I said I wasn’t going to publish anything before Christmas unless something serious happened. This is it!


What is going on is unbelievable. Scotland’s new Lord Advocate, newly appointed by Nicola Sturgeon weighs in on ending the right to a jury trial in the event you are accused of a serious crime. Like a sexual crime. 

This a country where the First Minister is still fizzing about a jury who tossed out the allegations of many of her supporters in a trial where the evidence, let’s be generous, varied from impossible in the case of Miss H, to the absolutely ridiculously ludicrous and trivial in most of the rest.

In a country where the following Parliamentary Inquiry was notable for the exclusion and redaction of evidence to protect the First Minister, a farce where civil servants in the Scottish Government were overcome with an epidemic of severe memory loss, a condition that also affected the First Minister no less than FIFTY TIMES in the course of her giving her evidence. A condition that repeatedly involved civil servants being called again to refute and adjust their previously sworn evidence as it became absolutely obvious the previously sworn evidence could not possibly be true. This after the Scottish Government had spent many thousands of pounds on coaching their witnesses.

What sort of example is it to the public to have a First Minister implying the jury got it wrong?

This First Minister is a dangerous woman when her rule is spurned. How dare they? 

So along with Lady Dorrian, the judge in the Salmond Trial, another lady spurned of opportunity by the jury’s verdicts, who is already heading up a committee examining the idea of removing juries from such trials, we now have the newly appointed Lord Advocate pushing the idea as well. 

Where is the rest of the legal community? Apart from a few notable exceptions very little is said. My friends in the legal profession tell me the view is overwhelmingly against any move to remove juries. They believe it is a crucial safety valve to prevent oppressive state power. They also believe it would spread quickly from just sexual cases and that once the precedent was established would be liable to being introduced as a quicker and less expensive form of Justice. Advocates for the move argue it would guarantee “higher rates of conviction” How long before judges are given quotas of guilty verdicts to fulfill?

I am now regularly meeting strong Independence supporters who openly say they have no wish to live in an Independent Scotland if the current Scottish Government and leadership are in any place near to power. I even read today a blogger suggesting it will not be long before people will be looking to England for protection against this fascist Scottish Government. How ridiculous and dangerous is that?

Now I have given up on Nicola Sturgeon and her nodding dogs in Government. She has gone rogue and seems to spend her days seeking new ways to alienate Independence supporters. She must know the giant turn off to Independence her Government and “leadership” has become. She seems badly out of touch but surely not to that extent.

My question about this is not to her. She is way by salvation. My question is to the rest of the SNP. JUST WHAT MORE ARE YOU GOING TO TOLERATE? Your “loyalty” is being used against you. When was the last time Nicola Sturgeon did something, or introduced legislation that the PARTY VOTED FOR?

Instead you are getting the Hate Crime legislation, GRA, jury free trials, sex surveys of minors, moves that are decimating the unity of YES supporters. Ask yourself how many Party Members ever voted for any of that?

We are now involved in trying to save INDEPENDENCE from the very people we have repeatedly voted into office to deliver it. How ridiculous is that and what are ordinary SNP MEMBERS GOING TO DO ABOUT IT?

Do you want your children and grandchildren to accuse you of being responsible for fascist government in Scotland? IT IS MOVING CLOSER AND PICKING UP PACE EVERY DAY. WE ARE ALL IN DANGER. 

I am, as always

Yours for Scotland.


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48 thoughts on “REALLY..JURY FREE TRIALS?

  1. Jury trials are a fundamental part of British justice. There are very very few cases (national security) where they are not used. To do away with jury trials in the context of politically controlled judiciary is part of the framework that creates a totalitarian state. People will leave the country because of this.

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    1. There is huge section of the judiciary where juries already do not sit. The power is exclusively in the hand of a sheriff where he/she is the judge, jury and executioner in cases up of up to 12 months. Coupled with the largely-discredited 1930 Moorov Doctrine, this gives enormous power to Sheriffs. The recently-retired Sheriff Katherine Mackie is a good example in the disposal of a former MSP.

