Reacting today (Monday) to the outcome of the application process for ScotWind leasing by Crown Estate Scotland, the ALBA Party Depute Leader and MP for East Lothian Kenny MacAskill MP said:

“This offshore wind giveaway is selling the family silver cheap while Scots families face crippling energy bills this April.  Those who don’t learn from history are destined to repeat it. It looks like the Scottish Government have surrendered vast chunks of the North Sea wind resource for a relative pittance just as Westminster gave away Scotland’s oil in the 1970s.

“Instead of a one off payment of under £700 million there should be annual payments. Instead of Scottish resources being just handed over to international investment companies there should be a public stake in every single field.

“One has to question the basic competence of Crown Estate  Scotland. They think they have auctioned away 10-12 GW of power. Informed industry estimates are the real capacity from this round alone is double that. 

“Offshore wind is fast becoming the most lucrative major power source on the planet. Scotland has one quarter of the resource of Europe. It will be cold comfort to Scottish pensioners shivering in their homes facing vast fuel bills to know that the Scottish Government have given away so much of the green power of the future for so little in return.”



I find it hard to believe that the Scots who make up our Government have learned nothing from the experience of the great oil giveaway. This is shameful, truly appalling!

I am, as always



Sadly some sites had given up on being pro Indy sites and have decided to become merely pro SNP sites where any criticism of the Party Leader or opposition to the latest policy extremes, results in censorship being applied. This, in the rather over optimistic belief that this will suppress public discussion on such topics. My regular readers have expertly worked out that by regularly sharing articles on this site defeats that censorship and makes it all rather pointless. I really do appreciate such support and free speech in Scotland is remaining unaffected by their juvenile censorship. Indeed it is has become a symptom of weakness and guilt. Quite encouraging really.


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  1. From Wiki.
    «Prior to the handover, (to Crown Estate Scotland) the Crown Estate owned a multi-million stake in Fort Kinnaird retail park in Edinburgh representing about 60% of the value of all Crown assets in Scotland. This was not passed to Crown Estates Scotland with other Scottish properties in 2016. Two years later, the Crown Estate sold its stake and used the funds to assume full ownership of the Gallagher Retail Park in Cheltenham.»
    See what they did there?

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  2. Sorry Iain but I beg to disagree with you on the statement that the Scots in government have learned nothing. That is just not accurate.

    The Scots in government have learned plenty. They have learned how to ride the gravy train. Sturgeon and her government are in thrall to big business establishment interest. That is as clear as the nose on your face as they abandon every social commitment that the SNP ever had.

    Power is an example and an absolute disgrace. The huge energy bills are said to be arising because of the increase in fossil fuels. But how can this be when Scotland produces just about enough renewable wind and hydro to power the entire country. How can it also be when the country produces more than enough gas.

    Power from the Glens for the Glens. Well not if your name is Nicola Sturgeon. She would rather that our populace freeze and shiver whilst the country’s resources are plundered.

    Indeed, when thinking about Sturgeon, maybe folks should think about the one time UK Labour Energy Minister Brian Wilson who near immediately after leaving office took up a well paid directorship with guess who, but none other than one of the big energy companies.

    Or Labour’s John McFall a treasury minister who on leaving office joined the board of an investment bank along with Sir Michael Forsyth. Two examples on a well trodden path.

    And so, with Sturgeon having taken on as advisers ex bankers like Bernie Higgins who is now the factor for Scotland’s biggest landowner the Duke of Buccleugh, it’s quite clear where Sturgeon sees her future because this is a woman with no social commitment.

    Yes in the mid 1850s the population in Ireland starved whilst wheat was exported to Britain. In the 2020s people in Scotland freeze whilst the power is shipped out.

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    1. My question is WHY? Why are they treating Scotland like this? What is their end game? I have my own thoughts, but I’ll keep them to myself for now, as some would think me a nutter.

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      1. Janice: The ten-year economic plan told us all we needed to know about who the leadership of the SNP were: American-style capitalists. We should not be surprised when they behave this way. They will fold on the NHS, too. They lack vision and every country that wants to forge its own path to at least some extent, needs vision and deep intelligence, imagination and a willing ness to take risks. This lot fail at every hurdle. Virtue-signalling and pseudo ‘goodness’ permeates their entire structure, top to bottom, and it is a festering pit.

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      2. janicedonaldson

        You’re not alone Janice, many folk think that Sturgeon is a British state asset, it would explain why she let keeps promising an indyref but never delivers, God knows there’s been great opportunities to hold one Brexit being the clearest example.

