GASLIGHT 2 -why the prisons first?


A guest post By Sally Hughes

I wrote an essay last year, which Iain Lawson very kindly published.  It was called Abuse By Gaslight.  This essay follows on from that, and if I may, I will cut and paste the initial introduction.

I was a front line Police Officer for 25 years, all of it on the beat.  I retired in 2020.

I’ve been a supporter of Scottish Independence forever.

And like many an Indy supporter, this Gender ‘stuff’ when it first appeared on the radar, at first seemed unconnected, a distraction, divisive even.

Sadly though, and worryingly, the concerns initially raised, proved to be all too real, and in many respects, the tip of the iceberg….

I grew up in Perth, a teenager during the Thatcher recession, where jobs were scarce and hope even scarcer.  I was very fortunate with my family background, so while money was tight, security and parental input was always there.

And my family liked to read.  About everything, science, maths, fiction, wildlife, anything and everything.

At one time, during my terrible teens, I went through a phase of being interested in psychology, and was provided the book called, ‘My Six Convicts’ by Douglas Powell Wilson.

He was a psychiatrist who studied criminals in one of Americas top security prisons.  His book was ground breaking for the time (1952) and was turned into a black and white film.

It’s a long time since I read it, so any inaccuracies are mine.  But from recall, I remember being ironically amused about an incident he documented within the jail.

Sex offenders were automatically segregated from the main prison population, because the other prisoners automatically beat them up and sometimes killed them.  Standard procedure, even way back then.

So there was great confusion when a new sex offender prisoner, when put into the segregated unit, was beaten almost to death by the other sex offenders.

No-one could understand it.  Dr Wilson was tasked with trying to find out their motives.  So he asked them, and they told him.

The beaten up prisoner had been convicted for raping a child under the age of 5, where as the assailants had convictions for raping children over the age of 10.

So, there you have it.  Moral superiority between nonces.  Who knew.

And it’s been playing on my mind now, in relation to Self Id and the placing of convicted male prisoners, including rapists, into the female prison estate.

Gaslighting.  It keeps coming back to Gaslighting.

You see within the prison population there is a pecking order, the armed robber with connections to serious and organised crime, the murderer, the safe breaker, the house breaker, the rapist, the wife batterer, the shop lifter, the drug addict….. and way, way, way down at the very bottom of the list…. The child molester.

At the bottom of the heap until now, that is.

Now it’s the women prisoners… and to add insult to a very real risk of physical injury, the self ID prisoners are going to be in a very good position to get their jollies in the women’s estate.

Not just a promotion, but a bonus on top.

That the female prisoners have to pay for.

Actions speak louder than words, and this action, by its very manifestation, broadcasts to every single male prisoner in the system…. That women don’t matter and that the law won’t protect them, and that female prisoners are so lowly held in esteem, they are to be the captured prey and play things of convicted male perves and nonces.

And all without a single word being spoken or written.  Genius if you stop to think about it.  Still wicked though.

So, while the front page papers pay lip service to in the protest about Violence Against Women, whenever one of the many murders against a female makes national news.  The reality is that actions speak louder than words, and the male prison population, the most violent males in our society, have just been given a very loud message indeed.

Deeply wicked.  And one of the reasons for ‘why the prisons.’

Good job Women Won’t Wheesht.


My thanks to Sally for this article. Having enjoyed a long career in the police we would do well to take her concerns and warnings seriously. Self ID opens up real dangers for women, for both those in jail but also for those living their lives in open society.

I am, as always



Sadly some sites had given up on being pro Indy sites and have decided to become merely pro SNP sites where any criticism of the Party Leader or opposition to the latest policy extremes, results in censorship being applied. This, in the rather over optimistic belief that this will suppress public discussion on such topics. My regular readers have expertly worked out that by regularly sharing articles on this site defeats that censorship and makes it all rather pointless. I really do appreciate such support and free speech in Scotland is remaining unaffected by their juvenile censorship. Indeed it is has become a symptom of weakness and guilt. Quite encouraging really.


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31 thoughts on “GASLIGHT 2 -why the prisons first?

  1. I have a niece who is in the process of undergoing gender change. With all the discussion on ‘men’ seeking to gain entry to female prisons it has often occurred to me that this is as much, if not more of a problem for those who have changed from females to males. Are they put into male prisons where they risk being gang raped or do they go to a female prison where they are again at risk from those males who have self IDd. Has anyone in Scottish government given any real, serious thought to their actions on this issue and the potentially harmful outcomes?!?! 🤷‍♀️

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    1. They’ve thought a bit about it. Trans identified females are put in the women’s estate precisely because of the dangers foreseen and foreseeable in the men’s estate. Now they are merely at the same risk as all the other women, from exactly the same mistreatment. It is an abomination and thank you Sally for writing your piece.

      Women can’t wheest on this and nor will we.

