who asked much the same thing, My answer is above. I think the SNP machine is very dangerous under Sturgeon. For indie supporting MP’s and MSP’s to quit individually would render them neutered and ineffective, they have invested a lot of effort in the SNP and will not want that lost. I think dissidents need to form a party within the party and regain control but this needs courage, the likes of Kirsty Blackman would destroy the party rather than give up their messianic gender woo mission as was shown with her attack on Joanna Cherry. They have no interest in independence but have support from many of their young idiotic accomplices. I agree these perverts need to be expelled from politics not just the SNP. I suspect Margaret Ferrier was a victim of these people as was Mark McDonald, both victims of their own side.

        I am just as impatient as anybody to move forward. How long before the weakening dam finaly bursts? Do any SNP members read these blogs or comments, I wonder?

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  28. It isn’t a coronavirus that Scotland needs to be wary of it’s the Sturgeon government and the questionable experts in her «presidium» who seem determined to squeeze all life out of the country.
    The dominatrix with the killer heels indeed.

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  29. Speak harsh words, to whom Iain?The media will not print any such harsh letters, oh yes, we have the National. I subscribe to the National, have never missed a copy, today’s issue:

    page 2: full page on Stirling Uni scientist being selected to help pilot Mars rover.
    Page 3: 1/3 rd page to inform that Kuenssberg will leave the BBC in Aprll next year.
    Page 4: Blackford’s faux rage over Tory Xmas parties.
    Page 5: one 1/3rd of the page shows the back of Johnson’s head, 1/3rd page about Scotland Office “minister” Offord – remember him? – pointless trip to India.
    And, wait for it ,a full column of about 1/12 inches wide about the drop in Scotland’s exports.
    Page 17: WGD, I no longer read.

    Rear of the paper: two pages devoted to Shaun Maloney’s appointment as Hibs manager, and the three pages devoted to Glasgow Celtic.

    To summarise, one single column inch concerning the commercial damage that Brexit has caused to Scotland. Other concerns about Brexit? Zilch.

    Craig Murray has posted a decree by the “Supreme” court on the right of appeal to sentencing. Issued post his custody, naturally. – National’s editorial comment? – Zilch. Assange’s 10 year hounding by the USA for showing live truths? Zilch from the National.

    The National needs to be re-titled as the local Gleaner.

    The Unionist parties are strong on leafletting households, should that be our solution? Fancy crowdfunding?

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    1. velofellow, you have just presented the case for the prosecution and by my judgement your continuing support of that Sturgeon worshipping propaganda rag only gives succour to her nefarious cause.

      ‘Crowdfunding’? ye cuid aye stert it wi yir discontinued subscription!!

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      1. Ah but, Robert, I have an allotment, and so whilst the written content of the National is oft times poor, the physical material is good for the garden.

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    2. velofello – is The National not a stenographer for controlled opposition which includes Nicola Sturgeon and her party and Keir Starmer and his party?

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    3. The Wee Ginger Dug was put down.days after Kavanagh took his stroke.

      No option for the WGD to be re-homed. No, straight to the vet to be euthanised. That tells you all you need to know about begging bowl Kavanagh who still runs a WGD column in the National.

      Not surprised you don’t read WGD. Who would.

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      1. Faintly trusting my memory, didn’t Rev Stu provided support to Kavanagh in early times when he Kavanagh, had some difficilties? Only to be rewarded, some time later, by Kavanagh eagerly jumping to publicise an – incorrect – rumoured piece of slander about Rev Stu?

        You are judged by the company you keep (and read ), and the National’s continued employment of Kavanagh gives me an itchy collar.And as for Kavanagh appeal to his “followers” to fund a house for him…..

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  30. An excellent post highlighting that it is not so much what Westminster is doing more what the present Scottish Government are not doing that is at the heart of the problem. The Scottish Government have no money for furlough but can spend millions on False Prosecutions and weird and perverted policies the latest being to ask schoolchildren about their sexual habits. They should grow a backbone and provide assistance for businesses in Scotland then let the voters see how much we are really subsidised by Westminster when extra finance is not forthcoming after all the people who own and work in these businesses are Scottish voters, the majority in Westminster are not. Instead of blaming Westminster for everything a better approach would be to point out what the Scottish Government have not done to secure our Independence at every Scottish Election asking every SNP candidate and elected member why there is no progress on Independence and when and how do they propose to get off their backsides and actually do what voters (though they no longer have my vote) are putting an X against their party on the ballot paper for, it is not for minor idiosyncratic perverted policies but Independence that people vote for them. Time for them to step up to the mark or step aside.