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      3. “They”, Janice, are “treating Scotland like this” because we the people of Scotland are giving them a clear run.

        Currently the imminent threats to Scotland’s future lie in the form of a corrupt SNP led Government unchallenged by the inept opposition delivered to Holyrood by the well worked Both Votes SNP tactic and a docile electorate taken in by a corrupt First Minister who has exposed herself as a cheat and a liar to all who would care to look.

        The people who fear for Scotland’s future MUST reclaim the spaces around our parliament denied us by the charlatans whom we empowered to govern in the supreme interest of the people of Scotland. We must retain the right to assembly in the precincts of OUR Parliament, Sturgeon and the SNP be aware!

        Let us have no truck with this Tories out of Westminster guff being peddled elsewhere. Our future as an Independent Nation will be built on the honesty and integrity of the people and of those in whom we will place our trust to lead. There will be no home for the present treachery abroad in Bute House! RECLAIM HOLYROOD!

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  3. And whilst we are talking about plundering Scotland’s resources here’s a couple of other things to ponder fellow jocks.

    SeaGreen is the huge wind farm off the coast of Angus. With the wind turbines being mounted on 114 huge jackets the size of oil rig legs, can anyone guess where these jackets are being built. A hint would be that none are being built in yards in a Scotland. SSE placed the business elsewhere in the world.

    The Great Glen is Scotland, and indeed the UK’s biggest pump storage scheme. SSE have just called for civil and electrical mechanical tenders for the work which will more than double the entire UK’s pump storage capacity. And so can anyone guess how many of the seven tenderer are Scottish or even British contractors. A hint would be that there are none. SSE have invited tenders from contractors outwith our shore.

    And so we get the power plundered from beneath our feet and don’t even get the benefit of the contracts to build the infrastructure. You honestly couldn’t make it up.

    And as for the SeaGreen jackets, 30 are being fabricated in a yard in Dubai and shipped across from the Gulf to Scotland whilst the other 84 are being fabricated in China. And don’t even ask who has got the contract to tow these monstrous structures half way around the globe.

    Ah the Jocks, who’s like us. Poor and proud.

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    1. Willie, good comment, lets not forget the 6,000sq miles of sea that Westminster with the queens consen, that was stolen form Scotland, now when you look out at Carnoustie you’re looking at English waters not Scottish waters, add in the McCrone Report, and one wonders just how much England will steal from Scotland before Scots say enough is enough, mind you it doesn’t help when our supposedly indy minded FM decides to fill her boots and kick independence into the long grass, and sell our assets off for a pittance.


    1. They aren’t though. Over at the Guardian the Scottish pro indy contingent think there will be a referendum in 2023. They also think Alba are Conservatives – yes with a big C. There are none so blind as those who won’t see.

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    2. It’s hard, if not impossible, to change the view of a cult. People don’t like to realise they’ve “been had.”

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    1. The colonial mind is recognized by lack of capacity to imagine or conceive of an alternative.
      In 21c Europe, Scotland’s the place for bargains, soon to be renamed Poondland.

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  4. The thing that ought to be learnt is that the way Scotland does politics is counterproductive. Sturgeon’s SNP is a model of how to expend time and effort on the fabrication of Potemkin villages.

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  5. In the 90’s I worked for an American oil company called Ramco Oil Services in Northhamptonshire, England. They were sub contractors to British Seamless Tubes. Since the 70’s these drilling tubes have been engineered by BS and then ferried by heavy goods vehicles from Aberdeen to Northhamptonshire for shot-blasting and wax coating maintenance, and then transported back to Aberdeen again.
    I hardly have to suggest to you Iain due to your expertise in these matters that locating the maintenance facilities in Peterhead or Aberdeen would be obvious choice, or am I missing something…………oh aye, that’s it, treacherous Scottish and English Labour governments, and now, taking over the fleecing duties, our very own SNP.

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  6. It’s beyond a national scandal. It was bad enough to miss out on the Oil bonanza but I suppose I suppose you could make a case that it was a bad decision but they didn’t know any better. But now we have been ripped off by a government that claim to be “stronger for Scotland”.

    Knocks me sick. Reneged on the National Energy Company and selling off energy – no giving it away – when many of the people will freeze as they can’t pay their energy bills even with a price cap below actual price.

    I’ve come to despise the SNP’s leadership. Quislings all. A parcel of rogues in a nation.

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  7. To listen to what passes as a “Scottish media” including Sturgeons fanzine the National newspaper, you’d be forgiven for thinking that the deal is a great deal for Scots.