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      1. Sure but the Sheriff example is akin to Magistrates in England. That’s been in place a long time. What’s not been in place is a non Jury trial for the more serious offenses.

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  2. “This First Minister is a dangerous woman when her rule is spurned.”

    You are correct Iain: this is looking like a government – colonial administration, that is – drunk on power with totalitarian outlook and behaviour.

    Human rights for accusers but not the accused. Similarly transgender folk and women, respectively.

    If we ever recover our statehood – unlikely under this lot I grant you – our very first objective, nay duty, as electors should be to ensure that the current crowd of bully boys and girls are removed from office forthwith.

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  3. Most of the strong and capable SNP members who could have influenced the party walked away and left Sturgeon a clear field. That in itself was unfortunate since they were the ones who turned a blind eye and let this happen.

    Mass join up, mass protests and get her out no matter how badly she pretends that’s going to affect the campaign.

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  4. I am an almost lifelong Independence supporter who would currently vote No in any Independence vote if there was any chance of the current government of grifters and fanatics were likely to be in power after independence.

    It’s only the grotesque nature of unionists that keeps me just about in the Yes camp.

    Vote Yes to get rid of the SNP is about the best of it. Or least worst

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  5. The sturgeon Inquisition.
    Apart from the preposterous notion that the person being accused will be denied the right of a jury, this dangerous assault on basic rights gives anyone in government carte blanche to fit-up and accuse, as desired, political opponents in the full knowledge that the opponent will be convicted – or not – depending on their preferred outcome.
    The tip of their intended iceberg, we’re talking about brutal arrest – malicious prosecutions – of anyone who as much as expresses any form of protest, written or otherwise against the regime.

    I’m now wondering if Scotland is once again – under the deeply compromised/compliant sturgeon – the testing-ground candidate for pernicious acts by Westminster? In the current, astonishing, climate of Covid restrictions and relentless push for vaccinations – regardless of your opinion on these – this new legislation promises to open flood gates to further quash right-minded individuals into forced compliance, or to be made striking examples of – whether guilty or innocent.

    Perhaps the Scottish legal fraternity will reach a point, hopefully soon, when enough will be enough? I find it difficult to comprehend that the very people who’re charged with defending the public – employed on a daily basis – will knowingly permit such illegality against that same public? Protest from within must surely be the solution to this threat on justice?
    Imagine a government chock-full of talentless gold-diggers – like Woman H – legislating and deciding on who shall be charged and who won’t? Where are the organisers, the disgusted and the disillusioned? Are there no decent people left in Law – as there clearly seems to be a dearth of such within the ranks of SNP representatives?

    Perhaps our last, genuine, Merry Christmas, I extend that to yourself, Iain, and all who follow your blog.

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    1. “Perhaps the Scottish legal fraternity will reach a point, hopefully soon, when enough will be enough?”

      Back in the 1970’s the Northern irish legal fraternity made no objection whatsoever to the introduction of 1 judge, juryless courts on the grounds of concerns about juror intimidation and “the danger of perverse convictions by partisan jurors”.

      NB: Non-jury trials are not a breach of the right to a fair trial. The right to trial by jury is not an international human right. BUTJury trials are linked to the common law system in legislation. Non-jury trials undermine this principle and weaken public confidence in the justice system

      PS Conviction rates are higher with a 1 judge trial

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      1. “Back in the 1970’s the Northern irish legal fraternity made no objection whatsoever to the introduction of 1 judge, juryless courts on the grounds of concerns about juror intimidation and “the danger of perverse convictions by partisan jurors”. ”

        That’s because there really WAS a risk of intimidation of jurors or retaliation against jurors who found terrorists guilty. Add to which many members of either community believed that the murders of “their side” were justified and would be unlikely to convict regardless of the evidence. That situation made justice for the victims of terrorists impossible. That is hardly the situation in Scotland.

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  6. I have never felt such distaste for a politician in my life. That’s saying something considering I lived through the Thatcher years.. i joined the SNP Iin1975 and thanks to Sturgeon left about a year ago. She and those surrounding her are evil beings. We can’t possibly have independence as long as that woman is the FM.

