Are you sitting comfortably (you won’t be for long). Let me begin.

Once upon a time a small, potentially rich country was found to have an abundance of riches, not least oil deposits off its coast that had the potential to make its inhabitants amongst the richest peoples in the World.

It was a country with friends worldwide, not only because of the huge contribution the country had made in terms of invention to the creation of the modern world. This was augmented by the rich diaspora of their people across the globe, the result of ethnic cleansing and displacement carried out on behalf of its large neighbour over several centuries.

During this previous period a policy of military threat and financial inducement through bribery of the Lords of the smaller country, the large neighbour secured a “joint Parliament” with its smaller neighbour. Ordinary people had no say, which was as well because they were overwhelmingly against. It was unbalanced from the start with the small country dwarfed in terms of numbers of members of the Parliament and easily outvoted on any issue.

There then began a story of plunder, a comprehensive one, encompassing all the assets of the smaller country, large chunks of land were forfeited whenever people sought to challenge the injustices and were handed to the citizens of the larger country at the expense of the local owners. Likewise all positions of authority in the smaller country were only made available to those loyal to the interests of the larger country. From the off it was to be rigid colonial control.

As the years passed, more and more people secured the franchise to vote in elections. This was no worry because the Parliamentary numbers were sufficiently secure that the voters in the smaller country, even if they all voted for the same Party, would only account for a tiny number of elected MP’s. Less than one in ten. A nuisance maybe, never a threat.

The trick however was never to permit or encourage widespread dissent to occur. Therefore the priority policy was one of divide and rule accompanied with a long term policy to reduce and remove wherever possible the key indicators of the small nations existence. In effect a removal and reduction of its “inferior” language and culture, a capture of the teaching in its educational institutions, the control of the key management positions in its industry and public bodies.

Today much of that programme has been quite successful, largely because the people elected to defend the small country’s interests were all based at the Parliament in the larger country and were assimilated into it’s structure and privileges. No greater success at this than recently when 56 of the MP’s out of the 59 total that the small country is allowed to send to the joint Parliament were all elected to end the Union between the two countries. They have been in the larger country for years now  and have proved excellent fire extinguishers damping down any rebellion amongst their electors back in the smaller country. They are a great bunch and other members of Parliament have great fun with them.

To be on the safe side however the larger country is now engaged in a policy to encourage more of their citizens to move to live in the smaller country as a bulwark against the worrying demographics where an older generation that had accepted colonial rule were being increasingly replaced on the electoral roll with young pro Independence supporters.

Anyway, around fifty years ago a real problem arose. Large quantities of oil were discovered off the small countries coast, untold wealth. Worryingly the natives began to get restless and there was real concern that the larger country would miss out on this god given opportunity for “us all” to get rich.

Something had to be done, and urgently. The first priority was a secret Government misinformation policy designed to create and maximise the.confusion about how much oil was there. The stories that were developed were crackers. To give some examples “ it was the wrong type of oil”, “ it would only last ten years” were the favourites. In convincing sufficient people about this the larger country was greatly assisted by Labour Governments who were ideally placed, because of their widespread support in the smaller country, to get that message accepted by a significant number of the populace. They also, very helpfully, marked a report that correctly identified the huge oil opportunity, warning it would make the small country the richest in Europe, as TOP SECRET and the large country, under different Governments, buried it for decades.

The large country used the vast fortunes on a twin track system, the first creating huge infrastructure improvements in the south of the larger country while the second involved substantial tax cuts for the well off. As most of the well off lived in the larger country, rather than in the smaller country where the wealth was being realised, the political impact was to secure a series of elections in favour of the exploiters and their supporters.

The surprising thing about the story is just how slow the inhabitants of the smaller country were to catch on to what was happening. This can be explained by the really clever part of the strategy, a strategy as yet unmentioned.

This involved very clever accountancy and a political message all designed to convince the population of the smaller country that far from being exploited by the larger country they were in fact being subsidised. The larger country was expert at this having been a huge colonial power across the globe and having to operate this tactic extensively, while raiding the resources of numerous countries. To make this stick it was necessary to mobilise the section of the population amongst the middle class that were reasonably affluent in relative terms. They told them that Independence for the smaller country would bring economic disaster. Hence the too wee, too poor, too stupid myth was born. Countries all round the World, smaller, poorer, not as well educated as the smaller country could be fully independent so they needed to totally control the media if that strategy was to survive,

Fortunately the BBC were there as the State Broadcaster to control that task and thereafter by ensuring all the main mainstream media in the smaller country was owned and controlled outside the smaller country, the secure platform was created to maintain the myth.