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  31. People say we need to take the gloves affect,and rightly so. So what I’d like to know is how far are we willing to go to gain our freedom?.

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  32. The AUOB marches were building impressively prior to the Covid Outbreak and the restrictions that followed did not help. I would reckon we need to get back to those numbers on the street demanding independence (not a referendum). People need to rally around I don’t see that happening until Sturgeon and her team are out of politics. If covid hadn’t struck that would probably have happened already.

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  33. Obair my wife and I attended most of the AUOB marches and my daughter even came up from london to attend the Glasgow one , we all loved the togetherness and camaraderie of everyone present we even enjoyed baiting manky jaiket and his limp followers , but I have vowed NOT to attend marches UNLESS it is a demonstration march against sturgeon , the last AUOB march I saw recently had numerous GRA and woke banners and supporters who obviously supported the pervert who WOULDN’T attend a indy march but bust a gut to attend pride marches ,(priorities eh , or keep england in the EU marches with dubious friends) unfortunately sturgeon and her adorationists use the AUOB marches to suggest they are for her support rather than independence , they already use the May election 1 million votes as an endorsement for her tenure which we know is LIES

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  34. Another very good article Iain, and thanks again for keeping at it.

    Nearly every English person who I’ve discussed Scottish Indy with, invariably utilisises the following when presented with statistical facts about the asset stripping of Scotland under the ‘Union’.

    First its, ‘oh I don’t do/understand politics’. To which my reply is, ‘well I do, particularly regarding my own country, so butt out until you get educated.’

    Second its, ‘I’ve always considered myself British, not English’. Which is oh so convenient, and a great way to appropriate the achievements of another country and dodge responsibility for England’s sins.

    And last, its, ‘well I don’t vote tory’… as if, from a Scottish persective, voting Labour made any difference, and fits in with their perception of Scots all being cloth cap wearing, working class socialists, desparate for welfare handouts. It is so much their perception in fact that when trying to placate us, they serve us up a Labour ‘leader’ with a Yourkshire accent and a red scarf stitched to his neck. That’ll fool us.

    So, I’m fully with you on calling an English spade, an English shovel. We’ve been nice, now its time to be precise.

    It’s the English Parliament at Westminster, it’s not there to represent Northern Ireland’s interests, nor the interests of Wales, and certainly not Scotland. And it’s a poor and pitiful argument from Englandshire, if the best they can come up with is, ‘well we treat some of our own people like shite too, so don’t leave us’.

    Britain means England first, and Scotland, N Ireland and Wales are the people and countries that pay through the nose for it.

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    1. On the nail, Daisy. Without a separate English devolved parliament in somewhere like Winchester (England’s old capital), there can never be a Union and there is no UK. England’s parliament simply continued hidden within Westminster, the supposed seat of the British parliament. It was an utter disgrace in the 1770s, and is an even greater disgrace now because: a) it flouts the Treaty terms blatantly, when both parliaments were meant to go into abeyance in favour of a British parliament; and, b) it is impossible for the other three parts to deviate from the overall English plan for complete takeover after Brexit, to create one English state. Anyone who doesn’t see this as th ultimate aim is too stupid to be in any position of authority whatsoever.

      There is so much material there to work into an effective case against the Union at both domestic and international level, yet the SNP does nothing except bleat about pseudo ‘wokie’ nonsense at every level. The whole approach to every subject is framed in a “we must be kind and nice’. That applies to the theft and misuse of our natural resources, to independence, to what is, effectively, colonization, and to the GRA reform. On no level does this so-called Scottish government even meet the requirements of the electorate that put it into power in Scotland once again. It lacks imagination, courage and nous and has replaced those three prerequisites with a flaky, spineless and totally insane, “we must be kind and nice”. No, we cannot afford to be kind and nice to people who would see us eliminated from all of society, on every level. The time to be kind and nice is after you have won, not before, and, even then, you must still be careful and alert – and if they don’t like it, tough. This is Scotland, not England; most sane people believe the GRA reform is a recipe for disaster and wholly irrational; and most, when they look, can see the reality of what is happening to our country.

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