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      1. When you really think about this ideology, PP, and what it is in its essence, it is absolutely necessary for its survival for girls and children to be transitioned. Female transitions validate the male ones, even though you, I and every thinking person knows perfectly well that females are coming from a very different place, as are children. You can’t say that you have known since the age of two years (when no one has memories that are sustainable for longer than a few days – proven by science) that you were a girl and not a boy, and it is very doubtful whether even body dysphoria would have set in by that age. This ideology is very much a male sexual ‘rights’ movement, and two other male groups – incels and men’s ‘rights’ groups – have aligned themselves to it. And, yes, agree, that they know precisely what they are doing. Politicians of every party have deliberately, with malice aforethought and down right cynical manipulation of the political arena and the laws of Scotland, England, Wales and NI, been trying to socially engineer our society for reasons that are known to them – in order to enable the moneymen (always men) at the top to make greater wealth for themselves. This elite at the top then allows some of the kudos to filter down to the politicians whom they have in their pockets. Do not believe for one second that, believe in this insanity as she might, and nothing would surprise about her anymore, Nicola Sturgeon knows perfectly well what she is doing and how it will impact on women’s and girls’ lives. She know and all the sycophants around her know. They don’t care. To them, it is worth the misery and harm. This is a war and we cannot afford to lose it, not if we give a d**n about our children and their children.

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  2. Titania McGrath is a spoof character invented by Andrew Doyle to satirise wokedom. This is from a recent article –

    “For all Rowling’s talk of “women’s rights”, it is worth remembering that chromosomes are a social construct. She claims to be concerned about “single-sex spaces” such as prisons. But given that women are woefully underrepresented in the prison population, surely a male inmate transitioning to female can only be a good thing.

    Besides, why on earth would a serial rapist claim to be female in order to be locked up with hundreds of vulnerable women? It makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.”

    Quite Andrew, quite. He’s that rare thing a right wing comedian. I’ve seen clips from his GB news show on twitter. He’s one of the very few looking at the whole issue.

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  3. I get angrier by the day and will never vote SNP or Green.

    I am also amazed and disgusted by the silence of SNP MSP’s and MP’s not to mention the so called media of Scotland.
    Since the serial sex offender Savile has been resurrected by the UK P.M , maybe it is time for some of those in position in the Scottish government , to take a very close look at the implications of allowing the gender bill to pass – personally I see it as a major vote loser , but only if the general public is made aware.

    “Ms Invalid” needs to be made invalid – and sooner rather than later.

    People need reminding that Thatcher lobbied for Savile and eventually had the criminal knighted.

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    1. Yes, indeed, diabloandco, these politicians are, at one and the same time, so naive and stupid as to make you wonder whether they can breath independently, and yet be so cunning and wicked as to shame the Devil, as the saying goes.

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    2. The distaste and immeasurable disgust I have for the snp betrayers of Scotland and Scots cannot be overstated , that includes ALL snp mp’s and msp’s including JC , ABMcNeil , P Whitford and others who some consider GOOD , I do not consider ANY of them GOOD I consider them as cowardly traitors for they have stood idly by whilst the perverted loon ball and her disciples have run amok in effectively destroying and sabotaging the target of independence and the independence camaraderie by FORCING this science denying perverted deviance on our womenfolk and children

      BUT make no mistake it is not just the deviant snp that are pushing this abomination it is ALL the parties INCLUDING the tories , the tories were onside with the stonewall mantra and were funding them through the govt it was only when the blue rinse brigade were boaking at the thought that the tories pulled back , but they have not closed the door completely they have left it ajar

      To anyone that thinks I am being unfair or unkind to JC , PW ,ABMcNeil or the GOOD GUYS ask yourselves could you have remained SILENT and IMMOBILE when this abomination was being forced on YOUR CHILDREN

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  4. Societies are to be fragmented , women’s sports out-muscled , their prisons made more perilous , their private spaces invaded, their career prospects diminished , censuses rendered meaningless , civil interaction a minefield of potential * micro-aggressions * punishable by law ,*misgendering * a graver offence than domestic violence against women …..

    The Panglosses and Pollyannas of Brave New * Progressive * Scotland overseeing and/or applauding this insanity are sowing the seeds of what will be the bitterest harvest yet seen

    Make way for Homo Superior , bow before the Queerocracy .

    Men , having laid waste to the planet , have set their will-to-Power on a new goal

    The conquest of the existential category Women

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    1. Right on the nail, Robert. The planet has all but been consumed entirely, and, now, aggressive and unfettered capitalism is seeking out new forms of wealth-making for the elite: human consumption. That is, the use of human beings to create profit in ways that have never been seen before. I once saw a play years ago – on the BBC – that was very funny and very chilling and very far-sighted. It involved turning old people into pies in order to both get rid of them (as a burden on society) and to make money while doing it. I well remember my dad saying: if they could get away with it, they’d do it. I think that most people just don’t realize the extent of the wickedness, as Sally point out, that some will be prepared to let loose on the rest of us so that wealth, power, influence and total domination can be theirs.

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      1. Indeed Lorna . The plot of the play sounds like Jonathan Swift’s ” A Modest Proposal ” , not sure if it’s the one you refer to , but , yes , having exhausted – just about – natural resources the beast is turning to human ones . It’s insatiable , enough is never enough for it .