The important thing here is that this set up and tactics used over oil must be used to keep control of all other assets that are valuable to the Parliament in the bigger country. They are being fully deployed at the moment to ensure the Parliament maintains full control over the renewable energy assets of the smaller country and a huge effort will shortly be underway to secure water supplies and keep them “safe.”

So that is the story, are you still sitting comfortably? If you are and you live in the smaller country can I suggest you need to get off your backside and do something urgently about this.

What can you do?

  1. Change your elected representatives who have failed you.
  2. Stop purchasing any of the foreign owned media and seek the truth
  3. Make your friends, family, work colleagues much more aware of what is happening

That will do for starters, more will follow once progress towards Independence gets underway.

The only way this tale can have a happy ending for you and your family, and all future generations in our smaller country, is when we all act to end colonial rule and the careers of those who have been happy to go along with it.

I am, as always

Yours for Scotland.


Sadly some sites had given up on being pro Indy sites and have decided to become merely pro SNP sites where any criticism of the Party Leader or opposition to the latest policy extremes, results in censorship being applied. This, in the rather over optimistic belief that this will suppress public discussion on such topics. My regular readers have expertly worked out that by regularly sharing articles on this site defeats that censorship and makes it all rather pointless. I really do appreciate such support and free speech in Scotland is remaining unaffected by their juvenile censorship. Indeed it is has become a symptom of weakness and guilt. Quite encouraging really.


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44 thoughts on “ONCE UPON A TIME

  1. As a character in the film Laurence of Arabia exclaimed when faced with a troop of restreating Turkish troops who had butchered his village, NO PRISONERS!
    But then being what I am, I would say that wouldn’t I…
    One can be too «civilized», to the point of being a push over.

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  2. I was sitting comfortably … but not now having read your excellent summary of the colonial oppression, democratic deficit and resource rip-off of Scotland.

    Despite the abundant energy supplies that we posses I have always thought that it was our plentiful supplies of water that is our greatest natural asset. Whilst we use it to create the massive range of high quality brands and varieties of uisce beatha (to the delight of HM Treasury) it is the actual water of life that is the real boon. In England, especially the Deep South, they have droughts. We don’t.

    Here’s a good ending for your story Iain:

    On regaining Independent statehood Scotland’s inhabitants capture the country’s surplus water from its hills, rivers and lochs into specially constructed giant reservoirs as well as building a couple of massive underground pipelines sloping in a southward direction, creating thousands of local jobs for the country’s people in the process. These pipelines have stopcocks fitted around Gretna and Berwick. This assures Scotland’s negotiating position with its nearest neighbour forever more and ensures that their friends in the South remain good neighbours forever more.

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    1. Aye Duncanio that would do for starters. I wasn’t sitting comfortably Iain cause I realised what was coming, it would make you weep. Especially the large numbers of our countrymen and women who are still in the dark, don’t really want to know, and just leave me alone to get on with my life thank you. I’m doing your 3 recommended steps and have been for a long while, I just wish that I had the answer to the problem. How in the name of goodness do we give these folk a good shake to make them realise what is actually going on.

      It gets quite depressing at times when you have a look around you, fortunately, I’m a glass half full type of gal and get back up and keep fighting, but it disnae hauf mak ye weary.

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      1. @carolclark1

        “How in the name of goodness do we give these folk a good shake to make them realise what is actually going on.”

        People need an eye-opening, key-concept to unite around. That key-concept is Scotland’s colonization by England. By grasping this fact people would be able to gain clarification of their wholly disadvantaged position in this “union of equals” and see it for the nonsense that it patently is; many questions would be answered, in a way that the otherwise abstract notion of “independence” is incapable of addressing, let alone answering.