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  7. I cannot believe that there can be so many completely blinkered, brainwashed people in this country.
    WHY are all the SNP MSPs/MPs so blindly acquiescing and allowing this tinpot narcissistic egotist to dictate to them?
    Why are more members of the legal profession not speaking out against this failed lawyer making laws without any discussion or debate?
    I have nothing but disgust for Sturgeon but I am even more appalled by the sheep who cannot see through her evil designs and continue to blindly worship.

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  8. Soon it will be illegal to campaign for independence, punishment for doing so, or even just accused without evidence, prosecution without witnesses or jury, guilty by decree. Next, hanging reintroduced for opposition to the new deity in Bute House. Kafka comes to mind.

    I would suggest that we all should get body cams and have them switched on before leaving the house and store the content securely in case you are falsely accused later of something ridiculous. There is clearly no lengths that the WITCHFINDER and her corrupt administration won’t go to. To any real man or real woman that enters Holyrood for any reason, you might be at real risk of false accusations from the FM and her gangsters if you are out of step with her agenda.

    Scotland is rapidly becoming hostile territory for all but her cowering toadies. Like other totalitarian states, they will be safe until they get one word out of place. North Korea is looking like a safer option!

    Today an SNP activist visited me and complained about Joanna Cherry trying to get cooperation among yes supporters, claiming she is in the wrong again to trust any of them. Heated argument followed to negative result.

    Only yesterday a YES activist that I know well contacted me concerned that people in his YES group and SNP members have thrown in the towel over the last period over the many setbacks. Most were also alarmed by the ‘National’ flyer with Sturgeon and SNP logos on the front, they thought it was seen as SNP propaganda and it would not change anybody’s views.

    Gordon Macintyre-Kemp now seems to be in the Sturgeon camp, his interview with Dr Mark McNaught of two weeks ago confirms this.

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  9. It is now becoming very worrying that my vision of an Independent Scotland is being ‘tainted’ by the prospect of the imposition of legislation that goes against my Principles. I thought I was lucky enough to survive to see my country free again but then saw it taken from me and I am running out of time now. There seems to be a move to put in place measures that will thwart my country’s freedom, when it eventually comes.
    Interfering in the judicial system and destroying our unique legal system beggars belief. Trying to set the parameters of our Independence to keep us constrained!

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  10. That article is like a whos who of arseholes, pardon my language, and that is putting it mildly. I’m just surprised they never got Dani Garavelli or even one of the false accusers to chip in as well.

    It was a jury that stopped Alex Salmond going to jail. Auld salty chops Dorrian would have found Mr Salmond guilty just like she did with Craig Murray. An honest judge of course would have recused themselves from the latter case.

    I still hope the former First Minister or his lawyers find a way to get that memory stick of texts, emails and Whatsapp messages out into the public domain. They should play the Scottish Government at its own game. They could leak it and then carry out a sham internal investigation and find no evidence of who did it. For example maybe that data stick was just accidentally left out one day by some junior staffer or work experience person and some rather resourceful fellow was able to procure it, make a copy and then return it without anyone noticing. Sadly things like that can happen. After all who could forget the highly confidential Decision Report that just happened to be sent anonymously to The Daily Record? It did not there by magic.

    You cannot play fair with people or organisations that are corrupt. You need to hit them with a sledgehammer. They won’t do the right thing by choice that much is clear. The false accusers for example will believe their own lies. They have to as otherwise they would have to acknowledge what truly disgusting individuals they are.

    Also for all those people behind the scenes voicing their disapproval or disgust at what is happening then so what? Actions are what are needed. By the time those cowards grow a set it might be too late.

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      1. That’s what I like about you Iain. I remember watching one of those prism shows a while back and although everyone was pretty much in agreement you were the only one that seemed to be spitting blood about what has been going on. I share that rage. I never thought I would see corruption as blatant as this or that it could be allowed to go unchecked and get worse.

