Still hoping to escape.

People must be wondering just what needs to happen these days for someone to accept responsibility and resign their post.

While everyone was in lockdown, literally thousands of people were dying, those who wrote the rules were busy partying in Downing Street. Invitations were being sent out to over one hundred guests inviting them to take part in a bring your own drink event in the garden at number ten. The Prime Minister and his wife were in attendance. It was only one of several events that took place at regular intervals while everyone else were facing draconian restrictions.

The Prime Minister claims he was unaware of all this, that when he joined the party in his garden he thought he was there to speak with work colleagues and thank them for the work they were doing. If that is true, what the hell is he doing running the country? He doesn’t know there are dozens of people arriving at his house, bringing their own booze, all drinking in his garden. It’s his house, his office, his department of Government yet even still he seeks to find any ridiculous excuse rather than take responsibility.

Has anyone taken responsibility? Don’t be silly, that is so yesterday. Nowadays the tactic is to delay to allow time to build confusion. To hand a civil servant the powers of investigation. You don’t believe that will find the truth do you?

It is nothing of the kind. The “accused” gets to appoint the investigator. The terms of reference are set by the “accused”. The “accused” is the final arbiter who determines whether the ministerial code has been breached and to what extent? It is a farce!

We all know that Covid has provided the perfect platform for extensive profiteering for the friends and associates of Government ministers. It was not difficult to enable this to happen. It just took an “emergency” to suspend all normal procurement rules. Rules that are there to ensure value for money, a fair and equitable system to determine the contract winner, to ensure there is a rigid specification that secures the procurement results in the supplied product or service being adequate for the purpose. Above all, a protection to ensure the taxpayer is not ripped off.

When it came to Covid rules and systems were created, where if you were an associate of a Government Minister you would be supplied with a VIP phone number that provided a fast route to gaining lucrative work. There was no need to demonstrate any track record in manufacturing or trading with the goods that you were offering to supply.

37 BILLION was spent on a track and trace system. This ignored already established local authorities with health monitoring experience and was handed out to a huge facility management and accountancy company. After a few weeks of operation it became clear it wasn’t working very well as the operators did not have the skill set required. What was happening was the minute they came across any complication they were passing the contact to the local authority or health office for them to action rather than the company that was being paid billions to carry out the task.

The call went out for someone to find out exactly what was happening with this track and trace system. When they tried to find out they got a shock, nobody could tell them because the contract “winner” had subcontracted it out to literally hundreds of different companies. Worse, not only was the system failing but these hundreds of companies were also permitted to use the NHS logo. A valuable logo that was now in the hands of a huge number of private companies, companies that were failing, badly failing, to provide the service.

Now the above is only one example of the billions of pounds that have been squandered. There are countless more but, and this is the point of this article, not one minister has resigned. The Government take no responsibility for anything these days and a hopelessly compliant media let them away with it. 

So we have track and trace systems that never worked, ferry contracts handed to companies with no ships, a pest control company with a book value of 17k handed PPE supply contracts with more than £100 million pounds and now regular parties in Downing Street while the rest of the country are in strict lockdown. Yet nobody is responsible.

The electorate needs to shake off the apathy that allowed these situations to develop.

Yes that is right we need to take responsibility. Yesterday!

I am, as always



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  1. Has anyone taken responsibility? Don’t be silly, that is so yesterday. Nowadays the tactic is to delay to allow time to build confusion. To hand a civil servant the powers of investigation. You don’t believe that will find the truth, do you? Never a true word was spoken, think cladding on buildings, think ferry companies with no ferries, think personal protection, think trace app……………. What bothers me is what is being done under the cover of all this media hype, more so the 1,000 Civil Servants beavering away in the “Scottish” Office. Try tuning into RT or try Aljazeera now and again and you will feel you are living in a parallel universe. On the subject of RT, they did a report about a 17year old boy who raped a 10-year-old girl and when charged, he changed his gender. the judge did not send him to prison – because they felt that he ‘as a transgender woman’ would be abused in prison. (I would have thought that would have been a good reason to send him to prison) sorry of course people should be sent to prison as a punishment not to be punished.

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  2. And there was me thinking you were going down a different road altogether, with the accused appointing the investigator, setting the rules, and being the final arbiter…

    Bang on again Iain.

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  3. Has there ever been a greater looting of the public purse that that which was facilitated by the simple expedient of declaring a ” State of Emergency ” relating to Covid ?

    Let’s not forget the role played by MSM – inc State Broadcaster BBC – in reinforcing the hysteria , promoting the deliberate policy of using fear ( * Nudge strategy * ) to compel compliance , uncritical , uncontextualised , doom-laden reporting .

    All of this providing the perfect smokescreen for plunder . All this on top of the permanent changes to our societies wrought by vaccine requirements . A disaster in every sense of the word .

    As to your main point Iain . It’s absolutely clear that this generation of politicians is the most narcissistic , entitled , shallow and lacking in anything resembling integrity or honour we’ve ever known. South AND North of the border

    The idea of accepting responsibility – for anything – is totally alien to them . The buck stops way over THERE .