    One can only wonder how much damage irreversible or not, that Sturgeon will do to Scotland and Scots before the wretch of a woman slithers off to her new post, hopefully far far away, Iraq war aside, I see many comparisons between Tony Blair and Nicola Sturgeon.

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  8. My god, it’s easy seeing where all the Alba good, SNP bad people coalesce. Just when we all need to be pulling together, regardless of who you support, then along comes this tin foil hat piece of SNP Baaaad, are you sure you don’t want to submit this to the BBC?
    No, I am not an SNP sheep, but I am heartily sick to the back teeth of all these shitty articles doing Westminsters work, a real “proud Scot …but” feel here. Grow up and let’s get out, then you can vote for who you want to.


    1. C’mon David. There just isn’t a case to be made for getting behind the SNP. They have been, for some time now, setting a paradigm of developing themselves into the kind of government that, I believe, that the people who support independence, do not want. Any country, if it is to realise the policies it’s people want, must first get rid of any government that works against the interests of that country.

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    2. It’s hard to know where to start in response to this degree of wilful blindness . How can the pro-Independence support ” pull together ” when we have a * leader * who is doing everything in her power to pull that support apart with deeply divisive and without doubt unwanted by the majority GRA lunacy and it’s partner-in-crime HCB : who refuses to seriously debate such contentious issues and is incapable of admitting error , and a ScotGov whose defining characteristic is continual failure , both in decisions made and opportunities not taken ( see article above ) .

      You might be ” sick to the back teeth……” David , but not as sick as we are of the failures , excuse-making , lies and obfuscations of a * leadership * that , at best , is hopelessly incompetent , at worse , is deliberately destroying our chances of ever gaining Independence , or at least , is putting our chances of Independence at serious risk while it pursues policies no one in their right minds gives a damn about .

      Aye , ” grow up ” and admit we’re going precisely nowhere under this hopeless regime other than down into a black hole of increasing poverty for our people and ever-diminishing prospects of regaining our freedom .

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    3. “Grow up and let’s get out, then you can vote for who you want to.”

      Don’t you remember, a ‘let’s get out’ the union pro-independence supermajority opportunity was rejected by the SNP in May’s Holyrood election when its leaders decided instead to hand almost all list seats to anti-independence parties through its SNP 1+2 mantra. That was not the act of a pro-independence party.

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  9. This makes for grime reading for Scotland, I’m sure Alf Baird would agree with me, the only surprise is that Dougie Chapman penned it.

    “The Irish have seen a boom not just in their cross-border trade with Northern Ireland but also a huge boost in direct sailings from Irish ports to continental Europe, bypassing the old UK land bridge routes to avoid onerous Brexit red tape.

    The port of Rosslare in County Wexford has seen a 378% increase in the volume of freight to and from Europe, with a total of 44 direct routes now operating to the continent from ports in Ireland, up from 12 pre-Brexit.”

    “Historic Tory privatisation of our ports and the lack of any meaningful regulation and port expansion as a result has scuppered our chances of building our maritime capacity. Unlike the Republic of Ireland, we don’t have any state involvement in our strategic ports; they are all run independently of government whether they are trust ports, privatised or local authority.”

    “Scotland currently has no ambitious, over-arching state-driven maritime strategy like we see in Ireland or indeed with our Nordic neighbours. And, unlike our Irish cousins, we have not taken action on creating direct routes to the continent, as lorries trundle from Scotland down to the south of England to wait their turn in the expanding log jam at ports along the English Channel.”


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    1. Yes RoS, the plunder continues as Scotland’s major ports (Forth, Clyde and Tay) property rights together with their regulatory port authority powers were all sold off on the cheap by the Tories, ultimately to be owned (and self-regulated) today by offshore/foreign private equity and pension funds, just like much of the rest of Scotland’s strategic assets and resources. This allows for foreign entities to tax Scottish trade essentially, driving it down or away completely as in the case of our zero ferry connections with Europe. Even the United Nations Trade Facilitation experts said such a policy was unnecessary and advised against it in all other countries – where port land still mostly tends to be publicly owned (i.e. leased for an annual fee to private companies, as we should be doing with wind farms) and state regulated, see: https://www.researchgate.net/publication/23525930_Chapter_3_Port_Privatisation_in_the_United_Kingdom

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  10. What has been paid for are “OPTIONS” – there are no “FINAL” agreements and those are where the real money lies – not least over how much work/fabrication etc – but equally in revenue when the fields operate.