        I remember Roddy Dunlop QC saying that Alex Salmond was taking a scorched earth approach in regards to the Scottish Government, this of course before he himself must have realised that he was being taken for a mug by the SG. You could have fooled me about that strategy though. If anything I have found Mr Salmond’s approach to be somewhat restrained and almost forgiving. That is certainly not the approach I would have taken towards people who had tried to stitch me up and have me rotting in jail for the rest of my life.

        I’m not really a holding out an olive branch type of person when it comes to things like that. I am much more of the hide in your house with an axe until you come home from work kind of guy. Unlike those despicable cowards in the SG and Crown Office I am more than willing to face the consequences of my actions as well.

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  11. Dirty tricks – MI5 fingerprints all over it. While it is understandable in the context of unionist resistance to Independence, it is completely unacceptable. Know your enemy and plan how to defeat their malfeasance.

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    1. Sorry Twahater I had to bin one of your comments because of the language used. I am anxious to maintain good standards on this site and swearing is a no no.


  12. Predictably, the Scottish colony has produced an under-developed middle-class, which in turn has produced a large group of individuals within politics and the professions who have failed to develop a taste or a perceived need for any kind of critical analysis.The underdeveloped group-line and dearth of critical analysis that we see and hear within politics and the professions day-and-daily, shouldn’t really surprise us. It is no exaggeration to say: every last one of our public institutions is packed from top-to-bottom with infinitely malleable, lamentably unimaginative and completely unambitious time-servers, who shun all responsibility and question nothing. Fascism is guaranteed to thrive in such a conducive environment.

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    1. Yes Erich, the ‘elites’ selected to run a colony, including those from among the native bourgeois who must mimic the colonizer’s culture, language and ‘values’, always comprise a ‘mediocre meritocracy’, according to Albert Memmi, and where, as Aime Cesaire tells us, although the petty bourgeois may have read everything: “only his brain functions after the fashion of certain types of digestive systems. It filters. And the filter lets through only what can nourish the thick skin of the bourgeois’s clear conscience.” As Memmi, Fanon etc also note, ‘colonialism is a disease of the mind’, for both colonizer and colonised, and the only remedy is by ending colonialism.

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  13. Seems a small step to withdrawing the Right to vote. I cannot see the difference !
    It proves the point below.

    “Just because you do not take an interest in politics doesn’t mean politics won’t take an interest in you.”

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  14. Postmodernist irrationalism prevails. Gender Recognition Act policed by Hate Crime Act. Binary bond between extreme individualistic subjectivism and extreme State authoritarianism. Arbitrary autocracy of self-ID reflected in arbitrary autocracy of Government. Non-negotiable narcissistic assertion common to both. Regime colludes with judiciary. Words redefine reality. Constants of objective human physiology and universal human rights capriciously and cynically subverted. Irony of State’s untroubled sacrifice of innocent individuals to pursue its collective ‘higher cause’.

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  15. I am looking forward to the day the general public have had enough of these dictatorial moronic incompetents who are more interested in putting sanitory towels in men’s toilets , ignoring blatant perjury , inventing situations in an attempt to justify jailing certain journalists whilst ignoring other journalists for THEIR deliberate infractions of the law , inventing spurious reasons of health considerations to concoct a perverts survey into our childrens sex lives asking them about Anal Sex , Oral Sex , Vaginal Sex in a questionnaire that is illegally identifying the respondents , all in their interest to sate a pervert and deviant desire to ROB our children of their innocence
    When that day comes the perverts and deviants in charge will be brought to justice

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  16. twathater: you’re too kind. Whoever they are that are assets of MI5 (or whoever), they have betrayed Scotland. The infiltration began decades ago. I don’t think the infiltration by the queer theory adherants is the same age – up to 10 years,maybe, but that would have heartened MI5. We are all victims of this: not having independence and much more. I said before – know your enemy, and never underestimate them.

    Oh god – Its Christmas!

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  17. Christopher Brown 33 from. Hamilton is the latest name to attract political persecution.

    Arrested and detained on Wednesday at his home in Hamilton by a team from Police Scotland and now released to appear in court next month.