        Scotland’s colonization by England is an everyday, lived experience for a vast number of our citizens e.g. opiate deaths, communities with Europe’s lowest mortality expectations, the robbery of our natural resources etc. etc. (include too, our language, culture, history and national dignity!).The list is stark and endless, but as of yet, no political party seems willing or capable of calling any of this huge deficit out to the people in unambiguous concrete terms. We have been colonized! This, I’m afraid to say, will remain the case in the the absence of a robust and unashamedly anti-colonial, national party, one that is dedicated solely to administering that “good shake” you rightly speak of.

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    2. Well said, though we will also need a meter on the electricity line going south as well.
      Another great article Iain, simple but devastating.
      I try to follow your three recommendations but, at times, it is hard work to stay postive. Reading your blog and the conrrbutions of your guests certainly helps though, like this one, they can make me angry at why so many folk can’t see the true picture.

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    3. A couple of large ‘switches’ fitted at Gretna an Berwick would be useful to the negotiating position too.
      This message needs to go through every letterbox and into every ear in Scotland.
      That said, there will always be those who are so taken up with kissing the ***** of Sturgeon and her English cronies, they cannot see the truth.
      ‘ There’s nane sae blin’ as them that dinnae wint tae see’

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    4. Dunc the only part I would disagree with would be the location of the stopcocks , they would be too close to the border and easily interfered with , IMO they should be somewhere like Glasgow where there are more people to guard them and ensure their safety

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  3. It could’ve ended “…and the smaller country’s representatives in the larger country’s Parliament all lived happy ever after.”

    When I saw “once upon a time” I thought someone had leaked you the next SNP election manifesto.

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  4. It is a real skill to condense a complex history of abuse into such a short blog. Well done! 👏👏👏
    It maybe short but it lost none of the message.

    The Story, with minor variations, applies to Ireland, India, South Africa, etc etc.

    “The Empire over which the Sun never sets and the blood never dries” and the Wealth flows to an elite in London who hide it offshore.

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    1. My thoughts too, Clootie. This is akin to a very concise chairperson’s synopsis of a week-long academic conference on colonial wretchedness and the raison detre of independence. It should be shared widely, preferably through every letter box in Scotland.

      Well done Iain.

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  5. I live in a small village and I’m intrigued by the high levels of inward migration from rUK. Over the past two years there has been a real influx of internal migrants and across a broader spectrum of ages and socio economic levels. I’m worried about the impact this will have on the local culture and language and at a wider national level.

    Most of the local decision making powers are in the hands of non indigents most of whom have no knowledge of the local coummity nor wish to discover it. This is a real boon to the local Unionists who have a new cadre of support.

    But how is it possible that the UK government can encourage this type of migration?

    Didn’t Sturgeon herself not encourage this with move to Scotland if you want to remain in the EU?

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    1. I amnot so much intrigued as appalled by the fact that local people are being forced (and that is not too strong a term) out of the home areas because they cannot afford to buy homes due to the flood of immigrants from South of the border. I spent a couple of weeks in the North West of MY country last autumn and was hard put to find a Scottish accent.
      It is occupation tactics by the back door as these immigrants are immediately handed a vote! No other country allows this!

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      1. I think Alasdair Gray best articulated the distinction between the two groups that move here from the dominant partner in the union.

        I suspect you felt like a stranger in your own land when you visited parts of the NW.

        The worst occasion I had was taking a German visitor ( extended family member) to St Andrews. She couldn’t

        understand why so many people in a Scottish town couldn’t understand my accent. The irony of course is that she

        had no difficulty understanding me!

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  6. Cheers, Iain.

    I was out last night, doing beer with a couple of friends in Glasgow’s Clutha Bar, when one of them mentioned the current FM; that was my cue, and I literally talked until closing time and we were the last people in the pub. My 2 friends voted Yes in 2014, but they knew absolutely nothing of what’s been happening in the 7 years since. Naturally, I filled them in on our current FM, both since ’14 and and before that (Pasportnikov etc) and the complete non-movement on independence, the wholesale betrayal of our people.

    Both parents and grandparents, my pals left the Clutha bang up-to-date and with information that’ll spread beyond the walls of the bar. I’m reluctant to preen myself – as speaking-up for our country isn’t a competition, and it’s appalling that they were in darkness re the goings-on – but my friends have known me, and I them, for a few decades and they know with complete certainty that I spoke with honesty and with an air of authority, and with hard facts.

