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ALBA Westminster Leader Neale Hanvey MP has today (Wednesday) secured a meeting with the Scotland Office Minister Iain Stewart MP during the Westminster Hall Debate this morning on direct ferry links between Scotland and mainland Europe led by Kenny MacAskill MP.  The Minister said that he was happy to have further discussions to explore a way  forward and said of the MPs “I wish them well in pursuing this ambition” and that direct ferry links “would be of benefit to Scotland.”

In a statement Neale Hanvey MP said:

“It is a sign of progress that the Minister is willing to meet to discuss direct ferry routes from Scotland to mainland Europe following the detailed case set out by my colleague Kenny Macaskill in the debate today.  I also welcome his recognition that this would be of benefit to Scotland.

“However what is needed now is investment and it will be the purpose of this meeting to secure a commitment from the UK Government to put in place replacement funding for the EU Motorway of the seas funding which Brexit has removed and to ensure that any new funding is used to restore direct ferry links to Europe.”

Reacting to the debate which he secured Kenny MacAskill MP said:

“This has been a good debate and a constructive exchange with the Minister.  Ireland is powering ahead with direct passenger and freight ferry services to Europe while Scotland is left languishing.   Scotland can and must do better but it requires direct Scottish and UK government intervention and investment.  That is why I will continue to press for action from the UK Government and from the Scottish Government so that businesses, passengers and tourists benefit from direct ferry links to Europe and I look forward to an early meeting with the UK Minister to take matters forward.”



Sadly some sites had given up on being pro Indy sites and have decided to become merely pro SNP sites where any criticism of the Party Leader or opposition to the latest policy extremes, results in censorship being applied. This, in the rather over optimistic belief that this will suppress public discussion on such topics. My regular readers have expertly worked out that by regularly sharing articles on this site defeats that censorship and makes it all rather pointless. I really do appreciate such support and free speech in Scotland is remaining unaffected by their juvenile censorship. Indeed it is has become a symptom of weakness and guilt. Quite encouraging really.


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  1. The efforts of the ALBA MPs are focused on serious issues and they make their arguments extremely well.
    I can only hope they will also take up the threat to our independent judiciary.
    It must be a dilemma for the MSM – they have to ignore the Stalinist incompetence of Sturgeon to avoid giving credit to the only party offering meaningful opposition.

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    1. Well said Marionl99!

      You are quite right to refer to the “Stalinist incompetence” of Sturgeon. When will the MSM ever stop treating her with kid gloves? It’s far too cosy a relationship.

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  2. Well done Mr Hanvey and Mr MacAskill, for putting Scotland’s interests first, a rarity among Scottish MP’s at Westminster. If Scotland is to grow and prosper post-independence these routes need to be in place with our European cousins.

    As usual the SNP MPs are nowhere to be seen, lets vote for Alba at the council elections in May, they are actively defending and promoting Scotland’s interests at Westminster.

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  3. Once independent, call in the Chinese to rebuild our infrastructure. Ports, Rail, Road, Bridges. etc etc . Lets not be coy now, no more poverty of ideas, the entire country would be revamped in a couple of years. Our economy would expand enormously.


    1. The new pump storage project scheme at Inverness is now going out to tender for the civil and electric mechanical packages. Not one tenderer from Scotland or the U.K. is on the tener.

      The huge 3 billion off the coast of Angus Sea Grean project is now taking delivery of the first of the 114 huge jackets to be installed offshore. 30 are being built in Dubai with the other 84 in yards in China. Not one jacket is being built in Scotland, or even the U.K.

      And why are SSE a corporate with headquarters in Perth not using Scottish or even British companies to undertake this work. Why are the Scottish Government not requiring this work to be done by Scottish workers.

      Poser from the Glens for the Glens, power from the Wind but not for Scotland’s benefit.

      Aye, the Scots are paupers in their own land. Poor expendable bastard, and little above sheep.

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  4. secured a meeting with the Scotland Office Minister Iain Stewart MP – Westminster Hall Debate – The Minister said that he was happy to have further discussions – It is a sign of progress that the Minister is willing to meet to discuss direct ferry routes from Scotland to mainland Europe – and I look forward to an early meeting with the UK Minister to take matters forward. – Sorry Iain, this is all crap and hot air. Yes, I know that Alba has little sway in the country, but how irksome is all this, it really does piss me off something rotten, that Scotland has to go cap in hand to even ask the “Scottish Office Minister” to even discuss this.


    1. Threewheelsonmywagon.

      For me its not the fact that anything will come of this, and I understand why should we need to kowtow to a foreign government to get things done, no for me its the fact that Alba MPs are trying to do something positive for Scotland and its people, even though they are a small group at Westminster with no clout. Whilst the party that we sent MPs in a large number to Westminster does nothing but showboat.

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    2. I believe it was SNP policy to develop our ports. Looks like a refusal to act along the lines of energy companies, a central bank and a currency

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      1. That is right, the Scottish National Maritime Policy written by Roy Pedersen and I became SNP policy at the 2019 party conference, however the party leadership has totally ignored this and members votes on the matter. This leaves Scotland with no national maritime transport policy whatsoever – in a globally connected world which depends on shipping and ports for trade to move!

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  5. The efforts of 2 ALBA MP’s outshines the output of the forty+ MP’s of the SNP who seem to spend most of their time propping up the taxpayer subsidised beer bars at Westminster

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  6. If we do not make it absolutely clear from day one that any funding must be free of obligations on us as a region, rather than a partner, we will have them imposed on us, and any funding will be tied into remaining in the UK for the foreseeable future. We need to start thinking strategically and demand that we receive funding on a national level, not on a regional level. We are not Yorkshire; we are Scotland, in a ‘voluntary’ Union with England and the other parts of the UK. These are basic needs, not luxuries, and, even after independence, we would still find ourselves tied into using the English ferry, airport and Channel Tunnel termini at considerably higher cost than English people do. If this is to continue for any length of time, whether we are independent or not, we should be negotiating lower tariffs and costs. Our own links are essential, but we need to start thinking strategically.

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  7. lorncal: questions to you, sorry, but not facts: does vehicle trade from the Irish Republic ferry across to England in order to travel via the channel tunnel? Do people fly from Dublin or Shannon airports in order to fly from Heathrow or Gatwick?

    Way way back circa 2012 I learned that Scottish salmon destined for the USA is flown from Heathrow, essentially driving past Prestwick airport.

    And again, questions, not answers, Why is seafood products from Scotland motored all the way down to access the EU via the channel tunnel? Freshness is declared to be the priority and so a 2 to 3 hour flight from a local modest Scottish airport direct to the EU seems a solution. Devising suitable containers to prevent water sloshing about to cause instability in the plane surely isn’t a Bletchley Park problem?Shipping via a Scottish East port a solution?

    mind set: three pages in the National featuring Glasgow Celtic’s three Japanese signings. I wonder how the young Celtic academy players feel about it. Three less positions to aspire to. And loop back above to trucking to the channel tunnel, absence of the development/ traffic of ports on Scotland’s East coast to Europe.

    Absence of an independent mind set.

    Finally, I respect and appreciate your contributions lorncal, Best wishes.

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  8. O/T but I don’t ever see this being O/T so ALBA taking action is as close as think we come – forgive me:
    What happens if we exercise our ancient right to choose our own king when Elizabeth 1st of Scotland dies? That would make bills requiring Royal Assent meaningful for us. My suggestion is Craig Murray 🙂

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