    Charged with offences under the Communications Act and in response to complaints by Gillian Sturgeon his crime it seems was that of putting onto Facebook the joke suggestion that with post Christmas Covid restrictions folks should consider attending at the First Ministers Glasgow address to celebrate the New Year.

    And so with over 2,000 Facebook likes Gillian Sturgeon of the train mask fame used her influence on behalf of her sister and complained to Police Scotland, who with the sanction of the Crown are now pursuing the potential jailing of this individual.

    Political beatings Iain, I don’t think they’ve even started.

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  18. Public not suited to sit on rape juries because of outdated views? As someone who has been on the jury on a multiple rape trial, how fecking dare she! We did our duty without fear or favour.

    Anyway it’s Christmas day and I thought you might like this inventive version of the 12 Days of Christmas – gender critical style! Merry Christmas everyone.

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  19. “If anything I have found Mr Salmond’s approach to be somewhat restrained and almost forgiving. That is certainly not the approach I would have taken towards people who had tried to stitch me up and have me rotting in jail for the rest of my life.”

    Here is the problem, as explained to me by a lawyer friend. Mr Salmond (and his lawyers) will be aware that a group of ruthless reprobates, capable of inventing one set of lies and trying to jail him, are quite capable of doing it again. In this lawyer’s view, that is precisely what would happen if Mr Salmond ‘steps out of line’.

    The problem is that this is what will likely happen the MINUTE JURY TRIALS ARE ABOLISHED.


    Narcissistic psychopaths never forgive and never forget. Salmond’s ‘crime’ was to remind his successor of what she should be doing – what real leadership of a national liberation movement should look like. He was a daily rebuke to her, so had to be dealt with.

    These monsters are biding their time. Mr Salmond’s team undoubtedly know this. The Lord Advocate’s comments should be seen in this light.

    Sadly, that’s where we are!

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    1. Couldn’t agree more. These people are in no way reined in. They are in fact emboldened.

      For them a corrupt Police and Prosecution service is the tool. This country is only at the beginning of police and prosecution abuse.

      Happened in the Southern States if the USA, in the crime ridden countries of Latin America with nearer to home the 1930s showing how opposition to opponents is done.

      Yes, we are only at the start.

      Wait next for the Pass Laws because they too are underway.

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      1. We already have them – a vaccine passport.

        The same technology can be adapted to all sorts.

        It aint over – we are just at the start.

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  20. The so called pandemic gave the sociopathic element a shot in the ego, not just in Scotland, there is the type everywhere. To be playfully «sexist», it does seem however that Scotland has more than its fair share of desiccated, pursed lipped furies hell bent on social «emasculation».
    The monstrous regiment of women, a certain renegade priest once called it. Now we have the monstrous regiment of «they».
    Roland Freisler is the ghost at this party.

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  21. Some might be interested in this fine documentary about Dmitri Shostakovich (1906-1975). It charts the Russian composer’s struggle to survive through the horrific purges of Stalin while retaining some kind of artistic and human integrity. A glimpse of totalitarianism in the raw.

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  22. Well said Iain, juryless trials will lead to abuses within the system, and allow selected judges to imprison anyone who criticises the state, that’s the road we are heading down- and from there its not much of a leap to totalitarianism, which boggles the mind to think that under Sturgeons tenure we could heading in that direction.

    As you say where are the SNP MPS who care about Scotland and the direction its taking? Why isn’t anyone within the party making a stand against this?