    Think what that 37 billion alone could have done to improve the lives of * citizens * ( in reality mere vote fodder ) and the infrastructure of the areas they live in .

    Probably time , come the next G.E – to let the pink-bloodied Labour Party in to inherit the wreckage , carry the can , make a few tweaks here and there before getting booted-out again 4/5 years later .

    Rinse and repeat .

    Meanwhile in North Britain …….” towards the end of 2023 ” ……………………..?

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  4. I completely agree with all of what is said here. Your points are well made and your anger and disgust is tangible.

    I note that the FM, according to The National yesterday, has been “blasting” and “savaging” the PM, stating that he should resign.

    However, I think it best if this Old Etonian crook and the asset stripping gangster crime syndicate that is currently known as HM Government’s cabinet remain at the helm of this failing state.

    If not then Johnson will simply be replaced by some other British PM. We’ll then be stuck with a COMPETENT but equally nasty incumbent: utterly unctious Gove, obscenely obnoxious Patel, hedge fund manager Sunak etc are the alternatives.

    It is the British Union that’s at the heart of the problem.

    The case against the Union – not Tories, Labour or Liberals – should be made. They are all British – a change of PM or election of British Labour (unlikely I know) will simply make people thinks ‘all clear now’ and you’ve got to build the case again.

    The British Union should be the FM’s target: that is where she and her team should aim her fire.

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    1. ” If not then Johnson will simply be replaced by some other British PM. We’ll then be stuck with a COMPETENT but equally nasty incumbent: utterly unctious Gove, obscenely obnoxious Patel, hedge fund manager Sunak etc are the alternatives.”

      Quite so Duncanio . Johnson was/is the gift-wrapped turkey that should have provided sufficient ammunition to mortally wound the Union . Instead he’s been used by ScotGov to make Sturgeon look good by comparison and provide opportunities for ” slamming ” ” blasting ” and ” savaging ” all breathlessly reported by the National .

      All sound and fury , signifying Sweet F*** All

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    2. duncanio: I share your concern in terms of Johnsons removal from office at this time, it would not be wise to attempt a Sturgeon save the 4 Nations stunt.

      “The case against the Union” is well stated but not by the Sturgeon led Scottish Government. We are in grave danger of falling into the trap of all our woes lie at Westminster’s gates. Sturgeon is a COWARD incapable of any thing other than empty rhetoric and grandstanding. The Independence movement MUST make the Scottish Government as our elected representatives the “target” of our ire at being under the heel of the colonists boot.

      The fight must be taken to our Holyrood Parliament and let Sturgeon “blast” and “savage” our democratic right to prosecute our case if she dare.

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  5. > A valuable logo that was now in the hands of a huge number of private companies

    Anyone know if the logo is still being used? Are these companies, now that they have “experience” delivering “health services”, being used to deliver other fiascoes, oops, I mean services. Maybe we just witnessed the privatisation of the NHS?

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  6. Oh oh oh and how the little people pay and pay and pay.

    COVID was an opportunity for the Tory wide boys to fill their boots with glad handed procurement contracts to the great and good chums. That is how Britain works. That is Tory Britain and the little folks hand over their money without quibble,

    Taking responsibility for what is really the point. Filling your corporate boots. Breaking lockdown. Oh really. So what we’re the government. Yes yes yes, billions may have been handed out to chums. So what. Yes yes yes, there may have been over 2,000 people fined over £1.2m for breaking lockdown but so what. Stuff them, They deserve it. Let’s them know who the boss is.

    And don’t think we’re any better up here as Margaret Ferrier ex SNP and now independent MP faces potential jail on allegations of breaking travelling rules. Not a dissimilar situation from the Hackney woman fined £12,000 for hosting a birthday party with 40 attendees on the day of Prince Philips funeral whilst forty boozed and partied the night before in Downing Street with absolutely no sanction. Police action for one, and certainly not the other.

    Not difficult to see how this Tory Government, and their sidekick devolved SNP led government will not under any circumstances take responsibility for anything. It’s fill your Boots time, do as you please time for those in power. And there is nothing that ordinary people can do.

    And like animals in a pen it is only going to get worse as government across the UK puts into place ever more authoritarian controls. Yes, like animals in a pen with an occasional bit of braying. That is unless we the people take responsibility!

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    1. In the 1930s a German think group knew very well what the Nazi regime was. They relocated to the US and thought about it, wrote about it and even attended plays about it. But they did nothing. We know what happened next.

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  7. Puting the local political class to one side and looking beyond to the global puppet masters who influence and operate so much that passes for politics, their star turn being the well planned great reset, a license for American cyberplayers and drug makers and pushers to make mega$$$, that just happened to coincide with «the pandemic»,
    the requirement to be well informed concerning the unalected unaccountables who seek to shape our «destinies» and humanity itself is a prime civic duty.
    A new civic culture suggests itself, Scotland could be the crucible in which that is tempered. There is certainly enough material for the project.
    A second Scottish Enlightenment perhaps?