        I just read the * Equality * blackmailers , those ” Be Kind ” extortionists and * Liberation * Theologists Stonewall are calling for the UN to revoke the EHRC’s status as an independent group .

        More dummies out the pram histrionics from the cancel- cultists who demand total submission to their agenda .

        They can GTF

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  5. The term SEX is concerned with biological, observable physical fact, internal/external anatomy, male, female, hermaphrodite. The word GENDER, outside linguistics, on the other hand is about feelings and temporary, emotional, irrational states of mind.
    Personal flights of imagination make bad science, worse politics and even worse law.
    The two most disastrous systems in European history are examples of such quasi-promethean hubris, run wild,

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    1. Are you referring to the demonic twins – Fascism and Communism , progeny of the same parent eg Totalitarianism ?

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  6. I had just thought of that phrase ( attributed to Celtic chieftain Calgacus , as you’re no doubt are aware Otto ) before seeing your reworking of it .

    Yes , there’s definitely ” something in the * aires * ” . It smells rank

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    1. Watched the whole interview Mary Bourke deserves credit and support for standing up to these society usurpers , I was happy to hear the applause and whoops of support from the audience , no doubt there was some wee mammys precious angel whose feelings were hurt and the management were shit scared the woke taliban would target them or they are as twisted as the donuts

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  7. I think the national movement has been well shafted by the intelligence agencies of the British state. Only the naïve could possibly think there is not something very amiss. A bit of Brit state hives off to become permanent pain in Britannia’s butt….you get the drift of why «they» might not be too keen.
    The SNP leadership referendum «pricktease» routine fools no one. Though in the light of its gender theory fixation that may be inappropriate language.

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  8. Thanks Sally good article yeas Self-Id opens up many once closed doors to men who identify as women, doors that also include access to children’s safe spaces. Real women’s rights are currently being trampled on women are in the process of being demoted below those men who self-id as women.

    As you’re an ex-police officer, it seems fitting to report that the head of the Met in England Cressida Dick is standing down as chief as of tonight.

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  9. Staff says… please wear a ‘face covering’ at the table…

    Aye can do that, cool

    But I feel that I’m being gaslit!

    Whose gonna do the first post

    Bon voyage dude

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  10. The big green zero came in!!!

    Covered it in awe the right places.

    Walking away…

    I’m all yours, for Scotland x.

    Sally kens.

    Next thread, please.

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  11. Hi, hope I didn’t over blah-blah it last night with me ramblings for ye readers. I hadn’t been out to a casino for a while, the groovy was good and me lucky cup of excitement overfloweth.

    Thanks again for your guest article, Sally.

    Have a bonnie day all.

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  12. There is a hidden agenda behind this. Sturgeon to me is a Unionists wildcard, pissing women off with this GRA nonsense , a guarantee to keep Scotland in the Union if you alienate 50 % of the electorate. I see this cynically as distraction politics to take the focus of independence while stuffing the independence movement on the QT. Along with her open to all ,doggy voting franchise a referendum would be a stich up for the Union. I do not trust this woman .7 years of inaction procrastination, while victumising true Patriots. What more do we need to know, she is a damp squid a dud, not what she pretends to be.

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  13. According to the Ukrainian ambassador «to London», note that anglo media usage, BritState ought to be puting troops on the ground so that they engage directly with any Russian aggression, a threat which the Kiyv government and the citizens of Ukrain think rather unlikely, and they ought to have a gut feeling for the situation.
    Meanwhile, Anglosphere countries plus Israel and Latvia, certain of Russian evil intent, recommend you get out of the area pronto as doomsday approaches.
    The old pétomane in Camp David will be chatting with the cunning Putin today. They must be splitting their sides in the Kremlin at the prospect of such an elevated exchange….zzzzzzzzz!
    NATO…the not all there outfit, will make sure we are all SAFE.

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  14. Stonewall and LGBT organisations write to the UN asking it to strip the EHCR of its independent status.

    “It came as leaked papers reported by Vice News suggest the EHRC was planning to publish guidance which would recommend blocking the estimated 99% of trans people without a gender recognition certificate (GRC) from accessing single-sex spaces.

    The Trans Legal Project said such a stance was “legally ludicrous”, calling the reported position “prejudiced, vindictive, and unworkable”.”

    It would appear the trans community who already have rights, are desperate to destroy the EHRC because they can’t get their way, at the expense of others.

    “The EHRC is adopting legal positions to allow for blanket discrimination against trans people on ideological grounds,” it added. However, the commission denied the report’s veracity.”

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    1. Truly we are living in the age of the sociopath, they are everywhere, politics, religion, education, even science and medecine, everywhere they can get their hands on the controls directing people’s lives. The Covid pseudo pandemic has brought this particular infection in the political body to crisis point. We ignore this condition with its symptoms of «expert fetishism» and societal re-engineering at our peril.
      Trust has never been more problematic, more a matter of accessing and processing all the raw, unmediated, data.

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