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  23. TBQH I think we the general public and electorate have to find a way to highlight and overcome this created lunacy and we ALL have to start accepting unwanted TRUTHS

    I looked in on twitter last night where someone had posted about changing the franchise , although most were in support of it , there were many who were angry and reverting to the usual insults of ethno nationalists or blood and soil nationalists , this unfortunately leads me to the belief that Scots either don’t want independence or they are too stupid to realise their sense of fair play and Jock Tamsons bairns approach is being used by the enemy to sabotage indy

    I know it upsets people when they think we are being unfair when we talk about setting criteria , but the reality is , going by indy ref 1 where incomers literally made the difference between winning and loosing , you have to ask yourself , what is the most important thing to me and future generations

    Is it that we were so stupid that we didn’t learn the lesson of indy 1 , that our independence was thwarted by the incomer vote , so we were shamed by name calling from our enemies and those supporters who were more interested in the appearance of fairness into a repeat of the format that lost us the first indy ref

    Or is your desire for your country to throw off the constraints and chains of the UK by any peaceful and legal means possible and to attempt to reinvigorate your country into something that would benefit our future generations and use the wealth of our vast natural resources for the benefit of our people

    Do you want to be a FAIR PATSY used by everyone , or do you want freedom and independence for future generations
    Make Your Mind Up

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  24. I think we all know who Sturgeon’s target is. Alex Salmond would be wise perhaps to take a prolonged vacation somewhere outside of Scotland where she can’t get at him.

    The woman is completely unhinged now. I probably shouldn’t have written that in this present climate in Scotland.

    I can hardly believe that I wrote that, but that’s how it is.

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  25. @alfbaird

    100% the case, Alf, and there’s no shortage of evidence within our national institutions with which to make the case,either. Although there’s nothing essentially new or unique about the methodology employed to hold Scotland as a colony, the fact remains that few, if any, of our nationalist politicians have any real notion of what colonialism actually means for the colonized and how the state of bondage was accomplished and is maintained in Scotland by the colonizer. That in itself is a major tragedy but, again, not unknown or recent in colonial history.

    Apart from writing briefing-papers (in the far from unsuccessful manner of Fenner Brockway et al in the mid-20th century), for the attention of those of our politicians likely to be disposed to the clear need for Scotland’s de-colonization from England: what is to be done? A final thought: Was it ever really possible to live cheek-by-jowl with the world’s most infamous and bloodiest colonial oppressor and not become a victim of its grasping, exploitative, criminal ways?

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  26. Police Scotland now have the honour of being absolutely aligned with the morals and modus operandi of the old Royal Ulster Constabulary.

    They are a tool of malign political suppression which is now becoming crystal clear. The justice system is rotten. But there is one thing every two bit hick police force, and the inter connected justice system \should know and that is they only police by popular consent. Not just the officers, the thugs in uniform or the plain clothes, but also their families. They all have to live in the community.

    And it is true too for of the politicians,. Without the consent of the people, they are nothing. But they know that as Sturgeon and her team put more and more rings of isolation around themselves. But they cannot isolate themselves forever and as one ex armed protection cop once said to me, there isn’t enough resources to protect them 24/7/.

    And so Sturgeon may now have close protection armed officers for public engagements but is she covered 24/7. And her sister Gillian setting the Police attack dogs on the guy who made a Facebook joke, how does she think that will go down. They seem to tyhink they do not need to live in the community and the police are their personal attack dogs – which of course they are proving to be.

    Attitudes are therefore changing. Sturgeon and the regime are using the Police and the prosecution as a political tool. It force, naked force, pure and simple. But to very force there is inevitable and equl and opposite reaction..

    And so, as we sit on the eve of the Winter Festival as the woke Anti-Christian Sturgeonites would call it, where the baby Jesus would be airbrushed out as a trans, do we think our society moving forward is going to be consensual. Certainly doesnt look like it.

    Well I don’t. This sadly is just the start.

    Merry Christmas all.

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  27. Is there something similar to Led By Donkeys that could be set up where buildings all over the country can be used as advertising hoardings , where videos of people , ordinary people can inform the NORMAL people , the voters of what is taking place , parents can be interviewed and published countrywide with their reaction to the perverts charter , videos can be produced showing sturgeons REAL appearance at the HR enquiry and the 50+ times she “did’nt know” or “couldn’t remember” or “didn’t have that information available” that would let the public know the depth of the incompetence of her and the corruption that refused to expose that incompetence , photographic slides exist that show the vast resources that Scotland has in comparison to england they also expose the theft of our revenues UNCHALLENGED by sturgeon