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  8. I’ve noticed the Scottish labour/media narrative on Boris and indyref. Choosing a time like this for a referendum is crazy they say. They claim that boris is merely an aberration – a bump in the road. The claim is that labour will take us back to ‘normal’. What they are actually referring to is a new normal. We won’t snap back to the labour of 2009. The labour we will snap back to will be further to the right – yes as if brown/Blair new labour weren’t bad enough. Whoever takes over from boris will ‘appear’ less extreme and eccentric but their policies won’t be. I have to say though, Boris Johnson reminds me of Boris Yeltsin. He just hasn’t tried to conduct the military band when pissed (yet)

    The other brexit together (their new title) tactic, is “see, look how damaging it is when you leave a union. Look at brexit. This will be worse”. Debunking this of course is easy. The common denominator in this of course is the psychotic British state. Stay with the abuser – things will be very very bad if you leave, if you know what I mean guvna. I suspect that’s something Nicola hears in her ear an awful lot.

    Of course Gordon – the unflushable t@rd Brown, is wheeled out to say that Scotland will have half a century of austerity should we leave the facist union. A man paid by the city he served so well as chancellor. Where is the retort from the SNP? Well it’s difficult when you don’t have a remotely workable independence strategy. Instead the SNP urge us to go sell the dead parrot on the door steps…

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  9. That very nice woman, Michelle Mone, is in the media and has come under scrutiny over her part in securing contracts for PPE worth a whopping £203 million quid for a company connected to her husband.

    The House of Lords Commissioner announced a formal investigation into it, Mone claims she’s done nothing wrong.

    I think Ayanda Capital was awarded a £253 million quid contract for PPE by the Tory government, and I’m pretty sure that the PPE wasn’t fit for purpose.

    A lot of Tory buddy firms made vast amounts of cash from the PPE scandal, at the taxpayers expense, someone has to be accountable.

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    1. There was a special report on the PPE cash-in in Private Eye in November; it reports £252m to Ayanda, 50million unuseable masks, £32.4m commission (through a company) to the Board Of Trade advisor who brokered the deal, various other hefty payments for services rendered – and they also charged the govt. significantly over the average price per unit of PPE.

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  10. This should have nothing to do with us. Like the rest of the world we should be looking on in bemusement. Yet here we are, tethered to this foul and corrupt monster, the UK. I firmly believe that we voted to separate ourselves from Westminster in 2014.

    We must ensure that the system used then to keep us in this “union “ is never used again. If we don’t use another fairer method to get free, then we will be tied to England forever.

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    1. Res like Iain and no doubt yourself I am outraged and disgusted at this , BUT as you say this really shouldn’t be our focus , our FOCUS should be in destroying the career of the heid mammy and her imbecillic minions in HR who are REFUSING to wrest us out of this perpetual lunatic asylum

      The corruption , lies , narcissistic self aggrandisement are MIRRORED in the SG and SP there is not even a fag papers width between them , sturgeon ,blackfud and Co can bleat and moan all they want it is an act , they are no more outraged than bozo or gove , they have seen that the electorate are powerless and most of them are stupid , that is why they can drag the carrots out until they dry up

      Until Scots vote the scum out or force Salmond to reveal all to the world we are Donald ducked

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  11. Ministers and civil servants really pretty much hate the procurement directorate, department, whatever it’s called wherever you work in the public sector. Ways around the ‘rules’ are found all the time. I can only imagine the delight when all rules were abandoned to save us from Covid. That worked terribly well, didn’t it? I feel so ‘saved’. I am so looking forwards to the white-washed ‘lessons learned’ reports so we do it better next time. I am not looking forwards to paying for being ‘saved’ for the rest of my life and my children will probably do so for theirs too. Believe it or not, Governments actually plan for disasters and have tests and trials, scenario planning, and all sorts.

    As for that arse of a Prime Minister, well if the people of England think this is OK, and I have watched the ones interviewed by the BBC saying ‘we all make mistakes’ etc., then they are welcome to him but FFS please get us away from what is now allowed to pass for sincere leadership and get us some flipping dignity back. Call me old-fashioned but I still look for honesty, integrity, delivery, style, decency, knowledge, experience…I could go on…in the people trusted to lead the country.

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  12. No wonder the Tory toffs are partying every night , Millionaires becoming Billionaires .The ordinary people starve, children the old ,food banks poping up everywhere. A feudal Prince John economy run by a mafia cartel paid for by the peasants. This is like France before the storming the Bastille and how about our great leader of the SNP, nothing not a sound.

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  13. Our enemy is the Union and the British who support this insufferable degenerate corrupt ruling government.
    Especially those toom tabards and lick spittles in the Scottish Government.
    Over 60 years of work, trouble and strife to arrive here with an ineffectual leader a pointless government.
    God damn them tae hell, their kayle and potatoes.

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