    For individuals who are new to the fray and who are eager to learn about the ongoing struggle for independence, and who wish to promote our arguments with facts to back it up, it’s important they have a starting point – the very basics of why Scotland needs to be an independent country. This article, Iain, is perfect for that purpose.
    We older dogs sometimes get so lost in the current quagmire of skulduggery that we can easily either miss the wood for the trees or just go off on such a rant that the point can go stale. It’s refreshing to remember why we’re here – not that we need reminding, as such – but simply to get back to the stuff that remain a constant, the stuff the current crop of ‘champions’ have long forgotten.
    ‘Why we’re here’ are the same reasons Alex Salmond started out and the same reasons he came back.

    You should ‘pin’ this article, Iain, or make it readily available for the curious and the newbie pro-indy.

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    1. Those conversations are vital. People listen to those they trust. That doesn’t mean they just accept it. It means they start to look deeper. This is the biggest failing Sturgeon has – she thinks TV soundbites will be enough to keep her in power.

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  7. Great article, sums up our position. However I never thought the SNP would have been taken over morphing into a colonial administration, I was naive. The Brit black arts are second to none and the Evil Empire runs on buisness as usual .Democracy in the UK is a thin vereer, a false illusion. The UK is the only feudal country left in the civilised world , run by the greedy self intitied few for the few. They ensure a two horse race , Red Tory, Blue Tory’ Tweedledee and Tweedledum there is no real choice this is how the establishment get continuity and remain in control. Well its time for us to take back control. Next election a plebiscite and if the SNP wont do this then Alba should contest the next election by standing candidates. Then see the Unionist and SNP ,squirm. Dissolve the Union.

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  8. Brilliant article. But surely the politicians of a country regardless of size would not be a party to condoning and supporting the abuse of its citizens. There is the UN to fall back on for support.

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  9. returning from my run, I was coming through the library and someone had left a newspaper on one of the tables it was the “SCOTTISH” Daily Mail, the headlines – How to beat insomnia (simply read this paper) No. 10: Sorry Your Majesty and Fergie Is to keep on using her title. “2 Stop purchasing any of the foreign-owned media and seek the truth” Iain there is no a telling in some folk.

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    1. My understanding of the Mail is that it also owns the Metro which is free on every bus and at every station so merrily poisoning the minds of the unaware with the greatest of ease – I’m sure if I’m wrong someone will correct me.

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  10. Benjamin Franklin, one of the United States of America’s founding fathers, loved Scotland and the company of its highly respected philosophers of the “Great Scottish Enlightenment.” Had he lived in our times he would have encouraged Scots to become independent from England. In discussion with, Thomas Jefferson, (a fellow founding father and friend) referring to Scotland’s right to be free he said: “He who sacrifices freedom for security deserves neither”. His advice was clear and unambiguous. Do not succumb to patronising unspecified promises of jam tomorrow. Have the confidence to seize the day and regain independence.

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  11. Excellent synopsis.

    1. Can Alba lead a boycott of the BBC ?

    2. Can we start calling quislings and traitors – quislings and traitors ?

    3. Can we Scots help found an English Republican party and take the fight to them ? (This would dispel the lie that we hate the English and promote the truth that we loathe our imperial masters)

    4. Can we promise, with independence whenever it arrives, those who lied during Scottish elections will face trials ?

    We need political leadership to do any of these things. And we most certainly wont get it with the present SNP.

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    1. Calling people Quislings etc can be dangerous but remember that Major Kvisling [= Quisling as Norwegian language does not use letter Q] was a CBE = Commander of the Order of the British Empire [for services to displaced folk after 1914-18 war]. This honour was rescinded during 1939-45 war..

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  12. Great post Iain .

    The story – so far – makes for pretty depressing reading . Fortunately , the ending hasn’t been written yet and we ourselves can be the authors who determine how the story – or this particular chapter anyway – concludes .

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  13. This makes for painful reading, and it should cut to the heart of any Scot who actually cares about their country, sadly Scotland is awash with gatekeepers more than willing to do the dirty work for the English government, what hurts even more is we all thought Sturgeon was the one to save us from this, and she kicked us in the stomach, I guess its harder to take because the betrayal is internal and unexpected.