    People are going to be severely impacted by the proposed increases being put forward for heating and cooking by the energy companies , to alleviate the profit losses they are incurring and to reinvigorate the future profit streams , they maintain that they are being FORCED to pay higher costs to energy generators . Scotland generates it’s energy so WHO is responsible for the increased costs , and as generators of energy WHY are Scots being hit with the highest costs , THESE things could ALL be covered in a video transposed on to buildings by projectors up and down Scotland and let the PEOPLE who will be most severely impacted see and HEAR THE TRUTH

    The SNP and Sturgeon have SPECTACULARLY FAILED FOR 7 YEARS to produce ANY information to convince or EDUCATE no voters or undecideds of the benefits of being an independent country , an independent country with VAST natural RESOURCES that england is stealing and benefiting from especially London , whilst WE stupid Scots are being FORCED to pay more than our neighbouring countries for OUR OWN ENERGY

    Surely it is not outwith the ability of YES groups to set up a crowdfunding site for projectors and generators that WE can educate the people where Sturgeon isn’t even trying , IMO information and education is going to be paramount irrespective of whether it is ref or plebiscite election

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  28. There is an invisible elephant here, and that is that juries are not the weakness behind the alleged low conviction rate of rape. A link in a comment in Scot Goes Pop a few days ago;

    blows the the whole argument wide open, on the basis that actually, whatever one thinks about the conviction rate, “Juries in rape trials convict more often than they acquit – and more often than they do for some other serious offences – such as attempted murder, robbery and GBH.” The real issue isn’t the conviction rate, it is the attrition rate, which is the percentage of allegations of rape that don’t make into court in the first place, plus those that do make it to court but don’t get as far as a jury decision because the judge terminated it.

    The democracycoma link is about a report about rape conviction rates in England, where conviction rates are typically above 50% of cases brought to court.

    For 2009/10;
    “We have looked closely at the information about convictions for rape and it is clear to us that the figure for convictions of people of all ages charged with rape is 58 per cent. The confusion arises from mixing up the conviction rate with the process of attrition. It is clear to us that the way the six per cent conviction rate figure has been able to dominate the public discourse on rape, without explanation, analysis and context, has been to the detriment of public understanding and other important outcomes for victims.”

    “The year ending March 2020 saw the highest conviction rate on record: 68.5% of rape cases at the crown court.”

    In Scotland the best equivalent figure I found was 43% of cases brought to court resulting in conviction, for ‘rape and attempted rape’ in 2017/18.

    Note the ‘brought to court’, because that is the correct comparator to conviction for the conviction rate, for rape as well as for every other category of crime. But almost every argument over rape conviction rates take the number of initial allegations as the comparator against conviction, but as the democracycoma-linked piece says, the vast majority of these allegations never get to court in the first place for a very wide range of reasons, so the end-to-end conviction rate is usually well below 10%. But for the ‘juryless rape cases’ proponents, the convictions to allegations ratio is the one they latch onto because it gets them a far lower ‘success’ rate, thus yanking hard on the outrage chain by blaming juries for the so-called poor outcomes, when it simply isn’t the juries fault in the first place.

    Our new Lord Advocate has no business at all not knowing all of the above, and needs called out on it hard.

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  29. Why not organise a national petition of no confidence in the Supreme leader and her cabal. Lord Advocate position needs to be removed from Political control and changing of the guard is clearly required here also. Enough is enough the subversion of our democracy is being orchestrated from London in the form of a colonial administration the SNP government ,we need to get this lot out and another independence party in, one that will fight for Scotland.

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  30. Who are the Gareth Pierces, The Michael Mansfields, among Scottish Defence Lawyers?
    Surely they have to be speaking out on this?
    Is there an issue of too many of our lawyers have designs on political careers to dare to speak up independently?
    This is another problem with the Lord Advocate being a politically compromised position because of the non separation of politics and judiciary. Many, like Gordon Jackson, have tried politics, but found it too boring/uncertain/political. But then they are compromised by being associated with one political party.
    We need some strong lawyers to speak out without fear or favor to defend the principle and system of jury trials.

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