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    1. Mike – are you sure on this? It’s so easy to be tempted by a lump sum as UK Govt (unlike Norway) did back in the day but you can’t beat a substantial flow of annual Income. Also I do hope there will be an element of equity for Scotland in all of this. Just like Norway achieved. Alison do you know the details of the options by any chance?

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  11. In the 1970’s Scotland’s oil fields were sold to multinational companies. Scots got some jobs but the oil companies and the UK treasury took the vast bulk of the profits.

    Some fifty years on we have learned nothing it seems. I do wonder what this windfall (pun intended) will be used for, presumably not to offset the massive fuel bills we all face.

    I am all for recycling, but is it not ironic that much of the money used by the likes of Scottish Power (Spanish owned) to buy these assets will be squeezed from the pockets of its Scottish customers, many currently at a loss as to how they will pay their next fuel bill.

    From the warmth of her office, First Minister Nicola Sturgeon described the ScotWind auction as a “truly historic opportunity for Scotland’s net zero economy”. I would be willing to bet that the vast bulk of the construction work will not come to Scotland. Turbines will be imported and assembled on site. In another 50 years our grandchildren will wonder what on earth we were thinking. The only net zero we will get is in the bank balances of many families.

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    1. I think when she said, ‘Scotland’s net zero economy’ she meant it exactly as said, and was in no way refering to emissions.

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  12. One has to question the basic competence of Crown Estate Scotland. Really, the fault lies with our own government for allowing the powers to lie with the Crown Estate (the Scotland part and the thistle on their stationary holds little sway in Scotland). The powers of the Scottish government t(such as they were) are being stripped away from Holyrood daily, The SNP are just a stooge for the comedian in power at Westminster, Blackford (Scotland will not stand for it) a windbag. and at Holyrood, they had to go into league with the Greens to get their budget past and look what that has cost us. Greeting about what the Crown Estate is doing to Scotland will get us nowhere we need action here at home toss out this excuse for a government and get the independent bandwagon rolling once more.

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  13. David Webb – “and we all pull together”, did you go to Eton? Isn’t that the schooool’s anthem?

    How about – in the world of the blind, the one-eyed man is king?

    I suggest to you that a number of the contributors here have witnessed – eyed? what I witnessed – the fairly rapid change in the SNP following Sturgeon becoming leader. A couple of new faces, “He&She”, appeared at our branch from “out of town”. Then we found the SNP rulebook being increasingly quoted to us by “He&She”; sub-sub committees formed at “He&She” behest. And then “He &She” put themselves as candidates as MP, – fail, then MSP fail, and finally success as councillor, by a few votes beating a 3rd generation candidate of our town. A valid complaint was made to SNP HQ about “He’s” canvassing breaking SNP regulations, complaint ignored, message whispered back, “He” is useful to HQ

    I’m likely a founding member of our town’s SNP branch from decades ago.i’m no longer an SNP member. When Alba formed my reaction was “Thank to the Heavens”.

    Notice how Sturgeon has morphed from selfies and “hug a baby” mode , to looking sour faced, even haunted?

    Kind regards David, no offence meant to you, you simply offered me the chance to vent my frustration of +30 years of SNP membership wasted, and my disinclination to be a loyal fool, unthinkingly “pulling together”.

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  14. Ach, I’m not finished! Energy provision, oil and gas.

    As a young Chartered Engineer I witnessed the design works for refinery facilities, and latterly the offshore rigs were done in London.Stubborn me, I declined many many offers to take up employment in London and latterly, Aberdeen. In the twilight of my career I was despatched to lead a platform production expansion project, and the team would be located in Aberdeen. Yes, I was the only Scot in the team.

    And from my Middle East and Asia ventures, the peoples of Asia and the Middle East are far more aware of the unfairness of the UK towards Scotland than the indigenous Scots.

    It is time for a plebiscite (plebs?) election, minimum 10 years residency. Tax centre verification of residence, no holiday home scams.Anything else?

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  15. Feels like a slippery slope to foreign domination. UK gov starting to set out it’s stall. An outside chance of some levelling up funding to NE Englandshire for Turbinefield construction and support services. But the moneys probably already spent on face masks and test kits.
    ScotGov and Sturgeon have no competence or authority in Energy so whatever yak came from her today was more of a selfie moment. Rodeo Scotland.
    That bronco she’s riding is getting hollowed out. There’s going to be f**k all left for us by the time she falls off.
    I’m with velofello on the referendum criteria.

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