Unless something exceptional occurs the Yours for Scotland blog new articles will be suspended until after the Christmas celebrations.

Once again I want to wish all my readers, contributors and those who regularly comment a most Merry Christmas and a peaceful and prosperous New Year.


I am, as always



  1. Thank you so much Iain for your blogs over the past year, helping me to see my way more clearly through this mire which is Scottish politics today.
    I wish you and yours a Merry Christmas and a dwaining covid 2022, as well as a happy, healthy and prosperous one. Lang may yer lum reek!

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  2. Merry Christmas to you and your family Iain, and all who comment on the blog. Let’s hope we have a better 2022.

    Thanks for all your hard work keeping the blog going and some hope alive.

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  3. I hope that you and your family will have a lovely Christmas Iain. The same applies to all of your contributors and readers.

    Merry Christmas everyone.

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  4. Merry Christmas to all the clans and I’m not going to say happy new year because it won’t be and you all know why. Next year will be the same Westminster to blame, covid is why we can’t hold a referendum the Alba Party are Unionist, pete the carrot will be promoting the Alba Party with all his rhetoric etc.
    Love and kisses to all.

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  5. All I want for Christmas is Sturgeon’s resignation and apology.
    I can’t do the “goodwill to all” bit, especially Sturgeon and her Alphabetties.

    Come back refreshed Iain. Merry Xmas.

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  6. All good wishes to those who rely on Iain to keep us “in the know” and a big, big thank you to Iain for all the work involved in keeping us well-informed. A HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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  7. Enjoy a well-earned break together with your family, Iain and for every one of the regulars on here, let’s hope for better prospects in the near future with fate at last, perhaps, catching up with the Sturgeon regime? Will the Scottish independence movement wake up at last or slumber on? Or as Burns said, ‘ An forward tho’ I cannot see, I dread and fear.’ Oh, what it is to be Scottish.

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  8. Okay Iain radio silence until you’ve stuffed yirself wi turkey and hid a wee sleep, enjoy’ve earned it. If anything big happens and we hear or read about it we’ll let you know.

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  9. Thanks for all the hard graft you’ve been putting in Iain; it can’t be easy producing that quality writing on a day to day basis. We would be at a loss without you. Have a good Christmas with the family and orrabest for the NewYear.

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  10. Hope you and your family all have a great festive season, Iain. And a word of appreciation for publishing my comments on a number of issues. And thank you very much for raising the issues that most others (even my local rag) prefer to steer clear of, like the trans issue and the schools sex survey. Your courage is to be admired. Keep up the good work.

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  11. Thanks for all the great articles. Wishing you and yours a very happy Christmas and a Guid New Year..
    Lang may your lum reek.

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  12. Thanks for making the time to educate all of us, Iain. I never liked school, so I feel I’m catching up now.

    Merry Christmas. Take good care of yourself

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  13. Have a very happy Christmas & seasonal break, and all the best for the new year Iain! Thanks so much for all your variety of blogs, and those you’ve hosted too, this past year – your site is always the best place to keep up to date.

    Season’s best wishes to all your readers too!

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  14. Nollaig Chridheil agus Bliadhna Mhath Ur dhuibh uile!
    Thanks so much for your educational and enlightening articles. We sincerely hope you’ll be able to continue informing those of us who care so very much for our country.
    Stay safe and well.

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  15. Thank you Iain for your posts they are always informative , and your appearances on yir wee muckers prism , you are both filling a massive gap left by SC and WOS and are doing it magnificently , it would be fabulous if you and Roddy could get Stuart on the prism but I know his views on the franchise are the opposite to yours and most others on here including myself but there is no denying his fight for indy and honesty kept us all fighting on
    I would also like to thank your family for allowing us to take up your time , to run a blog like this with administration and having to create new posts is very time consuming and tiring which means less of your time for them
    So Please rest up , enjoy family and friends , and we hope to see your return to the fight

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  16. This turned up last night. Wondered if it was a linguistic polemic by the good Prof Baird on the drams.

    And if not he’d mibbe give it a Christmas smile. Here it is –

    Is a dove a doo Dad
    Is a doo a dove
    Is a cow a coo Dad
    A sparrow jist a spyug
    And is a wall a waw Dad
    Is a dog a dug

    She’s gonnae warm ma ear Dad Instead o’ skelp ma lug.

    Ma teacher’s awfy posh Dad. She changes aw oor names
    Wee Shuggie now is Hugh Dad
    And Jimmy’s ayeways james

    Ah’m scunnered wi’ it aw Dad The way she shoogles words
    Ah must be glaickit no ‘tae Ken that feathered friends are burds.

    Ye learnt me aw wrong Dad
    Ye cawd a ball a baw. Your wife is now my Mother

    You said it wis ma Maw
    Ah’m no share hoo tae spell Dad

    Ah’ll niver pass ma test
    Whit is this ah’m wearin’ Dad

    A simmet or a vest?

    Ah gave ma nose a dicht Dad
    When it began tae dreep
    She gave me sich a fricht Dad
    Ah near fall aff ma seat

    Haven’t you a handkerchief
    She roared as if in pain
    No, ah jist yase ma sleeve, Miss
    And wiped ma nose again.

    Ah cawd a mouse a moose Dad
    Ah shid hiv held ma tongue
    That’s manure oan yir bits Dad
    Nae longer is it dung
    It’s turnips and potatoes
    No tatties noo and neeps
    She said I’ve ripped my trousers
    When ah’d only torn ma breeks.

    There’s twa words fir awthin’ Dad
    They’re jumbled in ma heed
    Hoo kin I be well bred Dad
    When ah keep sayin’ breed
    Now is a crow a craw Dad
    Is a bull a bull
    A’ll try tae get it richt Dad
    I will, I will, ah wull”

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  17. A braw poem Willie. Language is who we are. We know that peoples in self-determination conflict are invariably linguistically divided and language is a key factor in the realisation of our colonial circumstance as “suddenly the language of the ruling power is felt to burn your lips” (Frantz Fanon), and “the most urgent claim of a group about to revive is certainly the liberation and restoration of its language (as) only that language would allow the colonized to resume contact with his interrupted flow of time and to find again his lost continuity and that of his history” (Albert Memmi).

    A guid Yuil tae ane an aw!

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  18. Covid is dead !

    In the past two years, few people died FROM Covid. Many people died WITH Covid, but not OF Covid.

    Long live Omicron !
    Or at least Big Pharma and the world’s financial resetters hope so.

    The latest variant is a common cold.

    Spare a thought this Christmas Day. For all those that died in the last two years. And especially those elderly people that were either trapped in care homes, or moved out of hospitals, into care homes. Their loved ones denied access. All the others were denied treatment at the point of need. Treatment, normally given by your family GP. Abandoned. Left at home until serious. Then admitted to hospital, only to be put on a ventilator and struggle for their lives. Too late for almost all.

    I think we should have a Remembrance Day for all that perished in our World War 2020 to 20 ?
    And sadly like any war, our war isn’t truly over yet. For there will be casualties many years after the event.
    No doubt, there will also be reparations to be settled.

    On the 6th of December this year, a group of seven, headed by Dr Mike Yeadon (ex Pfizer President) laid Crimes Against Humanity charges in the International Courts in The Hague, 160 pages of testimony. Charges are against all the principal players in the Covid Conspiracy, including Britain’s vey own, Four Men of the Apocalypse. Roll on Nuremberg II…..


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