    At least we’ve had time to catch our breath, with May’s council elections coming up it time to fight back for Scotland and its people by voting for the Alba party. Betrayal should never be rewarded in the voting booth.

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  14. “Make your friends, family, work colleagues much more aware of what is happening”

    Send this link to everybody on your phone.
    As well as posts by any other pro-Independence bloggers you like.
    And keep on doing it, so they all get 1 post a day or every couple of days

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    1. Don’t have time to read that article right now Otto but can say Off-Guardian is an excellent source of * alternative * ( to the pathetic MSM ) and highly recommend anyone who reads YFS and the other genuine Indy bloggers check it out

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      1. To every proposition there is a potential counter proposition…both merit/deserve/have a right to a hearing in a truly free intellectual construct.
        The counter construct is the gulag, however that might be conceived.

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  15. THIS POST AND THIS BLOG is why I asked you to lead a bloggers or NEW MEDIA committee , you and Roddy are gaining such audiences with the prism and your respective blogs and are fitting in nicely with the absence of WOS , that is not to say you are inferior or in any way a dilution of WOS , YOU AND RODDY have carved out a very necessary place in the indy information media and have to be thanked and praised for your unstinting effort and direct honest exposures of where the indy movement is being sabotaged and let down

    Roddy is pushing and promoting a grand convention idea which is obviously doable BUT unfortunately like ALL GOOD ideas leading to indy that will NOT materialise until or unless EITHER sturgeon participates or we get rid of her (my preference is the latter)

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    1. Hear, hear! I wholeheartedly agree! These bloggers, Iain & Roddy, are doing a sterling job (no pun intended! 😉 )

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  16. Cheer up. We have plenty more oil to source – it is an essential feedstock. And plenty of water, wind and tide.

    Trouble is we also have plenty of House Jocks, comfortable in middle income employment – the “why rock the boat” category.

    Cheer up. The ‘immigrants” from England pay inflated prices for homes in Scotland – a sort of offshore tax-free banking for the Scots who sell their homes – are mostly elderly. Upon their decease, their offspring will either move up with children – a young population boost for Scotland? Or sell the house.

    I am a retired Chartered Engineer and so I know exactly the wheeze that was played upon Scotland over oil reserves.And returning to House Jocks, why didn’t the civil servant who produced the analysis about Scotland’s oil wealth not blow the whistle to alert his country?

    Cheer up.We have our own paper the National to state our case, to reveal the distortion and lies fed to us from Westminster.And yet… today’s edition gives a small article about the Alba party. It is barely decipherable. We are provided with a half page photo of Humza Yousef, wearing a mask. A regular, it seems 1/2 page of the WGD now- I thought he had already had his Ayrshire house paid off? The usual two Glasgow Celtic pages – note to edito r- Glasgow Celtic and Rangers have a supporter following of about 50K each. Scotland has a population of 5.5 million. Go where the fish are is an old saying.

    And not so cheered up – My MP Phillipa Whitford defending dutiful attendance at Westminster. I wonder what Ghandi would do? Or Kevin Barrie, – “just a lad of eighteen summers'”.

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    1. Gandhi propelled India into independence, the irritating grain in the oyster.
      Where is our Gandhi? Not wearing a mask, self isolating or worrying about «novel variants» to be sure.

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  17. Booze and dancing to celebrate the dead departed whose funerals could not be attended.

    Go on Scotland you know it makes sense. Big laugh for all those who died alone, without loved ones by their side, who were then buried with little or no one in attendance. Cremated or buried like the detritus that the elites considered them to be. Who cares.

    And don’t get me started about billionaires grooming young girls That could be your daughter that folks like Andy were playing fast and loose with.

    Aye booze and dancing for the dead departed and billionaires with play things. Aye, go on Scotland, enjoy your precious Union – and you could always dance with Hoola Hoops to keep warm.

    Cynical, sour, me ? .Not a bit of it. It’s just the way we like it.

    Otherwise Iain, great article, succinct, on message, apologies for the rant but it’s all connected.

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  18. An exceptional piece, Iain! The subversive potential of the parable in the hands of a politically astute author is a very powerful and dangerous weapon, indeed.

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  19. The enemy can and has been broadcasting their fake news and propaganda into Scottish homes for years, this somehow must stop.How do we stop it though that’s the question.

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